Programming Terms and Their Explanations

The information on this page has come from the book Chainless Slaves, with some minor additions to add information from myself.

Table of Contents

Internal Programs

4 Elements Defensive Programming

Fire, wind, water, and air. When the programming is touched by any outside individual in an attempt to breach programming the elements of the earth come alive.

  • WATER–subject will freeze like ice, will suffocate like inhaling water, will boil like being placed in boiling water, will feel a drip drip drip on the head, and will flood with memories.
  • FIRE—Subject will burn inside and outside. The subject will remember fire torture, and their face melting.
  • EARTH–the subject will remember being dropped down a well, being buried alive in either hot sand, or a casket. Earth means “life or death”. The earth “swallows subject’s up.” The subject may feel dehydrated from memories of being buried in hot sand (hot earth).
  • AIR or WIND–Vortexes suck the subject down and away, a strong wind takes the alter(s) out of their designated area and spins and separates them.

Abreaction Programming

Gives the subject topics to talk about in therapy or with other outside individuals who may be attempting to assist the subject.

Access denied Programming

Prevents unauthorized access both externally and internally, will often be reinforced by either or both suicidal/homicidal programming.

Access Programs

Allows access into the subject’s internal system. These programs allow the handlers and programmers to access the subject’s system through a specific part. Access is achieved through triggers, hand signals, electronic tones, spoken phrases, and touch. Once accessed, countless other programs may be triggered and/or reinforced by the handler or programmer.

Alex Programming

A recall and retry program.

Alice in Wonderland Programming

The programmer/handler uses the book written by Lewis Caroll to map the subject’s System. The created parts are given names and rolls after characters in the book. The White Rabbit is a programming figure for Alice in Wonderland programming who has access to deeper parts of the system. The White Rabbit is an important figure to the subject as he represents the programmer / handler.

The Queen of Hearts is also an important figure for the commands in the Looking Glass World which when a deep subject alter is needed to perform they are sent into the looking glass world where a looking glass person carries out the command, but in a way where reality is thought to be a dream. The codes used in Wonderland programming are too vast to list them all, however the programmer / handler will generally choose quotes from the Alice in Wonderland book to use.

Alien Programming

Blue beams of light are used as a hypnotic induction for subjects who are given the cover story of being abducted by aliens. The subject during this experience seeks a god who is a great being to control them.

This is used to program in the evil and good aliens, or evil or good gods. The gods or the aliens during a programming session will not be so strange that the subject as a mote can’t understand their purposes and activities. The subject may perceive these aliens on the trip experimenting with us. This is a common easy-to- create psychotropic programming script.

Alpha Programming

Is total alignment with the Programmers’ agenda. It is a prerequisite for other forms of programming and a base program. Regarded as general programming within the base control personality; characterized by extremely pronounced memory retention, along with substantially increased physical strength and visual acuity. Alpha programming is accomplished through deliberately subdividing the subject’s personality which, in essence, causes a left brain-right brain division, allowing for a programmed union of L and R through neuron pathway stimulation.Alpha Programming aims to install a mechanical paradigm, where all parts are instruments, vessels or puppets that can be made to do anything by those who hold the insights into the subjects mind. Young children have long periods of alpha activity and must be trained to enter other brain wave states for long periods. Access codes and sexual alters will often be placed in alpha, which may also be coded red in some systems.

Amnesia Programming

The alters will be programmed with amnesia as a backup. Backup amnesia means the part doesn’t remember that they lost time, or won’t remember that they forgot what has occurred. They also won’t remember that they don’t remember. This is an example of hypnosis used internally by the programmer and the programmed parts to control other inside parts. This is used in Alice in Wonderland programming as Alice falling down a tree. In Oz programming it is used in the Poppy field, or as the Glenda the Good witch with her wand. Two-way amnesia can be used, where neither part knows about the others existence.

Anger Management Programming

Teaches the subject to redirect their anger away from the handler and programmer. The subject will be provoked by one of these figures until they are angry. The question is asked, “Are you angry?” When the subject replies, in the positive an electroshock is applied. The subject will be brought to a high level of anger allowed to ‘cool off’ for 30 minutes. The subject’s and parts are taught to redirect their anger toward themselves. “When you (subject) are angry it is due to your inferiority. You must___ (cut, hit, burn) when you are angry. Do you understand?” This message will be repeated with the question “Do you understand?” The subject is traumatized until they are compliant. Suicide programming will be layered in at a specified brainwave state the programming begins with repetitious self-destruct messages. These messages debase the value of the subject to reinforce the suicidal destruct messages. This training will lead the subject will attach subconsciously a fear of pain to the concept of anger toward their programmers, handlers and authority figures.

Armageddon Programming

Is activated in those who have Bible programming. The four horsemen on their different horses ride out and bring their different mental tortures to the subject’s mind.

Assassination Programs

When an individual in the subject’s environment is deemed to have become too much of a liability, the subject may be triggered to attempt to kill the individual. The programming will be placed against a supportive individual, situation, or environment in the subject’s life. As is the case in self-injury programs, means (e.g., guns, knives, poison, etc.) of the assassination program are often “given” to the subject by the programmer. The primary intent program may not be the actual death of the individual but to scare them away, and to set the subject up as an aggressive individual so other outside attempts to assist in recovery will not occur.

Backup Programming

One of the backup programs is designed to deal with an individual who has agood understanding of a system, and tries to take a system out via spiritual warfare. Other backup programs provide the deprogrammer with mirror images and sham alters to talk with. The deprogrammer never talks to the real human elements.

Baby Talk Programming

When the parent and child or two adults, baby talk to each other so it appears there is an intimate relationship and nurturing when it is not.

Bells of Destruction Programming

The sound of bells tolling internally signalling to destroy a level of the programming, structures of programming, or a death knell. The program will have the bell toll a specified number of times for each object to be destroyed.

Behavioural Sciences Programming

Parts programmed to investigate human and animal behaviour through controlled and naturalistic observation, and disciplined scientific experimentation. These parts then learn to predict the behaviours of outside individuals to protect the system from compromise.

Beta Programming

Is sexual programming spanning from rigid gender stereotypes on one end of the spectrum (Princess Programming) to hyper-sexualized conduct at the opposite end (Porn/Sex Subject Programming). Beta Programming requires absolute submission from women/men in order for them to perform their tasks. An early sexual torture will be used to anchor this programming. These sexual subjects will develop sexual abilities that are for the pleasure of others and not the subject.

It is important for Beta subjects to be programmed to have charm, seductive skills, charisma, and creativity. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. Kitten parts are created with this programming.

Betrayal Programming

Parts are programmed not to trust one another so they cannot form alliances. This is done by having parts ‘report’ on one another’s activities, and not assist each other outside of their tasks.

Black box Programming

Is self-destruct and shatter programming sealed off into a black box to protect system. Black boxes are not to be opened.

Brain Starvation Programming

Is done by severely limiting sugar and proteins. Water deprivation is taught to caregivers to raise the brain’s temperature, which happens when the brain swells from lack of water. The subject gets woozy, overheated and hallucinates so they can’t remember clearly. Water deprivation combined with electroshock makes it difficult for the subject to remember anything. Heavy exercise along with long periods of little sleep 2 to 3 hours a day causes an overproduction of endorphins and victims begin to robotically respond to commands.

Brain wave Programming

is a very complex form of programming which creates automatic amnesia and communication barriers between the different brain wave states. This will also be reinforced by shock and punishment to prevent its “degradation”, or undoing. Internal system controllers and programmers will also work to reinforce the programming at night when the subject is asleep. (Physically).

