Alice in Wonderland Programming Part 2: “Crazy” Alice and Black Alice Programming (Trigger Warning: Graphic Programming Content) – Svali Blog Post 2018

Trigger warning: this post contains information about programming that could be triggering to survivors of ritual abuse and mind control.  Crazy Alice Programming A part of the Alice in Wonderland (presenter) programming is the “Crazy Alice” programming, which is meant to warn the Alice controller (a presentation controller) to never allow memories to come up,… read more »

Dealing with Harassment: Part 1 – Svali Blog Post 2018

Dealing with Harassment: Part 1 One concern that survivors who attempt to leave cult groups mention is the issue of harassment. After all, groups that have invested time, money and thousands of hours of effort into controlling the mind and developing “useful” skills in an individual do not want to lose that person for several reasons:… read more »

Alice in Wonderland Programming: Part 1: White Alice Programming (Trigger warning: Graphic Programming Descriptions) – Svali Blog Post 2018 Trigger warning: The material in this article could be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse or mind control as it contains graphic descriptions of programming; it is best to check with your therapist before reading material such as this.  It is a common misconception that “hosts” or “presenters” have been protected, or have… read more »

Growing Up International Part Two: The First Three Years – Svali Blog Post 2018 (Trigger Warning: contains graphic descriptions of trauma and programming setups under Mengele)

Growing Up International Part Two: The First Three Years Note: this article contains graphic descriptions of trauma and programming setups under Mengele At the moment I was born, and took my first breath, my birth mother was killed by being pulled apart as I came out of the birth canal. This trauma was designed to create… read more »

Recovered Memories and Denial – Svali Blog Post 2018

Recovered Memories and Denial From the beginning of their healing journey, most survivors of ritual abuse or other forms of complex trauma will encounter a reaction that occurs at times almost immediately after a memory that was formerly dissociated is recovered: denial. The survivor will question: Is my memory true? Am I making this all up?… read more »

The Hierarchy of the Occult – Svali Blog Post 2018

The occultic world operates within a hierarchy model, and the groups that are occultic are very aware of this hierarchy – and the rules that govern it. In each nation, there are local cult groups that operate, that often report to national and/or international groups that oversee their region. For an active cult member to… read more »