THE 5GW WAR CRIMES AGAINST YOU & HUMANITY: A Study of the Oligarch’s current 5th Generation Warfare by Fritz Springmeier (May, 2023)

THE 5GW WAR CRIMES AGAINST YOU & HUMANITY: A Study of the Oligarch’s current 5th Generation Warfare by Fritz Springmeier (May, 2023)

You’ve been seeing this 5G war, it’s ever present, but it’s likely you didn’t have a name for it. This article will not only clear up what’s going on, but its approach should naturally reveal the answers, that is make the answers self-evident.

Some military men began calling this 5th Generational War against humanity “the Oligarch’s War”. It uses an entirely new form of warfare, which this article will expose. In the course of the article, we will answer such questions as: Who is BIS & What are these CBDCs they are instructing the Central Banks to create?? Who is the Federal Reserve; and they said they said they wanted to break things, what do they want to break?? You’ll see the significance of these questions as the article progresses.

One of my areas of study has been a caballistic cabal who call themselves the Illuminati. The term those military men used to describe these same people fighting today’s war is “oligarchs”; a term which may be an easier word to handle for those new to the subject of who runs this World. Afterall, the definition of oligarch means someone who rules, so by definition, those running the World are “oligarchs”, rather like the term bronchitis which means an “itis” (pain from inflammation) in the bronchi. My books expose who these rulers are, and their organizations.

In 1995, I gave major talks before large audiences in 12 large American cities where I showed charts illustrating how various systems, such as the health care system, the food system, and the political system were controlled by this oligarchy. This article will not replow that ground. I can take a second to disclose or remind people that groups like medical schools, big pharma, regulatory groups like FDA, NIH, CDC & WHO, and secret enforcement groups like the Medical Strike Force, CCHI, & NCHF make up part of the control of the health care system. In the Food system, one sees monopolies over beef, grain, the N.A. bullhide market, etc., & regulatory groups like the FDA & CAP, price manipulators and a host of other controls, even extending to the GPS controlling farmers’ tractors. As to the financial system, it will be discussed in part in this article on 5GW.

It’s reported that Klaus Schwab (in charge of the Illuminati’s World Economic Forum WEF) and George Soros (a WEF member) are saying they want America destroyed. Both are Illuminati members; and the WEF itself is an Illuminati-run organization, which sees the head of the Illuminati regularly attend their Davos, Switz. meetings. (By the way, Switzerland has been an important place for top Illuminati activity for centuries, for instance, the Ascona Mtg. in 1917; as well as recently the high level 2003 meeting at Gstaad, MI6 Project 26 activities at Gstaad, western Europe’s largest DUMB in the Spiez-Meitingen area, and the yearly Davos meetings just south of Liechtenstein, a principality whose respected Prince in charge is an Illuminati member. Switzerland’s relationship to the elite oligarchy is a topic in itself. And,… I’m sorry if this sidenote digression on Switz. was not helpful.)

So we’re involved in a 5th generational war fought by the Illuminati oligarchy against humanity. It’s being fought entirely differently than past wars. It weaponizes everything to destroy us. Of course disinformation & social engineering are weapons, but so is every system of control: the healthcare system, the food system, the educational system, the religious system, the judicial system, the political system, the financial system, & the mass media system. All are weaponized against the common man, none are your friends. So let’s describe this term 5th Generation Warfare.

The term “5th Generation Warfare” has been around since 2008. An example of its use is the book The Handbook of 5GW (edit. by Daniel Abbott). By way of disambiguation, the term has nothing to do with 5G wireless. Let’s cover the different generations of warfare so the term makes more sense.

FIRST GENERATION WARFARE. Since ancient times a nation (or empire) would mass their troops into a phalanx, or legion, or column, or other mass and then they’d fight eye to eye, mass to mass with their opponent. You can see this style in Mel Gibson’s movie The Patriot when the American Revolutionary Army faces & fights the British redcoat army. Uniforms were colorful in this first generation.

