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“This article was written before the Queen died and not edited to reflect her death. Sorry it was not updated before being posted.”

Canada is a nation that has been loved overseas for staying out of other nations’ business, in contrast to America’s imperialism. Canadians have a reputation for proper diction & politeness. But underneath all the properness are some smelly, seedy ongoings. This is an extensive survey of the stench.

Canadians believe they live in freedom & are an independent nation. They tend to gloss over that the British Royal family rules them (at present Qn. Eliz.II.) Her rule visibly pops up in different places. In contrast to the U.S., when bills pass the 2 federal houses (senate & House of Representatives), it is the Queen’s rep, the Governor General, who signs them into law, not the Prime minister (PM). Their senators are appointed by the Queen for life. The Canadian senate is modeled after the British House of Lords. Finally, the “Not-withstanding” clause allows the Canadian govt to suspend any fundamental right that Canadians think they have.

FOUNDATIONS. So let’s go back to the beginning of Canada; it was spiritually the Roman Catholic church intermixed with native beliefs. The Catholic church has continued to play an important role in Canada all down the years. In 1611, the Jesuits came to Canada. They helped build Canada, & were most active in missions & teaching. They est. schools of higher education. The other pillar was the Church of England (also known as Anglican & Episcopalian.)

The Church of England came into Canada along with the conquering British army led by Freemason generals. The Church of England itself is run by Freemasons. And for me, a researcher into Freemasonry, it’s hard to see where one begins & the other starts.

So in contrast to the USA, which has been settled & overrun with Puritans, Congregationalists, Baptists, Quakers, Moravians, Mennonites, Amish & Methodists (a reform movement in the Church of England), Canada was built on the Church of England & the Roman Catholic Church. And that is very interesting, because the only 2 denominations the Illuminati leadership want to survive their pandemics, wars, famines & Great Reset are the Roman Catholic church & the Church of England. Both of which receive daily instructions from the Illum. via the United Grand Lodge in London.

The Royal family provides leadership for both the Church of England & English Freemasonry. The current ruling dynasty (renamed the Windsors & then Mountbatten-Windsor) is actually the German House of Saxe-Coburg, an Illuminati bloodline! Their satanic activities are legendary, but well covered up & sanitized by the msm. (For more on this I will refer the reader to my extensive books & articles; for brevity sake I can’t get into things more than this article does, as this article will be longer than I want anyway.)

And that introduces the next step in Canada’s history. Thousands of loyal British citizens, loyal to the King & church left the new USA before & after the Americans won their independence by the treaty ending the American Revolution, and moved to Canada.

Called Tories, these ex-Americans, loyal to king & his Church of England, moved in part to Upper Canada & formed the “Family Compact”. (In french lower Canada the Chateau Clique controlled things. Later some Quebecers would be reported controlling the insurance companies.) The Family Compact was a group of elite families striving to embed & transform their power into ruling dynasties.

One example is the crown-loving, Scottish Allen/Allan family, which I began exposing in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book. “Allen” by the way is Celtic & can mean several things incl. “great” & “handsome”.

William Allan (c.1770-1853) is a good example of a Family Compact leader. He was a banker (pres. Bk. of Upper Canada), postmaster of York (Toronto), a judge, pres. of Toronto & Lake Huron Railroad, gov. of Brit.-Amer. Fire & Life Assurance Co., Pres. Board of Trade, dir. Canada Co., & politician (Legislative Council, executive councillor, chrm. Home District Council). His son became the mayor of Toronto & a senator. Senators in Canada serve for life & are the equivalent of the British House of Lords.

By the way, we see the Allan/Allen family pop up in modern times. Paul Gardner Allen, went to private school with Bill Gates. As friends, they founded Microsoft together & got wealthy together. Paul G. Allan is a billionaire who uses his wealth to further NWO agendas, founding the Allan Institute for Brain Research, the Allan Institute for Cell Science, & vast Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Research. He is smarter than Gates, having achieved a perfect SAT score of 1600. Additionally, Frederick Winthrop Allen was a member of the Order of Skull & Bones.

