50 Voices: Speaking Out about Ritual Abuse – Svali Blog Post 2023

50 Voices: Speaking Out about Ritual Abuse There is a site that is posting interviews from survivors of ritual abuse that is excellent. The survivors were each given a questionnaire, and then asked to videotape an interview at a later date with their responses. The responses were to stay at 10-15 minutes for the interview, for… read more »

Resources: Books to Promote Healing – Svali Blog Post 2020

Resources: Books to Promote Healing Over the years, I have read numerous books that have been helpful during the healing journey. Here, I will share what I believe are among the best. This is not a comprehensive list; there are many other excellent books. If any seem interesting, you can search Amazon to find a copy…. read more »

The Role of the Genetic Parents in Programming – Svali Blog Post 2020

The Role of the Genetic Parents in Programming In other articles, I have briefly discussed the role of the birth mother in programming, if prenatal programming is done by a group. But there are two other individuals who are also important to programming: the genetic father, and the genetic mother. While often the genetic mother (who… read more »

Healing from Dissociation: Some Steps – Svali Blog Post 2019

Healing from Dissociation: Some Steps Note: this is an excerpt from the New Training Manual for those who support survivors that will be published next year. Used with permission. Healing from Dissociation: Some Steps in the Process People don’t dissociate when they realize they no longer need it. The issues that cause dissociation to continue include… read more »

Primary Emotions that Drive Programs – Svali Blog Post 2019

Primary Emotions that Drive programs While various groups program in different ways, there are some universal principles regarding programming that most groups do utilize. This includes the use of emotions to drive programs, with the emotions held by very young parts. These emotions can be categorized into both negative and positive emotions, and can include: Guilt:… read more »


Over the years, people have requested my testimony. The testimonies of others have been encouraging to me, & with that in mind, I share mine. God said (as recorded in JER 31:3) “…with lovingkindness [Heb. “chesed”] have I drawn thee.” His Word explains the heart of what happened to me: “But God commandeth His love… read more »

Spiritual Controllers – Svali Blog Post 2019

Spiritual Controllers Note: this is based upon a short book I wrote a few years ago. Master controllers for a Jesuit spiritual system will reflect the primary spiritual relationships in the child’s life.  Here, several are discussed. Althea (the Tree of Life) These will include the “unholy trinity” of the Father (Satan), the Son (the… read more »

Infant Programming (Trigger Warning: Infant Abuse) – Svali Blog Post 2019

Infant Programming Note: I had found this articles on Svalis website without any date or time attached Mengele’s Research Josef Mengele is considered “the father of modern programming” due to the information and methods that he developed during his infamous end-point experiments on infants, young children and adults inside the Nazi death camps. Before Mengele,… read more »