Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula

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by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

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A successful treasure hunter of the sea said, “You have to convinceothers of what you are looking for, and be incredibly persistent in looking forit.” I, Fritz, could really identify with what he was saying. I havesearched for truth like a treasure hunter, I have sifted the dusty pages ofdocuments, like a patient miner panning for gold. How far & deep are youwilling to search for truth? Cisco and I feel we are accountable to tell you thewhole truth as far as we know it, what you do with that is up to you. This bookwill explain many occult ideas and beliefs, many of them never before publiclyrevealed. There is an important reason why these occult ideas and beliefs areintroduced, we need to study our enemy and know how he thinks. The U.S. Armyused indian scouts to track the indians. Gen. MacArthur learned everything hecould about the Japanese so that he could defeat them. Christ was extremelysavvy as to Satan’s tricks. The Apostle said, “We are not ignorant ofSatan’s devices.” Time and time again, this author has seen powerfulMasonic clergyman do their handshakes, their codewords, etc. in front of thecommon people and the Christians do not catch on. On the one hand the Christianswant proof of what is happening, but on the other hand, they are not willing tolearn how to identify what the opposition is doing. Such doublemindedness hascontributed to the churches becoming, sad-to-say, fronts for the Illuminati. Ihave included the Illuminati’s understanding of things and other occultbeliefs, because I have witnessed that knowing these things can be helpful indefeating the mind-control. If I were trying to help a refugee who was trying toescape the Yakuza, I would study the tactics of the Yakuza. If I were trying tofree a witch of JuJuism, then I would learn about JuJuism. I strongly recommendthat readers always stand on the foundation of the Word of God, and that theyuse the Word of God as a refreshing bath to cleanse their minds. This author hasfound tapes with scriptures to be an encouragement.

Some Christians have criticized this author for the content of the books,because it doesn’t portray the lighter side of Christianity (whatever thatis). It seems some people only want enough of God to to make them cozy, but notso much that their sleep would be disturbed. Some have even gone so far as toclaim this author is not a Christian because the content of the books is soheavy. It is sad that many Christians do not know their own Scriptures nor wherehope comes from. True hope is given by the Spirit of God, because hope is thevantage point that the Spirit of God has for the situation. A therapist may beoptimistic about a victim of mind-control, but the therapist’s optimism onlyturns to sincere hope when they become involved personally with the tragedies ofthe victim through caring and prayer. The Biblical hope is not a warm fuzzy thathas its head in the sand pretending that everything is “rosy andpeachy”. Quite to the contrary, if we look at the following portion ofscripture, we will see the Word of God portraying trauma after trauma with alight still at the end of the tunnel! Such is the power of our hope, that wehave hope in spite of how fierce evil manifests.

Lamentations chapter 1

1 I am the man that hath seen affliction by the rod of his wrath.

2 He hath led me, and brought me into darkness, but not into light.

3 Surely against me is he turned; he turneth his hand against me all the day.

4 My flesh and my skin hath he made old; he hath broken my bones.

5 He hath builded against me, and compassed me with gall and travail.

6 He hath set me in dark places, as they that be dead of old.

7 He hath hedged me about, that I cannot get out: he hath made my chain heavy.

8 Also when I cry and shout, he shutteth out my prayer.

9 He hath inclosed my ways with hewn stone, he hath made my paths crooked.

10 He was unto me as a bear lying in wait, and as a lion in secret places.

11 He hath turned aside my ways, and pulled me in pieces: he hath made me desolate.

12 He hath bent his bow, and set me as a mark for the arrow.

13 He hath caused the arrows of his quiver to enter into my reins.

14 I was a derision to all my people; and their song all the day.

15 He hath filled me with bitterness, he hath made me drunken with wormwood.

16 He hath also broken my teeth with gravel stones, he hath covered me with ashes.

17 And thou hast removed my soul far off from peace: I forgat prosperity.

18 And I said, My strength and my hope is perished from the LORD:

19 Remembering mine affliction and my misery, the wormwood and the gall.

20 My soul hath them still in remembrance, and is bowed down within me.

21 This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.

22 (It is of) Jehovah’s Iovingkindnesss that we are not consumed, becausehis compassions fail not.

23 They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.

24 The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in Him.

25 The LORD is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seekethhim.

26 It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD.
We are in a battle for our minds, are we willing to seize the hope that is before us, or will we resign and say “all is lost”? Discouragement is not of faith. Do you think Almighty God is a discouraged person? He is calling people to serve others, because God knows that you will never find happiness in selfishness. God is calling people to bind up the broken shattered multiples and to let their deeper parts know that they are loved and worthwhile. To adopt an attitude of defeat before freedom loving men and women have exhausted all potential remedies for this mind-control is inexcusable.


This book is dedicated to the two million Americans and counting who havebeen programmed with Monarch-type trauma-based mind control. This book iswritten to destroy trauma-based mind control before it destroys the human race.It’s time for this horrendous secret to end. It is also written as part of God’send time work to propel people of faith to the high calling that is propheciedof the Body, but cannot be attained without men of faith understanding thesethings. Humanity’s great prophet said he came to heal those whose hearts hadbeen broken–literally split and crushed, and to free those who are captive.That work needs to go forward. Blood, sweat and tears are associated with thisbook. The blood of the innocent victims of this mind-control cries out in asingle unison, along with the pungent sweat of those who have tried to ministerhelp to the shattered humanity left by the sadistic programmers, and the poolsof tears shed as this book was written, “How long, O Lord, holy and true,do you not judge and avenge our blood on earth?”


…. Thou shalt know that I am Lord: For they shall not be ashamed that waiton Me. Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered?But thus saith Yahweh, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, andthe prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him thatcontendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. Isaiah 49:23b-25


IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE you the reader have had mind-control done to you, youmust consider the following book to be DANGEROUS. If you are consulting atherapist for DID (also known as MPD), it is recommended that you consult yourtherapist before reading this book. The complications that could result forthose under mind control learning the truth–could be fatal. The co-authors takeno responsibility for those who read or misuse this information. The reader’smind is like a garden. It may not be time to plant the truth in your mind.Perhaps you need some weeding or ground preparation, before the garden of yourmind is ready. Perhaps the weather is too stormy to plant the truth. Pray to theLord of the Harvest. The blessings that flow from planting the information ofthis book in your mind, will require the presence of living waters of love. Ifyou do not have love in your heart, this book is not for you. The informationcontained in this book is the biggest news-story of the 20th century, and stillthe biggest secret. It will challenge you, shock you, horrify you and hopefullymotivate you to redouble your efforts to humble yourself and seek strength fromGod Almighty.

The programming procedures which are described in this book are based onresearch and consultation with deprogrammers, ex-programmers, therapists,counselors and pertinent literature. To the best of our knowledge the statementsmade in this book are factual, although they may not reflect the latest orcurrently accepted methodology among each and every faction of the New WorldOrder which carries out Monarch-type programming. This book tends to devote moreemphasis to Illuminati programming, which is the highest level of programming.For individual application in understanding a survivor of Monarch programming,therapists are admonished to use this material with consideration for theMonarch victim’s personal case and situation. The authors disclaim anyresponsibility for therapeutic work based upon this material.

Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What TheyDo, An Illustrated Guidebook To Monarch Mind Control. Both Fritz and Cisco bringyears of experience in dealing with Monarch programming to bear on the writingof this book. Fritz has researched the Illuminati, while he has worked withvictims of its programming. He has authored The Top 13 Illuminati Families, andseveral other books.


There are many dangers to the human race, some real and some imagined. Ibelieve that the trauma-based mind control which this book exposes is thegreatest danger to the human race. It gives evil men the power to carry out anyevil deed totally undetected. By the time the astute reader finishes this book,they will be as familiar with how to carry out trauma-based mind-control as someof the programmers. Ancient and more recent secrets will no longer be secrets.Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours studying the Illuminati, theIntelligence agencies of the world, and the occult world in general. Thecenterpiece of these organizations is the trauma-based mind control that theycarry out. Without the ability to carry out this sophisticated type ofmind-control using MPD, drugs, hypnosis and electronics and other controlmethodologies, these organizations would fail to keep their dark evil deedssecret. When one of the mind-control programmers of the Church of Scientology,who has left Scientology, was asked about MPD, he said, “It’s the name ofthe game of mind control.” Research into this subject will never becomplete. This book has tried to give a comprehensive view of how theprogramming is done. The basic techniques were developed in German, Scottish,Italian, and English Illuminati families and have been done for centuries. Somereport that some of the techniques go back to ancient Egypt and ancient Babylonto the ancient mystery religions. The Nazis are known to have studied ancientEgyptian texts in their mind control research. The records and secrets of thegenerational Illuminati bloodlines are very-well guarded secrets.

Even when I’ve learned about the location of secret depositories of some ofthe Illuminati’s secrets in Europe, America, and Asia, their records andsecrets are too well-guarded to be examined. The intelligence agencies, such asMI-6 began investigating these mind-control techniques early this century, buttheir records have been routinely destroyed and tampered with. There are somesurvivors and professionals who know that the British used programmedtrauma-based MPD (DID) agents in W.W. I. In Jan., 1987, Richard Kluft submittedan article to the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis about 8 MPD patients whowere between 60 and 72 years of age. Traugott Konstantin Oesterreich(1880-1949), who was professor of philosophy at Tubingen University, Germanystudied MPD and demonic possession and wrote a classic study of it in 1921entitled Possession Demonical & Other, which was translated into english in1930. His classic work on this subject provides documented cases which revealthat the basic trauma-based mind-control was going on in Germany, France &Belgium long before the 20th century. Although he is unable to put together allthe pieces and the clues for what they are, the reader of this book might enjoyreading the 1930 English translation of his classic work after they finish thisbook. Oesterreich’s research in early 1900s was the type of research that theNazi mind-control programmers were very aware of. In 1921, the Germans such asOesterreich would describe personality switches, by the term “somnambuliform[hypnotic states] possession” or “demonical somnambulism” or whatmight be called “Besessenheit von Hypnotismus und bösen Geistern.”

The ability to study both the spiritual & psychological aspects ofmind-control phenomena, is often lacking today. There are exceptions such as Dr.Loreda Fox’s book The Spiritual Dimensions of MPD. In the 1920s, the Germansalso were aware that the human mind has a variety of ego-psycho-psysiologicalstates rather than one unified mind, which they termed “Sub jecklosePsychologie” or the psychology of having correlated psychological statesrather than the concept of a single ego. The Germans and Italians under the Naziand Fascist governments began to do serious scientific research intotrauma-based mind control. Under the auspices of the Kaiser Wilhelm MedicalInstitute in Berlin, Joseph Mengele conducted mind-control research on thousandsof twins, and thousands of other hapless victims. Himmler supervised geneticresearch. The Nazi research records were confiscated by the Allies and are stillclassified. A trip can be made from downtown Washington D.C. on agray-government van which serves as a shuttle to the Suitland Annex where thegovernment’s secrets are buried including research papers captured from theNazi Mind-Control research. Most of Mengele’s concentration camp research isstill classified. Much of it dealt with mind control. A researcher can visit thetop floor, but underground below the top floor are the real secrets. The realsecrets are lying in millions of sheets of classified documents hidden behindblast proof doors. There they have vault after vault, and row after row oftop-secret files that only a few privileged persons with security clearancesabove COSMIC–such as with a “C3” or “MJ” security clearancecan visit. Everyone with these high security clearances which I have identifiedis connected to the Illuminati. Each underground area at Suitland Annex has itsown subset of secret access words, known only to the initiated. Most of the OSSrecords have been destroyed, a few have been left, the important ones have beenmisfiled or remade. (This is according to a reliable British intelligent agent.)Also according to reliable inside sources the CIA is working night and day toremake old records, to expunge all the real dirty secrets from their records.The basement of CIA HQ is known as “the Pit,” In the Pit documents arebeing shredded and burned on a round the clock basis. The large remains of thesesecrets are sold for landfill. The Illuminati have developed secrecy to a fineart. They train their people in the art of secrecy from the time they are born.Most everything they do, is done orally. They are trained not to write ritualsand other things down. There is very little paper trail left by the Illuminati.

The creation of slaves with photographic memories facilitates this secrecy.But this book is not about how they have managed to keep their trauma-basedMonarch Mind-Control a secret. They have managed only to keep it a secret to thegeneral public. They have not been able to completely cover-up the millions ofwasted lives that their programming has ruined. For many years, they were ableto shut-up and quietly discard their programmed multiples by labelling themParanoid Schizophrenics. But therapists are now correctly identifying thesepeople as programmed multiples and are not only diagnosing them better butgiving them better treatment. After Candy Jones’s husband deprogrammed herenough that she could participate in writing a book exposing some of what hadbeen done to her, the secret was out. (See The Control of Candy Jones Hypnotismand the CIA by Donald Bain.) Ever since then, the intelligence agencies and theIlluminati have been carrying out damage control. Their biggest damage controlcampaign has enlisted the power of Hollywood and the controlled Media. Thiscampaign is known as the False Memory Syndrome campaign, or as those of us whoknow the facts like to call it “”the false memory spin-drome.”The headquarters of the False Memory Spin-drom Foundation is located at 3401Market St., Suite 130, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Some of the original founderswere doctors of the University of Pennslyvannia. The inside story about theseearly FMS doctors of the University of Pennslyvannia is that they practicedSatanic Rituals during their work days. What is unusual about this–is thatgenerally satanic rituals are performed at night, but these doctors did theircoven work during the day. I know about these men. Now you can see why these menstarted the FMS! They started it to cover their own sins, because many of themwere abusers themselves. In other words many of the EMS people are abusers oftrauma-based mind-controlled slaves, or the victims of abuse who are in denialabout their own abuse from trauma-based mind-control. Martin T. Orn (the personcredited with founding the FMS) had ties to the CIA. Two members of the EMSadvisory board, Ralph Underwager, Ph.D. and theologian, along with HollidaWakefield, M.A. let the cat out of the bag when they publicly supportedpedophilia (that is adults having sex with children). Their support ofpedophilia came in an interview with a Dutch magazine Paidika, The Journal ofPaedophilia (Winter, 1993).

Although the False Memory Syndrome Foundation gets upset at any mention thatthere might be a conspiracy by the perpetrators of mind-control, becauseconspiracies supposedly don’t and can’t happen, they want us to believe thatall therapists are conspiring together to implant false memories of abuse intotheir clients, which could not be further from the truth. Monarch slavestypically run into a great deal of denial by their therapists that anything likethis could be happening. The bottom line is that Multiple Personality Disorder(now refered to as Dissociative Identity Disorder) is a recognized bona fidediagnosis. False Memory Syndrome is not a recognized medical or psychologicaldiagnosis and does not appear in the American Psychiatric Association’sDiagnostic and Statistical Manual III-R nor the recently released DSM-IV. Thosewho followed Fritz’s writings have learned about the close workingrelationship between the Mondavi’s and the Rothschilds (see his article aboutthe Mondavi/Rothschild Napa Valley winery). Guess who got the court precedencewhich gives the EMS some legal ground to attack therapists? The precidence wassupposedly a wife who went to a doctor who told her she had syphilis. The wifeassumes she got it from her husband and divorces him. Then she learns she doesn’thave syphilis. The husband then sues the doctor. Upon this bizarre case reststhe legal precedence for a third party to sue a person who gives advice, such asfamily members suing a therapist.

Upon this weak precidence, an abusive father who worked for Monday in awinery in California successfully destroyed a legitimate therapist who wastrying to save his daughter who was a programmed Monarch victim. Supposedly thetherapist had implanted false memories of rape in his daughter, when the recordshows that the daughter’s mother told the therapist the girl had been raped bythe father. When a valid case of SRA and repressed memories went to trial inWashington state involving a police officer whose family was MPD, Dr. RichardOfshe of the False Memory Spindrom showed up to cause mischief. And mischief hedid work. The case involved the children of a “”Christian””police officer named Ingram who had satanically ritually abused his family foryears. The daughter won in court, but Ofshe of the EMS was not above writing abook full of lies and distortions about the case. Lynn Crook, who was the abuseddaughter in the case wrote up a paper exposing what EMS person Richard Ofshe didto her, The controlled media is giving full license and great coverage to theEMS people. Rather than fighting the government for scraps of declassifieddocuments which have had their secrets marked out, and which may even be fakedocuments manufactured by the CIA, I have decided that there is a much betterapproach to expose the Monarch Mind Control to the world. If a person couldnever go to Nepal, he can see pictures of it and believe it exists. If a personcan not get into the top secret records of the CIA and Office of NavalIntelligence and MI6, they can be given the exact RECIPE for creating a Monarchslave. I believe that by giving the step by step recipe, people will see that A.all the ingredients are available, B. it is possible to combine the ingredients,C. all it takes is the motive to do it, and that motive is self-evident. We’lleven provide some of the names and places as we go along. This book will providethe step-by-step recipe for making a Monarch Mind-Controlled slave, It is atrauma-based mind control which programs multiple personalities using everyknown technique of mind-control. Every type of mind-control technique has beencombined into a group package which makes the total package almost impossible tobreak. It is this ability to synthesize all these methods into a group packagewhich is so powerful.

Edward Hunter, author of Brainwashing In Red China, testified in 1958 beforea U.S. Congressional House Committee on Un-American Activities: “Since manbegan, he has tried to influence other men or women to his way of thinking.There have always been these forms of pressure to change attitudes. Wediscovered in the past thirty years, a technique to influence, by clinical,hospital procedures, the thinking processes of human beings. Brainwashing isformed out of a set of different elements … hunger, fatigue, tenseness,threats, violence, and in more intense cases…drugs and hypnotism. No one ofthese elements alone can be regarded as brain washing, any more than an applecan be called apple pie. Other ingredients have to be added, and a cookingprocess gone through. So it is with brainwashing…” Hunter saidbrainwashing was a Red Chinese threat. He said that the chinese were the onesusing these tactics. In reality, this mind control was being done in the U.S.and Hunter was a pawn to help justify the criminal activities of the programmersshould they ever be found out behind their cover of “Nationalsecurity.” The handlers of mind-controlled slaves carry around a black orgrey 3 ring notebook or a lap top computer with the access codes and triggers.Some of the programmers and handlers have this all memorized. The deepest parts,core/gems/executive committee, false trinity etc. are charted in esotericlanguage such as Enochian, Hebrew (which is considered magical), and Druidsymbols. I have never gotten the opportunity to look at one of these, although anumber of the slaves who I’ve talked with have while they were beingprogrammed. These notebooks have color-coded graphs showing the arrangement ofalters, the structure of the system, the training of the alters, the history ofthe alters and other details. All the primary tortures carried out on a slaveare coded using dates/no.s so that the memories can be pulled up by theprogrammers. There is a standard set of hand signals, gestures, and codes thatallow a handler to work with someone else’s slave, but the accepted code amongthe handlers is to leave another man’s slave alone. As one leadingpsychiatrist put it, “Different ideologies use the same methodologies ofmind control.”

The Illuminati have secretly put in base programming that allows themultimate control over many of the other groups’ slaves. This will be describedwithin this book.

For both the ease of reading and the ease of writing, I have dispensed withmost footnotes. To provide my sources would double the size of the book, andmany of them are confidential. (In the past, when I have attempted creditinginformation, some people have gotten bruised feelings for having been passedover or for being named. When information comes in from several sources, itbecomes difficult to pass out credit.) I have made conservative judgement callsabout what material I could use. Most of this information has been verified byseveral reliable sources. Confidential eyewitnesses are often the only source,when there is such a powerful conspiracy to keep this vast NWO mind controlsecret. Paper trails were not left or are not available. Programmed slaves whohave worked for the military as mind-controlled slaves have witnessed theirfiles expunged and sanitized. The New World Order in 1981 made training filmsfor their novice programmers. Monarch slave Cathy O’Brien was used to makeboth the film “How to Divide a Personality” and “How To Create aSex Slave.” Two Huntsville porn photographers were used to help NASA andthe NWO create these training films. Undoubtedly, other porn training filmsexist too. In others words, there is film evidence of the Monarch TotalMind-control but these porn films are kept in very secure sites. During the lastfew years, I have visited with ex-programmers, I have visited with hundreds ofvictims of the Monarch type programming. I have gone to programming sites, Ihave visited with therapists who work with the victims of this mind-control, andI have met several of the programmers of the CIA/Illuminati face to face in theadventures of trying to save people from their programming.

I hope that God gives me the strength and the opportunity to get theinformation I have learned out to the world in general. When this informationgets out, hopefully it will help lift some of the secrecy of the MonarchProgramming. The Monarch Programming is a foundation rock of the New World Orderthat when pulled up, will reveal the most evil two-legged bugs and slimycritters. When their rock is lifted, they will have to scurry to hide. Becausethe authors know what the programmers do, they must honestly record severalareas of programming that will be controversial. The programmers are very muchinto demonology. Before therapists close their minds to this subject, theauthors would like to point out, that they personally know of cases whereMonarch slaves whose Christian personalities & other alters didn’t believein demonology were talked into participating in real deliverance, and the slavesdiscovered much to their surprise that work they had unsuccessfully tried to dofor years with their therapist was accomplished in a day or two.

Someprestigious researchers have decided the subconscious doesn’t exist becausethey can’t find it–its mysterious. To the man in the street the concept”subconscious” is as mysterious as the concept “demon”. Bothhave been the objects of intense research by U.S./Brit./Ger. Intelligencegroups. In fact, many of the concepts in this book have been purposely obscurredby the Illuminati’s control over the media and universities. These obscurredconcepts include M.P.D. (DID), recovered memories, hypnosis, demonic possession,aliens, mind-control, the subconscious, a conspiracy to bring in a NWO, truth,etc. The smokescreens of controversy will continue; but those who love thetruth, if they seek it, will realize the importance of this book. It’s onpublic record that MK ULTRA, the mind control research which CIA directorAdmiral Stansfield Turner admitted to in 1977 spent millions of dollars studingVoodoo, witchcraft, and psychics. On August 3, 1977, at a Senate hearing thethen CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner disclosed that the CIA had beenconducting mind control on countless numbers of unsuspecting victims for years,without their knowledge or consent. These CIA mind-control operations werecarried out with the participation of a least 185 scientists and at least 80American institutions, including prisons, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals,and 44 medical colleges & universities. Many of America’s most prestigiousinstitutes of medical research, had cooperated with the CIA. as well as numerousbig name corporations. Casey admitted that day that the CIA did mind-controlconsisting of drugs, hypnosis & electro-shock. A few of the victims of theMonarch Project were even awarded financial compensation for their misery. Butwhat was admitted was admitted in the spirit of covering up the extent of thefull truth. The compensation was actually hush money, because victims were given”gag orders” by judges not to talk about what had happened to them. It’sbeen a disaster for Monarch victims that so many ministers have ignored thosewords of their Scripture, “For we are not ignorant of the devil’sdevices.” 2 COR 2:11 This book is a must for those ministers who seriouslybelieve “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanseourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness inthe fear of God.” 2 COR 7:1. In 2 TIM 2: 19-21, believers who “nameththe name of Christ” are asked to purge themselves of their uncleanliness (unclean spirits). There are many top notch Christians in the churches today whoare under mind-control, incl. many of the Christian leadership. I would like toremind Christian ministers that Isaiah the great prophet said, “The LordGOD hath given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak aword in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning; he wakenethmine ear to hear as the learned.” Ignorance is not godliness. Isaiahlearned to speak with the great learned men of his day, just as Paul the greatapostle could speak to the learned men of his time. One of the character traitsof God is that He is all-knowing. WHO says it is godly to be ignorant? Theprophet Daniel said Yahweh God “reveals the deep and secret things.”(Dan. 2:22a) God’s instruments will do this revealing. Jesus’ advice to hisdisciples was in effect to “Be wise as serpents, and gentle as alamb”. This advice certainly applies in helping the victims of trauma-basedmind-control. Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians (1 Thes 5:14) says that ineffect that different people need different counseling, but they all need to betreated with patience. The first step in suggesting a cure is to find out whathappened. That is what this book is about. This book is about how the OccultNetwork creates the problem that therapists and a few ministers try to dealwith. But the keys to open doors to healthy solutions for the victims oftrauma-based total mind control will reveal themselves in this book for thereader as this book reveals the nitty-gritty of how the total mind-controlhappens. Christ came to free the captives (Isaiah 61:1). Satanic ritual abusehas a history that is almost as old as history itself. Good King Hezekiah was avictim as a child of SRA. (2 Chr. 29) who got free. Moses confronted the satanicmagic of Pharoah’s magicians who could create live snakes from sticks. TheApostle Paul had to deal with Simon Magus, a leader of what is now known asSatanism. Solomon, one of the greatest men of faith, backslide and became one ofthe greatest satanists of all history. We have “no fellowship withunfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (as per EPH 5:11).While we have no fellowship with evil, the mind-control programmers are countingon us being so ignorant of their devices that they can hide their controldevices behind perversion & filth that many people shy away from. We must bestrong enough to face evil and not shy away from it. The victims of mind-controlmust look evil in the face & not look away to gain their freedom. We, whowant to help them, must be courageous & strong enough to do this too. Thisbook is written for that divine goal “till we all come in the unity of thefaith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto themeasure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” Eph. 4:13 If the body ofChrist is to attain fullness, we need this book to weed out the hidden terriblecancer that is consuming the body from within. This book is written forministers, secular and Christian therapists, and truth lovers of all kinds. Ifyou love the truth this book is for you. If you see something good in the humanrace so that our species should be preserved as well as the spotted owl and thesand flea, then this book is for you. IF YOU LOVE THE TRUTH, this BOOK is forYOU.


For those readers who are not familiar with these basic terms let us introduce you to the definitions under which this book uses them.

Alter-Our usage is trying to follow the programmers usage of this word. Adissociated part of the mind which has a seperate identity and is given cuecodes by the mind-control programmers to trigger that dissociated part of themind to come to the front of the mind. The alter’s identity may be a gem,rock, a tape recorder, a poodle, a white kitten, a dove, a horse, or even thinkof itself as a person or a demon. It all depends on its programming. An alter isdifferent from an alter fragment in that the alter fragment is a dissociatedpart of the mind which serves only a single purpose. The programmers will givean alter a history, and insure that shadow alters will provide a full range ofaccessible emotions. Sometimes the distinctions between alters and alterfragments is vague, but examples from the two ends of the spectrum are easy totell apart. We use the word alter in this book to conform to what theprogrammers’ charts are encoding as alters. A typical main Mengele-createdgrid would be a grid of 13×13 principal A-coded alters, which is 169 principlealter personalities. In Illuminati systems, ceremonial “alters will consistof 3 alters placed on a spinning pedistal together into triad goddesses or gods.That means that an A-coded alter on some levels is actually 3 alters spinningtogether, which must be locked in place to communicate with, and then rotated tocommunicate to the other two.

Beta–This is the second Greek letter, and it represents the sexual modelsand sexual alters that the Programmers are creating. The primitive part of thebrain is involved in this type of programming. An early sexual abuse event willbe used to anchor this programming. These sexual slaves will develop sexualabilities that are far beyond what the public is aware is even possible. Theyalso receive the worst kind of abuse far beyond what most people’s imaginationcan picture. Beta alters generally see themselves as cats.

Councils (llluminati)–The Illuminati has frequent meetings. Some of thesemeetings are organized to appear “acephalous” and “accidential”in their meetings, when in reality they are structured and planned. One group,MJ-12 has gone by the following names: the Group, the Special Study Group, theWise Men, the Operations Coordinating Board (OCB), 5412 Committee, 303Committee, 40 Committee, PI-40 Committee, and Policy Planning Group (PCG). Someof the formal policy and ritual groups have names that all Illuminati memberswho have gotten high enough to learn, will recognize:

The Council of 3, Council of 5, Council of 7, Council of 9, The Grand Druid Council, The Committee of 300, and the Committee of 500 (known as Fortune 500). Many of the meetings are conclaves without formal names. The Grand Druid Council is not something fictional, but an actual body of people who formally meet and whose membership, we have been trying to keep track of. The groups which make decisions to control this planet are networked together. Each decision has its own origin and route that it takes.

Delta–This is a Greek letter shaped like a triangle which symbolizes change in calculus. It has become a favorite word to use in naming things for the occult elite. Delta teams are 4 person assassination teams which usually are secret teams. Delta Forces is an elite unit that operates under the Joint chiefs of staff that is made up of highly trained total mind-controlled slaves. Delta models are slaves whose sole purpose is assassination. Delta alters are alters within an Illuminati alter system which are programmed to be assassins. These alters are often some of the deepest in a system and in a Genie bottle or with Umbrella programming.

Deliverance ministry-(This book is about HOW the mind-control is done, it isnot a textbook on solutions.) The use of the term deliverance ministry in thisbook connotates any person(s) who via faith in God is able to pray for divinehelp in a fashion that a victim is helped from demonic activity. A deliveranceministry is a natural outgrowth of a life in harmony and fellowship with YahwehGod. However, this is not to be confused with Exorcism of the traditionalCatholic or witchcraft nature in which certain spells and incantations are usedin a prescribed method. “Deliverance” connotates divinely inspiredfaith, exorcism involves ritual. A deliverance ministry might perhaps teach aperson about forgiveness, or how they can renounce an oath, or how to applyJesus Christ’s atoning blood to their life. In this fashion, the person findsdeliverance through biblical spiritual principles rather than the efficacy ofsome ritual or hocus pocus spell. This book is in no way meant as a blanketendorsement of every spiritual warfare tactic. If anything, this book suggeststhat ministers learn more about mind-control, as well as grow stronger in theirwalk with Almighty God.

Illuminati–The Illuminati are 13 elite bloodlines which have manueveredthemselves into control over this planet. They lead double lives, one forsociety and a hidden one which is based on a gnostic luciferian philosophy whichconsists of lots of blood rituals.

Monarch Programming–This was a specific Project carried out by secretelements of the U.S. government and intelligence groups. There were, accordingto someone a few years ago who had access to the computer(s) which contains allthe names of active monitored human slaves, 40,000 actively monitored Monarchslaves. However, this book uses the term generically to include all victims whohave suffered this type of trauma-based mind-control. In the same way, that abrand name like “Hyster” is used to describe all lifts–when we usethe term we use it in its broadest sense. This is the only way it can be usedand technically correct, because as of this date, the authors have not seen whois on the active Monarch Program list of slaves.

System– This term is used in several ways. It is frequently used to refer toa victim of total mind control because the victim consists of alters,programming, implant(s), internal computers, and numerous dissociative stateswhich function together as a system. The word is also used in this book to referto the body’s functional physiological units, such as the respiratory system.The word is also infrequently used to denote the establishedsocial-economic-political system controlling the world, also known insiders asthe Network. Other standard meaning may also occasionally be used for the word.

Multiple Personality (DID)–Multiple personalities or MPDor Dissociative Identity Disorder is the situation where different dissociativeparts of a single brain view themselves as separate persons. The DSM-IIIRdefinition of MPD is the guideline for determining MPD for this book.

New World Order– The New World Order is the global design for a One-World-Government One-World-Dictator and its constituents. Insiders call themselves the “network” and “the neighborhood”.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)–This is used to represent all categories ofritual abuse which would be inspired by the desire to rob, kill, or destroysomething worthwhile in a person, especially their freedom of thought. Manygroups carrying out SRA do not mention Satan by that name. They may make Pactsto Baphomet, and call upon Rex Mundi, or Belair, or Lucifer, or the Father ofLight, God, or Kali or even “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” (thereare demons which call themselves “Jesus”, who are not to be confusedwith Yeshua or Yehoshua ben Joseph who is known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.)SRA is not a value judgement by the authors against some group, the victimsthemselves on some level know that he or she is being abused.

