Personal Updates

The Wonderful Story of the Honoured Liilas Bébé

“Maxx! I am The Maxx! MAXX!” exclaimed The Maxx. The Maxx had grown several years in the internal worlds, however in the external worlds only a short amount of time had passed. “How old are you now The Maxx?” asked Sojan curiously. “Oh just a fours years old Sojan. I am The Maxx!”. It was… read more »

National Redress Scheme Australia – Consider Your Options before Applying

Life is still good where I am! I have a goal to update this website and Deprogramming Modalities with fresh information I’ve learned this year. In the meantime while my application is being processed I’ve come across some interesting information today regarding the National Redress Scheme. Australian Survivors who are thinking of applying for the… read more »

‘Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx’ – Part 2

Continued from ‘Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx’ – Part 1 … “oh my. The looks on their faces! You know I did the goods pretends of you. They only realised it was me pretendings to be you after at least one months!” Amanda laughed more, however was careful to not drop Le Bébé Maxx. “Oh… read more »

‘Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx’ – Part 1

“Good mornings Mr Sojan! Worlds famous cookings breakfast! My coconuts oils! Yes! My FAVOURITE!!!” It was usually the smell of coconut oil and other spices in the morning which would make Amanda appear within Sojan’s internal worlds space. At first it was just for a brief time, however after the breakfast routine became the norm… read more »

The Sombre Aftermath of Complacency – Part 2

“Sojan! Mr Sojan!!!” Amanda exclaimed. “NONE of that!!! Ok!!!” Sojan would look back on the past and feel down, although was trying to focus on a new future. New patterns and new experiences. The sober realities of the previous few years certainly had started to weigh down. Clarity was luxury only recently acquired. Jas, standing… read more »

The Sombre Aftermath of Complacency

The sombre aftermath of complacency. Looking back on the past year, what the hell just happened? “Well gee Mister Sojan! Much hard work this is…” Amanda commented. During some events of the 2015 year, we all had to hide in various secret places. Amanda had been keeping logs of all proceedings in secret. It was… read more »

The Middle of it All

Still surrounded by programmed multiples. At least in this instance they are familiar, close Family. “The Family”. It still saddens me that they are all completely clueless. Despite my efforts to attempt to wake any of these people up to the true realities of their lives, they simply will reprogram themselves unknowingly. My Family have… read more »