From this spiritual & crown led platform, the Illuminati has had an unobstructed rule over Canada, which is why Canada went liberal & socialist quicker than the USA.

Even though big govt & big business encroached upon American Constitutional rights, Americans have had the attitude they have rights & they can act as sovereign individuals. Canadians have been more reserved & proper, following where led by the crown. Look at Prince Charles at Davos & the World Economic Forum & you can see where the crown wants us to go, it’s called the New World Order!

Like their American cousins, the Canadians eventually began to chaff at British rule, so periodically the crown has lengthened their leash. So in 1867, Canada became a “Dominion” (“self-governing country”) still under ultimate British rule & exploitation but with the pretense of independence. (By the way, a self-propelled robot is more helpful than one needing constant supervision.) Canada’s “Independence Day” is called Dominion Day (July 1) & just happens to be close to America’s July 4th. But the disastrous control exercised by the Brits during WW1 strengthened Canadians national consciousness.

In order to settle the western prairies, Canada invited Mennonites, Hutterites, Doukhobors, and others to settle it. Now you see why Alberta is a bastion of conservatism. It’s spiritual foundation is different than the twin pillars of the older provinces.

In their efforts to appease Canadians, in 1930 the crown gave the Canadian Federal govt natural resources which in turn gave them to the provinces. An example is the Alberta Natural Resources Act. Similar acts happened in Brit. Col. (BC), Manitoba & Saskatchewan. In Dec. 11, 1931, the crown gave Canada “full legal freedom” with the Statute of Westminster. The control was simply more subtle via the secret societies incl. MI-6.

Having examined the foundation of Canada, which rests on the twin Illuminati towers of the Anglican & Catholic churches, and is guided through such channels as MI-6, we can now take a look at a series of 12 vignettes. I’ve chosen 6 on nodes of power & 6 on Illuminati projects. It’s not my intention to cover everything, nor is it even my intention to give every last detail on the 12 topics, but rather to make the reader aware enough that they can then research some more on their own. Consider this article the tip of the iceberg.

NODES OF POWER: the Queen’s Governor Generals, the Prime Ministers, Canadian Secret Societies, & 3 Canadian Illuminati families: Bronfman, Eaton & Trudeau.

SELECTED WORLD ORDER PROJECTS: Plandemics, Illuminati trauma-based mind control, mass mind conditioning, Agenda 30 (previously Agenda 21), Building projects, & flying saucer development.

THE CROWN’S GOVERNOR GENERALS. The person who sits on the British throne rules Canada. Her head is on their coins, & the $20 & $1,000 bills. Her head used to grace their postage stamps. However, this power is delegated to the Governor General who “exercises the crown’s power with it’s permission”. He or she is appointed by the crown to act on the crown’s behalf.

In turn, the Governor General appoints senators, supreme court justices, and issues royal proclamations. The crown (queen) has “reserve powers” to stop anything. The Governor General is also commander-in-chief of the military & the Canadian militia.

In 1987, Prince Andrew (Duke of York) toured Canada for 25 days & was offered the Governor General position, which he declined. His refusal was listed by his ex-wife Sarah as contributing to their breakup. Two British earls who were Freemasons served as Governor Generals: Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley (GG 1888-1893) & Harold Alexander (GG ’46-’52). The Grey family is an Illuminati bloodline, with it’s family seat in Northumberland. Lord Charles Grey (aka Earl Grey) was GG from 1904-1911. (Anyone want a cup of tea?)

PRIME MINISTERS. While there are many ways prime ministers (PMs) can be compromised to stay in line & serve the World Order faithfully, it is noteworthy that during the 154 years of Canadian prime ministers about a third of the time he has been a Freemason. These include: Sir John A. MacDonald, John Abbott, Sir MacKenzie Bowell & John Diefenbaker. (The Trudeaus are mentioned later.) 16 Ontario premiers have also been Freemasons.

