HOLLYWOOD TO SAN BERNARDINO – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2023

HOLLYWOOD TO SAN BERNARDINO: A Satanic Hot Spot by Fritz Springmeier

In 1995, I came out with a book on spiritual warfare (entitled Ezekiel 6:3) giving hundreds of ritual sites throughout the USA. For instance, the disco: “Satan’s A Go Go” near Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Even Hollywood is an occult name.

Now witchcraft and Satanism have spread like a plague all over America, but there is one particular hot spot that is an extreme concentration of evil, which is very influential worldwide and it is the subject of this brief article.

Coldwater Canyon Drive is just north of L.A. proper, that is the Hollywood – Hollywood Hills area. North of Mulholland Drive it’s name switches to Coldwater Canyon Drive. The hilly roads like Mulholland Drive twist & turn, and are filled with mansions; good territory for an urban ritual site. Reportedly, near Coldwater Canyon Drive is one of the sites that has regularly been used for human sacrifice. (My books & articles have exposed other sites.)

There is a suspicious mansion in the area (more on this in a moment). It was reported that the Mother’s of Darkness (female Illuminati hierarchy) have a castle in the area. Also just south of there is the Bodhi Tree, a satanic store on North Detroit St.

Interestingly a Jewish Scientologist movie actor was named after this Bodhi Tree (his name is Bodhi Pine Elfman) and he bought Madonna’s mansion in the area and starred in the movie Enemy of the State, and a bunch of weird occult movies.

So back to that suspicious mansion I alluded to, named Dohemy Greystone Mansion, a Tudor mansion on Loma Vista Dr. It has a lot of suspicious attributes to it, and is owned/ operated by the City of Beverly Hills. (I’ve frequently found that mansions & castles used by the Illuminati are owned & operated by the government.) The Greystone Mansion could be a chateau in Europe. It’s used to film movies, for instance: it was the Collins family castle in Dark Shadows. Other films shot at the mansion include: Dark Mansions, Death Becomes Her, Ghostbusters 2, Hard to Kill, House of the Dammed, Mercury Rising, Murder She Wrote, Phantoms of the Paradise, Picture Mommy Dead, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Day Mars Invaded Earth, The Puppet Masters, The Vampire Diaries, The Witches of Eastwick, and Winter Kills, to name some.

If we travel a short distance east of L.A., we come to San Bernardino, which is an Illuminati center with numerous hard core satanic covens. South of this is Disneyland Park used for Illuminati Trauma based mind control programming. And just south of there is Trabuca Canyon, the site of satanic rituals, which are like 30 miles up El Toro Road. Another ritual site is also in the area on the side of a mountain. So this whole area from Hollywood east to San Bernardino County is a plethora of hard core Satanic covens who do human sacrifices.

Is it too late to change the evil World Order whose secret power stretches around the globe? Should we just accept that hotspots like this pockmark the globe like a bad case of measles? In answer think of this: What invincible empire has escaped destruction?? Historically none. Evil contains the seed of it’s own destruction. I believe it is more worthwhile to direct our efforts towards getting close to God, and receiving His help in this time of trouble, than trying to fight the World Order on their terms.


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