Types of Internal Worlds and Types of Alters

The information on this page has come from the book Chainless Slaves, with some minor additions to add information from myself.

Parts, alters, insiders are names used for the created fragments of the programmed individual. Names and functions of parts vary from system to system. (Note:that depending upon what the System’s occupation in life is, also determines some of the types of alters created.)

For example if a programmer builds a system using the planets of the solar system there will be Parts with planet names, and space terminology used.

The programming script for a system may use movies. As a result names of characters in those movies will be given to parts in the system.

The programmers will set up double-binds. Alters will be created and given negative spiritual roles with names to match. A part may be named Unforgiveness, or Hatred. For such a part to trust someone, makes the alter feel like it is giving up its name, and therefore its identity. By combining the name with an identity that the part doesn’t want to lose, the programming intends to double bind the alter.

The programmers will give a part a history, and insure that shadow alters will provide a full range of accessible emotions. Sometimes the distinctions between alters and alter fragments is vague, but examples from the two ends of the spectrum are easy to tell apart.

Below is a list of parts that are found in systems. This list does not note every part that is found in a programmed subject’s system.

Table of Contents

Different Types of Alters

Abberator Parts

Insures the mirrors within the system reflect the appropriate distorted image Abuser alter-Abuser alters are often introjects of the original abuser(s). These alters are trying to protect the subject and not trying to injure them. The abuse results because they feel that they are protecting the system of alters by preventing actions that, when the individual was a child, might have caused further harm from the original abuser.

Actulizer Parts

Part whose task is to keep the system on task towards the goals, potential and training the system was created for.

Accuser Parts

Accuses the system of any possible wrongdoing. These Parts will also accuse outside individuals of wrong doings.Agreement Parts–Assists in maintaining and making agreements/deals within the system. Will assist parts with how to make agreements with individuals on the outside.

Alien Parts

For contact, bonding w/ aliens and acceptance of mock alien invasion.

Aligner Parts

Will insure the system stays aligned to the programming, cult, or occult teachings and clan.

Amnesic Parts

These can be known as the “front”, the “clueless ones”, “those who don’t know anything”. These Parts are scattered throughout the system to prevent memory recovery.

Angel (imitation) Parts

For divine messages, these may be seen as angels.

Angry Parts

Parts of the system that hold anger. These parts often appear to the outside person as angry for no reason. These Parts are often used under the defence structure of the system as they keep individuals away.

Animal Parts

Are meant to act like animals. Although a large share of programmed individual’s system is dehumanized, there are certain Parts which will be created to actually hold the body and act like animals. The Parts may even be named “animal.” A male or female slave may have dog Parts which bark like a dog. The programmers can create any animal, cats, dogs, foxes, pigeons, horses, monkeys and mice are some examples.

Animator Parts

Will bring ‘life’ to ‘stand by’ parts. Often the Animator will be a Dr. or spiritual Parts.

Assassination Parts

See Delta.

Aset Parts (Isis) (Maiden)

The mother of the Anti-Christ figure of Horus.

Attitude Parts

Makes up attitudes what is liked and disliked.

Attractor Parts

Causes the system to pull things in.

Babysitter Parts

To look after children Parts keep them from fronting inappropriately

Bastet Parts (Maiden)

The mother goddess of all cats. In the system she will look like a large black cat. Black cats were sacred to Bastet. Bastet corresponds to Yesod (the Foundation) on the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

Beam Stopper Parts

Part who interferes in spiritual growth of individual. This part protects the system from spiritual support.


A large angry part that makes everything go quiet. An internal monster of a system.

Benefactor Parts

Gives the system rewards for obeying the programming.

Between Lives Parts

Placed in the spiritual systems that follow reincarnation programming. Binder Parts – binds the system together with spiritual teachings, programming laws, threats and other means.

Bird Parts

Used for diverse internal purposes, including ravens for suicide, doves for peace (dove may be part of a false trinity.) hawks to fly over the internal mazes, owls for wisdom, etc.

Black Widow Parts

For espionage and blackmail.

Blocker Parts (Gatekeeper)

Blocks the system from messing with other important system components (different from Body Blocker).

Bouncer Parts

May be same as Misdirector.

Body Blocker Parts

Keeps the system from modifying the body state by suggesting another theory.

Body Generator Parts

Insures that the system follows the programming loop when the system attempts to deviate from programming.

