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Illuminati Colour Coding for Knowledge

Note: This information was authored by myself a long while ago, and honestly was authored at a time in the midst of deprogramming. I’d like to review it in the near future for accuracy. This diagram shows how the knowledge is stored by colour coding. The outer ring, or top most is considered CLEAR. with… read more »

Who and What is the Illuminati? (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – Recently, HJ Springer, the publisher of Centrex, did a series of interviews with me by email. He is now publishing them at his site, and I decided to share one of the articles for a couple of reasons: it will help clarify some information, and will also… read more »

The European Roots of the Illuminati (Svali Blog Post)

Mirrored from – Until recently, I have mainly written about programming and methods to work through and attempt to resolve it. But as I am working on my own healing, I am coming to realize that while breaking programming is important (and often life-saving), that eventually it becomes important to deal with core issues…. read more »

The End of the Illuminati (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – trigger warning: strong Christian message, includes Bible verses With the recent events that have created fear and concern about the implementation of military rule and/or the ushering in of the NWO for many, I wanted to add some thoughts. Will the NWO take over? It appears that… read more »

Shadow Government and Mount Pony (Svali Blog Post)

  Mirrored from – While the news media feigns surprise and continues to report on the “Shadow Government” deployed outside of Washington to run things in the event of an attack, we who have written about this “Shadow Government” know that this is nothing new. I have to believe there is some purpose to… read more »

Q & A: Svali Answers Readers Questions

March 23, 2001 Q: Can the Illuminati’s family trees be traced back to specific towns in Europe? A: Yes, and this depends on the branch. There is the German branch, the French branch, the UK branch, and the Russian branch. Each has roots in different areas of Europe. The towns of central Germany and Austria… read more »

How the Cult Programs People: Part Two (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Part Two Training for jobs in the cult The fourth category of training or programming is towards doing a job in the cult. Each person has a specific job(s) that they are given, from earliest childhood on in the Illuminati. Often, the child is tested at intervals during… read more »

How the Cult Programs People (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – How the Cult Programs PeoplePart one This article, consistent with others I have written, is a very difficult one personally. Why? Because it touches on some of the things that I am most ashamed of in my own life. I used to be a cult programmer, or… read more »

How the Cult Makes Money (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – How the Cult Makes Money Besides its agenda of power and spiritual abuse, the cult (specifically here the Illuminati) has another basis for existing: making money. Many people are unaware of the large amounts of money that have been generated by the illegal/criminal activities that the cult is… read more »

Exclusive Interview with an Ex-Illuminati Programmer/Trainer

Questions / Answers from Readers [1] December 20, 2000 Q: ’’I read that ’Jenny Craig’ and a lot of weight loss centers are in fact ’fronts’ for access to women they can program … Ask Svali if this is true (if she knows) and what other businesses or ’non-profit’ organizations are involved, if any …?’’… read more »