SECOND GENERATION WARFARE. With the advent of repeating breech loading rifles, machine guns, and fast combined arms units, the concept of a mass of troops facing another mass of troops became impractical. It was replaced with small groups using cover & concealment. Uniforms went from colorful to camouflage. Radios came into use to coordinate widely dispersed units. Industrial technology made wars into economic struggles to out invent & outproduced the other side. This second generation warfare is also called Industrial warfare.

THIRD GENERATION WARFARE. With the introduction of missiles, air forces, helicopters, paratroopers, airmobile troops, and blitzkrieg maneuver of armored forces linear warfare ended. The battlefield became more like 3D chess. This generation is called late modern technology and is characterized by maneuver, speed, and flexibility. Small units are given great flexibility to operate.

FOURTH GENERATION WARFARE. This is used for the decentralized guerilla warfare seen by the American forces in Afghanistan. I (& others) would argue this is not a new generation, & it has always existed since history began. I would argue that Spartacus’ slave revolt & the Filipino Insurrection when the U.S. took over from Spain would fit the label of 4th Generation. So would countless other guerilla wars throughout history. I didn’t create these terms, I use them because the term 5th Generation Warfare aptly describes what the World’s Oligarchs are now waging against us.

FIFTH GENERATION WARFARE. This 5GW is totally different from all the others. It uses every means to attack and destroy except kinetic. Kinetic means bullets and bombs. So this warfare includes cyber attacks, it includes destroying a nation’s morals and culture, it includes destroying a nation’s economy, it includes modifying their weather, and tampering with their self-image. An example of this is what Red China has been doing to the U.S. for 2 decades. Red China has been an instrument for the Illuminati to destroy America. In 2014, 6 of the 7 big Chinese banks were controlled by the Illuminati. One example of this is how they have established Maoist groups basically in all U.S. colleges called Confucius Institutes. Other examples incl. their theft of our technology, their undermining of our economy & politics, their degrading & destruction of our culture, and how they set up the AIIB to replace the IMF. But China is only part of the 5GW picture. Our own systems are against us. One could observe this during the Scam D-E-M-I-C.

When we realize that all these systems of control are weaponized against us, we realize we must find alternatives to them. HEALTHCARE -we need to find alternatives (as best as possible) to the healthcare system. Alternative medication has been gaining ground. FOOD- we need to grow our own safe food, and if not then find safe alternatives from safe sources. EDUCATION- We need to home school, or work online for necessary degrees. We need to identify how our minds are under attack, & how to protect them. The RELIGIOUS system- We need to distrust mainstream groups, & leaders like Billy Graham who was made “Man of the Year” by the controlled press. We need to distrust world leaders who claim all religions are equal. Check this out, the only beliefs attacked by Satanists are beliefs in Christ & the Bible. We should focus on Christ, not man as our source of divine help. The JUDICIAL system should not be trusted, nor the FINANCIAL. The POLITICAL system is not going to save you. Christian Churches will have negative consequences for being corporations of the state (i.e. 501-C3). And as a final comment, we need to have alternate means to get our news as the MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA is weaponized against us. It truly is an Infowar as Alex Jones has named it.

Sun Tzu’s classic “The Art of War” advises “know the enemy”. That is what this Satanic Oligarchy is doing. The Illuminati have an agenda to depopulate the planet and install their world ruler, and they are practicing the know-your-enemy advice in an extreme way. Most of this spying (data collecting) is done secretly and managed by the BEAST computers. We’ll examine that a little later. But some of it is an open secret. The WEF calls for ACD (Alternate Credit Decisions), which is billed as something good for minorities. Companies like Yodlee, which collects “alternate data” on 33 million people to sell, openly collects info on people. What kind of data? Yodlee openly states: “all sorts of data”. This digital data will form a digital profile that will be attached to your digital I.D. Does the reader smell a rat here?? One of the top companies that gathers data on millions is an Illuminati-run corporation PwC (PriceWaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand) under IBM. They provide info for “Stakeholder Issues” for the big corporations.

So an example of what they will do to us is what happened in Afghanistan & Iraq. DARPA tried to track all males in those nations with Biometrics. All this was in preparation for today’s 5GW against humanity. They began this data collecting as a war against the “HUMAN TERRAIN” in Iraq & Afghanistan.

