Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors

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Note: I am slowly revising and editing each of these sections, stay tuned for new updates. 🙂

In the year 2013 I had read The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, authored by Fritz Springmeier. From there my own ‘totally undetectable’ mind control started to come undone. With this book having an emphasis on institutionalised abuse, it had uncovered a lot of memories of which were repressed from myself for my whole life. Two years later I had finished the first version of Deprogramming Modalities with a co-author of whom I had met in 2014. After researching we had concluded that the mind control isn’t perfect and there are weaknesses which can benefit the survivor.

The co-author Aquais was very clever and unfortunetly in the midst of trying to leave we had stopped communicating with each other. My mental health state at the time, due to a few reasons explored later in Deprogramming Modalities wasn’t very good. Along with that I had many abusive habits from growing up in a domestic violence situation, and all the while I had no idea that I was abusive. I hope that someday we can talk again! Otherwise the information I had learned from this time would certainly benifit other survivors.

This work covers how to identify this mind control and also some tips on how to recover and move onto a new life. This information is based on other peoples work, my own experiences and also the experiences of others of whom I have spent time with exploring deprogramming.

In December 2016 I had revised Deprogramming Modalities based on my continuing experiences, however had left the work in need of editing and updates. Then just over a few years later in 2020 I had revised yet again Deprogramming Modalities with the experiences I’ve had from 2013 until 2020.

I hope that the information provided will provide insights for anyone else in a similar situation. I’ve made many mistakes and had learned things the hard way. However I’m happy to report that in 2020 things are much better. I’m stable and independent from my immediate family, and after leaving my family deprogramming and recovering from previous traumas had become much easier.


With many other articles relating to the topic of trauma mind control, they always almost include a warning. In the year 2013 I had casually looked over these warnings thinking that the material wouldn’t affect me, only to find myself institutionalised in a psychiatric setting for a couple of weeks, in each year between 2013 and 2015. During these admissions however the childhood trauma was never acknowledged and in turn just had worsened my mental health. Being told that at least the childhood sexual abuse were delusions as a result of smoking cannabis with my Father also providing fraudulent information to make the situation seem worse, along with gaslighting of family members and mental health staff.

So if you feel you are a survivor of trauma mind control then please be careful. If you have a trusted friend, or better yet a therapist who has some knowledge on how to recover from trauma then share these materials with them. Jumping in the deep end so to say, by rushing into deprogramming without having aspects of your life stablised first can cause some issues. For me trying to leave my family there was some moments where I had almost ended up homeless and completely broke! Thankfully I had pulled through.

We also give another warning later in the Internal Worlds section, which is the essence of deprogramming. If you are a survivor of this trauma mind control, then changing things within the Internal Worlds will activate programming defence systems and as a result may create mental health issues. Please be careful!

These warnings are also echoed throughout other works relating to trauma mind control and are very serious.

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What this Book is About

This book is broken down into a few main sections,

  • About / Introduction
  • Ways of Detecting the Mind Control
  • Programming
    • This books main emphasis is on deprogramming. There are already plenty of resources out there on how trauma mind control is carried out however a real lack of deprogramming resources. For this reason only programming basics are covered, with links to further reading.
  • Deprogramming
    • Emphasis on the External Worlds, and the challenges a survivor faces leaving the cult, then leads into what to do with the internal worlds after external issues are discussed.
  • Working with the Internal Worlds
    • Emphasis on the Internal Worlds of the survivor, what to do with alters and the worlds within the mind and deprogram safely.
  • Closing Thoughts

Brief Glossary of Terms Used in This Book

New readers maybe unfamiliar with most of the terms used throughout this book. This is a short list of the more common words and their definitions which are referennced in Deprogramming Modalities. A further and more complete list can be found at Types of Internal Worlds and Types of Alters and Programming Terms and Their Explanations. These lists are from the book Chainless Slaves by Unwelcome Ozian.

  • MK – Short for MKUltra. Used to reference a survivor of trauma mind control.
  • Survivor – Someone who has survived the cults practices and activities. Better to use this word over ‘victim’, to avoid negative suggestions.
  • Alters – Shorthand for Alternate Personality
  • Internal Worlds – The worlds within the minds of survivors
  • External Worlds – The planet Earth everyone shares and experiences
  • Trigger – Content or Material that invokes a negative response from past traumas
  • ‘The Cult’ – Is a blanket term that refers to all cults that practice trauma mind control
  • Programming – Application of trauma mind control
  • Deprogramming – Undoing and healing from trauma mind control
  • Reprogramming – In this book refers to handlers undoing deprogramming work during accessing

Other Books and Work Referenced Throughout


Trauma based mind control also has many other names, and is a very old practice that dates back to biblical times and beyond. Over that time however the techniques and methods have improved. Especially over the previous 50 years with combined technologic advances the whole topic has just become scary to think about the extent and how far it has reached around the globe.

Along with the elites having their own programs it also then extends down to government and military, then also bellow that. Svali had published a blog post The Different Types of SRA and Mind Control which gives more insight to modern day trauma mind control structures.

From the year 2013 I had searched high and low for any and all information relating to this topic, however it was hard to find. Information that I did find wouldn’t be helpful or would be very triggering of past traumas that it was almost impossible to find anything that I had considered helpful. This was the main motiviation behind creating the DeprogramWiki and also Deprogramming Modalities. At that time I had wanted to find a centralised website of information that was helpful, and if it didn’t exist then I’d create it!

I intend to keep this work as a freely available resource, and keep it present with relevant information that would be useful for survivors. If more people were aware of the signs of Satanic Ritual Abuse, or how to spot Dissociative Identity Disorder from heavy cult abuse – more people can break free. This is the type of knowledge that once seen, cannot be unseen. After having personal experience with survivors then the signs become very obvious along with the ability to spot a survivor very easily.

The cults that exploit Dissociative Identities for malicious purposes run rampant around the world, mostly with impunity from the law. They have remained hidden for centuries. They have infiltrated religion, the military, politics or anything with power or control. In turn, they use these facilities as fronts for their mind control work, which takes place right under peoples noses.

This book is dedicated to give people the proper vision to see these cults, and to learn how they operate. It will also assist survivors in understanding the mind control, and how to undo it.

The information would also be relevant for therapists who are assisting in survivors healing from these traumas.

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About Deprogramming Techniques Explored within Deprogramming Modalities

The deprogramming methods explored in this book are non invasive, and avoid the use of drugs, codes and trauma. You’d be surprised what you can do with just a few alters and some imagination! It opens up the possibility that this approach to therapy for survivors can potentially undo all forms of trauma mind control, from any part of the world and from any programmer – regardless of what codes, scripts and defences are in place. Again, it won’t work for everyone. Some parts may work better for others, at the least a few people will benefit from this knowledge at the least.

If you find something that works well in the internal worlds for deprogramming, you can attempt to make that deprogramming pattern self replicate and spread throughout the system in an infinite self replicating sense. This will make the ‘deprogramming’ effect compound with power over time. This effect will be powerful, and eventually drown out the traumatic programming over time exponentially while being natural and organic. Along with this, there are many other tricks that can be done to give the survivor an upper hand in leaving The Cult.

Trauma Based Mind Control is a lifelong process that is best applied to a child before they are six years of age. The actual process of how this is achieved is beyond the imaginations of most people, however for the purposes of understanding this should give a basic idea of what happens. If you traumatise a child enough with overwhelming situations, their mind will split into new personalities as a way to cope with the trauma. This process can be repeated over and over again to create further personality splits. The new personality splits are tested and then assigned a task, a role, and a name or code. These splits are tied together into a whole system of alternate personalities that results in total mind control. These alters, short for alternate personalities, can be later called upon at any time with their correct code and authorisation.

One of these alters is a front personality, who deals with the day to day activities and day time life of the survivor. The ‘cover life’ or ‘front life’, experienced by the ‘front alter’ of the survivor, will generally be free of the more bizarre forms of abuse and appear quite normal. Most of the time, this is the only life the survivors would only be aware of. It is quite possible for a survivor to go through their whole life just being aware of their front personality, and having no idea about any of their secret double lives, abuse and rituals.

If you were to watch the mind control in action, it’s very similar to changing channels on a TV – except the channels are different personalities. The handlers can change personalities as easily as pushing the up and down channel buttons. Despite how beyond words this practice is, it’s certainly very real and happening around the world, affecting roughly more than ten million people. Yet no one seems to have any idea, let alone a clue as to what to do about it.

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Where is The Evidence?

The Cult and its members practice the ‘Art of Invisible’ and they are very serious about this. The cults invisible social engineering skills can have a survivor walk into deception after deception, most likely without realising – and under that much invisible control, their tactics can either decide to have a mental health admission, get a survivor to one part of the country for a ritual or anything of that nature.

For the outside observers who are unaware of the invisible hand at work, they will be written off as mentally ill or other forms of discrediting to ensure the survivor never makes it out. Along with this the mind control is so strong – that even if a survivor’s friends or family in The Cult was confronted with damning and hard evidence, they’d simply shutdown and have amnesia for that event and continue life as it if never happened.

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Other Names Trauma Mind Control is Associated With

  • Monarch Mind Control
  • (TBMC) Trauma Based Mind Control, as explained in the books by Fritz Springmeier
  • (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Ritual Abuse
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Understanding the Abuse on all Levels

Along with the survivor themselves, we have to also consider that we are indeed dealing with multiple people within one body – along with the survivor themselves as a whole. The following descriptions can apply to both, the survivor and also all the alters that reside within the survivor.


There are plenty of mental scars, and also mental issues that arise when deprogramming. By applying your imagination and creativity in a positive way, these can be counteracted as they arise. Each different alter will have their personal mental issues to deal with. Medicines such as CBD Oil done properly can provide relief also for the mental aspects of deprogramming. Along with this, the survivor can learn internal world tricks which also help.

Psychiatric medication may hamper deprogramming and should be avoided as a long term solution. Anti depressants and other medications maybe a bandaid. Please keep in mind also any of these substances also have a system wide effect, meaning that if the front takes medications of any sort, the rest of the alters will also be effected. This is particularly useful with CBD as it seems to provide system wide relief.


Emotional issues can be the most troublesome at times. The main emotion that seems to play a large part is guilt. Guilt is generally masked, so the survivor will be thrown into depressive states simply based on guilt, and may not be aware why. “Want to leave the cult, but your Family is still in it and have no idea at all? Not much you can do to save them.” You can see how guilt will be something every survivor will have to deal with. Being aware of the guilt, and seeing how it can change your behaviour is a good start to work on resolving it.

The art of forgiveness must be mastered by the alters. Understanding of spiritual things and connection to God provides some survivors with relief from guilt, as they are forgiven in that way.


The programmers generally like to set themselves up as God in the system. Alters’ belief systems can be fanatical about their ‘God’, much like people in this world. Fanaticism about God can lead a person to do or say anything with God as their justification. Guilt can also play a part in control, with a ‘God’. Generally spiritual abuse would relate to totally closing the survivor off from having any genuine spiritual experiences, as that generally can break the mind control.

During one author’s own spiritual practice while still unaware of being under mind control, alters caught on to the fact there was more than one God. Some turned, or had new hopes that a new God would save them. This is the fundamental concept of undoing spiritual abuse. Each different alter will have their personal spiritual issues to deal with, some alters will be totally closed off to spiritual ideas and beliefs, while some will be more open to exploring them. Changing an alters belief system about spiritual matters can be difficult. It’s best to just let alters all try to reside in the same safe place, and let them decide for themselves spiritual matters and develop them organically. If there are lots of alters with one or similar spiritual ideology, than other alters will be more open to adopting it.

For some survivors, the notion of God, Jesus or anything of that nature would be obscured or skewed somehow by the cult, or just individually that person has no interest in such things. That’s also fine. Instead of using God or Jesus in your deprogramming, you can just reference a greater good that has the power to overcome evil. This greater good could be support groups or friends helping you leave.

It is mentioned in other material that having a strong spiritual or religious foundation can be vital to carrying yourself through the more intense periods of coming undone with the mind control.

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Although no physical scars or wounds are visible, the external appearance of a survivor will change for the better once the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are sorted. A black light can be run over the body to see hidden scars or puncture wounds for lower level mind control survivors. Some survivors also have tattoos disguised as cosmetic tattoos (freckles and moles), however these could also be from traumas. The more higher up survivor is in the cult, the more careful people are with leaving any sort of evidence. Not even a slight bruise will be left behind, let alone anything with a black light. This is what makes it very hard to get ‘smoking gun’ evidence as the cult have centuries of experience covering their tracks combined with the art of deception.

In the internal worlds, each different alter will have their individual physical issues to deal with. This can range from not having a face, to being a ghost or an animal. Some alters even believe they are gemstones! With some practice it’s easy to undo these effects, and humanise your alters organically over time with patience and proper deprogramming work within the internal worlds.

Weaknesses of Trauma Based Mind Control

Despite how all powerful and all knowing the Illuminati or their mind controls systems appear to be, there are still a few key weaknesses which can be exploited to give you the upper hand.


One major inherit weakness is arrogance which is also reflected into their mind control defenses. If you manage to implement automated deprogramming systems, you will have a good chance to reclaim a good part of the lower levels simply because the ‘system’ is arrogant.

“After all, how would this person break through all my defences? They have no idea about anything.”

This arrogance can also be found in some handlers and alters too. It can be used as a means of advancement if done correctly and has helped myself buy time.

Internal and External Worlds can be the same to Some System Parts

The mind’s inability to differentiate if an internal process is happening externally or internally can also be used to an advantage. Meaning, the mind itself will react without differentiation of external and internal events if done correctly.

Example Situation where Internal and External being the same

For example, if the programmer has arranged some programming that can only be disabled by being tortured, with the codes spoken in reverse – it’s much easier to play this scenario in your mind, because the mind control programming generally won’t know the difference. Makes things a bit easier! And certainly much more pleasant than torturing yourself while trying to guess access codes in reverse in the external worlds.


The more developed and smarter alters can tell the difference between internal and external worlds, but for most there’s no distinction between the two – as the external worlds are just another part of their world or an extension of it.

Similarly, if certain songs and triggers used in the external worlds have some effect, they can be played in the internal worlds. Playing The Wizard of Oz song “Over the Rainbow” works better when played in the external worlds, but in a pinch you can have it play in the internal worlds and it will just be as effective for inducing a trance. This isn’t recommend as there are less triggering ways to induce a trance and is more for example purposes.

Remain in Control by Being Grounded

Another weakness is that the thoughts and influences of alters are not absolute. If an alter is unable to take the body, they can only influence the front alter to try and do things. After all, some alters have no concept of external worlds and don’t know the difference of internal and external events, but you do! You have the control always. A combination of these weaknesses can be exploited to turn the negative thoughts, suicide programming and unhelpful programming in general into something useful that’ll help the survivor get on in life.

Alters and Internal World Tricks

If internal alters realise that their internal worlds are not real, the internal structures simply seem to vanish. This might be the key for removing more complex systems, such as computers, however it may take some time for alters to come to this realisation properly.

If an alter’s will is powerful enough they can apply ‘wonderland’ styled logic to defeat control systems. One author’s alter was very good at this. Essentially he boiled it down to a simple, one repeating move (or pattern), that undid all codes, traps and well, anything negative programming wise regardless of what it was or how it was protected. After all, there are infinite possibilities of getting past things safely, and one possible way is to get the right code, but with infinite possibilities there’s a code that will just work anyway, and wow! Didn’t even have to think about entering the right code, just knew it worked just then and then access was granted. This is also how older quantum based systems were hacked.

Discussed further on is also the use of a video game cheat code which moves alters or objects from one place to another in the Internal Worlds. It is powerful enough even to bypass alarms and traps, and can be powerful when used at the right time.

So in this way, undoing the mind control can be done with patience, time and the correct knowledge.

Reliance on Ignorance

The whole mind control works a lot better if the survivor is completely unaware of any of the cult activities or abuse. This is how handlers and The Cult prefers their people. If the survivor starts to become clued in and aware, then it can become much harder to maintain them. For example, post hypnotic suggestions or even suggestions work much better if the person is unaware. By being aware of the suggestions they weaken a lot. Without being aware of these things, the survivor will most likely believe the thoughts they are having or reactions to certain triggers or events are naturally occurring and organic, which makes them believable even more to themselves.

The Core

The Core can also be considered the Achilles heel of the mind control’s main reason of existing – the hiding of information and the means of invisibility. The Core itself knows everything, including what happened, the identities of those involved and other information that wouldn’t normally be accessible. Accessing the core is hard, due to it being the most protected part of the system also. Only after some deprogramming effort can the core be accessed. It opens up the possibility for the survivor to learn their bloodline, real date of birth and potentially genetic parents.

After years of researching into this work, I only myself had recently discovered how to get a yes and no response from The Core. My personal belief is The Core is actually the brain stem. Further in this document, I share an example of how to work with The Core for survivors and also outsiders or other persons caught up in The Cult knowingly or unknowing. For outsiders who haven’t being programmed, accessing the unconscious core is much easier and faster.

In this way, survivors and others alike can see the invisible, or at least have some clue if they were accessed or not. This core response if done properly means it doesn’t matter how good the cult is at hiding themselves or their accessing attempts – The Core will simply know all regardless and can be asked at anytime to learn everything that happened. Another reliance the mind control requires is obliviousness or the person being completely clueless, and the faster you learn and catch on the harder it becomes for them. Knowing is literally half the battle in this case.

Unique Patterns Identifiable Over Time

Despite the mind control being mostly invisible, it can actually be easily identified if you know the correct patterns to look for. With some patience and observation, these patterns can easily become visible to any insider or outsider. It’s also generally how outsiders who are curious to learn more realise there is indeed much more to the phenomenon of the mind control. The patterns can be seen in most things, media, movies and TV. Along with this, each survivor regardless of age, location or who they were programmed by all have similar symptoms and patterns due to the fundamental nature of the trauma mind control.

Some things are impossible to remove, so the next best thing for the programmers is to hide it as much as possible and hope no one figures it out. Bellow in the How to Detect Undetectable Mind Control I give some more insight to the identifiable patterns.

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  • The Formula Book – The Core Let’s return to describing the “core” or that part of the brain which is intact at the beginning. If we pause to consider that a non-multiple person will experience struggles in their mind when simultaneous, overlapping but conflicting desires meet in conflict–i.e. “should I lay in bed, go to work, or go fishing today?” A particular part of the brain (a Synthesizing Self) is capable of ordering such a conflict–it transcends all these conflicting ego states.
  • Deprogramming Modalities – How to Communicate with The Core Properly


Although there is usually no hard evidence and the mind control is considered ‘undetectable’, it is still quite easy to detect by the trail it leaves behind over time. One outsider said, when you first encounter this knowledge no one believes it – however if they see with their own eyes the smaller things, especially repeating over time – this can reveal the trail of breadcrumbs trauma mind control leaves behind. The more breadcrumbs, the more convincing it is for outsiders, however most will need to be shown how to spot the breadcrumbs.

Another outsider helping a survivor said, “Honestly, I was sceptical. But that kitten code worked, and trauma mind control is the only explanation for it. There’s no way anyone can just make this up.”

After working with this for some time it becomes very easy to spot as a second nature. It’s only knowledge on how to identify this in people which is currently making it more invisible.

Forensic Considerations in Ritual Trauma Claims

Svali reposted an article authored by Sylvia Gillotte that details ritual abuse and how it effects children along with forensic considerations for others who are dealing with ritual abuse.

This work covers problems and how they relate to ritual trauma with the following,

  • Sexual behaviour or beliefs
  • Toileting and the bathroom
  • Supernatural, rituals, occult symbols and religion
  • Being tied up or confined spaces
  • Death
  • The doctors office
  • Colours
  • Eating
  • Emotional problems, including speech, sleep and learning problems
  • Family and relationships
  • Play or peer relations

Internal Thoughts and Behavioural Symptoms

These points are commonly shared between trauma based mind control survivors. Please note that each of these may or may not indicate mind control. If you get a lot of hits with these symptoms, then relax. Do further research. Remember not all of these things may apply to every case. The feedback from other survivors from this list is they generally get a lot of yes answers.

A common response by people is ‘Well this list is large, so ofcourse a person will get a few.’ and dismiss the subject in its entirety. So again I stress, these are just potential indicators. The bellow were from other materials of people exploring therapeutic techniques for the mind control.