Switching–This is when one part (fragment) of the mind takes over fromanother, or in simple terms, this is when one alter personality (or alterfragment) takes the body from the alter which is holding the body. Switching canoccur via the Programmers’ codes for calling up alters, or by external orinternal stimuli that trigger an alter to come out. Switching will usually causeat least a flicker of the eyes, and for outside observers, who know thedifferent personalities, they will observe another personality take the body.
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In Jan. ’96, I bound the first copies of The Illuminati Formula Used toCreate Undetectable Total Mind-Controlled Slave. Hundreds of people in theUnited States and other countries were reading this book, and were expressingtheir appreciation and praise for the work. Some also contributed more detailsabout the Illuminati’s mind-control. It was also gratifying that theillustrated Guidebook to Monarch Mind-control, which contains my co-author’sart work done under programming, was translated and sold this year (’96) as apaperback in Japan. The word is getting out, and people with ears to hear aregrateful. The original goal was to write the Vol. 2 book to be about 300 pageslong, but it spilled into 500 pages. At 500 pages, it was brought to a grindinghalt. In this DEEPER INSIGHTS book, I bring you more profounder mysteries of theIlluminati’s mind-control abilities. These deeper insights were some itemsleft out of the Vol. 2 due to space, as well as some things that have been foundout since the Vol.2 book was written. Those who were intrigued by the Vol. 2,and cut their teeth on the subject of mind-control via my writings over the past5 years, will enjoy this further expose of the deeper secrets of Illuminatimind-control. For instance, scattered in several sections including Chapter 3 isa great deal about the base programs which are laid in using controlled LSDtrips in sensory deprivation tanks. Another exciting set of new revelations areCisco’s information on the core, and her revelations giving the chronology oflayering in the mind-control programming. I have also done a great deal ofresearch into Cranial manipulation (see Chapter 8), which has been an extremelywell-hidden mind-control secret known only to a few select people worldwide.Another area of intense research has been to expose the role Disney played inmind-control. Although other writers have superficially touched on implants,nanobots, thought-transfer, soul entrapment and other secret technologies, Idecided to provide many details to expose these new technologies that are beingused in conjunction with the dissociative programmed multiplicity. Besidelearning countless programming secrets, the reader will take another quantumleap into understanding what has been going on in this mixed-up world. If lifeis a riddle, then this book contains many answers to the riddle of life. Duringthe summer of 1996, I had the privilege to speak on mind-control to audiences in12 major American cities, as well talk on over 50 radio stations. The responsewas encouraging. People are beginning to wake up, and are hungry to learn thetruth about how the movers and shakers of this world have developedsophisticated methods to make children into undetectable Illuminati robots (fromthe cradle to the satanic throne), as well as their extensive abilities tocontrol the common person’s thinking from the cradle to the grave. When Christasked the question, will I find faith when I return? it was a serious question.We no longer live in a situation where we can depend upon our mind and ourthoughts actually being our own. Our minds are under a constant assault andmanipulation by those who control things. No one is exempt. Fortunately, thereare still some rational thinking humans, who can challenge and expose theirplans for total control over the minds of the entire human race. I, as aminister & researcher, along with the victims represented by Cisco Wheelerand others, can’t expose this mind control on our own. We need the help ofothers. Will you help us get the message out about the New World Order’s/theIlluminati’s mind control? Cisco has consulted with me, and we decided to maketwo continuations. The continuation of the Illustratedguidebook would be authored by her, and the continuation of the Vol. 2 bookwould be carried out by yours truly, Fritz Springmeier. We have combined thesetwo continuations into this book called for short DEEPER INSIGHTS into theIlluminati Mind Control Formula. This volume is meant to be an extension of theprevious volumes. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ the previous book entitled Vol. 2 TheIlluminati Formula used to create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave,THEN you are not really prepared to understand this material. In my previousbooks, I have shown how the intelligence agencies are simply prostitutes andfronts of the Illuminati. The Illuminati always “sterilize” theiractivities, so their actions can’t be identified in the flurry of secretintelligence activities. Recently, at one conference on mind-control, victims ofgovernment mind-control were told that their stories were not welcome becausethe conference was on “cult” mind-control. Dear reader, theintelligence agencies are cults, and not only that, but they have a dark satanicside to them, which not only brands them as cults, but “occult cults.”Witchcraft and Freemasonry refer to themselves as “the Craft”; howappropriate it was for Allen Dulles, DCI-head of the CIA, to entitle his book”The Craft of Intelligence”. How appropriate it was that people withinthe CIA referred to their top management as the Knights Templars. As the Vol. 2Formula book indicated, the intelligence agencies which work for the Illuminatihave kept only the minimum of records, and the records they do keep are out ofreach of people like you and I. But that doesn’t mean that the researcher likemyself can’t work backwards. One of the side effects of the traumas thatcreate multiple-personalities (DID) is that sadistic or criminal alters areoften formed, and with careful research the historical record of criminals withmultiple personalities can be traced back into history. The Illuminati havecreated trained-multiples for centuries, but insiders say that programmed DID (MPD)was developed in the Nazi concentration camps. The worldwide Illuminati plannedthe camps with the goal to determine what programs would work on children, andused the cover story of Nazi racial hatred to hide the real purpose of thecamps–mind-control experiments which used large numbers of children traumatizedby their separation from their parents.

With today’s sophisticated programming and structuring of MPD worlds, theseevil alters can be controlled better than in the past, and yet we still haveserial killers like Wayne Cox, and serial rapists like William Stanley Milligan,who were programmed multiples stalking our streets. Kenneth Biani, the LAHillside strangler who killed 9 people was diagnosed as a multiple, but claimedhe had faked the disorder. Thomas W. Piper in Boston in the 1870s, and PaulMiskamen, one hundred years later in California, are examples of multiples whohad an alter capable of murder and another alter who was a good Christian. Oneof the best disinformation campaigns of the Illuminati, is to make people thinkprogrammed-multiples are just for espionage, prostitution and assassination.They have taken over our pulpits, like the Illuminati programmed multiple JimmySwaggart, and they have taken over our political offices, like Al Gore, and ouruniversities. Even with the elite’s secrecy intact via their control oflibraries, publishing houses, and newspapers, the record still shows the tracesof the Illuminati’s history of creating controlled multiple personalities. Thehistorical record of criminals with multiple personalities includes theIlluminati coke multimillionaire Harry K. Thaw. He was one of the elite ofsociety, who had charming sophisticated front alters, and sadistic deeperalters. His position prevented him from being convicted of a murder he committedin public on June 25, 1906. However, another multiple Henry Spencer, who didn’thave such clout was hanged after killing Allison Rexroat in 1914. Anothermultiple William Heirens, who murdered two women in the ’40’s, had one ofhis front alters write in the mirror after a murder, “For heaven’s sake,catch me before I kill more, I cannot control myself.” He had an alterGeorge who was doing the murders. The story doesn’t stop with evidence ofphysical murders, but includes the vast numbers of spiritual deaths that haveresulted from the spiritual manipulation of the masses via programmed multiples.Programmed multiples have been great for carrying out religious deceptions. Manyof the great spiritist mediums were multiples. In the 1920’s, Patience Worthwas a famous name of an author. Patience was an alter of Mrs. John Curran. As achild Mrs. Curran had played the piano in her uncle’s Missouri Ozark churchwhen young and then she later grew up to be a famous medium and writer. A Dr.Charles E. Cory investigated her multiple-personality disorder. He discoveredthat her author alter was much more intelligent than the front alter who did thehousekeeping & normally held the body. The occult world has manipulated MPDto manufacture validation for their theories of reincarnation, spiritism etc.Where once the Word of God was accepted as truth by society as a whole, nowsociety questions whether there is such a thing as truth. When it has come tofinding out about mind control from the first level of perpetrators, thegovernment, there have been a number of manufactured (bogus), sanitized andoriginal CIA documents released to the public under the nearly worthless Freedomof Information act. The Freedom of Information Act has been manipulated to leadpeople to think that the public has access to secrets.

A letter of inquiry in 1995 requesting declassified documents on MindControl, Monarch, MK Ultra, Artichoke and Blue Bird got the following responsefrom the CIA, “…as you might expect, we have already conductedbroad-ranging and exhaustive searches and reviews on every conceivable aspect ofhuman behavior, including mind control and brainwashing, and have located andreleased 11, 336 pages of material on the general subject of human behaviorstudies under MKULTRA. Most of the 11,336 pages of this previously releasedmaterial are very limited in scope and consist primarily of financialrecords.” (quote from a CIA letter of response in answer to a request fordeclassified mind-control information.) Yes, and long-story-short even those11,336 pages only got released due to a mistake.

In one CIA document pertaining to mind control released under the Freedom ofInformation act, which is a memorandum dated 20 Oct. 1975 to the Director ofCentral Intelligence from the Inspector General Donald F. Chamberlain, theInspector General states, “From his investigation of the project [MKNAOMI],Dr. Stevens has concluded that gaps in the files are the result of a consciouspolicy on the part of those involved to keep very little paper on the projectfrom its inception in 1952 to its demise in 1970. People formerly connected withthe project interviewed by Dr. Stevens asserted that the practice of keepinglittle or no record of the activity was standard MKNAOMI procedure.” PhilipAgee, who wrote an expose of the CIA entitled Inside The Company: CIA Diary(Toronto, Can.: Bantam Books, 1975), said that as an employee of the CIA”You get so used to lying that after a while it’s hard to remember whatthe truth is.” Philip Agee writes, “The life of a CIA operationsofficer … There is not much time to think about the results of your actionsand, if you try to do it well, the job of operations officer calls fordedication to the point of obsession. But it’s a schizophrenic sort ofsituation. You have too many secrets, you can’t relax with outsiders.Sometimes an operative uses several identities at once. If somebody asks you asimple question, “What did you do over the weekend?” your mind goesClick! Who does he think I am? What would the guy he thinks I am be doing overthe weekend? You get so used to lying that after a while it’s hard to rememberwhat the truth is. When I [Philip] joined the CIA I signed the secrecyagreement… [now] I may have violated that agreement. I believe it is worse tostay silent, that the [security] agreement itself was immoral.” [bold addedto quote] On Nov. 15, 1996, DCI Deutsch of the CIA paraded himself and somepoliticians before a public meeting in south L.A. (broadcast on C-Span) and toldthe people the CIA would investigate allegations that the CIA had run drugs. Oneman asked CIA Director Deutsch, “Everyone knows that the CIA was runningdrugs in Vietnam from the Golden Triangle, and that they have continued doing itto today, and you want to come here to south L.A. and pretend to us that thishasn’t happened when everyone knows it did. Are you crazy?” Deutschcouldn’t help but show a revealing smile. (The above quoted question was takenfrom C-Span’s broadcast & is a closely paraphrased version.) One of myquestions to Deutsch would be, “When a drug addict’s life gets out ofcontrol, he’ll go into denial, and he’ll steal from everyone in his life,including his own mother, and live a life of lies, and when an intelligenceagency gets out of control, they are like an addicted person, they stay in totaldenial and keep secretly hurting everyone in sight, WHAT can and should thepeople do to get an out-of-control intelligence agency to stop its poweraddiction? Unfortunately, the problem with power addiction, addiction to lying& deception, and drug addiction began centuries before the CIA within theIlluminati families that started the CIA. The CIA is simply reflecting theproblems of its parent. Their addiction to lying keeps the common gullible manin public ignorant. Their total mind-controlled slaves are used extensively fordisinformation campaigns, and are helpful to disseminate WHITE, GREY, &BLACK propaganda for the New World Order’s Network. To coordinate their liesrequires a special intelligence group that keeps meticulous records of thedisinformation that has been disseminated, so that they don’t get mixed up intheir lies. It is extremely rare to get the truth out of the perpetrators, themind-control programmers. Recently, on television a movie portrayed a victim oftrauma-based mind control trying to get one of her programmers, who she’dtaken prisoner, to confess to what he’d done. He defied her, and did all hecould to make her think her memory was her imagination. It was an excellentportrayal of how hard it is to get the truth out of the perpetrators. Thesadistic programmers have exercised their power for decades in secrecy. Theyhave understood the implications of their power for decades. However, theimplications of this undetectable mind-control are staggering, actuallyoverwhelming and beyond the man in the street’s ability to comprehend. Itmeans every organization can be infiltrated (“penetrated” as theysay), and used as a front or controlled. It means nothing is as it appears. Itmeans that Russia can hate America on the surface, and be working hand in gloveon the secret level. It means every one of the millions of new immigrants fromRussia, China and Eastern Europe into the U.S. is a potential time bomb. Itmeans much of what has been blamed on Christians has had its origin in Satan.Satanic programming has seriously damaged the reputation of Christians. Theprogrammers are major players in how the world’s events unfold, while theyreceive absolutely no attention. These men are illegitimate rulers of the world.They have never gained from the common man the right to rule. Therefore theyrule through puppets who owe their total allegiance to their mind-controlmasters. They are rapidly trying to establish legitimacy for themselves, andplan to culminate their plans to gain legitimacy with the rule of the AntiChrist,who will rule based on mass-produced myths and fantasies that the Illuminatiwill articulate to the imaginations of millions of slaves worldwide. They havealready begun to market the AntiChrist and his reign to the world. The campaignfor the acceptance of homosexuality is just one part of this marketing effort.They are also skillfully justifying their AntiChrist’s rule, by creatingproblems that only his superior management abilities and leadership skills willbe able to deal with. The strength of New World Order and the AntiChrist’srule is the total and undetectable mind-control that is being carried out on amass scale to little children and people who fit specific profiles. According toa reliable deprogrammed source: Adults, who have the following profile aresubjected to mind-control. This profile is:

  • Alone without a support system of family or friends.
  • An I.Q. above 120.
  • Good hypnotic candidate
  • Has other attributes worthwhile to exploit

More about this will be discussed in chapter 1, where an entire overview ofhow the intelligence agencies take adults and program them will be given. Adultswho are used by the intelligence agencies for WET OPS or one-time one waymissions are programmed in stages. These stages are designated levels 1-5. Level4 is where these slaves begin to resemble the total mind-controlled slaves ofthe Illuminati who have been subjected to mind-control since they weredefenseless babies. The men involved in the programming of little defenselesschildren are skilled. They have been earned their jobs on the basis of adog-eat-dog environment. They are ruthless. They operate out a hidden zone,which I will call the twilight zone of believability. Anyone who tries to exposewhat they are doing, must write about things that are outside of that box ofthings commonly believed in. It is as they intentionally gauge what isbelievable and then step outside of that zone in which to operate. Theseruthless programmers have egos which think they are god-men. Somewhere deep intheir minds, they inwardly know they are worms. There is a part of themselvesdeep down that knows the truth, but Satan has buried that so deep, that theycannot face the reality of who they are. They seek eternal life by stealing thelife force of innocent victims. They know that their father is Satan. They arevictims of Satan. Where does one draw the line between who is a victim and whois an abuser? There is no line. The word of God indicates that God has turnedmany of these men over to Satan due to their wicked minds. It’s sad to thinkthat some of these men are dependant on Satan for spiritual life. Many of theslaves still have a spark of reality and a spirit that cries for freedom. Theyhave ears to hear the truth, should it come their way. This book is written forthose who love the truth and love the liberty that Almighty God has given us toseek and to love the truth for ourselves. Although only a minority of the peopletoday have Total Mind-Control, the Illuminati are attempting to confuse andmanipulate everyone. One of their favorite tactics to scare people with is theambiguous bogeyman of national security. They constantly use their spin-doctorsto whip up fear, so that the public will gladly surrender their freedom toprotect “national security”. Unfortunately, or ironically, the veryconcept of “national security” is being used as a cover for theIlluminati to steal every last vestige of freedom left to the American people.American tax-dollars support secret conferences such as the classifiedconference sponsored by Los Alamos on Nov. 16-17, 1993 where the Applied PhysicsLab of John Hopkins University taught our military about “non-lethal”weapons. The satanist/ ex-Green Beret Dr. John Alexander, now head of the LosAlamos National Lab, gave one of the opening talks on 11/16/93. The next day,the military men gave talks on the technology involved in controlling people’sminds electronically via both implants and energy beamed at them. Dr. DaveMorgan, of Lockhead Sanders also gave a specific talk on their “syntel–syntheticvoices they place in the heads of victims with telemetry to auditory implants.You will read more on their implants in chapter 5. The battle for the freedom ofthe human mind must be fought now. The battle gets increasingly difficult, butwe must fight it whether we win or lose, for the human spirit and the human mindwas not created by God for slavery to Satan and his AntiChrist. Over and over,the truth of Jesus’ words still shine forth, “And you shall know thetruth and the truth shall set you free.” Let us realize that the man whosaid those eternally powerful words also said, “I am the way, the truth,and the life.” For His light shone in darkness, “and the darkness hasnot overcome it.” If those of us who still have free minds must die–thenlet us die for the TRUTH, that the Truth in Christ Jesus shall live.

The hidden World Order government that increasingly controls our livesoperates through many clandestine operations and groups. What you see is notwhat you get. In order to maintain total secrecy of such a vast scale ofoperations, they use millions of mind-controlled slaves world-wide as well asnumerous willing servants who out of raw terror will not buck the system. On thesurface, EPIC is just another secret military unit. The patch below belongs tothe EPIC unit, a clandestine unit which is doing the real banking for part ofMexico, much of the U.S. and part of Canada. This agency (El Paso IntelligenceCenter–EPIC) is obviously not a U.S. jurisdictional agency, but operates underFINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network- as in crimes against Big Brother).This unit is stationed at Ft. Bliss, which contains Army & Air Force units.American elections are rigged, and there is no longer a government of thepeople, for the people and by the people (if there ever was one). The Americanpeople are kept in place because they think they elected the government thatrules them. Mind-control is pervasive and is being used not just to createsexual slaves, or banking employees, but to control society at all levels. Willwe continue to allow a shadow government to rule us? Will we continue to letthem tell us that these things have to be secret in the interest of”national security”, when in reality they are only in the interest ofNATIONAL SLAVERY?

EPIC is also involved with the NAFTA machinations, many of which were donewith the help of mind-controlled slaves. Within the NAFTA agreement was theU.S./Mexico Border XXI Framework Document, (based on the La Paz Agreement signedin ‘83) which in effect ends American & Mexican sovereignity over all landwithin 52.5 miles of the border. Special international agencies have beencreated to regulate the various environmental and legal needs of the Border XXIregion, as the border is dissolved into a border region. The U.S./Mex. BorderXXI document created the Border Cooperation Project & the North AmericanDevelopment Bank. The World Bank will also provide financing, and some fundswill come from Mexico. EPIC is well situated in the approx. geographic center ofthis border region.


The average person who has been spoon-fed what he knows from the controlledestablishment (the establishment’s news, churches, and schools) is overwhelmedand in denial that mind-control can be happening. Who would want to carry outmind-control? One category are those groups who use the Cabala. Hasidic Judaism,Freemasonry, and Witchcraft are all based on the Cabala. Llewellyn’s magazineNew Worlds of Mind and Spirit (a prominent witchcraft magazine) in theirJune/July ’94 issue state on page 56, “The golem of Prague is perhaps themost famous example of ‘practical cabala’- the use of cabala for magicalcabala.” Golem are mind-controlled beings. There are several cabalistic andwitchcraft written references that point out that the creation ofmind-controlled zombies (golem) was the highest goal of the cabala. Albert Pike,perhaps the most important Freemason of all times, clearly stated as the head ofFreemasons worldwide that Freemasonry is based on the Cabala. A cabalisticpsychiatrist in Psychoanalysis Review, ’44, issue 31, p. 180 wrote,”Victory over the world would be secured by any man who possessed theShem…[We shall control the world (words to this effect)]…when we shallattain the consciousness of the Shem within us and will control the power of theGolem to regenerate the world.” [The Golem are energized by the magicTetragrammaton, which the Jehovah’s W.s emphasize so much.] In The WorldwideWeekly, Defense News of 3/20-26/95, the Defense News an official military paperindicated that the navy was attempting to produce an “Army ofZombies”. The Defense News stated:

“The research, called Hippocampal Neuron Patterning, grows live neuronson computer chips, William Tolles, the recently retired associate director ofresearch at the Naval Research Lab, said March 15. This technology that altersneurons could potentially be used on people to create zombie armies, LawrenceKorb, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said March 16 …. Theresearch has captured the attention of the U.S. Intelligence community.”

I have taken the space to give you the reader a paper trail that shows thatYES INDEED, there are groups of people that desire human zombies. So where dothey select their candidates for their zombie creating programs? That’s whatthis chapter will deal with. You’ll have to go to some of my other books tolearn how these mind-control groups all interconnect.

The previous book by this author The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines wasintended to help people begin to understand the major role bloodlines playwithin the Illuminati. When this author was on speaking circuit, he ran into anumber of researchers who had researched the New World Order and the Illuminatifor years and not realized the significance of the bloodlines. In tracking thebloodlines, it became apparent that the European Illuminati bloodlines weretrying to integrate some of the American Indian bloodlines into their ownbloodlines. Why? They wanted the occult power that these bloodlines contributed.And it seems that not only do generational spirits help in many ways, but thereare reasons to believe that the Aborigines of Australia, the Bushmen of theKalahari, and some of the American Indian tribes such as the Cherokee have highparanormal abilities in addition to their demonic spiritual abilities. Somebelieve that the psi-gene was valuable for the survival of primitive huntertribes, while tribes who went into agriculture lost some of the power of theprimary and secondary psi-genes since natural selection would not haveencouraged psi-genes in agricultural based societies. The primary psi-genes arethought by some to be some genetic coding which enhances proteins to be betterbiophysical batteries, storage units, and other roles. The secondary genetic psi-codingare thought to be codes for creating richer and higher-functioning neuralpathways, and neural capabilities. Whether this was true, if the Illuminatibelieved it was true, it could account for their penchant for mixing in AmericanIndian blood with their elite “blue blood.”

BREEDING GOOD SUBJECTS for HYPNOSIS-hypnosis as it relates to selection & preparation of the victim

Hypnosis and programming work well in the alpha state of the mind. This is why the child is traumatized even in the womb, so that it will naturally be in that alpha state even before birth. The man in the street may think that the hypnotist looks for weak-willed subjects, however the mind-control programmers and professional stage hypnotists say that a “fighter”, “a determined forceful personality” are the types they search for to have a successful hypnotic session. Weak-willed persons are usually incapable of seriously concentrating for the successful pursuance of any idea, and usually are the worst subjects. Intelligence is often helpful, and (as stated in the first volume) the ability to be creative is extremely important to the programmers. An extremely important factor for the subject of mind-control to have is the “emotional drive to pursue to its successful completion a given objective.” (McGill, Ormond. Professional Stage Hypnotism. pp. 87-88.) One reason the programmers like to work with children who were preemies is that they are fighters. Another reason the programmers like to work with intelligent children, and not waste time trying to program lower-than-average intelligent children, is that they are easier to hypnotize.

This does not mean that only people who appear intelligent are programmed.During the programming process, many of the victims are programmed to appearstupid to others and to themselves. Only the master (and those who work withhim) are to use the full potential of the victim. The victims’ talents arestolen from them. An intelligent child, who comes from an intelligent family,and who is programmed with total mind-control may grow up into adulthoodthinking he or she is of average or below average intelligence.


Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, who was blood related to both President Martin VanBuren and to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is on record, “Some day we willrealize that the prime duty, the inescapable duty of the good citizens of theright type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that wehave no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type ….The problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immenseinfluence of heredity …. I wish very much that the wrong people could beprevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people issufficiently flagrant, this should be done …. The emphasis should be laid ongetting desirable people to breed.” Many of the people within theIlluminati bloodlines have made statements like this, and have done all theycould to leave many secret offspring behind, because these elite bloodlines havefelt they were the chosen to lead humanity. Your ancient aristocratic familiessuch as the Cabots, Lodges & Delanos have been in favor of placing the blameon society’s problems on the “bad blood” of the common man. Theyforget all the evils that have been perpetrated on these common people by theblue blooded aristocratic families that think they are so superior. Forinstance, Illuminati kingpin Harriman’s wife purchased land at Cold Springs,NY to promote a eugenics program. She said that being raised around good racehorses helped her appreciate good breeding in man. Eugenics is the philosophythat some humans are genetically superior to others, & that inferior geneticraces/individuals should be destroyed. The first eugenics program started in theUnited States was by John Humphrey Noyes, the cult leader of communist Oneidacommunities. John Humphrey Noyes’ father was a Vermont Congressman, and hismother was a relative of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th U.S. President. Hisfamily was from the burned out district, from Putney, Vermont. In 1833, Yalegranted him a license to preach. Noyes began creating his communist communitiesaround 1836, and he dictated all their major decisions, including their groupsex and eugenics policies. In 1869, John H. Noyes selected 53 women and 38 mento be the only ones in his communities allowed to produce children. The goal wasto perfect the genetics of the community by only allowing well bred children.This is believed to be the first eugenics program. All members of the communitywere encouraged to have sex with everyone else & not to form emotionalattachments around it. However, they were not to have procreative sex. TheOneida group can clearly be tied in with European occult groups that tie in withthe illuminati. The Oneida group used central committees and social controlthrough mutual criticism to keep their members in line. Their social controlmethods were extremely effective. Years later, Chinese communism began usingthese innovations of Noyes’. Charles Guiteau, who assassinated Pres. Garfield,was a member of Noyes’ Oneida community. He became a member because hisfather, a disciple of Noyes, took him there as a boy. Charles stated that at theNoyes’ community, he came under the influence of Noyes and “I was unableto get away from that influence … A man was just as isolated from the world asif he were confined in state’s prison or lunatic asylum. I suffered greatly inmind and body and spirits during incarceration in that community.” Heclaimed he had never gotten free of the control that began when he entered theOneida community. In 1880, he began hanging around the Republican Party’s NYHQ. This was a very strange thing, because Charles Guiteau had never had anyinterest in politics his entire life. He bought a pistol from a”gentleman”, and then shot President Garfield. Knowing that Illuminatimind-control was already taking place at this time, certainly makes thisassassination an area for further study. John Noyes had his groups conductingseances and carrying out initiation rites. He personally sexually initiated thegirl children of his communities at these rites. In June, 1879, when theauthorities came to arrest him for mass rape of little girls, he fled to BritishCanada, where the British government gave him asylum. After Noyes skipped thecountry, the community was incorporated as a joint-stock corporation calledOneida Ltd., which later burned a large amount of the personal records and thediaries of the members to keep their sexual activities forever secret. It’sinteresting to note, that long before 1879, in June, 1847, Noyes’ had treateda woman Harriet Hall for tuberculosis & dropsy by holding a seance ritualand sexually sealing the spiritual cure with intercourse with the woman. Afterthe woman’s husband reported this, a grand jury indicted Noyes. He skippedbail and an almost sure conviction by fleeing to New York. People have wonderedhow he managed to practice his odd sexual behaviors for years and never get intotrouble with authorities.

Margaret Sanger, an early feminist, was also an advocate of eugenics. Intheir zeal to make her a hero, modern feminists have neglected to notice thisside of her. Sanger advocated sterilization of the feeble-minded by hegovernment. This all sounded good at the turn of the century before legitimateresearch showed that genetics played only a partial role in how people turnedout, and that environment and choices by individuals also played just as big ofa role in how people turned out. Many of the people who were sterilized undereugenic laws were realized to have been victims of pseudo-science and hysteria.The Great Depression leveled many proud and haughty people down to the samelevel as the common people they had sneered down upon. Rich and poor foundthemselves in bread lines. The financial elite and the academic elite werehumbled and the eugenics racial theories in the U.S. largely disappeared.Finally, H.J. Muller, a famous and respected geneticist, gave an outstanding andcourageous speech to the Eugenics Society in NY in 1932 where he lambasted theeugenicists for using false better-breeding theories to rationalize the criminalbehavior of the elite. The Illuminati had suffered a temporary setback inlegitimizing their criminal rule over humanity. In recent years, the Illuminati’sevil ideas about superior and inferior blood lines are being given more credenceagain. The National Institute of Health funded a $1.7 million study at theUniversity of Hawaii’s Behavioral Biology Lab to get solid information on howgenetics relates to intelligence so that “informed decisions” aboutpopulation control can be made in the future. Almost every state has now adoptedgenetic screening of new-born babies in the U.S. While the Illuminati may not beable to fully implement their superior blood theories in society in general,they have been secretly working feverishly in labs and in secret rituals aroundthe world to redesign mankind to their preferences. Many Illum. members are theend result of carefully monitored genetic engineering. They want to manufacturethe future via control over human genetics. Many years ago, the first step inthe Illuminati genetic program was the creation of specifications. When thesespecs, these criteria, were set as goals, they then worked to realize them. Theyhave been working at them, and refining the results as they continue to worktoward specific goals. They have sought the perfect assassin. They have soughtthe perfect slave. They have sought the perfect baseball player and golf player.They have sought the perfect soldier. The borders between these manufacturedIlluminati total mind-control slaves and an industrial robot are fast becomingblurred. The end of the human race as we know it, and civilization as we knowit, is rapidly approaching. Via molecular biology and genetics, humanoids thatare vastly different from normal humans have been created in secret undergroundinstallations. They have been modifying humans to design para-humans, and thenapplying mind-control to them. The Illuminati is not only controlling humanity,but under their control redesigning it. Lest anyone forget, the descendants ofJohn Noyes’ Oneida Colony, and the genetic model wonder children born in NaziGermany are still around. According to one source, the Nazi’s producednumerous offspring of Hitler which were secretly taken to many countries andthen later reassembled in certain special towns. These children receivedmind-control as well as being specially endowed with as many special traits asthe Nazi’s could give them. If this is true, it could have some significancein the future. Illuminati kingpins are also able to store their semen viacryogenics for all kinds of scenarios. Frozen sperm can be used to create a sonafter the father had died. Should an Illuminati kingpin want to impregnate hisgrand-daughter 10 years after his death, it would be possible. On the flip side,single women can choose semen from sperm banks. Another twist that theIlluminati have taken advantage of is taking the fertilized egg of one set ofparents and implanting it into a brooder slave to raise the child as a surrogatemother.

It should also be mentioned that ex-Illuminati members have explained howplanned births are coincided to have the child be born on particular specialoccult dates. (The Illuminati have a intense lifestyle of secrecy, so most oftheir members do not carry the last name of the bloodline they belong to. Somemembers are given significant occult names for their legal name, and others uselegal names which have no significance. Having a legal occult-significant nameis not essential, because the alter system will receive a secret Illuminatioccult name.)

The bottom line is that bloodlines, genetics and geneticengineering is playing a role in the selection process of who is programmed acertain way. Also the Illuminati has particular research goals that have beenstructured into their 20 year, 30 year and 50 year plans. Case histories showthat a child will receive education and programming in order to participate insecret research projects years down the road. Some of today’s marked childrenare invariably being quietly educated to help with future research goals. Asmight be suspected the inbreeding within the secret Illuminati bloodlines andtheir secret satanic lifestyles take their genetic toll..

How do the Illuminatiget rid of their leftovers, the children their bloodlines have that aren’tgoing to amount to a great deal? In terms of mind-control, the male childrenthat are the programming leftovers, the ones that are not really fit to makeinto politicians, doctors and lawyers, will be made into stalkers, according toan ex-Illuminati programmer, who worked in this area of programming, the ratioof men to women that are programmed for stalking is about 90% to 10%. Whydiscuss how the Illuminati makes stalkers? First, many people doubt that thereis a controlled conspiracy by the Illuminati to control the world, because intheir limited understanding they think that there are too many uncontrollablepeople around for the world to be controlled. They don’t realize that a largeshare of those crazy people were intentionally created by the Illuminati. TheIlluminati programmers and handlers during the 40’s through the 60’s,according to insiders, had specific quotas on how many people to have go crazyso that the mental institutions (which were used for programming) could maintaintheir government financing.

Readers, who have followed this author’s lectures,have heard him explain how a. the Illuminati make a decision to”solve” a problem they have created, then b. get the government andprivate groups to study the problem for years so that eventually it looks liketheir (secretly preplanned) decision is the best course of action for thecountry, and then c. their lackey’s in the political process implement thedecision supposedly for the “good of the people”. After 30 years ofgood financing for the mental institutions so they could do their assigned taskof programming hundreds of thousands of people with tasks for the NWO, theIlluminati then set things up so that the mental institutions dumped theirpopulations out onto the streets, where they can carry out the missions they hadbeen programmed to carry out.

They next step was to privatize the prisons, whichare being used for mind-control (not to mention hard-core porn of women victimsin prisons). The Illuminati’s long range plans for mind-control included thatthey would turn over the prisons to people like the Illuminati’s Order of theSkull & Bone’s Wackenhut Services, Inc., Coral Gables, FL, (ph. no.305-666-5656), and the Illuminati’s GE Government Operations, Cherry Hill, NJunder James Becker at 609-486-5042. In the 18 page Heritage Foundation’s studyof prison needs entitled “A Guide To Prison Privatization” (done onMay 28, 1988, Wash. D.C.), the Heritage Foundations gives all the correctIlluminati answers to the question of privatization of prisons, includinglisting the following “corporations that provide prison services …Behavioral Systems SW, Inc.,… Eckerd Family Youth Alternatives, Inc., … GEGovernment Operations, Cherry Hill, NJ.. .Wackenhut.” All groups that thisauthor’s research indicates are Illuminati and involved with mind-control. Anexample of several studies that this author has obtained that were done to showus that privatization of prisons is the best answer to our problems is TheDevelopment, Present Status, and Future Potential of Correctional Privatizationin America by Charles W. Thomas, Prof. of Criminology & Dir, of PrivateCorrections Project; Charles H. Logan, Prof. of Sociology, Univ. of Conn., &Visiting Fellow, Fed. Bureau of Prisons. This paper was done May 1991. Ourgovernment also got into the act and the GAO wrote up a govt. report in Feb.1991 stating that the government could save money by privatizing prisons. TheIlluminati need their people seeded at all levels of society, at the gutterlevel as well as in palaces. This is where the stalkers, their leftover childrenused for programming are handy. Many of these stalkers had secret Illuminatilineages that are hidden via adoption. As one ex-Illuminati member said,”They are the weak links.” The Illuminati must have dependable peopleeverywhere, even in the gutter and prisons.

Why create stalkers? There are along list of reasons. It is somewhat difficult to explain unless readers arealready familiar with the bigger picture. People, who have sat in on Illuminatimeetings where their 20, 30, and 50 year plans were discussed, will explain howthe Illuminati wanted to break down the family structures and bring violenceinto the schools. This is Ordo ab chaos. However, the schools had rules toprotect themselves from dangerous violent activity done by children, so they hadto create violence in the streets, to get violence into the schools by thebackdoor. Stalkers were part of the program to create violence. Another purposestalkers serve for the Illuminati is that they make excellent spies if they getattached to someone. They will find out everything they can about that person.Their minds will creatively invent all kinds of ways to get information abouttheir fixation.