For those who don’t know about DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), it is headquartered in Arlington, VA and has around 120 program managers running programs globally. DARPA is secret. It works with the NSA & the CIA, both of which are daughters of the Illuminati. Other daughters of the Illuminati incl. MI-6 and the FBI. This helps explain why the current FBI director Christopher Wray goes to the WEF in Davos. Wray in 2004 was exposed participating in illegal surveillance. Bill Bamford’s book The Shadow Factory helped people understand illegal domestic surveillance better, where they used “warrantless surveillance” under the cover of Bush’s “Terrorist Surveillance Program”, which when exposed became PRISM.

So DARPA in conjunction with the NSA & CIA, and assisted by the military, began a comprehensive biometric data collection program in Iraq & Afghanistan. 1.5 million Afghan men and 2.2 Iraqi men had their biometrics collected. The U.S. military obfuscated these ops in their war colleges as “moral prosecution of war”, and the msm told the public that it was a “hearts & minds campaign”! Ha! You take a person’s DNA & eye biometrics, etc. and call that “hearts & minds campaign”!?! Data from these ops were stored in a mega data base called “MAP-HT” (which means “mapping human terrain”).

Now MAP-HT teams work globally. Here in the U.S., Human Terrain mapping is called PRISM (which was exposed by Snowden). Health care providers & social media contribute data for PRISM’s mapping the human terrain.

Remember JADE HELM 15? It was a military drill for the collapse of the dollar. And remember next year that JADE HELM 16 was “Mastering the human terrain.” The military calls this “unconventional warfare” and it is; it is 5GW!

So let’s switch gears to examining the FINANCIAL system, another system that accumulates data on us, and is weaponized against us, while appearing to be our friend. It is part of this 5GW OIigarch War against us.

At the bottom level of the banking system are the commercial banks. We had 4,844 commercial banks according to the FCIC’s 2021 statistics. There used to be many more than this. The year I graduated high school, there were approx. 14,000. When I was born, there was over 13,000. What happened? The big banks gobbled them up, like a tuna eating small fish. Recently, First Republic Bank in WA was the 2nd largest bank failure in U.S. history. It was gobbled up by JPMorgan Chase (“JP Morgan” for short). First, the U.S. govt. seized First Republic. Then they sold it to JP Morgan pennies on the dollar, and JP Morgan looks like a hero rescuing the situation. The cost of all this is socialized to the U.S. taxpayer. Yet, and this is a big YET, JP Morgan Chase was not legally eligible to take over First Republic because they already have over 10% of this nation’s deposits. (Hey, what are laws to the Federal government, even the Constitution doesn’t stop them!?!)

So why should you or I care that we went from 14,000 banks to less than 5,000? It makes it easier for their control and to roll out CBDCs. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will give them total control over all bank accounts and spending. It will give the controllers the ability to silence dissent. They could force vaccinations & the use of electric cars. They could control travel. They could implement a “social credit rating” to punish people who don’t follow every order of the government. It will be total control. You will not be able to buy or sell, just as the Bible’s book of Revelation prophesied! (More on CBDCs in a moment.)

Another big bank, Bank of America (BoA), has also swallowed up smaller banks. It was started by the Gianini family, but is now controlled by Warren Buffet via his Berkshire Hathaway. I believe Warren Buffet is an Illuminati member. He’s friends with Bill Gates, who is an Illuminati member. They play bridge together. Bill Gates is also the recipient of Jeffrey Epstein’s services, & he essentially single-handedly financed & implemented Common Core. Now Buffet lives frugally & gives his philanthropic money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In contrast to the Bank of America, a commercial bank started & then operated by a single family to serve the middle class, the Berenberg Bank, a private merchant bank, was started by a single family (the German noble Berenberg-Gossler family) for elite merchants. This German Illuminati family, the Berenberg-Gossler family, founded & have owned Berenberg bank since 1590. They later founded Norddeutsche Bank which was the predesessor to Germany’s central bank, Deutsche Bank.