Some of these are taken with permission from

  • Feeling like you are spinning, the room around you is spinning, or your head is spinning.
  • Everything around you suddenly becoming too bright or too loud, or feeling like your senses have suddenly been intensified past what is comfortable or normal.
  • Having your head suddenly feel dizzy or fuzzy.
  • Feeling literally unable to talk (some describe it as having “cement mouth”).
  • Finding yourself suddenly spilling out detailed information about yourself, your personalities, your internal healing process, or where you’re at right now when you did not want to share that information, or when you’re sharing it with someone you don’t particularly like or trust.
  • Sudden violent, injurious, or death-related images that appear in your head about yourself, someone you know, a stranger, or a pet.
  • Sudden and repeated images of yourself doing something inappropriate that would hurt someone else or that would jeopardize your career or feeling of self-worth.
  • A desire to suddenly contact a family member, an abuser, or someone you don’t trust.
  • A sudden impulse to go to a specific location that you do not know or don’t remember having heard of before (ie. no one’s suggested it to you).
  • A sudden or repeated belief that you will die or someone close to you will die.
  • Suicidal and self-harm impulses and/or thoughts that do not feel like they originate in one’s true feelings, but feel relatively unconnected to the self.
  • The perception of inanimate, mechanistic, mathematical, or laboratory-like objects “in the mind” or elsewhere in the body.
  • Repetitive, robotic statements that do not make sense in context of dialogue, e.g., “I want to go home”.
  • Obsessive, robotic thoughts, e.g., singing the same song, irrelevant number series running through one’s mind.
  • A pattern of suddenly leaving home for the evening or weekend, or longer, to a motel or park, etc. The individual may create a conflict with loved ones, that is understood later as having been driven by the need to leave. This indicator is of greater weight if these sudden trips occur yearly at the same times, or if the person has no continuous memory for how he/she spent the time.
  • Dread of one’s own birthday, Christmas, Easter, or other days, without conscious memory of a frightening event on that date. Increased depression, anxiety, self-harm, or suicidality on holidays, birthdays, equinoxes, solstices, etc.
  • Large gaps in memory, often for an entire year or more of one’s childhood, with greater recall for times before and immediately after that period of time. Difficulty remembering childhood.
  • No memory for particular past places of residence.
  • Telephone reactions; e.g., strong fear or startle response to the phone ringing, many hang-up calls coming to the home, a compulsion to make calls (often toll-free), finding the phone in one’s hands in the early am hours without any memory for having made a phone call.
  • Increased incoming “dead-air” phone calls (no one answers to “hello”) around birthdays or ritual holidays.
  • Tremendous sensitivity to indoor lights, often needing bright lights to be turned off or dimmed.
  • Fear responses to benign stimuli, e.g., indoor lights and mirrors (very common), colors, shapes, animals, hearing one’s name called, cartoon characters, etc.
  • Unexplained behavioural compulsions, such as a strongly-felt need to eat or drink a particular thing, go to a particular place, perform a particular act, etc.
  • Fear responses to water; may not be able to drink it, rain may feel as if it is burning (hot or like acid), fear of bathing, difficulty taking showers.
  • Art, sand trays, poetry, dreams, or fears of:
    • Watching eyes, faces, figures, or entities;
    • Being placed underground, in coffins, in dark holes, in cages, or underwater;
    • Snakes, spiders, rats.
    • Battles with weapons, often swords, sometimes guns.
  • Memories of trauma are regularly followed by a statement; e.g., “I must have made it all up”.
  • Progress in therapy or memory recovery increases suicidality, self-harm (burns, drug overdose, cuts, esp. in patterns), depression, anxiety, cancelled sessions, urges to stop therapy, and in therapy sessions; sleepiness, lost time, feeling “stuck”, a feeling of having been “called away” for most of session, inability to speak to the therapist or hear the therapist.
  • An inability to disconnect from relationships that the person deems harmful to the self, often including uncontrollable urges to reconnect with these people, call them, see them, etc.
  • Severe flinching and spasms (as if being electro-shocked) when approaching trauma material.

Other Indicators, Phobias and Psychological Issues

These are adapted from the book Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pp 67-75. You can read this material here at Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse, which can be found in the PDF Downloads page.

  • Sleep disorders: insomnia, fear of falling asleep, inability to stay asleep, regularly wake at certain times of night, nightmares, night terrors
  • High pain tolerance, painless childbirth
  • Seizures/epilepsy with or without organic evidence
  • Liver malfunctions
  • Adrenal gland malfunctions
  • Digestive tract disorders
  • Genitourinary problems
  • Chronic bladder/kidney infections
  • Frequent skin irritations, disorders
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Asthma
  • Overweight
  • Gynecological maladies and symptoms:
    • Vaginal/penile/rectal scarring
    • Frequent, persistent vaginal discharge or Urinary tract infections/diseases
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Uterus is sterilized/scarred/absent
  • Unusual scars (shape, location, design) various places on body
  • Exaggerated reactions to particular olfactory stimuli: the smell of blood, urine/feces, alcohol, formaldehyde, burning hair, smoke from fire, incense
  • Significant pain/numbing/psychic paralysis in different parts of the body
  • Exaggerated startle responses: loud noises, surprises
  • Easily triggered into “flight or fight syndrome”
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Panic attacks
  • Allergies
  • Missing digits (fingers, toes)
  • Chronic pain
  • Behavior Indicators of Ritual Abuse Survivors
  • Seeks out any form of pain, cutting etc.
  • Noticeable aversion to drinking water (prefers coffee, soda, juice)
  • Extreme fluctuation in behavior and skills
  • Self-mutilation/self-destructive behavior:
    • Cutting skin
    • Burning skin
    • Hitting self with fists/objects
    • Head banging
    • History of driving vehicle at high speeds or in dangerous manner
    • Placing self in physically dangerous locations
    • Seeking out physically abusive relationships
    • Artwork/poetry has themes of death, pain, occultism
    • Suicidality
    • Long-standing history of suicide attempts
  • Obsessive thinking about or planning of suicide
  • Speaking in unknown languages
  • Chemical dependency
  • Alcohol
  • Other drugs, illegal or prescription
  • Eating disorders
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Bulimarexia
  • Compulsive overeating
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Speaking in different voices – extreme intonation changes
  • Draws or doodles occult/satanic symbols
  • Often fascinated by or drawn to aspect of:
  • The supernatural
  • The paranormal
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Multiple psychiatric hospitalizations with minimal alleviation of symptoms

Possible Fears and Phobias of Ritual Abuse Survivors

  • Christian symbols/artefacts:
  • Crosses
  • Bibles
  • Altars
  • Robes
  • Chalices
  • Churches, Church authority figures
  • Lawyers
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Doctors
  • Judges
  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Incarceration/imprisonment/confinement Hospitals
  • Medications
  • Any type of surgery
  • Bones
  • Needles
  • Blood
  • Feces/urine
  • Certain symbols/designs (often occult)
  • Coffins, trunks, boxes, cages
  • Cemeteries
  • Ropes, chains, wires
  • Water
  • Raw meat
  • Crying babies
  • Pregnancy
  • Pits/holes
  • Certain letter/number configurations
  • Certain animals:
    • Goats
    • Cows
    • Pigs
    • Rabbits
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Birds
    • Rats
    • Snakes
    • Spiders
  • Camera/video equipment
  • Being photographed
  • Electrical stimuli
  • Hypnosis, relaxation techniques
  • Mirrors
  • Amnesiac periods/fugue states (a pathological condition : one is apparently conscious of his/her actions, but has no recollection of them after returning to a normal state).
  • Easily induced into a trance state
  • Fear of being photographed/videotaped
  • Switches therapists frequently
  • Avoids or seeks out physical contact
  • Sexual dysfunctions:
  • Hyper-sexuality
  • Sexual perversion
  • Bestiality
  • Sadomasochism
  • Frigidity, fear of sex or asexual
  • Frequent unexplained crying or laughing
  • Frequent regressive behavior
  • Strong negative responses to certain holidays
  • Fear of one’s birthday
  • Compulsive washing of body/genitals
  • Sense of panic when one becomes the focus of attention
  • Bedwetting (as a child or an adult)
  • Strong reaction to circles, even discomfort when sitting in group formed in a circle.
  • Psychological indicators of ritual abuse
  • Fear of talking to therapist, authority figures
  • Extreme reaction to animals killed on roadways
  • Frequent diagnostic labels:
    • Multiple personality disorder
    • Dissociative disorder
    • Paranoid schizophrenic
    • Borderline personality disorder
    • Manic/depression, bipolar
    • Psychotic disorder
    • Addictive disorders
    • Depersonalization disorder
    • Psychogenic amnesia
    • Psychogenic fugue
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Frequently labeled “malingerer”, “liar”, “hypochondriac”, “imaginative” as a child.
  • Occult obsession/revulsion
  • Drawn to or repulsed by occult themes, books, art, concepts
  • Imagined taste of blood in mouth
  • Extreme claustrophobia
  • Pervasive sense of impending doom
  • Convinced they are “possessed” by evil
  • Belief that they are controlled by something/someone outside themselves
  • Imaginary friends/playmates as a child or adult
  • Unexplained loss of time-hours, days
  • Intense paranoia/dreams of family being hurt/killed
  • Auditory/visual hallucinations
  • Sense of surrealism, unreality
  • Feeling that they could belong to Satan.
  • Black and white thinking
  • Sense of being “dead”
  • Contempt/rage at God, Jesus Christ, Christianity
  • Different styles of handwriting
  • Exaggerated trust issues
  • Flat or blunted affect
  • Claims of being “haunted, “seeing spirits”
  • Use of “we” rather than “I” in referring to self
  • Unusual fears/phobias
  • Denial of behavior witnessed by others
  • Sudden shifts in unusual behavior
  • Conversion symptoms, hypochondriasis
  • Numerous diagnostic labels
    • Hearing voices/chanting inside or outside of body, voices often urge/demand self mutilation or suicide
    • Belief that they are crazy
    • Belief that they are always being watched or followed
    • Depression
    • General sense of terror
    • Repressed tears or repressed screaming
    • Perpetual fear of abandonment
    • Belief that they will be institutionalised for the rest of their lives
  • Acquired items they cannot account for (clothes, books, jewelry, toys, etc)
    Ritual Abuse Survivors’ Obsessions/Repulsions

    • Death
    • Dead humans/animals
    • Costumes/masks
    • Fire
    • Violent, bloody films/books
    • Mutilation (self/others)
    • Telephone noises
    • Certain colors (red, white, black)
    • Raw meat
    • Blood
    • Feces/urine
    • Satan/demons
    • Knives, blades, sharp objects
    • Menstruation
    • Bestiality
    • Pornography
    • The supernatural realm
    • Occult themes


Common Patterns and Behaviours that May Indicate Mind Control

People who receive trauma based mind control generally have certain traits that are shared. By using creative storytelling you can interweave these questions into conversation. These traits seem most common between all or most survivors regardless of location or programming. Keen observation skills are needed and also some patience.

  • Cannot tell left from right straight up. They generally will hold up their hands, and the hand that has an L shape, is left.
  • Will go into a trance or feel sleepy when they hear some scripted material, noticing a person go in and out of trance is handy for this – along with what external stimulus is causing it.
  • Not remembering any childhood, or only some childhood can also be another symptom.
  • Survivors programmed from infancy – their front alters will appear to be in a trance and or dissociated. Generally also due to not having the same social environment, it can be hard for insiders to ever get to the lack of proper social integration with outsiders, making them reliant on cult members.
  • Projection Issues. Will project their inner mind onto the environment and people around them. I found this may relate to unresolved trauma. If the traumas are resolved, these projection issues seem to vanish.
  • May see ‘halos’ around white and green lights, especially in the night time. Sometimes this can be potentially blinding, especially when driving at night. To people who are outsiders, there are no halos around lights and a simple conversation can reveal this as fact.
  • Talking to other survivors, it seems there is generally some military or intelligence agency association within family. This may not be the case for all survivors, as the higher level programmed survivors would have this association. For myself, my Father worked for Australian intelligence agencies interconnected with the Department of Defence. One survivor in America had an uncle who worked for the C.I.A, along with some military work from another family member. Another survivor friend in Australia also had a Father that worked for Australian intelligence agencies.

Body Language Associated with ‘Switching Personalities’

It can be rather easy to identify when a person is switching personalities as the body language is distinct when observed! Generally flickering of the eyes occurs, with looking down and to the left. The head will also lower, and go to the left. Sometimes a hand will touch the face, or the temple area.

Slight changes in their voice will occur between switching. Sometimes can be very subtle and unnoticeable. The more obvious changes will be change in accent, facial features, such as smiling all the time or the alternating use of left and right hands. If you get confused as to what alter is holding the body, just ask in a friendly manner. However getting to know each of the alters you can learn their little traits. When chatting to one author’s alters over text chat, it became possible to identify alters sometimes simply by the style and frequency of emoticons they used.

Example of Dialogue to Potentially Detect Mind Control

In most cases the front alter is whom a person would be dealing with. In small talk and conversation it can be easy to extract specifics, especially ones that tie into the above and help conclude if the person is a genuine MK survivor.

Small talk interwoven with questions about their favourite colour, where they grew up as a kid and other specifics such as those. My adventures this year had led me to an older man who claimed to have freed people from the mind control and was a self proclaimed expert. Sadly, in this case he was a total MK case and had zero clue and was being used to draw other survivors trying to leave back into the cult.

During our talks though he let it slip that his father worked for Intelligence Agencies, he couldn’t tell left from right and his favourite colours Green and Red. Also the days he worked away for a few days from the house lined up with SRA dates. In this way, the breadcrumbs can help paint a clear picture of the invisible activities. If you discover someone with this, never mention it to them directly.

What’s your Favourite Colour?

If you are suspicious of someone being under trauma mind control, you can ask them what are their first two favourite colours. This may give insight to the mind control doctors that were involved. Asking this question to many survivors, all will say Green, followed by Blue, Red or Black. Although not always in that order. Green and the colour Red, Blue or Black is the common link in all the answers.

Family members for example who are in the cult may all have the same favourite colour green.

Favourite Pokemon

This one may work on some. We observed that a survivor, although never having seen Pokemon before – was able to describe the pokemon she was which relates to what programming they may have received or other hints. We believe these subtle questions are how handlers quickly learn information secretly while in public or around others that aren’t in the know. For survivors who were born in the late 90s, this may not apply as the answers are based on the original 152 pokemon from the early 90s. I haven’t had enough conversations with survivors to confirm.

Putting it Together to Identify the Unique Patterns

With the combination of the above knowledge, it is very easy to see the mind control in persons. Although this would be tailored more so for personal interactions, enough exposure to this material will give an outsider or even an insider the proper vision to see how the mind control has invisibly hijacked and is operating the world. The patterns are the most obvious and easiest way to detect the mind control. With my Family for example, all of them were not able to tell left from right without a visual queue. All had the favourite colours Green and Blue, except for my mother who had Green and Black.

What are the odds of that? Extending out to other family members, the same pattern can be observed.

Some new people I also meet have the favourite colours Green then Blue/Red and also cannot tell left from right without a visual queue. When asked if they see halos around lights, they will eagerly answer ‘Yes!’. Along with this, being around the person it can be easy to pick up if they are projecting their internal worlds onto the world and people around them.

For outsiders who aren’t mind controlled, you will not have these succession of patterns. They can tell left from right and have favourite colours other then Green, Red/Blue/Black.

When these Questions Wont Work

The mind control system works in real time and is very smart. Despite the front alter being clueless, if it senses you are asking these questions to detect mind control – it will simply give you dis-information. I have observed this myself. These questions work best if the survivor is comfortable and off guard. You cannot give any indications that you know anything about the mind control, otherwise the answers will be different.

Natural Aversions to Certain Helpful Materials

Another pattern I have noticed is – survivors will generally have a preprogrammed sense to avoid any materials that can potentially help them understand and heal themselves. This is especially true in the case of NLP Knowledge, this website DeprogramWiki and also persons who could potentially help them.


Programming is systematic and deliberate. It can range from teaching different lessons, to changing attitudes and beliefs for alters, or to using trauma to create a new personality split. It could even be having systems in place to keep the front alter in line. There are many types of different programming with different names that are used. Since this book has more of an emphasis on resolving and undoing all programming regardless of what it is, we will give a brief example of programming for understanding. The Further Reading section mentions books which cover the types of programming with great detail.

The methods mentioned in this book to undo programming are not content specific, so they should work on all types of programming – within limits. Not all programming can be undone as easily as others, the reason for this is explained further. Undoing programming that is harmful or unproductive for quality of life for the survivor is referred to as deprogramming herein.

Different types of programming can be done to a survivor. These programs can range in function from being a Manchurian candidate styled assassin to internal programmers within their minds that reinforce programming when busy with other things. Some kinds of programming are referred to with Greek letters – beta, delta, omega, etc. For an example of the kinds of programming used we will discuss beta programming.

See Also

An Example of Programming: Beta Programming

Beta programming refers to the process to train and create a sexual slave that thinks and acts like a kitten.

Description of Beta and Beta Codes

This is achieved by having a less developed or newly created personality split placed in a cage with other kittens in surrounding cages. This scenario is to be as degrading as possible. The child is simply left in the cage and given the bare requirements to survive, along with being abused constantly. After some weeks of being treated like a kitten, and being surrounded by kittens, the alter will start to believe that it is actually a kitten. A polygraph lie detector is then applied to the survivor to see if the alter actually believes they are a kitten or not.

Once this is achieved, further sexual training is provided. The kitten alter will most likely have the name ‘Kitten’, and will have a unique code. If the code is heard or seen by the survivor, the Kitten will take the body, with the front personality being unaware. An example beta code may look like ‘beta ches two three one’, or ‘beta toto niner five eight’. After the Kitten has completed its task, it will go into hiding and the front alter would again take the body. To the survivor, the only way to notice this happening is to witness the time before and after on a clock, and realise a sense of ‘lost time’. They will have no memory of what the Kitten did, let alone that they have multiple personalities – and just go on with their life as per usual completely unaware.


There are generally many number of different types of Kittens, each with their own specific trainings. This is just a small part of a survivor’s programming. Beta programming is standard for all trauma mind control survivors. In some cases, the programmers will replace kittens with puppies/dogs, but the sexual purpose or function is still the same. Same pattern, different content.

Kitten Short Hand Codes and Explanations

When a Kitten is called, depending on the Kitten, shorthand commands can be said to guide the Kitten and create your ‘desired experience’. All of these end in ‘ for me Kitten’. These are just some of the shorthand commands. If you are nice to Kittens and treat them like people, then you can learn more of these commands easily enough.

  • For me Kitten Roll Over (anal sex)
  • Purr (fellatio) Smile (Act Sexy)
  • Sleep (trance out
  • Pant (Activates Heat, makes Kitten ultra horny in layman’s speak)
  • Paw (at me Kitten) (Touch) Wash Yourself (Shower / Bathing activities)
  • Talk (Makes Kitten talk dirty) Come (obvious) Growl (makes Kitten more dominate)

Some commands can stack and compound, so saying “Pant for me Kitten” will have a compounding effect each time it’s spoken.


Deprogramming a Kitten will involve giving the Kitten some independent thought, or if you can’t do that, give the Kitten thoughts and the desire to move out of its current situation, into a more safer place for the Kitten become humanised. All Kittens are in cages by default.

See Also

How Scripts and Programming Work Together

Programming scripts can refer to any content such as the words from Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. Essentially it’s programming based on a theme.

These movies generally have similar patterns, for example Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz both have a scene where the protagonist go down the rabbit hole, or over the rainbow to be transported to new worlds. These new worlds are generally somewhere in the internal worlds for the survivor. So the pattern of front alters going into a magical adventurous world is similar and in reality the survivor is just being abused while completely unaware.

A question asked: The visuals are mixed up maps in colors, green, blue, red, and pink (if I remember correctly), and there is a British woman’s voice speaking a phrase for each color for example “blue: your trigger is power rangers” or something to that effect, assigning an object or character trigger to each color. Spliced between each are some disturbing images like dolls around a tic tac toe board and blood on a wall. The text is some kind of standard cipher, anons were easily able to decipher in some of the 4chan threads.

Does this seem legit to you, and what is the purpose if so, in your opinion?

The above material can be legit used for mind control programming. The disturbing images would be anchored to previous traumas. So generally after a suggestion there is the reminder of a specific trauma to more so bound the suggestion. The above script also would be used more so for social engineering type situations.

The cipher text maybe giberish anyway and a coded message or trigger. Some alter(nate personalities) or alters, will know how to decipher this and some wont have that knowledge. It’s a good way to get a message to just one alter if you wanted others to not know about it.

With all of these programming scripts, the content generally has nothing to do with actually what is going on in the programming material. The above could be used to program people for drug deals, assassinations or anything the programmer wants to engineer. The content is irrelevant. So regardless of if the above is or has been used for mind control programming may not matter. Any programmer could use the video or text for their own means even if it’s a ‘joke’ video.

The old classic scripts are still known and in use to this day. This is Fantasia for Dr Green (Mengele and down), and Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz for others. Everyone survivor I have talked with so far about the mind control has this as a base.

These scripts work as triggers within the mind control system. Similar to the pavlovs dog, if a certain phrase in combination with visuals is hit – it will activate an alter or some other part of the mind control system.

How Programming can Influence your Thoughts

Considering there are many types of different programming, it opens up the possibility for the programming to influence the thoughts of the survivor in ways they aren’t aware. Being more aware of your thoughts, their origins and even what area of the brain they feel like they are coming from, can help distinguish programming from organic thoughts.
Parts of this section were taken with permission from

Thoughts that do not seem to fit with the way you think now, such as “I am evil,” or “I need to be with ________ (an abuser, usually someone in your family) because they love me.”
Phrases that repeat themselves, that feel very familiar, and that often have a great emotional impact (such as panic, desolation, extreme mistrust, or being utterly overwhelmed), or that trigger self-harm, dissociation, switching, or inaction. An example would be: “My life is slipping through my fingers,” “I’m all alone.”