CANADIAN SECRET SOCIETIES. The most powerful may be MI-6. Both the Freemasons & Jesuits are only semi-secret, but I’ll list them here. Today, both work together. Both faced setbacks: the Jesuits from 1773-1814 under Papal suppression, and the Freemasons in Canada from 1826-1834 during the anti-masonic movement in the US that spilled over the border. Their influence on Canadian history is enormous, but difficult to guage. There are currently 200,000 Canadian Freemasons & 500 Canadian Jesuits.

Most Freemasonry in Canada is chartered out of England, Scotland or Ireland, now the United Grand Lodge. But their rivals, the french Grand Orient lodges also operate in Canada. By my count, 24 Grand Orient lodges operate in Canada. The Grand Orient has always been more occult. Even more occult are lodges of Societas Rosicruciana, OTO lodges, and Illuminati covens. Canada also has witchcraft schools, as well as universities that teach witchcraft like the University of Ottawa.

THE BRONFMAN ILLUMINATI FAMILY. This family has been nicknamed “the Rothschilds of North America”. They have vast influence in Canada & beyond.

The origin of their name is Branntwein which is Yiddish for “spirit’s man” (i.e. one who makes whiskey). Samuel Bronfman (1889-1971) got rich producing hard liquor during prohibition. The family worked with the American Al Capone.

The family is Jewish mafia, and has worked closely with the Italian Mafia & the Illuminati DuPont bloodline.

Samuel was pres. of the Canadian Jewish Congress (1939-62). Someone commented, “Sam was no ordinary monster.” Samuel Bronfman was a Freemason.

Two things that the family were involved in caught my attention. First, was Sara & Clare Bronfman’s membership in a horrible sex slave trafficking cult NXIVM (pronounced “nexium”). They provided the cult around $150 million, and Clare Bronfman was sentenced 7 yrs. in prison for her role in NXIVM. They gave $20 mil. to the cult’s Grandmaster on his birthday. NXIVM had a secret society called DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium) run by its Grandmaster Raniere.

The other item was how Edgar Miles

Bronfman extorted $1.25 billion from Swiss banks (Credit Suisse, UBS& Swiss Bk Corp). Around the turn of the century, I read an expose of what he did, but I don’t remember the off color details of what he did. I know on the surface it looked like he was trying to help victims.

THE EATON ILLUMINATI FAMILY. This family has had lots of influence in Canada, & has been nicknamed “Canada’s Royal family”, and also compared to America’s Kennedy clan. The Eaton’s are an old dynastic family from Scotland. Sir John Craig Eaton gave large sums to the Eaton Boys & Girls Clubs. Prof. Daniel C. Eaton was a member of the Illuminati’s Order of Scroll & Key, which is a sister organization to the Order of Skull & Bones.

THE TRUDEAU FAMILY. Justin Trudeau’s mother is a Sinclair, a Scottish bloodline that is head over Freemasonry & a branch of the Illuminati’s most holy bloodline, the Merovingians! His mother’s father, James Sinclair, was a Rhodes Scholar, which is significant. His grandfather Charles Emile Trudeau, an attorney & businessman, went to the Jesuit’s Laval Univ. (now the Univ of Montreal). In historical research, one often sees Scottish ties with the French. This holds true for Canada as well.

If reports that Justin was the result of a love affair between Fidel Castro & his mom are true, then he’d have blood from ancient Spanish aristocracy, that I expect it goes back to the black nobility. Justin’s father Pierre was prime minister before Justin. Justin taught drama at a private school before taking political power.

THE PLANDEMIC: Some preliminary concepts need explaining; before directly discussing the plandemic, it’s important to lay some groundwork.

First, the Illuminati financed the global rise of Red China. This began in the 1960’s. The globalist elite are using China as a Hegelian dialectic tool to accomplish their agenda. During COVID Chinese assets & Illuminati assets can be seen to support the same Illuminati script.

Second, Red China has far more influence in Canada than will be publicly acknowledged. About 1.77 million Canadians are of Chinese descent (about 5%)… mostly concentrated in BC & ON.

