Glossary of Terms


Arranging inside parts using mirroring so an individual cannot tell when a switch has occurred. Or when two alters semi-blend together, similar to mixing two colors together to make a new one.

Bleep Boxes

Used to tap telephones and in other instances to make free-of-cost telephone calls.


The process of exclusion, deriving itself from a voting system which took place in the lodges whereby a member of the organization dislikes an applicant. One blackball vote is usually sufficient to exclude.

Black Envelope

A black-coloured envelope used by intelligence to hold the real name of an agent being used. In the case of programmed subjects, a chief of a station might have a blank envelope with the actual name of a programmed subject being used in their field of operations.

Black Angels

Psy-ops assassination team is composed of very intelligent African-American women.


Anarchy, destruction, chaos. Also colour code in programming.


A list of names of those who have clearance to a particular set of information.


If referring to programming, can be an an MK mode generally affecting the confidence level.


Beta is one of the Greek letters and generally represents sexual purpose alters. See also Kittens.


Conscious and sentient Illuminati supercomputers that have the processing power of multiple human brains. Internal BEAST Computers Used in programming. Yes they can put UNIX systems inside the Internal Worlds or minds of people. More than one! These will always be present within minds of MK survivors, and a deprogrammer must work with them skilfully…. read more »