Body Locator Parts

Will move the body to another location if necessary.

Body Machine Parts

Regulate body processes and report to the Dr. and any issues with the body. Bravo 2 series models are men programmed to run the Beast computers.

Caillech Parts

Known as the black mother and was the Spirit of disease.

Caretaker alters (soother alter)

Caretaker alters are true protectors of the system. They act as caretakers both internally and externally, but are limited to care of others and are depleted easily, lacking awareness needed for self care. They are often introjects of caring adults.

Cellular Parts

Works at the basic structure of the system to help maintain its integrity. Christian Front Parts. The Christian Parts will believe in God, and be active in churches.

Child Parts

These parts want praise from adults, and often come out for rewards, or sweets. They assist in balances the system.

Clone Parts

Parts that a formed to represent outside programmers, trainers, and individuals of power. These parts help keep order in the system.

Clockmaker and Clock holder Parts

Parts that insure the inter clocks continue to function, and replace internal clocks should they be stopped or damaged.

Communicator Parts

Interconnects the system and relays information to lead Parts, Dr.s and other high ranking parts.

Committee Parts (Universal Mind)

High ranking parts that make the decisions for the system.

Conflictor Parts

Inspires conflict within the system and with outside individuals to protect the system.

Conscience Parts

Will change the system from Beta state to another state of conscience.

Compeller Parts (Compulsive Parts)

Insures the system will continue on its designed course with disregard to rules.

Controller Parts

These are the system leaders. They know what is going on at all times in the system. This will vary from system to system. In a military system, it might be a General, in a metals system, the platinum’s, or in a jewel system, the highest jewels, such as diamond, ruby, or emerald.

Cognitive Parts

Will manage process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.

Computational Parts

Operate internal computers and assist in passing on information.

Constrainer Parts

Insures the system is following physical system law.

Coach Parts

Keep the system from either winning or loosing.

Corrective Parts

Fixes anything that comes undone (or repairer).

Confusion Parts

Tries to keep the system confused if there is a truth introduced. These Parts will also attempt to confuse those who are introducing truth.

Craver Parts

Parts that craving food, drugs, things the programmers want to layer in as a distraction.

Creator Parts

Part that believes they are a deity and can create worlds.

Crone Parts

Stays in the shadows and passes on advice and is a teacher. She contacts the Spirits and is an expert on demonology. Mother Parts and Goddess Parts are Crone parts. The core-the original child, the one who created all of the others inside.

Coven Parts

Participate in coven rituals and activities and maintain the secrecy of the Coven. (Witchcraft)

Courier Parts

Will bring messages to parts in the system. These parts are often small animal Parts.

Commander Parts

Keep the switching smooth, and to keep things orderly.

Colours Parts

CLEAR. Secret or shell alters who can take on any colour are coded clear. These are alters who serve as images or as a stage for other alters. This would include “Guardian of the Vail” alters. GOLD. This colour is for the supreme leadership in the System, which includes the Grand Druid Council.

SILVER. This colour is for the Satanic alters who perform high level satanic rituals. The Mothers of Darkness have silver coding.

PURPLE. These alters see themselves as the abusers, rather than the Illuminati. These alters were involved with the programming. They have been taught to forget the abuse and to reframe it in their mind as training.

BLACK. These alters were born out of Satanic ritual, and are Moon children. The Delta and Beta alters are black coded. They do the dirty work for the cult, such as blackmail and assassination. RED. These altars see themselves as witches. They were born out of witchcraft ritual, believe they have great spiritual power, and tend to deny that they have been abused.

GREEN or EMERALD GREEN. These are cat altars. They still see themselves as belonging to the cult family, and deny that they have been abused to protect their cult family.

DARK EMERALD GREEN. This colour is assigned to the Antichrist-Satan alter(s). Green is the occult colour for Satan and is the most sacred colour. Few people outside of Satanists know that Green is more sacred for them than any other colour.

LIGHT GREEN. The gods and goddess alters which are triads which function in sets of three.

BLUE ALTERS. Clones, armies and the ribbons have blue coding. These alters will go so far as to hurt the body to protect it from leaking information or deprogramming.

WHITE. ‘These are Atlantean alters who have been given Aryan race teachings to think they are superior. They believe in genetic engineering, and a master race.

