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Growing Up International: Part 1 (prenatal programming)

This article describes what it is like to grow up in a cult facility overseas. There are several international occultic groups that now use facilities such as this to train members during their early years. The reason? Pre-birth and the first three years are the years when the most intensive training is done, and for these groups, it is literally a “full-time” job.

During the first three years of my life, I lived fulltime in a cult facility in a European country, before I ever met my host families in various countries. This facility was under the direction of a well-known programmer. This is how my life started:

I was conceived in a petri dish in the late 1950’s at a genetics laboratory in Switzerland.  By the time of my birth, I was considered “generation 3”, or the third generation of genetic enhancements. The first two generations were prototypes for physical beauty. By G3, the gene for intelligence had been discovered, as well as for improved muscle strength and healing capability. Later generations improved upon these foundations as genes for even greater intelligence, theta skills and other abilities were developed.

On the third day of life, I was implanted in the woman who was my birth mother, but she was not my genetic mother (who was a ranking member of the group I was raised in; the well-known programmer was my genetic father).  She, along with other birth mothers, were taken to a special facility in Europe where the prenatal programming would begin, since the experiments on pregnant women conducted by Mengele had proven that programming begun in the womb lasts longer and is more difficult to break than programming that occurs after birth, when the infant has the opportunity to interact with the outside world.

For the first two weeks, my birth mother was treated extremely well, praised, petted and told what a “special” baby she was carrying. Beaming programmers and their trainees brought her choice foods, and told her what a special person she was, to be part of carrying a baby that would be part of a “new breed” of individuals. This kindness was unfortunately the priming for the later setups and betrayals that would occur, with the purpose of creating rage against the human race in her unborn child.

After two weeks, the torture began.  The birth mother was told to do something repugnant to her (e.g., lick up urine and feces off the floor, or a similar act), and as she hesitated, the punishment was quick and brutal: agonizing, squeezing pain to her limbs and partial suffocation, as she was told “You must always obey, immediately.” A tone was also played with this injunction. The rationale for this treatment? A developing embryo and fetus automatically synchronizes brain waves with the mother, and their young spirit feels what the mother’s spirit does. The extreme distress is imprinted on the unborn child as well as the mother.

At this point, a reader will wonder: but the baby doesn’t have a conscious mind yet. Why do this before brainwaves and consciousness develop? The rationale the programmers use is that the unborn embryo’s spirit is present, and the spirit will never forget these events, which lay the foundation for later programming.

How does the birth mother not abort her unborn child with these traumas? The programmers will administer specific drugs to prevent this occurrence, although contractions may begin in some cases.

I know these things happened, not only because of memories my parts have shared, but also because when I was older, and ran the facility, I and other trainers did these same things to birth mothers. The things we did to these women and their unborn children are among the things I most regret doing in my past.

As the weeks go on, the torture and programming sessions become more severe, along with the rewards (operant conditioning techniques). Both mother and child are subjected to electric shocks, the instillation of drugs that induce severe, agonizing pain (as part of the “seal of mortality” programming, during which the fetus is told that this pain is their “ascended” self feeling the pain that “mortals” feel; this is part of the installation of a fear of mortality in the “higher” or “ascended” parts within the system).  The fetus is then told that the birth mother can be “saved” from the pain if the fetus is willing to “rescue” her by taking in a demon.  If the fetus complies, the stimulus for pain is stopped, or an antagonist drug given to stop the effects of the pain-inducing drug, and an injection of a bliss-producing drug is given, while both mother and fetus are told that this is the “joy of ascension”, etc.

The real goal is to teach the fetus to rescue the birth mother; this will be the foundation of later rescue programming that will chain them to the group (e.g. the need to rescue those they love from torture or death if their programming breaks).

The punishments for disobedience become more severe:  the end of a finger is cut off from the fetus, who experiences agonizing pain (this small digit will grow back if done early enough in development, but the trauma remains in the subconscious throughout the lifetime), as a punishment for “disobedience”. Digits are cut off of the birth mother as well, and she is raped and traumatized by a pretend “Jesus” to teach the fetus to hate Christianity and all it represents.

All the foundation templates for later programming, and the first splits, were created during the months before birth. This includes the installation of an inside “Satan” who believes they are completely “evil”,  the inside “god” (whose voice sounds like the outside main programmer),  an inside “He who is to come” (antichrist; this has changed to “he who has come” in recent years), and top controllers and core guardians. These are created to protect the developing core  from the reality of the complete helplessness and reality of a world where horrendous abuse – including rape with special instruments – occurs in the place that should be safe and protected for the developing child.

Fetuses like warmth, dark and security; but bright lights are shone into the womb as punishments. A voice accompanied by a bright light is placed outside the womb, and the voice proclaims that they are “god” and that in order for the birth mother and fetus to survive, this voice must always be obeyed.

By the end of the seventh month, the birth mother’s limbs have all been traumatically amputated, and she is forced to eat out of a dish like a dog.  Soon after this, the ultimate abandonment occurs: the birth mother loses her mind completely, and the link to the one the fetus loves most is gone. The fetus is in complete despair, and the she hears a voice, kind, loving and reassuring her that while her “mother” abandoned her, this person loves her and will always be “there” for her.

I was that fetus, and I reached out to that voice as if it was a life raft. This was my primary trainer, aware of Mengele’s teachings, and the one I loved most as a child; I bonded completely to him at that moment, because my life depended on it (fetuses that do not accept or receive this bonding will die in the womb in a short period of time; this is another of the terrible experiments that Mengele did on pregnant women and fetuses that the public has no knowledge of).

This voice told me they loved me, and were waiting eagerly to see me when I was born. This gave me a reason to continue living, in the midst of a world filled with pain, despair and darkness.

This was life before birth in a programming facility in Europe. Soon, I would be born, and the abuse (“training” was the name given to it) would continue.

These methods are still employed today, in training facilities around the world. The goal is to create a programmed individual during their most vulnerable time: before birth. The deepest delusions of “god”, “powerful demons”, supernatural creatures, ascended beings, celestial paradise, torturous hell are best installed during a time when an individual has had no interaction with the outside world to dilute the delusions with real-life experiences. These delusions have no resemblance to the truth found in the Christian Bible, and are installed as part of the core belief system for individuals born to international occultic groups that follow these precepts.


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