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Chainless Slaves

Chainless Slaves PDF Download Trauma programming manual. This manual is an overview on how to create a dissociated subject. The manual lists tactics to use in trauma based programming. CLASSIFIED Chainless Slaves Trauma Programming U.W. Ozian 2014 1 Trauma-based Programming Trauma-based Programming can be defined as systematic and calculated torture that blocks the subject’s capacity… read more »

Your Tax Dollars at Work (Svali Blog Post)

  Mirrored from – I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can’t help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can’t stay… read more »

Shadow Government and Mount Pony (Svali Blog Post)

  Mirrored from – While the news media feigns surprise and continues to report on the “Shadow Government” deployed outside of Washington to run things in the event of an attack, we who have written about this “Shadow Government” know that this is nothing new. I have to believe there is some purpose to… read more »

Chapter Eight: CIA , Governmental, and Scholarship Programming

by: Svali Some systems will have internal CIA programming. Some of the methods mentioned in earlier chapters, such as brain wave programming and color coding were developed in part through funding by the CIA in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Military intelligence officers working in Langley, Virginia, used these government funds to conduct research on human… read more »

Bleep Boxes

Used to tap telephones and in other instances to make free-of-cost telephone calls.

Black Envelope

A black-coloured envelope used by intelligence to hold the real name of an agent being used. In the case of programmed subjects, a chief of a station might have a blank envelope with the actual name of a programmed subject being used in their field of operations.