ORANGE. These special protector alters are scouts who warn of danger from internal or external threats.

YELLOW. These are the strong Christian alters of which there will only be a few in the System. They help serve as a balancing point to control the System as well as to hide what the System is all about. PINK. These are core related alters. They maintain the true feelings of the true self apart from the cult programming and the cult family’s programming. These alters are viewed as weak because they are emotional and often break down and weep. They are fragile emotionally. They are also vulnerable front alters, usually inducing depression or some other kind of trauma-based freeze.

An alternative colour scheme that is used: WHITE. The internal programmers who come around in white robes get this colour assigned to them, as if they are doctors or angels of light.

RED. Sexual alters are given the natural colour of sex and arousal red.

BLACK. Connecting alters that are Nexus alters between various system parts.

PINK. Reporting alters.

DARK BLUE. Non hierarchy cult alters.

LIGHT BLUE. Alters in charge of the way the system runs, such as the judges.

YELLOW. Alters which are ritually and sexually twinned with alters of other systems.

ORANGE. Guard alters which are heavily programmed for obedience.

VIOLET-PURPLE. Front alters and small child alters placed into boxes.

CLEAR. Shell alters to deceive the outside world.

GOLD. The traumatized alters upon which the programming is built on. Cult Parts-participate in cult activities, and maintain the secrecy of the cult.

Damper Parts

Keeps the system condensed to a point and in agreement, holds the system down.

Data Parts

To hold information this encompasses a wide range of Parts, including Parts who hold internal system information to Parts who hold information for their handlers.

Deaf and Dumb Parts

To prevent the System from hearing the truth or discussing information within the system.

Death Parts

To take near death traumas, and become unafraid of dying.

Denial Parts

These are intellectual, and are created to deny that anything bad ever happened.

Delta Series

Are models for espionage and assassination.

Devil Parts (Demon)

Makes trouble for the system. Believe they are a demon.

Degrader Parts

Will demote parts that aren’t following programming. These parts will also complete activities that affect the character of the body.

Delusion Parts

Will hold to programming and beliefs when presented with evidence to the contrary. Task is to maintain the integrity of the system.

Deceiver Parts

Deceives the system into believing what a truth is.

Deflector Parts

Will fend off questions and other intrusions into the system. (Diffuser).

Decision Maker Parts

Part who will make the decision in high stress situations.

Destroyer Parts

Arranges accidents to keep the system from finding out it is programmed or gaining freedom.

Determiner Parts

Value, judges potential futures to maximize dynamics.

Depressor Parts


Delta Parts

Parts within the systems which are programmed to be assassins.

Delta-Beta Parts

Parts that are trained in espionage. They will be trained to recognize a person’s physical identifiers.

Discourager Parts

Discourages any effort to do anything about changing the systems/parts circumstance. (Depressor).

Disabled Alter

Many alters are deaf, blind, missing limbs, sickly, dying, bloody, bruised and so on. Disperser Parts – will disrupt and scatter a section of the system if the parts are gathering for unapproved reasons.Double agent-Part that will act helpful to an outsider, only to be giving information to system watchers to maintain the integrity of the system.

Dramatizer Parts

Parts that are dramatic to throw attention away from what is really occurring in the system.

Egyptian Armies

The Egyptian armies are hundreds of fragments which have been programmed to have uniforms and to function as parts of an army.

Element Parts (Air or Wind, Water, Earth, Fire)

For magick and compliance.

Emotional Parts

Parts that hold the emotions of the body. The Parts may be the name of the emotion. (Cheerful, boredom, antagonism, rage, hostility, fear, grief, apathy).

Encourager Parts

Encourages the system to stay here and live life.

Enturbulator Parts

Will harass parts and people to inflict fear, and agitation.

Equalizer Parts

Insures the system stays balanced.

Espionage Parts

Parts that gather information to undermine or bring down governments and individuals.

Executioner Parts

Programmed to kill an individual quickly.

Exhilarator Parts

When triggered will return to the body to a state of happiness.

Fate Parts (Arranger)

Arranges fates for the system.

Feeling Parts

Emotional Parts.

File Clerk Parts

Part will maintain a dossier on internal parts, and external individuals of interest.

Filter Parts

Filter out perceptions of individuals.