Intense self-hate in any form should be looked at as possible programming, including any thought, feeling, or action that leads you (or would lead you) to be hurt, damaged, controlled, or re-traumatized – emotionally, mentally or physically. The messages may not be as obvious as programming, might only sound like “I shouldn’t get close to anyone,” but if you dig down a little deeper beneath this conscious message, you may hear more of the whole message – “I am contaminated and contaminating, therefore I shouldn’t ever get close to anyone.” Programming messages that involve self-hate may also be blatant statements: “I’m no good,” “No one will ever like me,” that you may have absorbed or believed for a long time, or they may be much less blatant messages that seem to come out of nowhere: “I’m a slut.”

Feeling that you have to do something and have no choice, or can see no other way out of a situation. This could appear as a blatant message that tells you: “________ is preordained,” or a less blatant message that tells you: “If I don’t do ______ right now, then ______ will happen (I will die; lose my friend; fail at what I’m doing; be hated.).”
Images of hurting or killing yourself that suddenly appear in your mind, as if for no reason, and that make you feel like you have to act on them. These are sometimes accompanied by auditory messages or body feelings. For instance – you are feeling fine, you’re waiting for a subway train to take you home, and suddenly you have a flash of yourself stepping off the platform in front of the train – or an urge to jump onto the tracks. Or you may hear repeated messages or “thoughts” telling you that you are dead or will be dead, or that someone close to you will die.

Any “thoughts” or messages that discredit your experience as a survivor and a multiple, or that disempower you should be examined to see whether or not they are programming. This can include constant harsh judgement of yourself; degrading, hurtful and damaging “thoughts” about yourself, and any “thoughts,” feelings, or messages that trigger intense feeling and make you want to act in such a way that would hurt, isolate, or trigger you.

Messages or phrases that tell you to do something that would be dangerous, hurtful, or go against your intuition or feeling of what is safe for you. For example, “I must call/write/email my mother (or abusive relative) because she’s waiting to hear from me, and really loves me.”

Phrases that use language and thinking that do not feel like your own, that sound biblical or prophetic, or that sound like something you may have been told. For example, “I am walking to my doom if I am walking away from _______ (my parents, the cult, etc.),” or “The cult can see/hear me no matter where I am, and they know what I’m saying.”
Hearing or seeing inside your head, or overlapping the physical world, sounds or images that are used to “warn,” frighten, or threaten parts inside, or make them compliant, or that you remember being used in your abuse. For example, alarm bells, flashing lights (usually red), certain symbols (such as the spiral, the peace symbol, the symbol for anarchy, the symbol for life, the yin yang symbol, etc.).

Phrases that are not heard loudly or clearly, but that seem to be continually running behind your conscious mind. Often the language will be formal.
Familiar common sayings, nursery rhymes, children’s songs, or portions of popular songs are often cues or triggers for programming. They may be an indication of programming if:

  • You hear them repeating over and over in your head and do not like them or how they feel but can’t make them stop,
  • You didn’t grow up hearing them but they persist inside your head,
  • You remember them being used in your abuse (or the same tune but violent or cult words instead of the “regular” words), and consistently hear them repeat inside your head.

It is a good idea to recognise and identify the programming messages that you do hear, and to consciously work on understanding and changing those messages. This gives you more power over your own reactions and triggers, your feelings and state of being, your life – and it will help you in your healing.

Common Internal Programming Defenses

There are numerous defenses in place that a survivor will have to work through. If you understand what programming is, you can understand that there are also programming defenses. It also makes it easier to understand and deal with those strange thoughts that may be arising when deprogramming yourself. Now, lets take a look at what may come to the surface. Remember these are just small fragments (programs or alters) of your mind that are influencing your thoughts. Resolving the programming will remove these thoughts. The worst thoughts and images are prevalent for the first few months, then they will slowly get better as the months go by. By one year, the ‘defensive programming’ should be weak and ineffective to the point where the survivor can get on with their life.

Once these defenses are ‘activated’ for the first time, that will be the heaviest part of the deprogramming process. You will be faced with compounding negative emotions, which seems to get most people as they fall into the trap of “it’s just getting worse and worse!”. Just take a deep breath, analyse the negative thoughts, and formulate a strategy to overcome them. How to do this is discussed later in the book. To defeat a compounding negative emotion, learn to ‘spin it’ the other way, or make your own new compounding patterns of good feelings to drown out the older negative ones.

As the deprogramming progress is exponential remember that it does get better, however you only realise when you look back on it all after another year – and the following year after that, you will have made 100x more progress then you have been. It’s not a steady linear climb, but as each day passes more progress is made then the previous day. The recovery process from trauma mind control is exponential if done properly. For the first six months to a year though, these defenses will try to stunt your deprogramming efforts, but you can work with them and eventually phase them out to the point where they are useless. At that stage the survivor must then focus of being free of accessing.

See Also

Unaware of Dissociated Identities and in Denial

The first obvious defense mechanism in place is for the front alter to be not only unaware of the abuse, but also unaware of the fact that they possess multiple personalities. If the survivor does have the off-chance of discovering material relating to trauma mind control, it may trigger memories of their abuse or having multiple personalities involved. If they choose to explore further, then they can start to discover and talk to other alters.

However if they get too close to the hidden memories, they will have denial programming set in. This will generally result in the survivor imagination it is indeed all made up and they can get on with their ‘normal life’. Other cult members too who are trying to leave, will be snared with the onslaught of denial programming from the other cult members. Any pushes to further break their internal systems will result in more programming defences activated.

See Also

The Shield – The First Layer of Defence

The Shield are a group of alters that will work against you if you try to break your internal world control systems. They generally are the first line of defence, and are responsible for aches and pains, and phobias arising to the surface during the very initial stages of deprogramming. They are slow moving however, so you can work faster then them in the day.

When you are sleep, and have no alters or automated systems deprogramming you… that’s when they will undo your work in the internal worlds. They generally just wall off alters and seperate them, allowing them not to talk or communicate with each other. They are easy to defeat however, just takes some time.

The Shield rely on a hive mind basis, meaning all their directions are from one source. You take out their HQ, and you take out The Shield also. There are backups in place, so you have to take out the backups first… Otherwise The Shield will just reappear as they originally were. If you are lucky you’ll have some alters in your safe place who are ex shield, so finding the location of the building and how to enter it can be easy, depending who you know.

It’s much easier to pause the shield, then to completely remove them. The Shield maybe represented in the system as a shadow agency, and look like ants crawling throughout the system.

CBD (see Medicinal Cannabis section) has been notable in easing the initial effects of The Shield.

Suicide and Self Harm Programming

These are when thoughts of self harm arise. Rest easy, and relax. Although it sounds unpleasant, it is actually easy to overcome and with a few tricks it becomes easier to undo. Best to be with a friend at least, or have someone close to keep in contact with when these thoughts arise.
You may think that your friends, your alters, or your family members will die. The truth is – the cult tries to use all types of fear to control the cult members into returning. No one dies. You can actually leave the cult at any time, but they will try all types of tricks to get you back. Their tricks are easy to spot, and if you are aware of them, half the work is already done. They only rely on fear and deception to control people. Be fearless, and wise and free of deceptions.

Spinning or Tornadoes

At times when thoughts or memories are recovered when the room will start spinning. You may feel physically dizzy or nauseous. This can be annoying and disorienting, but it is only happening as a way to trick and distract you. The feeling of spinning is the result of previous trauma (usually from childhood) involving being spun around in order to confuse or overwhelm you. It is easy to make the world stop spinning now in two ways. The first is by grounding yourself in the present and to reassure yourself that you are here and now rather than back in the past. The second is to find the alter who remembers the spinning trauma and to take them to your safe place. More about establishing a safe place and rescuing alters will be discussed later in this book.

Rapid Switching

This is probably one of the most annoying forms of programming defenses. You may trigger something and begin to switch between alters rapidly – from every few minutes to in the middle of sentences! Rapid switching makes it difficult to focus on tasks or on specific thoughts. Dissociation from the trigger will help relieve it. Also, taking deep breaths and becoming more relaxed can help calm the mind and eventually soothe some of the rapid switching. Rapid Switching also seems to tie into stress. Medicinal cannabis is explored in a later chapter to help relief stress and depression, so this may also help ease rapid switching.

In the worst case, if the alters are together in a ‘safe place’, then they can work together to use the body as a ‘tag team’.

Other Alters

Sometimes cult loyal alters will attempt to help revert the system. This can include things from making alters forget what memory they just recovered to separating alters from one another. One cult loyal alter separated known alters into different white boxes to try to undo what deprogramming had been accomplished. This lasted for almost three days before the alter (later named Defense) realized that he had also been lied to. The cult loyal alters are not bad alters, they simply do not realize they have been hurt and tricked too. Once they realize that, they can escape they will generally become useful allies in deprogramming.


Deprogramming is transforming the pre-existing programming the survivor has in a way that remove any negativity, harm, ‘all the bad things’, or simply removing it all together. The long term goal of deprogramming is to allow the survivor to break free from the cult control and escape abuse and stay out.

Sadly it’s not as simple as magically undoing programming. The programmers have a century of experience and vast amounts of knowledge on how multiple personalities work together. This knowledge is also concentrated in defensive systems, which work wonderfully in keeping people like us out! These systems are in place as a fail safe, so if the survivor does break free from the cult control or starts to recover memories of the abuse, these fail safes will activate. These are also known as programming defences.

Along with the internal aspects, the survivor must also face the external aspects such as immediate family, health services and other obstacles which make it difficult to overcome and leave the cult. This deprogramming section attempts to cover all of these aspects so the survivor can quickly learn what to deal with and the best way to deal with these obstacles.

Different Stages of Deprogramming

Leaving the cult is a process that could take a few months to a few years or more. Each survivor’s recovery is dependent on their work situations, family life and other involvements. Some are able to leave the cult and deprogram fine, without any problems afterwards. For others it will take a little bit longer and a little more work. The process of leaving the cult is mostly the same for all people trying to leave, so it should give an insight as to what people working with survivors leaving the cult, or survivors themselves will be expected to go through.

The deprogramming methods we explored were self replicating automated systems, so even after the survivor has been ‘reprogrammed’ by cult programmers – these systems will just slowly undo their work. Eventually the programmers won’t be able to keep up with the exponential automated deprogramming, and resort to drugging with compliance drugs. However, the drugs are just a bandaid to make the survivor appear useful at rituals or ceremonies.

Sadly it’s a game of cat and mouse. Handlers and programmers will also tamper and attempt to sabotage your deprogramming work. This can be undone with some time if done properly, and it also emphasises that preventing accessing is extremely important – as deprogramming work can be undone without the survivors knowledge.

After some successful deprogramming and work, and after meeting many new alters over time, it will get to the point where the codes are becoming defunct for handlers and alters are merging. No amount of drugs from handlers can make the survivor useful for cult practices in their traditional sense – however this should never be ruled out. Deprogramming progress takes patience and effort. The handlers of the survivor also would be having a bad time from their superiors if deprogramming progress is achieved and they are trying to leave.

What is Accessing and How to Prevent It

The first realisation that survivors may have a hard time to digest as reality is accessing and the realities of what is going on outside their conscious awareness. Accessing generally means when the cult and its members have successfully got to a survivor. Generally accessing is to check up on the survivor, implant negative suggestions to keep their day life in check and to prepare them for upcoming rituals. Also any deprogramming work done, will be undone by handlers during the accessing. This is what makes the deprogramming efforts such an uphill battle especially at the start, as also the internal defences are active.

This means there is more then one way that ranges from physical access, to mobile phones and internet usage to even astral travel to influence survivors back into the cult. Svali has covered this area with her blog post Accessing: Why it Occurs, and How to Prevent It (Svali Blog Post 2017)

The survivor will have zero conscious memories or awareness that the accessing is happening before, during and after – except for some subtle after effects such as a slight headache or some aches and pains. The first initial stages of leaving, accessing can become obvious as you start to pick up on the after effects. There are still even more stealthier methods for them to access survivors which leave no real traces. Technology is combined also, with a common device such as a pen can act as a ‘wand’ which can remodulise brain frequencies and place people into deep trances without them realising.

Generally being outside of the worlds imaginations of how they operate, the above information would simply be laughed off or dismissed. Working with The Core seems to be the simplest way to learn about the invisible accessing. After learning the patterns of accessing, I also noted a very subtle feeling around the temples after each accessing, then worked even further to ruin their results or attempts at accessing.

See Also

Common Cult Tactics that are Used to Get Survivors Back

The cult is tricky and can easily fool members and their support groups into walking back into the world of abuse – without anyone seemingly being aware for some time. Even for myself, my last mental health admission resulted in programming work which made a reflection of my real alters which were merged somewhat – leaving the real parts of myself trapped helpless to watch for over one year, and due to the nature of the invisible mind control – it led to events which where unfortunate to say the least.

Along with this, I was also accessed frequently without my knowledge. During the accessing they will try keep bad habits in check, undo any deprogramming work done and other strange experiments and druggings. The cults and Satanists love to operate with ‘The Art of Invisible’. This literally means more invisible the better, and this is discussed throughout this book. So all attempts by the cult to get members back, along with all accessing – will be completely invisible to the survivor and outside spectators.

Knowledge of Social Engineering is a must if you want a clue on how these people operate to get members back with everyone being clueless. Long term goals and plans are their main operation, and will happily dedicate resources and time into a plan that results in the survivor ending back to the cult. This plan could even span over one year, and be a series of small and seemingly unrelated events which can cascade into disaster for some survivors – as they are generally clueless of the longer term plan. These events also can involve immediate family members. So cutting and severing ties can be difficult – especially as their front alters do not understand why or the fact that they are in an abusive cult to begin with.

The cult does operate outside the imaginations of most people and also have knowledge and technology much more advanced then currently publicly available. Never underestimate handlers or programmers and be wise as serpents.

What a Typical Plan to get a Cult Member Back may Entail

The Cult has extensive knowledge on how to get members back, and this knowledge is central to the art of deception. Here is a real example of my year one year and how I’ve fallen back into cult abuse.

A clued in survivor generally will want to get away from their family and others in the cult. I made the mistake of speaking out too much against the cult and its members, and therefore have had several mental health admissions. During the last admission, I was programmed extensively and no one knew any different. It took me just over one year to realise this, and undo the programming work from then.

The mental health laws are intense in Australia, and as a result I was having electroshock therapy without my consent or knowledge and also was injected with slow release anti psyhcotic medication. This was all against my will, as I had my rights stripped away from me for them to do this to me in an involuntary nature.

I moved to another state to get away from my clueless parents and also mental health.  I ended up in share accommodation. All was well, however one girl was a MK survivor and clueless and essentially sabotaged the stability the social stability of the house. And also on the side, for the past six months I was doing business with a person I met over Facebook. With his strong tones of spirituality and claiming to free people from the mind control, it seemed somewhat legitimate on face value. I also had him on Facebook for about two years.

I was also being accessed frequently – so my choices and words weren’t always my own. I then moved to this Facebook associate’s house 8 hours away. He also ended up being an MK Survivor and was clueless. I made attempts to move out sooner then later after realising he was a complete fraud. I was then isolated, and from there I was abused very heavily. My desires to try get out to a new place were gone and no one seemed any wiser to the true happenings. At the time I was completely clueless, and it took me just over five months to get out of that situation and get to a more safe location. My finances and business clients too were also sabotaged which made things even more difficult.

It’s only in the final month of the year I had realised I was still in The Cult and being abused. However previous to that month, for the whole year I had zero clue and thought I was mostly out. By then it was too late to salvage some things and I simply had to go back to my old roots and deprogram myself from the year. It took over four weeks, and still am realising some things to this day. It was only after I figured out how to limit and stop the accessing, I was able to recover my memories and learn the truth. My was able to naturally work on projects again, and my morning routine became solid. Each accessing they will try manipulate the future and work towards their end goals. This is done slowly over time some may not notice the gradual declines or ups and downs and would associate it with other external factors. Becoming aware of what they are trying to change will overcome their suggestions.

So by the use of their mind control survivors combined with the art of deception, it can be easy for a survivor to walk into traps and fall right back into the cycle of abuse.

Their attacks combined with frequent accessing generally have the same pattern or style,

  • Isolation – They will always attempt to isolate the survivor. This includes where they live, what people they associate with and anything of that nature to keep them in a closed box.
  • Slowly over time – There isn’t one big ‘attack’. All their goals are done slowly over time to the survivor. I noted that they like to use stress as a factor, along with guilt, isolation and feelings of loneliness. They will increment stress and other negative emotions on a daily basis over months and months, and then have one bigger or final event which pushes the survivor over the edge. The slowly over time makes it less obvious to outside observers, as the survivor and outsiders will simply attribute the negative effects from accessing to external things in their day life or having a rough few months.
  • Gaslighting – The survivor will generally be surrounded by other cult members, and they may not realise. Through these means they can control a persons thoughts, feelings and desires for the future if done properly. Especially cut off from the outside world and isolated, it’s just a matter of time. And generally from isolation for extended periods, their minds will be more susceptible to these suggestions. This even may extend to a survivors friends, family and social circles. Non MK persons will be accessed to have future post hypnotic suggestions planted, it has also been observed. You can imagine if a survivor is making a life decision, they’d then speak to their family and friends and social circles. Unknown to them, this was already planned and the implanted feedback they get will make their mind up for them. This is just one way The Cult influences lives of survivors while being invisible.
  • Spying – Other cult members too will be used to collect information and formulate more plans for the survivor. For myself, I made the mistake of sharing my desires to travel overseas. I then noticed a month later all of the things I wanted to do had started to become under attack. This clueless cult member would often ask me how things were going, and if they were still good – more actions would be taken to further ruin future plans.
  • Divide and Conquer – There will be active efforts to sabotage the friendships which imped The Cults desires. This also plays into isolation. The Cult will happily work on a long term plan basis to ensure the survivor.  Despite the survivors efforts they will end up back to square one. Having no real outsider friends in the know, and only associating with ‘Cult Safe’ people, the survivor will naturally fall again back into The Cult abuse cycle.
  • Misappropriation and Misdirection – The Cult sometimes will leave an obvious footprint. In this case, they will try all they can to misdirect the survivor and attribute the cause to something else. For example, my Family here have attributed my mind control coming undone to ‘cannabis’, and from that point forward anything to do with ‘satanic cults’ or ‘mind control’ is now cannabis psychosis. This is much easier for them to believe. Secondly, if the survivor had attended a ritual the night before, they may try mask the day after effects to something else, such as lack of sleep, trying a new medication or simply ‘must have had too much to drink last night’. I’ve noticed it generally falls down to the persons preference. Obviously for survivors in the cult who are alcoholics, this will be exploited. Survivors that enjoy cannabis, it will be used against them.

Use of Family Members and Friends to Snare Survivors and Why it may Seem Impossible to Convince Cult Family Members

If you find yourself in the situation of being in The Cult that is also your immediate family members, the best practice is to never mention to them any of these things. Also for outsiders alike who don’t know this knowledge, they simply wont understand straight up and will dismiss it as something totally different. If by speaking directly to family members they will simply deny everything. Even despite showing them some solid evidence and testimony of other persons locally in The Cult, it will still be dismissed. Such is the power of the mind controls denial programming. Svali wrote a blog post on this very topic, which many survivors can relate to.

“Mom, I remember. I remember what happened. I remember my cult name, A—-, I remember yours, Sh——. I remember Dr. Brogan and what happened with him.””You’re making this all up, sweetie. Nothing happened.””Then why can I speak German? I never heard it in the daytime, but you talked to me in the night. Why can I hear “Ich bin eine kinder macht sachens gut,” (I am a child who does things well) in my head? The words that you taught me?””Maybe you’re psychic? You picked it up spontaneously?”

This is part of an actual conversation from over a year ago with my own mother. She knew I had never learned German consciously. Yet I spoke German to her for two minutes to prove to her I knew it. She does not speak any German consciously. Yet I have tons of memories of her speaking it at night. In fact, Svali, one of my nicknames at night given to me by her, is a Germanization of my English name. My mother is in denial, and unwilling to give up her own dissociative defenses, although her explanation of my German seemed to be reaching a bit far. I have not spoken with her since, although I pray for her and my sister daily, and one of my greatest hopes is that they will get out of the cult. – Should I Confront my Abuser(s)? (Svali Blog Post)

Even for myself, I found that if my parents even woke up to the realities slightly – they’d simply take a nap and awake clueless yet again. It is best to simply focus on yourself and try to get out yourself, before focusing on others. Failure to do so will mean easy reaccessing and engineering of future events unfavourable for the survivor.

For some survivors the initial push to leave maybe difficult, as they may have strong ties to their abusers.

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Timeline of What to Expect when Trying to Leave

This was originally copied from a surviving ritual abuse Australia blog, and has some edits from myself.

Early Stages

Deprogramming, especially coping, is needed a lot in the initial stages of recovery. The survivor is hit with heavy triggers about remembering, escape, disclosure, not being accessed and reprogrammed, and not being called back to the ceremonies and other activities. The survivor feels like they are in constant pain, finds it difficult to do normal things, suffers from insomnia among other things. Also most survivors are usually being accessed and deployed when first in recovery. Survivors are accessed on a periodic basis, reprogrammed on a periodic basis, and deployed in the cult’s’ activities and ceremonies. The programming system will sit there with all of its names, cues and commands just as it did from when the survivor was first programmed.