How does the Illuminati program a child to become a stalker?They have the programming techniques to create a stalker down to a fine science.In short, it consists of 1. they bond the child extremely close to its mother ora woman as it grows up. This creates a side-effect of homosexuality. The mentalmechanics of this side-effect are that the male has an unmet need for men. TheIlluminati will manipulate this latent homosexuality but not allow itsexpression. They want to continue to strengthen the apron strings that attachthe child to the mother image. Meanwhile they utterly destroy all self-respectand self-image of the child. It is totally disgraced so that its only identityis its identity with its mother figure. The child can not stand on its own twofeet without the support of the mother-figure. When the boy approaches puberty,they are watched very closely by the Illuminati, be that in a military school ortightly controlled cult family setting, etc. They do not want the apron stringsto ever be cut. They want them to remain dependent when they would naturallybecome independent. They want to insure that the young boy doesn’t develop asense of who they are. The victim of stalker programming will never emotionallygrow out of that age of about 11-13 when boys would sever the ties to theirmother. They stop growing emotionally at about age 12. This is all carefullycrafted by the Illuminati. These young men never understand themselves or theirprogramming. They don’t understand the impulses and uncontrollable drives thathit them. They can’t get off their programming merry-go-round, because it isrooted in the first brain, their maternal instincts, the “reptilianbrain” which has no conscience. Their stalking of their mother figure is asurvival instinct that they don’t understand. They make good spies. They willpersist in tracking and stalking a victim, until they break down the victim’swalls of privacy by their sheer tenacity, persistence, and force of will.

This is because it is a survival instinct that has been harnessed by theIlluminati programmer. Because this programming is laid in at the reptilianfirst brain level, these stalkers can be violent without a higher brainconscience, and their minds will manufacture some justification to protect thissurvival need to stalk. The mind protects itself, so they have a strong denialsystem. Every time someone “rejects” them, it triggers theirprogramming. Because they are driven by their reptilian first brain (the variousbrains are explained later in this book) they only think in the here-and-now,long-term projects bore them, they don’t have the stick-to-itiveness neededfor many jobs, except their eternal quest for an identity with the mother-figurethey stalk.


The Illuminati in its typical schizophrenic way, has not neglected theopportunities to begin the programming process in the womb. The scientificresearch in this area has been kept quiet, but from an ex-Illuminati programmerit is clear that they are aware of much more about the unborn child in the womband its thinking processes than the public knows about. I was privileged to readthe excellent book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Thomas Veiny, M.D.with John Kelly. This book is written from a loving Christian viewpoint andincorporates scientific research about the thinking of unborn children.Interestingly, Veiny studied research into the mind of the fetus fromresearchers at the Max Plank Institute, Munich, Germany, from the EsalenInstitute, Big Sur, CA., from the Center for Research on Birth and HumanDevelopment, Berkeley, CA which are all institutions involved in mind-controland mind-control research. Just one example of the learning abilities of theunborn child, an autistic child remembered the english her French speakingmother was around during work while the child was in the womb. Veiny writes,”The fetus can see, hear, experience, taste and, on a primitive level, evenlearn in utero (that is, in the uterus–before birth). Most importantly, he canfeel–not with an adult’s sophistication, but feel nonetheless.” (p. 12)Research has clearly showed that the fetus can think and is shaping its (his orher) personality while in the womb. Maternal thoughts, feelings, actions, andfears all reach the child in the womb and affect the child. The maternal bondingwith the child while in the womb is also critical.

Researchers have been unable to pinpoint when a baby in the womb begins tothink, and have a consciousness, but some theorize that it goes back clear tothe beginning of conception. One study taught fetus babies to kick on the cue ofa vibration. The researchers have determined that the unborn child hears what isbeing said around it, and is beginning to associate its language skills aroundthe voices it hears. The unborn child hears and reacts differently to differentmusic played. Soothing words and soothing music will calm a fetus. One conductorremembered into his adult years, the cello music that had only been played whilehe was an unborn child. According to excellent research, the start of awarenessis clearly evidenced between the 28th and 32nd week. At that point, the brain’sneural circuits are just as advanced as a newborns. This is why the Illuminatican get away with causing so many preemie births to enhance dissociativeabilities. From the 32nd week on the child shows that it carries out REM sleep.It is also interesting the children, teenagers and adults have widely divergentsleep patterns but the time spent in REM sleep stays constant. Researchers havebeen able to trace memories going back to the sixth month of pregnancy. In otherwords, from the sixth month of pregnancy onward, some of what the unborn childlearns will be remembered. (See pg. 23 of Varny’s The Secret Life of theUnborn Child.) This is why the Illuminati has made a point of having the unbornchild hear the voices of people who will play a role in the trauma andprogramming of the child. The child may already know the hypnotic voice of oneof its cult programmers at birth. Researchers found that by playing a tape of amother’s heartbeat to new-born babies that the babies felt dramatically moresecure, and were much healthier and did much better. A child who has beentrained to its father’s soothing voice in the womb, has been proven toremember it and hear it after birth and to respond to it in a positive way. Infact, the emotionally healthiest children have been found by researchers to havehad their father’s voice in their life prior to birth. Unborn children do notlike to be poked at. In the eighth week of life, the unborn child is alreadyusing his physical abilities to show that he dislikes intensely to be poked. Oneof the early fetus traumas, that the Illuminati like to carry out is to poke thefetus with a sharp object to make it dissociative in the womb. By the fourthmonth, the unborn baby is making facial expressions. Four to eight weeks laterthey are sensitive to touch, and don’t like to be tickled while in the womb.Sometimes children are tickled during medical exams. If cold water is injectedinto the mother’s stomach, the baby intensely dislikes it. The child can beoverwhelmed while in the womb with horrible sounds, bad tastes caused by whatthe mother eats, being touched in ways that it dislikes, etc. Rock music drivesunborn children crazy. Programming drugs that cause particular thinking in thefetus can also be administered. Can one see that the traumatization to cause MPDcan easily start in the womb? In fact, with many Illuminati babies, they docreate womb splits, and have even started trying to teach Christ to the childwhile in the womb, to speed up the process of when they will purposefully makethe child feel rejected by God and to experience the black communion with Satan.The foundation of trauma-based total mind-control is fear. A deep spirit of fearcripples a person spiritually & emotionally. The foundation of fear canbegin to be layered in while the child is still unborn. The unborn child hasnear-sighted seeing. He can detect light shined on his mother’s stomach. Infact, the fetus’s eyes, which are living in a dark world, will hurt when lightis shined onto the mom’s stomach. A long-term unresolved personal stress onthe mother will be one of the worst stresses her unborn child has to deal with.Short term stresses don’t seem to have the long term side effects that longterm stress has. Short term stresses are soon forgotten by the child. Somehow,the love that the mother has for the child is transmitted to the child, andforms a protective shield so to speak for the child to resist traumas andstresses. When the mother is ambivalent (even though outwardly happy) or cool intheir emotions, the babies have been proven by researchers to consistently havemore physical and emotional problems.

If the Illuminati want to create an effeminate gay man, they can administer progesterone and estrogen to the mother during her pregnancy, and this will influence the development of male children to be effeminate. Certain researchers have been warning about the hormones that are in our daily food because modern techniques of raising cattle and producing milk include giving hormones to the animals.

It is also known that the child’s concept of “I” the self startsin the womb. Those children who have had a secure womb feeling have been shownto be more confident with their sexual lives later on in life. While those whowere terrified in the womb had a tendency to have sexual problems. The traumasthat are induced into some of the babies for programming purposes may have adestabilizing effect on the sexual stability later on in life, and it may bethat the programmers take advantage of the unsure destabilized feelings that area consequence of terror in the womb. Children born from induced labor have astatistically high relationship to sexual sadism, and males typically havemasochistic personalities. (See pg. 19 of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child).Since certain Illuminati children have their birth’s induced to match certaindates of the year, this is one contributing factor as to why Illuminati males,born into bloodlines that have for centuries considered certain birthdatesimportant, have such a high incidence of sadistic tendencies. Verny believesthat C-section babies, due to what happens to babies during the birthing processin contrast to a normal birth, have certain emotional needs that later as adultsare expressed as promiscuous lives. Women due to their C-section birth, developa deep seated desire to be held, and intercourse later becomes the price theyhave to pay to satisfy this deepseated need.


The Illuminati mask the removal of babies from pregnant mothers with “alien abduction of fetus” cover stories. When twins are in the uterus, it is common for the Illuminati to skillfully take one of them. This is part of why the disappearance rate for a twin baby is 75%. It is so prevalent that it has been given the name “the Vanishing Twin Phenomenon”. The Vanishing Twin Phenomenon is well established by statistics. Establishment doctors generally claim that one twin has absorbed the other twin. Some researchers claim that this can not be the real explanation for any part of the birthing process. Elizabeth Noble in her book Having Twins, (Houghton Mifflin, 1990) states, “With increasing use of ultrasound, it has been observed that more multiples are lost in the uterus than previously thought–some studies say as high as 80 percent of twin pregnancies. Considering that there are still 2 in 75 people born as twins, what a great number of twins would be born if the disappearance rate were not so high. There are many cases of two heartbeats being detected only hours before the delivery, and yet only one baby being born. Many mothers have been suspicious, but the doctors tell them that the second heartbeat “was only a mistake.” The explanations that doctors give for disappearing babies who are never born often do not seem satisfactory. There are different kinds of twins:

a. There are dizygotic, also called fraternal twins. Two variations of thisis when eggs from two consecutive ovarian cycles are separately fertilized, or asingle egg divides and each of its halves gets fertilized.

b. There are monozygotic, which are identical, or clones so to speak of eachother. Identical twins are always of the same sex. They share the same genes,the same fingerprints, dental characteristics, etc.

c. There are monozygotic mirror twins, which have identical characteristicson opposite sides of their body.

When one twin disappears, the surviving twin will often develop psychologicalproblems around the disappearance, even if the child is never told that they hada twin disappear. The Illuminati believe that the soul of a dead twin goes intothe live twin. They consider twins which have two souls very powerfulindividuals. One doctor, William Baldwin, has written in his book SpiritReleasement Therapy: A Technique Manual that he believes that the dead twinastrally attaches its soul to the surviving twin. Dr. Alice Rose believes thatsome eating disorders are the result of a twin dying in the womb due tocompetition for food.

To further complicate things, the Illuminati program their slaves to believethat they have a twin somewhere. Elvis Presley, a Monarch mind-controlled slave,believed he had a twin that communicated with him spiritually. In the AngelTimes magazine, (Oct. issue), a childhood friend of Elvis states that Elviscommunicated with beings as a child. These being had showed Elvis a vision ofdancing, and of people “dressed in white with colors all around.”While it is popular to dismiss the vanishing twin phenomena with superficialmedical explanations, or with alien theories, at least of some of the phenomenais the result of the Illuminati’ s massive system of abuse, where they needbabies for sacrifice, experiments and programming.


There is an ongoing operation within the intelligence agencies to identify adults who would make good candidates for mind-control. For this reason, the CIA set up many years ago chains of weight-loss centers (as well as stop-smoking centers and stop-drinking centers) that help people with weight loss, & breaking drinking & smoking addictions. At these centers, people trained to identify clients with high levels of suggestibility have been identifying for the intelligence agencies, (esp. the CIA) potential mind-control victims. Intelligence assets are located around the country and even outside of the United States. The perpetrators try to look for individuals that come through immigration, who come into county clinics and hospitals, government hospitals, etc. who have the following initial attributes:

a. they are over 120 I.Q.

b. they are alone without a support team of family and friends

c. they do well on their first session where hypnosis is clandestinely perpetrated on the individual

d. they have other attributes that can be exploited to the advantage of the intelligence groups.

If a person is identified at a weight-reduction center (which is a CIA front)as having a weight problem that needs to receive hospital treatment AND they arealso highly suggestible, they will be subjected to mind-control whilehospitalized. According to one source, IF the individual, who has been a.spotted, b. singled out and c. placed under hypnosis without their consent, d.looks likes a useful candidate for mind-control to the psychologists andintelligence field officers, THEN a file will be started and they will be placedin a CALL FILE. The initial hypnotic session may be in a dirty doctor’soffice, or in some cases in emergency rooms. Dirty doctors working in emergencyroom settings are careful to work undetected by clean hospital workers. Thehypnotic suggestion is implanted that the victim return at a particular date toa location where more detailed work can be done.


A proper candidate, that is one with an I.Q. above 120 and proper hypnoticabilities, will be given a code cue, that is an alpha-numeric code, or a numberor a word code that identifies them. This is embedded hypnotically. If theperson has no relatives that are important, they will be instructed and secretlyhelped to move to a location chosen by the intelligence agencies. Theprogrammers will cover their tracks so that what has happened at this level isdeeply embedded in the subconscious mind & can’t be retrieved.


At this level the person is used operationally at very easy and unimportant tasks. He is also assigned someone. The hypnotist programmer is beginning to soften the victim up and make them more pliable to suggestions. If he successfully performs these small jobs that have been hypnotically written into the mind, then he will be given a RECALL SERVICE NOTICE by the person who is in contact with the victim. Now the person moves on to level 3, which is a fully operational level.


When the victim is instructed to come in, they do not realize what is in store for them. Now their own personality will be re-written according to what script the programmers want it to have. The person will be set to carry out his instructions as needed. The slave will now be given specific trigger codes to carry out assignments. All field agents of the intelligence agencies get level 3 control.


This level is reserved for candidates who are very intelligent and very loyalto hypnotic commands. Victims of this level of mind-control will follow out anycommand they are given, whether it be suicidal or harmful. Because these victimsof mind-control are now under total mind-control, just as many members of theIlluminati grow up under, the intelligence agencies want to protect their level4 slaves. They will be given a new life along with a total new identity. All thecredentials and paperwork that the new identity needs will be created. The slavehas now received a totally new life, and whatever SCRIPT (agenda) theintelligence agencies want. The programming that was placed in up to level 3 iserased in a sense and an entire new life script is placed in. This is done withthe use of drugs, deception, and other sophisticated mind-control techniquesdescribed in Vol. 2 and this book. Complete areas of memory are erased at thisstage and then a new history is written into the pre-puberty area of memory.This takes some time, and is accomplished using a number of techniques our bookshave described. The old memory is erased and OVERWRIITEN with the new historyand script. The brain assimilates this new knowledge as if it’s always beenthere, because it feels comfortable putting something into a void spot. Theprogrammers prefer to find a period in the original person’s life when nothinghappened. It is easy to erase a memory block when nothing significant is inoriginal memory, i.e. it is basically blank anyway. As a sleeper the level 5slave may marry and lead a relatively normal life. One clue that the person isgoing to be used on a mission is if he suddenly leaves his wife & goessomewhere. This may be a clue that the handlers are positioning the person for amission. They may also have nullified the slave’s external life, so there isn’tthe purpose of life to prevent a suicide mission.


This level is reserved for people with an I.Q. of at least 130. This levelwill require taking the slave to a special programming center, where they aretaken down to the comatose level of subconscious awareness to place theprogramming in at the deepest levels of the mind. The victim may be comatose fordays or months, and this requires a catheter in the neck, urinary and digestivetracts to keep the body properly functioning. Because the person will behospitalized for quite a while, a popular cover story is that they had anautomobile accident. Remember, in Vol. 2, it was discussed how Roseanne Barr(now an actress with MPD/DID) had as a teenager an “automobileaccident” during which she received significant programming. Many of theselevel 5 slaves are placed as sleepers into organizations of all kinds, wherethey lead “normal lives.” The level 5 triggers activate programsdeeply embedded and NESTED into the memory of a person. A team of programmerswork on level 5 slaves. They must make sure that the victim has a support systemso that they do not self-destruct. They may have psychologists in normal lifeset up to serve as a support person for the slave. It was interesting to seethat AFTER learning from people in the know about how memory is erased and a newidentity given, that the show “No Where Man” portrayed this happeningto a black man. Whoever wrote the scripts for No Where Man had an excellentunderstanding of what is going on in mind-control.


In Vol. 2, chap.] it was explained how the programmers can test the preverbalchild to determine & plan how they will program them. EEG’s &Gittinger’s Tests were discussed. Here is more information. Researchers havebeen able to study the personalities of unborn children and to watch how thesepersonality traits stay with the children through their lives. In the Vol. 2book it was explained how the Illuminati has used EEGs to determine thepersonalities of pre-verbal children so that they know what type of programmingis best suited for that personality. Interestingly, on Mon., April 12, ’96, 11p.m. after the Vol. 2 book was out on the market, 20/20 did a show where theyshowed researchers using EEG electrodes to monitor childrens’ brainwaves fortheir happiness potential. It is known that brain potentials associated withvoluntary movements have been identified, thereby giving big brother thepotential to predict when a person is going to make a particular movement. Thebrain is dynamically looking at patterns and continously generating hypnothesesabout its environment which are then validated or invalidated by informationpicked up by the senses. The P300 wave (known as the P3 wave for short) allowsneuroscientists to track decision making in a brain’s cortex. The P300 waveshows when the mind’s thought processes have been internally surprised. Inthis way, detection of the P300 gives a method of lie-detection superior to thepolygraph. When surprised the brain creates P300 wave by internal brainfunctions–such as what chapt. 4 will call “cognitive demonprocesses”. Initially, EEGs are taken of child victims, with an analysis ofthe different wave forms. Next, will come tests of VERs (visually evokedresponses). This is valuable for instance, because bright children will showasymmetric (high amplitude) responses during VERs from the right hemisphere.Children with low I.Q. show the same evoked response from both hemispheres. Thisis just one window on the mind that the Illuminati programmers have of thepreverbal children. There are other evoked-potential tests that are being usedto determine personality traits too. Evoked-responses can also be used to showwhether the person is conscious, or how deep they are in a coma. The earlycomponents of the evoked-response, which occur 10-20 milliseconds after astimulus, are believed to come from the brain stem and can be used to determinea level of a coma. Evoked-responses are also used to determine particularlearning disabilities within a child. Right-handed children will show even priorto birth, an anatomical specialization that favors language acquisition in theleft hemisphere. So they can even determine what handed-ness the child has veryearly on.

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Baron Guy de Rothschild, of France, has been the leading light of hisbloodline. The Baron is an Illuminati Kingpin and slave programmer. For thosewho have bought the cover story that the Catholic Church is not part of theIlluminati’s NWO, I would point out that the Baron has worked with the Pope inprogramming slaves. This photo was picked for the trauma chapter because theBaron has a droopy left eye. Many of the deeper Illuminati alters show droopyleft eyes due to the trauma they have received. The authors are not aware ofwhat the official explanation for his droopy left eye would be.


The basis for the success of the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. Let’s review some important points that were mentioned in the Vol.2 book, ‘The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abusers from being found out, and prevents the front personalities who hold the body much of the time to know how their System of alters is being used. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The front alters can be wonderful Christians, and the deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable–a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde effect.”

A great deal is at stake in maintaining the secrecy of the intelligence agency or the occult group which is controlling the slave. The success rate of this type of programming is high but when it fails, the failures are discarded through death.” Each trauma and torture serves a purpose.” To create alters (dissociative parts of the mind) the worse the trauma, the better the amnesia walls, so programmers have been spending years trying to outdo each other in creating the world’s worst traumas that humans can survive, so they can program people. Readers may at first wonder why cover this gruesome part of the programming? There are a number of reasons. People who pretend to be helpful people–such as some ministers, and some professional therapists–are unwilling to look at the facts of what have been done to the victims they claim to want to help. How can the victim ever come out of denial and face the issues around their dissociation–IF the people helping them who didn’t experience these traumas first hand can’t even face the existence and nature of these traumas? Many therapists encourage the victim to maintain their amnesia walls, “let the past be the past”. They say, “You can’t change the past.” No matter how appealing this advice sounds, this advice for victims of trauma-based mind-control this is defective, idiotic simple advice. This type of advice only continues the mind-control and the abuse of the victim. No wonder Christian ministers who are under their mind-control are used to spout off this type of defective advice. It is important to cover programming traumas because it validates the memories of recovering victims, and because there are standard types of trauma that are used for certain types of programming. For instance, traumas that desensitize a person to killing–i.e. traumas where the victim is forced to kill innocent people–are used to program assassination alters. The base of the programming is FEAR layered via trauma. Hopefully, the readers will be inspired and motivated like this author to try to stop this horrendous mind-control.


To insure that the programming and abuse stays hidden from even the slave, the slave is given daily traumas as a child to keep them dissociative. The Illuminati’s programmers get the cooperation of a vast network of abusers who traumatize the children who are being programmed. One of the Illuminati’s fronts is the Catholic church, which the Jesuits manage for the Illuminati. Under the cover of religious retreats and their religious image, many Catholic clergymen have been participants in the vast trauma network actively creating trauma-based mind controlled slaves. The problem in exposing this is that first the people who are being traumatized have trust in the clergymen who are doing the traumas. Second, if the victims or parents of the victims suspect anything, they usually go to church officials rather than the police in order to clear up the problem, yet protect the church. Additionally, in most cases both the corrupt religious system, working behind the corrupt police and judicial system manoeuver to protect the abuser and to further victimize the mind-control victim and anyone coming to the person’s rescue. The following are but a few examples of a widespread network of secret abuse, that will not be uncovered because the system to catch abusers has long ago been corrupted and infiltrated and controlled by mind-controlled slaves, as well as by blackmailed or bribed dirty persons of authority.

Roger Trott, a Catholic Priest in Delmont, PA convicted of molesting 12 boys, got a suspended sentence by the judge. Can you believe such unbelievable leniency?
Father John Engbers (b. 1922, in Holland), catholic pastor at Leroy outside of Lafayette, LA. He baby-sat for a family, in which he sexually molested their children, their five daughters. He was treated as a member of this family and the mother, who was of Amer. Indian descent, was very close ("worshipped"-according to one daughter) to Father John. She spent long hours alone with him. He would tell his victims that they were his "puppet, like Pinocchio." He molested some of the girls almost every day, and had them under his control enough that they returned even when they were living at a distance from him. He had what appeared to be a hypnotic type spell over them. Father John Engbers molested many children during his years as a Louisiana priest, until he fled in 1985. He had lots of money to spend. The Catholic church had known he was molesting children clear back in 1952, when some parents complained. The Catholic hierarchy helped him escape back to Holland in mid-1985, when reports and law suits over how he sexually molested children came out. The case of Father John Engbers has all the earmarks of a participant in the daily Monarch mind-control abuse given to children.

Dennis Dellamalva, a Pennslyvannia Catholic Priest, who molested boys, and the judicial system protected him from prosecution. The judge, a catholic order the records of this paedophilia priest sealed, and the catholic church which knew of his deviant behavior continued to give him a position of authority.

Michael Peterson, a child molesting priest, who was a drug addict and a homosexual, was one of the catholic hierarchy’s main men involved with investigations of pedophilia, who died of AIDS, and his rich sidekick Stephen B.C. Johnson II, who administered a catholic facility near Boston, Mass. Michael Peterson lived a rich lifestyle in Marsalin, and later Suitland, next to St. Luke and told people that he was not worried about anyone, because he had the goods on them to force them to comply. Michael Peterson’s St. Lukes was used by the Catholic church to receive many priests that were caught doing paedophilia. In the first six years, St. Lukes claimed to have cured 55 child molesting priests.

Monsignor William A. Kraft, (b. Rochester, NY), Knight of the Holy Sepulcher, was pastor of St. Therese during the ‘60’s, and by 1978 the rich pastor of St. Charles Borromeo, San Diego. His father was a chief executive with Eastman Kodak. Kraft’s sexual molestations of children have all the earmarks of being a Monarch mind-control abuser. He was protected by the Catholic hierarchy and the system from prosecution for molestation of children. When children are being tortured and traumatized by persons who are respected in society, and when these children see the police and judges protect these people, do you see why this further traumatizes them, and convinces them that there is no hope? Once they lose hope of outside help, their minds are further propelled to obey the commands of (continue with the picture below. The text continues under the girl in the left upper corner. Editor’s note)

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The first type of abuse is prenatal. The second series of abuses occurs from 2 to 4. The third round of programming abuse, is given to the child around 5 to 6 years of age. One of the specific programming abuses is teaching the child slave to redirect their anger away from Papa or Daddy the slave owner. The Papa Bear, Daddy figure in the slave’s young life will intentionally provoke the child with teasing to aggravate the child into rage. Exactly what is done to provoke rage within the child will vary, but the result is the same, the child feels rage. The question is then asked, “Are you angry with daddy?” “Yes!” at that point electroshock is applied to the head, toes, tips of fingers, nipples & inside the vagina, or penis by electrodes attached to the child. The child will be brought to the level of rage, and then allowed to cool down for 30 minutes. The child’s alters are then via behavior modification & hypnosis taught to redirect their anger toward themselves. “WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY WITH YOUR FATHER, YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? The message will be played over & over & the question “Do you understand?” will be played over & over. The child is shocked until they are compliant. The suicide programming will be layered in. Part of layering in the suicide programming, is to create pain in the right ear via a needle to the ear, with the creation of horrible disorienting sounds, while pulsing lights drive the brain into its alpha programming state. At a certain brainwave state the programming begins with repetitious self-destruct messages. These messages debase the value of the person to reinforce the suicidal destruct messages. After the child has learned that they are to hurt themselves, then they will learn specifically to cut themselves if they get angry at Papa or anyone in the Illuminati family they belong to. After this training, the child will attach subconsciously a fear of pain to the concept of anger toward its Illuminati controllers.


One way to teach silence is to repeatedly kill persons of all ages in front of the person being programmed while telling the mind-control victim that the people who are being sadistically killed because they talked. However, the “no-talk” lesson will be repeated and embedded in many different fashions for Illuminati mind-controlled slaves. Perhaps a favorite Illuminati method is to expose the victim to watching dental tortures. The viewing can be reinforced by subjecting the victim to some dental tortures themselves. A common dental torture would be to extract the tongue of a live and conscious victim. Then dental tortures are done to the victim, and the intense jaw pain of the torture is linked to tripping the no-talk programming. If the person talks–their jaw hurts and they may pull up the dissociated feelings of seeing a person lose their tongue. This then will be further backed up by training an alter to carry out Russian Roulette if the system talks, and training numerous other alters other types of suicide if the system talks. In other words many back up programs mutually support each other in overkill. Considering that dental torture is used for no-talk programming, it was with dismay that this author discovered that Virtual I-O Co. is now making virtual reality eye glasses for dental work. Seashells and other images are linked to the concept of “no-talk” via programming laid in using methods described elsewhere.

Another “no-talk” program is the “Don’t tel me” telephone no talk programming.


The victim has their right hand bound behind their back and then is made to walk on their knees like a dog.


There are a host of these, one example is a needle inserted up the nostril behind the eyeball.

A COMPLIANCE TORTURE — The Black Slave Chair

The Black Slave was invented by a Syrian doctor who helped supervise torture, hence its arabic name al-Abd as-Aswad. The victim is strapped to this metal chair. What is unique about this chair is its design & its hole so that a hot skewer can be shoved up the anus. Another device for programming is a harness used as a suspension device. Yet another is an electrofied water bed for turning one in an electric eel.” Compliance is also taught by taking an eyeball out of the victim (later replaced), and by dislocating an arm at the shoulder. After this the victim can be wrapped as if in a cacoon within bandages. The supposed treatment for the dislocation, places the victim in sensory deprivation, another trauma.


Helpless humans will be displayed to child victim of mind-control. These helpless humans will be visciously killed by some animal, a lion, a tiger, a snake, a wild dog or whatever. The programming lie emphasized at this point is that it is better to be that particular type of animal than it is to be human. Then the animal is sacrificed and its spirit is ritually joined to the child’s alters. Other programming is added to insure the dehuminization process to make certain child alters into particular animals. When finished, the child will contain viscious protector animal alters within their system. The prior example of a programming trauma actually pertains to structuring. The mind-control science of structuring MPD (DID) is discussed in chapter 7. It may be of significance to stress to the reader that traumas come in many shapes. The traumas are not done without some thought. Specific traumas are given for specific desired outcomes. The power and horror of a trauma is hard to gauage. It often results in a type of subconscious adrenlin-rush addiction. The traumas involving sensory deprivation and betrayals of trust can be just as devastating as painful tortures. Sad to say, sometimes for programming purposes all three types may be skillfully combined into one horrendous experience that overwhelms the mind.


A birthday party will be given for the victim. The birthday cake will contain a bean somewhere. It is announced that whoever gets the bean will get a surprise. When someone gets the bean, the mind-control victim finds out that the surprise is that they must take the life of the child who has found the bean. This programming trauma is part of a series of traumas designed to make deeper alters afraid of accepting any gifts from outsiders. The deeper alters are programmed that gifts always come with a sacrifice. Gifts always cost something. Nothing comes free. “SEVER ALL TIES, HAVE NO FRIENDS” are the programming messages. In reality, what Satan is doing with this trauma on a spiritual level is what the British Empire did with small countries. The British would warn small countries, “you are in danger, we will protect you. (The Spirit of Fear says, gifts are dangerous, let me the Spirit of Fear protect you.) When the British moved into small countries like this, they called them protectorates, & then they took over. (The Spirit of Fear, pretending to protect the victim, takes over and the victim develops a deep-seated free-floating phobias towards gifts from anyone. What pretends to protect, actually ends up controlling & enslaving.) As the reader treks through this book, he or she will encounter places where other traumas are discussed, such as tortures via implants, & traumas via rides in amusement parks, & spinning traumas during the structuring for creating alter families from an alter. Finally, the waves of fear created by repeated traumas layer in Spirits of Fear, which form a dark spiritual foundation.
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The science of Pharmacology (drugs) has given the Programmers a vast array of mind-altering and body-altering drugs. Some of the drugs are not used to directly alter the mind, but to change the body (make the skin burn), or make the person vomit, or some other reaction that can be harnessed to further their nefarious programming goals.


One of the sites which has done research/programming into MPD and drug action on the brain has been Bethesda, MD where Dr. Irwin J. Kopin was Chief of the Laboratory of Clinical Science, at the National Institute of Mental Health. He was active in research into how drugs can affect the mind.


When this author studied differential equations, and higher mathematical it became clear that everything can be reduced to a mathematical explanation. Sometimes a mathematical notation is easier and clearer, than other explanations. This author suggests that drugs that affect the mind could be classified on three scales:

Scale X: the wakefulness or arousal scale, which runs from a coma, to asleep, to alert, to hyperalert

Scale Y: the attitude, or affect scale, that is one’s manner of feelings, responses etc., running on a scale from suicidal and depressed to euphoric, blissful and elated.

Scale Z: the integration of reality scale, which runs from confusion, delusions, and psychotic thoughts to integrated, clear, lucid thinking.

Many (if not all) of the drugs that were listed in Vol. 2 and this chaptercan be plotted along one of these scales, and sometimes 2 or 3 of these scales,which means an x,y, z axis configuration can be used to compare such drugs. Interms of naturally occurring brain substances which are manufacturedsynthetically and injected according to the programmers’ needs, it could bestated that the original purpose of the substance can be malevolently tamperedwith.

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The distribution into the brain of a drug is dependent upon many factors.Under microscopic-level inspection, one discovers a person’s brain isphysically constructed to allow certain molecules to enter into the brain incertain complex ways. Just because a substance is put into the blood doesn’tmean it gets into brain tissue. Researchers have discovered such drug propertiessuch as lipid solubility, the ionization, its tissue-protein bonding abilities,and its molecular size all play a role in how well drugs get into the brain.Further, the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) which will be discussed indepth inChapter 8 can play a role in drug absorption. Several studies during the 1960’sshowed that the removal of drugs or substances from the CSF, can reduce theeffective concentration of a drug in the extracellular spaces which make upperhaps 12% of the brain’s volume. These physical factors are not the onlyfactors involved.