Formulator Parts

Inspires choices of strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

Fire child or Bomb child Parts

To make body feel like its burning as a punishment or warning. Flooding Parts Flooding Parts can be used as singles or as a group of Parts. They over whelm a part with memories or other feelings to stop the part from doing what they were doing.

Forgetter Parts

Will not remember the information, or task they have been given after they have used the information or completed the task.

Foreign Language Parts

Who speak languages of other countries, cults, or secret societies.

Front Parts

Parts placed on the top level. These are the parts that interact with the ‘world’ and are often unaware of the rest of the system.

Fourier Parts

Puts things into the future for the system, goals, wants, so the system will work towards those things.

Game Maker Parts

Makes up games for the system. The outcome is the loser of the game is severely punished. The loser is often punished by the winner of the game.

Gatekeeper Parts (Blocker)

Guard portals, gates, and important areas of the system.

The Gatekeeper protects the gates or portals to all System levels. The programmers may also call them “doorkeepers”, or “toll men” and “toll women”. The subject may refer to them as guards or blockers, although Gatekeepers are more than guards, they are an entrance or portal to something. Gatekeepers may often be the alter that was split to get a particular section. Each gatekeeper may be at a deeper level trance than the one before it. When a Gatekeeper is split it creates a natural link to the alters that are created from itself. Then the Gatekeepers are given programming not to see what they have created. Gatekeeper parts will appear near the surface of a system, and then again deep in the System about level 10, and 12. Gatekeeper parts are parts that the programmer must go through to get to deeper levels. The Gatekeeper parts are very heavily programmed to keep them in place. They will receive intensive lies. Some of the access triggers which must accompany the verbal are things such as needles, electro-shocks, or slaps to certain parts of the body to trigger deep parts to take the body.


Delta alter. In the bottle the part is harmless, when triggered out of the bottle to complete its task, this part becomes deadly.

Generator Parts

Projects reality to parts of the system. The reality is interpreted in such a way to keep the system in its place

Gems Parts

Occult parts that are advised they are important to Satan. These parts are used in rituals. Genetic Parts- parts that maintain the double helix throughout the system.

Goal Maker Parts

Makes up goals for the system to keep the system motivated and functioning.

Guider Parts

Guides the system deeper into programming.

Group Mind Parts

Part that participates in group programming.

Guardian/Guardian Parts

Guards the programming, fights against erasure of programs.

Hat-Hor Parts (Mother)

She is the womb of Horus, Queen of the Dead, or Queen of the West.

Helper Parts

Part that will help inside parts by encouraging them, and explaining things to them. Hidden Observer Parts-a hidden part of the subject that knows what things are occurring in the body while other parts don’t. This part is inlayed during hypnotism.

Hider Parts

Part that will hide programming from outside interference. 2) Part that will move the body to a hidden location if the system feels threatened.

Hierarchy Parts

Take part in occult hierarchy ceremonies different ceremonies at different times have different Parts participating.


That has the function of daily living.

Host Parts

There may be a “day host” a “night host” for the cult, or hosts for various systems or times in the person’s life.

Holder Parts

Holds entities in place by occult/cult practice.

Hunts Parts

Created for the handler’s sport of being hunted.

Hunter Parts

Hunts down internal parts that have strayed, or participates in programming hunts.

Humanizer Parts

Will work with cloned parts, puppets, dead and other mechanical parts to assist them with human characteristics.

Illuminati Doctor Parts

Green, Black, White, Red and Blue-will continue with programming internal parts.

Intellectuals Parts

Parts who can observe, go between systems, learn information quickly and download it to handlers/programmers.

Invalidator Parts

Part who will attempt to bring out the negative behaviours in others. This part will work to discredit individuals inside and outside of the system. 2) Part will weaken the effect of outside encouragement to get well.

Inner Guard Parts

Keep the system from looking at its self and seeing the structure of entities, mirrors, mazes and other system blocks.

Inner Self Helper

The ISH is a dissociated part that is usually unable to communicate with other alters, yet has the ability to watch and hear everything going on inside a system. The ISH will usually display little emotion or affect. Because the ISH observed inner events, it has access to the memories of the individual as a whole, as well as to the memories of each alter individually. Other names include: internal self helper, guidance, unconscious mind, observing ego, higher self, hidden observer and inner wisdom.

Instigator Parts

Will escalates a situation to protect the system.

