Svali 1st Series

Chapter Twelve: Preventing Reaccessing of the Survivor

Chapter Twelve: Preventing Reaccessing of the Survivor by: Svali This is by far one of the most important chapters I have written in this book. Why? Deprogramming cannot be consistently successful if the person is still in contact with the abusers. Survivors will take one step forward, then will find themselves knocked down internally. All… read more »

Chapter Six: Brain Wave Programming

Chapter Six: Brain Wave Programming by: Svali In this chapter I will address brain wave programming. Brain wave programming, like any other programming, will depend on several factors. These include: the child’s ability to dissociate the region of the country or which country the child grows up in the level of ability of the trainers… read more »

Chapter Seven: Military Programming

Chapter Seven: Military Programming by: Svali I want to devote an entire chapter to military programming, and how it is done. Why? As noted in chapter three, the Illuminati are emphasizing the importance of military training more and more, as part of their plan for eventual takeover. All children in the current generation are undergoing… read more »

Chapter One: An Overview of the Illuminati

by: Svali In order to understand Illuminati cult programming, it is first necessary to understand a bit about the structure and philosophy of the organization. The Illuminati are a group of people who follow a philosophy known as “Illuminism” or “enlightenment“. The Illuminati were named several hundred years ago, but trace their roots and history… read more »

Chapter Fourteen: Spiritual Programming

Chapter Fourteen: Spiritual Programming by: Svali **Note: this chapter includes discussion of both cult and Christian spirituality; do not read if these themes are triggering*** Any discussion of Illuminati programming would be lacking if it did not address spiritual programming. Most of the previous chapters have dealt with scientifically based, organized, structured programming. But the… read more »