Researchers have repeatedly discovered that different people respond tomind-changing drugs in many different ways–including two different peoplehaving opposite responses to the same drug. There have been a number of studiesabout this phenomena, including: (SarwerFoner, 1957), (Henninger, et. al.,1965), (Rickels & Downing, 1966), (McNair et al., 1966). Over the years, ithas been discovered that a person’s mental abilities, expectations, prior drugexperience, age, sex, race, personality traits, and personality types can allpotentially influence how a mind-altering drug will effect a person. Forinstance, a sedative drug administered to an extroverted confident athletecaused the athlete to feel anxiety and disorientation. In contrast, anintroverted nervous intellectual felt calmness when the same drug wasadministered. Particle size of the drug and the rate of dissolution will helpdetermine the rate at which a drug is absorbed (and eliminated) into the body.For instance, when colloidal silver has been produced by a process that yieldssmall particles, it will cleanse the body, while larger particles of colloidalsilver will kill a person. Different companies and different preparations of thesame drug may have different outcomes upon the body. The persistence of a drugin the body is calculated by programmers using half-lives of a drug. This meansthat at one half-life, one half of a drug is left in the body. At two halflives, one-half of one-half is left or (1/4). At three half-lives there will be1/8 left of original drug. In other words, the rate of elimination decreaseswith time. When heroin is processed into morphine, its characteristics change.The heroin takes affect quicker, but doesn’t last as long as morphine. This isbecause of enzyme mechanisms in the liver and how they react to the morphine incontrast to the heroin. Different drugs react differently with the complexenzyme mechanisms of the liver. Phenobarbital amazingly increases the enzymecontent of the endoplasmic reticulum with habitual use of the drug.Phenobarbital will then enhance a particular type of toxicity. Low doses do nothurt the body, but there is a threshold where damage from phenobarbital willbegin occurring to the liver and kidneys. This is a sampling of why it isimportant that the Illuminati use extremely skilled medical personnel in theapplication of programming drugs. The programmers are far more skilled than mostlegitimate therapists in understanding how much of what drug to give to whichalter personality. The mental makeup of an alter will influence how that alterwill respond to drugs. Some deeper alters can resist drug influence due totraining. Some deeper alters are so fine-tuned that they only need small doses.With their superior knowledge of how a System of Multiple Personalities has beencreated within a victim’s mind, the programmers have a distinct edge overdeprogrammers in how to administer drugs. On top of that the programmers, placein all types of programming to prevent anyone but the programmers (or approvedpeople) from administering drugs. An example of how strong the mind can be overdrugs–is when the programmers “SET THE STAGE”, “PRESENT THESCRIPT’ and then use Seconal to obtain deeply embedded programming commands.Setting the stage is a programming term for talking to the victim in such a waythat the mind is receptive for what the programmer wants the victim’s mind todo. Presenting the script is the actual set of commands that the programmergives to the victim. For instance, the programmer functioning as a hypnotisttells the victim that a powerful sedative will be given but that part of themind will be strong enough to overcome the sedative effect of seconal. Thevictim is instructed “WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD [[[trigger]] power code word, forinstance: ZEBRA COME FORTH]…YOU WILL RESPOND TO WHAT I AM SAYING.” Theseconal is given and the person is placed in an isolation chamber. A goodprogrammer skilled in hypnotism can actually get a victim’s mind to respondunder the influence of seconal in an isolation chamber. Then the programmer willlay in deeply embedded commands while the person is in a sleep deeper than atwilight sleep. When the human body receives several different kinds of drugs,sometimes drugs compete with each other during the excretion/elimination phase.This may create a buildup or a retention of one of the drugs. As discussed inVol. 2, the programmers don’t like to use combinations of several drugsbecause it complicates things. There is still a great deal of unknownsconcerning adverse drug reactions. Some people do not show an allergic responseto a drug until it is administered several times. Because of the potential forallergic reactions or side effects, the Programmers are helped because theprogramming centers, according to ex-programmers are extremely well stocked withdifferent drugs, & the Programmer can if need be shift to an alternativeprogramming drug. Most slaves are programmed to stay away from the use of drugs,except those drugs that the programmer/handler approves. By reducing the use ofdrugs of all kinds, the problem of adverse drug reactions, and othercomplications is reduced for the programmers. Some people who are health freakswho stay away from drugs are actually carrying out a front program for theirprogrammers.

MORE PROGRAMMING DRUGS (these were not listed in the Vol.2 Formula book)

Acetophenzine aka Tindal–(this anti-psychotic has been used on multiples, it mutes anxiety, suspiciousness and delusions. it would fall more into the control category of uses rather than for actual programming.)

Amines–(this is a general term for many types of the brain’s own chemicalsused to produce moods, and feelings)

Damiana–(aka Mex. Witching Herb, the extract is used w/ other herbs duringprogamming for a relaxed pleasure state.) »An example is Damiana-Biack KavaKava-Valerian-Skullcap-Wild Lettuce Opium, which makes a “it’s-nothing-but-a-dream”state.

Chloral hydrate–(which is a hypnotic put in pill form such as chioral betaine, Beta-Chlor, and given with something like a glass of milk. About 500 mg. of Chloral hydrate are given for a hypnotic for an adult.)

Cyciohexamide–(produces retroactive amnesia)

Cylert–a type of speed

Datura aka Jimsonweed, or thorn apple–(sometimes used to help a child conjure up their personal spirit.)

Iminodibenzyis– (used for sedation)

Lettuce Opium–(tradition Hopi shaman trance drug)

Mandrake–(from the Mandragora plant, an ancient occult drug, a traditionai witchcraft drug for causing people to sleep)

Methaqualone–(a rapid hypnotic drug that produces a dissociative high, it can be used to put someone into a coma)

Pemoline-magnesium hydroxide (aka PMH, helps enhance conditioned avoidance training by acting as a stimulant, is helpful for repetitive learning situations by a general alerting effect on the mind)

Phenothiazines–(used to raise the threshold of electrical stimulation tolerance, to tranquilize or induce sleep)

Rowan–traditional sleeping/death herb of witches; May Day is also called Rowan Tree Witch Day.

Seconal, aka Seconal Sodium or Secobarbital Sodium–(a popular programming drug to stabilize programming, to set in deep programming into the base of the mind such as dates and codes, and to block out memory of missions by slaves, see various paragraphs below for more explanations. Used in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 mg. increments. A tubal pregnancy/birth can be hid in a woman by 300-400 mg., while surgery on an adult man may require 500 mg.)

Tetradoxyn (made from the Puffer Blowfish, used by Voudoun, & others to create a zombie state)

In our discussion of drugs used in programming, this chapter will expand upon the previous book by discussing the application of drugs to:

a. to stabilize the programming after torture b. hiding the codes

c. building in deeply embedded structures and beliefs, and the creation of false identities

b. to influence the memory by drugs c. to stimulate instinctual behaviors

d. to create moods and attitudes by synthetically manufacturing and injectingthe brain’s own natural amines.


The total mind-control of the Illuminati is called “trauma-basedmind-control” because repeated traumas are inflicted upon the victim is avery systematic calculated inhumane way. The tortures and stress are all partsof a programming package. After a particular harsh session of programming thevictim’s mind will be in a high state of terror, shock, dissociativeness andsplintering. The victim’s mind can’t take much more, and the potential ofhaving uncontrolled splintering of the victim’s mind and thereby having thedestruction of the mind and programming threatens the programmers’ control.The programmer wants the mind and body to rest so that the programming can setin, without destabilizing events occurring. For instance, after severe watertorture (drowning) the programmer will want the programming (hypnotic script) toset in, and he will give seconal (aka seconal sodium or secobarbital sodium) toinduce a deep sleep. Sleep occurs within 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes a victim’sheart has been pushed to its limits during a trauma and they must shut the bodydown to let the victim rest. Seconal is a drug of choice for this. Seconal isadministered in hospitals or programming sites where trained personnel know howto give the drug. Dirty psychiatrists, who understand the relationship betweendrugs and human behavior and who are either programmers themselves or assistantsto programmers often are the ones who give the victims drugs like seconal.


The complete list of researchers who have studied the effect drugs have on memory would require a massive book. However, we will just mention a few that pertain to this book briefly. One of the places the effect of drugs on memory was researched was at the Univ. of California at Irvine, CA. Another was at institutions in the Boston, Mass. area such as the Massachusetts General Hosp., in Boston. Dr. Talland in Boston tested the effects of PMH on human memory. He discovered PMH could help people relearn material that had been partially forgotten. The Illuminati programmer Cameron (aka Dr. White) also tried out various approaches including the administration of RNA and RNA- synthesis stimulants. John C. Lilly, who admits being a member of an Esoteric Mystery School, was a government researcher on the use of LSD to program people. He did part of his work on LSD programming at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center under admitted government financing. His book Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer (NY: Julian Press, 1967, & revised format 1972) is an excellent paper trail of how the Illuminati has used LSD to program total mind-controlled slaves. Originally, the book was given out only to a few select people. The book attempts to hide what it talks about behind a long intro, long sentences, big words and arcane psychological terms, but it does spell out how they do the mind-control programming with LSD. A section later in this chapter will lay out for the reader how they do this.


The drugged victim feels like he is looking through a keyhole and the hypnotic voice of the programmer is the key hole. The world may be very shadowy and drawn in on itself. The mind has its attention on the hypnotist/programmer.


The human memory process can be basically broken down into 3 phases, theregistration phase, the retention phase and the retrieval phase. Great amount ofresearch has gone into how to use drugs to manipulate each of those phases.Great amount of research also went into how to measure people’s abilities toa. learn, b. remember, c. and to do non-learned behavior such as arm-handsteadiness and visual time reaction.


Scopolamine was found to impair short-term memory. It was discovered that retrograde amnesia could be created by electroshock several hours after the brain had learned something. This lesson caused the Illuminati and those working in mind control with them to use cattle prods and stun guns.

If a person performed something they were to forget they can be stunned orgiven scopolamine to deaden their memory. A quick anesthetic applied immediatelyafter something has been done might also impair the retention of what hadhappened. Yet another way is seconal, which will be discussed soon. Low doses ofanaleptic drugs given about 10 to 20 min. before training were found to helplearning. Analeptic drugs include bemegride, diazadamantanol, pentylenete-trazol,picotoxin, and strychnine. It was discovered that strychnine helps enhanceclassical conditioning. It can be administered either before or after thelearning has taken place. It is believed that memory storage is enhanced bystrychnine and strychnine sulfate. Strychnine was also found to help protect themind’s memory against the effect of electroshock. Abusers out on the streethave been turning to GHB and Rohypnol to decrease inhibitions and to causememory loss in their victims. Rohypnol (which sells for up to $10 a tablet) isdependable but more expensive than the GHB. A number of women who have beenraped by adding these drugs to their alcoholic drinks at the Club Boca, PalmBeach, FL made the paper after they were drugged and raped after partying at theclub. (The Palm Beach Post, Mar., 1996 pp. 1B, 10B.) GHB (Gamma HydroxyButyrate) is a compound essential to the body. It acts similar to aneurotransmitter. It helps release the Human Growth Hormone and removesinhibitions around intimacy, as well as some other beneficial effects. GHBcrosses the blood-brain barrier and metabolizes into GABA. GHB’s high degreeof safety was proved over 25 years of research, and was basically an establishedfact before the FDA and the media demonized GHB. Several sources seem toindicate that the FDA banned GHB –not because it has dangerous side effects,which it doesn’t have inspite of the established media’s disinformationcampaign with half truths–but because it is not patented by the drug companiesand would cut into their profits.

GHB also has a great aphrodisia effect. It reduces inhibitions to have sex,but because the woman clitoris is more sensitive it interferes with femaleorgasms. However, when the women do achieve it, it is longer and more intense,according to GHB researchers. (This author got much information on GHB from theCenturion Aging Research Lab.) GHB is described here because it is a drug thatis known by the type of people who use sexual slaves and other people, and itsuse and misuse pertain to mind control. Like so many things involved withmind-control, GHB and many other items could be put to positive uses if used inthe proper way. Sometimes the programmers use drugs rather than ECS (Electroconvulsiveshock) to destroy the memory in slaves after they have done some mission for theIlluminati, the Syndicates, or Cult they belong to. The decision to use drugsrather than ECS is largely personal tastes. The very sadistic programmers enjoyusing ECS, while the less sadistic ones often use the drugs, which in someinstances actually perform better, but are not as violent to the victim of mindcontrol. Retroactive amnesia can be caused by an intracerebral or a subcutaneous(under the skin) shot of Acetoxycycloheximide, cyclohexamide, or puromyxcin. Amore sophisticated technique incorporates the drug seconal (aka Seconal sodium),the victim’s dissociativeness (the MPD), and hypnosis. Seconal is a strongsedative that puts people into sleep. The programmers have considered it”wonderful”. The victim’s mind is conditioned hypnotically to beable to remember the drugged-seconal state. Then the hypnotic command is giventhat if anything about a particular mission is remembered, the person willimmediately trigger (pull-up to the front of the mind) the seconal memory. Thisis why many therapists discover their clients getting sleepy when they get closeto certain thoughts, or when they try to do therapeutic work.


Chapter 4 provides some of the programming codes, some of which are standardand some of which are unique to a particular slave. Seconal was the standarddrug used during the 1950’s and 1960’s to hide the programming codes in themind’s memory. The procedure is to give a small child under 50 lbs. perhaps 10mg. of seconal. The programmer has already “SET THE STAGE” andpresented the script. After the child goes into its deep sleep, the programmerpulls the child’s mind awake hypnotically (actually to be technically correct,the programmer pulls up those alters/parts of the mind that the programmer wantsto work with). The child may awake on an satanic altar or other programmingsetting. The child is then programmed. After the programming, which may includesatanic rituals, the child slave is given 20 mg. more of seconal and allowed togo into a sleep again. A cover program (a cover story–that is a false code willbe planted hypnotically in front of the real code. “IF YOU SHOULD REMEMBERTHIS…” If a slave starts to remember any code, in spite of the hypnoticcommands not to, and all the threats and alters trained to protect the codes,etc. then the programming to sleep kicks in. Also remember that the codes areplaced in when the victim is groggy, so to pull up the memory will cause theslave to abreact the drugged-state. Not all the alters are drugged. In settingthe stage, the programmer orders some alters to back off from feeling orassociating the experience. They are hypnotically commanded not to experiencethe drug’s effects, or to only experience it in a partial manner. This can bedone with small amounts of seconal. Larger amounts of seconal will override themind’s ability to block the drug’s effects. The programming experience wherethe codes are put in, will likely be remembered by the slave as somethingsimilar to the following, a sleepy blurry picture of a nurse, then a doctor anda table, and then an IV, then the memory fades, and the slave gets sleepythinking about it.

It should be pointed out that the mind has strong natural abilities todissociate painful memories. Not only must the victim try to retrieve memoriesby fighting the mind’s natural dissociative abilities, the victim must fightthe hypnotic suggestions, the irrationality of conflicting ideas due to thefalse cover memories laid in, the DRUG memories attached to induce sleep if thevictim remembers, the memory shattering from the shock of the stun guns, and thefear of countless other threats internal and external if the memory isrecovered. It is no surprise that most victims of this horrendously abusivemind-control have front alters who are totally unaware of the mind-control andabuse.

PROGRAMMING WITH LSD-25 (Lysergic AcidDiethylamide)

The Programmers use controlled and manipulated LSD trips for mind-controlpurposes when layering in the programming for the Illuminati slaves. The victim’smind is trained and mentally prepared before actually being subjected to thedrug. The programmers understand how the mind unleashes its fears, including itsfear of LSD itself, while under the drug, so that small doses are given at firstand then increased. This is so the victim of mind-control can learn to face andmanage the effects of the drug.

When the Illuminati want to set the foundations for a system, they will useLSD in a sensory deprivation tank on a child to program in such things as: thehell-pit (a dungeon in a castle), the images of evil guardians, worlds &stars & galaxies which contain alters, the outer space in a system, and theprotective program where the mind spreads out like molecules and loses theability to think. The sensory deprivation tank will be set at 92.0 to 95.0 F.isothermal skin, saltwater suspension, zero light, near zero-sound levels. Thevictim will be naked without contact with the side of the tank and in remoteisolation for several hours. Electrodes can be hooked up to shock the victim ifthey move to prevent the victim from wanting to move. Victims usually areconditioned to like the sensory deprivation tank before they are programmedinside it with LSD. After having listened to two ex-programmers describe LSDsensory deprivation programming, this author was amazed to discover that the LSDprogrammer John Lilly had actually written a book about how to do theprogramming! (John Lilly was also into witchcraft & aliens.) The governmentwasn’t quite as thrilled with his book as I was, they withdrew research fundsfrom him in 1968 when only a few copies of his book came out. And now finallyalmost twenty years later, the human LSD programming that John Lilly describedis finally being put into its larger context–that of trauma-based totalmind-control. On page 126-127, Lilly explains that implanted programs in thechild can be placed in below the level of the mind’s awareness, but which willaffect their entire outlook on life, and which will control their thinking andbehavior far into adulthood. The programs can even be done to control the mostbasic functions of life. Lilly says that the programming possible with the useof LSD is “…not achievable outside the use of LSD-25. This amount ofcontrol can be said to resemble other ways of achieving control and visualprojection but in actual intensity I know of no other way to achieve it.Hypnosis is a possible exception.” (Programming and Metaprogramming in theHuman Biocomputer, p. 20) On page 19, Lilly states that LSD can be used tochange an experience to have a negative or a positive charge on it. Sometimespeople who work with the mind refer to negative experiences as “negativecharges on an experience”, and good experiences as “experiences with apositive charge”. Apparently, according to Lilly, the brain can switchchemical charges on an experience and shift its attitude from viewing as eitherpositive or negative. In fact, this very thing is done during Illuminatiprogramming. For instance, it may be done if a memory surfaces that theprogrammer doesn’t want the alter being programmed to understand. This lastparagraph is interesting when one realizes that under LSD the subconscious mindis allowed to release its thinking into the conscious. If a person has beentraumatized, the subconscious mind under LSD will release the trauma memoriesand flood the person with horrible thoughts. So before one can get to thetranscendental wonderful creative thoughts, a person has to deal with thisgarbage. The sub-conscious erupts like molten magma. Before the child is giventhe LSD, the child is going to have to be mentally prepped. Just as Seconalcould only be used after the hypnotist programmer had SET THE STAGE, so alsowith the LSD. The LSD programmer if he is experienced will have an idea how thevictim will react to the drug. Each person reacts in his or her own way, butthere are patterns of reaction. The programmer will hypnotically warn thevictim, YOU’RE NOT TO FEAR such and such thought. They may tell the victimthat it is just their imagination, when it is repressed memories of traumasurfacing. The programmer will let one alter carry the true feelings (such asfear) of the surfacing traumas, and another to carry the story line beingprogrammed in with LSD. The programmer may have to calm the victim down whilethey are in the tank. The Illuminati use hypnosis in conjunction with the LSDprogramming trips. They also use some other mind-control items too. Further, LSDis not the only programming hallucinogenic that they have used for some of thistype of programming, they have tried Peyote, but LSD seems to be the drug ofchoice. On page 20, Lilly describes the use of mirrors along with LSD to createvisually projected images. The Illuminati programmer will play a movie, a scriptover and over so that it is constantly in the forefront of the victim’s mind.Then the stage is set and the script (such as TAKE WHAT YOU SEE INTO THE MIRROR)is hypnotically given. The victim goes under LSD and in about 15 minutes reachestheir LSD high. Most people can be talked to by the programmer during theprogramming, and the programmer can get some feedback from what is happening inthe victim’s mind. The victim will be placed in front of a mirror. Then thevictim will project the image that was repeatedly shown him or her (say forinstance, Alice In Wonderland, or Tinkerbell, or Mickey Mouse) onto their ownimage in the mirror. A special state of consciousness is induced where theperson’s perception is altered and they see the projected image as their ownreflection. While watching the projected image on the mirror, the mind under LDwill also project its own feelings and facial features into the mirror. If thevictim is angry, happy, in pain, admiring themselves, etc. then projected image(for instance, Mickey Mouse) will also been seen this way. Using this type ofprogramming, the programmers can create twinning parts. That is if two peopleare to be twinned, parts that see themselves as the other person are createdusing the LSD mirror programming. Ceremonies and demons will also be added tostrengthen the twinning, and this may be done to a 13 year old teenager withinthe Illuminati. These projections can be maintained and worked with for about30-40 min. during the drug’s high. After this length of time fatigue sets inand the person must rest before being brought to another high. A clean slatealter can be prepared by the script and then will actually believe that it sawitself as the projected image. By the time, the session is through the cleanslate alter believes it is Alice in Wonderland or whatever character theprogrammer(s) wants it to be. During the trauma of an LSD programming trip, themind may see flickering images, melting, mosaics and other things. Thesedistortions can form a cover memory if the programmers wants them too. Duringthe sensory deprivation tank experience under LSD, the victim can be asked toopen their eyes, or close them. If asked to form a mental screen, the victimunder LSD will see a blank screen differently if their eyes are open as comparedto closed. If the victim is allowed to look while in a dark tank out into thedarkness under LSD, they will visualize themselves as merging with the infiniteuniverse and not even having a body. This memory is used to build in the outerspace of a system. On page 32, Lilly describes the type of programming used tocreate an Infinity, a Rubicon, or Outer Space within a system. He says,”The self is still centered at one place but its boundaries havedisappeared and it moves out in all directions and extends to fill the limits ofthe universe as far as one knows them. A person taking LSD may experience,whether being programmed or not, that they are in touch with all the stars ofthe universe.

LSD distortions in reality can also be used to protect the programming. Ifthe mind gets too close to remembering something, then the mind triggersautomatically a memory of its molecules expanding into the universe and losingtheir ability to think. This is simply a controlled LSD memory. When externalstimuli is ceased, the brain takes over the spaces that were formerly occupiedin the thinking process by external reality, and replaces it with feelings andthoughts from the internal mind. Lilly states on pg. 24 that when programmingpeople under LSD, “The blank screen is the most difficult one to work withbut is the least ‘driving’ of the group. The blank screen interferes leastwith one’s creative efforts;…” In other words, if the victim is closedoff to external stimuli, the mind can focus all its energy into free associativecreativity. Once the victim is in isolation, religious music can cause the brainto free associate religious visions, cartoon voices can cause the brain to freeassociate the cartoon figures, etc. The Illuminati/Intelligence agencies mustwait 3 to 6 months between LSD programming sessions. If they do it more often,they run the risk of hooking the person’s mind on the drug state. Then theperson will lose interest in reality, and simply try to escape reality into theLSD world as a drug addict. From recollections from ex-programmers and victims,its clear that as the child victim is traumatized during the [SD sensorydeprivation (including being shocked) experiences it goes through a sequence orchronology of changes which are noted in detail by the programmers. Certainsplits occur at certain points in time which will be used for special tasks. Forinstance, at a particular extreme moment the victim may go into a”nothingness state” which is between life and death, where the mindquits perceiving that it has a body. This is not an out-of-body experience, itis a nothingness experience due to an extreme near-death experience. This cleanslate can be used for the Cabalistic programming of the Ain Soph Aur. The AinSoph Aur is the cosmic egg from which the universe supposedly began, ain =vacuum, soph limitless, and aur = limitless light. For Satanists they interpretthis to the light at the top of the pyramid, Lucifer. Alters created in such afashion may be placed in a succession of realms. If true Caballism is followedthis will consist of 4 realms (worlds) of 10 clean slates. These four worlds areAtziluth = boundless world of divine names, Briah the Archangelic World ofCreations Yetzirah

the Hierarchal World of Formations Assiah the ElementalWorld of Substances

The child victim in the sensory deprivation tank is not allowed to movewithout being shocked. Gradually the will of the victim is broken by the totalcontrol the programmer maintains over the child in the tank. But the will of thechild continues to be broken until the will of the child to live is broken. Atthis point, when the mind has given up the will to live, the programmer (orassistant programmer) will tell the child in the tank, “If you create suchand such types of persons and such and such no. of them (perhaps 10 or 20 areasked for) then you can come out and we’ll stop hurting you. Give me a signalthat you’ve done your job and I’ll stop hurting you when the job is done.Move a finger or blink your eyes three times if you’ve done your job.”

Blinking three times generally feels the safest for the child, and is generallythe limit of what the mind and body can muster to save themselves. The alters,which are made when the mind & body have lost the will to live, are thedissociated parts that will be made into suicide alters. Their breathing is veryshallow, they are in pain in the tank. When these parts take the body, theystill function in that state. Years later, if the adult body has these suicidealters take the body, there is a good chance they will commit suicide, if notsimply die from the shallow breathing. Lilly states on page 31, “Oneexperiences [under LSD programming] an immediate internal reality which ispostulated by the self. It is apparent to me that one’s own assumptions aboutthis experience generates the whole experience. The experienced affects, theapparent appearance of other persons, the appearance of other beings not human,one’s own past phantasies, one’s own self-analysis, each can be programmedto happen in interaction with those parts of one’s self beyond one’sconscious awareness.”

While the victim is in the sensory deprivation tank, the programmer can ask the victim to create guard alters within the castle images they create. These are equivalent to the imagery that is done in witchcraft. These image alters are not the same as a trauma-created dissociative alter. The following are the type of beliefs that can be programmed into a person in the sensory deprivation tank under LSD no matter what their prior beliefs (this is substantiated by Lilly, pages 4 1-49 and ex-programmers).

a. The person could successfully park the body and leave the body somewhere, astral project and explore new universes. The victim can be brought during an LSD trip to this thinking and experience the astral projection from around 20 mm. to 2 hours.

b. The victim can be made to feel as if they are a tiny mote, a tiny dot, asingle microflash of energy in their own view of time, a mere particle. Time canbecome infinity and the victim a mere microflash. The victim during thisexperience seeks a god who is a great being to control him. This is used in theIlluminati alien programming to program in the evil and good aliens, or evil orgood gods. The gods or the aliens on such a programming trip will not be sostrange that the victim as a mote can’t understand their purposes andactivities. In other words, the aliens on programming trips like this turn outhumanoid. The victim experiences being nurtured by these beings or the god(s)that he sees. The victim may perceive these aliens on the trip experimentingwith us. One UFO researcher and author about the aliens has used his LSD tripsto research aliens. Sad to report, this researcher is a programmed multiple. Itis easy to see how the mind could think that it was learning about aliens,because this is a common easy-to-create LSD programming script. Again insummary, this second set of beliefs is that the person is a mere mote, a smallflash in infinite time. When an alter of a slave thinks or goes internally whereit shouldn’t, this programming is attached to the mind so that the victimloses sight of who they are and feels very insignificant and only a dot.

c. The next program that LSD naturally lends itself to, is that the victim is only part of a vast computer, only part of a vast mind. For some reason, the LSD is able to hit a part of the mind that regulates the perception of free-will. In this type of programming, the victim under LSD is convinced that he or she has no free will and must participate each second with some larger mind or computer.

d. Personalities that have been seen externally by the victim will beincorporated within the person’s internal world.

e. LSD changes the victim’s perception of time, and can be used to go backor forward in time in the mind. Under guidance, the programmer can manipulatethis ability to build into the mind false memories and images.

f. If “white noise”, that is random background noise is placed into an isolation tank trauma, the programmers have found that under LSD the brain tries to make sense of the random sounds and projects the voice of God into the random noise as a method to turn chaos into something comprehendible. With the right dose, and under the right conditions, the programmers can get the voice of “God” to say about anything they want. Because the sense of hearing in the sensory deprivation tank is not feeding the mind anything, the human brain under LSD can easily substitute in the voice of God.

g. For girls, who have been determined to have personalities with low sexual appetites, the sexual desires of certain alter personalities can be manipulated during an LSD trip by having these alters hold the body and the body go through exaggerated pelvic movements and other experiences. This is an example of the type of training that Gittinger (see Vol. 2) discovered was necessary in order to change thinking patterns within a person–in this case with the MPD (DID), some alters can be radically changed from the original personality.

The overall effect of such LSD programming on anyone, whether child or adult, is that the mind at a deep level begins to doubt its ability to grasp the real from the imaginary. Therapists sometimes wonder why alters are not more anxious to determine reality. Part of this may be the side-effect at a profound level of the brain beginning to doubt its abilities to separate reality from fiction. If the LSD trips were not controlled by the programmers, insanity could result for the victim. Further, the LSD trips pose a danger that they could clutter the internal world of the victim and splinter their mind uncontrollably. This is why the trips must be carefully guided, controlled and monitored.


The brain when a child is born is like a computer which is ready to go, andjust needs the software loaded on. In other words, the brain is already afunctioning complicated programmed piece of hardware, it is not a blank sheet.The mind is preprogrammed to carry out important instinctual functions, such asdrinking water, eating food and sleeping. Likewise, the adult motherinstinctively has maternal instincts. Selectively applied chemical or electricalstimulations to the brain will elicit the instinctual behaviors that arepre-programmed into the brain. A microinjection of a soluble sex steroid intothe anteromedial hypothalamus would likely trigger the maternal instinct in aperson. The various instinctual behaviors that are triggered by microchemicalinjections or small select electrical shocks will last for up to an hour. (A.E.Fisher was one of the principal researchers in this line of research during the50’s and 60’s.) For instance, A.E. Fisher and E. Vaughan, discovered thatthe male instinct for sex could be stimulated by a small shock to a specificpart of the brain. (See “Male sexual behavior induced by intracranialelectrical stimulation”, Science magazine, 1962, 137, pp. 758-760.)Steroids are one of the chemicals that are used as well as selective minuteelectrical shocks to trigger instinctual behaviors. Reliable responses can beobtained from a victim, if the correct chemical is placed at a place in thebrain where the chemical will cause the brain to send an electrical signal totrigger an instinctual behavior. A searching reaction can be created so that aperson or animal searches for something in his surroundings by electricalstimulation of the hippocampus. Eating can be reliably induced electronically orby drugs. Perfusate taken from ventricles or neural tissue of a person who wasstarved before death, and placed into the lateral hypothalamic area will causethe person to eat whether they are hungry or full.


The users of slaves need some of the parts to be nymphomaniacs. In order to program this type of behavior, the programmers not only use the reversal effect when pain becomes pleasure (see Vol. 2), but they also use hormones and drugs to make certain parts nymphomaniacs. If they were not artificially stimulated they could not endure the over-use they are subjected to at times.


Part of the ability to do mind-control has to do with their ability tosynthesize the actual specific chemicals that the brain produces to alteritself. When the brain wants to relax, or excite itself it uses certaincompounds. A large number of the brain’s chemicals have been cataloged and canbe reproduced in the lab. The messages the brain sends have to jump from oneneuron to another via transmitters. The rate that the brain releases thesetransmitters can be both directly and indirectly changed by drugs. In otherwords, one can tailor make moods and emotions in the brain chemically.

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The term “Amines” (which are compounds that have a nitrogen atom that can accept a proton) came to have a specific meaning for brain researchers. The transmitters between neurons in the brain are Amines such as dopamine, epinephrine, histamine, norepinephrine, octopamine, serotonin, and tyramine. The principle method to synthesize these transmitter amines is “decarboxylation of the parent amino acid.” In other words, the chemist takes Tyrosine and applies Tyrosine Hydroxylase (an enzyme) and produces Dopa another similar compound; and then the enzyme Dopa Decarboxylase is applied and from that the similar Dopamine amine is created. Then Dopamine-Beta-oxidase (another enzyme) is applied in the final step of the three enzyme steps to create Norepinephrine. Both Dopamine and Norepinephrine are neural transmitters. If norepinephrine is diminished in the brain, sedation occurs. Alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine (as well as other compounds) was found to be one of the things that would prevent the brain from creating (synthesizing for itself) norepinephrine. Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) is created in a fashion similar to dopamine, in that tryptophan is taken and acted upon by the enzyme Tryptophan hydroxylase to get 5-hydroxytryptophan, and then a decarboxylase converts this compound to serotonin. To reverse things, and prevent the brain from having serotonin, they can prevent selective parts of the brain from creating it with p-chlorphenylalanine.

ADRENALCHROME (Adrenal Chromaffin)

This naturally occurring yellowish brown drug was not mentioned in the Vol. 2book, although it was mentioned in this author’s newsletters in ’93 and May’95 The drug is obtained by sacrificing a terrified person, perhaps byplunging the athame into them, and then taking a hypodermic needle andextracting the adrenalchrome from the base of the neck in the pineal gland. Asacrificed person only yields about 10 c.c. so the drug is not only very secreton the black market but very expensive. A Scientific American article byCarmichael and Winkler is the best thing that I have discovered on theadrenalchrome. The Max Planck Institute in Germany did research intoAdrenalchrome. Dirty law-enforcement officials and others have worked to keepthe existence of adrenalchrome a secret. It is not known if Adrenalchrome hasever been used for programming, but it is a popular secret drug of the eliteIlluminati kingpins. For many years, they were not able to synthetically producethe drug, and had to rely on human sacrifices as their source. It is possiblethat in the last year or so, that some method to synthesize the drug may havebeen found. Chromaffin cells secrete adrenaline, noradrenaline and othersubstances into the bloodstream which exert a great deal of control over tissue,and organs.


Another place that programmed DID Satanic Ritual Survivors may encounter herbs is the use of herbal charms to enhance magic spells.


The Illuminati have also used oils for their powerful properties. Recently, a doctor who was trained by the Freemasons has been helping people discover the powerful properties of these oils. Christians also have been rediscovering the powerful healing powers in pure Fennel, Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender, Peppermint, Pane and other cold pressed Oils and combinations of oils.

Summary of Major Point.

The guided LSD trips in the sensory deprivation tanks are crucial for laying in the foundational programming. Readers will learn more about guided LSD trips & programming drugs throughout this book.

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From the Egyptian Sleep Temples to ancient shamans, the occult world has beenputting hypnosis (including self-hypnosis) to work for centuries, evenmillennia. During the 18th and 19th century, the Masonic lodges put hypnotism touse. In 1882 Jean-Martin Charcot, considered the world’s greatest neurologistat the time, gave hypnotism respectability by publishing his own studies, whichincluded recovering A. trauma memories blocked by amnesia, and B. memoriespresumed permanently lost by organic amnesia. At that time, a group of frenchmedical doctors located at Nancy just a 100 kilometers southeast of theMothers-of-Darkness castle, had a school of hypnosis that influenced doctors allover the world including Freud. These french doctors had caught on to the powerof suggestion to the subconscious.

In the 1780’s, Marquis de Puysegur was putting people into deep hypnotictrances and then commanding them to forget the hypnotic session. James Esdailein his book Mesmerism in India & its Practical Application in Surgery andMedicine. (pub. Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, 1846) pp. xxiii-xxiv, describesand lists hundreds of surgeries (some quite serious) which he did in India usinghypnosis as his anesthesia. He found his patients could heal quickly andexperienced no pain under hypnosis.