Brain wave programming involves having a young subject placed in a deep trance, where they learn to dissociate into a specified brain wave state. Three programmers will work on one subject during the initial stages. One will “prep” the subject, using a hypnotic drug to induce a trance state. They will have also placed the electrodes on the head, using an abbreviated version of the method used in traditional hospital setting. If delta state is being induced, only the electrodes needed to pick up delta waves will be placed. The number two programmer will advise the subject exactly what they expect: they will achieve a special state, called ____ the programmer tells the subject, while they are in trance state, they (the programmers) will know when they reach it, by the readings from the electrodes.

The third Programmer is the verbal or teaching programmer. They will immediately reward the subject, saying, “Good, you are in ___ state now.” The programmer will touch the subject; tell them what a good job they are doing. If the subject jumps out of ____ state, the verbal programmer will immediately become harsh, and will shock the subject as punishment. The subject is told that it left the desired state (which is “good”) and needs to go back in.

The average subject is about eight years old when this is begun, since the cerebral cortex and neurological development are not advanced enough in younger ages. The programmer will tell the part, who has been called up to be a “template”, or building block for the new system, that ___state is “good”. They will emphasize this over and over. The subject will be shocked to increase its receptivity to learning. This also arouses the subject from its drugged state and they will be more alert. The programmer will tell the subject that they are to execute mental exercises. The programmer will then give the subject backwards counting exercises, used to help the subject achieve deeper trance states. Other verbal cues to trance down will be given. When the prepping or technical programmer sees ____ waveforms, they will signal the verbal programmer with a hand signal. The induction, counting, will be repeated until ___ state is seen again. The subject is consistently rewarded for entering, then staying in this state for longer and longer periods of time. When the template part can stay in the specified brainwave pattern consistently, the part will be rewarded. This will occur over several months. The programmers now have a template that stays in the desired state. They can begin splitting and using the part as a basis of forming a new system. The new system will record the desired brain waves on an EEG if done correctly. The new system will be taught what the brain wave state means. The programmers will flash a cue or symbol correlating with the state overhead, and brand the state into the system. The programmers will wear clothing with the symbols. The parts will be taught what to do, how they act, and how to view the world. They will reward them when they comply, and shock or otherwise traumatize them if they do not act as the brainwave state.

Body Programs

Will be put in for all parts. The same code will work for all alters when the internal programming parts want to trigger a body program. Many body programs are activated via trigger codes are memories of severe torture. The internal defences consist in part of body programs that are triggered if the subject attempts to break programming.

Some body programs are: Auditory problems, Blood flow/circulation, Coma, Digestive failure, Headaches-split brain, Heart failure, histamine production, Optic problems such as blindness, Respiratory failure, Sleep deprivation, Sleeping program, Temperature change, control the pulse rate and heart beat, control the body’s temperature, Control the temperature of individual body parts or sides of the body, such as the right side of the body might get hot, and the left side of the body will be cold. Some of the body programs are carried out by an alter fragment which feels as if they are burning or one that was created by ice torture. This part or this feeling of being hot or cold is then attached to something in the mind. If the subject moves toward the freedom, a cold alter or a cold feeling of a memory is hypnotically programmed to come up behind the alter holding the body.

Many feelings, body sensations, and drugged states are attached to body programs. The heart is controlled by the mind and works with the emotions of a subject. Programmers have been taking advantage of the mind’s ability to control the heart’s beating. The three most frequent events that change heart beat are emotions, sicknesses, and muscle activity. Parts are programmed to trance out if anyone tries to prove to them that they have a heart.

Other body programs appear to be connected to the memories of alters. For instance, if the Programmer wants the body to burn–he has the System pull up an alter which was tortured with fire who comes up behind the alter holding the body, and the body then abreacts and feels like it is burning.

Burning Programs

Burning programs are linked to Silence programs, and self punishment programs. Common modes of burning include: cigarettes, lighters, hot metal implements (i.e., knives, rods, wands), and/or a variety of scalding (or flammable) liquids and caustic chemicals.

Boxes Programming

Subjects will be placed in a room and a cedar chest would be placed in front of a table. Two young subjects will be assigned to guard the chest, which is called the “Doctor’s box”. The box will have three seals on it that cannot be broken. The subjects will be weapons with which to guard the box. Expendable children will be sent in to try to break the seals and open the box. The subjects will be given directives to kill anyone who attempts to break the seals and open the box. If the subjects fail in their guard duty, they are tortured or depending on the failure terminated. Internally, the subjects have template alters who know nothing but their hypnotic commands to guard the doctor’s boxes. Locked in the boxes would be self-mutilation, body programs, spin programs etc.

Carousal Programming

Is a sequence designed to confuse alters and fragments inside. This programis linked to spin and confusion programming internally. This may also be used to punish internal parts by spinning them on the carousel if they disclose information or tell.

Chi Programming

“return to cult” is programming installed in order to get subjects to reassemble a packaged ideology or religious belief. It is the equivalent of “calling in” or “coming in” in the language of secretive intelligence agencies, and it will make a sleeper subject return from any level of ideological digression or apathy to core beliefs they may not even be aware rules them.

On the cultural level it is an instrument of social engineering to make sure that one Programmers agenda, such as multi-culturalism, does not exceed certain boundaries.

Whenever Programmers deem it necessary, the Chi Programming is invoked and unfolded, dragging subject’s in the opposite direction, for instance towards nationalism and racist positions. Alternatively, the multi-cultural vision can be furthered, when it suits the Programmers agenda, overriding patriotism and ethnic-cultural loyalties.

Colour Programming

A way to organize systems that allows the programmer to call alters up easily. With hundreds of fragments colours are a way of organizing them into an easily accessible group. Colour coding is one of the first methods that are inlayed over systems. An entire system may be colour coded with numerous colours, with each system controller being given a different colour over its part of the system. A box of coloured scarves and electroshock are used to program colour coding into subject’s mind. Besides alters, other things in the system are colour coded.

Castle programming

Castles can be set throughout the landscape of the system. The script must coincide with the placement of a castle so the subject’s mind will accept it. Programmers should not place a castle if it does not fit the script. This will cause a system glitch. Castles are used for re- programming, placing parts in the dungeon, and for hierarchy parts to live. Names of the castle should reflect the programming script.

Cutting Programs

As children, subjects will be taught by programmers when and how to cut. These programs are a means of punishment, as well as to reinforce earlier obedience or shutdown commands. The cutting implements themselves may be gifts from the programmer used during the original programming session. The subject will keep these implements hidden and use only when the program to cut is triggered. Many cutting programs have been coded to progress to suicide programs.

Cocoon Programming

Used with monarch butterfly images. The subject is wrapped in white cloth and reborn as a butterfly. The subject is under psychotropic medication to enhance the programming and images. The subject’s legs are spread and folded like a butterflies wings. The programmer then has sex with the subject as the programming script for the butterfly is read.

Cover Programs

Similar to screen memories; these are programmed memories laid in by the cult/occult to distract from, or distort, the true ritual abuse memory. A secondary purpose of these programs is to discredit the subject’s memories with unbelievable content. As a result portions of the memory will be true, other aspects will be false.

Cinderella Program

Occult program used for rituals. At midnight a young part will be called up to perform a task during the ritual. Other purposes of this program consist of falling asleep at midnight, completing a specific task at midnight, and amnesia programming triggered at midnight.

