DESTRUCTION BY DIALECTIC – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2022

How many of the Awake are being sucked & suckered into the Dialectic.

by Fritz Springmeier

I would expect that if your friends were speeding towards a cliff, the question in your mind becomes: “what do I say to stop them?”  Likewise, I ask how do I explain things so that my friends in the Awake community leave the dialectic that will destroy them. Read on to see how well I do!

Perhaps we can begin with a review of some basics, that many in the Awake community know already. First, the world is a stage with events being guided by a “hidden hand” (well, not so hidden after my books exposed the WHO, HOW, WHAT & WHERE of the hidden hand). This hidden hand loves to create controlled conflicts using what is called Hegelian Dialectics to establish a planned synthesis (goal). This is the dialectic that I find many being suckered into.

Years ago, an Illuminati kingpin bragged to me how they control their opposition (the Awake community) by the Internet. They place their agents in key positions within the movement, or in positions of authority, and then use the Internet to lead people. Leaders who think independently, like myself, get ignored or if needed they are targeted with scandalous claims to discredit them. They also muddy the waters of truth so that people give up finding it.

REUSING THE HITLER SCRIPT.  The script that created Hitler has been reused to create Putin. I’ll explain.

Who is Putin? Before he became known, back in his early years, he was a protege of Klaus Schwab and a friend of Henry Kissinger, whose house he visited. Both Klaus Schwab & Henry Kissinger are Illuminati members. Putin is a member of an Illuminati Ur lodge, along with Kissinger, Angela Merkel, Armand Hammer, and Eduard Shevardnadze, to name a few. Angela Merkel played a key role in making Germany dependent on Russian gas.

Hitler was known as der Fuhrer (“the leader”), so is Putin, who is known in Russia as “Vozhd” (“leader” in Russian). Hitler spelled out his plans in Mein Kampf (actually ghost written) and then creates the Third Reich (Reich=empire). Putin has his plans spelled out in Mikhail Yuriev’s book “The Third Empire: Russia As It Ought to Be” (2006). Hitler had his Nazi ideology and Putin’s is the Russian Orthodox church, which has been an extension of the USSR’s and the Russian government for many years. The KGB had placed their people into it to run it long ago. So, it is no surprise, that Putin, the former head of the KGB also continues to use it.

Let’s review the script that brought Hitler to power. Pan-Germanism existed long before Hitler. WW1 happens, and the German empire loses, and the allies dictate the Diktat that strips Germany of 19 colonial areas and 10 areas of Germany proper. A weak democracy followed with hyperinflation and its resulting starvation. Out of this trouble, the German people elect Hitler. Hitler begins taking territory “to protect Germans”; at first it is easy.

Likewise, the greater Russian concept is an old one. The USSR loses the cold war and its empire is stripped of 6 eastern bloc nations and also 12 autonomous republics spin off into independent nations. A weak democracy follows and Yeltsin is directed by the IMF (an Illuminati run organization) to give the economy shock therapy which results in hyperinflation and starvation. Out of this trouble rises Putin. Putin, in line with the book The Third Empire attacks Georgia in 2008, and then annexes the Crimea. Now we have a serious crisis with the war in Ukraine, which is the most serious, largest war since WW2. All in line with The Third Empire.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA SCRIPT. One of the aspects of how the Illuminati make scripts is that there will be scripts within scripts. One of these is the “liberal” script that Trump & Putin are friends, and that Trump’s supporters are Putin fans. This all goes back to the msm story aided by the Illuminati controlled FBI & CIA that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential election. The story is that Putin orchestrated an anti-Hillary operation and a pro-Trump operation via such things as trolls. Trump is portrayed as a sociopath who loves Putin. Now he is portrayed as endorsing Putin’s invasion, rape & pillaging of Ukraine. Supposedly Russian trolls mobilized Trump supporters to vote for him in 2016, and helped him steal the election. Hillary complained Trump had stolen the election. [So when the Democrats stole it in 2020 the Democrats could care less that they were destroying the election process.]

There is some truth to these claims. The Russian govt. does do a lot of propaganda via the Internet. The Russian govt. does have a “troll factory” in the NW area of St. Petersberg on Optikov St. which is named the Internet Research Agency, with the cover that it is a software development company researching public opinion. (This was first brought to public attention by Alexandra Garmazhapova, who worked there, in 2013.) The Russian govt. has tried to divide Americans along our faultlines. (Bear in mind this is an Illuminati agenda.)