In modern medical history, every type ofsurgery has been successfully carried out without drugs and “withoutpain” by using hypnosis. In the VoL 2 book, it was brought out thatperceptive researchers have figured out that the pain under hypnosis is placedby the mind into a dissociated piece of the mind, which is essentially what MPD(DID) is all about. Tests have shown that hypnosis to reduce pain does not workby the brain releasing endorphins (see Hilgard, 1975 & Spiegel and Leonard,1986). The mind simply diverts the pain into a “mental floppy disk”that it doesn’t look at. In the early 1880’s, occult researcher EdmundGurney found he could give post-hypnotic commands that would be successfullycarried out in the future.

What amazed him was that subjects would fulfillcommands exactly as commanded at a particular time on a particular day withouteven looking at the clock. Various European doctors, too numerous to mention,discovered in the 1880’s that they could cure various diseases via hypnosis.The cure rate was not 100%, but significant enough to make hypnosis an option insome treatments.

This author (Fritz) has reported that programmed multiples are able toincrease the temperature of one body part, or one side of their body. Cisco, theco-author of this book, when she hits certain programs, turns ice-cold on theright of her body and burns on the left side. It was with great interest thenwhen this author located the 1920 work of hypnotist J.A. Hadfield who publishedhis work in Lancet, 2: pp. 68-69, under the title “The influence of suggestion on bodytemperature.

“Using hypnosis, Hadfield could get a subject to drop histemperature in one hand to 68.0 while the other hand stayed at 94º. Here is thepaper trail to what they have been doing to programmed multiples for half acentury. Today, the occult world uses sophisticated hypnotic techniques as oneof their programming tools to create mind-controlled slaves. The slave’s mindis structured into a robotic-computer controlled by a master. Parts (alters) ofthe slave will learn how to trance (self-hypnosis) on cue. The betterconditioned a subject is to hypnosis, the easier they fall into trance. Thevictims of mind-control are all very conditioned for hypnosis, even though their programmers then hide that under post-hypnoticsuggestions that no-one else is to be allowed to hypnotize the slave. Theancient saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In conveyingsuggestions to the subconscious mind, the occult world of black magic and theprogrammers are very aware of the power that picture images convey. The goodprogrammer will be able to utilize images to give him tremendous leverage inhypnotic techniques. An alter which needs to create something in the mind can beprepped with images, and can be asked to borrow images, such as borrow such andsuch quality from this person or animal. The child alter who becomes a Lionafter eating a dead lion’s parts can imagine the qualities (speed, agility,fierceness) of the lion easily. The image of the lion is worth a thousand wordsto the hypnotic programmer. If the programmer wants an alter that is trained inkarate to be agile, quick and fierce, they don’t mind dehumanizing that alterto become a lion or tiger. One element of why this is done is the power of theimage for hypnotic commands. The deeper Illuminati alters will be highly skilledin self-hypnosis & the ability to change at will into various states ofconsciousness. This is part of their witchcraft training in order to practicewitchcraft.


The Programmer is attempting to produce suggestions that the unconscious mindwill accept. If the subconscious mind accepts the programmer’s suggestionsthen the suggestion becomes reality to the victim, just as if the victim hadexperienced it as reality over a period of time. The programmer, if he is good,will be able to get the subjects imagination involved. He will also buildrapport with his victim. For instance, the master might hypnotically stroke theforehead of kitten sexual alters before giving them their code to go back intothe mind. The good handler/programmer is not simply working off of fear, but hewants to have the trust and cooperation of the victim. This is similar to howHitler was both feared and trusted by the German masses. In fact, hypnosis wasan element in Hitler’s control of the masses. Nazi propaganda films showingHitler and other Nazi leaders giving directives always have the Hitler Youth’sactions slightly speeded up so that subconsciously the viewer is taughtobedience to their commands.

The programmer will not tell the slave something is hypnotically happeninguntil it has already happened. He will use the art of timing his words at thecorrect time, of using repetition, of combining several mutually supportingsuggestions, and of having total confidence in his words to add strength to hishypnotic commands. Muscular rigidity and deep breathing are one way to increasesuggestibility within the victim being programmed via hypnosis. The programmerwill also use other hypnotic tricks, such using his own body language to suggestsomething, and to use what is called a “voice roll”. When theprogrammer moves his voice into a monotonous patterned style he is using theroll voice. Words are delivered at the rate of 45 to 60 beats a minute. Toempower the suggestions, the programming hypnotist uses the victim’s fivesenses. The victim visualizes something using his five senses, such as theimagery of the holy spirit (done in mockery of God) and then breathes thisimagery in. For instance, the victim breathes in the message of the programmingand roots it deep deep down into the oak tree. (In VoL 2, it was explained thatthe oak tree is the structure that the programs are attached to.)


During the hypnotic trance, the human mind is at the pinnacle of its abilityto quickly learn. What might take years to learn and weighing the evidence, will be accepted quickly by the victim’ssubconscious. The mind strings together a series of “cognitive mentaldemons?? that is a series of mental processes–similar to how a computerprogrammer writes a program. These strings have been called K-lines. Much ofwhat the mind does is simply activations of various K-lines (a habitual ways ofdoing things), so that the mind can focus its limited conscious thinking. Themind also takes micronemes (such things as a particular aroma, or a particularintonation for which it has no word, but for which it has a series of sensoryclues) and builds these into K-lines too. Once a K-line works, the mind in orderto prevent itself from making reckless changes, gives priority to those K-lines.Under hypnosis, the mind willingly allows the hypnotist to change K-lineswithout the normal unconscious conservative restraints. Under behaviormodification techniques, abnormal K-lines (that is K-lines that wouldn’tnormally develop) can be forced into the mind.

A hypnotic suggestion given to normal subjects lasts about a week, soreinforcement is helpful. The programming suggestions are layered in usingmethods far more powerful than mere hypnosis, and are locked up in dissociatedsubconscious states, so that these programming scripts which are layered in arealmost impossible for the victim to be aware of to challenge them. The emotionsof women have been found to slightly detract from the hypnotic trance, whilemale victims take the hypnotic words in an unemotional matter-of-fact way. Themale victims will simply accept the programming and directly comply. That is onereason why the suicide programs that are layered into the men are so deadly. Thefemale victims of programming may emotionally play the suicide out and survive;the male slaves when they trigger suicide programs, comply with the programmingin an unemotional direct way.

How deep is the slave’s trance? There are testsfor trance depths, but from what this author can ascertain, sometimes it can bedifficult to determine exactly where the mind is at. If a memory is laid in at aparticular trance level, the slave may be able to avoid an abreaction later onby going above or below the memory’s trance level. A deep level, where forinstance, the person can’t move a body part due to hypnotic suggestion, wouldbe called the “cataleptic stage” or level.


Let us suppose for the sake of discussion that as you are reading this, it issupper time. You are hungry. You’ve starved yourself all day, and even thoughyou are on a strict diet, you are trying to think of a good restaurant to go to.Now let’s see, as your mind scans the different possibilities, it thinks ofsome that are close, some that are quick. some that have lots of easy parkingand others that have good looking waitresses. Mechanically, your thoughtprocesses went like this:

a. Particular sensations and chemicals cause the mind to feel what itmentally describes as a pang of hunger. This is perceived as an important need.

b. The mind has a process that we can call an Intention System that createsspecific intention messages that are sent throughout the brain. It stores theseIntentions temporarily. If an intention is not freshly created and restacked atthe top of the clutter of intentions in the intention store, then it gets buriedunderneath the “mind cluttered desk of things to do” and forgotten. Inour example, the mind is searching its memory banks for options on how tosatisfy its hunger.

c. The mind must decide upon one particular course of action. The mind quitsfocusing on other matters, and concentrates upon deciding which course of actionto take. The mind has now activated all kinds of what some researchers call”demons”. Because we are not talking about spiritual demons, butrather we are referring to units of cognitive processes–which are very similar to UNIX computer demons–we will refer to these demonsby the name “cognitive demonprocesses.” Some of these cognitive demonprocesses are action demons and some are word demons, and some are recognitiondemons.

Recognition Cognitive Demon Processes go running through the mind,”shouting” the wishes of the Intention store. A number of lower levelcognitive demon processes wake up and make themselves known if they identifywith what the recognition demon is shouting about. Many may think they match therequest, but other demon processes check them out to see how close they match.Now the checkers come up with a list of cognitive demon processes who areconcerned with eating at restaurants, who have woken up and are all scramblingfor attention. Cognitive demon processes establish themselves in families, anddevelop relationships that are automatic. (Cognitive Demons do not die, but somego to sleep and others can get somewhat rusty in their relationships.) The”demons” that respond to the shouting of our recognition demon gothrough a series of “interviews” with a hierarchy of other demonprocesses, and soon the messenger demon can rush back to the Intention Storewith the name of the choices available.

All this happens extremely quick. If themind did not set up a series of automatic cognitive demon processes that becomehabits, (called K-lines) it would find itself involved in the consciousrelearning of trivial matters that would make it impossible to get muchaccomplished. Every skill would have to be constantly relearned. A person mighteasily end up spending all day dressing. As long as the mind remains in a staticenvironment, where habits work, it’s great. But life is such a changingenvironment, that our entrenched habits can cause the mind to pull up acognitive demonic process out of habit, when it is neither wanted norappropriate.

Emotions and needs (which are tied to our emotions) will triggerthe mind to search out cognitive demon processes. For instance, if our emotionalneed for someone we are looking for is great, let’s say a wife waiting for along expected war-husband, it may send a need down the brain for the cognitivedemons that are attached to the identification of the long-awaited person, andthe mind triggers itself to see his face in the crowd at the busy railwaystation before its owner arrives.

Cognitive Demon Processes live in closeproximity to other demons, and when one gets excited, others in the area do too,although their excitement may be much less. If a cognitive demon is being used agreat deal, it will be on its toes, but little used demons can go to sleep, andsomehow need to be hollowed at very loud to wake up.

The Intention System aftera while will set itself on autopilot for certain mental functions, which freesthe conscious mind for other problems. The conscious mind can only focus on asmall amount of material–it is like a computer which has limited memory. It isconstantly in a state of redeployment, and the Intentions system has only asmall sway over how the Attention part of the mind decides to focus. TheAttention part constantly asks itself, which tasks can be relegated to habit.Then when the Intention system sends out cognitive search demons, they do nothave to involve the conscious mind, because everything that is habitual is setup like a script, with families of “cognitive demon processes” alreadyknowing the roles/relationships they are to play. (Again, Behavior modificationis used to strengthen the relationships of demonic processes, and to make somewell used and awake, so that certain behaviors become habits.) When our mindsmeditate or go into a hypnotic trance, what is occurring is that our consciousmind is delegating its limited computing memory for the focus of its attentionupon one object. What happens to the cognitive demon processes that wouldnormally take instructions from the conscious mind?

During meditation the untrained cognitive demon processes bubble up to the top of the consciousmind. However, the opposite happens during hypnosis. During hypnosis, the mindhas made the decision (for whatever reasons) to accept control statements fromthe hypnotist. The mind has surrendered or at least temporarily or partiallyabdicated his or her position as the master of his or her Intention System. Someof this power is given away. The hypnotist now has access and control over manyor all the cognitive demonic processes, including some that the person would notnormally activate. Cognitive demon processes that are asleep or deeply buriedcan be accessed by the hypnotist, in a much quicker direct way than theIntention System would. By suggesting that the subject has a cat on his lap, thehypnotist is actually causing the recognition cognitive demon processes to wakeup and act out their jobs to such an extent that the subject sees a cat. Bysuggesting that the subject’s body stiffen, the hypnotist has gained controlover those cognitive action demons that cause the body to stiffen.Age-regression brings up demons that are associated with the subject’schildhood.

Although it is unpopular to admit publicly that the hypnotist haspower over the subject, a close look at the process of how hypnosis works at theneuronal “cognitive demon process” level shows that the hypnotist hasindeed been given power. In fact, the hypnotist has been given power to activatecognitive units of demon processes that the mind itself would allow to remaininactive or asleep. The mind would not normally use its ability to activatethem. Today, it is politically incorrect to admit that the hypnotist has powerto make an individual do what they wouldn’t normally want to do, butunfortunately hypnosis does give this power.


Because the programmers control the slave’s life to such a high degree theycan add other elements that move the brain into programmable states.

Fastingalong with a high sugar intake will make the brain more suggestive. (Themilitary also used this in basic training. This was done to this author at WestPoint during Beast Barracks, where during the first two weeks he ate all-totalenough food for one regular meal; however, New Cadets were allowed to go tochapel and eat all the brownies, cookies and kool-aid they wanted.)

Physicaldiscomforts and the chanting of rituals in witchcraft ceremonies are also waysto move the mind into programming states.

Lights, sounds (for instancerepetitive beats such as with any rock music), and smells are all used toencourage the brain to go into a programmable state.

In the chapter onelectronics, it discusses how the functions of the mind-body such as breathingand the heartbeat can be regulated by external stimuli —that is lights andsounds which are electronically produced. If the repetitive beat is rangedbetween 45 to 72 beats per minute, many people will go into a programmable statewith their eyes open. This is because this beat is close to the beat of theheart in a relaxed state.

Some secret Illum. programming centers have areas thatare constructed for the greatest hypnotic sound and lighting effect. The child/or adult victim is cut off from the world at these programming centers. Thevictims’ freedom to walk outside into normal life depends upon theircooperation with the programmer(s).

Lullaby music is used as a cue for somealters of slaves to induce trance when their systems are older because the childalters still respond to the cue. Anything can be a cue, but it appears theprogrammers often pick cues that are naturally reinforced by the mind. Thelullaby or carousel music is a good cue, because the lullaby is taking advantageof the natural desire of the brain to retreat from reality to the nostalgia ofchildhood fun. The retreat of the mind to childhood naturally evokes thehelplessness and dependence that a child feels.

The programmers are powerful enough to place in cues that don’t need natural reinforcement, but fromobservation it is apparent that they will often skillfully strengthen thehypnotic power by the choice of a cue which carries its own naturalreinforcement. One supporting element in programming is that the programmer setshimself up as “god the creator” of the victim, or an alien of afar-advanced race.

In hypnotism, this fulfills the need that all hypnoticsubjects must have faith and trust in their hypnotist. Hypnosis is subjective innature. If the programmer is the creator of the alter being programmed, and thealter is additionally under a hypnotic drug that makes it willing to obey, it iseasy to see how the victim lets go of all inhibitions, because “god”or this “superior alien” knows what is best. The better and strongerthe relationship between the victim and his master programmer, the better thehypnotic commands work. If the slave sees the master as a religious guru prophet(or a great doctor) it enhances his willingness to accept hypnotic commands.Bear in mind that the slave is conditioned to love their master withoutreservation. Yes, the benevolent dictator has historically received the devotionof the masses, (and many of the Illuminati programmers are actually simplyegotistical sadists).


The Illuminati is now even resorting to creating talking hologram images toaccess their slaves with their hypnotic cues.


The entire alter system of a Monarch slave has their sleep patternscontrolled. Many alters are programmed not to get real sleep. They actuallysleep in a hypnotic alpha-state sleep, or what may be called trance sleep.

Hypnotists (and brain researchers) will tell you that true sleep and a hypnoticsleep are not the same thing for the brain. Some alters (but not many) must stayawake 24 hours a day internally and carefully watch all that happens in thesystem of alters. Someone has to take the body and sleep–but whichever altersare set up to do it, they are hypnotically commanded to only sleep about threehours to insure that the mind stays in an alpha state easy to program. Becausealters which do not hold the body “rest” mentally in a sense–whenthey take the body they are fresh. The mind dissociates when it is givenunpleasant things to hear which it doesn’t want to hear.

The electronicimplants that send voices to victims are used to create dissociation within theslaves, plus certain implants and devices send specific electro-magnetic wavepatterns to the mind to put the slave’s mind into the alpha state. See chaptersix for more on the mind-control implants.


The programmer places the victim in an acute state of anxiety and guilt. Thetension reduces the power of the judgement part of the mind. One of the torturesfor slaves is to keep them from going to the bathroom and relieving themselves.This is part of the hypnotic programming package. The anxiety that this createsincreases the power of the programming in the brain, because the anxiety causesslight malfunctions with the brain’s judgment abilities. Mental and physicalfatigue are also sought in the victim. For instance, water deprivation iscommon. (This was also done to the author at West Point, where one of thisauthor’s classmates was hospitalized for dehydration during Beast Barracks.)Offensive language also helps drive the mind into tension and encourages it intoan alpha state.


The children who are being programmed are taught 4 IMPORTANT HYPNOTICABILITIES. These four abilities are a. relaxation, b. visualization, c.concentration, and d. projection, which work in handling the slave along withthe alpha state.

Relaxation and visualization go hand in hand each enhancing each other. Whengiven a good pleasant image to visualize, the victim relaxes, which leads to thehypnotic concentration, which then produces good projection. Initially, thechild victim is given drugs that induce euphoria and deep relaxation. They arethen taught to work toward that drug euphoria by going to it mentally. Theydevelop the ability to go into that euphoria mentally as a trained behavior.Many of the children will have their training in visualization and concentrationreinforced when they go to public schools, many of which are now involved in theprogramming process. To teach the child concentration and visualization, thechild is given an apple and trained to visualize it. The first time, the childwill be given drugs which will enhance the experience and perception greatly toaround 100 times the perception without the drugs. There is no pain involved inthis early programming at around the age of 3 or 4. After the child has gonethrough the visualization of the apple in the drugged state he or she will worktoward the mental ability to visualize it intensely without the drugs. Thevisualization script used with the apple (in both the drugged and undruggedexercises) will vary slightly from programmer to programmer, yet will be closeto the following:


By the way, an apple training incident very similar to this (which is givenby the Illuminati to child slaves from the ages 2 to 4), strangely turned upoccurring in a setting that the author, who never was a slave nor never in theoccult, found himself in when this author was a 4-H counselor at a 4-H camp as a16 year old. The first thing all the counselors were given was an apple exerciseso that we could appreciate each camper for what he or she was. The person wholed the exercise was a psychologist. Where had he learned it? The applevisualization must be done to a standard of excellence by the child victim. Thevictim’s life depends upon learning to visualize vividly, so that the internalstructures (internal mental images) it builds within the mind will stay strongand firm.

The programmers want the child to have good visualization so they willwork with the child to have the most successful experience. For instance, thechild will be offered a variety of apples to look at, yellow, green, red etc.The child can choose the apple that it likes so that its visualization exerciseswill be the most successful. The entire imagery of an internal system will bebuilt upon the foundation of the child’s ability to visualize an apple. Thechild will be taken through a succession of exercises where the child learns tovisualize the apple in greater and greater detail using all the senses.Eventually, the child is able to visualize his or her apple to the point thatthe child can dissect or chop the apple up in any way and reconstruct itmentally. The internal seeds of the apple can be seen brilliantly by the child.Upon this ability to visualize, the programmer will then teach the child thatthe apple can become anything the child wants, a river, a couch, a book etc. Thefive seeds of the apple will be turned into 5 castles. This is why essentiallyall Illuminati Mind-controlled slaves have 5 major castles in their system ofprogramming. One approach by therapists has been to cast out/remove the castles.However, the castle imagery is based upon the apple seeds which is based on the apple. The real thing to deal with for therapists isthe apple. If the castle is returned to its original image of being an appleseed, and the rest of the apple-and its tree imagery dealt with, then someprogress can be made. Unfortunately, not being aware of the original imagery,the therapists have been frustrating themselves with the superficial imageryrather than the foundational imagery.

Another script for teaching the young 2 to 4 year old slaves simplevisualization is to have the child close his or her eyes and imagine that theyare looking at a white wall or blank screen. Then they practice visualizingsimple geometric shapes, and then visualize the screen in different colors, andthen finally visualize the objects changing colors.


The Illuminati begin training the child victim to work at the starlightlevel. This is called magical training. The child’s abilities to relax,visualize, concentrate and project are then harnessed in the alpha state by”MAGICKAL TRAINING” which opens up the STARLIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS.Starlight consciousness is the other way of knowing that which belongs to theright hemisphere, and it allows the victim to make contact with the “DIVINEWITHIN”. The Divine within the victim is actually the generational spirits,which are placed in during the Moon Child ceremonies described in detail in Vol.2.

The generational spirits are laid in to help build the programming and toguard it. However, as in so much spiritual work, the victim’s (technicallyspeaking, the alter’s) will & thoughts work hand in hand with the spirits.The child must learn to visualize and participate in the mental building of theinternal worlds, structures, etc. However, the demons will be strategicallyplaced to protect the structures once the programming is built into the mind.(For more understanding of this see Cisco’ s section on “Programming,foundational, destruction of’.)


The child victim’s mind is FINETUNED. This means that the child canfunction excellently at visualization, relaxation, concentration, projection,while in the alpha state and can work with their subconscious mind. The mentalwork done in the subconscious can not be retrieved easily. Only through outsideassistance or special training can most people access what is done at thestarlight level of the mind. The programmers are using the child’s abilitieswith its 5 acute senses to develop the 6th sense (which is its ability to workin the Starlight consciousness, which includes such mental activity such aspsychic abilities–which will be discussed in other locations in this book.)Enhancing the mind so that it can work in the subconscious area called thestarlight consciousness is referred to by many insiders as astral.


One of the most important concepts of the programmers is having slaves”go over the rainbow.” Although in recent years other methods havebeen substituted for this, there are many hundreds of thousands of slaves forwhom “going over the rainbow” is part of their programming. What isthe script for programming this?


(Three dots in this script do not indicate missing parts, but rather pauses.In other words, pauses are indicated by three dots.)


“BREATHE DEEP — YOU ARE FLOATING DOWN … DOWN … ON A BEAUTIFUL REDCLOUD, AND YOUR WHOLE BODY IS RED — AS YOU GO DRIFTING AND FLOATING ….ROCKING GENTLY … DEEPER … AND DEEPER … DOWN … [this repeated, one time, for each color of cloud-orange,yellow, green, blue, and violet clouds.] “LAND VERY GENTLY … VERY SOFTLY… IN THE CENTER OF A ROUND, BLACK PEARL. SEE IT GLOWING, SOFTLY, GENTLY …NOW TURN AND FACE THE EAST … AND THEN THE SOUTH … AND THEN THE WEST … ANDTHEN THE NORTH OPEN ALL OF YOUR INNER SENSES.” [The rainbow gives the muchabused victim of mind-control and trauma, a safe mental place to travel to; andthis serves as a “home base” for the mind to return to when things getdifficult. If the programming begins to be destroyed and a deeper alterexperiences real life–its coping mechanism to face the harsher realities oflife will be a knee-jerk reaction to go to safety over the rainbow.]


After the slave has been switched to deeper personalities who are in trancein order to have the slave a. be programmed b. be programmed & carry out amission, c. go to a ritual, then it is important that the programmer takes timeto get the slave to emerge slowly and gently from their altered state. Theinduction process is reversed. The repetition of trances will reinforce thedepth of the trance state, and keep the undetectable slavery operating smoothly:







“STAY ON THE RAINBOW … [at this point the script for the slave’sprogramming or mission or ritual will be placed into the mind].

After the programming session, the mission, or the ritual the handler/orprogrammer finishes…



If we rate trance depths on a scale of 1 to 13, then the deep trance that isbeing described here is 7-10. At this 7-10 depth, the person must be constantlywatched. The victim is turned on his side so that the victim will continue tobreathe. If the person monitoring has doubts whether the slave is alive, theprogramming staff will poke the lungs and neck. The person’s breathing will beencouraged by the programmer breathing along with the person being programmed ashe says “BREATHE … BREATHE … BREATHE”. This is important becauseat this level the slave is so tranced their body can forget to breathe.


While we are still on the subject of the rainbow and its colors, and beforewe continue onto other parts of the hypnotic programming process, let’s dealwith color programming.

When Illuminati slaves are being programmed as littlechildren, they usually will get music and color programming. Most readers arelike this author, in that they are not interested in learning magic. However,because this author (Fritz Springmeier) was interested in helping victimsunderstand what’s been done to them, it was important to dive into trying tounderstand the thinking of the occult world in regards to colors.

If I writethat the occult world views yellow as a healing color, and blue as a relaxingcolor, and purple (violet) as a spiritually enlightened color, that is notbecause I want to teach that as a doctrine, but so that therapists can begin tounderstand the hidden mannerisms & thought patterns of these powerfulgenerational occult families, who believe in such odd practices as childsacrifice.

In the 1940’s, as the Illuminati were applying scientificinvestigation to their ancient skills in mind-control, a number of researchersinvestigated color psychology. Cecil Stokes’ color research on the influenceof colors on the mind led to the Auratone films, which were used to treat the”mentally ill”.

Walt Disney Studios produced one of the best occultattempts to free associate color, light and music in their movie Fantasia,especially Fantasia’s opening selection of Stokowski’s adaption of Bach’s”Toccata and Fugue in D minor”. Walt Disney also used selections ofmusic from the Satanist composer Igor Stravinsky in Fantasia. Igor Stravinsky isan anarchy-espousing Satanist. Fantasia was a long labor of occult devotion forWalt Disney and his studios. It took many years to create the film, and when itwas finished, it was used as a programming foundation for alter systems.(Chapter 5 will have more on Disney. Chapter 5 will also give a very detailedscript for HOW Fantasia has been used as the primary foundation programmingtool.) Disney’s Dick Tracy movie is also a classic example of how color isemployed in a movie which is used covertly for mind-control programming.

The five primary areas of occult thinking that were investigated by thisauthor in terms of color programming were:
1. witchcraft books such as RaymondBuckland’s Practical Color Magick,
2. an extensive study of several New AgeGroups such as the I AM Movement, and Church Universal & Triumphant (CUT)using hundreds of documents that ex-insiders of these groups provided,
3.masonic & rosicrucian sources, such as Manly P. Hall’s book The SecretTeachings of All Ages, and
4. Metaphysical books in general such as theexcellent The Rainbow Book being a collection of essays & illustrationsdevoted to Rainbows in particular & Spectral Sequences in general focusingon the meaning of color (physical & metaphysically) from Ancient to ModemTimes. The Rainbow Book was done by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco inassoc. with Shambhala of Berkeley & London, 1975.

And finally, the last primary source -but notleast- was interviews with an ex-programmer. What did I find out? After lots ofweeding, I have some siftings from these sources to share. In Buckland’sPractical Color Magick, we learn about a type of Voodoo called Poppet dolls.These dolls are made according to the color that is appropriate for theperson’s problem. For instance, they make a green poppet doll if the personneeds help with finances. The name of the person is written on the dollaccording to the color that corresponds to their astrological birthdate. Forinstance, Leo is orange, and Pisces is Indigo. Those who need success areadvised by Buckland to make a “Color Treasure Map” which is simply acollage of the things they want, making sure that the pictures are brightcolors.

This is another example of color magic. Buckland provides a Color-NumberCode as follows:

1 = Red; 2 = Orange; 3= Yellow; 4 = Green; 5=Blue; 6=Indigo; 7=Violet;8=Rose; 9 = Gold

The letters of the alphabet then are corresponded to these 9 numbers and byadding up the numbers in someone’s name (numerology), Buckland tells us we canget the name’s Color from such a process.

What did I learn of value from Buckland? some tips on how occultists assigncolors to numbers and objects. For the average person these witchcraft teachingsare simply trite imaginations. Even so, the fact remains for those of usconfronting Occult mind-control, colors are important to total-mind-controlprogrammers of the Illuminati. Colors are important to their world-view. Aprogrammer who knew color magic would likely use color magic in theirprogramming, programming scripts and codes. Now, both you and I know some moreabout how to second guess the programmer’s mind. (By the way, Colorprogramming was dealt with in a major way in Vol. 2, but the tips in thischapter may also be useful.)


Dance has been associated with color from ancient times, to greek andmedieval courts up to modern times with the use of colored floodlights. Keys inmusic have been associated with colors by many famous musicians. Beethovenreferred to B minor as the black key. Schubert compared E minor to a “girlrobed in white with a rose-red bow on her breast”. Rimsley-Korsakovinterpreted the keys of C, D, A, F, & F# major as white, yellow, rosy,green, and grayish-green. Handel had his own idea of how the keys related to thecolors. The brighter hues of a color have been associated by some with the majorscale, and the more subdued hues of a color with the minor. Goethe stated that apainting of powerful effect was like a piece of music with a sharp key, while apainting with a muted effect was like music in a flat key.

Certain colors have been associated with violin music. In WassilyKandinsky’s book The Art of Spiritual Harmony, we learn a great deal aboutcolor and music. The following comes from Kandinsky’s observations, and mayrelate to Mengele’s programming. The ringing notes of a violin have beenassociated with a cool red. The largo of an old violin is associated withorange. The placid middle tones of the violin are associated with absolutegreen. A dark blue is like a cello. White is like the pauses in music thattemporarily break the melody. Black represents “the final pauses, afterwhich any continuation of melody see the dawn of another world.”

The Rainbow Book is definitely the most comprehensive book this author hasseen on the significance of color both physically and metaphysically. Aninteresting chart is given on page 125, which examines the relationship of thefrequencies of electromagnetic waves in the visible light spectrum with anoctave of music just above middle C. In order to make the comparison (which is charted below) the light frequencies which are 1012 arewritten without the powers of ten and taken down 40 to match the note octaves.This gives us a chart which we will arrange by:


Using this arrangement we get:

Very dark red/391 .3 = 392/G NOTE darkish red/418 = 415/G# note

Orangish red/445 440/A note light orange/464 = 466/A # note yellow green/495= 494/B note green/ 523 = 523/ C note

Bluish green/555 = 553/ C# note Indigo/573-600 = 587/D note

Indigo violet-light violet/618-627 = D# note

Dark violet/655-673 = 659/E note

Very dark violet/682 = 698/F note

Although there is no single one-to-one correspondence between music andcolor, because there are different patterns to consider and the role ofassociation is such a complex issue, there are several things that naturallysuggest themselves: an increase in pitch does seem to suggest an increase inbrightness. An increase in brightness also is suggested by an increase in tempo.Colors also fit the mood of a piece of music. A mass of color can suggest themusical ground.

Musical intervals have also been related by the ancients to theorbits of the planets. This began with the spherical theory of the cosmos byPythagoras, where the different astrological bodies made different sounds.Another correspondence with merit is to associate colors with”properties”, & then associate with music intervals, then assoc.with related cords, and related planets, and then associate with other things.

For instance, Orange would be associated with the Sun, Energy, Glory, and Power.In turn, it would be associated with Re (pronounced “Ray” in music,the whole tone, D). Its related cord would be minor, and its related planetwould be the Sun “Apollo.” Violet would be death, separation, advancedspirituality. It would be associated with Ti (“Tee”) in music, theMaj. 7th, B, and its related planet would be the moon “Diana”. Thereis no way all the different associations can be reviewed here. The chinese havehad a number of music-color association schemes, as well as the Hindis, theTibetans, and others. Is this section on color going somewhere with theseassociations? Yes, Joseph Mengele, the original Dr. Green (the name Green gotpassed on to a least one of his proteges), played the violin and piano whiledoing the color programming to slaves. He was the original master at associatingboth a tone or chord with a particular color or color scheme. He loved usingFantasia for programming.


According to Hilton Hotema’s book Ancient Sun God (Mokelumne Hill, CA:Health Research, 1956), light & fire are associated with Sun worship. “Pyra”is Greek for fire, and “Midos” means measure. Pyramid is a combinationof the greek words pyra and midos, which together meant”light-measures”. In other words, the pyramid was the eternalascending flame, the spark returning to its maker. The eternal flame ofPrometheus is a recurrent theme within all the modern revolutions (which by theway were all created secretly by the occult hierarchy).

The Tower of Babel mostlikely followed the pattern which the ancient babylonian cylinders say was usedby the Babylonians in building their temples. Each level was dedicated to one ofthe 7 planets, and was built in that color. In other words the Tower of Babellooked like a rainbow. The lowest was to Saturn and was black. The next was toJupiter and was orange. The next was to Mars and was red. The fourth was the sunand was yellow. The fifth was Venus and was green. The sixth was Mercury and wasblue, and the top or seventh level would be white.

A good example of color programming and a New Age group which is involvedwith Illuminati/government mind-control is Church Universal & Triumphant. Inthe Covert Action Information Bulletin, No. 30, Summer, 1988, Church Universal& Triumphant was exposed as a conduit of CIA funds. Another clue as to howCUT connects in is that Elizabeth Clare Prophet, CUT’s prophetess, speaks inMasonic emples.

E.C. Prophet claims she is Marie Antoinette. (One of the firstIlluminati programs that this author ran into when working with programmedmultiples was Marie Antoinette programming.) Another obvious CIA asset (who isnot part of CUT) has been directing implant victims to go to CUT and solve theirimplant problem by seeking the “I AM force” within them. (The I AM isa system programmed into slaves.) Initiates into CUT have received a letter,”Keeper of the Flame: the need for harmony and love between all themaster’s servants united in a common effort cannot be overemphasized. Workingand serving together, we form a mandala of light through which the masters ofthe Great White Brotherhood will awaken humanity.” (Quote from a letter byCUT Chairman of the Outreach Committee Michael Veys to CUT’s Fraternity of theKeepers of the Flame, c. 1980.) Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s “Fraternity ofKeepers of the Flame” as she calls her initiates learn such things asastrology, crystals, white magic, color magic, Hinduism (reincarnation, karma,meditation, chakra points), how to decree, how to dress (for instance what colorto where at what time), and how to become divine at Summit University.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet (that’s the name she wanted) established SummitUniversity, and CUT’s headquarters in Colorado Springs, a house in SantaBarbara, and an underground fortress for the end times in a valley in Montana.Details about Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her organization are hard to come by.If a person gets serious about being part of her organization, they are expectedto make a once in a life-time gift of everything they have to the CUT and itshead Elizabeth Clare Prophet. (Sources: Notes, Summit University Student andConfidential Interview.) After that they are expected to tithe (one-tenth).Church Universal and Triumphant Tenets, Colorado Springs, CO: 1975, p.12 underArt. XII Law of the Tithe. In return, they are initiated into what I call”the supreme Grand Flattery”, “You shall become an enlightenedGod.”

