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Vatican Book Part 11 (Final Section) – Svali Blog Post 2022

Vatican Book Part 11 (Final Section) Note: please be aware that this post mentions programming methods, and Christianity Recontact Programming The Jesuit Order has difficult recontact programming to break. This is why very few members of this organization attempt to leave. The recontact programming is based upon two main bases: The use of infant attachment… read more »

Vatican Book Part 10 – Svali Blog Post 2022

Vatican Book Part 10 There are many, many examples of such secrecy setups, from being buried alive for a day, and the child being told that they will be buried forever if they ever tell (the child is also forced to watch the burial of a child who “told” and several days later help exhume… read more »

Vatican Book Part 9 – Svali Blog Post 2022

Vatican Book Part 9 Anti-Semitic Training The Vatican hates the Jewish race, and trains its agents to hate it as well. The earliest anti-semitic training includes the young toddler being beaten or raped by “Jews” (these are setups to create a deep unconscious hatred). Later, prisoner and guard scenarios, and re-enactment of nazi death camps are… read more »

Vatican Book Part 8 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Book Part 8 Prometheus Under Vulcan is Prometheus, the main white system (presentations) controller punisher. His punishments include fire, burning, and intense pain, depending upon the traumas the person has undergone. During the early years, the Jesuits will incorporate primary punishment traumas that include: ·    Flagellation with a whip that has attached sharp rocks and… read more »

Vatican Book Part 7 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Book Part 7 Trigger warning: this post contains graphic descriptions of programming and methods Assassin Training (ages 2-4) The early assassin training is continued during the second year of life. The parts that will do physical assassinations are taught to wring the necks of kittens and other small animals. During the second half of this… read more »

Exposing the Vatican: Part 6 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Exposing the Vatican: Part 6   trigger warning: explicit discussion of programming, traumas and negative spirituality Q’Ballah Programming Mengele always installed the Q’Ballah in those he worked with, and he installed it into Jesuit systems as well. Althea, or the “Tree of Life” is the basis, with the three cords (white, black, grey) roots demonically entwined… read more »

Exposing the Vatican: Part 5 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Exposing the Vatican: Part 5 Survival of the Fittest Mengele was a firm believer in the “survival of the fittest” and during the 1940s,1950s and 1960s infants trained by him and the Jesuits underwent terrible trials to determine which infants would live, and which would die. This helped them determine not only which were the strongest… read more »

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4 Early Splitting The first weeks of life for an infant born to the Jesuits are very busy and extremely painful. This is when the first splits are split again, and templates for systems are created and organized. Spiritual programming is also conducted in a more methodical method. The first organization… read more »

Vatican book part 4 – Svali Blog Post 2021

book part 4 Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this information was meant to help therapists understand programming by a large occultic organization, and could be very triggering for survivors. IV.     Programming Methods In this section, I will discuss some of the methodologies that the Jesuits use to train and program the members of their… read more »

III. How are the Jesuits financed? – Svali Blog Post 2021

III. How are the Jesuits financed?   The Jesuit Order is financed through the offices of the Vatican, the wealthiest organization on earth. Most people have no idea of the vast wealth that this epicenter of the Roman Catholic Church holds. The Vatican Library alone holds books that are priceless, many of which have never been… read more »