Cross Programming

Subjects will be programmed as teams. Each team will be given code words for each alter who is part of a 2-System team. Teams will be trauma and sexually bonded, as well as having mirror images with each other’s names.

Daytime Abandonment Programming

Starts at birth for all subjects. The environment itself is programming. No matter how the infant behaves it is ignored and abused physically and emotionally in the daytime. Nurturing and caretaking by caregivers occur only at night.

Death Programming

Is completed by removing the fear of death from parts and advising the alter they must protect the secrets, family, clan, and system. The fear of death is removed by torture and advising the part they don’t exist, they are passing through, and this life is a door way to another realm.

Torture programming for death parts consists of near death torture bringing the part near death by drowning, suffocation (by smothering or choking), electric shocks, drug induced death experiences, placed in pits to simulate being buried alive, and placed in coffins or witnessing horrific deaths of others.

Horrific deaths include made to feel helpless to help an individual who is dying. A subject of the same age is tortured to death by skinning, drowning, burning, hanging, burial, electrocution, gang rape, and other methods. The final act in deaths programming is to participate in the death of an individual. The individual will be the approximate age of the part. The programmer and handler will decide the means of death. The individual’s death must allow for the subject’s part to directly witness the last breath.

Dehumanizing Programming

Creates alters that are things or objects. Like, earth element, gemstone or rock to insure the part continues to believe they are not human.

Delta Programming

This is known as “killer” programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Delta is employed to create a standing army of fearless subject’s, who can be further groomed by army, police and the intelligence community through the legitimate process of recruitment and training, or by secretive handlers who can trigger Delta impulses and learned capabilities. The use of subjects crosses many organizational boundaries within the overall Network. If a subject is to be used as a Delta model (assassination), they may be selected for strength and dexterity.

Physical fitness sequences are often applied, with favourites being exercises that can be done in complete solitude, such as running on a track, raising the body from a bar and vertical sit-ups with the legs fixed. Delta this is one of the more cognitive brain wave states, and will often be highly dissociated. A subject can be in waking delta if they are in an advanced state of programming. Delta alters are emotionless, flat with photographic memories. They may hold most of the cognitive memories for the other systems, especially if extensive amnesia programming has been completed. Delta state may have up to three levels of training: Delta Tier 3, General solider training. Delta Tier 2, Sniper, special operations training. Delta Tier 1 T.S. NTK, Black ops training, clandestine operations, no acknowledgement of existence.

Another example is U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six (officially the Naval Special Warfare Development Group) are JSOC’s (Joint Special Operations Command) elite tier-one forces. They conduct the nation’s black operations, and work in absolute secrecy. When an operator from one of these units is killed in action, the Department of Defence generally releases their name with a cover story for the death. (A training accident, for example.)

Denial Programming

Begins with the first experiences the subject goes through in life. The subject has been traumatized, the next morning the programmers are acting normally, as if nothing has occurred. This is reinforced later by the subject being asked what happened. If the subject begins to state what has happened the previous night/day they are punished. Denial will be reinforced by the programmers by advising the subject they will never be believed if they disclose. There will be situations set up by the programmers where another subject will ask what has occurred. If the subject begins to disclose torture is implemented.

The subject will learn to deny any memories due to fear of punishment, no one will believe them, and they will lose anyone they are close to.

Alters will be created as the subject grows, whose purpose will be to deny the trauma. If any disclosure were to occur the alter will state it was a nightmare, a book the subject read, a movie they saw, etc.

Demonology Programming

(spiritual programming) The subject’s alters are to participate in rituals where demons are invoked. The demons are to act as ‘Guardians’ protecting the system. The alters are advised if the demon is ‘cast out’ they will return seven fold. Alters are also advised they are demons to prevent Christians from breaching the system.

Disney Programming

Uses Disney movies and scripts for subject. The subject’s parts will be given Disney character names. Mickey Mouse will be the lead programmer.

Dual Programming

Programming two or more subject’s together with the identical scripts, colours, and mapping. The codes will differ, and the images will differ due to the differences in the subject’s perspective. The programming is used with twinning.

Duel Programming

Programming in systems that prevents alters from agreeing on a task, or goal. This programming prevents alters from fighting other programming because they cannot agree on outcome.

Don’t talk; don’t tell Programming

Triggers flooding, body memories, spinning programs if the subject attempts to talk about programming. This programming is also used for Delta programming if subject were to be apprehended. Programming should be linked to any program the programmer deems necessary.

Distortion Programming

The subject will see an individual’s face as melting wax, with numerous overlays, double faces and other distorted images. This programming can also hold echoing, which is when an individual speaks their voice echoes. This leads to the subject believing they are losing their mind, outside diagnosis will lead to schizophrenia.

Doll Programming

The subject is given a doll that is made to look like them. The subject is taught to project their feelings onto the doll. Due to the doll looking like the subject they are projecting on to themselves. The programmer will place the doll in positions and have the subject ‘abuse’ the doll. The subject is trained to assume the same positions so they can be abused.

Early milieu Programming

The subject is abandoned by caregivers during this programming to inlay abandonment issues for trauma bonding. During this time programming is completed during the day in which the programmers are consistently apathetic towards the subject. The subject is to feel unlovable and must seek to please others during the day. During the night the subject is cared for and nurtured by family member, programmers and other subject’s.

Epsilon Programming

Is the programming of animal alters into the subject. Epsilon programming is used to create animal alters, which is thought to be the key to paranormal or superhuman abilities Epsilon Programming elements are often added to other forms of programming to increase the effect in a specific direction. The Greek or Cyrillic symbol 3 will be found on the subliminal level.

Epsilon programming is specific to the animal and its purpose and attributes. Epsilon programming is typically paired with another form of programming. Epsilon programming paired with beta programming for example. Some examples of Epsilon/Beta programming are: sex kittens. Epsilon programming is used widely in the sex industry for ‘pony girls’, ‘puppy play’ and other animal fetishes. The intent of programming a subject is to give them attributes their handler will want/need.

A fox would be the animal form the alter would assume. The subject for sexual purposes would be told they are a vixen. This would be done if they are male or female. The sexual programming would be layered in. If the programmer wanted the fox alter to remain as a ‘system protector’. The subject would be given the attributes of a ‘hunted fox’. This means this part would flee if the system were threatened. Foxes are shy animals as a result this part would rarely be seen. They are also isolative animals and nocturnal. The fox alter would cover its tracks using tactics to throw individuals off.

If the subject were to be have a fox programmed as an ‘active alter’ the programming would be for ‘sly fox’. This subject’s task would be to ‘out wit’ therapists, clergy, friends, anyone who attempted to discover deeper parts of the system. Any animal can be used in Epsilon programming. Just about every animal has been tried. For Epsilon programming to effectively work the subject must be kept in a cage. When the subject is in the cage they are treated like the animal the handler desires.

As another example the programmer wants a subject to be a dog. The programmer will treat the subject consistently as they would a dog. If the subject misbehaved; they would be told ‘bad dog’ and an electric shock will be administered through the cage.

The programmer would ask the subject if they wanted to be a dog. When the subject responds with ‘no’ another shock would be administered. The subject would be given choices; you can come out of your cage if you are a good dog. A good dog would give me oral sex; a bad dog would stay in its cage.

These things would continue, breaking down the subject’s will. The programmer would tell the subject, you can eat if you bark. If the subject refuses, they don’t eat. The subject is told to eat food out of a bowl. If they refuse they don’t eat. If they try and use their hands they are shocked.