Bill Gates, an Illuminati member, has stated that the political polarization in the USA “may bring it all to an end” (by civil war). He ought to know, as he is one of the elite planning this and working to bring it about. MSM has said that these political divisions are caused by 1. Racism, 2. Capitalism, and 3. Social Media algorithms. Or to say this another way, 1. Trump & white people, 2. People like Trump, and 3. People having freedom to do what they want according to how they think.  I would state things this way: Our nation is divided because of Illuminati agents like George Soros, and his funding of Antifa; Radical socialists like BLM leaders (not capitalism). And thirdly, the Federal Reserve which has quietly been pouring trillions of dollars to the elite, while quietly taking control over all the banks.

So there is a lot going on with all these scripts that are running. The Awake community is being led to support Putin and parrot Russian propaganda. This discredits the conspiracy community, and will lead to even more disaster because these Patriots are lining up against not only the US government which is engaged in stopping Putin in Ukraine, but against most Americans, who I believe in the large part support the Ukraine in the defense of their nation. This is why I cringed when the mid term “America-first” candidates wanted to cut spending to help Ukraine. I believe they could have done better if they had remained neutral on the issue. When a fly becomes fixed it can be swatted; there is nothing wrong about not standing firm but saying you’ll examine the issue when it needs to be dealt with.

RUSSIAN LIES PICKED UP BY AWAKE COMMUNITY. Russia has not tried to defeat Ukraine, but when they do they’ll wipe the floor with the USA. Ukraine is a Nazi country that sells most of the weapons NATO gives it. Now NATO countries are defenseless because they’ve given so much. Putin is really defending the world from NATO and the Illuminati.
REALITY. Russia’s elite are totally corrupt, including Putin. The corruption is systemic as lower levels copy their bosses. Also systemic is “yes men”. No one wants to say “the emperor has no clothes”, for if you do, you lose your job. So their military has been a mess, from poor logistics to poor leadership. Russia has given this war their best, which has been unimpressive to pathetic. It’s what I expected, because Russia’s military has been overrated by MSM. While the 40 nations giving supplies to Ukraine have been generous, I don’t know of any that is recklessly defenseless from having given too much. Putin’s actions have furthered a number of Illuminati goals, depopulation, traumatization, starvation, & financial distress for all parties. This war is not about Putin’s fake reasons. This war is not helping Russia, it is accomplishing Illuminati goals. Putin is not following the teachings of Christ; he may be nominally a Christian, but that is the size of it. If he wanted to get rid of Nazis, he has plenty in his own back yard.
Every nation has the right of self defense. If Red China invaded the USA,
Americans would defend their nation. They would not say, “Our nation has corruption, so we can’t defend it”. All nations have corruption, Ukraine included, but it still has a right to self defense. Americans would not say, ” Some Americans like China better than America so we have no right to defend our nation.”  Probably something like 90% of the Ukrainians loath Putin and Russia. That 10% that likes Putin does not justify Putin. It was the same excuse Hitler repeatedly used: I need to protect the Germans.
Russian propaganda has pictured Ukrainians as persecuting Russians and pro-Russian Ukrainians. It would take an article to break down the exaggerations/ misrepresentations. Why did Poles & Germans not get along before Hitler invaded? Why do they usually get along today?  Without people like Putin & Dugin, etc aggravating things, as Hitler & the Nazis did…then most people would live in peace.
We have plenty to focus on here in the USA. We are facing 50 million cameras in this nation hooked to the Internet. They carry facial recognition. Everything about each of us is tracked by the BEAST computers. Soon all this will be linked to the final piece, CBDCs (programmable digital money), which will give the govt. total control over your finances & spending. It will match REV 13 & 14, where you can’t buy or sell without the Beast’s permission. Meanwhile, our Fed Reserve has been taking over all our banks quietly.
America needs you. Don’t fall victim to either side’s propaganda in this contrived unnecessary war. Ukraine is not a threat to the USA, so don’t treat it as such. Don’t act like a traitor to your nation by supporting Russia and their propaganda. The struggle we face in our own nation is daunting. Let’s pull together to survive. Let’s be peace makers as Christ ask us to be, and direct our efforts to what’s happening here!


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