It is best to cope with the pain as much as possible. The survivor can use anything that the survivor will be of benefit and they will eventually find their own way to cope and start to deprogram. The early stages are more the survivor and front alter going through a massive initial shock at the realisation of it all. If they are able to get through the initial shock and understand what is going on and starts to deprogram and remains stable, then they have gotten through the hardest part. The earlier stages are the hardest for most survivors, as if is any hint of leaving the trauma is intensified to set in the fear and control factor.

Try keep a journal or diary of day to day events. This includes your external and internal worlds. This will be vital over the years.

Stabilized Periods in Deprogramming

Over time with recovery the survivor will have stabilised periods of recovery. The survivor is now working with their programming systems on a daily basis almost and has a stable internal safe place and alters of whom have agreed to deprogram together. Although awareness of accessing and dates, they still maybe caught up in attending rituals or some type of abuse and yet can remember some or at least be aware after these events.

Generally it’s a game of perceptions within the mind. Being accessed can really dampen the thoughts of the survivor and limit their hopes and aspirations of the future. Working on getting safe from accessing would be the next step, or at least trying to limit attempts for this. It is important to still be aware of the internal systems and deprogramming them, as that is what the accessing will most likely make you forget. Keeping a journal is good, even noting the internal happenings or even conversations between alters.

After some time of adjustment to dealing with the programming, the survivor works out ways of deprogramming that are second nature. Once adjusted to memory work, coping, etc, the survivor isn’t so frantic and can approach deprogramming in a more stable way and it becomes the norm.

As with any conditioning, programming also runs out after a while if not reprogrammed. Personalities will see that the handler and the cult are all liars and torturers, and will not act out their programmed behaviours. They will come over to the survivor’s side when they understand this. They will stop any falsely derived loyalty. The intensity of the violence and lies also lessens over time. The cult will try and stop this natural process by reprogramming, and this is why it is crucial for the survivor to stop the accessing. There can also be programs that are built in which continue the programming within the person (ie with no outside accessing) and this too needs to be addressed. Personalities are lied to that the survivor is him/herself ‘the enemy’ and have to ‘rebuild the programming’ in order to ‘help’ the handler ‘maintain beneficial control’. The personalities have to see where there has been deprogramming and “patch it up so its brand new”. Also when being accessed the handler can threaten parts to “rebuild the system”. If they don’t do their job the handler will punish them. This is another reason to stop the accessing.

As stated before deprogramming is natural. One’s psyche does not like lies and horribleness and it will do everything to discharge it. The cult programming is one of the most evil things a criminal organization can do and so the mind and body will get rid of it naturally. As it is a particular type of horribleness, we need to address how it was placed there and address the specific concerns. These are the styled abuses such as a spinning machine, the enormity of the lies ie that “you killed someone”, “I (the handler) saved you” and “you must obey me and the organization at all costs”.

It is important to look at the important areas of the programming and do the opposite. The perpetrators, including the knowing and organising handler, force the victim to dissociate into a personality by various means (eg drugging, electrocution, etc.) It is therefore important to associate or ground oneself so that the dissociated part isn’t under their control by the means of dissociation. You need to remove in your memory anything that causes dissociation. It is then important to stop the lies. These are that “you wanted to kill someone”, that “you are evil”, that you are “one of them”, etc. The reality is that you didn’t want to kill but were forced to in order to save yourself. Saving yourself in self defence against someone trying to murder you is morally and legally correct. You, as a survivor, need to see the truth. This will also help with associating or bringing back the cult controlled part back to you where s/he rightfully belongs. The thoughts that “you owe the cult” or “we saved you” are shown again to be lies and you have control of yourself. You originally had this and you are simply getting rid of the torture and lies, and being yourself again.

The survivor will also become more aware of the external worlds and how the cult operations, as it’s very distinct if you observe.

Normalising and Getting Out

After you have maintained deprogramming yourself, eventually your codes and purposes at rituals will become harder to fufil and this may fall back onto your handler for his failure to keep you within The Cult. You may have friended deeper alters who understand what is going on, or you may have other internal means to solve if you are still being accessed and to undo their programming attempts. If accessing becomes hard and somewhat useless, you can focus on keeping yourself safe and deprogramming yourself as you please.

Survivors always need to be on alert, I was complacent for some time thinking I was mostly out however the truth was the opposite. Generally the traps set in the external worlds are mostly very similar and rely on isolation and other means for them to achieve their control over a person. They are easy to spot after some experience, and is explained in more detail in the previous heading.

The combination of being aware sooner then later, even minutes after accessing makes it all rather pointless as simply by being aware their programming attempts become much weaker.

Ritual Dates for Survivors

Keeping note of the dates of the year is extremely important for suvivors. Some dates the survivor will be expected to attend rituals. The Cult also loves to plan its moves around these dates, as they believe the certain days of the year give them more spiritual power to achieve their goals. So for a survivor, if they are going to be recalled or accessed extensivley, it’d most likely be around the major ritual dates. Birthdays for survivors are also heavy dates. For myself, birthday and Christmas periods are the heavier times. The bellow dates may not apply in all cases, as some groups also have their own dates for events. There are common dates however, and they are described bellow along with a more extensive list.

These dates were found in the book RITUAL ABUSE AND MIND CONTROL The Manipulation of Attachment Needs.

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New Year’s Day. A Druid (spirit) feast day (light fires on hilltops).
Shivaratri (night of Shiva creator/destroyer).

7: Eastern Orthodox Christmas.
7: St Winebald Day. Winebald was a successful Saxon missionary who founded the Benedictine Order and was the brother and son of saints.

12: Birth of both Rosenburg and Goering, Nazi leaders in the Second World War.

13: Satanic New Year.

15–16: Skillfest, the feast day of St Henry of Coquet Island, a Danewho settled here in the twelfth century, noted for hispsychic perceptions.

17: Feast of Fools (Old Twelfth Night)/satanic and demonrevels.

18: Old Epiphany.

18–22: Dream Festival (Pleiades). 20: St Agnes’ Eve. 20–27: Grand climax (blood rituals). St Agnes, the patron saint of virgins, was martyred at the age of twelve or thirteen forbeing a Christian. On this day in Rome, the Pope blesses two lambs. Young virgins can have visions of delight onsuch a night. In the Satanic calendar, it is the conjuration ofTelal, a warrior demon

30: Hitler named Chancellor of Germany


1–3: Mysteries of Persephone, Groundhog Day, Groundhog’sDay. The popular “Punxsutawney Phil” ground hog comes out of his burrow to divine the next few weeks of weather.If he sees his shadow, there is a prediction that there will be six more weeks of bad weather until Spring finally arrives;if he does not see his shadow, the next seven weeks before Spring will be good weather. This pagan tradition features both the numbers “6” and “7”, which, when added, equals“13”. Groundhog’s Day (Imbolg) represents the Earth Mother in some systems. As the Earth goddess sleeps inside the earth during the winter season, so does the groundhog. They represent rebirth and renewal.

The name “groundhog” was substituted for the Satanic name of the holiday, Imbolg, a night requiring human sacrifice.

2: Candlemas (Imbolc/Imbolg). This date is halfway between winter and spring solstices and means “with milk” for bothgoats and cows. Brigid’s Day (2 February) was the Chris-tianized version of Brigid or Bride, the great Celtic Mothergoddess. The Irish called it Imbolc, and it celebrates thetriple goddess. It is also called Candlemas, as candles areblessed on that day.

9: (Starts evening of 8 February.) Tu B’Shevat (Jewish celebra-tion of spring)

13: Friday the 13th.

14: Valentine’s Day is a pagan festival that encourages love and physical lust. It is celebrated precisely thirteen days after Imbolg, thus imprinting upon it the number “13”, Satan’s number of extreme rebellion. Most people view this day now as the day to honour your wife or lover.

Cupid, the son of Venus, is really Tammuz, son of Semiramis.Venus, daughter of Jupiter, is really Semiramis herself.Jupiter is the head deity, a sun god. Nimrod, Semiramis’s husband, is considered a sun god in the Babylonian Mys-teries.

The name of this month comes from the Roman goddess Februa and St Febronia (from Febris, the fever of love). She is the patroness of the passion of love. Her orgiastic rites are celebrated on 14 February—still observed as St Valentine’sDay—when, in Roman times, young men would draw billets naming their female partners. This is a time of clear vision into other worlds, expressed by festivals of purification.

St Valentine was not mentioned until 496 AD and there is still doubt about his origins.

14: Fertility rituals.

15: Lupercalia (she-wolf mother of Romulus and Remus:honouring of Pan).

16: Presidents’ Day (a federal holiday in the USA).

21–22: Feralia/Terminalia (Roman All Souls’/boundary day).
25: Walpurgis. Saint Walpurga herself was a niece of Saint Boniface and said to be a daughter of the Saxon prince,Saint Richard. Together with her brothers she travelled toGermany, where she became a nun. Her feast day is com-memorated on 1st May.

28: Hearthday, the day of Vesta, the matriarchal Roman god-dess, who kept a perpetual fire on hearth and altar.


1: St Eichstadt. Conjuring of Ninkharsag, Queen of Demons,and Ninkaszi, Horned Queen of Demons, drinking of blood.

2: Dionysian revels.

9: Festival of Ishtar (Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus).

15: Ides of March: rites of Cybele and Attis (begins twelve day death and resurrection ritual). Cybele was a Phyrigianmother goddess who fell in love with the mortal, Attis. Inher jealousy, when he fell in love with another mortal, shedrove him mad so that he castrated and killed himself.Zeus helped her to resurrect him.

16: Montsegur Day. In remembrance of the persecution of the Cathars.

17: St Patrick’s Day.

18: Sheila-na-gig (Sheelah’s Day, Sheelahis Day, Celtic creatress): Jacques De Molay Day (Knights Templar).

20–22: Pelusia, invocation of Isis (Hindi), Holi/TubulustrumRoman purification/Shab-i-barat. Night of Forgiveness (Islam), Homage to the God of death.
21: Spring Equinox. Children dedicated to Satan or Tiamet.

21–22: Goddess Ostara (Ishtar, also spelled, Eostre), for whom “Easter” is named. Easter is the first Sunday after the first new moon after Ostara.
Eostre is mentioned in Beowulf, possibly identified withKali. Red Easter eggs are placed on graves in Russia toassist rebirth.

21–24: Feast of the Beast/Bride of Satan/Feast of Priapus/Festivalof Isis).

31–1 April: Vertmass, feast of green, linked with Green George, thegoddess’s consort who was the Green King of the wood-land, or the fool of love.


1: April Fools Day: precisely thirteen weeks since New Year’sDay.

6: Palm Sunday.

8: Day of the Masters.

9: Maundy Thursday. This commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus with the Apostles and falls on the Thursday before Easter.

12: Hitler’s birthday (alternate).
19: This is the first day of the thirteen-day Satanic ritual relating to fire, the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire sacrifice with an emphasis on children. This day is one of the most important sacrifice days in Satanist abuse groups.
19: Anniversary of the day in 1943 when, after trapping the last Jewish resistance fighters in Warsaw in a storm drain and holding them there for several days, Nazi storm troopers began to pour fire into each end of the drain, using flame-throwers. They continued pouring the fire into the drain until all fighters were dead.

20: Hitler’s birthday.

20: Queen’s Day (Netherlands).

21–1: May: Grand Climax/Da Meur/preparation for Beltane.

22–29: Preparation for sacrifice in some abusive Satanic sects (third week of April).

23: St George’s Day/England’s national day.

26–1 May: Corpus de Baahl

30: Walpurgisnacht (May Eve). This is the day before May Day, when, in German occult tradition, a major festival takesplace. Very cleverly, Christianity took over the date and named it Walpurgisnacht after a Christian Nun, Walburga,who was born in the UK in the eighth century but ran an enlightened nunnery in Germany. She had two religious brothers, St Willibald and St Winebald, who had set up the monasteries there. Her remains were transferred to Eichstatt on May Day, which is how St Eichadat’s Day, MayDay, and Beltane became linked.

30: Anniversary of Hitler’s death. This tradition was strong enough that Adolf Hitler decided to kill himself on April 30at 3:30p.m., thus creating a “333” and placing his suicide sacrifice within the Beltane time frame.

30–5 May: Grand Climax/Da Meur/Beltane


1: May Day. Beltane Fire Festival. Major Celtic festival. For the Celts it marked the beginning of summer and the needto protect cattle from disease. For some, the great bonfires in Ireland were to protect cattle from witchcraft. In the past, this date was also dedicated to Mari, Mother Sea, as late as 1678 in Ireland.

9–13: Lumeria (three days Roman All Souls).
11: Mother’s Day.
21–24: Rituals to mock the Ascension of Jesus to heaven, Ascension Day.
29–5 June: (Starts evening of 28 May.) Shavuot.
29–30: Memory Day dedicated to Joan of Arc.31: Pentecost (Whitsunday).


1: Republic Day (Ireland)

3: Eastern Orthodox Ascension Day

6: D-Day (allied troops’invasion of France in the Second World War).
21: Summer Solstice. Can be marked by torture, rape, and sacrifice of traitors, sacrifice and consumption of an infant.21: Father’s Day.

23: Midsummer’s Eve/St John’s Eve Fire Festival.

24: Lighting the midwinter bonfires in New Zealand.


1: Satanic and demon revels. Blood sacrifice.4: Independence Day in the USA.

14: Bastille Day in France.

17–23: Sacrifice of first-born males, communion given with their flesh and blood.
19–20: Sunfest. The title and meaning of Helios was later given to St Elias.

23: Beginning of Dog Days, linked to Sirius, the Dog Star, Sothis, star of Set.

25: St James’ Day/Festival of the horned god.

26: Parents’ Day.

30: (Starts evening of 29th.) N Tish B’Av.


1: Lammas/Lughnasadh (31st July, too). Lammas may be a corruption of “loaf mass”, the celebration of the corn har-vest. Lammas is midway between the summer solstice andthe autumnal equinox. The wheel of the year is seen to shift from growing time to harvest time.

3: Satanic and demon revels.
12–13: Diana’s day: the Roman name for the triple goddess, goddess of the moon and the three moon phases. Christians turned it into the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
15: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
24: Mania (opening of nether world gate).
24–27: Fundus Mundi (a three day late-harvest festival).
26: Preparation for Feast of the Beast, or marriage to Satan.

Fasting and anointing.
28: Feast of Nephthys (wife of Set, goddess of death).


1:5–7:7:Labour Day

13:Marriage to the Beast (Satan)

Grandparents’ Day (Starts evening of 18th.)
19– 20:20–21: Feast of the Beast, marriage of virgins to Satan. Rosh Hashanah.  Midnight Host, vows and hierarchy fasting for previous week. Personal blood sacrifice from tip of fingers/paw of pet, etc., hands planted in the ground for power.

21: Autumn/Fall Equinox, Mahon. From this date through Halloween, occultists believe the veil separating the earthly dimension from the demonic realm gets progressively thin-ner, with the thinnest night being 31 October; this thinningof the separating veil makes it easier for the demonic realm to enter the earthly dimension. Thus, on Halloween, evil spirits, ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, black cats, fairies, and demons of all sorts were believed to be running amokacross the land. They had to be back in their spiritual dimension before midnight, Halloween, for the separating veil would then get thicker.

Jewish New Year period of Purification, Rosh Hashanah(date varies) and Yom Kippur (date varies), Day of Atone-ment.

23–30: Birthday celebration of Shri Krishna.23: Mysteries of Eleusis.

28: (Starts evening of 27th) Yom Kippur.

29: Michaelmas.


2: Last day of Mysteries of Eleusis.

2: Durga Puja (Kali).

3–11: (Starts evening of 2nd.) Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah.

5: Opening of Mundus Cereris.

10: Dashara (Kali’s victory over Mahishasura).

12: Dia de la Raza (Mexico).

12/20: Hitler’s half birthday.

13: Backwards date re Halloween;13 as reverse of 31.16: Death of Rosenburg.

17–18: Yom Kippur.

19: Death of Goering.

20/23: Hitler’s half birthday.

22–29: Preparation for All Hallows’ Eve.

31: Halloween/Samhain/All Hallows Eve/ Hallowmas/All

Souls’ Day, Halloween.
Preparation for the Isia (ring of six: Isis, Hathor, Nepthys,Horus, Thoth, Anubis). Resurrection of Osiris.
Start of the Celtic new year, the “dark” half of the year.


1: Satanist High Holy Day (related to Halloween) All Saint’s Day, (feast for the saints with no name day of their own). The Isia: six days of ritual drama commemorating Isis searching for the pieces of Osiris, feast of the netherworlds,parting of the astral veil, resurrection of Osiris.

2: All Soul’s Day (feast in honour of the dead), Day of the Dead (Santeria), Day of the Dead, El Dia De Los Muertos.

4: Satanic revels.

7: Rebirth of Osiris.
21–22: Musemass. The Christian church created this day for St

Cecilia, goddess of music, who prayed to stay a virgin.


5: Sinterklaas (Holland).

6: St Nicholas’s Day.

12–19: Jewish winter festival of Light, Chanukah, start of the Winter Solstice, animal sacrifice and live burial of victims to celebrate the dark time.12–13: St. Lucia’s Day.

17–22: Saturnalia.
21: St Thomas Day. Yule. Winter Solstice, fire.

21: Feast Day, orgies.

22: Yule/Winter Solstice.

24: Christmas Eve/Satanic and demon revels/Da Meur/Grand High Climax.

The Saxon name was Mondranect, the night of mothering.The day is dedicated to the birth of the sun and the goddess Astarte. The following night is celebration of the mother as Sea Mother.

25: Christmas Day, ascribed to the birth of Jesus, is the birth-day of the Sun and Tammuz, the reincarnation of the sun god. Yule, the Winter Solstice of 21st December was movedb y the Roman Catholic Church to 25th December. 25thDecember was also the Roman Saturnalia festival, a time for drinking and feasting. Druids also saw the mistletoe as representing sexuality at this period.

The winter solstice occurs on 21st December, and this is one of the highest pagan/Celtic holidays, since the “New Year” begins after this date for the cult. Special ceremonies are planned to ensure the coming of a new year filled with power, and the return of the sun’s lengthening days. In some cults, children are abused by cult members dressed as Santa (anagram for Satan).

26: Boxing Day (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Boxing Day is a day the higher classes gave gifts to the lower classes. Before or on 25th December, people of similar class would exchange gifts to celebrate the Christmas season.Gifts were not exchanged with the lower class until the next day, called Boxing Day. It is also known as St Stephen’s Day.Sometimes gifts were put in a box, and breaking the box, or something like a Piggy Bank, would happen. Church used collection boxes to distribute money to the poor on this day.

26: St Stephen’s Day (Scotland).
26–2 January: Hanukkah, Jewish Feast of Lights, Rededication of the Temple.
31: New Year’s Eve.

Most Common Shared Dates

22 December – Yule/Winter Solstice

2 February – Imbolc/Brigid’s Day/Candlemas

21 March – Ostara/Spring
1 May – Beltane
21 June – Midsummer/Alban Hefin

1 August – Lughnasadh/Lammas

21 September  – MabonAutumn Equinox

31 October – Samhain/Halloween

Birthdays come from the Assyro-Babylonian system and were linked to human sacrifice. Dying on a birthday is part of the “neat”way there is an attempt to control nature and time.

This calendar is an aid to looking at triggers linked to belief systems. There are, however, many other triggers linked to aspects of abuse, including, colours, jewels, clothes, eating, drinking, washing, sleeping, having sex, pregnancy and childbirth, blood, loud voices, hospitals, illness, reading, watching films, hearing sirens. Infact, given the enormous number of trigger some people have faced, it is remarkable that they can function in any way.

Supporting Survivors During Deprogramming

The Outsider’s Perspective

Getting through to an outsider who has zero experience or knowledge about this topic is near impossible. Presenting too much information too fast will bewilder their minds resulting in the ‘mental illness’ feedback. Generally they will ask for proof, however given the cult and their activities regarding leaving any evidence – this is simply impossible to get that smoking gun evidence. So for this reason, most outsiders will dismiss the entirety of the subject matter as completely delusional. Considering too the cult operations outside the mundane imaginations of most, you are better off saving your breath for these outsiders.

In essence the proof is everywhere, however most simply do not understand how to identify it.

Some success has been noted in waking up outsiders with a different approach. We have found by showing persons TV shows and movies which are blatantly MK Ultra themed, along with some other material on the internet – they are able to see it for themselves within the world and wake up to it. There are some outsiders too of whom are wide wake and aware of the realities of mind control and their implications in the world. They are helpful for a survivor as a support base, however still may not fully grasp the entirety of it. Always something new to learn.

The Cult dislikes people helping anyone, especially survivors. Outsiders may potentially be accessed and given post hypnotic suggestions such as “I shouldn’t talk to X, he is a bit insane the past month…”. If they are unaware of the suggestions came from and think they are organic thoughts, they will most likely cave into them. To counter this type of attack, I have written about The Core in the NLP Deprogramming chapter.

The Insider’s Perspective

A person who’s on the inside trying to leave the cult, it can be invaluable to have an outsider’s perspective on all events, as this will help formulate your decisions and help you ground more to reality.