Dog programming is for sexualized aggression. The subject is aggressively raped from behind. The perpetrator of the rape will say things such as: ‘good bitch’, ‘fucking dog’, ‘you’re in heat’, and will often growl or bark themselves.

As the programming progresses the subject will be trained to attack other kids, and programmers. They train the subject how to attack, how to have forced sex. They do this by if the subject restricts their arms correctly, and subdues them correctly. If the subject does not do these things correctly they are easily over powered and viciously raped.

The programmer will eventually take the subject and pit it against other young subjects who are training to be dogs. The two programmed subjects will fight, biting, at one another until they are broken up, or one is severely injured.

The part (alter) that has been trained does not think they are human. The programmers have insured telling this part, “You are human.” won’t work. During training, the part would be asked if they were human, if they answered, “Yes.” they were tortured. If they answered, “No.” they were rewarded. This would continue until they would say they were a dog.

The phrase: “Dogs of War”? from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

The phrase ‘Dog days of summer’ refers to the rising of the star Sirius. The Egyptians referred to this star as the ‘Star of Isis.’ Sirius is a member of the constellation Canis Major (‘The Big Dog’) this star is brighter and more powerful than the sun. Sirius is also called the ‘Rainbow Star.’

The phrase: “Dog and pony show.” In programming ‘ponies’ are also sex alters. To have a ‘dog and pony show’ means something completely different to a programmed individual.

Here are other uses for dog programming: Black dog programming, Depression Bitch programming, subject, sex subject Brown Dog programming, used for experiments, medical programming Cerberus programming, guards important doors/gates Gabriel’s Hounds, demonic layering, German Pavlov’s Dog, trained of one specific task

Key phrases of Dog programming: NO or STOP – stop doing whatever they are doing right now. SIT – sit at their current position. DOWN – lie down at their current position. STAND – stand up when it is in the Sit or down position. OFF – get off the item they are currently on. STAY – stay at their current position. GO – start walking or running. FOCUS – focus on you, and not be distracted. SPEAK – bark. QUIET – stop any whining or barking. HEEL – walk next to you, on either side, at your pace. BITE – bite into a given object. OUT or DROP IT – free any item it has in their mouth. HOLD – hold in their mouth whatever it is biting on.

Off Leash commands COME – to come towards you. GO OUT – leave the crate, kennel, room. GO IN – enter the crate, kennel, room.

End time Programming

When activated the subject’s alters will align with their designated sides. They will take a stance of who should be irradiated and who should survive. This will cause chaos within the subject.

Ferris wheel Programming

Creates compartments shaped like pieces of pie. Each piece is a small part of the pie or a larger structure used to house alters, and fragments. The wheel can be turned to access alters, and to move them in the system.

Flood Programming

A coded sequence put in place to punish a system if its internal programming is allowed to degrade or access to an unauthorized individuals, either internally or externally. Flood programming will involve the fragments who hold highly traumatic memories, both emotional and physical, being pushed to the front where the subject is “flooded” with wave after wave of memories. Suicide programming and shattered programming is often layered in with Flood programming. These programmes are triggered to interfere with therapeutic process by overwhelming the subject. This is achieved by triggering the subject to have a flood of painful and frightening cognitive and/or somatic memories enter consciousness simultaneously, thereby significantly increasing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomotology and suppressing the functionality of the subject.

Flowers Programming

Flowers are placed throughout the system as triggers. The flowers can be utilized from the script. The flowers can also be coded by type within the system to designated times for rituals and seasons.

Formation Programming

Parts are programmed to gather together when a specified code is given. The formations can be protective, ritual, soldiers, animals, spies, or what the programmer desires. The formations can be coded by colour pairing, number pairing, or direct outside trigger.

Gamma Programming

Hold cult loyal alters, and holds more emotion than the other states, except for alpha. Suicide programming will often be layered in, as these alters would rather die than leave their “family”. Scholarship programming may be paired with Gamma programming, since they easily memorize by repetition. Several languages may be spoken by different alters under this programming, both modern and ancient languages can being spoken.

The system protection and deception aspect of this programming will provide misinformation to individuals, and attempt to redirect any outside intervention. Gamma parts are employed to sow doubt and confusion about the very existence of Programmers.

Gate Keeper Programming

Alters programmed to guard portals and gates throughout the system. The alters impose their reality on other parts within the system by using oppression, judgment, force and deception.

Gender Role Confusion Programming

Female subjects are programmed with male attributes, and male subjects are programmed with female attributes. For males: (opposite for females) He wants to be a girl.He desires to grow up to be a woman.

He has a marked interest in female activities, including playing with dolls or playing the roles of girls or women.

He has an intense interest in cosmetics, jewellery, or girls’ clothes and enjoys dressing up in girls’ apparel. His favourite friends are girls. On occasions, he may cross-dress and actually consider himself to be a girl.

Gethsemane Suicide Programming

If subject is captured, silence programming runs, the subject does not attempt to ‘save themselves’ but allows their death.

Governmental Programming

The subject is trained to take leadership positions or administrative positions in the government. The subject is trained to network with others in governments, local, national, and international. The Programmers’ stated goal is to infiltrate, and eventually cause the downfall of, all major governments in the world. Government operatives are taught to do this by: infiltrating local political parties running for leadership both locally and nationally working for top leaders, as administrators, financial advisors funding governmental races and backing the individual sympathetic to the programmers’ agenda.

The subject’s selected for governmental programming are usually highly intelligent with native charm, or charisma. They are also skilled in manipulation. These abilities may be enhanced through programming, encouraging the subject to project a personality that will draw subject’s to them.

They are also taught finances extensively. This programming is done by: hypnotizing the subject, whether subject, youth, or programmer (it is usually administered in late childhood in suitable candidates), and inducing deep trance with drugs. The subject is shocked, and given the script they are to follow. They will learn any languages necessary for the position.

Go Insane Program

Defence programming. Subject my feel as if they are hearing voices, depression, echoing, high pitched frequencies, spiders and crawling sensation on skin, distorted vision, and other sensory distortion.

God Satan Programming

Form of dual programming to insure system balance. The personalities of the deities are switched. Satan/Lucifer has the attributes of the Christian God. God/Jesus has the attributes of Lucifer/Satan.

Gumby Programming

Is to make the subject think their body is like Gumby and is flexible to move into any position. The programming is used for sexual techniques paired with Beta programming. Programmers will have male instructors who teach female subjects about the power of seduction. The male and female sexual subjects usually are highly skilled technicians who don’t have emotions attached to what they do.

Halt Programming

When activated via code this program stops all activities within the system. The Halt programming can be used if there is a major system breach, the subject’s job is cancelled and all alters need to stop immediately.

Hearts of Stone Programming

The programmers make the alters believe they have surgically removed their hearts and replaced them with a stone(s) 3. The Programmers will remove the heart for a number of reasons: Black mail, remove fear of death, remove love, remove feelings etc. By removing the subject’s hearts, it removes any chance the dark alters will have the capacity for compassion in their heart for anyone. They will be told that they are incapable of having friends or of loving others.

Programmers will promise to return the heart, if the subject obeys, returns home when called, and if they should die and need to be revived.

Programmers can give a part of the heart to a hierarchy alter for proof of safe keeping. The part may be hidden somewhere Temple of Molech, Valley of Death, or torture section of programming.

Honour/dishonour Programming

Is common in military systems. In this, the military parts are told that an “honourable and courageous” soldier will take their life, rather than reveal secrets or leave their unit.

Hourglass Programming

Two triangles are placed in the system, one with its point upward the other with its point down. The triangles are put on a line so their points will meet forming an hourglass. When the points of the triangle meet the sand will begin to run through the top glass. The programmer can decide what will occur when the hour is up.


