YOUR TREE OF LIFE: Your verbal power to give life or death 10 JUNE 2018

Were you aware that the Word of God calls a “wholesome tongue” a “tree of life”(A) ?? Yes you have your personal tree of life. Your tongue has the power of life or death.(B) And words can work for or against you.(C) Pleasant words can heal (D) & encourage the weary.(E) God created good things using words (F) & so can we. Those of us in the Kingdom of Life want to use the power of words to give life!

THE KINGDOM OF DEATH ALSO USES WORDS. What is not of faith in God is sin, so even if magic & witchcraft can accomplish things with words, that rebellion against God still promotes death. Ironically, Satan, who knows & believes God exists, convinces gullible people that God does not exist.(G) Question, those of us who say we believe in God, what else makes us different than the demons who also believe?? The servants & their demons of the Kingdom of Death will promise “liberty” to people and then deliver bondage.(H) The fact is just as Yahshua taught: if you commit sin, you are in bondage to that sin.(I) In line with all this, the Illuminati inspired & directed After School Satan Clubs (ASSC) claim to be “advocates for individual liberty”.(J) They claim to promote free speech and aid communication. Special “teachers” who have received specialized training from the Satanic Temple are running these clubs. Words play a major role in leading people away from God. For example, the school children will be taught to have a “friend” who is really a spirit guide, which is really a demon! While promising liberty, these Satanists will be doing countless things to enslave the minds of the children directly using all the various aspects of the Illuminati’s total mind control my books expose!!

Think about how you want to use the power God has given you. Have a blessed day in the favor & fellowship of your Creator God.

REFERENCES. (A) PRV 15:4 (B) PRV 18:21 (C) MT 12:36-37, & others (D) PRV 16:24 (E) ISA 50:4 (F) GEN 1 (G) JAS 2:19 (H) 2 PTR 2:19 (I) JN 8:34 (J) ASSC letters to school districts


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