An outsider and an insider have the same objective of the insider safely leaving the cult, but will have two totally different perspectives on what is currently happening. Given the nature of trauma mind control and these cults, it certainly opens up a lot of ‘what ifs’ and unknown variables. For an outsider, this can be sometimes overwhelming in a sense and they can come to conclusions which may seem strange. Similarly an outsider may think at times that your thoughts are pre-programmed and not organic, and you can feel they can’t trust you based on these presumptions. These are all minor things an insider may have to face when seeking help with a genuine outsider. From personal experience, I found just talking about any issues I am having and remembering that switched on people are a hard to find resource – we put any minor interpersonal issues behind us and just keep working together.

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Dangers of Help from Doctors and Therapists and Finding the Right One

A tip to survivors working on deprogramming – please be cautious about the information you share with others. It is very easy for people to dismiss what you say or to use it against you. People who may not fully understand may try ways to help that backfire – leading to a loop of mental health services, overblown diagnoses, and unnecessary medication. One author has been through the diagnoses of borderline personality disorder, narcolepsy, major depressive disorder, unspecified psychosis, and others – and with each diagnosis came it’s own host of pills of which aren’t required and solve nothing.

One Australian survivor naively sought help, and during the first few months of coming undone had requested a Psychologist through a General Practitioner. When the General Practitioner asked why, he shared his memories of cult abuse, multiple personalities and what not. As soon as he left the office, the GP called the ‘Acute Mental Health Care Team’ and within four days he was in a psychiatric ward, given anti-psychotic medication, police escorted against his will. The diagnosis was ‘Delusional Disorder’. Their bottom line was, “There’s no proof for any of this, so they are delusions.”

Sojan has open sourced the notes and recordings here, which can provide some insight as to why to never discuss The Cult with family members or to the wrong people.

When he started to get proof of his ‘delusions’, they really didn’t want to look into it. The health system is by design corrupt and to profit pharmaceutical companies and survivors are easy pickings for a life long subscriber to a number of medications. Any survivor is much better off treating themselves with medicinal cannabis and self therapising while getting support online. The luckier ones will have friends or a therapist in the know and also in person who will help them through the whole process, but the original author was not so fortunate and had to deprogram solo.

There are still decent psychiatrists or psychologists that may understand about the trauma mind control, but from our experiences it’s hard to find them and seek proper help externally, especially in Australia.

Speaking to friends about what is happening is also a coin flip. Your friends can be confused but still try to support you, or they can be confused and start to distance themselves from you. Either response is normal and understandable (and remember you have done nothing wrong). For any survivor this is probably one of the more important things to keep in mind.

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Survivors Develop Their Own Deprogramming Themes and Methods

Each of us copes and undoes programming his/her own way. People have individual interests and strengths. Some people enjoy looking at psychology and how the mind works and go into the intricacies of brainwashing. Some people use the media and public education to get rid of their anger against the cult and its programming. Other survivors see themselves as a community of personalities. There is no one or right way to deprogram.

In addition, you are forced not to use the usual ways of remembering and noting what happened such as writing with our normal hand. But there are other ways you can cope using such as singing songs that remind you of the programming information or writing with your non dominant hand. In this webpage, a survivor makes collages online to indirectly, but still successfully, remind her of the programmers, the style of programming, what its intentions are, etc. It is very ingenious.

Diet and Deprogramming

One area that is worthy of further research is the survivors diet and how that would assist with deprogramming. What’s more curious, it was noted that coming up to major rituals the survivor may adopt a low sugar diet, or cut out sugar completely. I believe that a high sugar diet can impede the bodies and minds healing. So perhaps the cutting back or out of sugar maybe done to ensure the survivor heals faster then usual for these major abusive rituals.

Some survivors may also adopt a vegetarian diet as the eating of flesh may trigger eating unpleasant things during these rituals.

For my personal self, I have noted a much easier time deprogramming without dairy and refined sugars in the diet. With diet having a direct effect on the body and mind, this would be a very interesting area to explore as a change in diet may speed and help the healing process.

Dreams and Deprogramming

At times a survivor may have vivid dreams that reflect either programming or different traumas endured. These memories leak through into dreams as the system tries to escape from the cult. In one instance, recurring dreams of being electrocuted while strapped down were experienced. This was one of the signs that led to discovering that the nightmares of electroshock were due to childhood trauma as a part of ritual abuse.

If memories are coming to the surface through dreams, then this gives the survivor more of a chance to realise their abuse and break free.

Some survivors will not have any nightmares, where some will have to endure them on an almost nightly basis. Prescription drugs like Ambien can provide quick relief and amnesia from dreams, but is no long term solution. Cannabis medicine such as CBD oil can provide relief from PTSD symptoms, however they are still unpleasant.

Can Recovered Memories be Trusted?

There seems to be some hysteria over the ‘recovered memories’ issue. Generally in my own experiences, any recovered memories I have shared with family or therapists just gives them more collateral to dismiss the case as completely delusional. There is then also efforts by Satanists in the early 1990s to push ‘False Memory Syndrome’, and this is echoed throughout the media even to this day. So you will have a body of persons who claim that all the memories recovered are clearly false, and some who understand the validity of the recovered memories.

Given the nature of the mind control, survivors will be faced with a mix of false and real memories. After some practice it can be easy to distinguish between the two of them. So my personal belief is yes, recovered memories can be trusted if done properly. The therapist or survivor has to be expert to know internal deception and how to verify memories.

There also has been some information in other peoples work regarding recovered memories.

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Keeping Distracted from Programming

Parts of the following sections were sourced with permission from
If you have any disturbing memories arise, just remember that it’s not actually happening now. Try to think of them as ‘something that happened 20 years ago, in 1992’. It’s a different year now and you should be your current age and exist in the current time! Here are some tips you can do to cope with the programming:

  • Breathe deeply. Wriggle your toes. Rub your arms and legs. Blink hard, and be aware you are blinking and breathing deeply.
  • Make a list of reasons why you must stay alive! Give this copy to a close friend.
  • Be safe, and be warm. Snuggle in your bed.
  • Feel comforted. Cuddle with a pet or a stuffed animal.
  • Make a list of things you can do, to feel better. Now, could be going out for a nice dinner, having a bath, reading a book or going for a walk.
  • Write in a journal each day your thoughts and progress.
  • Ring a friend.
  • You are worthy of love! You are good.
  • Because you are still alive, you are very strong. A lot stronger then you can imagine! This shows what an amazing person you are.
  • Ring a ‘crisis’ number if you get stuck, and have no one else to talk to.

Medicinal Cannabis as a Deprogramming Aid

Medicinal cannabis can be used to aid deprogramming and in some cases can make or break the deprogramming process. Medicinal cannabis can aid with learning new things in the internal worlds and also receiving relief from the issues surrounding anxiety, stress and depression that may arise from the deprogramming process.

The best preparation for cannabis as a medicine is in tincture form as an extract or oil. Simply smoking it as a dry herb will slightly weaken the trauma walls which can gain access to memories easier. There are healthier ways to use it for deprogramming. There are also other cannabinoids that aren’t THC which can be used to help deprogramming.

THC is the part of marijuana that does get you high, however it does play a role to aid undoing the mind control. Alters at times will request THC as they say it weakens the trauma walls in the brain which shows in the Internal Worlds. This allows information to seep through more easily. A higher dose of THC can achieve this, however the experience will be more intense when deprogramming. Smoking has a more profound intense effect, as this may activate more system defences from the memory leaks or programming to try prevent cannabis use.

A lower dose of THC along with the CBD on a daily basis will help with the anxiety, and personally one author finds this combination helps with the PTSD symptoms and lessens shaking hands from nervous system damage. Medicinal cannabis can potentially be created and used in the internal worlds also.

Note: I believe as of January 2017 – CBD has become Schedule 1 drug in the USA, making it illegal. This means it has no medicinal benefit also, so the reclassification is strange. Although still legal on some state levels, CBD should now be considered federally illegal.


CBD is the secondary cannabinoid in marijuana (depending on the plant strain). CBD will not get you high, however it has amazing medicinal benefits. It’s a natural anxiolytic (antianxiety), antipsychotic and more. It’s impossible to overdose on, and has very little side effects, if any at all.The first notable effect when having CBD is all the alters in the system instantly feel more calm and relaxed, and get along better in general! CBD also helps speed the healing process, if the survivor is recovering.

One vendor who is very excellent and provides quality CBD oil that contains other cannabinoids is Lars. His website is

Different Methods of Ingestion and Their Effects

There are many different ways to consume THC or CBD from the plant matter. These different methods of ingestion also effect the system in certain ways. Vapourising and having THC as a tincture, or oil form will have a ‘less intense’ effect for the survivor. It seems smoking it in its dry herb form has a more serious impact, mostly resulting in a ‘negative headspace’ as a result of smoking it. Smoking it however seems to break the trauma walls to provide the system breaking effect, where as vaping and tincture forms will provide relief for more strange things that arise from deprogramming.

Other Possible Deprogramming Aides

The following are most likely illegal drugs in your country, and are only listed for information purposes relating to these substances and MK systems, with an emphasis on therapeutic deprogramming capacity.

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)

Be warned, as DMT should not be given to children and is also highly illegal in most parts of the world.

Between 60 and 100mg of DMT for a survivor at the ‘re-entry’ stage of deprogramming, can help overcome the more lingering negatives of the trauma mind control. We believe this is achieved by a state of what’s known as ‘ego death’, as a direct use of the drug. The survivor in this state is able to see themselves separate and free from the trauma mind control, with results afterwards described as ‘taking a load off’. It was observed that a release of guilt was possible through the use of DMT.


Has therapeutic value towards the end of later stages of deprogramming. Would help a lot with reintegration and alter cooperation within the system. 100mg is a standard dose and suffices for a system wide effect.


I was going to leave this one out, however thought it maybe worth a mention at least. Certainly this isn’t for anyone and everyone and should exercise extreme caution. Due to the nature of trauma mind control you can imagine a substance such as LSD could have a very intense and magnifying effect on some very ugly memories which could last hours.

On the bright side there is promising and positive effects regarding LSD in deprogramming, speaking from personal experience. Although potentially unpleasant, problems with inter-system cooperation can be recovered quickly with alters getting along much better afterwards, along with spiritual realisations or restorations.

A more safer dose would be 110ug or under, with larger doses of LSD are too intense for deprogramming – especially if you have child and infant alters. Also remember that these same drugs have been used in programming and as a result may also have a negative experience.

‘More out There’ type Deprogramming Aids

For lack of a better term, here are some things which may help survivors.

3M Velostat may be a material that can potentially be used to scramble the very low frequency attacks on the human brain, and can potentially scramble the BEAST frequencies the implants send and receive on. More information can be found at . It may sound absurd but it can offer some comfort to survivors if they have something to stop different frequencies.

Orgone energy can also potentially help survivors during the deprogramming process. Different pieces of orgone material may be placed around a room to help create positive energy while warding off negative energy. Although some may find it useless, it is pretty to look at the very least. It can also be crafted in the internal worlds to ward off evil energies and entities.


NLP is the field known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s a body of knowledge that was founded by both Richard Bander and John Grinder around the 1960s. The knowledge is extensivley used in programming, and as like some things – the same bodies of knowledged used for programming can be reversed and used for deprogramming. This section is an insight to this knowledge and how it can be applied to deprogramming.

For myself, I spent months in fear of dissociation, falling into trance and other things. Studying NLP gave me better understanding of the proper uses of association and dissociation in the internal worlds, the effects they have and also how to better cope and deal with the traumatic surfacing memories that are effective and medication free. If one technique doesn’t work, you can try another. If one technique works, for example feeling good all the time and being anxious free, it may in some cases last only a day or two. Especially if you are combatting the negative suggestions of the ‘system’ and cult loyal alters at the same time.

So simply just re-apply the same technique that worked, and over time the brain will learn these new patterns and stick to them in favor of the older ones. I found that if you can convince the unconscious mind of the survivor to make new strategies for feeling good all the time, instead of feeling bad and have the unconscious mind know this is a better method for their situation, it will more likely stick and the results will be lasting.

In the Further Reading section, I give credit to Richard Bandler’s work “Frogs into Princes.” His videos and seminars are worth to watch to get a unique insight on how to solve people’s problems without years upon years of therapy, and has interesting techniques to cure people’s phobias within 2 minutes. You can imagine how this knowledge can be vital for a survivor, as there are many deeply learned fears from their experiences with the cult abuse. I recommend these works if you are wanting to start study of NLP, and especially if you are attempting deprogramming.

Since this knowledge is already available, I don’t need to write too much on it. I’ll elaborate on NLP techniques that will help with dealing with flooding traumatic memories and keeping in a pleasant mood, regardless of the past. NLP should be used at all stages of deprogramming. It plays a large part in recovering, coping and having a normal life quickly. Proper NLP techniques combined with automated deprogramming systems can mean the difference between out of the cult and having a normal life within a year or two, compared to a long and slow dragged out struggle over ten years, combined with expensive and useless therapy, accessing and pain.

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The Power of Suggestion

Using NLP techniques or hypnosis suggestions, it’s possible to give amnesia for nightmares, or better yet – make new and nice dreams instead of the bad ones, and then give amnesia for the bad dreams. This can work not only for dreams, but if applied properly – resurfacing dreams or memories will lose their traumatic fear response, and eventually fade away into the past, while being replaced with new and pleasant experiences and memories.

Suggestion is powerful, so if you are working with a survivor in their internal worlds while they are in trance and they encounter something unpleasant, or while they are asleep and having unpleasant dreams – it can be quite easy to turn that around in under a few minutes.

An example set of ‘suggestions’ would be simply saying in the right tone and pace of voice “It’s okay what is happening now, because right now you’re back where it’s safe at your safe place. You may not entirely be there now, but you can at least see how you are on your way to feeling good. Now, you know how to feel good all the time, so just do it. The great thing is you are feeling safe and relaxed, and you can forget about the bad stuff now that you’re here and safe. Now, the bad dreams don’t matter anymore. You may notice as those feelings of safety and relaxation increase again and again, you will continue to have pleasant dreams only and wake up feeling refresh, relaxed and happy. You don’t even have to know why you feel so relaxed, safe and happy all the time, and as those feelings increase again and again just know that you do and it’s okay to feel this good whenever you want to”.

These types of suggestions can take the survivor from hellish internal world conditions into something more pleasant. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something nice and pleasant. This can work if they are dreaming, or if they are in a trance. Suggesting to have no memory of the ‘bad dreams’ is helpful for when they wake up, as it makes it much harder to fall back into negative thoughts during the next day if they are reminded of their nightmares.

If they do not come out so easily of bad situations with suggestions, then there maybe more concerning issues regarding programming in play. Sometimes it may take some time for the suggestions to sink in and take effect, depending on the severity and immersion in the traumatic memories.

In the ‘earlier days’, one author was lucky enough to have at least some friends who were aware of the trauma mind control, and that she was coming undone from it. Her nightmares were much increased then, however there’d be situations where she’d be asleep on the couch and start to have a bad dream.

Standing around her, one friend would comment “Oh no, she’s having a nightmare again.” and gradually it’d get worse, and another would comment “Looks like it’s getting worse… maybe we should try to wake her up.” So how do you think this will help the nature of the unpleasant dreams? It wont. It’ll just make it worse. Avoid all negative suggestion when working with survivors.

Understanding Association and Dissociation with Surfacing Memories with NLP Terms

For survivors, most are clueless to dissociation and association, let alone that they do it all the time naturally. Learning association and disassociation was painfully terrifying at the start, but a process I had to endure. At first I was terrified of disassociation, thinking that I may be ‘lost forever’ in some spaced out state. With a bit of work, I began to learn the appropriate uses for association and disassociation. It was really simple, association means being close to something, or first person perspective, dissociation means being far away from something or third person. The memories that are recovered when the survivor is in third person, means they were heavily dissociated at the time of the trauma.

For example when dealing with traumatic memories, observing them in a dissociated state is much more tolerable. Here is one example of a surfacing traumatic memory from the ‘scientific experiments’, and using association and dissociation to help resolve it.

Understanding I was already in a third person state, I created another disassociated layer of this memory so I was watching myself, watching myself in third person, watching myself when I was five years old. From here, I just saw how sad these doctors were, to do such things to a defenceless child. Realising it was in the past, I reminded my five year old self in this memory that it’s over. This happened over 20 years ago, and it’s no longer happening. To prove this, I killed the doctor by the will of imagination, freed myself from the restraints and totally destroyed all the lab equipment, essentially freeing myself, when I was at this age, from this memory.

To remove the dissociative layer, I entered back into the third person state I was in originally, and observed that I was now free. The doctors were dead, and their equipment was destroyed. I then entered into a first person perspective (associated with this memory from an entirely first person perspective) so I was no longer in third person and observed the destroyed lab equipment and the dead doctors. I was now free from this, and this memory I could associate with without feeling traumatised. There were no longer any sounds that were disturbing, and visually I just saw a destroyed lab and dead doctors. Whatever they were doing had now stopped.

I then escorted this fragment of myself back to the safe place. Another successful mission! This part of myself enjoyed the freedom of this city, and engaged in various activities with the other child alters, including playing with bouncing balls, playing hopscotch and hide and seek.

It is very important, as you add layers of disassociation (looking from third person), to remove them and associate (go to first person, or down a layer) again later on, after your deprogramming work is done. Remind yourself to do this. If a memory is still too traumatic, then you can still be disassociated from it until it is resolved.

This is a powerful method that can be used on any traumatic memory. It actually rewires the neurons in your brain and makes new pathways. If this doesn’t work as well as expected, there are other NLP techniques which can be used to help ease surfacing PTSD memories.

Association, Dissociation and Programming Systems

Proper use of association and dissociation in the internal worlds is vital for deprogramming. It is entirely possible to not only ‘zoom out’ or dissociate from something, but you can take it that next level and get a far away birds eye view of your mind control system as it’s discovered. This can come in handy to see what to work on next, or to get a better understanding of how things are connected.

For example, what blew me away was, I was able to finally access the 13 levels of my internal worlds. I was jumping between each level with a close up view. However, when realising I could view the 13 levels all at the same time from a far away dissociated perspective, it opened up a new avenue of deprogramming.

Eventually I was able to see all 13 channels, and collapse them down. Moving ‘further back’ I was able to see a 13x13x13 grid system and eventually work with this as a whole. Then zoom right in real close to one point.

Working with NLP and Sub Modalities in Relation to Internal Worlds

You may also become aware that with your internal imagery and sounds, there are certain variables, which can alter or change the images and sounds in your mind. These are called submodalities in NLP. Here is a basic list of submodalities to provide understanding. There are also tastes (gustatory) and smells (olfactory), however we are focusing on the pictures (visual), sounds (auditory) and feelings (kinesthetic). This doesn’t cover the full list, but should be enough to work with. If you have a surfacing memory, instead of becoming a victim to it – learn its submodalities and formulate a strategy to overcome it. Simply by gaining control over a memory, going through the list of submodalities to help identify it then turning it black and white, and pushing off into the distance can bring instant relief. The more closer you are to the memory, the more it will affect you. The further away it is, the more numb or less intense it becomes.

Using NLP and identifying the submodalities can allow you to change how you feel about the memory, and eventually remove the traumatic association with the memories by wiring new pathways in the brain.

Visual Sense

  • Black & White or Colour
  • Near or Far
  • Bright or Dim
  • Location (To the left? To the right? Or just down a bit?)
  • Size of Picture (close up or far away)
  • Associated / Dissociated or First or Third Person (This is important)
  • Focused or Defocused
  • Framed or Unbounded
  • Movie or Still Picture
  • If a Movie-Fast/Normal/Slow
  • 3 Dimensional or Flat

Auditory Sense

  • Loud or Soft
  • Near or Far
  • Internal or External
  • Location
  • Stereo or Mono
  • Fast or Slow
  • High or Low Pitch
  • Verbal or Tonal
  • Rhythm
  • Clarity
  • Pauses

Kinesthetic Sense

  • Strong or Weak
  • Large Area or Small Area
  • Weight: Heavy or Light
  • Location
  • Texture: Smooth or Rough
  • Constant or Intermittent
  • Temperature: Hot or Cold
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Pressure
  • Vibration

Sub Modalities to Detect and Tell Apart Different Types of Mind Control Internal Aspects

The survivor has many difficult realities to face, including electronic warfare. The survivor can have thoughts implanted in their mind via very low frequency attacks, implants and other alters. Most of the time, the person will be completely unaware that the thoughts aren’t theirs, and will assume and operate thinking they are organic thoughts.

Considering this would be the more scarier part of realising and undoing the mind control, and dealing with the realities of what goes with it – it seems quite simple to differentiate between organic thoughts and implanted thoughts by identifying the submodalities of the thoughts.

Here is an example. The VLF attacks, more known as the ‘Voice of God’ attack can happen to anyone, regardless of if they are under trauma mind control or not. This is achieved through the GWEN or mobile phone towers by broadcasting on the very low frequency spectrum to the human brain. If this type of attack is happening, the voice will most likely be a whisper but not always, and coming from the ‘outside in’, like you are hearing it from just outside your ears and it’s going into your brain. Feelings can also be altered or implanted, and are a bit harder to detect. If you know yourself well enough to only have positive feelings, it can become obvious that if negative memories suddenly appear, it’s by external means.