Suicide program placed in the system during the deepest level of hypnosis.

Iceman Programming

Programming that insures the balance of the system is maintained. An internal part must be selected for this programming. This part must have access to system codes and keys. They are programmed with a cold personality hidden deep within the system and placed under guard. Their task is to ‘thaw’ the system if the system tips too far out of balance in regards to depression, fear, and suicidal thoughts and attempts that aren’t triggered.

Intelligence Spectrum Programming

Programming for parts that maintains age specific intelligence. This is to insure a younger part does not become higher functioning that an elder part.

Isolation Programs

Isolation programs are layered in for internal and external purposes. Within the system, alters may be walled-off (via amnesic barriers) from cooperative alters by cult-loyal alters. Beyond the system, subjects may be conditioned to withdraw socially, isolating themselves from helpful resources, etc.

Jacobs’ Ladder Programming

A spiritual program that leads to the subject’s higher understanding of spiritual beings.

Janus Programming

Dual programming. This programming can work as a ‘reset program’ taking alters back to a previous point in programming. This programming can also be used to insure the subject does not trust others. The subject is programmed to believe in the dual nature of God, individuals and themselves. Individuals are good and bad, sane and insane, trustworthy and untrustworthy etc.

Janus programming can be used with hourglasses for the passage of time, future events and past events can be connected with Janus programming.

Janus 2 (two) programming is used in subjects for facial memory and recognition. This program assists with smoother transitions if there is a switch. The alter who is control may not know the individual they are speaking with but with Janus 2 they will have a sense of recognition.

Jewels Programming

Children of programmers will go through either metals or jewels programming. Jewels are considered higher than metals. Which program is put in and when, is dependent on the subject’s status, their parent’s status, the location of birth, the group subject is born into, and the programmers that work with them. Jewel programming is used to reinforce cult or abuse – group commands such as recall. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds are considered powerful alters inside and are in leadership roles, both internally and externally. The subject’s sense of identity, and status may be held in these alters.

The jewels are used as reward based programming.

Training for this program often begins between ages two and three. Each step of obedience is linked to receiving a jewel. To earn the designated jewel the subject must:

a.) show sexual adeptness b.) Pass programming tests c.) Be rewarded for special achievement (fighting, survival) d.) be adept at games e.) show heightened intelligence f.) attributes of trauma bonding g.) Show betrayal skills

Amethyst is usually the first jewel earned, and is linked to keeping secrets, never telling, and passing the first step of obedience.

Ruby sexual alters inside. As the subject is sexually traumatized and survives, or creates sexual alters to please adults, they are rewarded by being allowed to become a ruby.

Moon Stone given to subjects who achieve rank in ritual setting.

Emerald will often come later (ages 12 to 15). This is considered very precious, and is linked to family loyalty, witchcraft, and spiritual achievement.

Morganite Given to child alters who are skilled at their assigned job and hold the body well through training. Sapphire- Given to subject when they have mastered not wanting anything, remain quiet when their needs are not met and when they are left alone for extended periods of time.

Paraiba Tourmaline-subject has mastered photographic response and memory.

Blood Stone Given when the subject has terminated another subject, participated in a ritual sacrifice without fear, remorse, or other negative emotion.

Melanite- given to subject when they have survived a hunt, and found the hunted. Hackmanite-Subject shows ability to re-enact programming scenarios with minor subjects.

Cats Eye Aquamarine- Subject completes assigned task and responds to call back.

Diamond is the highest gemstone, and not all children will earn it. It is considered a high achievement may not be earned until adulthood, after passing rigorous tasks. It will be the controlling alters in a gemstone system. A diamond has passed all twelve steps of discipline, plus passed unusual tests and will have highest family loyalty.

Judas Programming

Protective programs. A subject who betrays the programmers is programmed to hang themselves.

Jolly Green Giant Programming

(Green Giant)-occult programming to protect detection from outside individuals. The Green Giant protects occult inside territory by inflicting trauma on internal trespassers. The programming will trigger internal occult protectors to threaten and intimidate outside individuals.

Kaleidoscope Programming

A distortion program that causes the subject to see many faces of one individual. The program will often spin.

Kerberos Programming

Linked to Epsilon programming. This programming is a protection program. The dog parts will protect the area and become aggressive if it is tampered with.

Kosem Programming

Suicide program by hanging.

Lascivious Programming

Sexually aggressive programming.

Lilith Programming

Which is given alters who function within the Cabbalistic Tree of Life which is built in during Mengele’s programming for the deeper sections (levels) of alters which are trained in Programmers black magic.

The Man without a Country Programming

The subject is read the story. They are advised they will be rejected by everyone, enemy and friend, if they reveal any secrets of the programming. The subject is isolated for periods of time so they understand the severity of breaking secrets.

Mask Programming

Subjects are given a mask as a replacement for their face. The mask could be made of porcelain, paint, or another material. If the subject removes the mask, or the mask is removed they are told they will die. Without the mask they don’t exist and no one can see them.

Mensa Programming

Photographic memory programming. Reserved for subjects with exceptional I.Q.

Melting Pot Program

A program that melts the subject into their programmer. The subject will do anything for the programmer with this program. The melting is blissful feeling that anchors the subject to the programmer.

Metals Programming

Metals programming is a type of programming that many Programmers’ children are given. Metals can be from bronze (lowest) to platinum (highest). Metals a form of reward based programming.

Rhoduim – Highest level Platinum – Gold – second highest in the metals programming rank. Ruthenium Iridium Osmium Palladium Rhenium Silver Gallium Indium Tellurium – Lowest Level

Military Programming

Started by three years of age with simple exercises. The subjects are taught to march in time, stand in a straight line. They are punished by being kicked, shocked with a cattle prod, or beaten with a baton if they move out of place.

The programmers will have ranks, badges and insignia to indicating the subject’s level of achievement in the cult hierarchy and military. Badges and medals are given out to indicate the subject’s level of training and tests passed≥

Being killed is considered weakness; being a killer is considered strength.

Prisoner of war camps will be simulated. The “guards” are older subjects who have done well. The “prisoners” are younger subjects or those being punished for not performing well. There is intense pressure to become a guard as this is a power position.

Hunting and tracking games where the prisoners are given a half hour lead are frequent. These may also involve the use of trained dogs taught to knock the hunted down but not kill them. Older children are taught to handle the dogs, and use them. Youth are taught to help the programmers train the dogs.

Microwaves for Programming

A chip is placed in the auditory cortex of the brain. The chip allows someone to speak into a microphone, the microphone then has its sounds coded into microwave, which are sent to the receiver in the brain and the receiver device will transform the microwaves back so that the subject’s mind hears the spoken message.

Mirror Programming

There exists a mirror world which is a reversal of the one internal world the subject lives in. The programming creates duplicate reflected images of parts, and internal structures. This causes confusion and parts to become lost if they attempt to leave their area. Mirrors can also be placed in the system as doors and traps. If the mirror is shattered a program can be triggered to protect the system.

Mote Programming

The subject is a mere mote, a small flash in infinite time. When an alter of a subject thinks or goes internally where it shouldn’t, this programming is attached to the mind so that the subject loses sight of who they are and feels very insignificant and only a dot. It can also be used as a mass protective program where the mind spreads out like molecules and loses the ability to think.

Naiad Programming

Water programming. Areas of the system can be flooded with water if there is a breach. It can also be used to re-enforce outside water torture for internal parts.