Interiorizer Parts

Part who insures the inner values of the system continue to function.

Inverter Parts

Will turn the system upside down if there is a perceived threat.

Inhibitor Parts

Part that will interfere with and suppress specific memories.

Inspirational Parts

Iinspires belief that every part likes the system and they don’t want to leave the system.

Initiator Parts

Compel the system self to act on specific programming.

Individualizer Parts

Limits the system to a single viewpoint.

Internal Councils Parts

Groups of parts that make decisions for the system that falls under their domain. There may be a Christian council, occult council, cult council, military council, for each section of Parts.

Internal Programmer Parts

Will re-enforce programming by doctors, Mother’s of Darkness, and other leading parts.

Introjects Parts

These alters are sometimes called as “copy alters” and are internal copies of another person, often they are an internal representation of an attachment figure such as a parent, abusive introjects alters are very common. An introject may be an internal “mother” or “father” alter which warns the child not to act in a way which would cause the child’s real external mother or father to punish them, protecting the child from physical harm. Introjects can be calming and soothing if they are representations of caring people.

Ishtar Parts

Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. Her symbol is the eight pointed star.

Jailer Parts

Parts who will imprison other parts that are rebelling against programming.

Jesus Parts

Parts who say they are the Christian son of God, but behave contrary to what the bible states Jesus behaved.

Justifier Parts

Part that will uphold the teachings of cult/occult/programming in the system.

Judge Parts

Judges the system’s conduct harshly, all the time.

Justice Parts

Parts who dispense punishment for disobedient Parts Juliet series are sexual mind controlled slaves.

Kali Parts

She will be deep in a System. She is the Goddess of Time and Change in the internal worlds.

Keeper Parts

Keeps (holds) the system down in the programming.

Keeper of the Keys Parts

Part that holds the keys to doors, chests, and other locked parts of the system.

Keeper of the Spiritual Records Parts

Part that records other parts spiritual progress, and deeds to be used against that part or the system.

Kilo 5 series

Military espionage parts.

Lilith Parts

Female parts that believe they are monsters and are out at night. They have sex with demons, and seductresses.

Little alter

A little, is a term often used by those with DID. This type of alter acts 7 years old or younger.

Locator Parts

Parts that know where parts are in the system at all times. These parts will report to the rulers where parts are in the system.

Looking Glass Parts

Parts that are created to confuse the system, and outside individuals. They appear identical to the original Parts, but backwards. This is what confuses inside parts. The mirror images are often hidden in mirror mazes as their reflection in the mirrors appear as the real part. Looking Glass People are similar to the mirror images.

The Programmers may create a looking glass alter by having a drugged part(s) of the subject endure the trauma of seeing someone’s face peeled. The subject’s face is also hypnotically peeled. The dead individual’s skin is placed over the subject being programmed. The Looking Glass People are charted on grids and contain numerous programs. They are confusing to the regular alters, because they appear internally like mirror images.

Loyalty Parts

Parts that hold are devoted to the handler/cult/occult.

Lucifer Parts

Part that offset the trinity in the system. This part is often kind, the opposite of Jesus in the system.

Manager alter

A system manager might be seen as a leader to the other alters. They are involved inside and outside if needed – including acting as a temporary host, but mostly they operate inside. They direct what is going on in the system in many ways. Although the system managers usually know all parts of the system and have memory back to the beginning, they are not ISH’s (Inner Self Helper).

Maat Parts

Bring balance to the system through order, justice and the laws.

Maiden (B) Parts

Parts that work closely with the Mother parts. She is the Guardian of the Balance (Maat Parts).

Martial Arts Parts

Trained in various martial arts practices to protect the body.

Memory Trace Alters

One that has a more or less complete life, unlike how many alters which have a limited range of memories. System managers and ISH’s often have this ability.

Middle Alter

A term often used by those with DID to describe an alter that appears to be between the ages of 8 and 12.

The Mother (A) Parts

Actively works magick and leads specific rituals in the system.

Misdirector Parts

Will send parts and outside individuals to the wrong place, and give wrong directions to protect the system.

Michael 1 series

Slaves are CIA agents under total mind-control. Operation Green star was the Mind-control project to create UFO abductions scenarios.

