Svali’s New Book Available for as Free Downloadable PDF – New Svali Blog Posts

I am ecstatic to see that Svali has made new blog posts, and not only that has released the book for free anyway. I had wanted to do this however out of respect for her work I avoided this. If you would like to download her latest book you can do so with this link,

Update: You can also view Svali’s work online and also download the PDF on this page It’s not Impossible or get the PDF direct Its Not Impossible PDF Download

She also has made some new blog posts which provides much more insight than I could ever provide. Her unique perspective and many years of experience and working with other survivors really reflects within her works. I highly recommend her review her work if you are curious and studying further the trauma mind control.

Her writings have been invaluable for myself, even from the very start of my initial realisation of being involved with The Family – many years ago. Without her efforts or her information it would have been extremely difficult for myself to even have made as much deprogramming progress as I have and this website would not exist.

I also am honoured to have her list the Deprogram Wiki within her own personal blog resources page and will keep the Deprogram Wiki and the information here 100% free. Free from any advertising or nonsense such as that – and easily available to as many people as possible through the use of decentralised technologies.



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  • Hello, Svali! Thank you for your intervivew about Illuminats!

    I am from country, which is occupied by satanists since 1993 year openly (they gunned with tanks our White House) but they actually occupied my country since 1953.

    I am now want to get a group to set my country free from them but I need to know how to recognise them among new members.
    You’ve written that Black light can show signs of Rutial abuse.

    Can you explain step by step how to use it to check new members if they are their spies or assasins.

    Can you tell me any other signs I will recognize an illuminati or someone who works on them.

    Thank you!

    Please reply to me as soon as you can because soon there will be their celebrations and they will kidnap children again.

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