Regarding other alters and implanted thoughts, they can be easy to identify after some practice. If the voices sound like they are coming from the ‘inside out’, meaning inside your mind – then this could be an alter or an internal implant of some nature. Generally it doesn’t matter what it is, as they can be both treated with the same method.

After identifying if the voices or sounds are coming from the inside out, you can get a general idea of which position they appear to be originating from the brain. This can be achieved by asking the survivor to, if they were to project their mind out around their heads – to pinpoint where abouts the sound or voice is coming from. Different alters will come from different parts of the brain, and it’s relatively easy after a few goes to pinpoint where from. Could be the front, back, upper left, anywhere. The more specific the location, the better.

Similarly, if you have an implant that is trying to implant thoughts, it will also have a point of origin. After learning the different points of origins for the voices or sounds in the mind (wow my Psychiatrist would just love to read this!) you can label them and have better control over dealing with them. The negative and useless thoughts and suggestions you can block off better, if you know where they are coming from.

Example of Removing the Traumatic Response from Memories with NLP

There are many NLP techniques, and this is just one that should be effective with getting over traumatic surfacing memories. As the habit to feel bad and remember bad things was developed over the years, learning how to feel good and forget the bad things will take some time to learn as a new habit. Repeating these NLP techniques is how to train your brain to do it for you, so you don’t have to. At the start though, you will need provide some effort. Over time it becomes easier and automatic.

  • Envision the memory you want to stop thinking about
  • Notice the submodalities. Freeze frame the memory and shrink it in size.
  • Skip to the end of the memory and freeze frame, while imagining a whiteness knob, grab and turn it, whiting out the memory.
  • Repeat this three times.
  • See yourself in the end of the memory/movie and run the memory in reverse from end to start, seeing the sights and hearing the sounds backwards. Spin the feelings in your body in the opposite direction.
  • When you try think of the bad memories, the more you do this, the harder it is for you to recall them.

These types of techniques can be employed to help better deal with floods of traumatic memories. It’s much easier to watch the memories on a black and white TV off in the distance, then compared to a close up full screen high definition 3d sound experience in full rich colour. It’s important to still at least try understand what happened in the memory, and you can still do that if it’s black and white and off in the distance. The goal is to completely forget about the bad things, and move onto a new life free from the past. However, at least at the start of the deprogramming process the survivor will have to face and accept these memories. You’ll have to go through them at least a bit. Once the survivor understands the memories and gains the inspiration to deprogram safely and stop the abuse, the past becomes less important with the emphasis on creating a better future for yourself.

Further study of NLP can provide some interesting methods and techniques which will help survivors recover. Since this material is already out there, there’s no reason to discuss it in full here. The Further Reading section will provide some book titles that are useful for deprogramming and NLP.

Remaining in Control with Grounding Techniques and Notes of Dissassocation

Grounding can be best defined as control over dissociation and association. You will need to have something that will ground you to this earthly reality, as sometimes it can get quite intense. The mind will be pulled in many directions, from many different alters with conflicting belief systems and ideologies.

Expert use of grounding may also stop any alters from taking full control of the body. If you feel this may happen, relax and remember something nice that will ground you to reality. Each author developed their own way to ground themselves effectively.

Having the perspective of a person who isn’t under mind control, and also understands even in the slightest what trauma mind control is, is an invaluable asset and be helpful for keeping a grounding perspective on reality. Keeping a journal each day of your deprogramming progress can also be helpful to remind yourself of your progress. A pet cat or dog can also provide grounding. These grounding skills are essential if you are going to make progress in the internal worlds.

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How to Communicate with The Core Properly

The unconscious mind is an interesting part of the brain. It doesn’t have any sense of time and perceives the world completely differently to the conscious mind. It also is the heart of the MK internal system and also the most protected part, with what is called ‘the core’ put over the top of the unconscious mind. It’s most protected as it knows all things, yet cannot be removed. The mind control programming is then laid on top of the core, which means for a survivor accessing the core will be possible after some serious deprogramming work and effort.

  • The Core doesn’t have a sense of time unless you specify. For example if you ask the core, “Was I accessed?” it will always say yes. However if you ask “Was I accessed in the previous six hours?” you will get a more clear answer.
  • The Core doesn’t process negative suggestion. As hinted above with The Power of Suggestion, avoid negative suggestion when working with the core directly. Avoiding negative suggestion is just having a change of words which are wholly positive. For example, saying to the core “Was I not accessed today?” will interoperate the suggestion as “Was I accessed today?” without the not.
  • Using manners and being nice to the core has better results.
  • The Core does what it is told, so this can be good or bad depending. I made the mistake of asking the core to show me all memories of a repressed event, which unfolded over one week.

Using The Core is the easiest and best bet to get accurate information about what may potentially be going on. Also because the cult is extreme with covering evidence, this maybe all people have in learning the finer details of the truth of themselves. This information about the core isn’t new, and there are already plenty of examples of other people communicating with the unconscious mind to bring positive changes. After some calibration, I was tapped into my own core and able to get a yes or no response by the unconscious mind moving my finger slightly.

The Core and working with it was also explored by Dr D.C Hammond, who explored therapeutic work with survivors in the early 90s. He gave a speech which was then to be known as ‘The Greenbaun Speech‘.

.. The way that I would inquire as to whether or not some of this might be there would be with ideomotor finger-signals. After you’ve set them up I would say, “I want the central inner core of you to take control of the finger-signals.” Don’t ask the unconscious mind. The case where you’re inquiring about ritual abuse, that’s for the central inner core. The core is a Cult-created part.

    “And I want that central inner core of you to take control of this hand of these finger-signals and what it has for the yes-finger to float up. I want to ask the inner core of you is there any part of you, any part of Mary,” that’s the host’s name, “who knows anything about Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Theta.”

If you get a Yes, it should raise a red flag that you might have someone with formal intensive brainwashing and programming in place.

I would then ask and say,

    “I want a part inside who knows something about Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta to come up to a level where you can speak to me and when you’re here say, ’I’m here.’”

I would not ask if a part was willing to. No one’s going to particularly want to talk about this. I would just say, “I want some part who can tell me about this to come out.” Without leading them ask them what these things are. I’ve had consults where I’ve come in. Sometimes I’ve gotten a Yes to that, but as I’ve done exploration it appeared to be some kind of compliance response or somebody wanting, in two or three cases, to appear maybe that they were ritual abuse and maybe they were in some way, but with careful inquiry and looking it was obvious that they did not have what we were looking for.

To access The Core, do the following:

  • Relax and go into a trance, or simply just close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • The best response from the unconscious mind I’ve found is to be the finger.
    • Two subtle movements for yes,
    • One for No,
    • Holding down for ‘I don’t know’
  • Once relaxed and feeling good, simply ask your unconscious mind to move your finger as above in response to your conscious questions.
  • It maybe easier to have someone else to do this, however it is possible to do it yourself.
  • With some practice, the finger will move unconsciously giving you a direct link to the unconscious mind and its knowings.

Notes with The Core for a Survivor

Being the most protected part, you wont get direct access to the unconscious mind  of the survivor. Instead you will generally get a deeper alter who will feedback false signals and pretend to be the core. Reading the above speech, the core seems to protect the unconscious mind. In any case, you can work with the core as you work with the unconscious mind from an outsider. These methods though can still help alleviate some symptoms if you give suggestions to relief pain for example.

I have included this Core knowledge in this section, due to the knowledge coming from Richard Bandler. This ‘core trick’ is nothing new and is old as the sun. I’ve tried to share this with others, however some dismiss it as nonsense while some get it. It’s very easy to test and verify this yourself, as you can get your unconscious response to going into a trance to say yes – and well, you go into a trance easily. Any person serious can sit down and try this and get instant results.

After a survivor is deprogrammed enough to get to their core, they can ask it if they were accessed that day or any other information they’d like to know. I had realised this core trick in December 2016, which is what closed my cognitive dissonance with accessing, rituals and other abuses I had endured that year after thinking I was out! After asking the core “Was I accessed in the previous one hour?” more then a few times a day, I eventually hit a ‘yes’ response.

I was then able to pin point down some patterns to the accessing. I’d be accessed when alone and at home, or sometimes even outside of the house. The core was also able to tell me the duration of these accessings that if drugs were given and also if the core felt they were successful in their attempts.

I then asked the core to do all it could to sabotage and waste their time with their accessing methods, and it agreed. So in this way the accessing has more of a chance to fail for them. This doesn’t mean they won’t succeed however.

So for a survivor, having access to their core can help with the following:

  • Accessing deterrents
  • Memory Recovery
  • Confirm Identities of Abusers
  • Yes / No responses of if certain events took place
  • Relief from symptoms
  • Simply giving the unconscious suggestion to undo the accessing work and deprogram their programming is enough for it to start.
  • The Core knows how to deprogram a person perfectly, and if the core is introduced to the rest of the system the system naturally comes undone.

It’s in this way a survivor has to check if they have been accessed, as even for myself here the accessing is completely invisible and very hard to detect. Seemingly impossible to stop if you aren’t in a safe location, however very easy to pick up on during and after it happened even if it was minutes ago. From there you can undo their work, which is generally in the form of post hypnotic suggestions to dampen the survivors day to day life.

Notes with The Core for an Outsider / Non Multiple System

This information is also great for non MK people who are caught up in the cult somehow. Personally I’ve shared this information with a non MK outsider who is helping me and within a few minutes we were able to discover that even him himself was being accessed unknowingly for many years. Mainly for the purposes of post hypnotic suggestions to try change future events. In this instance you can use the word unconscious mind instead of the core.

Anyone can access their unconscious mind with some effort and the above information, as it’s rather easy to do.

See Also

  • The Formula Book – The Core Let’s return to describing the “core” or that part of the brain which is intact at the beginning. If we pause to consider that a non-multiple person will experience struggles in their mind when simultaneous, overlapping but conflicting desires meet in conflict–i.e. “should I lay in bed, go to work, or go fishing today?” A particular part of the brain (a Synthesizing Self) is capable of ordering such a conflict–it transcends all these conflicting ego states.
  • YouTube video of John Grinder, who co-founded NLP with Richard Bandler –  working with the Unconscious Mind. This is how you would access the core in a survivor or anyone also.
  • New Book: It’s Not Impossible (Svali Blog Post 2017) – Svali’s new book has a chapter dedicated to the core.



The goal of this deprogramming method, is to provide a template solution that should work on any person with trauma based mind control. Content is irrelevant, and also programming scripts are irrelevant. If you have a few alters and some imagination, that should be all that’s needed. Honestly it won’t work on everyone, but will work on at least a few more people. Even if the whole process doesn’t work, one survivor we were working with was able to make a new safe place and feel instant happiness and relief, however we had trouble making the new safe place ‘stick’.

We have tried to break down into steps an approach to dealing with deprogramming. These steps should be a shared commonality with all survivors. However be advised, do not try this at home. It is actually a very dangerous and stupid thing to deprogram someone, at least read as much as you can on the subject before attempting this. It is vital to have a strong support system to aid you as you deprogram – trusted friends, other survivors – who can remain in contact safely during the deprogramming process.

It also helps to have someone knowledgeable on programming. Both the authors were trained by Dr Blue, Dr Red and Dr Green as children in the basics of mind control programming. Although we can’t always access this knowledge directly, during deprogramming work we have almost a sixth sense for what we are dealing with.

While deprogramming yourself or helping another – It is vital you avoid negative suggestion. For example if you reply, “You are not crazy!”, this will unconsciously register as “You are crazy!” and cause some issues. Instead, say “You are sane.” Suggestion can also play a huge part, as you will see in some examples below. Think creatively to situations that arise and you suggestion to aid you. For example: in one situation an alter was surrounded by a thick fog. Instead of asking them to remove the fog, say “As you blow the fog away, you will notice it vanishes rather quickly and safely.” The more detailed and descriptive the suggestions the better, but only to a certain extent.

While deprogramming it is important to remember you cannot force anything. Always ask, before manipulating objects in the internal worlds “Would it be safe to –action-?” and also “Now that it is safe, do I have your permission to –action-?” – generally the alters will do all the work, with you simply providing instructions. Be careful.
Your power and influence over changing the internal worlds to help learn more and deprogram safely solely depend on the alters that trust and want to talk to you. You are only as powerful as the alters in your safe place.

Survivors of trauma mind control have to deal with two worlds simultaneously. It’s an art to balance the external world, yet maintain order, steady exploration and deprogramming of your internal worlds.

Survivors also have a high capacity for visualisation, and the human brain being multiple times more powerful than any known supercomputer, it shouldn’t be any surprise that through the grace of Nazi science it was discovered it can simulate whole internal worlds and multiple personalities, very similar to the HoloDeck from StarTrek, with great visual detail. The internal worlds range from Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz or Peter Pan themes. There are many hidden parts and levels to the whole internal worlds ‘system’ and it may seem very, very vast.

To make any progress regarding breaking the mind control, work has to be done in the internal worlds more so than the external worlds.

See Also

Capacity for Visualization

This relates to the imagination, or the ability to make pictures, sounds and feelings within your mind, and the ability to use the imagination to change or create new objects within the internal worlds. The more imagination you have, the better chances you have of breaking free from the mind control. Unlimited imagination is preferred.

The ability to create new internal worlds, items to aid deprogramming and ways to find new alters will depend on capacity for visualisation and imagination. Generally females have a better tendency for visualisation, providing a much more immersive and visual description of the internal worlds and also in turn, the ability to use those same visualisation powers to break the mind control.

Application of Imagination

The practical application of imagination onto things in the internal worlds is important, and takes a certain level of intelligence to apply it effectively. The more skilfull at applying imagination to things, the more chance you have of breaking free from the mind control. This could range from simple teleportation around the internal worlds to creating your own defensive systems to protect your safe place and friendly alters.

At the very beginning stages some practice will be required to help master the internal worlds, so basic teleportation and making basic objects in the internal worlds is a good start.

Working with Auditory and Kinaesthetic Scopes

Some survivors, especially their front alters – may not have access to the capacity for visualisation as they’d like. If you are able to speak to alters however without ‘seeing’ too much, this is still possible to work with. For example if you are able to speak with other alters, you can ask them to make things within the internal worlds on your behalf. They may not have the visual scope, however you can ask ‘Are you please able to make a safe place?’ and they will reply yes or no. So the point being, it is possible to work without a visual scope – however a visual scope is much easier.

Understanding External Issues Through the Internal Worlds and Alters

Fears and other abnormalities that externally manifest are generally can be related to problems with alters and situations in the internal worlds, but not all the time. Resolving these problems will result in the external problems being fixed, or at least, slightly improved. Some phobias, aversions, or physical pains are remnants left over from traumatic experiences that the front alter is most likely unaware of. By going through the system and removing the traumatic association some of these problems can be alleviated.

People are born with two fears – the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Other phobias are learned through experience. Some survivors will have inexplicable phobias that seem irrational to them. Upon further exploration and sharing of memories they can find that the phobia stems from a different alter’s experience. An example of this is Aquais’s aversion to water. Aquais would avoid drinking water at all costs, if she had to she would never drink the full amount. She would feel sick to her stomach after drinking any kind of water and complain of a bad taste. Through deprogramming we learned this stemmed from a young alter who had been forced to drink water laced with various drugs to aid in programming. The alter now associated the pain and fear of a programming session with the obligatory laced glass of water the would proceed it. Through understanding the reason behind the fear we were able to reassure the alter that she would no longer have to go through a programming session after drinking water. After this realisation, she was able to drink water more easily.

See Also

Familiarisation of Internal Worlds

The initial goals should be to educate on the nature of the mind when dealing with repressed trauma, and how to deal with flooding and bad thoughts. A lot of prep work will be required before we start to try deprogram further. Grounding is an essential skill to have and train. Association and dissociation are also vital skills to understand.
The best analogy to explain how to explore and navigate Internal Worlds is that of a text based role playing game. You can move around, observe items, interact with them and also interact with the people to learn new things. However, if you are unaware, some items may be potentially fatal to interact with, or manipulate. This is why it is good to have someone who has experience with programming, or working mainly with alters in the internal worlds to do the work for you safely.

Another thing to note is within the Internal Worlds, your interactions with each alters are on display. If you negatively affect one alter, this may pass onto other alters. Your reputation in these internal worlds is vital. If you have a good reputation, then other alters will understand who you are, if they have heard of you previously, and be more willing to assist you and the other alters.

However if they are afraid of you or you break their trust, then you might have a tough time convincing them otherwise. One you are ‘locked out’ of a system, there’s no easy way to get back in.

When we first started deprogramming Aquais, she was in denial of having alters. Her programming leaked through in different nightmares of traumas, various pains, and a negative voice constantly criticizing her. The first foray into exploring her internal worlds revealed that she was in a bedroom along with two other girls and a man (the criticizing voice). This intense visualization was a surprise to her and together we began the deprogramming process.

The initial focus with this, was to find out the problems the current alters had in the bedroom, resolve the issues and then get the alters to agree to move to a more safer place. Aquais’s mind was all over the place. She had many pains. She complained she was running out of time. Although these things seemed severe, but they will fade over time with deprogramming work. The initial period will be the most intense.

Learning the Basics of Internal World Manipulation

To gain a better grasp of the internal worlds it is good to feel out the basics of your internal worlds. For Aquais, the time spent in the bedroom with the others served as a tutorial level, or training ground, for her to slowly learn how to master her internal worlds and manipulate them safely. We started to work with the ‘the voice’ – a male alter – that had been causing her so many issues.

It seems ‘the voice’ alter was in control of some of Aquais’s pain and derogatory thoughts. These were punishment thoughts, which were arising due to poking around programming as a defense mechanism. To combat this you work on association and dissociation to gain more control over programmed thoughts.

As you deprogram it is good to refer to alters by name as it makes it easier to communicate with them in the future and also humanizes them. Some alters will have names, but lie about it. Some alters will tell you a different name to their current one, however this doesn’t matter. You can give them a nickname on your own. As ‘the voice’ said, names have power. They help you have control and ownership of yourself.

In Aquais’s tutorial stage the alters in the bedroom all took names. The male alter, ‘the voice’ was named Mako, one girl was named Wendy, and the other alter was very young named Allie.

Some alters you find will seem strange. Alters may be a different gender than the front, they may be a different age, have a different appearance, or even be animals or objects. All alters are still pieces of one whole. Young alters are common in personality systems and are referred to as littles. Littles can act very juvenile or act well above their perceived age. All personality systems are different.

The next step in the tutorial was to practice control of objects within the internal worlds. For Aquais, she made a coffee machine in the bedroom to combat the cold feeling she experienced with dissociation. She encouraged the other alters to have coffee as well. This seems trivial but it is an excellent way to see the power of imagination and visualization at work within the internal worlds. After feeling through the basics it is good to move on to creating a theme for deprogramming and making a safe place within your mind.
If the survivor is able to make new objects in the internal worlds, and they remain persistent, then their chances of breaking free are much greater.

Purpose of a ‘Internal Worlds Safe Place’ and Why It’s Important

In the internal worlds, it’s generally a good idea to make a new safe place for alters to live in as soon as possible. Generally alters will already have their own private ‘safe place’, but the creation of a new one has the intentions of making a communal environment for alters. They can still go to their safe places and come and go from the safe place as they please, however we have had the case where alters have wandered out of the safe place and became lost or stuck and recovered later on.

The internal worlds can be rather scary, chaotic and confusing for the survivor and alters. So having a safe place provides alters to just be away from all the bad things and take a break. Simply ask an alter “Is it possible and okay to create a new safe place in a random and safe location?” Any location is fine. Once you have got the basics of it, you can build the safe place a bit more to have facilities and enticing for alters to live in.

The safe places should be set up for habitation. Meaning all facilities, such as a bathroom, their own rooms and kitchens should be available. These facilities and a routine of activities will help humanise alters, and demonstrate to other alters a normal sense of behaviour.

The safe place will remain a constant throughout the entire deprogramming process. How the safe place can safely house a few alters to a two thousand alters in the space of a year is described in Mastering the Internal Worlds. You can imagine the power of a few alters who trust you, let alone two thousand alters working together to break the system.
If you are successful with creating a proper safe place with alters sharing truthful information, and alters are realising they have being tricked and lied to, it will spread. The rate of alters taking refuge in the new safe place will increase over time, as the fear dissipates from them. Some effort is required at the start to find alters and ask them to move in and help you, but once you get more than a few alters together you can delegate that task to them to find more alters safely, or create automated deprogramming systems to do the work for you.
After some time, no effort will be required at all to ask alters to move into the safe place and help, as they will have seen the truth after watching the safe place start out small and grow into a thriving community of alters working together to break free after learning the truth. Alters will be really interested in what’s going on but will watch only what’s happening and not want to change or move out of fear. They all secretly want to be in the safe place, it’s a matter of time for most of them.

Creating a Safe Place

Creating a Safe Place is vitally important for overcoming the mind control. It’s as simple as finding an empty space in the mind, and creating a place. Most survivors will have no issues in creating a full blown safe place, complete with all the trimmings. Their capacity for visualisation will determine if the safe place remains there over time. This can also be understood as persistent visual memory.