One of the programming tricks by the Mind-control programmers is tohave some of the alters, incl. front alters believe that they are divine gods.Although members are told they are divine, when people on E.C. Prophet’s staffgot revelations from the Ascended Masters that she channels, she threatened toexpel them if they talked about their revelations. E.C. Prophet does not wantany one else to prophecy in her organization. CUT makes their mind-controlledslaves think that they are too smart and intuitive to ever be deceived. In thisway, they use New Age ideas and the person’s pride to blind them to the factthe person is a mind-controlled slave who is fooled much of the time. Whenstudents are invited onto staff it is a commitment. They are told, “Yourlife will never be your own again, but was it ever your own?” They havealready been taught “Ascension Keys”.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet tellsher students that to Ascend to Godhead is their birthright, the divine right ofevery person. (see Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X, No. 23, June 4, 1967, The SummitLighthouse, p. 41 -“…has robbed men of the birthright of theirAscension…”) This matches what the Illuminati teach their people. Seealso Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X, No. 19, (May 7, 1967), The Summit Lighthouse, p.24 – “The Divine Right is the Immortal Plan…Inherent pattern of uniqueChrist manifestation…” In the Ascension Dossier of Serapis Bey initiates are told “The capacity of the externalized self must be givenin toto.” Also-“You must abandon your past to God.” InLanello’s Message(a channeled message), 4/20/73 the students are told,”You do not have to wait for the carnal mind to evolve, for the carnal mindwill never evolve. It must be put off and cast into the Flame.” (SeeLanello 4/20/73 in the Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 16, #32, 8/12/1973.)

After emptying themselves of all their past and of what they knew, theinitiates are then restructured by CUT. In Serapis, Ascension Class they aretold, “The Ascension Flame is the Flame of Mother.”


It can’t be overemphasized that Green is the highest color in Satanism–itis Satan’s color. It is not by accident that green has been used in uniforms,although the decision also was dictated by its advantage in camouflage. In theOmega computer programming a CODE GREEN for many victims means”self-destruct”, the ultimate sacrifice for one’s satanicprogramming.

Interviews with witches, as well as a person in witchcraft who theMasons tried to recruit, and an ex-member of CUT, and an ex-member of similarNew Age group called the I AM movement reveals that they all wear special colorsof clothes on certain days. Due to the large influx of new converts, it has beendifficult for CUT to keep up the teachings on wearing different colored clothingduring different times of the day, and for different days. Newer converts may beunaware of this teaching. The colors of purple and white are especiallyesteemed. The magical properties that Masons & New Agers believe areintrinsic to purple is why the 33rd degree has written books using purple, andseveral New Agers have published books on purple paper. The programmers alsomanipulate such things so that child alters believe that color “magic”has accomplished things.


Masonic Sources match CUT teachings-

· “The second method of healing was by vibration. The inharmonies ofthe bodies were neutralized by chanting spells and intoning the sacred names orby playing upon musical instruments and singing. Sometimes articles of variouscolors were exposed to the sight of the sick, for the ancients recognized, atleast in part, the principle of color therapeutics, now in the process ofrediscovery.” Masonic Hermetic Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian SymbolicalPhilosophy, p. CXI

· “50. “The force of the obligation is therefore in the obligationand not in the reason. As a matter of fact, the real reason is scientific to thelast analysis; scientific to a degree beyond the penetration, up to the presenttime, of the ‘radiant matter’ of the Roentgen Ray of Modern Science. TheWord concerns the science of rhythmic vibrations, and is the key to theequilibrium of all forces and to the harmony of Eternal Nature.” AncientMystic Oriental Masonry, p.48.


Sometimes the handlers “TRADE DOWN” the symptoms that result fromabuse so that the slave will heal quicker, others attempt to remove the symptomsimmediately. For burns, the hypnotist can suggest cooling. For other injuries,suggestions for warmth are applied. For bleeding suggestions for stopping bloodflow are used.


The programmer has gotten the results that he wants via drugs, torture,hypnosis, and deception. Now he must build in back-ups to insure the programmingholds up.

The decognition process has 3 steps.

Step 1 is to program the slave to get inadequate sleep, eat poorly, and workhard. It is called REDUCTION OF ALERTNESS.

Step 2 is to create confusion in the mind via programmed confusion using aseries of alters. The person may go into revolving from one alter to another, ormay have alters coming and going with conflicting messages so that the personremains in a PROGRAMMED CONFUSED STATE. In military “training”conflicting orders would be rapidly issued to confuse the mind.

Step 3 is to cause the mind to have something simple to focus on so that itgoes into a FLAT STATE. In the military, this author became aware that the beatof the drum and marching would shift the mind to a flat state. For centuries themilitary have known that they could shut off the critical thinking of the mindand put their soldiers into a flat, non-thinking state by training them to thebeat of the drum and the sound of marching feet. Now you know why those BritishRed-coats marched so non-thinking into the barrels of American guns in battlessuch as New Orleans and Bunker Hill. The mind feels good to shift into thissimple flat state. The brain quits thinking and withdraws into a state that itquits thinking except for what the controllers want it to think. This is whymarching has been so important in military training. Chanting and singing willalso move the mind into this flat state, which is why the French Foreign Legionrequires its men -to sing sing sing. When this author lived in the Indiansubcontinent, I saw Hindu holy men who had meditated in a flat alpha state solong their brains no longer functioned in anything but a flat state. Thisnon-thinking flat state is believed by Hindus to be nirvana, but God didn’tgive us minds to throw away and waste, but to use. He gave us independentthoughts so that we could show our love for Him by choosing to love Him. Goddidn’t want brainwashed followers, which is what some of the churches thinkGod is calling for. The programmers can induce a mood or state of mindhypnotically which will make retrieval of something learned dependent upon goinginto that particular mood or state.


It is clear that some of the psychologists have NOT got wind that themind-control is being exposed. The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis had arecent article (10/1996, p. 105-114) promoting the use of the Wizard of Ozmetaphor in hypnosis with “treatment-resistant” children. For atherapist/hypnotist to hypnotically use Wizard of Oz material on child victimsof mind-control will get a response from them! The authors of the article saythat they use the authoritarian approach to hypnosis (p. 107) for”treatment-resistant” children. The Wizard of Oz metaphor is given onpage 108 of the article, which boils down to: the Straw Man, Tin Man, Lion,Dorothy and Toto were surprised at their success- and that they already hadbrains, a heart, & courage.


This chapter will provide some more of the hypnotic codes, cues, triggers orwhatever one wants to call these words, noises, and sensory inputs thatmanipulate these poor victims turned into Monarch robots. The reader isencouraged to refer to Vol. 2 for the principle list of codes. Other chapterswill explain about the structures these codes go to, and also the spiritualdimensions of these codes and structures.

Another way to see things is torecognize that the programmers have created “power words” to whichthey have attached memory and programming. If a de-programmer observes closelythe word usage of the victim, you will begin to spot power words of the abuser,for instance, “follow the yellow brick road”.

Unfortunately, peoplewho are not initiated into the arcane world of handshakes, grips, codes, signals and cues allow the appearance of these things to beinterpreted from their own frame of reference. Usually, because these events arenot perceived as being significant, outsiders forget them immediately andtherefore remain oblivious to some of the most overt clues.

Once the reader isaware of the types of programming themes used: the Wizard of Oz, Alice InWonderland, and Star Wars and Star Trek, etc., he will begin to realize ourentire American culture has been transformed into one big mind-controlprogramming center during the second half of the twentieth century!

Unfortunately for the victim, apparently harmless little things, for instance,the arrival of flowers to their hospital bedside, a dead bird on their doorstep,or the words “NEW BEGINNINGS” and “NEW LIFE” may signifyprogramming commands. One Illuminati slave in this area has started a largechurch called NEW BEGINNINGS. The name was not by accident.

A cipher is whensymbols are used to represent letters. One can use letter frequencies to breakciphers. There are charts for letter frequencies for the chief languages.Likewise, there are frequencies to codewords. The Illuminati’s intelligenceagencies have programmed thousands upon thousands of slaves. There are only somany code words to pick from and some of these code words are favorites. In theprevious book many of their favorite code words were listed, but words startingwith A’s, B’s, T’s, U’s, V’s, ‘W’s, X’s, and Y’s, were notgiven and will be now. (A plus sign indicates other words are attached to theroot word.) From the co-author Fritz Springmeier’s experience, the followingis a continuation of favorite code words that have been used to program slaveswith:





The intelligence organizations prefer to code a single project with a singleword, and an ongoing operation with two words. A nickname of something willconsist of two words. The reader needs to bear several things in mind. First,the programmers generally have intelligent, well sounding codes, that do formpatterns. For instance, a woman’s name from the Bible will be used as a code,with subparts or subcodes having other female names from the Bible. DeeperIlluminati parts will have goddess & god names, and king & queen namesfor cult alters. These are the names the handler or cult uses–NOT their accesscodes.

The codes for slaves follow patterns. There are standard and uniquecodes. During the 1940’s through the 1960’s there were only perhaps a dozenAmerican master programmers travelling around. (After that the number ofprogrammers appears to get quite large.) The master programmers would lay in thefoundational programs and codes. They developed the scripts. The codes andsystems used from system to system do follow patterns. The child’s creativity& their purpose in life would contribute to the uniqueness of theprogramming. Each child visualizes differently and the programmer works with thechild’s mind.

The master Illuminati programmer would allow the handler–the”Daddy” figure in life to have the day-to-day ownership. The Daddyfigure, often the actual pedophile father of the child victim, would be allowedto put in his own codes in the sexual part of the system. Some Daddy figuresused their own songs, their own poetry and their own interests in this area ofthe coding. In other words, most of the system’s codes will reflect the masterprogrammer (such as Dr. Mengele), and the sexual part of the system will reflectthe “Daddy” figure’s programming.

The standard method for many ofthe memory and alter codes is to use a combination of the date of the child’sbirth along with the date of the trauma for part of the code. A color will thenbe attached to this, to produce a color-alpha-numeric code combination. Theseare placed into the internal computers. The standard computer codes were givenin Vol. 2. They can be used to temporarily stop programming to give a victimsome respite and a chance to regroup. The programmers did not especially care ifthe front part of a system is discovered and although they hide the anarchy(coven level) witchcraft alters, they don’t hide them like they do thehierarchy alters. The coven alters have simplistic codes. The hierarchy alterswhich are placed in another area of the system and much deeper, receive a greatdeal of cabalistic codes and mathematical codes. You will not find themathematical codes in the front part of a system. The internal programmingalters have the power to change codes if they need to protect the programming.They will have to hypnotically work with alters when they trance out at night.

In other words, most of their programming of front alters will be done when asystem lies down for “sleep”–more accurately described as lies down”for trance.” If the internal alters change many codes, in theirefforts to protect the system, they will even make it difficult for thehandler/programmer to get into the system. The science of Ciphers developedrotors that require lines to line up. Some simple schemes using this principleappear in some Monarch systems. This is part of the science of structuring.Intelligence codes often come from the Bible or popular fiction books. Thedeeper codes are occult words, often in foreign languages such as Arabic, whichis an important language in the upper occult world. Slaves will be given COVERNAMES for ops, and often males receive female names and vice versa.

The patternsused in programming slaves will represent the world view of the programmer. Ifthe interests of the programmer are known, that will be a major clue to the codes they like toinstall. For this reason, it would be worthwhile to review the access clearancecodes that are used for external security of some agencies, because these sametypes of clearance codes may be found in mind-controlled slaves.

A BIGOT list isa list of names of those who have clearance to a particular set of information.Within a slave there would be numerous BIGOT lists, because persons(personalities) are compartmentalized somewhat like the CIA and the PuzzlePalace (NSA). Agency Codes for clearances include B, C3, K, L, M, N, 0, T,COSMIC, MAJIC (MJ), SI, SCI, and Staff D. (As this author has only examinedthese secret societies from the outside, some insiders may know of otherclearances. In other words, it would be foolish to think that this clearancecode list is comprehensive, but it has hit upon the major clearances.)

Theexercise in judging whether a person can have access to compartmentalizedinformation is called ADJUDICATION. A group of persons (agents) working underone handler is called a NET. The FBI which also uses mind-controlled slaveslikes to call its groups NETS.

FUNNY NAME is intelligence slang for a pseudonym.GRANNY is a CIA asset used in the US which is not under their direct funding.The American military-intelligence groups publish a periodical called JANAP 299which lists the cover names (code names) for many of the ongoing projects,groups, or installations.

There are other code books too. C can stand forController or Control, which means the person(s) handling a mind-controlledslave. A person, who is neither a controller, nor a slave, nor asset, but whoconsciously advances the desires of the controller is called a TRUSTED CONTACT.Sexual slaves would not be expected to respond to such a term, but a middlelevel slave/agent of an intelligence agency might be familiar with this type ofintelligence jargon.

The BIRD was a name for Fort Holabird, MD whereintelligence operatives were trained as well as subjected to mind-control. DIAused the code name EMERALD for drug-trafficking. Boy, does this code word have adouble meaning. Since the DIA, which is playing both sides, also is involvedwith drug smuggling & using Monarch slaves heavily coded with EMERALD typecoding. Very shortly, we will provide more of the Monarch hypnotic cues (codes)for the multitude of functions that a Monarch’s mind must carry out. Thesecues are reinforced as a conditioned response by the programmer. In other wordsthe response becomes so well trained that it becomes automatic.

The type ofprogramming which is placed in a slave varies. Remember, for intelligenceoperations the slave will have to have BONA FIDES, which are codes to allow twopeople to meet. All slaves are given CONTROL SIGNS which allow them to indicatevia a code that they are in trouble. A RECOGNITION signal allows two people tomake contact. For instance, the handler might fly his distinctive sounding planeover a slave’s house in a pre-arranged signal. It might also be a particularcolored scarf, and a particular set of phrases. A GO-AWAY code is a prearrangedsignal that means it is unwise to make contact. The go-away signal may be simplyplacing one’s hands in one’s pocket or turning the porch lights off. A”GO TO GROUND” signal means to go into hiding. A BLACK ENVELOPE, whichis in actuality a black-colored envelope, has been used by intelligence to holdthe real name of an agent being used. In the case of multiples, a chief of astation might have a BLACK ENVELOPE with the actual name of a mind-controlledagent being used in his field of operations. A MAYDAY BOOK exists for Illuminatiand Intelligence slaves which allows them to call if they are about to bearrested. A telephone number is left open for just this purpose.

Also common universal Illuminati codes can be used by the slave toget set free from police and judges. BACKSTOPPING is an intelligence term forsetting up proof to support the cover stories the intelligence agencies givetheir agents and assets. Some of the programmed multiples they use, needBACKSTOPPING.

Within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, especially their headquarters,the Illuminati uses Enochian language to program with. With Druidic branchesDruidic symbols are used. With the Jewish groups, Hebrew is used. Otherlanguages are also used. An Illuminati System can easily have 6 differentlanguages used as programming codes. The foreign language codes will be forsmall parts of a system only. Special artificial languages are also employed, aswell as sign language. The Illuminati employs signs which they teach some oftheir slaves with pick-up sticks. This system of secret symbols is a series ofcrosses and horizontal & vertical marks. These marks can be drawn onanything, and consist of up to 7 lines. They are believed to be used in regardsto ritual dates/ceremonies. These secret signs resemble similar secret symbolsused by the Romany tribe of Gypsies. T

he masters of mind-controlled slaves alsouse a technique where one signal or code will carry several messagessimultaneously. This is called MULTIPLEXING. We are all aware of the phenomenaof how the brain can selectively hear. The brain can select certain sounds topay attention to, such as when a person is in a noisy room listening to someone,or a football player is trying to hear the quarterback’s calls, likewisecertain alters hear certain codes/cues/triggers while others don’t. Theinternal programmers and reporting alters may internally hypnotically maketelephone noises that are fake, so that host alters loose the ability to discernwhat is real and not real, so that they don’t pay close attention to accesscalls. This ability of the brain is manipulated in MULTIPLEXING.


A. ALPHA (basic)

Basic Commands. (These basic commands are also found used in many slaves,although there will be exceptions to everything.) Many of the basicstructures/codes will be put in using a sensory deprivation tank and LSD. Forthe most foundational levels of a system, the programmers may use the Hebrewletters associated with the attributes of God and the angel names. This can alsobe worked into English, as there is a cabalistic equivalent in the letters Bthrough K for the Hebrew letters associated with God’s names used in magic toconjure angels. In the basic Alpha structuring, Illuminati slaves will havestars as power sources, and the ditty Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star will pertainto this programming. The Hansel & Gretal story is used for obedienceprogramming.

Another story line that is used in programming is the Cassandra and Apollomyth. Common access triggers are “HELLO PRINCESS’, 3 knocks, flashes oflight, tones, and sequences of blank phone calls.

If the slave leaves their answering machine on, a recording may be left”IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A PHONE CALL PLEASE HANG UP & TRY YOUR911” accompanied by a beep-beep-beep. This activates a program within theslave to call a prearranged phone number for further instructions.

B. BETA (sexual)

SEXUAL ALTERS—most of the following codes are for deep sexual alters. InIlluminati Systems these are called Beta alters, in CIA systems they create Betamodels whose primary function is to provide sex, usually perverted sex andS&M for the perverts who run our secret government and visible government.BETA models are those who are primary job is sexual, such as service as aPresidential Model (sex slave for a President). These System models may benumbered BETA 1, BETA 2…BETA 601, etc. Sexual programming for espionage andseduction, such as is done at Disneyland, may well involve the use of hundredsof dolls, such as Wonderwoman, Genie, Barbie type dolls. The names/codes wouldtie in with these dolls.

TIME CLOCK programming is placed in to cover the time that the sexual alterswere on a mission, so that they can switch back to the – front and nothing beremembered.

Colors attached to sequences of numbers have been used for some of the Betaprogramming. For other sexual operatives, the intelligence agencies trigger themvia specific sequences of chess moves.

Betty Boop programming is used sexually. Betty Boop was a 1930’s cartooncharacter who was an attractive “vivacious vamp”. She was described inone cartoon as the “kitty from Kansas City.” She had cartoons aboutGigolos, Bimbos, Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Goose rhymes which were used asprogramming themes. Plays on words such as “CHESS-NUT” were used inthe cartoons.

C. CHI (return to cult)

Chi programming uses a lot of idiosyncratic phrases, and little ditties. Someof the nursery rhymes listed in the song section will be Chi programming. Someof the Chi programming has been listed in the Alpha programming section of Vol.2.

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The number of hang-up calls may serve as a code, incl. when the hang-up callshappen.

D. DELTA (assassination)

· Delta alters –are activated to kill by the following three things: seeingspecific clothing, items held in a persons hand, and particular words. Sincethese items would specific for a particular murder there is no particularspecifics that can be given.

It is thought by some people that the following TV ad may have been used totrigger Hinkley when it was time for Hinkley to attack President Ronald Reagan.

p_hero.jpg<input height=”600″ name=”I27″ src=”” type=”image” width=”231″ align=”left” />

One man who was programmed as an Delta-type assassin by the NSA in the NJregion, was programmed to be activated for assassination mission via the DavidLetterman program, Clinton’s speeches such as his speech touching on thebaseball strike with “little kid” wording, and by several movie stars(Arnold Schwartzenegger, Slyvester Stallone, etc.). I Dream of Jeannieprogramming is used for assassination, as well as at the CIA’s Farm the songOld McDonald’s Farm is used with programming done to CIA assassins.Distinctive jewelry & clothes. Emerald ear rings used as a signal to othersthat a message was being carried. Emeralds mean drugs, rubies mean prostitution,diamonds (rhinestones) presidential model work. Red, White & Blue wornsometimes by presidential models.

E. EPSILON (animal alters)

F. OMEGA (internal computers)

The Omega programming works along with an Executive Control Board (or GrandDruid Council) and Internal programmers. The Executive Control Board isassociated with both numbers of the clock, and precious gems and metals such as”9 O’CLOCK GOLD”.

For G. Gamma programming see Cisco’s section on “Programming,Foundations’s


NICRO NECTRUM NECTO–take one back to one’s “true time period”.When the child victim is hypnotically inducted by counting numbers duringprogramming by a Doctor and a Mother-of-Darkness, these two will reassuring theychild that things are O.K. and sweet talking to the child as it is inducted.



Most slaves have end-time programming. The programming to activate aslave’s end-time programming often runs pages upon pages of coded messages. Anumber of Monarch slaves have been de-programmed enough that they beganaccessing and spewing out pages and pages of these activation codes. In the endtimes, there appears to be a great deal of color coding for operations. Many ofthe people who are taking part in the end times events are not American. Forinstance, the different lists of people to round up are categorized by color.The Red list in America are anti-NWO opposition leaders to be executed approx. 2weeks before martial law. The blue list are anti-NWO order people who will beprogrammed or killed in the process. The yellow list is people to be rounded upfor reeducation camps after martial law. Other countries apparently havedifferent color codes. The red & blue lists have been distributed, & areperiodically updated. The blue routes have already been marked by blue patchesof color to guide those transporting prisoners when martial law is declared inthe U.S. Within Monarch slaves, some of them apparently have an internalcrystal/and or rocks that are programmed to explode at a certain point intime–thus releasing the victim’s end time programming. The internal crystal(mental image) contains at least the four basic colors, red, green, blue,purple. One sample of part of end time programming was given in the previousVol. 2 book. Still another example is as follows:

BB 243-ABCD-XXZ² (blue ray)

CC-458 ABCD-42T (red ray)

CD-379 ABCD-H1² (yellow ray)

CE-211 -ABCD-JKL (green ray)

CF-531-ABCD-ZZU (purple ray)

TMFT.47 ZONES 7-12

17876747270 OCEAN SIDE

PORT 18,22,34,41 CONTACT






17876747270 COL. BLACK PATCH

TO MALL 76747270 THIEF


11,4,6,9,32,101, 70




[This program is related to a slave contacting other slaves in some end time operation.]

A team leader will have a down line of around 4 people–which are coded redray, yellow ray, green ray, blue ray. When the activation code hits a slave teamleader during the end times, they will in turn activate their people, who inturn will have people who are team leaders and have a down line. At least twofalse callback alarms will be sounded (tested) before the real one.

J. Omicron programming

relates to programming of slaves for theCombination (between Intelligence- the Mafia and Government.)

K. TWINNING (teams)

L. THETA (Psychic warfare)

The following is only speculatory, but worth taking note of. This authorbelieves that some of the Theta models got chess programming. Within the systemof Enochian magic is the magical system of Enochian Chess. The Golden Dawn hasbeen identified as one of the groups carrying out mind-control. Some Golden Dawn leaders have recently put out a reference bookEnochian Chess of the Golden Dawn by Chris Zalewski (St. Paul: Llewellyn Pub,1994). Enochian chess is played with four players, on a chess board that isdivided up into four squares, one for each of the magical watchtowers of air,water, earth, and fire. It has only been since 1992 that researchers within theGolden Dawn (specifically the New Zealand branch which is called the Emerald ofthe Sea) reinvented a set of rules to play enochian chess. The moves forEnochian chess may have been used in recent years as a programming script. Sinceonly a few people have mastered the game, and since the game is more than agame, it is magic, it would stand to reason that the temptation would be thereto use it as a programming script if the programmer knew the game.


What follow is a list of Nursery Rhymes Used As Triggers, & Songswhich have Monarch programming meanings &, such as access parts, orsoliciting a behavior or thinking.


The Illuminati create imaginary worlds for many of the deeper alters to livein. They keep these alters living in such unreality and nonsense that deeperalters have a difficult time separating their subjective programmed reality fromthe objective reality of the outside world, which doesn’t understand them.Nursery rhymes function well for programming in messages. Often these nurseryrhymes are distorted slightly to serve their programming purpose. Some of theprogramming distortions and uses of these nursery rhymes are provided below.Major corporations and advertising groups working for the Network place nurseryrhymes into their television ads. These nursery rhymes are constructed in the adto activate on certain slaves which usually are sleepers. Some were given inVol. 2, here are some additional nursery rhymes beyond those listed in Vol. 2:

A Tisket A Tasket
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (used for money laundering scripts, and drug money,drug carrying scripts)
Bye, Baby Bunting (used with actual rituals where the slave child is placedwithin a skin, cocoon programming with a butterfly coming forth etc.)
Diddle, Diddle Dumpling
Ding, Dong Bell (Dr. Mengele liked to use this–message: don’t disturb themouse that runs the internal system clock.)
Fa Fe Fi Fo Fum (Movement within the system’s bean sprouts in the system,and also a death threat.)
Farmer in the Dell, The (Used by the CIA for a serious program)
Georgy Porgy
Gingerbread Man
Hey! Diddle Diddle! (used for astral projection programming)
Hot-Cross Buns!
Humpty Dumpty (used for shattering the mind programming)
I’m a Gold Lock (used to instill cover programming to hide the truth)
I Love Little Pussy (kitten programming)
Jack, Be Nimble
Jack and Jill
Jack Sprat (possibly cannibalism programming)
Little 80-Beep (come home to Papa programming)
London Bridge (This was used at the Presideo and other sites for learning thechants, and the spells. At the Presideo it was used with barber poleprogramming. They all fall into a stupor at the end.)
North Wind, The
Queen of Hearts, The (swearing an obedience oath programming)
Rub-a-Dub-Dub (refers to the 3 internal programmers)
There was an Owl
Three Blind Mice
Three Little Kittens

It should be pointed out that the mind-control programmers have long agodiscovered the power of a rhyme in the mind. Rhymes have a hypnotic quality tothem. An example of how rhyming was used by internal programming alters toreprogram an alter wanting free is given in Daniel M. Traver’s book (Phddissertation) Dissociative Disorders and Mind Control. Wichita, KS: DanielTraver, 1996, p. 52,

“What the hell man/ you can’t stand! a winter worse yet/ you’ll cryand you’ll die/ as we place the mind-set/ you won’t know what to do now/you’ll hear every rhyme/ and you’re cravings will be as an addict incrime….” This rhymed program would accomplish its goal of wearing downthe alter and bringing that alter into line.


Yankee Doodle (used for sexual obedience programming “mind thestep” and the word “girls” was changed to “boys” tomake “and with the boys be handy”. “Yankee Doodle keep itup” was ref ramed to mean “slave yank yankee doodle (the penis)sexually up.” MTV is blatantly using programming rock-and-roll songs.Aleister Crowley is featured in some of these. Maiden (a satanic rock and rollband) blatantly places the words “POWER SLAVE” on one of their CDcovers along with snakes and an enlightening pyramid. Anton LaVey has had an MTVsong video shown, where he sings in detail how he is going to make the listenerinto a sex-slave, etc. etc. Some of this is blatantly mind-control in the open,it is so open it is dismissed by many of the public.


In the Vol. 2 book, it was written about how telephone tones are used forcodes. These type of codes tie in with the computer and the lower levels, suchas the dungeon. You will find that access to items has been encoded by using thetelephone tones to spell them backwards. For instance, if we were to takecastle, find the numbers that correspond to C=1, A=1, S=8, etc. on thetelephone, and then put those tones out backward. But to make this codeunbreakable the programmers will add something like some piano cords–somethingthat can still be played out via the tones. To make it further unbreakable theprogrammers will have a code (such as a combination of cards) assigned to thatlevel which also must be toned in. An example of this in its totality would be14 tones + 3 cords to open up a person’s dungeon (hell pit the lowest level).In other words, such an access would take the programmer from a distance about11/2 mm. to open up the dungeon, whatever time he needed to work in it and 1 1/2mm. to close it down. A 5 mm. phone call might be sufficient. This gives theprogrammers the ability to internationally use telephone tones to access deeperitems within the victim’s mind. And as standard practice the reversal of thecode closes down that part of the mind, and gets the programmer out.


A ring with a snake swallowing its tail called Ouraboros signifies rank inthe Illuminati. Rings, credit cards, business cards, tokens and keys are allused as codes, triggers and signals. For instance, one slave had an olddistinctive skeleton key. In another instance, a slave was given a token from aparticular business as a BONA FIDE. In another instance, the BONA FIDE was aprogrammer’s business card from his notional job. In another instance, aparticular credit card would get the user into particular parts of the slave’ssystem.

Zeta is the sixth letter, and it’s ancient meaning was a sacrifice. (Thesecodes are not known by the author.)


As an example of the type of code names (called operational cryptonyms) usedfor an intelligence asset one intelligence asset had the following cryptonyms:AECHALK, ARINIKA, CHICKADEE, HERO, IRONBARK, RUPEE, & YOGA.

Monarch I.D. code reviewed

These codes are purely a representative model-not any particular real system.The overall system code at times consists of [birthdate + programming site codes+ birth order + number of generations family was in the Illuminati.]

For ourhypothetical system Mary we have the hypothetical overall system code of: 6-13-51- 14 – 02 – 12. In order to give the codes for a hypothetical alter system wewill have to explain some things as we go. The Programmers have for each slaveboth medical programming files, and a grey or black binder with the programmedaccess, trigger, codes & cues, & structure.

A typical Illuminati systemwill be a cube (although spheres and pyramids are also used). The principlealters will be the “a” alters. A typical section of alters willconsist of a 13 x 13 grid of alters. These are alters who live in a worldtogether and must function together. A 13 x 13 section will have 13 families of”a” through “in” alters. The “a” alters will bethe primary alters that the Programmers will interact with. The Programmer maycall up an “a” alter and ask it to go get the “c” alter inits family, rather than directly asking for it. This initial page of alter codeswill be the primary or “a” alters.

If we are dealing with a 13 x 13 x13 cube of alters, then the initial page has 13 “a” alters of eachsection. Each of these alters will have an access code which will often includethe following components: AN ASSIGNED COLOR + AN ALPHA NUMERIC CODE + APERSONALIZED MAGICAL NAME.

This will equal 1/3 their access code. These codewords must be repeated three times to pull the alter up. However, if an alter istrained well, and hears his master’s voice, an alpha-numeric code can pull thealter up. For many of the alters, the reversal of their access code puts themback to sleep. This is an important point, because some alters would bedangerous to leave in control of the body.

The “a” alters are regularalters. Many of them have been hypnotically age advanced to see themselves asteenagers or adults. Sometimes “b” and “c” alters are alsoaged. The “d” through “in” alters are generally left as theywere split and most of them are infantile, with little concept of how old theyare. The little ones will be the ones who often remember the programming verywell, and know things about the system. The top alters will also sometimesreceive personal names from their handler. This is in addition to all theircodes. If the alter is responsive to its master, the personal name might pullthe alter up too. Do all of the alters get charted? There are several groups ofalters which get charted separate from the rest or don’t get charted at all.Because of the competition and distrust between the different programmers, theyoften place in secret back doors into the person’s mind that only they knowabout. Worlds of secret alters loyal and devoted to the programmer may be builtinto the system and not appear on the regular charts. The core, and some of theprimal splits from the core will not appear on the regular grids. They will beplaced on a separate sheet, and their codes will be in some magical language.

The Illuminati commonly employs 20 magical languages, and Hebrew, Latin and Greek are alsooften used for charting the core and its primal splits. Enochian is a goodexample of a magical language used by the Illuminati. Some alters will becreated solely by the slave in order to cope with life. Hour glass alters haveentire sentence access codes. Deaf & blind alters need their access codesigned on their hands by moving their fingers up and down, etc. End time altersmay have access codes that may entail reading an entire page. Reporting altersare often small children, that are hidden in each section, and may require slapsto the face or jabs with a needle to pull them up. Spinner kittens will beaccessed via their mama cat, who acts like a Madam in a “cat house”.The codes for this was given in the Beta section codes of Vol.2.

Telephone tones are frequently used to be able to key in (that is access ortrigger) parts of the computer program matrix. Dominoes also are used for thecomputer programming. The dominoes are put in so that the programmers can get adomino effect, if they want to set off a series of programs. Dominoes andflashing sequences of lights were used to train the child to automaticallyrespond to a certain pattern of dots.

P. Catholic Programming (by Jesuits etc.)

KEYS TO THE KINGDOM = world domination by mind control

In the 1940’s, the Jesuit branch of the Illuminati placed tatoos onto theirmind-controlled slaves. These tatoos consisted of the sacred heart with a rose& a dagger, & were generally placed upon the left hand. The Jesuits havediscontinued the practice of tattooing their slaves. Now all types of people areusing this sacred heart tatoo.

The Rite to Remain Silent is a programming trauma which is a satanic reversalof the Catholic Mass. The VOW OF SILENCE is a keep quiet program activated by”THE WALLS HAVE EARS & THE PLANTS HAVE EYES SO YOUR SILENCE ISTANTAMOUNT TO SUCCESS.” It is explained to the victim that the sea shells& the plants have the ability to hear, and that a sensitive occultist(programmer) can psychically pick up what the plants and sea shells hear.”MAINTAIN IT” –is a command to maintain the Vow of Silence.”MAINTAIN IT & LISTEN.”– a command to keep silent & listen toa command.

