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The Hierarchy of the Occult – Svali Blog Post 2018

The occultic world operates within a hierarchy model, and the groups that are occultic are very aware of this hierarchy – and the rules that govern it. In each nation, there are local cult groups that operate, that often report to national and/or international groups that oversee their region. For an active cult member to… read more »

Svali Speaks Again, Other Q&A and Reddit Part 2

Svali’s New Book “It’s not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control” Find her new book It’s Not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control  available for purchase now. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy and it’s extremely good information, of which I wish I had many years ago! I also… read more »

Svali Speaks Again, Other Q&A and Reddit Part 1

Svali Speaks Again Svali has returned with a new blog Questions and Answers – June 2017 Q: I ‘m in the early stages of remembering the program i received (what a gift !!) when as a child. I began remembering i would say 60 % of the program.For now,most of the memories are autobiografic… read more »

Updates for Deprogramming Modalities and Website

Updates for Deprogramming Modalities A note from an outsider said the most important part of waking up outsiders to the mind control is the patterns. I’ve emphasised on this and made some updates to Deprogramming Modalities about Identifying the Patterns that relate to mind control. These patterns once observed make the mind control very easy… read more »

Website Updates – 29 January 2017

Hi there! Faster Wiki! This maybe the fastest website I have made ever. Now using HTTPS everywhere, secured connection. You may notice this in the top left of your browser! Updates for Deprogramming Modalities: Update to The Outsider section Notes on working with survivors with little or no visual capacity Updated notes on The Core… read more »

Questions and Answers – 10 January 2017

Do you have any animal alter? If so how to reintegrate them, do i spend time experiencing/watching them? With the lights halo thing, do you mean something like this>> I had this pop into the forums. Honestly I am still tweaking this, as it can come under attack by spam. In any case I… read more »

Registrations now working, some updates to Deprogramming Modalities

Hi, user accounts are now working. Anyone curious can now make an account and post and ask questions on the forums and other parts of the website. Some new updates for Deprogramming Modalities, New common link between most survivors of mind control, Some edits for easier reading New page ‘The Colour Coded Doctors‘, New blog… read more »

Welcome to 2017!

New Wiki is finally online! Most of the content has been copied over from the older Wiki and also reviewed. The new Deprogramming Modalities has been rewritten for 2017 to include new and helpful information. User registrations currently aren’t working, however once they are users can register and post in the forums. Information submission is… read more »