Above the local banks are the central banks, for instance Deutsche Bank, and the Bank of England (associated with the Rothschilds), and our Federal Reserve Bank (associated with quite a few Illuminati families, incl. J.P. Morgan who helped found it on Jekyll Island along with a bunch of other Illuminati types). The private owners/controllers of the Federal Reserve (America’s central bank) have been shrouded in secrecy since its inception. It is neither Federal nor a reserve. In recent times it has been quietly funneling trillions of dollars to the elite. Blackrock, an investment firm for the Illuminati, also controls big banks, incl. Deutsche Bank. Judging from Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink’s attendance at top Illuminati meetings, it can be deduced he is a member. You might say the Federal Reserve is of the Illuminati Oligarchs, for the Oligarchs, and by the Oligarchs. And this Federal Reserve has publicly said they want to break things. What do they want to break?

They want to break the U.S. Treasury and the little banks. And this will move us towards the police state that the WEF and the Illuminati want.

In our fractional banking system inherited from ancient Babylon, the local commercial banks create money out of thin air by making loans to customers. The Federal Reserve also magically makes money out of thin air which they loan to the U.S. govt., and receive interest from the U.S. government for this magically made money. This process is supposedly shown in the film “Zeitgeist Addendum”, which I have not seen.

By the way, while I am discussing these things, I will flesh out the picture. Many of these Illuminati kingpin bankers live on Northshore, Long Island, NY in mansions & castles. Each year, the central bankers from around the world are invited to attend a basically secret conference put on by our Federal Reserve at Jackson Hole, WY (which is one of the elite’s watering holes). The Illuminati created the European Central Bank, and its current President Christine Lagarde is high up in the Illuminati, something like a Grande Dame. She previously was the IMF’s director, and her predecessor Dominique Strauss-Kahn and her replacement were Illuminati. While we are mentioning the IMF, it happens to be the next level above the central banks, in the system’s hierarchy.

Above the central banks operate the IMF and the BIS (Bank of International Settlement). The IMF is headquartered across from the White House in Wash. D.C. and BIS in Switzerland. The IMF has 189 nations as members along with Kosovo (which is not a full nation). It is connected to the UN. The BIS was est. in 1930, and is a technical agent for international trade, which is where the Illuminati actually quietly make most of their money. BIS plays a key role in global finances & has recently sent out a Handbook on CBDCs instructing all the central banks how to create/operate their CBDC’s. This will be the end of all freedom. The top 3 levels of the FINANCIAL banking system are working hard for CBDCs.

They need to justify their CBDCs. Banks are quietly preparing for trouble this summer. Things point to July. The U.S. government is close to defaulting and shutting down, unless some economic magic pulls the rabbit out of the economic hat.

There are various economic signals & indices that show the U.S. in trouble. For instance, the PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) which measures the strength of manufacturing activity in the U.S. We’re in the 5th month of contraction, which means America is producing less and laying off the work force. We also see a volatile stock market teetering on crashing. That’s where we’re at.

Don’t forget they’ve criminalized homelessness with HR5741. We have the “Civilian Inmate Labor Program”, which is described in detail in Army Regulation 210-35. This works with Executive Order 12919, which can confiscate your property and place you in a Civilian internment camp.

You’ve probably heard the famous quote by Rothschild that he doesn’t care who makes the laws of a country, if he controls the money. In spite of our Constitution, our government officials do what they want. Money talks and is more powerful than laws on paper, which become mere words on paper if there are not sincere, honest people to implement and live those words. How well I remember a group of policemen in Oregon City, OR back in the 90’s mocking the Constitution in front of me. When the people who must enforce the Constitution feel it is excrement, then America is certainly in excrement.

The government of Nigeria came out with CBDC’s and the Nigerian people rejected it. The House in North Carolina unanimously voted to ban digital currency as payments to NC. And Ron DeSantis rolled out legislation to protect Floridians from CBDCs. It’s great that he is warning about CBDCs, but continue to bear in mind, that all these systems are weaponized against us, so caution needs to be exercised in thinking the POLITICAL system will save us. Nigeria’s response, where the people simply refused to use the CBDCs, is an example we need to follow.The bottom line, Globalization is a house of horrors, and this 5GW Oligarch War against humanity threatens our lives & freedoms. Fight it with all your spiritual, physical and mental might. May


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