Exposing the International Sex Trade (Trigger Warning: Graphic Detail of Child and Infant Sex Trafficking Market) – Svali Blog Post 2018

Exposing the International Sex Trade

Trigger warning: graphic description of the international child and infant sex trafficking market

These are recovered memories shared by inside parts, and while I believe them to be true and accurate, others may consider this account fictional. I will let readers decide.

All international occultic societies engage in pedophilia and human trafficking to some degree.  In this post, I will expose one of the biggest money-makers for the order I was raised in: the infant and child sex trade.

The center of the “industry” as it is known to brokers (those who buy and sell infants, children and teens for various uses) is in south Amsterdam, known to those in the industry as “sin city”.  Sin city contains the brothels and sex houses known to the public, but it has a seamy understand that is less known: the trafficking in children and infants.

One of the families I was hosted with as a child was located in South Amsterdam for this very purpose. I was raised with my “Uncle Lou” and “Aunt Sally” there.  They each had their idiosyncrasies: I remember that Aunt Sally constantly cleaned and scrubbed the house until it was spotlessly sterile, as if doing penance for her lifestyle. Uncle Lou, when angry with me, used to threaten to ship me to Eastern Russia, terrorizing me by telling me I would be raped to death, since I was a pretty child.

Uncle Lou was a broker in the sex industry, and as a child, he taught me everything about how it worked.  I remember being taken in a truck to Eastern Europe (I was only 8 at the time), to “help” as the workers went to orphanages, and found infants and children deemed suitable. The workers dressed in nice Western suits, and let the orphanage directors know that the children would be placed in “loving families” in the West; they also gave a generous donation to the orphanage.  I was cynically sure, even at that young age, that the directors of the orphanages suspected that these pretty children were not destined to be adopted out.

The infants were cared for in the truck by peasant women hired for this purpose, to give the infants bottles (with medication, to make them sleep more), to change them, and ensure that the cargo would make it to Amsterdam healthy. These women knew that they were to never talk about what they did, on threat of their entire families being killed. I helped give bottles to the babies, and held or comforted upset toddlers and children, as the truck was filled up during the long journey across Eastern Europe. Other times, the truck made the trip to China, or Russia, but the purpose was the same: to find as many beautiful children and infants as possible, to feed the appetites of the wealthy.

Once the truck was full, it would head back. The infants and children, by now drugged, slept quietly behind a special partition. The border guards were well paid to never inspect the cargo, and it made its way back to sin city. Once the truck came, it was unloaded; the children were given shots, vitamins and inspected carefully. This was when the sorting occurred.

Some children (infants) were destined to undergo specialized sexual training before being placed on auction (twins were especially valued for this purpose, and got a higher price on the black market).  Others, a bit older, were placed on a special diet for strength and health, and were destined to go to the special sex parties that the wealthy in Europe enjoyed; or for use in infant porn. The youngest children were often sent directly to a proceurateur (individual whose job was to procure children and infants for the wealthy), who then prepared them with perfumes, oil baths, etc. prior to a sex party. These children were considered “expendable”, and were often killed by the teens or adults who went to the party, once they were sexually abused. At times, the multiple rapes themselves killed the child; other times, the adults killed the child as part of their sexual perversion (e.g. as part of a “snuff” sequence).

I remember the first sex party that I attended, at age 2. My twin sister and I wore diamond dog collars, and nothing else, and the individual who took us in to the party wore a tuxedo (this was the father we loved).  We both had special temporary tattoos on our backs and neck that identified us as being private property, and not to be killed (but this did not cause our anxiety to go down, as we watched child after child snuffed that night).  Fortunately, in the morning, we were both still alive; the partiers respected the special tattoos.

The purpose of being at the party? To observe the adults, and report any information possible on those who attended, to the Fathers who had sent us there for this purpose. Most adults in that time did not suspect that a young child could be used in this way, or knew that a two-year old can accurately report adult conversations and activities.

I had been to these parties for years, and knew the private practices of the Rothschilds, Battenbergs and others, which were quite perverse.  I recalled at times fearing being suffocated due to an intoxicated adult passing out on top of me when I was very young; or fearing that the special temporary tattoos would accidentally get rubbed off during the night’s activities.  At age 8, I felt sorry for the infants and young children that the procurateurs for these families and others grabbed, knowing all too well the fate that awaited them.

Once the shipment arrived, word went out, and the buyers for the larger private brothels would come.  The Amsterdam child brokers have a list which is updated every month, with the current market price for infants, toddlers, children and preteens; these prices vary by race, training (e.g. whether the child can perform an unusual sexual feat, or has been specially “stretched” since birth to accommodate an adult penis, etc.), whether they are a twin, and other factors. The buyers and the brokers both know the going “list” price, which is set at the private coffeehouses where the brokers gather and discuss prices; I often served these brokers coffee and ran to get them cigars as a young child in my Dutch presentation.  After a period of negotiation, the buyers for the brothels (some international) pay and take the children. Some shipments also contain children earmarked for various occultic groups, for use in rituals or other events.

Some children go to the auction houses. The largest is located on the outskirts of Paris, and is a popular destination for the wealthy. After an extravagant dinner served at 11 pm, at which the wealthy wear designer originals and deck themselves with jewels, there is a brief entertainment (such as an orchestra, or singing, etc.) At 1 am, the auction starts, with children exhibited and bid upon. This goes on hour after hour, as the wealthy bid on the children that will accompany them to the next “sex party”, or on ones to be given as “gifts” to return a favor.  Some are taken home that night; one that sadly they will likely not live through.

The “industry” brings in billions of dollars a year. An infant in the late 1960’s would sell for thousands of dollars; a child, from 1000 to 10,000 (for an especially pretty child or one with special training); they would certainly sell for more now. One truckload of children back then would bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars. The brokers keep careful track of the money earned, and have specialized accountants for this purpose.

One of my main jobs in my early teens was to help keep the books for some of the larger brokers. I did this for a reason unknown to these individuals: to ensure that the brokers were being “honest” and not embezzling, since the profits from the industry went to the V.  The V. had numerous agents around the city who were well aware of how much money was being earned through sales to procurateurs, private brothels, auction houses and others. A strict accounting was done, because to the V., it was ultimately all about money; the children were not valued at all, but simply seen as a money-making commodity.

The top brokers are well aware of the oversight over the trade of an individual from the V., to whom they must pay a “tithe” or “tax” as it is sarcastically referred to. This individual has a huge mansion with walled gardens, and often puts on fabulous sex parties for private guests.

The amount of human pain, misery and death that this industry creates is terrible. The children are not commodities, and the auction houses are centers of corruption, lust and greed.

Earlier in my healing journey, I fantasized about burning down the auction house in Paris (when the children were all gone). I hated it and all it represented.  As a teen, I was forced to be a procurateur for a time for the head of the German Illuminati, due to my connections to the industry. I hated having to look for children to feed the appetites of these individuals, and today am ashamed of what I did.

To cope with the shame and guilt, in my Dutch presentation, I had several addictions (sexual ones). At the time, the feeling was “since I must be part of this all, I may as well join in.” It took time and significant inside work to undo the addictions, since at one time, I was the individual who oversaw the “industry” in Amsterdam in the mansion, hosting the parties.  I helped to funnel the money from south Amsterdam to others. I am truly sorry for all that I did at this time in my life, and I pray that this terrible buying and selling of children will stop.


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