Near Death Programming

Completed by drugging the subject at age 2 or 3. The subject is tortured by, beating, shocking and almost suffocating to create a near death state. While under this duress the subject is brought to consciousness and asked to choose, death or to invite a powerful demon inside. The demon enters; the subject becomes unconscious, and awakens later in clean clothing and a soft bed. The subject is weak and shaky, and is told by their handler in a very compassionate manner, that they died, but the demon brought them back to life. The subject told that if they ask the demonic entity to leave, that they will revert to the near death state they were in.

Another near death programming is the subjects arms, legs, waist and neck tied down. The subject is wrapped in a cocoon with soft gauze; they are fed intravenously, and undergo sensory deprivation. White light and loud noise are used to help disorient the subject then they are electric shocked and drugged. This occurs for approximately two days. The subject is advised they are dying. There handler advises the subject they will not let them die, but their life is owed to them (handler). Recorded messages of being “reborn” into the “family group” are also played on a loop as the subject is brought out of unconsciousness.

A third version is placing the subject in a large recently killed animal large animal. The subject has been drugged and traumatised to heighten their fear. The subject will be told they have been placed in “the belly of the beast” and will die. The programmer or handler will ‘rescue’ the subject form this death.

Nightmare-Night Terror Programs

Similar to flooding programs, subjects are conditioned to become overwhelmed with terrifying images/memories while asleep. They serve to keep the subject run-down and fatigued. Often, nightmare programs are triggered or tripped automatically when processing forbidden material in therapy.

No-talk Programming

Subject is programmed to not talk about past events. The programming will trigger pain in the tongue, teeth and jaw.

Nursery Rhyme Programming

Nursery rhymes are constructed to activate designated alters that are usually sleepers. A Tisket A Tasket, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep is used for money laundering scripts, and drug money or drug carrying scripts. Bye, Baby Bunting is used with where the subject child is placed within a skin, cocoon programming with a butterfly coming forth or near death experiences. Diddle, Diddle Dumpling, Ding, Dong Bell, Hickory Dickery Dock are used for internal clocks.

Omega Programming

Is designed to make subjects prone to self-destruction, which is both a general social engineering principle and an emergency brake in programming. The corresponding behaviours include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. The Omega programs prevent integrating the subject, they hold the body programs, and run the computers. If major tampering is done with the System, which threatens to totally wipe out the Omega programs, then one of the backup programs will be triggered.

Octopus suicide programming

An octopus suicide program chokes the subject if they are disobedient.

Phi/Theta Programming

This represents negative spiritual programming. These are the “dark” ritual alters, who participate in blood rituals, sacrifices, and ceremonies. Internal witches, warlocks, seers, psychics, readers, and occult practitioners will undergo this programming, which has highly developed right brain and deep trance abilities. They will often be colour coded black.

Porcelain Face Programming

Fire torture and melted wax is used to make the subject believe their face has been burned. The programmer gives the traumatized parts a porcelain mask. The part getting the Porcelain face may be given a “gem” hypnotically like Jade and that becomes their secret name. Another use of porcelain masks is to place masks on Pawn alters which were used to guard places by scaring other alters with their fearful porcelain countenances. The alters are placed in mirror mazes so their reflections are scary to others entering the mazes.

Pain Programs

Subjects are conditioned to re-experience the physical pain portion of their abuse memories. Used as punishment, pain programs may also be enacted to “motivate” the subject to carry out other programmed functions.

Potter’s Wheel Program

This is the equivalent to a computer utility program. The Programmer pulls the alter they want to work on up on the potter’s. When alters are placed on the potter’s wheel, they can be asked to stand in order. Then the alters will come to the front of the mind on top of each other in their prearranged sequence.

Princess Programming

The princess program which is a back up program functions, if the regular programming breaks down or if the handler loses control over the system. The programming is contained within a box, which is opened. The princess who is kept sleeping by spiders which bite her in a coffin, wakes up and looks for the prince to come. Darkness sets in on all the top sections of alters, and thick walls and pain come, then a webbing much like a body-suit-cocoon will envelope all alters but those loyal to the programmer. It becomes hard to breathe and the alters who had sought freedom from the programming, now find themselves being tranced out. Alters who are cold and in lots of pain are called up by code to torment the body. The Outer Darkness of a System (sometimes called the Rubicon) gets thicker

The system will re-establish its compass.

Prolog Programming

Logic programming for the subject. The programmer will set up scenarios thatto an outside individual cannot be true. Due to the subject experiencing the scenario it is true. When an outside individual attempts to logically state what has occurred cannot be true, the programming will state it is true reinforcing the belief.

Puppet Programming

In the body feels totally disjointed and controlled by strings. The subject’s body is paralyzed by drugs and then electronic shocks are administered to limbs. The programmer will tie ropes to the limbs, and the limb or body part is shocked the programmer will pull the ropes. This gives the programmer complete control over the subjects body. The subject when not being shocked will learn to respond to the ropes without fighting. Puppeteers can be placed internally to control these parts.

Paper doll Programming

Another is for the subject to think they have been turned into a fragile paper doll. The programming is put in by making the skin very sensitive to any touch, and then attaching that memory to the hypnotic suggestion of being a paper doll. The paper dolls may be burned by the programmer to re-enforce how fragile they are.

Quiet Wind

Quiet Wind-The audio hallucination of a quiet wind is used to convince the subject that the Holy Spirit is visiting them.

Rapid Switching Programs

This program is a system defence, once enacted; a subject may not be able to finish a sentence without switching three to four times between alters. This creates for the subject an inability to function. Dizziness, fainting, aggression, and in extreme cases death may occur. Subject must be ‘reset’ or heavy sedation administered at the worst case.

Re-birthing Program

The re-birthing program is triggered to remind the subject they have been born for a purpose. The program can also be triggered so the subject can be ‘born again’ if there is a failed attempt at a task. The program will erase the memory of the failed attempt so the subject will not have self doubt.

Recycle Programs

These are programs which act to quickly re-dissociate memories which a therapist has worked to abreact and re-associate.

Reminder-Reinforcement Programs

Used as a reminder to the subject of vows to the larger group they have made. These programs often triggered by phone or touch (e.g., three series of three taps on shoulder or knee, a rapid series of six electronic tones, spoken phrases, etc.). Program triggers frequently include gifts from the cult given during childhood (e.g., stuffed animals, music boxes, etc.). Visually, specified colours also serve the same purpose. Cult-related colours (particularly red, purple and black) are commonly presented to the subject in the form(s) of a cult-contact’s apparel, a letter or envelope, etc.


See Reprogramming. Alters that are degrading in programming can be sent internally to programming sites. Parts can also be designed who perceive themselves as existing in the original sites of their torture within the internal landscape .Defiance of the programmer or wishes by any alters to defy the programmer or handler, can be sent to the internal programming site to experience themselves as being tortured once again.

Reporting Programs

Subjects are programmed to routinely contact and report back to their handler. These programs may be time-triggered (every month, full moon, etc.), date-triggered (i.e., corresponding to cult “holidays”, etc.), or situational triggered (i.e., host personality enters therapy, reveals cult “secrets,” etc.). Such programs keep the handler updated on the subject’s daily life.

Return Programs (Call Backs)

See Chi, also referred to as Chi. Such programs are designed to manipulate subjects to return to the cult for rituals and/or further programming.

Religious Relevance and Convictions

The programmer implants posthypnotic suggestions that are clearly referenced in the Bible. The subject may be punished by anything that is referenced in the Bible to substantiate the validity of the Gospels. This process is to provide the subject with an increased sense of fear and intimidation resulting from God’s presence and force.

