YOUR TREE OF LIFE: Your verbal power to give life or death 10 JUNE 2018

Were you aware that the Word of God calls a “wholesome tongue” a “tree of life”(A) ?? Yes you have your personal tree of life. Your tongue has the power of life or death.(B) And words can work for or against you.(C) Pleasant words can heal (D) & encourage the weary.(E) God created good things using words (F) & so can we. Those of us in the Kingdom of Life want to use the power of words to give life!

THE KINGDOM OF DEATH ALSO USES WORDS. What is not of faith in God is sin, so even if magic & witchcraft can accomplish things with words, that rebellion against God still promotes death. Ironically, Satan, who knows & believes God exists, convinces gullible people that God does not exist.(G) Question, those of us who say we believe in God, what else makes us different than the demons who also believe?? The servants & their demons of the Kingdom of Death will promise “liberty” to people and then deliver bondage.(H) The fact is just as Yahshua taught: if you commit sin, you are in bondage to that sin.(I) In line with all this, the Illuminati inspired & directed After School Satan Clubs (ASSC) claim to be “advocates for individual liberty”.(J) They claim to promote free speech and aid communication. Special “teachers” who have received specialized training from the Satanic Temple are running these clubs. Words play a major role in leading people away from God. For example, the school children will be taught to have a “friend” who is really a spirit guide, which is really a demon! While promising liberty, these Satanists will be doing countless things to enslave the minds of the children directly using all the various aspects of the Illuminati’s total mind control my books expose!!

Think about how you want to use the power God has given you. Have a blessed day in the favor & fellowship of your Creator God.

REFERENCES. (A) PRV 15:4 (B) PRV 18:21 (C) MT 12:36-37, & others (D) PRV 16:24 (E) ISA 50:4 (F) GEN 1 (G) JAS 2:19 (H) 2 PTR 2:19 (I) JN 8:34 (J) ASSC letters to school districts


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  • So, a lot of people consider Digambara Jain monks and nuns to be so ascetic that they are essentially engaging in unhealthy self-torture. Also, you and I know for a fact that the satanic ritual abuse cult tortures people. Also, that even the lives of ordinary everyday people can be quite painful also.

    So, what should I do? In order for you (or anyone) to not hate me, then I have to try to become the most morally perfect person I could potentially be, right? Well, that brings up the question of what is morally right and wrong. Well, in most religions, the wrong things are; stealing, lying, killing, rape, adultery, ect. And the 7 deadly sins, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Pride.

    So, how to take virtues to the extreme? I think Jain monks and nuns do this the best:

    1) No killing- The Digambara Jain monks and nun only accept vegetarian food as alms. The nun only have one pair of clothes, they have to bathe in rivers with clothes on then air dry! Because clothes are made from dead plants, and they don’t want to kill plants. Jain monks don’t even wear clothes.

    2) No stealing and no Greed- The Digambara Jain monks and nuns not only don’t steal, and they go beyond giving to charity, just like I said in the last paragraph the monks don’t Individually own anything except a few peacock feather brushes, a few water buckets to help when bathe themselves in the rivers. The only only own their one pair of clothes. The monks and nuns have scriptures, but the scriptures belong to the lay people and are stored in the temples.

    3) No sex- People through history have debated which kind of sexual activity is evil and which is tolerated. But the monks and nuns from all religions, think sex is evil! Well, the very definition of the word “nun” means celibate woman ordained in a religious order, and the definition of the word “monk” is celibate man ordained in a religious order, isn’t it? In not only Jainism, but also Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, people just decide that all sexual activity is just evil. I mean, you already knew that obviously, but I’m just reminding you!

    4) No Lying- What would they have to lie about? What motivation would they have for lying? They spend all their days chanting mantras, meditating, studying scriptures, and the Digambara Terapanthis are nomads and migrate with an annual migration patterns to different temples in which to study various scriptures. They do not ever use any transportation other than their feet. Lying comes from speech, for what purpose would a monk or nun need to lie to other monks and nuns? And the only time they have any opportunity to speak with lay people is when they daily go and get their alms food. And sometimes, they preach the Jain religion for large audiences of Jain lay people. The lay people would stop giving them food if it was discovered that the monks or nuns were liars, don’t you think?

    5) No pride-What would they have to be proud of? They must live in the most of ascetic abject poverty, the nuns in plain worn-out ragged clothes and monks in no clothes at all.

    6) No Wrath- Who can they be angry with? They are supposed to be doing nothing but chanting mantra, studying scriptures, and meditating. The only social interaction they have with other humans is the other nuns in the case of nuns and other monks in the case of monks. Where or when in this schedule is there time to get angry? Anger arises on account of greed, and not getting the desires for wealth or other material conditions accomplished.