“ENTER INTER INNER DIMENSION TWO” is a standard Jesuit infinityprogram (2 is a sacred voodoo no.) Pontifax is a demon &/or alter placed inJesuit systems.

BABY BREATH, BLACK ROSE, and WHITE ROSE are codes/triggers that are all usedin Jesuit mind control. The Baby Breath and the black rose relate to programminghaving to do with death. The WHITE ROSE is a trigger to cue a person to releaseprogramming. The black rose is also used by the Mafia. The black rose was alsoused by George Bush, drug kingpin for the Illuminati, on his no. 1 helicopterfor the upholstery pattern.

When the Catholic Priests do the handsignal genuflection across their chest,this has the second meaning which is a programming meaning of north, south, eastand west.

Q. Mensa Programming (by MENSA)

The MENSA codes are sequences of numbers.


Masons and monastic orders who program are very keen on hand signals. A veryskilled handler can do morse code with winks and eye rolls.

Rotating the hands around each other and then gesturing with the hands towardthe person with both hands means–“did you get the signal?”

Sign of distress. Arms raised over the head with palms forward. Then lowingthe arms to a bent position with the hands at head level, and then lowing thehand to chin level, and then dropping them to the side.

Drawing the right hand across the throat with the thumb of the hand pointingto the throat. (used in connection with oaths, such as fidelity to death.)

  • Sign of faith. Hand on the heart.
  • Sign of plucking out the heart.
  • Sign of Reverence.
  • Sign of Satan made over solar plexus.
  • Sign of touching the crown of the head.
  • Sign of two hands pointing to the solar plexus.
  • Sign of Preservation. Consists of placing one hand over the heart, andraising the other to form a right angle at the elbow, with the hand pointing toheaven.

The movie “Dune” showed male & female Ilium, hierarchy handgreetings, as well as showing signet rings, which are indeed often worn on pinkyfingers. (The movie also shows the Karat goddess, how a man becomes a GrandMaster by learning control of the demons, astral projection through the sphereswhich are conquered by the Grand Master, & control of the int. weather,etc.)

S. SCRIPTURES USED IN PROGRAMMING (cont. from Vol. 2. chap. 10)

  • 1 KGS 7:21 –talks about 2 pillars on the outside of the Temple. Thepillars of Joachin and Boaz are important to Freemasonry and are built in theslaves mind at an intermediate level. Joachin is a white pillar of light associated with fire. It is easy to see how this association couldbe built by certain traumas. Boaz is the shadowy pillar of darkness and is alsoassociated with water. A dark water torture would make this association. The two pillars represent the two sides of theIlluminati’s “the Force”. Between them is the door to theIlluminati’s House of God.
  • 1 KGS 10:18–description of Solomon’s Temple used to build the imageryand the lion guards to the internal Temple programmed into victims.
  • 23rd Psalm–used as a cue to signal a ritual time.
  • Song of Solomon–Used in the ritual of the Great Rite, a ritual pertainingto the Middle Earth, where the High Priest & Priestess join in sexual unionas the God & Goddess creating fertility for the land.
  • Ezekiel chap. 1 and chapter 12 are being used for endtime callback codes.


  • Blue beams of light are used as a hypnotic induction for slaves who aregiven the cover story of being abducted by aliens.
  • The All-Seeing Eye is used to represent the planet Sirius. Sirius isimportant to the Hermetic magicians, and some of the programmers are deeply intohermetic magic. Satan is said to come from Draco or Sirius, esp. the dog starCanis major. Masonic programming may well have the “blazing star”portrayed in the programming as a pentagram, with the name Sirius. Sirius mayrepresent the Master, the creator of the system in some systems where theprogrammer is steeped in Masonic philosophy. A sickle may be involved with theGarden of Eden story for some victims of this type of programming, becausesupposedly the Golden Age ended with a sickle splitting heaven from earth. Theability of the handlers signals to the slave in so many mediums makes itdifficult to communication and accessing, to send different preventcommunication and accessing.

Program Codes During 1972-1976 for Dr. Green

One mind-controlled slave, using her photographic memory, managed to sneakinto the programming files of her programmer, who went by the code name Dr.Green. Her information was included in the book U.S. Government Mind ControlExperiments On Children which was compiled by Jon Rappoport and presented beforea congressional committee & put on public record. The co-authors recognizesome of the programs.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, all the programmingwas revamped. The best programs were identified and then used. The continualrevamping, editing and modernizing of programs has continued to strengthen themind-control. The recovering victim’s name is Chris De Nicola, b. 7/62. Sheworked full-time at Disneyland for 7 years (from ’83-’90). Her father DonaldRichard Ebner worked with her major programmer who was Dr. Green. She receivedstandard Illuminati trauma-based mind-control.

In 1970, she received RadiationExperiments on her neck, throat, & chest. In 1972, the experimentsconcentrated on her chest, and in 1975 the radiation tests concentrated on heruterus. She was programmed in Kansas City Univ., Tucson, AZ, & in the desertin AZ. During her programming, the assistants were careless and she was able tosneak into the Programmer’s office and look at the files with her photographicmemory. She was caught twice in the files, and tortured, but simply used herability to nest memories to their disadvantage.

Chris was such a poorprogramming subject, so much so that finally the programmer tried to trigger hersuicide programs to activate, but they failed and she managed to survive.Suicide alters repeatedly tried to kill her body, and they came very close tokilling her. On 3 occasions she had to have her stomach pumped, and one occasionwhen the paramedics found her she’d stopped breathing. She has survived hersuicide programming countless times, praise the Lord, and provided what she sawwith her photographic memory. The following codes were remembered by Chriswithout the aid of hypnosis. Cisco and this author recognize some of theseprograms. What Chris saw were the files. Each program (script) is given a nameand then its file has a standard access code assigned to it. Chris saw thestandard access codes.

The standard method for coding a program is to use theDAY OF BIRTH CODE, THEN THE DAY OF THE TRAUMA that puts in the program into theslave’s mind, and then the STANDARD ACCESS CODE. Evidently, Chris got into thefile with level D programs, which means she was looking at programs 4 levelsdeep. Comments about the programs are this author’s and reflect hisunderstanding, and may be subject to correction. [Spellings are exactly asprogram names were spelled.]

Program Name Standard Code

Relevance D-1000

Kick-It-Back D-1010

Cross Fire D-1011

Sophis. Electromagnetic Fields D-1012

(D-1012 makes the slave think they have an electrical field on them. In orderto cover their electrical field tests, that they actually do place on slaves,they have the ability to confuse the slave, and prevent detection by activatinga programmed abreaction that makes the field seem real, when it doesn’t exist.This prevents detection.)

Gorilla Warfare D-1013

Retreat D-1 014

Nautical Science D-1015

River Runs Deep D-1016 (D-1016 is a powerful program which tells the slavethat there is no escape, because the programming runs deep through every fiberof the person.)

Educated Mentality D-1017 (D-1017 is a program to allow the slave to lookintelligent when needed.)

Glass House D-1018

Corporate Extrapulation D-1019

Closing In D-1 020

Frog Man D-2000

Catastrophic Indifferences D-2020

Quality Control D-2030

Protocol Virus D-2040

Operation 2000 D-2050 (This relates to Project 2000, which is end timeprogramming.)

Pro-Life-Go D-2060

Conspiracy Action D-2070

Verified Suggestion D-2080

Finish Line Protocol D-2080

Fraternity Leads D-2090

Rotten Egg D-3000

Kaiser Confrontation D-3010

Co-Op Protocol D-4701

Forensic Criterion D-4702

Mediator Response D-4703

Mentor Divisible D-4704

Biopsy Synchroization D-4705 [This is a very harsh program.]


D.O.A. D-6000

Laser Documentation D-7000

Freak Out [just what it sounds like] D-7010

-[From here on I will select specific programs, and will not review the entire list of programs that she saw the files for.]

Foolish Games D-7060

Periodic Mind Lapse [a forget code] D-7080

Creepy Crawlers D-8040

Shock Permanence [to shock oneself] D-9000

One-For-All D-95452

[punish all for 1 alter’s misbehavior]

Counter-Transference DIA-5001

Border-Line-Schizophrenic DIA-5009

[If the slave misbehaves, they can be triggered to act schizophrenic & get themselves incarcerated into a mental hospital for prgrmmg.]

Lens-Reverse-Angle DIA-5011

Canary-Sings DIA-5015

[reporting alters tattle-tale or an alter sings a script.]

Suicidal Mission [just as it sounds] DIA-5017

Mission Completed [go to “sleep” prgm] DIA-5018

Train-Wreck-Perception DIA-5021

Starvation Tactics [starvation prgm] DIA-5022

Bare-Metric Pressure Process DIA-5023

Fundamental Theology [rel. cover prgm] DIA-5025

Project 2000 412-2000

This is end-time programming. The word project followed by a number usuallyrefers to the date the project must be completed. Standard methodology forcoding then would be that on 4/12/2000 this end-time programming must be completed. -codes not remembered for theseprograms which she saw in files-

Candy [candyland programming]

False Memory Syndrome [even in c. 1973 they were setting up the False MemorySyndrome campaign to take down their opposition.]

Forced Brain Wave Activity

Frenzied State [just as it sounds]

Call-Of-Wild [survival techniques]

Hocus Pocus [magic programming]

Mass [cath. mass programming]

Phoe-net-ical Difficulties [obvious]

Self Mutilation [obvious]

Van-der-built [related to Vanderbilts III. family]

Warped-Speed-9 [Star Trek programming]

-(Her med. file no.s of radiation lab experiments are given chptr. 8)-

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A programmed multiple can work at several different levels of participation.

The Illuminati.

This is the secret hierarchy level. It is secret by virtue of almost all (ifnot all) its members being programmed multiples from elite powerful bloodlines-This is hardcore generational Satanism that believes in a Gnostic Lucifer/andoctrine, hence, they may be called your elite Luciferians.

The Network.

This level of activity is secret by virtue of its secret ties. It includesthe anarchy level of the Illuminati, the various criminal syndicates, the musicindustry, the various fraternities, new age institutions and people in power allover the globe. It is held together by fear, blackmail, and common bonds of lustand greed. The network includes atheists, self-made satanists, opportunists, andmany mind-control slaves. It is far more cohesive and controlled than meets theeye. It is very eclectic. It doesn’t matter at this level what you believe,what matters is whose control are you under. This is the hidden seamy power sideof the World System.

The establishment, the System.

This level is open for the common people to participate in. This levelremains stably operating in their control because of secret election fraudacross the board in U.S. elections, extensive blackmail, extensive control ofthe masses through the establishment media (TV, radio, newspapers), interlockingcorporations and government agencies that control the economic life, and manymass mind-control techniques that these groups use. Most people are unaware ofhow powerful the establishment is. As long as they drift in its current, theywill never see the control. It is only when one tries to swim upstream againstthe current that you find out how powerful the establishment is. The Illuminatisets up controlled opposition to the System, such as the Hip pie movement,militant environmentalists, Hell’s Mgels, Neo-nazis, John Birch Society, theCommunist Party, etc. Controlled opposition gives people a chance to vent theiranger without threatening their control. It also gives them dialectic conflictswhich they can control to their advantage.


The Illuminati have refined the art of deception far beyond what the commonman has imagined. The very life & liberty of humanity requires the unmaskingof their deceptions. That is what this book is about. Honesty is a necessaryingredient for any society to function successfully. Deception has become anational pastime, starting with our business and political leaders and cascadingdown to the grass roots.

The deceptions of the Illuminati’s mind-control may behidden, but in their wake they are leaving tidal waves of distrust that aredestroying America. While the CIA pretend to have our nations best interest atheart, anyone who has seriously studied the consequences of deception on asociety will tell you that deception will seriously damage any society until itcollapses.

Lies seriously damage a community, because trust and honesty areessential to communication and productivity. Trust in some form is a foundationupon which humans build relationships. When trust is shattered humaninstitutions collapse. If a person distrusts the words of another person, hewill have difficulty also trusting that the person will treat him fairly, havehis best interests at heart, and refrain from harming him. With such fears, anatmosphere of death is created that will eventually work to destroy or wear downthe cooperation that people need. The millions of victims of total mind-controlare stripped of all trust, and they quietly spread their fears and distrust on asubconscious level throughout society.

One problem about lies is that one liewill call for another and then another. It’s hard to keep lies single. They seemto want to breed more of their kind to protect themselves. Soon the liar becomesa victim of his own lies, trapped in a dishonest web that demands lots of energyto protect his false fronts. This is the sad fate that the intelligence agencieshave painted themselves into. They must maintain groups that oversee theirdouble-agents’ lies to insure that the lies that they have disseminated don’tcontradict themselves. Finally, they have put out so much disinformation, theylose track of reality themselves.

Far from saving this nation, the intelligenceagencies have spread the cancer of deception into all walks of life, so thatthis cancer is contaminating and killing anything of value in the United States.The soon-to-come death of this nation’s sovereignty, as well as the destructionof this nation’s morals are the results of this cancer. People who have attendedhigh level Illuminati meetings were instructed in how the Illuminati plan tobring in the NWO AntiChrist reign by making everything appear as if it hashappened naturally. The Illuminati have decided to camouflage their actions withthe creation of normalcy to avert any suspicions.

An example of something whichappears to have happened naturally is the O.J. Simpson case, which was plannedbased on previous murder scenarios which had been successfully covered up. O.J.Simpson was a CIA mind-controlled slave, and the entire Simpson case wasconcocted as an elaborate effort to cause racial tensions. The Mishpucka, theCIA, the Mob and the Illuminati have all had their dirty hands involved in theentire affair. The entire affair reeks of manipulation and planning. It is notthe goal of this paragraph to go into the case, but just to drop a coupledetails. Joey Ippolito, Jr. is both CIA & Mob. Ippolito at one time lived inHallendale, FL, a mob housing subdivision which was protected by a police forcerun by the mob. He has helped run drugs and wet ops for “theCombination” which interconnects with the Illuminati. O.J. Simpson’s friend Cowlings worked for Joey Ippolito, aswell as O.J. Simpson. Simpson distributed cocaine for Joey Ippolito & theCombination. Simpson’s lawyer also is tied to the Illuminati, the CIA, and themob. One of his lawyers on TV said the trial reeked of government corruption.Nicole Simpson lived next door to Carl Colby (former CIA director Bill Colbysson). Colby’s wife and kids have been subjected to mind-control. Colby’s wifetestified in O.J. Simpson’s trial, but was addressed as “Miss Boe”rather than by her name. O.J. Simpson’s mother worked for a California StateMental Hospital in San Francisco for 30 years. Many State Mental Hospitalworkers have children who have been programmed. When one of the jurors inSimpson’s case, Tracy Hampton, had her mind-control programming go haywire, shebegan staring for long periods at a blank TV and hearing voices. She had to bedismissed.

During the Simpson trial, Judge Ito gave Joe McGinniss the bestfront-row seat that a journalist could have. Joe McGinniss was the coverupauthor who wrote a book covering up about the McDonald-Fort Bragg Drug SmugglingCase. The McDonald-Fort Bragg Drug Smuggling Case involved the Illuminati drugsmuggling operation within the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. On and onthe stink goes.

The manipulation of history by those in power has beenwell-covered over. An example of how mind-control and its role in manipulationof events has been covered up by the perpetrators is an article written in theJournal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in the Sept. 11, 1967, Vol.201, No. 11 issue. The article, which was submitted to the magazine from threeCIA doctors (Mark, Sweet, and Ervin), claims that riots are caused by braindisease. While the article is correct in the subpoint that only a smallpercentage of underprivileged urban dwellers participate in many of the riots,the article’s thesis is obviously a slide to prevent people from catching onthat the small number of deviants who create riots might be under mind-controlor might have some other motivation beyond simply being brain-diseased. Anydeception, whether it is an exaggeration or an understatement of the NWO’scapabilities is considered a useful deception for the Illuminati’s double-agentsto spread. The german battleship the Bismarck was sunk due to a little lie sentto Germany by a double-agent which underestimated the range of British radar.The Germans, thinking they were out of British radar range, made some baddecisions that cost them the battleship.


Knowledge is power, and lies diminish the knowledge of deceived dupes, andtherefore diminishes the power of the deceived. Deception obscures thealternatives that people have. It also clouds up various objectives people wouldwork toward. Some people give up certain objectives due to their mis-perceptionsthat the objective is undesirable or unattainable.


In the programming, colors and directions are used. Be prepared to find outthat sometime programmers use their creative imaginations such as using the color “octarine,” or the direction “TURNWISE” or perhaps”WIDDERSHINS”. During the most fundament programming which is done viaLSD trips in sensory deprivation tank to lay in foundations of the Alpha, Beta,Delta, Ome and Theta programs, each programming memory will be given a code.Where one popular programming deception takes place that the programmer knowsahead of time h to sequence his memory codes so that instance, the fifth memoryis coded as trip, and strenuous methods are used to cover up the memories of thefirst four trips. The victim’s s mind will be told to forget the firstfour trips. The memory codes are deceptively designed to fool thedeprogrammer and the victim alike. Part of the reason the programmer does this,is that they know that IF a therapist should stumble onto these first memories,the backup programming to protect these memories is so severe that the therapistwill shatter the victim’s mind. Backup programs such as Atom bombs andvegetable programming are locked into place to protect the fundamental programs.


The Holy Spirit moved an apostle to write, “We are not ignorant ofSatan’s devices.” Christ warned his disciples to “be wise asserpents and harmless as doves.” The Israelites sent out spies beforeentering the promised land. Within the text of The Art of War by Sun-Tzu (a bookstudied today by men in intelligence), he discusses “hidden provocationagents” in Book 13.

Sun-Tzu was born in 534 B.C. and lived most likelyuntil after the year 453 B.C. In 500 B.C., some men were farmers, and some wereagent provocateurs. Today, both occupations still exist. The modern Americanfarmer is vastly superior to the ancient farmer of 500 B.C., so how does themodern agent provocateur compare? He is vastly superior also. It appears theWord of God is accurate, for it warns that God’s people will be destroyed forlack of knowledge.

The difficulty in obtaining honest information in today’sBig Brother world is aptly described by an intelligence asset over the Internet,”If you are lucky and work hard, you will find some of the truth. If youare lucky and work REALLY hard, you might find the WHOLE truth…as someonewants you to know it. If you are PHENOMENALLY lucky and really work your tailoff, you might even go on to find the REAL truth. But no outsiders…and infact, very few insiders ever … EVER … learn the WHOLE REAL truth.”

Thisbook & our two previous books on mind-control) are the result of extremelyhard work and numerous miracles of God, and what non-Christians would call lotsof luck”. The story behind the books is amazing. This book’s two authorshave had to swim upstream” for years in search for the real truth. Onething is very clear to this author, during the last seven years of exposing the NWO almost every person who is believed to be a leader against the NWO has triedto impede the work this author has been doing. People need to be aware that theNew World Order created their own opposition long before some of us begansincerely trying to expose it. This author’s informed opinion is thatessentially all (about 98% of the people leading the opposition to the NWO aredouble agents), and no less than 50% of the therapists are double-agents. Inthis state, this author knows as a fact that 50% of the licensed therapistsworking with programmed DID patients are programmed DID (MPD) slaves themselves.Recently, one of the therapists in this area, who the False Memory”Spin”-drome & the Illuminati took down, was a therapist who hadalso been on a local T.V. talk show revealing that she was a multiple & aSRA victim.


“A Force” was MI-6’s group that carried out deception. They wouldhave their double agents pass out CHICKEN FEED (which is what they callclassified information that can be thrown out to the public) to establish theirdouble-agents’ credentials (BONA FIDES) as agents against the British. Today,there are numerous anti-NWO people who are actually double agents. They aredistributing chicken feed to make people think they are legitimate. By the way,it is interesting to note for those who realize how important carousels are toprogramming that MI-6 (HO in Vauxhall Cross, Eng., with a training ctr. at Ft.Monckton, near Gosport, so. Eng.) is nicknamed (actually its cryptonym)”Carousel” by its daughter organization Mossad (officially aka CentralIntelligence Collection Agency). An example of a double-agent who is popularamong Christians is an Illuminati witch named Gretchen Passantino, who toursaround to Christian conferences belittling the idea of mind-control. Dr. LoredaFox reports in The Spiritual and Clinical Dimensions of MPD that 74% of womenabused by SRA come from “Christian homes.” The Christian churches are heavily infiltrated.


In the Vol. 2 book a number of references were made to sleeper agents. Theidea of placing someone somewhere in society and letting them lead a normal lifefor years without ever being used is designed to provide a legitimatesmokescreen about what they are all about. Mind-controlled slaves make excellentsleepers. The concept of making sleeper agents in not a secret. The CIA haspublicly admitted that they tried to discover long-range sleeper agents in theLos Niñios children of Republican Spain who were the descendants of communistSpaniards who returned to Spain in the 1950’s. They also have admitted tohaving tried to weed out long range sleepers in the Trebizond Greeks who livednear the USSR in Turkey and returned in the 1950’s to Greece. As the CIA andKGB mirror-imaged each other in their manufactured Hegelian Dialectic mock dual(which was very real for the “little” person) you can well imaginethat the CIA sent sleeper agents against the KGB.


The intelligence agencies have their own lingo for the types ofdisinformation agents they send against everyone else. So far, we have namedonly double & sleeper agents. Here are some of their disinformation agents:


These agents can be unwitting, under mind-control, orideologically motivated to use their positions of influence to sway the minds ofothers. Examples of Agents of Influence are anchor men on T.V., journalists,labor leaders, TV commentators, academics quoted by the media, & somepoliticians.


An agent whose job is to produce confusion by disseminatingconfounding information.


These are the rogue agents, such as the mob, who the CIA getto do particular jobs on contract. Their connections can be denied.


A sleeper agent (often a programmed multiple or person withmind-control programming) who has been a long term sleeper agent.


This is a highly placed agent who passes disinformationto other governments.


A fictitious non-existent “agent” which is createdwith a real-looking identity to mislead.


An agent sent in to provoke & destabilize the targetgroup to do foolish things.


Someone who dribbles out legitimate information, this isoften done to build up a person’s credentials (bona fides). Lots of the peoplewho are pretending to expose the NWO are spoon-feeder agents who provide alittle new information, tons of already known secrets, and sprinkle in a measureof disinformation for added fun. Generally spoon-feeders increase theirpercentage of disinformation once they gain respectability. There are very fewpeople really exposing anything of consequence about the NWO. This author hasendured the loss of several of the really legitimate whistle blowers who werefriends being assassinated since he began writing exposes.

What this means is that agents for groups that do mind-control may: have beensleepers for many years and look very legitimately innocent, they may give goodcorrect information to our side, they may say all the right things and try toget us motivated to do more than we would want, they may talk about otherfriends who are giving them information who do not even exist. It takesdiscernment to spot people who are not on our side. Unfortunately, suchdiscernment seems to be fundamentally lacking within the public at large. Forinstance, I have seen people choose obvious NWO agents over this author as asource of “information” (which is in reality disinformation). Mostpeople have bought so much disinformation during their lifetime, perhaps it’sunrealistic to expect them to purge out all the junk they’ve accepted. Just aspeople in the world need to toss out their worldly thinking, people in thechurch need to toss out all the indoctrination they’ve gotten from the numerous kinds ofharlot churches.

At the moment, the system is set up so that the perpetrators ofthe mind-control are in control of the credentialing process, so that they canprovide their stooges/and agents with the best credentials. As the reader cansee, the roots of power behind the mind-control go deep.


One trick (or variations of it) that has been used with suspects is to arrestthem, place the suspect in a situation where the police are in two groups–onegroup looks like police, the other group looks like the group the suspect hascome from. After the suspect arrives, the group pretending to be arrested groupmembers, overpowers the police contingent and escapes to another setting whereanother police group pretending to be even more of the suspect’s group ask himwho he is and to explain his credentials. Letting his guard down, the originalsuspect explains what he is all about, thereby giving them the information theyneeded in the first place. Variations of this script can be run. Englishintelligence calls this basic script CACKLEBLADDER because chicken blood is usedon the police actors that are overpowered to make them look injured.


FOUR FACES refers to pretexts used by agents to get interviews. DANGLE is thecraft word for luring a victim into a provocation. A dangle operation would bean operation to provoke a group or individual into a particular action. This wasdone with Elohim City and many other groups that the NWO is trying to set up aspatsies.


Agents use BLEEP-BOXES to tap telephones and in other instances to makefree-of-cost telephone calls. A CABMAN is a device to remotely activate atelephone with a radio beam. It can be used without entering the building wherethe telephone is located.


The use of masks in the occult world is ancient. For centuries, the gypsieshave used them for their hypnotic powers. Special healing masks for their peopleare kept secret and never shown to the public. Masks have a shock value &fascination value. Gypsy and other occult groups have special rituals to createthe masks, including using hair clippings from the person who will wear themask. Gypsy healing masks are destroyed after the patient gets well. Illuminatiprogramming masks may or may not be destroyed after their use. TheIlluminati’s mask-making abilities (according to deprogrammed victims of theirmind-control) are very high quality. Sometimes the programmers simply wearhalloween cartoon character masks that anyone can obtain, to fulfill their rolein the programming script that they are involved in during the time.


Some beginners who have just started into studying the World Order questionwhy the Illuminati would use legitimate religious covers. Why would theIlluminati want to create a slave who is an evangelist? Why? Because those newconverts will go to some establishment church where other programmed multiplesin leadership positions will demand obedience (and then support those demands byquoting scriptures that make them seem like they are God’s authority overthat new convert. Because the evangelist or missionary and the bishop or pastorare controlled puppets, the convert will never get the full truth, just enoughtruth to keep him working hard for their organization. Even though the convert”got God in my life”, the Illuminati never lose control over him.

TheChristians have as much vested interest in preventing the exposure of theIlluminati programmed multiples who are big name Christian ministers runningChristendom, as the Illuminati has. Imagine what would happen if the worldfound out that most of Christianity was run by the human-sacrificing,slave-making Illuminati? This is one of the sad effects of the infiltration.

Perhaps the subject of covers can be explained from another angle. The readerknows that the elite like monopolies. They play monopoly for real–for us it’s only a board game! To establish a monopoly, you find a good product thateveryone wants or needs, and then you eliminate all the competition by eitherdestroying them, or owning the competition yourself.

In the U.S., the Illuminatican’t have a one-religion monopoly. In Russia, they had communism with Marx,and Lenin as the Father God and Gon the son figure. Communism had a monopoly onworship. In the U.S., they have established a monopoly by controlling all thevarious religious groups. (This author wrote an 800 page heavily documented bookBe Wise As Serpents to show the details of how this is done.)

It’s not amatter of what they teach, it’s a matter of control, so that the elite have amonopoly. And when you, as a mover & shaker in the world, control all thesevarious religions via money, blackmail, & programmed multiples under yourleadership, etc. which religion would you pick to emphasize the most? You willpick the one that sells the best, i.e. the best product. And which brand ofChristianity will sell the best? The televised charismatic brand will sell thebest.

Covers that slaves use to explain what they do in life are almost always”legitimate”. A missionary, a military officer, a salesperson, etc.will usually actually do their cover job most of the time. Their cover is theiroccupation, their service as a mind-controlled slave is almost an unwittingavocation. Organizations are used as covers. The Illuminati use military,social, intelligence, education, banking and other organizations as covers. (Seemy Be Wise As Serpents book for many of these.) Moriah’s front organizations,such as the CIA, in turn use other organizations. Here is just a sampling of CIAfronts, to show the variety of fronts used:

  • Asia Foundation was an academic organization created by the CIA.
  • Castle Bank & Trust Co. has been a bank in the Caribbean that is a CIAfront.
  • Forum World Features has been a front created for CIA propaganda purposesand based in London, UK.
  • Geschicter Foundation for Medical Research (as well as the Josiah MacyFoundation) was used as an intelligence front to launder money used formind-control.
  • Air-Sea Forwarders, Inc. was the legal corporation name of a CIA front inNorth Hollywood, CA. The company was involved in moving freight. In the last fewyears, this corporation sued E-Systems, the company which builds the CIA and theNWO’s electronic systems such as their communications satellites. In court,the company proved that it was a CIA front, in spite of CIA denials.

As thischapter provides information about some of the Illuminati/ intelligenceconnections to Hollywood, bear in mind that this CIA front was proven in courtto be a CIA front in Hollywood. A feat that rarely occurs



For years, I have heard many Americans say that something is terribly wrongin this country & that things are “going to pot”, and yetAmericans can’t put their finger on what exactly is wrong. When I first beganto receive reports from victims of Illuminati mind-control about Disney’sinvolvement in their mind-control, I kept an open ear, but I wanted sometangible proof. After investigating for myself, there is now no doubt in my mindthat Disney (the man, the movies & the entertainment parks)has been a major contributor to the demise of America, while maintaining avery well constructed front of wholesomeness.

In this chapter, you will learnwhy Disney is one of the best deceptions of the Illuminati. This author has reada good portion of what is available to the public concerning Disney. This exposéis undoubtedly the deepest on Disney that has ever been done. Perhaps part of mymotivation is that I’ve tired of Christians talking and acting like Disneystands for sainthood.

Christians, who should have known better, are some of theones who have swallowed “hook, line and sinker” the enormous deceptionthat entails Disney. They feed their children a steady diet of occultism andwitchcraft because they have been programmed to think of Disney as wholesomenessand everything that is good about America. Many writers over the years havetried to expose Disney, most have been stopped before they could get their bookspublished. The few authors who have managed have faced vicious attacks on theircharacter & integrity, and have faced enormous struggles against publicrelations campaigns paid for by the Disneys. The Disney’s power, and the powerbehind them, has frightened most people away from challenging them. But someoneneeds to speak on behalf of the victims. Whether anyone listens or not, thevictims will know that somebody cared enough to stand up & write the truth.Disney has not only left mind-control victims in its wake, but they haveharassed land-owners, stolen employee idea’s and left all kinds of hurtingvictims in their path. Disney has risen to become the unquestionable largestmedia-entertainment conglomerate in the world, & was ranked company no. 48in the top 500 companies by Forbes 500.


There are numerous Illuminati homes, restaurants, wineries and otherinstitutions that are today carrying out the same type of strict standards upontheir employees that Walt Disney Studios maintained. While Hollywood wasimmersed in moral filth from the start, Walt Disney Studios had strictstandards. In the 1930’s, Disney had a dress code that required men in ties,and women in sober-colored skirts. If a man looked lecherously at a woman atWalt Disney Studios he risked being instantly fired. Walt was a shining exampleof the strictest legalism. Even during the ’50’s, if an employee were caughtsaying anything considered a cussword such as “hell” they wereinstantly fired no matter who they were. Walt would not allow his male employeesto have any facial hair, even though he himself sported a moustache.

He neverallowed employees to have alcohol at the studios, (which might not be anoteworthy standard except that Walt himself drank heavy amounts of alcohol inhis private office at work for decades). Initially, Walt was very reluctant tohave his young artists, who were being trained by Don Graham, draw live nudemodels, but reluctantly gave approval. Again the motive was not to serve God,but to make sure the Disney reputation remained untarnished. With the power ofthe establishment media behind Disney, Walt had nothing to worry about, newsabout the nude drawing classes and their detailed drawings never reached thelight of day. Behind such strict fronts of legalistic morals, cleanliness &soberness, you will often find lots of guilt and high level satanic ritual.

Forinstance, Hitler (who was by the way also a failed artist & who likedmechanical things more than people) obsessively washed his hands many times aday (out of guilt), and so did Walt Disney. Walt obsessively washed his handsseveral times an hour, every hour. Walt liked animals & his trains more thanpeople. This author has seen some alters who were forced to take anotherhuman’s life, and when they relived the memory, the alters then triedto physically wash the blood guilt off of their hands.

Another example isthat over the years this author has discovered that many of the exclusiverestaurants that are meticulous in every detail are tied in with themind-control and criminal activities of the elite. Dirty money is keeping theplaces looking sparkling clean. Walt Disney worked very hard at maintaining agreat image for himself and his company.

An example of this, is how he explodedin rage and wrote an angry memo when a Disney character was placed in a beer ad.(Memo mentioned in Thomas, Bob. Walt Disney An American Original. Hyperion,1994, p. 7.) He had a personal image builder, Joe Reddy, who worked full time tobuild Walt’s image. Joe Reddy was a cigar-smoking Irishman who loved thecatholic college Notre Dame’s football team. He also was a publicity agent forShirley Temple. But the Disney deception entails far more than Joe Reddy’sdecades of image making, and Walt’s own abilities to create good images ofhimself. Just as with Billy Graham (see Vol. 2 about Billy Graham), the entireIlluminati threw their weight behind promoting Walt Disney.

Ronald Reagan andWalt Disney were good friends and both cut from the same die in many ways. Bothmen were high ranking Freemasons, both came from socialist backgrounds(Ronald’s mother was Eleanor Roosevelt’s best friend, & Walt’s Dad wasa socialist leader), both were paid FBI informants, and both were involvedheavily in the abuse of mind-controlled slaves. Walt always generously supportedReagan’s political campaigns, and in turn Reagan did political favors for Waltas Gov. of California.