Ribbon Programming Colour Programming

During E.C.T., coloured scarf’s coming out of a box are shown to the subject. The alters are then advised they are a specific coloured ribbon using the same technique as colour programming. The ribbons have the ability to travel between the different levels and to transmit messages throughout the system. Ribbon programming consists of several things– where they reside, who they are and what they are to protect.When a System is accessed by a programmer, one practice is to obtain a ribbon alter and then inform the ribbon what their task is.

Ribbons must protect the computers in order to protect their own life. The Ribbons will be programmed to believe that reversing the computer will reverse the Ribbons’ life. The ribbons themselves operate with mechanical hearts (not human hearts).

It’s a simple way to organize a subject’s groups within. It also strengthens identification with other programming. It can also help with re-accessing the subject’s system. They are taught if the trainer wears a specific colour those alters come forward.

River Runs Deep Programming

Tells the subject that there is no escape, because the programming runs deep through every fibre of the subject.

Sacred Heart Programming

Suicide program for spiritual parts.

Scramble Programming

These are programs intended to confuse, disorganize and block the subject’s alter system, emerging memories, thought processes, and/or incoming information. Often, there are specific alters designated by the cult programmer to perform this function. This programming reduces the subject’s ability to switch, speak, write, draw, read, or remember previous sessions and work.

These programs target therapeutic language, and spiritual language. For example, the incoming words or visual images of the speaker may be scrambled or garbled. The effect will be the subject experiences the individual as looking and sounding threatening, abandoning, or incompetent.

Scholarship Programming

Subject’s with superior memories and natural intelligence undergo specific training and trauma with praise for accomplishment and punishment or being shocked for not doing well. Major areas of scholarship include the history of the Illuminati, especially the subject’s particular branch and memorizing genealogies. Learning and becoming fluent in multiple languages modern and ancient, including but not limited to: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian hieroglyphics; ancient Babylonian, ancient Chaldea and cuneiform writings. They are skilled and knowledgeable debaters, and quite verbal about it.

Scorpion Programming

Is given to Monarch sex subjects both male and female. The Scorpion program frequency promotes hostility, aggression, suicide, pain, hurt and assassination. This programming is located at the root chakra and moves up into the reptilian brain. Sex is used as a method of survival with a great deal of trickery, treachery and deception. This vibration is frequently used in satanic rituals. Subjects are consistently belittled and unfavourably compared to others. The young subjects are available to be used sexually around the world as party favours and for blackmailing predators.

Self-Injury Programming

Cutting programs as children, subjects have been taught by the programmer when and how to cut. These programs tend to be triggered as a means of punishment, as well as to reinforce earlier compliance or shutdown. The cutting tools may be gifts from the programmer. Many cutting programs progress to suicide programs as needed.

Self Programming

The subject carries out their own programming outside the surroundings of the handlers and programmers.

Shell Programming

A form of programming used to create a shell on the outside, that other alters inside speak through. This is a designed to hide the subject’s multiplicity from the outside world, and works extremely well with highly fragmented systems. It also takes a subject with the ability to dissociate to a great degree.

Others inside will then be directed to come next to the shell alters, and use their voice to cover their own. This allows greater fragmentation of the subject, while being able to hide from outside view, since the internal alters will learn to present through the shell. Shell alters always see themselves as “clear”, and will have no colour if colour coding is present in the system.

Silence-Shutdown Programs

When enacted, such programs will cause the subject to “stop talking” and to cease revealing information. Though such programs may be triggered through a wide variety of modalities, enactment via self-touch triggers are particularly common. Some shutdown programs will be directed toward specific alters, while others are meant for the system in general.

Silence Programming

No talk programming.

Soul Transfer Programming

The soul, energy and power are passed during the moment between life and death to the subject. This is done with young subjects during Epsilon programming. The subject is tied down, and an animal is bled to death on top of them so the departing soul and energy will “enter” the subject.

Spiritual Dilemma Programming

Creates Satanic and Christian alters. Having Satanic and Christian alters insures that if they discover each other they would reject wanting to learn about the other. The personality would move into denial and dissociation.

They are told the Christian god rejected them because he didn’t rescue the 2-year-old victim that accepted the love of God. Rejection, retaliation and bondage are the tools used for the non-Christian alters. They are advised only the demon cared enough and was strong enough to rescue or resurrect the young subject part.

Spider Web Programming

Is a linked program having a spider or internal programmer that continuously reweaves and reinforces internal programming and punishments. The web also communicates with other systems and can represent demonic linkages internally.

Spin Programming

Designed to spread effects such as pain, painful emotions, and other feelings orurges globally throughout a subject’s personality system for purposes of either designing and buildinga young subject’s personality system, or harassing older subjects and disrupting psychotherapy. Spin programming appears to be based on a combination of physical spinning, cognitive and imagery training, and repetition and practice aimed at creating an internal multi-alter spinning the pain or affective components of numerous traumatic memories simultaneously to large groups of targeted alters.

Signs and symptoms of Spin Programs are global effects, symptoms occurring like a “storm,” pressure, dizziness, a sense of spinning inside, physical movements related to the internal experience of spinning, and spinning-related imagery and vocabulary. When a subject is affected by a specifically targeted program, she or he typically experiences one or a small number of alters having emotions or urges or manifesting behaviours, while most or all other alters remain unaffected. Global effects, The flurries of pain, affect, or impulse tend to grow in intensity, build to a crescendo, maintain that peak for a time, and then gradually diminish before finally subsiding. Nearly every alter in the system is lashed by the “wind and rain” of the storm, often without understanding why these effects are occurring, and doing their best to minimize damages until the storm passes.

Pressure, When spin programs are active, the affected alters subjectively experience high levels of force or pressure, as if they are sitting at the outside edge of a rapidly rotating disc. They feel overwhelmed by this pressure, finding it impossible to resist, and they often complain of symptoms that would be caused by mounting internal pressure, such as headaches that feel like they are going to cause the head to explode from the inside, disruption of speech, vision problems, and similar phenomena.

Dizziness. As the internal spinning associated with spin programming increases in speed and force, subjects frequently complain of dizziness. At these times, they may be literally feeling the sensations caused by the original spinning, because they are experiencing a planned revivification or flashback of that event. Sense of Spinning Internally. Along with the dizziness, subjects experiencing active spin programs often notice a sense of spinning internally.

Physical Movements. When the internal spinning is at its most intense, subjects often move in ways that a person might move while being physically spun. These movements tend to be rhythmic and repetitive, they may involve any part of the body, and they are subtle and may escape notice. The movements tend to be slower, smoother, more fluid, more subtle, and more regular and rhythmic than typical “nervous” movements. Spinning-Related Imagery and Vocabulary. When describing their sensations during an active spin program, subjects often utilize imagery or words that are related to the experience of spinning. Typical words used include: vortex, whirlpool, whirlwind, tornado, cyclone, abyss, falling, drowning, sinking, being pulled or sucked down, being blown or shot or exploded out, tumbling, hurling, whirling, swirling, and twirling. Some alters have programmer-assigned names related to spinning (e.g., Spinner,).

Stringer Programming

When the alter hits a stringer, they will go through a series of memories, false memories, hypnotic commands, and body sensations that have been attached together in links.

Subliminal Programming

Hidden suggestions that only the subject’s subconscious perceives. They can be audio, hidden behind music, or visual, airbrushed into a picture, flashed on a screen so fast that they aren’t consciously seen, or incorporated into a picture or design.

