50 Voices: Speaking Out about Ritual Abuse – Svali Blog Post 2023

50 Voices: Speaking Out about Ritual Abuse

There is a site that is posting interviews from survivors of ritual abuse that is excellent. The survivors were each given a questionnaire, and then asked to videotape an interview at a later date with their responses. The responses were to stay at 10-15 minutes for the interview, for each person.

The result is 50Voices, and the individual who created this project has posted the interviews at 50voices.org, as well as on YouTube (search for “50voices” and some of the interviews will come up).

I also sent in an interview, and at some point it will also be posted. Trigger warning for survivors: the testimonies are quite graphic at times, with some specifics mentioned about traumas and events. Please be aware of this.

I am so glad that this is being done, and that these testimonies can help add to the documentation and validation that ritual abuse is real.


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