The Univ of Toronto teaches so much Marxism that it appears that the numerous Chinese students (some spies) can study there without interfering with their communist indoctrination.

In 1984, Canada created their primary Intel agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) whose original primary task appears to have been to investigate Chinese economic espionage. With this in mind, it’s understandable that it’s Director Richard Fadden would comment on China’s espionage. In 1990, He said in an interview with CBC that several BC public servants plus 2 cabinet ministers were influenced by Red China. Rather than being thanked for watching their backs, the mainstream went off on Fadden saying that what he said was “absurd”. The flak he got seems to be evidence that he was spot on.

When amnesty was given thru the Chinese Adjustment Program, 12,000 Chinese immigrants confessed to using fake I.D.s/documents to come.

CANADA’S COVID SPOKESPEOPLE. So I find it interesting that the 2 Canadian govt health officials who got in front of the TV cameras everyday were both of Chinese descent/birth, who grew up in Europe: Theresa Tam (2nd in command of Public Health Agency, & WHO worker) and Howard Hjoo (deputy chief Public Health). They became household names in Canada. They advanced the Illum.’s COVID agenda.

In 2006, Tam co-chaired a preparedness document which “with eerie accuracy” predicted the COVID plandemic. On 23 APR ’20, Trudeau appointed her to the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force.

Howard Hjoo is very secretive & little is known about him. Mystery man’s age is even a secret. His net worth is est. up to $5 million.

Canada’s Minister of Health (mbr Liberal Party) Jean-Yves Duclos went to the Illum.’s London School of Economics. He was also a key spokesperson on daily CORONA briefings. He said, “We absolutely want to preserve the population’s confidence in their health care system…”

The father of Canada’s universal socialist Healthcare was Freemason Thomas C. Douglas (again w/ Scots ancestry). Lacking the resources to help everyone in a timely fashion justified the Canadian

medical system to order “preventive measures” such as lockdowns & masks to deal with COVID.

TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL. The Catholic church has played a big role in this. (See my writings.) McGill University in Montreal was the site of trauma-based mind control experiments & programming by a major Illuminati programmer Ewin Cameron, known to victims as “Dr. White”. McGill University has been the recipient of donations from the Bronfman & Eaton families. Also of note, the DEW line installations were used as a cover for trauma-based mind control.

MASS MIND CONDITIONING. Canadians have been subjected to the same techniques as the USA& Europe. Bloom’s Taxonomy was used in both the US & Canada after 1956 in education. It takes education in a bad direction. Students in the public schools have been taught not to rely on their own critical thinking, but to rely on experiences, feelings, & most of all consensus. The epitome of this is post-modernism where there is no absolute truth, only consensus truth. This has opened the masses up to mass deceptions these last 2 years.

AGENDA 30 (formerly Agenda 21). One can see all the work to crowd people into controllable megacities. An example in Toronto is the condo named “the Hive”. They have built a bewildering large number of condos in a small area.

BUILDING PROJECTS. Large building projects are the result of megalomaniacs like King Herod & Hitler. One has to wonder about some of the over the top building projects in Canada, esp. Toronto. The Toronto CN tower & SkyDome (renamed Rogers Ctr.) are examples; plus they seem to represent a phallus & egg. The CN tower reflects over the harbor. This may be spiritually significant along with all the masonic symbols on Toronto’s police station. Much of Toronto’s new architecture is built over the water, not on Solid ground! All south of Front St. is man-made land.

FLYING SAUCER DEVELOPMENT. After WW2, in the early 50’s, the U.K., U.S. & Canada wanted to advance Nazi flying saucer technology. They chose a site on the prairies of western Canada…I don’t remember exactly where & I don’t have my notes available. The point is that while attention has been put on places like Area 51, Canada has been participating in various kinds of secret NWO research. They are a full participant in the elites’ global agenda.

Now you know why Canada has gone the way it has. Humanity faces some difficult times as the elite move us into their global New World Order. Now you have more insight into Canada’s participation.


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