Chart for Working on Internal Programs – Svali Blog Post 2019

Chart for Working on Internal Programs Recently a survivor whose work I respect shared with me a chart they developed when working on dismantling their internal programming. With this individual’s permission (they wish to remain anonymous) I am sharing this chart on my blog. It makes a nice way to organize some of the internal work… read more »

Presenter Systems/Host Systems Programming – Svali Blog Post 2019

Presenter Systems/Host Systems Programming  Note: this describes some aspects of how presentation programming is done in some groups; this will vary greatly between organizations. It is  meant as an introduction to the topic, and is not  a complete description of all methods used, or all programs installed.  The parts of an individual that often initially present… read more »

Processing Mind Control Trauma – Svali Blog Post 2019

Processing Mind Control Trauma One of the foundations of mind control is unresolved memories of traumatic events. During the programming sessions, in which traumas such as torture occur, false beliefs are introduced which exert a powerful influence over the survivor until the memories are processed. Survivors can resist programming even before the traumas are processed, but… read more »

The Real Agenda Behind the Occult – Svali Blog Post 2019

The Real Agenda Behind the Occult As I have healed, my parts inside have shared more and more of the “real picture” of what was going on during my life. Early on, I had recovered some memories which were part of the story, but by no means the whole story of my life.  This is due… read more »

Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia (2006) – PDF Download

Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia (2006) – PDF Download Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse Ritual Abuse &Torture in Australia – April 2006 ASCA: ADVOCATES FOR SURVIVORS OF CHILD ABUSE Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) is a national organisation dedicated to the needs of all survivors of child abuse. ASCA aims to… read more »

Mother Programming – Svali Blog Post 2019

Mother Programming Because occultic and mind control groups manipulate attachment needs, they will allow the infant to bond to a mother figure. This mother figure is nurturing, caring, and may be the only “real mother” love the infant and child has experienced. The goal is to create an association in the young child’s mind between… read more »

The Different Types of SRA and Mind Control – Svali Blog Post 2019

The different types of SRA and Mind Control The term “satanic ritual abuse” (also known as “multi-perpetrator, organized abuse”) can cover a wide range of groups, each with their own practices and spiritual orientation. The term “mind control” includes the manipulation of an individual through attachment needs, trauma, coercion and other means in order to perform… read more »

Growing Up International Part Four: Ages Six to Twelve (Trigger Warning: Graphic Programming Setups) – Svali Blog Post 2018

Growing Up International Part Four: Ages Six to Twelve I am writing these autobiographical articles to help others understand how some international occultic societies program their members. The information in the articles is specific to the group I was raised in, but many of the methods described are used by other groups. Trigger Warning: this article… read more »

The Wonderful Story of the Honoured Liilas Bébé

“Maxx! I am The Maxx! MAXX!” exclaimed The Maxx. The Maxx had grown several years in the internal worlds, however in the external worlds only a short amount of time had passed. “How old are you now The Maxx?” asked Sojan curiously. “Oh just a fours years old Sojan. I am The Maxx!”. It was… read more »