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HOLLYWOOD TO SAN BERNARDINO – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2023

HOLLYWOOD TO SAN BERNARDINO: A Satanic Hot Spot by Fritz Springmeier In 1995, I came out with a book on spiritual warfare (entitled Ezekiel 6:3) giving hundreds of ritual sites throughout the USA. For instance, the disco: “Satan’s A Go Go” near Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Even Hollywood is an occult name. Now witchcraft and Satanism… read more »

CONNECTIONS BETWEEN WORLD LEADERS – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2023

CONNECTIONS OF THE HIDDEN HAND What if I were to tell you that bankers, royalty, communists, Nazis (future ones), occultists & other important folks all quietly got together at a conference put on by Luciferians (the OTO & the Theosophical Society) held in Switzerland on Aug 15-25, 1917 prior to the Oct. 1917 Russian Revolution… read more »

DESTRUCTION BY DIALECTIC – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2022

How many of the Awake are being sucked & suckered into the Dialectic. by Fritz Springmeier I would expect that if your friends were speeding towards a cliff, the question in your mind becomes: “what do I say to stop them?”  Likewise, I ask how do I explain things so that my friends in the… read more »

SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN CANADA – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2022

SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN CANADA by Fritz Springmeier. “This article was written before the Queen died and not edited to reflect her death. Sorry it was not updated before being posted.” Canada is a nation that has been loved overseas for staying out of other nations’ business, in contrast to America’s imperialism. Canadians have a… read more »


This post is my discussion of how I see things progressing these next upcoming decades. We have more to see unleashed upon mankind, & the end is not here. I will focus on 2 upcoming concepts…new technology & a world leader. NEW TECHNOLOGY. In the upcoming decades, the generations that lived without the Internet will… read more »