Mirror Images

Are task specific fragments whose job is to confuse both subject and outside individuals who are attempting to breach the system. Duplicate parts of most parts are created, so that even the parts themselves don’t know if it is themselves or another alter. These duplicates are called mirrored images and looking glass people (LGPs). Some of the mirrored images may turn out to be demonic entities that have been placed using high level demonology.

Misowner (Disowner)

Says that this system isn’t real and doesn’t exist to prevent sharing of information.

Monster Parts

Parts used to scare the other Parts.

Mouse Parts

Parts that wind clocks insure internal computers, and grids are working properly.

Mother of Darkness Parts

Part that trains the children, and over see Doctors, and programmers. Moralizer Parts – part preaches at parts and makes them feel guilty for choices they have made Mood Parts- shift moods between serene/troubled, calm/nervous, pleasant/irritated can rapid cycle.


A part in the spiritual programmed system.

Narcotic Parts

Keep the higher self feeling drugged, and lethargic when the system may be breached.

Nexus Parts

Link parts to one another so they can function and complete a task.

Nothing Parts

Parts who believe they don’t exist. They will state they are ‘No one’.

Each node is assigned a numerical code. If three or more nodes are brought together by nodes go back to their original place, and each node divides into five. The node that divided cannot They cannot communicate, they cannot exchange information. They only behave like an alter when they have been called together.


Objects In some systems there are objects with consciousness, so they’re not normal objects. For example, talking objects, or a notebook that writes itself.

Observation (Watchers/Silent Observer)

Parts-deep parts quietly observe all that goes on in a Parts system.

Opposer Parts

Resistant to system goals and values. Helps to maintain system balance.

Over Seer (Administrator) Parts

Manages 128 splintered parts of the system.

Papa Bear Parts

Part who is cloned after an outside programming trainer who worked against showing anger.

Part of God (universal Mind) Parts

A part sent to be element of god the individuals contribution to the universal mind.

Perception Blocker Parts

Parts who will distort how the system perceives experiences to strengthen the system’s beliefs.

Perpetuator Parts

Ensures the programming does not fail and will continue.

Persister Parts

Parts hold steadfast to their task, often repeating the task over and over.


In some systems, there are different animals that are just that, animals. They are usually the pet of the system, and have to be taken care of just like a real animal.

Persephone Parts

Queen of the Dead and underworld part in many systems. This parts task is toNode Partscalling out their code names, they form a temporary alter. (The nodes do not have to be adjacent) Theinformation on the Tinker Toy sticks that lead to each of those nodes, when put together, constitutesthe instructions for that temporary alter. When the task is done, the temporary part dissipates, the be used again, but any of the five new ones can. The numerical code that calls the nodes together is made by dividing the sphere into sections using lines like longitude and latitude. When the nodes are latent, just sitting there doing nothing, no node on the surface layer is connected to any other node.  ensure the poppies fields stay intact.

Planner Parts

Plans the systems continued existence.

Postulator Parts

Part who works with the trinity to plea for other parts in the system.

Presenter Parts

Parts that assist with the Parts who participate in social situations.

Programmer (Internalists) Parts

Parts cloned after the original programmers to reprogram the System.

Protector Parts

Protect the body if it is threatened. 2) Protect the integrity of programming and the system from perceived threats. 3) Protects the system from the system suggesting Alternatives to destructive programming. Part of balancing the system.

Provocateur Parts

Incites other parts or individuals to take part in or complete and illegal act. Punisher Parts: part fashioned after an external trainer, punisher, or enforcer. Their job is to keep things in line, and will often try to sabotage therapy. Internal punishers will activate inter system punishment sequences. (Flood programming/ suicide programming, self harm programming)

Queen of the Clones Parts

Guides the conduct and actions of the clone parts of the system.

Randomizer Parts

Part that encodes messages, and decodes messages.

Recycler Parts

Part that can cycle the system into a ‘new’ being.

Restimulator Parts

Part that will activate a dormant part of the system if the system is threatened or needs programming.

Resistor Parts

Resists change in the environment, or changes in the system. Can come across as defiant.

Reporting Parts

Programmed to give the handler reports regularly. Reporting parts are often small children, that are hidden in each section, and may require slaps to the face or jabs with a needle to pull them up.

Reflector Parts

Social Parts will reflect back to the individual what they perceive they are receiving.

Relayer Parts

Part will pass body perceptions to the system parts and ignore other body perceptions.