    Could any therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional, rival the virtue and trustworthiness of the Digambara Jain monks and nuns? I don’t think so. And what is mental health? How can mental illness be defined, if there is no definition of mental health? Well, all the world religions define mental health as being identical to virtue. So, if this is the case, then me getting training and teaching from the Digambara Jain nuns would be actually better then getting mental health help what are called in by society “mental health professionals”. The monks and nuns have more knowledge of how to achieve virtue, which means they have more knowledge of how to achieve mental health.

    Also, what could be a safer for a young girl, than staying with the compassionate, motherly, extremely virtuous Jain nuns? They literally will not even hurt insects, so I don’t think they would try to hurt me, a human, even though ordinary non-saintly people might find me to be too obnoxious, the nuns have a lot of patience and compassion for all living beings. (and the monks too of course have this virtue, but since I’m a girl/woman I would stay with the nuns, and boys/men would stay with the monks, obviously.)

    Also, it would be very far away from the cult for me, since I’m from the USA. And, as a bonus, I’m not Indian, I’m Latin, but you know I’m don’t exactly look, white, since I’m mixed race. So, If I go to India, I can easily blend in with people there. Whereas, people who are white, black, or asian, might not blend in as easily. And actually I think me being Latin is a good thing, because if I was Indian, they might wonder, “why is this Indian person so socially awkward?”. Whereas with foreigners in India (even including white, black or asian people) they will just think that if a foreigner is awkward, it’s because they are a foreigner who doesn’t understand India culture.

    Also, the Jain Digambara Terapanthi groups of monks and nuns are always moving around to different locations, this also means it would be more difficult for the cult to find me hiding with Jain nuns, and they all wear the same type of clothes as their nuns’ uniform!

  • So, I have 5 options:

    1)To stay in the cult (horrible option, obviously I don’t want to to that! lol),

    2) To try to make arrangements to escape the cult, but not become a Jain nun. (But, like I don’t even WANT to do anything else in life except be a Jain nun! I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life! Even if I didn’t go through RA and have DID, I would still want to be a Jain nun. My main motivation for becoming a Jain nun is my extremely strong faith and devotion in Digambara Terapanthi Jainism, not that I think becoming a Jain nun is the most convenient method to escape the satanic cult. The fact that I want to become a Jain nun, and that becoming a Jain nun also seems to be the best way to escape the cult, is just a serendipity.)

    3) To commit suicide (But I don’t really want to commit suicide, I feel like I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to become a Jain nun, I can make progress in purging evil karma if I stay alive, but if I commit suicide, then what if I get born in another hellish situation which causes me to get more bad karma, causing me to die and go to a worse hell, ad infinitum? This is a rare opportunity for me to be born as a human instead of an animal or a being a in a hell realm, and to have found the Jain religion, and to have the possibly of becoming a Jain nun!)

    4)To go run off into a forest area and do Santhara Sallekhana (fasting to death), because I might be too evil and I only have the option of purging my bad karma by doing Santhara Sallekhana. I really don’t want to do this though, because it won’t burn off much of my bad karma, I could burn off much more bad karma by becoming a nun, but I’m worried I might not have enough good karma to have the opportunity to become a nun. (Because I’m not sure how to get to India, I think the satanic cult has made me a sort of infantile person with no social skills or life skills on purpose to trap me here with them. I don’t how how I will become a Jain nun.)

    5)Of course- the option to become a Jain nun! This is the option I really want to pick, I want to become a Jain nun. I don’t know yet how exactly I’ll do it, but I want to figure how to do it.

  • So, Sojan, I thought of an idea. I could take an airplane from USA, to go stay at your place in Australia, for like a week (SERIOUSLY I don’t think I would need more than a week to work things out and figure out how to get to India). And I’ll give you all my money in exchange for letting me stay there. (well, I don’t have very much, but, I’m certainly not going to need any money, or any other possessions except clothes when I become a Jain nun!). I don’t want to be a burden on anyone, but I won’t be because I have money and I can pay you!

    Then I can just deprogram myself after I’ve ordained as a Jain nun in India and am living as a Jain nun!

    It’s maybe a good idea, right?

  • Also, in addition to money to stay there I can also do all the cooking and cleaning for the time when I’m staying there. I’m ready to do almost anything to escape the cult (except immoral things like killing, stealing, lying, sex, the 7 deadly sins like greed, anger, pride, lust, envy, ect). Obviously doing household chores is not as difficult as getting tortured, which, well you get what I mean, right Sojan? I’m not lazy, I can work, the cult has just been sabotaging me so that I don’t have many life skill and am a little bit agoraphobic.

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