Suicidal Programming

All suicidal programming is put in place to either ensure continued obedience to the programmers agenda; to ensure regular re-contact; or prevent the individual or an outside entity from accessing the subject’s system without authorization .

Survival of the Fittest Programming

Used in Delta programming, and for system protect alters. The program is training for strength, lack of fear, and endurance, and to outlast your opponent.

System Access Programming

‘Short cut’ codes to the system are placed. (not recommended)

Systems Layered Programming

Numerous levels in a system are set to send out and respond to a code at the same time. This could be suicide programming, spin programming, fight/flight programming.

Serpent Programming

Used in conjunction with the Ouroboros. This programming has alters that are named after snakes. The snake parts will programmed to awaken the pineal gland, which again results in the opening of the third eye.

Shatter Programming

Uses the images of mirrors, and glass shattering to assist in splitting the mind. The subject is advised to grab pieces of the shattered glass and put it back together. The subject will cut their hands, knees, and other parts of their bodies in an attempt to rebuild the glass. They will be advised this will happen to them if they attempt to rebuild themselves.

Theta Programming

“psychic” programming correlates with the development and use of extrasensory powers and extra physical abilities, including long-distance mind connection with other remote viewing where subject’s could see what a person was doing in another location. It also implies the use of thought energy to kill someone at a distance. Since subjects cannot be consistently given Theta programming, a surgical implant of a sodium/lithium powered high frequency receiver/transducers coupled with a multi-range discharge capacitor is placed in the brains subjects. This gives the handlers the ability to send signals by remote to the subject’s brain. When the receiver picks up the signals they electronically stimulate certain areas of the brain which in turn triggers pre- set programming.

Time Programming

Used in conjunction with internal trees, clocks, flowers, hourglasses, and other symbols that show the passages of time. This programming insures the system is coordinated with holidays, call backs, and other designs the programmer desires.

Tinkerbelle Programming

Programming makes alters think they are like Tinkerbelle in that they will never grow up or age.

Traps Programming

A trap is a place in a system for handling unexpected or unallowable conditions. These traps can catch parts if they wander too far, or be placed for internal programmers to activate. Traps can look like quick sand, fog, spider webs, or other items.

Twinning programming

The Programmers’ will create twin bonds in child subjects. The subjects are allowed to play with, and become close to one another while being trained. The two are placed together at the beginning of training when they are young. They become twins, and are programmed to die if the other one dies. They are taught to be one in body, mind, and soul. They are bonded in many ways, including torturing each other, and sexual bonding. The trauma bonding that they undergo will consist of:

a. being put in life or death situations together, b. given programming scripts which intertwine and fill in to complete each other to make a whole, c. are placed in jobs that require total compliance with the programming in order to survive, d. are bonded together to other subject’s.

Time Travel Programming

For subjects involved in Project Pegasus.

Tin Man Programming

The Tin Man programming is all purpose versatile program for whatever the Programmer wants completed. It means that the subject is a well oiled machine. Or The subject is advised they are made of tin, have no heart and feelings. They are programmed to not cry or they will rust.

Tumbleweed Program

Where the subject feels like they have become tumbleweed and can’t ground and get their bearings. They feel as if they are blown by the wind.

Thor Programming

Headache programme.

Therapy Interference Programs

Programs designed to interfere with the therapeutic process which trigger the subject to:(1) not see,(2) not think for self, (3) stay distracted, and (4) become resistant, mistrustful, and/or obnoxious toward the therapist.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Programming

This can be used in twin programming so the twins don’t contradict one another. The programming can also be layered into quadrants of the system to help maintain balance.

Tornado Program

This is a free floating program that moves around areas that the programmers want protected. When it hits an alter(s) it causes confusion, spinning, and switching, as well as a feeling of losing control. It’s part of the elemental back up programs.

Umbrella Programming

Protective shield for delta programming.

Upside down Programming

The subject is hanging or being suspended upside down for one or two hours. That plays tricks on the mind along with dissociating pain and pleasure sensations get reversed. This is training for Beta programming to get the subject to think that sadistic rape is pleasurable. With reversals you get ‘pain is love’ and the sadomasochistic kitten alters will beg for more abuse.

Utility Programs

Low level programs that help maintain the systems function. For example if a subject has not slept in 5 days, the program will run to ensure the subject is able to receive rest.

Vagabond Programming

Applied to teach the alter it doesn’t belong to the inside world, nor to the outside world. It belongs nowhere.

Verbal Response Program

These are programs designed to provide suitable answers to cult- related, system-related or alter-related inquiries which may be asked by outside individuals. Such responses will have been repeatedly rehearsed by the subject and reinforced by the programmer.

Vessel Programming

A subject is sexually opened at the base chakra, drugged and sanctified to receive the essence of a lower astral entity. Then those at the ritual have sex with “the vessel” to get the infused energy of the lower astral entity. Then “the vessel” or subject is sacrificed so ritual participants can drink the blood and hormones of the lower astral entity that entered the vessel. It is believed the energy will assist in specified programming.

Virtual reality Programming

(VR) the subject is placed in VR headsets and suit while a disk is used to run the program. It can be used to create 3D and holographic images, and especially is useful in scripted programming, and subject practice sequences for assassin training. Virtually any scenario can be recreated. Images to be “burned in” will be shown on the VR disk, and reinforced repetitively during the programming sequence. Some programmers feel it removes the element of “human error” in training, and use it quite extensively.

Volcano Programming

Used to restructure a system.

War in the Heavens Suicide Programming

Spiritual suicide program.

Water Programming

Simulated drowning is completed with the subject and linked to silence programming and flooding.

Windsor Programming

A program that intercepts attempts to de-program the subject. The program and parts often live in a castle called Windsor.

Wolf, Bear, Crow, Lion Programming

Developed after the meanings of the “Medicine Cards” that are used like tarot cards to discover subject’s power through the ways of animals. The programs are based on hunting modules and animal characteristics and symbols. The subject is shown many training films.During programming the subjects are broken into groups of their animals. The groups are all taught first what it feels like to be prey and then how to attack their prey or each other using mental and physical force so your prey doesn’t get free or doesn’t inform on the subject. Programming teaches subjects to compartmentalize learning and force the subjects to do. Programming relies heavily on drugs, electric shock and trauma. The same things are used to trigger the different stages of the programs and programming.

WOLF, basic training is to build future programs on. First the subject is the prey and learns to be aware of the environment and the target. They become the hunter and learn to hold down the prey or each other to take what they want from the prey. The subjects learn to hunt as a group.

BEAR, Subjects go through strength training. Learn to hunt and survive alone.

CROW, The subject goes through intelligence training and problem solving skills.

MOUNTAIN LIONS, encircle, terrorize, use intricate verbal calls to intimidate and scare making easy and clean kills. They will be attacked and terrorized to the point of death by other Mountain Lion level subjects to make sure they understand the fear and weakness of the prey. Subjects are taught they lead those below them by using fear, surprise, attack and terror. The subject must climb great distances, observe their prey and report back to their programmer. As “prince of the lions” the subject can demand and take whatever they choose from anyone who is in their group.

Zeta Programming

Typically presents a realistic or cynical view of the world in which unnatural death and human suffering is simply necessary for the system to survive. Zeta programming is used to dull or block empathy, producing “empathic blocks” against the suffering of other subject’s, which is necessary. Suicide pacts can be made with Zeta programming. This programming is intended to make subjects willingly embrace their own death in a ritual.