The Colour Coded Doctors

What are the Colour Coded Doctors Persons who apply trauma mind control to others are known as Doctors. The original ‘Dr Green’ was more famously known as Josef Mengele. There is also a Dr Blue, Dr Red, Dr White, Dr Black and Dr Silver. The more common programmed multiples I’ve met have all been programmed by… read more »

Chainless Slaves

Chainless Slaves PDF Download ¶ CLASSIFIED Chainless Slaves Trauma Programming U.W. Ozian 2014 ¶ Trauma programming manual. This manual is an overview on how to create a dissociated subject.The manual lists tactics to use in trauma based programming. 1 Trauma-based Programming 2 Selection of Subjects 3 Hypnosis for Programming 4 Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) ¶ 5… read more »

Your Tax Dollars at Work (Svali Blog Post)

  Mirrored from – I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can’t help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can’t stay… read more »

Trauma Bonding : The Pull to the Perpetrator (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – please note: this article discusses perpetration, trauma, and cult programming. If you are a survivor, do not read if these subjects are triggering unless with your therapist or a safe person. I will be writing on an extremely difficult subject, that of trauma bonding, also known as bonding… read more »

The European Roots of the Illuminati (Svali Blog Post)

Mirrored from – Until recently, I have mainly written about programming and methods to work through and attempt to resolve it. But as I am working on my own healing, I am coming to realize that while breaking programming is important (and often life-saving), that eventually it becomes important to deal with core issues…. read more »

Near Death Experiences (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Near Death Programming (**note: the content of this article discusses traumatic programming in some detail, and could be very triggering to survivors who have undergone this type of abuse. If you are a survivor, please do not read unless you are with a safe person, or with your… read more »

MK ULTRA/Assassin Programming (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Trigger warning: discusses cult abuse and programming; graphic detail** In the next few months, I plan to write some articles on how more complex forms of programming are done by the Illuminati. This is the first in a series, and I hope it is helpful information. Because it… read more »

Magic Surgery and the Formation of the Inner World (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored form – Trigger warning: Christian content Here, I would like to introduce a guest author. I read this chapter that is offered free on her web site at… and was very impressed with her compassion, her knowledge, and her willingness to share with others what she is learning. The… read more »

How the Cult Programs People: Part Two (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – Part Two Training for jobs in the cult The fourth category of training or programming is towards doing a job in the cult. Each person has a specific job(s) that they are given, from earliest childhood on in the Illuminati. Often, the child is tested at intervals during… read more »

How the Cult Programs People (Svali Blog Post)

  This information is mirrored from – How the Cult Programs PeoplePart one This article, consistent with others I have written, is a very difficult one personally. Why? Because it touches on some of the things that I am most ashamed of in my own life. I used to be a cult programmer, or… read more »