Representer Parts

Part who will give optimum solution for a problem.

Reactive Parts

Part that will control the body’s reactions to the environment.

Recording Parts

Will record specific interactions for recall. It may be sight, sound, touch or specific situation.

Restrictor Parts

Limits the system to a located viewpoint.

Ribbon Parts

These are parts of the programming matrix that monitor programming functions of Parts and then send messages from computers to System areas.

Robot Parts

Children who have been put into robot costumes and are trained to attack parts of the system which are not in compliance with the programming.


Sexual alters usually linked to beta programming.

Ruling Parts

Parts that have titles of royalty in systems.

Run/return to handler return home / Parts-parts

That will return to the handler, or flee from the area they are in.

Satanic hierarchy Parts

To insure the occult part of the system is controlled and follows occult teachings

Satan Parts

Part feels they are on the victorious side in a spiritual war and are a part of Satan’s army. (Different than Lucifer)

Scrambling Parts

To prevent other parts from hearing things that are being said to them that should not be heard.

Seer Parts

Parts that gather information and predict the future of the system.

Separator Parts

Keeps the system as an individual separate from the system’s higher self. Sexual Parts: created to have sex with individuals. Each Part is programmed in a specific genre of sex. Sexual Parts are also programmed for cult/occult specific sex for the exchange of entities.

Shifter Parts

Assts with shifting between 7.83 Hz, 10.80 Hz, 6.6 Hz for programming.

Shell Parts

Hide Parts from being discovered by outside individuals who are not allowed to be aware of that part of the system.

Shell Focus Parts

Surrounds the system and focuses things in on the system for programming Shadow Parts- have shadow Parts created from themselves to take their pain.

Sin Parts

Will purposely commit acts that are against the Christian Parts.

Sleep Centre Parts

Parts that dream and have the system rebuild things while the system sleeps.

Sleeping Alter

Time passes for a sleeping alter without knowing.

Slider alter

An alter whose age varies.

Social Parts

Parts that present in social situations.

Somatic Parts (Sickness Parts)

Physical pains/sensations are triggered through programming in response to not following directions, rules, job or other instructions laid in by the programmer Solidifier Parts-will unite the system against a common threat or enemy.

Spirit Guide Parts

Part that believes they can spiritually guide other parts seeking spiritual awaking. (Universal mind)

Splitter Parts

Continually makes parts split (divide).

Spinner kittens

Will be accessed via their mama cat, who acts like a Madam in a “cat house”.

Spiritual Parts

Have a variety of beliefs that cover different spiritual paths internally.

Subconscious Parts

Hides things and convinces the system to stay limited and obedient.

Sublimating Parts

Insure the sadistic parts behave in a publically acceptable manner.

Suppressor Parts

Hides the programming from outside individuals if programming is detected.

Super being Parts

Will take over a part by overwhelming them and control them.

Suicide Parts

Programmed to stop the body from living. Each Part responds to a specific trigger. Swindlers and fabricator parts- notoriously skilful timewaster parts. These parts are used to protect the system during therapy, and if caught interrogation.

System Parts

Ensure life within the system is continued in a balanced fashion.

Symbolize Parts

Maintains the internal symbols placed during programming.

Sympathizer Parts

Parts that will express compassion for a part that has just been traumatized.

System Holder Parts

Parts who feel like they have received a section of the system to oversee and own.

System Coordinator Parts

Co-ordinates the interrelationship of system.

Synchronizer Parts

Will insure that a task, trigger, event occurs across the system at the same time.

Teen Alter

Teen alters appear to be between the ages of 13 and 18.

Tempter Parts

Tempts the system to do the opposite of what would lead to freedom, or a positive result for the system.

Terror/Fear Parts

Makes the system afraid, especially of anything to do with the mind or spirits Thinker Parts-closely related to the silent observer. This part will think of alternative actions that can be taken when something arises.

Tranced Parts

Bring the body into semiconscious state, as between sleeping and waking and a detachment from one’s physical surroundings to assist with pulling up parts for programming.

Travel Parts

Sleep during travel or be oblivious to where they are going.

Trickster Parts

Is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal part who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behaviour. Tricks the system in to insuring the other parts maintain their jobs to correct the error.

Twin alters

Twins appear the same in many ways, and may even have the same name. One twin can good while the other is bad.

