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It’s not Impossible

It’s Not Impossible PDF Download Introduction This is a book about healing from some of the most difficult traumas a human being can undergo. I wrote the book for one purpose: to help those on the journey realize it is possible to heal and to help those supporting them understand what they are trying to… read more »

New Book: It’s Not Impossible (Svali Blog Post 2017)

I have recently written a book that describes in detail how programming is done by cult groups, and the issues that must be looked at in order to heal. This book is available in pdf format for $49.95. Below is a Table of Contents that describes the information it contains.         Note:… read more »

The Two Kinds of Amnesia (Svali Blog Post 2017)

The two kinds of amnesia When a survivor does not remember a particular event or experience, there are two basic possibilities. One is that the part of that person, who participated in that event or experience, vowed to forget what transpired. The other possibility is that a different part of that person participated in that… read more »

How to Support a Survivor (Svali Blog Post 2017)

How to Support a Survivor First, it is important for supporters to realize how being raised in the cult can affect the survivor’s worldview. The survivor often will: Be raised in facilities, in groups Have their earliest attachment needs/bonding heavily manipulated Experience betrayals and abuse in all close relationships Will have extreme performance orientation and need… read more »

Svali Speaks Again, Other Q&A and Reddit Part 2

Svali’s New Book “It’s not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control” Find her new book It’s Not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control  available for purchase now. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy and it’s extremely good information, of which I wish I had many years ago! I also… read more »

Svali Speaks Again, Other Q&A and Reddit Part 1

Svali Speaks Again Svali has returned with a new blog Questions and Answers – June 2017 Q: I ‘m in the early stages of remembering the program i received (what a gift !!) when as a child. I began remembering i would say 60 % of the program.For now,most of the memories are autobiografic… read more »

Questions and Answers – 10 January 2017

Do you have any animal alter? If so how to reintegrate them, do i spend time experiencing/watching them? With the lights halo thing, do you mean something like this>> I had this pop into the forums. Honestly I am still tweaking this, as it can come under attack by spam. In any case I… read more »