The Source of Hope (Trigger warning: Christian Content) – Svali Blog Post 2018

I believe in sharing the truth, helping others become aware of the realities of what is going on in the world behind the scenes, and admire many who have chosen to expose to the light the dark realities at work in politics, finance, the media, and other areas.

At the same time, I also feel it is important to balance this with looking at the source of hope and healing; to the answer to all the terrible things that go on in the occult and mind control realms. Otherwise, it would be all too tempting to despair, or wonder “can anything really be done?”

This is when I go to the source of hope in my own healing journey: the LORD, who loves me and all mankind, and who has the answer to the darkness. The answer, as one philosopher put it so well, is not to curse the darkness (although I must admit that I have in the past cussed out some pretty high-level folks who were engaged in it), but instead, to light a light to dispel it.

This light has a name: Yeshua HaMeshiach (Jesus the Messiah) of the Bible. I remember once when I was going through tremendous warfare; the type that makes you feel as though every demon of hell has been sent against you; the despair was like black clouds, and I wondered if I would live through the night (okay, I admit I have a tendency to piss off people in high ranks, so experiences like this have happened more than once).

In the midst of this, I prayed one of my favorite prayers: “HELP, God!” And He showed up, and literally shoved it back. Not because I am good, or deserved it, but because He is kind. I felt His incredible love surround me, as He held me and comforted me, and gave me hope.

Not wanting to lose the chance to ask Him a question firsthand to help, I asked Jesus, “What should I do when this kind of warfare starts up? How can I get it to stop happening?” His answer surprised me. He stood in front of me, and said simply, “Look at Me.” He was reminding me to look to Him when the battle gets furious, and to remember that He conquered it all.

I can state with great certainty that the only reason I am alive today, and sharing what I do on my blog, is the love and protection of the true God (I use the term “true” to differentiate from the fake setups with actors portraying “god” and “jesus”). His love and protection are available to anyone who cries out to Him for help.

He truly is the source of hope in the healing journey.


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