Unifier/Joiner/Grouper Parts

Pulls everything together to insure the system continues to work smoothly.

Universal Mind Parts (The Committee)

Created by the programming to manage the system these are not self aware Parts, but is a composite composed of a piece of everybody and programmed to run.

Vacuum Parts

Insures the system isn’t affected by outside influences attempt to keep the system isolated.

Visual Parts

Composes pictures of reality that the system will see. These pictures are often distorted to assist the programming.

Watcher Parts

Watches the system and its functioning. Typically doesn’t speak to individuals on the outside.

Workers Parts

Do the jobs of daily life, and usually are part of the presenting systems. These partstake care of the house, get married, and may hold a highly dependable job.

Wraith Parts

Believes they are a ghost.

Common Internal Worlds Structures

Internal structures are important for the following reasons:
1. Mapping the system
2. Keeping parts in their assigned areas.
3. Giving parts a ‘world’ they can navigate and feel ‘natural’ in.
4. Triggering specific events or actions in a timed manner.
5. Cause confusion if system is breached.
6. Re-enforce programmed behaviours
7. Re-create programming sites for internal programmers. 8. Give the programmer means to access the system.
9. Give places to set traps.
10. Differentiate levels.
11. Buildsystemhierarchy.
12. Allow for specified parts quick travel.
13. Assist in maintain script compliance.

Internal structures and symbols that can be created in System are:


Ancient symbols and lettersAliensAnimal prints Ant pits, Angel – A guide to heaven. Anchor – Hope or eternal life. Ankh – An Egyptian symbol of eternal life. Apple – salvation, sometimes sin. Arch – The passage to heaven.


Black boxes: represent self destruct and shatter programming sealed off into a black box to protect system.Bohemian GroveButterflies Bows Bee Traps w/ swarms, Black Glass Wall Bird cages Black Holes (vortexes) Boxes Butterflies Birds


CastlesClocksCabalistic “Tree of Life,” with adjoining root systems Carpet (Magic), Castles, Castle dungeon (torture chambers) Caves, Chess themes (Alice in Wonderland programming, duel programming) Chain-of-command diagrams Clocks (there are several incl. computer clocks), Concentration camp, Cords Cave and well Columns Carousel Crystals


Deck of cardsDominoesDesert, Doll House, Numbered Doors by the thousands w/ red hot knobs, Demons Disney themes


Elevators,Emerald City (connected to the castle), Eucalyptus Trees,Eyes, all Seeing Eye,


Fields of flowers FirewallForestsFruit Tree Fire walls,


Glass,Glass coffin,Golden Keys Graveyards Geometric figures Green doors (OZ programming)


Hall of Illumination HourglassHallways with red doors, Hell Pit or Hell Fire Hour Glass (matrix), House of David,Horus:


Internal training rooms: Internal wallsIce town,Invisible Countries, Infinity loops Internal armies,





Libraries,Light side City,Large jewels (Jewel programming)


Masonic chess designMirrors: used internally to reinforce other programming sequences, internal twinning, and distortion of reality programming. May create shadow systems of functional systems.Mirrors or glass shattering Masks Monsters Marshlands, Mazes, Mirrors Moat, Mountains,


Nursery (glass),


OceanOne eye covered


PyramidsPool of Death may be called Lakes of Death, and Waters of Death.Pillar of Power Paper Trees, Petra Secret City, Playground Poppy field, Portals



Ribbons Rivers (Nile, Rio Grande, Shenandoah, etc.), Robots (older systems) Room behind a closet Rubicon (outer space beyond the stars), Rain Ruby slippers (OZ programming)


Shattered glassStairwell.Sun Spider webs: represent linked programming Seals: usually in a group of six or seven. Stables Snakes Spider webs Sea shells Seeds, Serpent tree, Shafts, Shifting sands, Shoes (gold, silver, and ruby slippers), Snake pits (traps), Spider chambers, Stairway, Schematics of computer circuitry boards


TemplesTemple of Moloch Training grids:Trees. Torpedo Town, Tin Woodsman’s Castle, Trojan horse w/ armies, Tunnels, U


Valley of the Dry Bones,Valley of DeathVolcano (to destroy & remake the system), Vortex (see Black Holes),


Wasteland, Water (Moats), Waterfalls, Wind,Wires,Worms, Walls, White rabbits



Yellow Brick Road