Eventually you will want to move alters you find to this new safe place. The safe place should be decked out with the works, bathroom, kitchen, entertainment areas and anything the alters desire. The new safe place will be much more enticing to stay at, then compared to the internal worlds most alters are stuck in. By including all of these amenities you are providing comfort to all of the alters. It is amazing how having favorite foods, a healing hospital wing, or a play area for littles will affect different alters. The safe place can become a communal place for alters to feel at home.

Choosing a Theme

Deprogramming is a totally personal approach. Each person was programmed differently, and due the widely different nature of individuality, each person will eventually develop their own unique way to deprogram. However there are a base set of functions and goals which remain the same for all deprogramming practices, just the theme would be personally different. Another case of same pattern, different content.

Jason based a lot of his deprogramming on the Hare Krishna and video game culture and imagery. Aquais’s theme is based on her interest in history, with her internal safe places representing historical buildings and other areas of history. Your deprogramming theme will be something comforting and happy for you. Another survivor’s safe place was a mountain cabin in nice forest, with a dirt race track where he’d race for fun, since they were the things he liked.

After all, you are doing this to help you feel better! Your safe place will help you to be able to heal, be happy, and be more at peace. The survivor has a much better chance with these techniques if they create the objects and places in the internal worlds how they like, and with their own imagination. It will have less or no effect if you try to put in a fixed object that’s from the therapists or deprogrammers imagination into the internal worlds of the survivor. The functionality behind creating things in the internal worlds can be invented by you, just leave the content up to the survivor to create.

Jason’s Safe Place as a Real Example

After a couple of months of meeting different alters, being flooded with traumatic memories and other negative things, I came to the conclusion that there needs to be a place in the internal worlds for alters to seek refuge and work together. My safe place started out as a hemisphere of life, in a random safe location in the internal worlds. As my deprogramming theme was based on Ancient Indian culture, alters sang the mantras within the hemisphere.

As the mantra was sung, it’d pervade the hemisphere and travel the internal worlds in all directions. Attached to this sound vibration was all the truth the alters in the hemisphere have learned so far, with an invitation to join them and help. In a short space of time, new alters appeared in the hemisphere and joined the singing of the mantra.

The next day, this hemisphere had grown in size to cater for the influx of new alters, and alters even started to build their own houses and places to live. Eventually this small town grew into a flourishing city of alters, and without effort, the new city even had their own marketplaces, economies and social gatherings.

Aquais’s Safe Place as a Real Example

Aquais’s safe place was based off of the Library of Alexandria that she simply called the Library. Within the first floor of the Library was a hospital wing to heal wounded alters, a movie theater, a fully stocked kitchen, and a huge library. Inside this library she stored the knowledge she learned about her internal worlds. On the second floor were rooms for each alter. Logic in the internal worlds is open to interpretation, similar to the logic described in Alice in Wonderland. Using this logic, Aquais made the rooms so that they could contain anything alters desired – from an enormous pillow fort for one little to a huge waterfall and grotto for another. As more alters came to the Library, it expanded to surround a huge garden. Some alters wished to have their own house near the Library and others resided in the infinite number of rooms.

Once a safe place has been established, you now have a headquarters. This will be your main area of operations. All alters that are rescued or recovered will eventually seek asylum in the safe place for truth and understanding. Some alters however, even after hearing of this the safe place, will choose not to move in or want nothing to do with it. Some will even try to stop you and sabotage your safe place and alters! Some may build their own house where they are if you ask them to, which is better than nothing. These things are normal and nothing to worry about. It’s usually fear of punishment that prevents alters from moving to the new safe place.

It is very important to establish ‘rules of entry and staying’ for the safe place. These include rules such as, no bad things ever happen in the safe place. Everyone in the safe place gets along. Everyone in the safe place shares their memories to help recreate what happened, but it’s okay if they do not want to share everything right away.

After establishing a safe place, you can begin to invite alters throughout the system to come stay at the safe place. Aquais used a feature from existing programming to become a constant invitation and transport for alters to the safe place. From a Peter Pan script used she had two stars (the second star to the right) that were visible on all levels in her system. She repurposed these stars to transmit the message of the Library and to transport alters instantaneously and safely to the Library. All alters had to do was think about or look at the stars to be taken to the Library. To protect the safe place, only alters who had good intentions could be transported to the Library.

Maintaining and Protecting your Safe Place from Attacks

Once your safe place is established, and you have new alters moving in, things may seem to be going well for a bit. I honestly believe that there is a sense of arrogance regarding the mind control system, with this weakness, you can make a lot of ground before the system realises that it needs to do something more to stop the deprogramming systems.
You will have other alters who are working against your work. Regarding Aquais’s deprogramming, our first encounter with these alters was meeting one of them who claimed to be an agent of “The Shield”. They openly talked about how they were attempting to stop the deprogramming work, and seemed confident in their efforts. They’d wall off alters as Aquais slept, and tried their best to further fragment or compartmentalise the alters. They weren’t however, able to remove the safe place. After 8 months of the deprogramming systems in place, “The Shield” and anything to do with were no longer an issue, as it had been assimilated into the safe place. In this way programming can be undone without effort.
There will be more extreme cases where the safe place maybe infiltrated by invading alters. We had one instance where a mirror portal appeared and the demon entity looked like the front alter Aquais and could pretend to be like her. However she had taken the real front alter to some deeper part of the internal worlds and refused to return her. So sometimes alters may be held hostage. This same demon alter also undid the deprogramming work on the kitten, Lucy. Lucy saw herself as a child, however with a cat’s tail, which was progress in a sense of humanisation. After this demon alter zapped her, she became a full kitten again and that progress was lost. The demands of this demon alter were to return another alter back into Wonderland, and the front alter Aquais will be returned. With nothing else to do, we gave into the demon alters demands. We did lose one alter, but later found her after a month or so of deprogramming work.

We also had another instance of an alter who later went by the name ‘Defense’. He was an agent for the shield that appeared randomly after we were poking in secret areas of the internal worlds. He kidnapped all the alters that were in the safe place away to somewhere distant and into separate the alters into their own white box. Defense liked to take the role of ‘Dungeon Master’, meaning he was in control and knew it but also had an attitude that it was more a puzzle or fun game to solve. Most alters who have that power are sometimes open to reason, or even if done correctly they can be fooled. In most cases it’s just a matter of time and work to get things back to how they were if a troublesome alter does something annoying like this.

At first, the alters were separated from each other and were held in various torture positions. So they were in an unpleasant state. Defense would rotate between each alter, so you’d have a small window of less than ten seconds to speak to which alter it was. It took some time, but I managed to convince Defense to at least stop the tortures for everyone, and to let everyone know they were taken from the safe place and captured, and that we were trying to do something about it.

To make progress with these more difficult alters, you can reason with them and make deals. But be very careful with this, and at least specific. Loose terms regarding deals will be exploited by more cult loyal alters. So in this way, we made progress with Defense, and slowly over the course of three days undid what he was doing. Eventually, I bombarded Defense with questions that would make him question what his role was in the system, and that made him confused. Once he was confused, his programming broke and he agreed to help protect the safe place from attacks, and also protect the alters in the safe place and we were back to how we were except now we had Defense also helping!

The most recent, and hopefully last attempts to sabotage the safe place and alters was around 10 months into deprogramming. So far the safe place and alters had caught onto all the tricks the system was using to sabotage the safe places deprogramming progress, and we managed to bypass them all. Relying on trusting alters to tell you if there is something wrong with the safe place is vital. One alter, who was later named ‘Shadow’ had invaded the safe place entirely and compromised all of the safe place alters, and we had no idea at all! She invaded the Library in an undetected way. Generally with Defense in charge of defending the safe place, we thwarted most attacks but not this one.

Shadow had attached herself to all the alters in the safe place, and could directly influence and control their thoughts without them being aware. She slowly changed their thoughts over time, and it was nothing obvious at first. However after two months, it was obvious something was very wrong. All the alters would complain about one thing one after another. They started to all have one common thought, such as “Therapy is useless, we’re not going to go anymore.”. After that it was obvious something was off. Generally the patterns become obvious. One of the little alters was trying to tell the author something was wrong, that the alters were not themselves and there’s a serious problem. She was later punished heavily in the internal worlds for exposing what was happening to the safe place. But we’d never have looked into it further otherwise!

After talking to Defense some more, it was obvious that it was Defense yet also another entity somewhat blended with Defense. We were able to talk to this entity in a more direct sense, and got her to detach from Defense, so Defense was now free from her influence. However, if she was in the safe place, she could still influence thoughts of alters. But more so if she was attached to them. And because the alters had these new implanted suggestions running through their minds, they were more stuck as they had internalised the thoughts and believed them as it had been happening for just over eight weeks. So it did take some time to recover from this one.

Eventually we got Shadow detached from all the alters, and we were getting back to how the safe place originally was. Shadow remained at the safe place for some weeks after, and spoke to us in great detail about the internal worlds and other secrets, however would lie on some occasions. Eventually Shadow left the safe place, yet still is everywhere.
So in this way the safe place for Aquais, ‘The Library’, has remained a constant for all alters over the first year of deprogramming. We came close to losing it a few times, however it’s now a thriving populace of alters who are all ‘in the know’ regarding what’s really going on and are all doing their small bit to help deprogram further. As the safe place remains for some time, it will grow more strong and the issues that were faced at the beginning stages of deprogramming are now nothing in comparison.

Although there seems there isn’t much the internal alters working against us can do about the safe place being there, they resort to other tricks such as giving the alters in the safe place the illusion that there’s no one else in it – when in reality they are all there. Even still, the most creative internal programmers will run out of tricks eventually.

Food, Drink and Medicine Items in the Internal Worlds Safe Place

In the internal worlds alters can use digestible items that affect consciousness or cure ailments. For example, you can create potions which will help alters relax, sleep, wake or even to cure drugged out side effects. In Aquais’s case, her alter Alex had created a hospital wing within her safe place. Alex looked after newly discovered alters and cured their various ailments with her potions and methods.

This is just one example of internal world items that can help. Even simple things like ice cream, other foods and coffee available for all alters in the internal worlds can really help, so you aren’t just limited to making potions. Most alters are happy to know that there is a fridge in the safe place kitchen with unlimited favourite foods.

See Also

Alters and The Best Way to Work With Them

To make any progress at all, you must work with alters. Survivors learning to work with alters internally on their own, especially at the start will over time develop the natural skillsets in order to deprogram themselves. At the start however, some external help maybe required from a therapist or trusted friend for the survivor to wake up and learn for themselves that something maybe wrong somewhere at least. Otherwise the survivor will generally remain completely clueless.

How to talk and Communicate with Alters Properly

To make any progress with deprogramming, you must communicate with your alters either with voice, pictures or memory sharing. Anything! They will talk back with voice, or mostly pictures, or with memories of their own. Some find it easier to just share their memories, if it’s beyond words. If after a while you are deprogramming, and you come across some new memories – this may be an alter trying to be heard. Acknowledge these memories, and inquire as to whom they are coming from.

You can also ask alters for insight to programming systems, and to see what they know about the system. Some alters will know a great deal about the system, and have maps. This saves exploring the system manually.

You will come across alters that will lie to you and try to take you down the wrong path. This can be overcome by developing a strong intuitive sense. With practice, you’ll easily be able to detect truth and lies and what areas of your mind control system. Even if you haven’t developed intuition, you can talk to some of the alters you have befriended to get their insights if they have intuition. Once you are friends with alters, you can gain access to their memories and use their resources if they allow it and there is sufficient trust. Cooperation will generally emerge between alters if the trust isn’t broken, and if positive results are seen in the internal worlds encouraging more alters to join and help.

Exploring Internal Worlds Safely and Meeting New Alters

When exploring different levels of the internal worlds it is important to stay safe. You want to protect yourself and alters from getting lost in the system or being affected by different programming defensenses. Jason created a silver lifeline that led back to safe place. The line can be made invisible to the rest of the system and everyone out of the safe place by using the internal world logic. By stating and firmly believing that the line is invisible, the rest of the system will believe it too. Jason also guarded his safe place by creating a sphere of energy that surrounded it like a hemisphere. Aquais protected her safe place in a similar way by thinking of the shield as a large bubble that surrounded it. For extra security she had a false Library to act as a decoy to keep the real Library hidden from cult loyal alters in the system. She travelled through her internal worlds protected by a smaller version of the bubble shield.

As you venture yonder into your internal worlds, this is a great chance to meet new alters, or to cure problems you come across. Remember, at anytime, you can follow your safety line back to your safe place and be greeted with cheering by your rescued and freed alters.

It’s also possible to create a protection sphere and get inside it with some alters (like Aquais’s portable bubble shield). Then, simply teleport to a random safe location that would potentially have alters. During the start of Aquais’s safe place creation, we collected a few alters who were more than happy to join us and help get into a routine to build the safe place stronger by doing this. The more alters you have in the safe place, the more you can do.

Merging Alters

The longer term plan behind doing all of this, is to facilitate the merging of alters. This is not something you can do right away with more developed alters, as they see merging as equally fearful as death. Fragments that contain very little information can merge easier.

In Aquais’s safe place, we had over 2000 fragments, and around ten or so of them were more developed personalities. As everyone was in the safe place, it makes sense for them to start merging with each other.

Merging is required if you want to break the mind control. Nothing is lost when alters merge. We found that even after merging most of the fragments together, we could still count them individually however they were merged. Similarly, we merged two younger alters. Upon realising that they were the same alter they merged together. This was the first major merge done by Aquais, and it went well. Other alters were more open to the idea of merging after seeing a positive experience with it.

As one alter said, “We don’t want to merge at all, and that will just undo the doctors work!”. And if you do it right, you’ll be merging faster than they can keep up. It’s really hard to break again the mind after it’s merged or merging at a rapid rate. Especially so once the fear factor isn’t in control. We found that after one year of deprogramming work, Aquais’s codes for rituals and ceremonies would not work anymore. She described a funny situation where handlers would be standing around her clueless, franticly searching for a code in the ‘black book’ that would work. Aquais just had to pretend that it was working and play the part to keep everyone happy.

Differences of Growing Up or Becoming Younger Again and Their Implications

Alters can also appear as different ages within the internal worlds. An important thing to note with this is – alters in the safe place, once they start to develop and learn they may also naturally age and grow up. Alters growing up is non different to deprogramming, as the growing or ageing of alters is progress they have made with learning new patterns and how to cope with the cult.

For example if you have been working with a Kitten alter, who has gotten out of the cage and is more humanised and deprogrammed, reverting this alters age back a few years will set the alters programming back, meaning the alter will be a properly trained kitten as they were years ago. A simple hypnotic suggestion to grow up again can revert this. Also during accessing, this is how handlers limit or reverse any progress alters have made with deprogramming.

There may also be the case too where a front alter is overstepping his bounds. For a lot of cult members, they are disallowed natural and occurring relationships with the opposite sex due to it being a threat to the programming being discovered. This is especially true if they are associating with non cult members. Any attempts will simply be sabotaged by internal means or the handler himself. This was a real example with my case, and any progress I made was simply undone in that area due to age regression.

So to put it simply, if an alter regresses in age they also lose their skillsets and their progress deprogramming themselves. It thankfully can be reversed by hypnotically aging the alter back to how it was, however do so with great care.

Meeting Lucy – An Example of Interacting with a New Alter

During Aquais’s deprogramming a new alter emerged and took the body. It refused to go back, and refused to change into anyone else. This new alter, simply enjoyed basic things. Like touching things, listening to music and normal everyday things… It did throw us off a bit, however she seemed rather harmless.

In a private chat, the new alter confessed that she felt horrible. She didn’t want to do anything wrong. She couldn’t understand why people were being mean to her. She was having such a good time, simply by exploring touching certain textures and listening to different sounds. She didn’t want to go back. She also disliked Aquais, due to Aquais taking the body most of the time. It simply wasn’t fair for her. The new alter was actually a Beta alter who had managed to break out of her programming and make it to the Library safe place. The following is a transcript of when this new alter (who later chose the name Lucy) was fronting.

Aquais: They don’t like me do they? Please, I just like being here. I don’t want to go back. I don’t know what to do. I like talking and laughing. I like skipping, and touching is fun. But i am afraid. I don’t want to leave and I don’t even know where I will go. I don’t know who I am. Help me please?

Jason: You’re fine, they are just a little worried

Aquais:  Why?

Jason:  Everyone is a bit confused, because we can’t seem to find or speak to Aquais

Aquais:  Why?

Jason:  How old are you?

Aquais:  I don’t know. I liked seeing the movie though.

Jason:  You don’t know much, right?

Aquais:  No

Jason:  What do you know?

Aquais:  I don’t want to leave. I don’t like Aquais much.

Jason:  Just those two things?

Aquais:  Wm I have been somewhere for a long time.

Jason:  Did you appear because it was too much for Aquais?

Aquais:  No. I like being here.

Jason:  Yes, Hello!

Aquais:  I am not being mean.

Jason:  Well you are, being mean to Aquais.

Aquais:  No

Jason:  We all miss her here. We’d love to speak to her

Aquais:  I bet she will remember all of this. And no. I don’t want to go back.

Jason:  Where do you have to go back to?

Aquais:  It’s dark.

Jason:  The Library is a nice place to stay.

Aquais:  No

Jason:  What’s wrong with the Library?

Aquais:  I will just be forgotten. Again. I will never get to be like this again.

Jason:  Actually you will be. Eventually everyone merges together anyway. You will still be there.

Aquais:  I won’t be me. Who am I?

Jason:  Look, I know who you are.

Aquais:  Who?

Jason:  Why should I tell you?

Aquais:  Please.

Jason:  No really, why should I?

Aquais:  I will tell you what i know . everything i can remember

Jason:  Then we can get Aquais back?

Aquais:  Yes. I am crying. I am sad and there are tears.

Jason:  Can I speak to Aquais just for a minute? I’ll get you back afterwards, you can just sit at the Library.

Aquais:  I am younger than her. Do you promise?

Jason:  What name do you like? I will call your name.

Aquais:  i don’t remember my name.

Jason:  Did you want to pick a name for yourself?

Aquais:  I haven’t been here for a really long time

Jason:  Did you want to pick a name for yourself?

Aquais:  No i want to remember.  Why can’t I?

Jason:  We will need to choose a name, until you can remember again. Then you can change it.

Aquais:  Lucy.

Jason:  ok Lucy.

Aquais:  They are coming out with a new movie called Lucy. I liked the name. emoticon

Jason:  What is everything you know? What is your job?

Aquais:  I don’t know. They give it to me, I do it and I can’t remember afterwards . I never get to have fun like this i think. I really really like touching things.

Jason:  Yes

Aquais:  And talking is really exciting. She is here she keeps saying something.

Jason:  Aquais?

Aquais:  Yes.

Jason:  Can you give her full control of the body?

Aquais:  You will help me remember?

Jason:  Yes, but you need to stay in the Library, as everyone else remembers something… everyone in the Library also remembers . So you will remember sooner or later. The Knights are recovering all the memories.

Aquais:  ok . : (

Jason:  The Library is better than the dark!

Aquais:  True.

Jason:  Maybe some other times you can come out, and touch things.

Aquais:  ok.

Jason:  But you have to understand, Aquais needs to be Aquais.

Aquais:  But i want to live too.

Jason:  If she isn’t Aquais, then even you are in trouble…

Aquais:  I want a chance.

Jason:  How does this sound, let me speak to Aquais, then stay the Library… some nights, just ask Aquais if you want to come out… The rule is though, if you take over, Aquais has to come back when she wants to… or if we ask to speak to her.

Aquais:  ok

Jason:  That is the best we can do.

Aquais:  ok

Jason:  Thanks Lucy!

Aquais:  I’m sad now. But i guess bye.

Jason:  We can still speak sometimes. Bye!
Lucy stops fronting and gives Aquais back the body.
Aquais:  Wow. I have a headache.

Jason:  Hey there

Aquais:  I am tired, and someone is crying?

Jason:  Lucy. She kind of took over for a bit.

Aquais:  Ok. Who is she?

Jason:  I am unsure. I don’t think she knows much… or has experienced much.

Aquais:  She can’t remember her past. She doesn’t like me.

Jason:  Ahh yes. I am not sure why.

Aquais:  She says she wanted to live in the day. She doesn’t know how she came to the front.

Jason:  Me too!

Aquais:  She says it isn’t fair.

Jason:  Usually they don’t do that lol. She doesn’t like you because you get to have the body?

Aquais:  During the day. I get to do what i want.

Jason:  And at night she appears ?

Aquais:  She tried to scratch me. She says sometimes to at night. She is curled up in to a ball.

Jason:  Is she the cat?

Aquais:  She smiled. I thought cats were like actual cats though.

Jason:  There are also some kittens . Usually yes they see themselves as cats, but really they are just kids.

Aquais:  She says her codename was cheshire.

Jason:  I think your beta programming is coming undone.

Lucy continued to help Aquais through her deprogramming. Through her we learned a lot about Beta alters and Beta programming. Months after her move to the Library, Lucy told Jason about her different handlers. Her handlers would go by the name Daddy. We also learned that her handler could be changed by codes. 10 months after we first met Lucy, one night Lucy was accessed by Daddy, she spoke against him asking for a new Daddy who wouldn’t treat her badly. It was very brave of Lucy but she was severely punished and locked away in deeper levels of the internal worlds for months. It was very sad, but luckily we were able to explore the deeper levels and save Lucy along with some other kitten alters. Now the safe place has some pet kittens for the alters residing there!

