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A Day in the Life of a Trainer 2 (Svali Blog Post 2017)

Several years ago, I wrote an article about a day in the life of a trainer in my American presentation. This article is about the day of a life in the cult host, where most of my life was spent, as a trainer overseeing facilities. I was in my cult host when doing these activities…. read more »

Early Splits and Theta Programming (Svali Blog Post 2017)

This is from a book I wrote a couple of years ago… The primary core splits, and the master controllers are always created first. These will take on the roles and names of spiritual entities, since a programmed system is first and primarily spiritual, designed to serve satan, the antichrist, and the beast (father, son… read more »

What is “programming”? What is “breaking programming?” (Svali Blog Post 2017)

What is “programming”? What is “breaking programming?” Mind control involves the installation of programs into a person. “Programming” is convincing a person (a part/personality/alter) that he or she have no choice but to perform a particular action, or hold to a particular belief. This programming is accomplished via (1) clear, detailed and rigorous instruction of… read more »

Technological Torture (Svali Blog Post 2017)

Technological Torture In international occultic groups and many governmental organizations, the trend has increasingly been to use technological torture (tech torture) on individuals being programmed. What is tech torture? In general, this refers to a combination of technologies and techniques that are used to simulate, entrain and install punishment within individuals. Virtual Reality  The state… read more »

How to Support a Survivor (Svali Blog Post 2017)

How to Support a Survivor First, it is important for supporters to realize how being raised in the cult can affect the survivor’s worldview. The survivor often will: Be raised in facilities, in groups Have their earliest attachment needs/bonding heavily manipulated Experience betrayals and abuse in all close relationships Will have extreme performance orientation and need… read more »

The Colour Coded Doctors

What are the Colour Coded Doctors Persons who apply trauma mind control to others are known as Doctors. The original ‘Dr Green’ was more famously known as Josef Mengele. There is also a Dr Blue, Dr Red, Dr White, Dr Black and Dr Silver. The more common programmed multiples I’ve met have all been programmed by… read more »

Chainless Slaves

Chainless Slaves PDF Download Trauma programming manual. This manual is an overview on how to create a dissociated subject. The manual lists tactics to use in trauma based programming. CLASSIFIED Chainless Slaves Trauma Programming U.W. Ozian 2014 1 Trauma-based Programming Trauma-based Programming can be defined as systematic and calculated torture that blocks the subject’s capacity… read more »

Your Tax Dollars at Work (Svali Blog Post)

  Mirrored from – I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can’t help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can’t stay… read more »

Trauma Bonding : The Pull to the Perpetrator (Svali Blog Post)

This information is mirrored from – please note: this article discusses perpetration, trauma, and cult programming. If you are a survivor, do not read if these subjects are triggering unless with your therapist or a safe person. I will be writing on an extremely difficult subject, that of trauma bonding, also known as bonding… read more »

The European Roots of the Illuminati (Svali Blog Post)

Mirrored from – Until recently, I have mainly written about programming and methods to work through and attempt to resolve it. But as I am working on my own healing, I am coming to realize that while breaking programming is important (and often life-saving), that eventually it becomes important to deal with core issues…. read more »