See Also

Creating Deprogramming Systems and Deprogramming Ideas

After you have a safe place established and have some alters together working towards one goal – it’s possible to explore the implementation of automated exponential deprogramming systems. These offer many advantages for the survivor, and proper implementation of these deprogramming systems can result in the survivor being deprogrammed while they are focusing on getting on with their life. However note that some survivors may have a hard enough time getting their safe place to stick and remain a constant in the internal worlds, let alone creating an automated self replicating system. Survivors with scarred brain stems will have better success with these methods of automation and replication.
The other advantage of these systems is, they can be running all the time and you can focus more power on one area over others. We experimented with three main areas which seem to aid deprogramming.

  • Collect new information about the internal worlds.
  • Recover fragments or alters from the internal worlds and bring them back to the safe place.
  • Heal and help alters recover in the safe place and integrate them into the safe place after they are healed.

You can alternate power between these three systems. For example if you are in a therapist’s scenario working with a survivor, you can setup these systems so the one that explores the internal worlds are running at full energy, but with little or no energy towards recovering of alters and healing fragments or alters. Once you have your therapy session, you can put less energy into exploration of internal worlds, and more into recovering alters and healing them.

We managed to heal over 1000 fragments in under six seconds using these systems creatively! With no power in exploration or collecting alters, you can heal very fast. And noted that after this effect of healing all the collected fragments, memories instantly can make sense as they are now less fragmented. So generally a good time to talk about newly discovered traumatic memories would be in a therapy session.

If the recovering memories are too much for the survivor to handle, you can experiment to just focus solely on healing, and no alter recovery or internal world exploration. This can provide some relief, however they still have many other internal world aspects to deal with.

This compared to a traditional therapists model of giving therapy for a few hours a week at most, will only allow the survivor to work through their memories a few hours a week and leave it at that. This can potentially drag out the recovery period unnecessarily for an extra ten years at most. Automated exponential deprogramming systems works all hours, and due to the exponential nature of it, not even their handlers or programmers will be able to keep up with being able to stop it once it gets past a certain point.

The theme for these systems is entirely dependant on the survivors imagination. For Jason, he used units from the StarCraft video game. In the context of the video game, Overlords are units used to scout out information, so in the internal worlds more overlords were spawned to search out information about the internal worlds. Also created were zerglings to do a ‘zerg rush’, a flood of smaller weaker units that have great power in numbers. This was released on the system to recover alters to the safe place and change programming. In Aquais’s internal worlds, she used scouts that would pervade the internal worlds and collect information and Knights would work on recovering alters.

The easiest way to do this, is to create one object in the safe place, then give it some instruction – with the final instruction being for it to replicate itself infinitely as each moment passes. It can appear to be the form of anything, depending on the theme of the deprogramming, but the function of searching the internal worlds or deprogramming remains the same. Another case of same pattern, different content. Here are some base rules to get you started that were based on the Zergling. The more specific, the better! But there is a limit to being too specific. The Overlords (exploration patterns) are based on similar instructions, but relate to exploring the internal worlds safely and not modifying programming.

  • The entity is invisible to the whole system, yet can travel freely to any part of the system. Only allies can see the entity. (Note: even though it’s said to be invisible, it won’t be invisible for higher up alters… but it’s worth a try!)
  • When roaming the internal worlds, if any negative or harmful programming is discovered, it will be transformed into something pleasant and safer but only if it’s safe to do so.
  • If programming is discovered that can’t be undone too easily, simply ignore it and move on. If programming is discovered and there is uncertainty about it, ignore it and move on.
  • If any new alters are discovered, they instantly understand the whole truth as all the recovered alters understand it as the entity contains the whole truth in itself. They then are offered the choice to move to the safe place, or build a house outside the safe place and move there. If they still don’t want to move, that is also okay. Just move on to the next thing.
  • The entity cannot be defeated or destroyed.
  • This enttiy is self replicating, meaning, as each moment passes, a new entity is cloned from this entity, which creates the compounding exponential effect of a ‘zerg rush’.

Once you have the entity setup, just tell it to start replicating itself infinitely and it’ll do its thing! After you have successfully implemented self replicating deprogramming systems, it’s just a matter of maintaining them and using them effectively. I found implementing a map system in the safe place and tying that into the exploration of the internal worlds – you can literally leave the exploration patterns (Overlords or Scouts) to explore the internal worlds while the survivor is doing other things. At a later time, you can go to this area with the map in the safe place, and see the progress made and get a list of new areas discovered. This is certainly much easier than manually exploring the internal worlds at a slow pace.
Generally the information scouts will act on their own accord, however it is possible to issue commands to them.

For example, you could ask the scouts to search out and find Joker Cards, which can be useful for a deprogrammer at certain points. Once the scouts were active and replicating, we were able to recover a total of 13 joker cards in a short space of time.
Similarly once the deprogramming system is in place to recover fragments or alters and bring them back to the safe place, you’ll get new altars for the safe place over time, which saves manually exploring the system and asking alters individually to help you. Generally if the alter ends up in the safe place on their own will, they will already be willing and trusting to a certain extent to help your mission in the internal worlds. Alters that are neutral will live on the outsides of the safe place, and alters that are cult loyal will refuse to have anything to do with the new safe place. Most alters on the lower levels or beginning stages of deprogramming will be more than happy to try at least one attempt to escape cult abuse, but only if they trust the person helping them. Alters have been tricked and hurt before, so they are going out on a limb to try anything like break the system and escape.
With the alter being able to heal themselves in the safe place and then move into their own bedroom in the safe place, or near the safe place – you will also learn what they know, what skills they have – and more importantly what they know about the internal worlds.

These methods and techniques worked really well at the beginning phases, but they were eventually banned by the system. Even if we attempted to use them, a voice would appear and warn everyone to not do that, as it would break the rules and reminded us of the consequences. We respected the rules for some time, and stopped using the Scouts and Knights for a few weeks. Later the system allowed minimal use of the scouts, as it claimed it had to put energy elsewhere. So using energy to stop the scouts took up a lot of ‘system resources’.
The mind control system will automatically learn your behaviours, techniques and styles and then formulate methods to try and stop them. So you are working against a self evolving system, and need to be always creative and innovative to keep the deprogramming successful. It can easy to innovate beyond the internal programmers as they are slow. The more dramatic changes will come from external accessing by programmers and handlers.

Longer term, less effort needs to be put into creatively deprogramming as it becomes easier and natural for the survivor. Especially after the first initial deprogramming is done, the more negative thoughts have subsided and the safe place remains with alters that are happy and working together.

Collecting Information and Piecing it Together

With alters coming into the safe place, they can eventually open up and share memories and information with other alters. This can take time depending on what the alter is ready to share or even how ready the front alter is to learn about the memory. This can be a difficult process for alters as the memories or experiences can be horrible. The important thing to do is comfort the alter and remind them that they are here in the present and in the safe place. The bad things are not happening anymore.

Memories and information can be shared among all of the alters in the safe place. This includes information about programming, different triggers, or where other alters can be hidden. It is good to have a place where this information can be collected and stored. For Aquais, she collected information in a large book kept within the Library. Through information shared we were able to go through different levels to rescue alters who had been previously hidden.

Even if alters do not want to stay in the safe place, they can still be useful sources of information. Some alters wish to remain neutral out of fear of punishment, but they may be able to provide some information about the system as a whole. Useful information can even be gained from cult-loyal alters – just remember to use your intuition and instincts. Be careful, the systems are built around lies and deception – some alters lie because that is how they are programmed to be. Use caution and good judgment and even false information can lead to important information about the system being discovered.

Example of Remedying Basic Reprogramming

At some stage, reprogramming can occur. Meaning your deprogramming efforts were counter-measured by the cult programmers or handlers. The important thing is to remain calm and to have hope. Your automated deprogramming system will continue working, even if the survivor is unaware. However you still should check on them and ensure they haven’t been tampered with. Sometimes alters will remember what went on during reprogramming, so it’s also possible to go through and modify or delete any reprogramming that is done. In most cases it’s a simply a matter of finding an alter who you have trust with, and work with them to solve the mysteries of the internal worlds.
After a month or so of deprogramming Aquais knew she had to go visit her family who were in the cult. She was dreading it. She knew that terrible things might happen to her in an attempt to reprogram her system. She asked Jason that if she were to forget everything again, that he help her remember because she wants to be free. After the visit, Aquais was acting a little strange. The following is a transcript between Aquais and Jason after her visit:

Aquais: Hello

Jason: Hey there! Glad to see you are okay!

Aquais: : ) I don’t know if anyone did anything while I was home. I didn’t want to leave though.

Jason: sounds like it was stressful anyway

Aquais: hahahahahaha yeah ><

Jason: Mako still there?

Aquais: Mako?

Jason: Yes we went on a fantastic adventure together, and built a library. ;p

Aquais: The voice in the back of my head?

Jason: Yes.

Aquais: That’s all pretend though.

Jason: Seemed rather real to me!

Good thing it’s just pretend then! Maybe we can speak to Mako in a few days… Just to see how he is going. If he is still there.

Aquais had no memories of our chats before the visit. She knew nothing of the Library safe place, her alters and everyone else. Later we discovered that a different alter fragment of Aquais was now fronting. The first Aquais had gotten stuck in a part of a script in her programming and was deeply entranced, allowing the new fragment to front and hold the body. We were able to wake the first Aquais from her trance by diverting the trigger from the script. We eventually found the real Aquais under an apple tree. As an apple would fall from the tree, she would become curious and then eat the apple. However, when she ate the apple she’d fall deep into a trance and appear asleep under the tree. So as she would try to come out of trance, an apple would fall, she’d eat it and the cycle repeats. We stopped the repeating patterns and were able to wake Aquais and keep her awake.

Once awakened the second Aquais merged with the first and she could remember the previous progress that was made.

The purpose of this anecdote is to show that it is possible to continue deprogramming despite attempts to reprogram. Do not give up hope and continue working. It is an uphill battle to deprogram at times, but the benefits of being free far outweigh the difficulty.

Luckily for Aquais’s case, her father, who was her handler at the time was very lazy, took shortcuts and generally wasn’t very creative with his solutions regarding the deprogramming systems, let alone the programming done on her by him. So in this case, we were lucky as it was easier to undo.

Notes on Modifying Existing Programming

With existing programming and scripts in place, the internal worlds can appear packed with different levels, worlds and even universes. While deprogramming, you can either go through and demolish these features once alters are in the safe place, or you can re-purpose them to have a new meaning and a new function. It’s much easier to transform the purpose of something in the internal worlds, then it is to completely destroy it. This same idea can work with jobs alters have, programmed thoughts, or anything within programming.  Here are a few examples:

Within Aquais’s internal worlds one level was a recreation of Wonderland. Some alters were deeply attached to areas of Wonderland and terrified of others. During deprogramming, Aquais removed some of the scarier elements (like the Tulgey Woods, and the Queen’s Gardens) but kept others that were seen as comforting (Garden of flowers). With areas that she kept Aquais made certain to remove any aspects of programming that were negative or harmful in order to make it an extension of her safe place. We were only able to make these transformations easily to the lower level internal worlds with just under one year of deprogramming effort.

With programmed thoughts it can feel as if the negative or self-criticizing thoughts will continue forever. If you look within the internal worlds, you can find where these repeating thoughts are coming from. They could be coming from a speaker on loop or from an alter saying them again and again. Instead of removing the speaker, we created a positive track, full of helpful and encouraging suggestions to play on loop. In this way, we simply re-purposed the programming so it would be beneficial and helpful. You will feel more relaxed and stress free after transforming negative programming.

Other Tips and Tricks when Deprogramming in Internal Worlds

The Konami Code

This code is an older video game console cheat code. It has uses within the Internal Worlds and from my own experiences can potentially be powerful enough to move one alter or object from one part of the system to another, without upsetting any system alarms of defences. One woman from France also had success with this code, moving one younger alter, Mishka to her safe place from an unsafe place.

It seems as simple as envisioning the code within the internal worlds, along with the intent of what you’d like to move.

The Konami Code

The Konami Code is as follows: Up Up Down Down Left Left Right Right B A Select Start


The code can also be further researched as there’s a Wikipedia page about it here.

Quick Low Level Internal BEAST Access

Internal BEAST computers are computers built into the internal worlds, and are generally tied to all the alters in one way or another. I recommend to never touch them at all, just look and leave them alone!

However you can try this if you need to access a computer under special conditions and you know what you are doing. This method can be used to gain high level access to the first, lowest level internal BEAST computer, however I’d be cautious trying this on anything then that. Incorrect access procedures, especially with internal BEAST systems, can result in fatality or being in a psych ward forever. With this method it’s quite easy to gain ‘administrator’ or ‘root’ access to the lowest level internal BEAST computer on the first level.
Please understand that if you do not know what you are doing, there’s no real reason to do this. The deprogramming techniques explored in this book, if successfully applied, will eventually and naturally unravel the internal worlds without the use of codes or setting off alarms and this includes the internal BEAST computers.

For a deprogrammer though, it can be handy to gain root access to any internal BEAST system, even if it’s the lowest level one. It will open up the possibility to get a list of codes for all alters connected to that system, fix rapid switching issues or gain better insight from the internal BEAST computer perspective. These are just some of the possible things to do.
The internal BEAST computer is generally represented as the pyramid with the eye, and all alters will tell you about how they are connected to it in some way with a cord. Some alters in the internal worlds will be able to lead you to the internal BEAST computer, depending how deprogrammed and trusting they are with you. There is also a chance that it could be a fake computer, so learn as much about it as possible from all alters before you make a decision.

These series of steps are important, and if done properly – you will essentially have full control of the BEAST computer, and it will be totally okay with that! It takes only 3 seconds, and requires a 4 digit code. If you fail to do this whole process in under 3 seconds, then it might not work and the person who are working with will get a big headache.
Some alters may know the four digit code, or if alters are smart enough – they can manipulate the internal worlds to their will. Simply by realising that there are infinite options and possibilities, there is at least one more thing that will work to solve the code by entering any code. With that logic, you can gain access to anything in the internal worlds.
In the 3 seconds, you need to try do this process. You also need to get an alter to do this for you. If an alter doesn’t have experience interfacing or using the internal BEAST systems, then try find someone who does – otherwise attempt this at your own peril.

  • Observe the BEAST computer from the front, then walk behind it.
  • Observe again the back of the BEAST computer, and notice how seamless the bricks are.
  • While observing, you need to observe closer the seamlessness in the bricks. This will reveal a faint outline, that is generally located lower off centre to the BEAST system.
  • Once you observe that, push the brick with your sight (important). Don’t just touch to push the brick.

Note: if pushing the brick with your sight sounds strange, then you need to understand or realise more how internal worlds can work.

  • It will open to reveal a plug. You need a device to interface with this plug. The alters that know or have worked with BEAST, will know what this is – and generally can just manifest one from their will.
  • Enter the 4 digit code. Depending on the alter too – they can even create their own device to crack the 4 digit code by brute force. There’s more than a few ways to get around a ‘code’.
  • Once the code has been successful, the device has essentially overridden BEAST, so now if you want anything BEAST related, simply ask the alter working with BEAST and he will do the work for you.
  • After you are done, ask the alter working with BEAST to log out safely and disconnect the device safely.

Before doing this, I recommend to get the alters who are working with you – to somehow clone the whole BEAST system into an internal world safe place – and try work with different methods and techniques in the simulation, then destroy the simulation. These types of feats of running simulations and cloning large chucks of internal worlds can only be achieved after the alters have been deprogrammed and working together for some time, and also largely depends on capacity for visualisation.

And to be honest, there’s no real way to verify this information – however it worked on myself. Regarding Aquais, we were able to find the hidden access panel but did not attempt to enter any codes and just left it at that. Her alters however knew about the panel, and described that it has been used by her handler before. The four digit code was the same as his bank card pin number!

Deeper Levels and Deeper Alters

The whole system has different levels, and the deeper you get the more harder and intense it becomes to safely deprogram. Generally the less pretty it is the more deeper you go too. It’s easy to get through the first few levels and half way to get some beta alters. However the other half of the deeper levels will contain more ritual secrets, alters trained in espionage and assassination and many strange things and is generally much better protected. If the alters in the safe place have a firm grip on keeping their safe place together, then over time eventually the deeper levels will turn or be powerless.

Deeper Beta Alters, Presidential Models or Deeper Kittens

These Kittens presiding in the deeper levels are considered ‘something else’ in terms of beta services they can provide. As I am working with one survivor who currently has her deeper levels coming undone, naturally the deeper level alters are also coming undone and revealing themselves. These Kittens are very Kitten! They share a similar code structure to the lower level Kittens, for example beta SOMETHING 122, the ‘ches’ part is different. Here is an example of dialog with one of these Kittens.

Jas: you should try making it to the Library (safe place) with the others :3
Aquais: why sir?
Jas: better and more nicer things there. if you get there you can be out of the cage
Aquais: but kittens belong in cages. its just how it is sir
Jas: i know but there is a new rule in the library they can also be out of the cages, and that’s also just how it is there are I think six or twelve kittens there at the moment who are out of their cages
Aquais: but where do they stay? how do they listen
Jas: they have their own rooms and places. they do what they want, but work together in the Library. just free, to roam about, do what you want to do and what you like
Aquais: i like being a good kitten sir
Jas: : ) then you can be a good kitten outside of your cage in the library
Aquais: im confused sir
Jas: ok lol
Aquais: im sorry
Jas: did you ever meet Lucy ?
Aquais: no sir
Jas: she is another Kitten, how did you find out about me anyway ?
Aquais: it was like waking up. and you were talking to me. and i thought i must be yours :3 and i was happy
Jas: oh ok lol
Aquais: im sorry if i was not supposed to wake up sir
Jas: that’s ok. you were asleep the whole time before that ?
Aquais: i’ve been awake some. with different people
Jas: recently also ?
Aquais: i am not sure sir
Jas: ok
Aquais: sir im still confused. why are they not in cages
Jas: just a rule there, no one forces them out. you can stay inside one if you reallydid want to, but you are better off outside of one I think. more free, is the reason
Aquais: free to do what
Jas: to be a good kitten, any thing you want to be.

In this instance, the Kittens desire to be a good Kitten and do everything I say was turned against it in a friendly way, to get her at least to the safe place much faster. Once you have relocated the Kitten, it’s just a matter of time before they leave their ‘cage’. I generally stick to the rule that the Kitten should choose naturally the decisions they make, and that includes moving to the safe place and leaving the cage. You may have to get some other friendly alters to spend time chatting and talking with the deeper level Kitten, as this helps the Kitten ‘loosen up’.

When this deeper level Kitten was introduced to a Kitten on the upper levels from the Library (safe place) she still thought all of this was an elaborate test. She’d state how well she was trained. Although we weren’t able to get this specific Kitten out of the cage, we showed her the choice to move to the safe place, and she accepted it. After time, she came out of the came and integrated okay with the others.

See Also

Assassination or Delta Alters

No one recommends to attempt to deprogram these alters. Generally all Assassin alters are asleep by default. If they wake up, then it maybe game over for everyone! You can however, talk to them in their sleep and also influence their dreams. We have had some success in influencing the dreams of the sleeping Delta alters in an attempt to change their views of things. This is still dangerous however.

These alters guard the lower and most protected parts of the system, and wouldn’t be found in the higher levels of the system.

See Also


There are still many aspects to deprogramming mind control, and we simply have presented one possible way which could break it in an almost safe way without the use or knowledge of codes and scripts. We took the approach presenting this information so a clueless therapist or friend who is dealing the mind control personally or otherwise can do so more safely. This should at least give some hints on how to start and make progress therapy wise in the internal worlds, as that’s really the only way the external worlds will change for the better.

When one of the authors was coming undone from the mind control, there was no luxury of people who understand trauma mind control except for one outsider with a vague idea and thirst to learn more. Which helped, but still left it up to the author to work out how to do undo the mind control safely. This book will also be good for that situation, as it has combined all my knowledge over the past two years that has been relevant for undoing the mind control. So you can do it solo, and given the dangers of mental health services and paranoid conspiracy nuts who will judge or want to kill you, I found it’s probably better to just go it solo. However if you do have a genuine person who knows your situation to some extent, even just having them available to talk is a great help. Over time dealing with a person coming undone from the mind control can be difficult and a test of patience and character. The longer term fruits of the survivor breaking free and living a normal life and feeling happy in a genuine sense seems to make it more worthwhile.

When the other author was coming undone she did have a few close friends who understood what mind control was and what she was attempting. They were very supportive and helped her through the more difficult parts. However, as she became more deprogrammed and her internal worlds were less chaotic – her friends still regarded her with suspicion. They were afraid that her deprogramming was incomplete and that she was still a loyal member of the cult. While caution is needed throughout the entire deprogramming process it is important to treat survivors with dignity and respect rather than fear and suspicion. They have been through hell and back, the last thing needed is to be treated as untrustworthy or a danger.

I hope to present this as a standard for others  who are working to phase out the ‘spirit of Mengele’. To explore and build upon this knowledge and watch it evolve into new and interesting things as time goes on.