For instance, Disney’s Mineral King mountain resortneeded an access route through the Sequoia Nat. Park at a time when there waslots of congressional pressure to preserve the last stands of redwoods. Gov.Reagan got his friend Disney his road through the park. Reagan served as theemcee for the opening day of Disneyland on July 17, 1990. He returned withIlluminati TV host Art Linkletter for the 35th anniversary. Ronald Reagan &Art Linkletter both pumped Disney publicly.

Another slave abuser that spent timewith Disney was Bob Hope, who would spend time on the golf course with Walt. Onthe opening day’s telecast, cameras showed Sammy Davis, Jr. (a member of theChurch of Satan) and Frank Sinatra (a mind-control slave handler) driving thepint-sized Disney ears at the Autopia ride. When Disney celebrated its fiftyyr-anniversary with a two hour special on May 20, 1991, the program includedpeople like occultist Bill Campbell and was named “Best of Disney, 50 Yearsof Magic.” For the silver anniversary of Disney World in Oct. ’96, theClinton’s were invited to help open 15 months of celebrations. The theme ofthe anniversary celebrations was “Remember the Magic”. A Boy’s &Girl’s Club sang ‘When you wish upon a star’ (a popular programming song).Hillary Rodham Clinton (herself an Illuminati Grand Dame and a mind-controlprogrammer) shared with the audience that she and Bill “first broughtdaughter Chelsea to the Magic Kingdom when she was four.” Roy E. Disney,nephew of Walt, told the public that Disney World “is the story of men andwomen who took hold of a dream and never let go.” There is a double meaningto that. Many victims of trauma-based mind-control have taken hold of theillusions that were programmed into their mind secretly at Disney, and never letgo.

Among the visitors to Disneyland have been all the American Presidents fromEisenhower to Clinton, over a dozen kings & queens, as well as Emperor Akihito of Japan, Anwar Sadat, and Robert Kennedy (who rode the Matterhorn withastronaut John Glenn.) Both Denmark’s & Belgium’s kings who are in theIlluminati visited, as well as the dictators of Indonesia, the Shah of Iran andCeausescu of Romania. (As a side-note Roy E. Disney was forewarned by Arableader that the Shah was to be deposed.)

Organizations that have been actively working for a New World Order for many years gave big awards to Walt in hisearly years such as the B’nai B’rith (Man of the Year Award to Walt) and theChamber of Commerce. In 1936, Walt was given the Chamber of Commerce’s annualOutstanding Young Man” award. The establishment’s Yale & HarvardUniversities gave him honorary degrees.

Walt Disney biographer Leonard Mosley,who researched Walt Disney for years (as well as writing books on the duPonts,the Dulles brothers, and Hirohito) wrote in his book on Walt Disney, “Thestudio publicity machines in the film colony had, as usual, gone out of theirway to try to persuade me, as a writer for a powerfully influential Britishnewspaper, that this was a city of lawless gods and goddesses, full ofclean-living, sanitized stars. “It was even more of a deodorized world atthe Walt Disney Studio where the publicity men insisted their boss wasfaultless–never drank too much, never used a swearword, never lost his temper,never quarrelled with his wife or family, never let down a friend. And woe betideanyone who tried to suggest otherwise. Members of the resident foreign and localpress risked their jobs if they dared to write stories inferring that WaltDisney could be domineering, implacable, and unforgiving (as was the case, forinstance, before, during, and after the 1941 studio strike). The Disney flackswere capable of exerting heavy pressure on editors and proprietors or, throughthe advertising pages, against anyone who inferred Walt Disney was not theepitome of well-scrubbed and benevolent perfection.” (Mosley, Leonard.Disney’s World. New York: Stein & Day, p. 10.)

Disney is perhaps theepitome of Illuminati abilities to create images. They have created great imagesfor things Disney, incl. Walt Disney, Disney movies, and Disney’s Amusementparks. In some cases these things have been overrated, in other instances thesinister side to them has been carefully hidden. In order to make movies thatcontain the typical smut of Hollywood, sex and violence, Disney did a slight ofhand and created subsidiaries which Disney runs, which has allowed them to keeptheir good image. They also never showed the public the hard core porn that wasmade for years in secrecy for the elite.

Behind Disney’s good front lies hardporn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction ofseveral generations into witchcraft. Disney’s involvement in these kind ofthings will be explained in this chapter. Nobody has sold America witchcraft aswell as the Disney brothers. Movie after movie has cleverly brought the occultinto the warp & woof of American thought, all under the disguise ofentertainment. For instance, it was Disney that brought us cannibalism and toldus that it was a “triumph of the human spirit” (a direct quote fromDisney’s Touchtone Producer Robert Watts concerning Disney’s movie”Alive” featuring survivors of an airplane crash who turned tocannibalism).

Under the disguise of entertainment & showing us how”triumphant” the human spirit was, they subtly promoted cannibalism.Mickey Mouse plays a leading role in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”And yet when this author has suggested that Disney movies aren’t wholesome,many Christian parents come unglued and have gotten angry with this author. Thedeceptive image that Disney movies are wholesome is a triumph in Illuminatideception. Parents would be surprised what is slipped into cartoons. InDisney’s “The Little Mermaid” the castles are male sexual organs. Inone cartoon Mighty Mouse is shown without comment clearly snorting cocaine. WaltDisney Studios Chairman Joe Roth is in charge of Walt Disney as well assubsidiaries Touchtone, Miramax, and Hollywood Pictures, which were all createdto camouflage the Disney production of adult films. Disney operates in aclandestine manner regarding the promotion, distribution and


rating of the films produced by their subsidiaries. Roth oversaw Disney’ssubsidiary Hollywood Pictures’ Evita film. Evita has as its main start”Material Girl” Madonna. Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slavewho has appeared in numerous underground porn/& ritual porn movies. (Thisauthor has an underground catalog from a porn business, that has recentlychanged its location of business. The catalog offered a film of Madonnaperforming an actual blood sacrifice.) She also was the main actress inDisney’s Dick Tracy film which is reported to be used for mind-control. Duringan Arsenio Hall show, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked upby the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring.

Disney controls theproducts that are associated with the movies of their subsidiaries. In Evita’scase they are marketing hats and other items, as just one more of Disney’scountless artificially generated consumerism campaigns. In Ruth Stein’sinterview of Madonna, Madonna appeared bored with plugging Disney’s consumerproducts. When asked about the tango dresses and hats inspired by Evita thatpopped up in stores after the film, Madonna said, “Believe me, I havenothing to do with it. Disney is pushing the whole thing.” (San FranciscoChronicle, 12/29/96, Datebook section). In one interview Madonna states shewants her daughter to grow up knowing Catholicism, but she doesn’t believethat it would be good for her daughter if Madonna married the father of herchild from Lourdes, Carlos Leon.

In another interview, Madonna says,”Actually, I’m a very good role model, because I say, ‘Look, these aremy standards’…” She then goes on to plug homosexuality, same sexmarriage, and single families in the interview. Walt Disney stated that it plansto release an album by DANZIG, a heavy metal band whose songs contain “darkthemes”. The Disney press release announces on its by-line “MickeyMouse is going heavy metal.” Disney’s album ,,BLACK ACID DEVIL” wasdue to hit the music stores Oct. 30, 1996 during Halloween time. According toDisney this music has no satanic references, but does have “dark, Gothicand sexual” overtones. Glenn Danzig denies that he is a satanist.


Disneyland and Disneyworld are world famous and the pride of America. Theyare also extremely important programming centers for the Illuminati to createtotal mind-controlled slaves. Disneyland is also involved with providing a placefor rituals, porn and other satanic activities. In terms of deception, Disneymovies and Disney Amusement Parks rate as one of the best deceptions. Accordingto deprogrammed ex-Illuminati slaves, the Illuminati in the 1960’s needed toshift their programming away from the military bases, because too much publicity(heat) was shined on the military bases. Their goal was to have someplace thatpeople from all over the world could come to without raising any suspicions, anda place which would be the perfect cover for many of their criminal activities.

According to a witness, the Illuminati Programmers got a big laugh out of usingDisneyland as a major Illuminati base for criminal activity. Under the disguiseof entertaining the world, they carried out money laundering, child slaverylaundering, and mind-control. They nick-named Disneyland “the littlesyndicate of mind-control.” When a child of 3 or 4 was kidnapped, theycould torture the child and then put him on a ride such as a ferris wheel orcarousel that: a. created dissociation from the pain, while alsob. going alongwith some fairy tale programming script.

An abducted child while waiting to bepicked up from one Illuminati non-parent caretaker by another, could be kepthappy and distracted while waiting for the pickup. For years, Disneyland was anIlluminati center for many of their world-wide activities. Now Disney hascreated other sites around the world such as EuroDisneyland 20 miles east ofParis and Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland in 1991 had 16 million peopleattend. With such huge crowds, it doesn’t take much imagination how theIlluminati have been able to do sneaky criminal activities right in front ofpeople, and the public never sees it, in the middle of all the activity.EuroDisney has been a money losing affair, but the Saudis who benefit from itsmind-control, gave Disney the money to keep it financially in business. WaltDisney Records is the largest children’s record label in the world. Disneythrough their movies, books, toys, records, etc. has made a tremendous impact onthe children of the world. Their movie Return from Witches Mountain was one ofthe most powerful witchcraft promotions ever made. Ducktails, which hasdeliberate Monarch mind-control triggers written into the script, is alsobroadcast in Poland and the former USSR. From the time of the Roman Empire (atleast, if not before) the oligarchical leadership, who have been in control ofboth the Mystery Religions and European aristocracy, have known about BREAD& CIRCUS.

Bread and Circus refers to the concept that IF the masses ofpeople are given entertainment and food staples, THEN they are easy to control.Walt Disney movies have played a key role in providing entertainment for themasses to insure Illuminati control. Walt Disney’s friend the Masonic prophet H.G. Wells in his book A Modem Utopia that there would be lots of shows in theNew World Order. The World Future Society in a book review in their publicationFuture Survey Annual, 1993, (ed. Michael Marien, Bethesda, MD: World FutureSoc., p. 91) describes Disney: “Control of commodities [such asentertainment] and access to commodities translates into control over people.‘The postmodern US is a massive rush of disconnected commodities, each seekinga moment of our attention.” The world of commodities is our soma, andentertainment is the current form of public discourse. Walt Disney World, spreadover 27,400 acres of central Florida swamp and scrub forest, ‘is the mostideologically important piece of land in the U.S.’ What goes on here is thequintessence of the American way. It is visited by over 30 million people ayear–not only the major middle-class pilgrimage center in the US, but by farthe most important entertainment center in the world. It is clearly Oz, utopiaas a marketing device.”

Two Disney brothers Walt (Walter Elias) and Roy O.Disney have been at the center of the creation of amusement parks and popularDisney films. In more recent times, two other men, Eisner and Katzenberg havebeen notable at Disney. Eisner & Katzenberg, as well as others will bediscussed later. One of Disney’s directors, Victor Salva, was convicted ofmolesting a boy and filming one of the sexual molestations. Recently DisneyDirector Salva produced the Disney movie “Powder”. (Victor Salva’ssexual molestation conviction was covered by newspaper articles such as RobertW. Welkos of the LA Times, in newspapers such as The Oregonian, Weds. Oct. 25,1995, A sect.)

The impact of the Disney brothers is monumental. Mickey Mouse teeshirts can be seen being worn by natives all over the world. Disney World andDisneyland are the quest for a large segment of humanity, who often esteem theseamusement parks as the highlight of their life. What is highly esteemed amongmen, is an abomination to God according to the Word of God. The Biblearbitrarily makes this claim, but sadly, research by this author over the yearsproves that a close examination of Disney & mankind’s esteem for”Disney” things does vindicate the Biblical expectation. In otherwords, as readers of this article will find out, behind the appearance ofwholesomeness of the Disney brothers and their creations lays abominations–some of the most grotesque aspects of generational occultism the world has everseen. Disney’s Magic Kingdom has become an American Institution that impactspeople all over the world from the cradle to the grave.


In the large book The Art of Walt Disney from Mickey Mouse to the MagicKingdom by Christopher Finch (N.Y.: Harry N. Abrams, 1975) on page 11 aninteresting and revealing statement is made: “By definition, public figuresare known to everyone; yet, even after talking with some of Disney’s closestassociates, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that nobody really knewhim. Always there was some aspect of his personality that was just out ofreach.” Those who got to know Walt too closely make complaints such as hewas “self-satisfied, intractable, and arrogant.” He could bring hisartists to tears or anger in a matter of seconds. Finch is not the only authorwho has tried to warn his readers that the public’s image of Walt Disney wasjust that–only a false image. Mosley also writes in his biography of WaltDisney, “Since Disney is regarded by millions of people, particularly inthe United States, as perhaps this century’s most brilliantly successfulcreator of screen animation, I think I should make one thing clear right away. Ishare the general admiration of a man whose cinematic achievements were alwaysso happily inspired and inspiriting. But–and this is where I differ fromuncritical idolaters–I have to know all the facts, no matter how unpalatable,as well as the romantic myths about any great man or woman I admire. Many of themyths that have been created by his publicists about Walt Disney areunpalatable, unbelievable, and unsatisfactory because so much of the real WaltDisney has been deliberately concealed.. .Walt Disney…had grave flaws in hischaracter.” (Mosley. Disney’s World, pg. 9)

Years ago, an IlluminatiGrand Master and programmer stated, “If the world only had the eyes to seethe fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they’d tarand feather him, and drag him through the streets. If only they knew whatDisney’s primary goals.”


Walt had black hair with a black mustache, and bright quick eyes and wasabout 6’ tall. He used his own facial features to clue artists on how to drawMickey Mouse’s features. He liked specially rolled brown cigarettes which hesmoked up to 70 a day. He picked up the smoking habit in the army. He lovedexpensive Scotch Whiskey, red sunsets, and horses. He had a vacation home inPalm Springs, CA called the Smoke Tree Ranch. He often wore the Ranch’s letterSTR emblazoned on his necktie. He played lots of golf with Bob Hope and EdSullivan at the ST Ranch. His main home was an estate in Holmby Hills. TheHolmby Hills estate was located in a plush area where lots of rich show-businessfamilies lived. It was located between Bel-Air (an occult word for Satan) &Beverly Hills.

Walt spent many of his nights at the Disney Studios and later he had his ownprivate quarters at the center of Disneyland. He had reoccurring bouts ofinsomnia. (For his nerves and insomnia he’d take alcohol and tranquilizers.)He’d go weeks on end without stepping foot on the Holmby Hills estate andseeing his family. The main topic at the studio by the staff during differenttime periods was Walt’s bizarre behavior– he would not be available untillate afternoon, when he would emerge from the studio’s subterranean maze oftunnels, where supposedly he was “chatting with the maintenanceengineers” everyday. The value of his estate when he died was 35 milliondollars of which Lillian his wife inherited half.

In his later years, whenDisney took a vacation he went to Paris for 3 weeks, and 3 weeks at the Hotel duCap, in Antibes, and then cruised on Fritz Loew’s yacht with Ron and DianeDisney. In England, Walt spent time with the British Royal family and metprivately with masonic prophet H.G. Wells. In Rome, Walt visited privately withthe Pope and the dictator Mussolini. In 1966, Walt Disney died. Prior to hisdeath he had investigated cryogenesis–being frozen, and it is believed by somethat his body is frozen somewhere in California, while others claim he wascremated.


According to one source, the inspiration for Walt to create Mickey Mouse camewhen he was unemployed and saw a mouse in the gutter. There are quite a fewstories in circulation as to where the idea came from. Ub Iwerks claimed hethought Mickey up at an animator’s meeting in Hollywood. Walt once said,”There is a lot of the Mouse in me.” (biographical article written byElting E. Morison, p. 131) In fact, Ub Iwerks told Walt that Mickey Mouse”looks exactly like you–same nose, same face, same whiskers, same gesturesand expressions. All he needs now is your voice.” Walt often did serve asMickey’s voice. A book put out by Walt Disney Co. in 1988 reveals that WaltDisney told Ward Kimball “Quite frankly, I prefer animals to people.”

Walt usually was the voice behind Mickey Mouse, (even though he wasn’t theartist.) His mother was chilly for years about the work Walt did. Around 1940,after much pleading, he finally got her to watch Mickey Mouse. His unsupportivemother (which he would within a few years learn was not actually his biologicalmother) told him she didn’t like Mickey Mouse’s voice, to which he told herit was his, and then she responded by saying he had a horrible voice. The”cold towel” she threw on Mickey Mouse helped convince Walt to quitmaking Mickey Mouse cartoons. Very few came out of Disney after that, and thevery next Mickey Mouse full-length feature cartoon, Fantasia, had Mickey mostlysilent. Walt’s idea for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was based on some of hisown ideas. Walt had had the dream which was used for Mickey Mouse in TheSorcerer’s Apprentice of having “complete control of the earth and theelements.” Disneyland and Disneyworld were partial fulfilments of thatdream for control.

Walt’s final pet project just prior to his death was the meticulously restored version of the witchcraft film Bedknobs andBroomsticks.” (Disney Magazine, Winter 96-97, pub. by Disney, p. 96mentions this.) As a programming device, Mickey Mouse works well because itplays on the subconscious genetically transmitted fear of mice that women have.Mickey’s image can help create a love-hate relationship, which is so valuedduring the traumatization & programming of mind-controlled slaves. Somesources state that Walt’s love for animals came from the time his family had afarm near Marceline, Missouri. Walt began his schooling at Marceline, butcontinued it after the age of eight at Benton School in Kansas City, MO.Walt’s Dad had a serious gambling problem and passed the spirit of gambling tohis son Walt. Walt never graduated from high school. He had a natural love and aflair for art work, although (contrary to his public image) he never becameproficient at it. He joined the army in W.W. I as an ambulance driver by lyingabout his age. During the war, he also chauffeured dignitaries.

He also did someother things that are very revealing. He enjoyed drinking & gambling whilein the service, and he ran a scam where he doctored German artifacts picked upon the battlefield to sell to people. War relics were tampered with to get themin shape to get the most money from them possible. Walt took the battlesouvenirs – and dressed them up, for instance, coating the insides of helmetswith grease, hair & blood and putting holes in them to make them intoexpensive souvenirs. This shows that Walt was willing to build illusions if itpaid. He could be deceptive if he saw an advantage to it.

From gleanings fromthings Walt said to people, it appears that as a child, he’d seen the darkerside of life (for instance, his father had a habit of beating him in thebasement) and had had some interest or exposure to magic as a child. Bob Thomaswrites, “Walt took a boyish delight in playing tricks on his parents. Hewas fascinated with magic tricks…” (Walt Disney, An American Original, p.35.)

After the military, Walt hoped to have a career as an artist. He applied tothe advertising agency of Pesman-Rubin. Roy, his brother, claimed that Pesman-Rubinhired Walt as a personal favor to Roy who handled the agency’s account at thebank Roy worked at. Walter lasted a month until the advertising agency let himgo due to Walt’s “singular lack of drawing ability.” According toCurrent Biography 1952, in 1923, Walt and Roy had together $290. They borrowed$500 from another Disney, one of their uncles named Robert Disney and began totry to make cartoons. Robert Disney had retired in the L.A. area in Edendale, CAafter a successful mining career. Robert had always been close to Walt’sfather Elias, and helped Walt and Roy out when they came to California. Waltloved to study Charlie Chaplin (a member of the Collins family). He scrawlednotes about his body language, facial features, and his gag methods. He alsoread everything he could about animation and cartooning. They worked out oftheir uncle’s garage in Hollywood, CA. They were finally able to make a goodcartoon Steamboat Willie in 1928, which became an instant hit. As with manythings in life, the cartoon was not only good, but Walt finally had the rightconnections.” On Nov. 18, ’28, Steamboat Willie was shown in a small,independent theater without any advance promotion or advertising. Butamazingly(!) the New York Times, Variety, and Exhibitor’s Herald all ran ravereviews of the cartoon the next day. Was this an accident? did journalists fromall these prestigious periodicals just happen to go to this tiny independenttheater? no it was connections.

The reason the elite decided to promote WaltDisney after Steamboat Willie came out as Hollywood’s newest “boy wonder” was to deflectenormous bitterness that had been generated by the Stock Market collapse towardJewish financiers. Hollywood, even in its first two decades, was known as”Babylon” and “Sin City”. The movie industry was well-knownto be run by Jews, and many people blamed the Stock Market Crash on the moraldegradation that Hollywood had introduced to this nation. There were calls forgovernment regulatory groups to stop the smutty Hollywood films. Edgar Magnin,the spiritual leader of the major movie makers who were part of the Los AngelesB’nai B’rith reportedly encouraged those in the Mishpucka and others whowere B’nai B’rith movie makers that Hollywood needed to protect itself byputting Walt Disney in the limelight as a Christian “white knight withfamily values”. (By the way, Edgar Magnin was nicknamed “Rabbi to theStars”, because he was “the Hollywood rabbi”.) E. Magnin’sgrandfather’s department store chain was one of the first major accounts ofthe Bank of Italy, and Edgar Magnin had continued his family’s closeassociation with the Bank of Italy. The closeness also came from the Bank ofItaly’s close ties to the B’nai B’rith and ADL.

In 1930, the movieindustry made a production code which stated that the industry must make aspecial effort to make movies appropriate for children. Hollywood directlypraised Disney in that code as an exemplary model of what the movie industrywanted to do. With the power of the B’nai B’rith and ADL behind him, Waltbegan sailing to fame. Movie studios that had been turning out smut, with lotsof sex and violence all jumped on the bandwagon to show Walt’s clean wholesomecartoons. Walt was the facelift Hollywood needed after the Depression causedAmericans to think about America’s morals. Many of the regular movie makerswere so corrupt they were out of touch with moral issues, but Walt Disney knewblack from white. The Jewish movie makers “pushed the man [Walt] theyconsidered their best hope to the front of the pack” who was billed as afundamentalist Christian (albeit a masonic “Christian” who rarelystepped foot in a church). (quote from Walt Disney Hollywood’s Prince ofDarkness, p. 50.)

Strangely, the biographies indicate that Walt quit doing theactual drawing in 1927, and Walt devoted himself entirely to the development ofthe cartoon business, such as raising money. In other words, the image of WaltDisney being the artist who has created the Disney cartoon’s is inaccurate.The Disney brothers actually hired many other artists to do the art work. IfWalt quit drawing in 1927, and their first marketable cartoon was in 1928, thatclearly shows that Walt did not do the actual cartooning. He continued tooversee the work, walking in and rigidly inspecting what was being done to suithis own intuitive tastes. Actually the genius cartoon artist (animator) who madeWalt Disney a success was Ub Iwerks, about whom Walt on a number of occasionssaid was “the best animator in the world”. Without Ub Iwerks to takeWalt’s ideas and turn them into reality, Walt would never have become famous.Ub was an incredible genius who had a sense of line, a sense of humor, patience,organization and a great sense of what Walt wanted. Walt treated him cruelly attimes, interrupting him, playing tricks on him, and not being totally honestwith paying him, but he stayed with Walt over the years and made Walt thesuccess Walt became. (The books Disney’s World and Disney Animation: TheIllusion of Life have information on the unheralded genius Ub Iwerks.)

Anotherunknown great artist was Floyd Gottfredson. Floyd Gottfredson drew all theMickey Mouse cartoons from 1932 until October, 1975–which is a period of 45 1/2years. Floyd Gottfredson was a Mormon born in a railway station in 1905, andraised in a tiny Mormon town, Siggurd, 180 miles so. of Salt Lake City. In 1931,before Floyd totally took over the Mickey Mouse drawings, he would take suggestions from Walt onwhat to draw. For instance, Walt puzzled him by insisting he do a cartoon seriesof Mickey Mouse committing suicide. Floyd had said, “Walt, You’rekidding!” But Walt thought that a series on suicide would be funny. Overthe years the Walt Disney products never mentioned Floyd’s name. The bulk ofthe fans were led to believe Walt did the cartooning of Mickey Mouse himself.(See the book Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse in Color. Ed. Bruce Hamilton, pub.The Walt Disney Co., 1988.)

Fred Moore was involved in the creation of Pluto andsome other cartoon characters. The idea for Pluto was Walt’s and it was NormFerguson’s genius at drawing that took the idea and created the actual images.Walt Disney was awarded 32 personal academy awards for the work that was done byhis studios. Walt Disney’s famous signature was actually designed by someoneelse, and was taught to Walt. (Schickel, Richard. The Disney Version: The Life,Time, Art and Commerce of Walt Disney. NY, 1968, p. 34.) Walt could only make acrude Disney signature, so he delegated the writing of the signature to severalartists including Bob Moore, Disney’s publicity artist. Later, after muchpractice he learned to make it well enough to do for publicity. Many people whowrote letters asking for his actual signature, and who actually did hissignature, thought that they had received forgeries by his staff, because thefamous Disney signature was so crude. The nicer looking ones were the forgeries.One cartoon animator who joined Disney in 1940 recalled that Walt told him thefirst day, “You’re new here, and I want you to understand just one thing.What we’re selling here is the name Walt Disney. If you can swallow that andalways remember it, you’ll be happy here. But if you’ve got any ideas aboutseeing the name Ken Anderson [his name] up there, its best for you to leaveright away.”


Walt grew up fascinated with the occult and in an abusive home situation. Hewas fascinated with cartoons, nature and children. He had an intuitive sense forquality cartoons that would appeal to children. At some point, the syndicate gothim indebted to them. At that point he was their man. He owed them a debt thatthey held over him. In secret, Walt became a porn king. A victim remembers thathe was sadistic and enjoyed snuff porn films. His interest in children was farfrom altruistic.

The Hapsburgs of the 13th Illuminati bloodline had a sex salonin Vienna, where a porn photographer named Felix Salten worked. Felix Saltenwrote a book Bambi, which was then translated into English by the infamouscommunist Whittaker Chambers. The elite were just beginning to form the rootsfor today’s environmental movement. The book appealed to Disney, becauseDisney liked animals better than people. In the book, tame animals view humansas gods, while the wild and free animals see humans as demons who they simplycalled “Him.” The book begins with both free and tame animal viewinghumans as rightly having dominion over them. In the end, the animals view allhumans as simply being on the same level as animals, a vicious animal only fitto be killed. Disney instructed his animators to make the animals “to behuman. I want people to forget they are watching animals.” Bambi was toreceive a Christ-like manger birth, with the animals hailing him as a”prince.” Due to his sexual problems, Walt at one point permittedhimself to be subjected to the packing of his genitals in ice for hours at atime. (Elliot, Walt Disney Hollywood’s Dark Prince, p. 83.)

Children wereinstructed to call Walt “Uncle Walt.” An example of this were the Mouseketeers. For those who know how mind-control programmers have traditionallyliked to be called “uncle” by their child victims, the insistence byWalt to be known as “uncle” is distasteful. From what this author has learned from some sources aboutWalt’s non-public life as a hidden sadistic porn king, it raises questionsabout other parts of his life. For instance, Kenneth Anger in his book HollywoodBabylon II, p. 192, “Some animators stated that the boss [Walt Disney]seemed to have fallen in love with the boy. There may be some truth inthis…” The boy, who Walt fell in love with, was a small young attractiveboy actor named Bobby Driscoll who signed up in 1946 with Disney. He acted inSong of the South, Treasure Island and Bobby’s voice was used in Peter Pan.Bobby Driscoll was very intelligent and attractive. Did Disney help or abusehim? If Disney was such an upbuilding wholesome atmosphere, & this childactor had everything going for him, why did Bobby become a methamphetamineaddict at 17 & die within just a few years? Why didn’t his talent &early career lead to something positive in his life?

From those who knew Waltpersonally one learns that he had an obsession with the buttock part of anatomy.He enjoyed jokes about this part of the anatomy, which he told to his staffquite frequently. The staff edited out many of his crude posterior jokes fromcartoon scripts. Two examples that got by the editors are a Christmas specialwhere a little boy is unable to button the drop seat of his pajamas. The littleboy’s problem in maintaining his modesty is the running gag of the cartoon. Inthe end, Santa gives him a champer pot. The 2nd example is the paddling machineused on the wolf in The Three Little Pigs. Numerous Disney cartoons featurebuttocks of characters provocatively twitching.


After W.W. II, Walt Disney was called upon by Hollywood to testify in theirdefense at the Un-American hearings which were being carried out by congressmenwho were concerned about the heavy communist influence within Hollywood. Waltdownplayed any communist influence in Hollywood to Congress. Interestingly,Walt’s father was an outspoken Socialist Party leader in the United States whoadvocated a socialist New World Order. He regularly voted for socialistpresidential candidate Eugene Debs. One of the first drawings Walt did as a boywas to duplicate the socialist political cartoons he found in a socialistperiodical Appeal to Reason that his father subscribed to. When Walt asked inthe 1930’s how his father felt about socialism’s successes, his father Eliassaid, “Today, everything I fought for in those early days has been absorbedinto the platforms of both the major parties. Now I feel pretty good aboutthat.” (Thomas, Bob. Walt Disney, An American Original, pg. 147-148)

Walt’s movie Alice’s Egg Plant (1925) was pure communist doctrine where thered hen (communist) leads the working chickens on a strike against Julius thefarm manager (representing capitalists.) The strike at Disney and unionizationof Disney in 1940, soured Walt toward communism. The workers at Disney publiclymade personal verbal attacks on Walt & he never forgave the humiliation. Inspite of his public distaste for communism, his Magic Empire (his castle wherehe was king) was run like a socialist dictatorship, similar to what the NWOplans. Employees at Disney did not have titles; it was faceless egalitarianismwith an all powerful dictator Disney at the top. It was racially elitist too.The only full-time African-American during Walt’s lifetime at Disney was ablack shoe shine man.

Was Walt a socialist of the National Socialist (Nazi)variety? Arthur Babbitt claims, “On more than one occasion I observed WaltDisney and Gunther Lessing there [at Nazi meetings], along with a lot of otherprominent Nazi-afflicted Hollywood personalities. Disney was going to meetingsall the time.” Lessing was mobster Willie Bioff’s crony. Bioff had spenthis earlier days running a whorehouse, before coming to Hollywood for the mob.

In the final panel of the Mickey Mouse comic strip of 6/19/40 a swastika appeared. Some people have wonderedwhat this & other “secret signals” in Disney’s work meant.Disney was not Illuminati. The powerful elite are very skilled at controllingpeople that rub shoulders with them, those who are beginning to becomeindependently wealthy. For instance, they destroyed Robert Morris, the greatfinancier of the American Revolution. They simply used Hegelian Dialectics onWalt Disney. Their Unions and the Mob made Disney’s studio one of their primetargets. In order for Walt to protect himself from the unions, which heperceived as communist, Walt got help from the FBI and the mob. Walt wasvulnerable to the unions, because he treated his workers terrible, with longhours, low pay, in addition to repeated abuses to their dignity. Walt’s largenumber of employees essentially never received any credit or recognition fortheir years of creativity and hard work, which was all essentially stolen andcredited to Walt by the establishment to build his image. (I write”essentially”, because someone might find some obscure exception, butacross the board, Walt got all the credit for what his creative workersproduced.)

Perhaps Walt needed the ego boost from all the purloined publicpraise which he stole from his staff to be seen as a great animator, because hehad wanted to be an artist/cartoonist and failed. The praise helped sooth thewounds. One worker recalls that Walt “had no knowledge of draftsmanship, noknowledge of music, no knowledge of literature, no knowledge of anything really,except he was a great editor.” This may not be much of an exaggeration,because Walt was a high school drop-out, who grew up in poverty on a Missourifarm. Walt’s first official attempt to direct a film (and last) was the filmThe Golden Touch in 1935. The film was an embarrassment. Walt had to pull itfrom distribution. If Walt lacked abilities to animate, and direct, what wasWalt’s talent? Walt was the driving force, the spirit so-to-speak behindDisney. He was the dictator who was feared enough to demand more from hisworkers than they knew they could give–and he could get it. He was the drivingforce that took a mob of artists, and gag creators, etc. and shaped them into apowerful force to make cartoons and later movies. He was the hard-driving geniuswho knew what he wanted and got others to create it for him. He was the drivingforce that kept an army of costumed sanitation men meticulously cleaningDisneyland. In normal year, Walt would have 800,000 plants replaced atDisneyland, & Walt refused to put up signs asking the “guests”(visitors) not to trample them. How powerful was Walt? Here is a man who duringhis lifetime and even up into the 1990’s had a rule in the studio &Disneyland that no male employees could have any facial hair, yet he himselfwore a mustache for most of his life.


It is beyond doubt that Walt Disney was an illegitimate child, but that factresulted in a long list of mysterious happenings. It also gave power hungry men,something to blackmail Walt Disney with. Because this chapter 5 on Deception isfocusing on Disney, and the big boys used blackmail to keep Disney in line, thisinformation is pertinent. The following chronology of events is what thisauthor’s believes most likely happened. Without any genetic tests, it isdifficult to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt who Walt’s biologicalparents were, and what the actual history of Walt Disney was. Several peoplehave spent many years investigating the real facts surrounding his birth. Manyinteresting and tantalizing clues have been found. This author believes that thefollowing chronology issuggested by the evidence. (This author’s chronology is offered withouthundreds of pages of evidence, because the mysteries around Walt Disney’sbirth are here to stay, no matter what excuses people come up with, and thisauthor doesn’t want to stray from the intended purpose of the chapter. This isto show that Walt Disney had a secret bastard birth which gave J. Edgar Hoover–and his superiors– blackmail leverage over Walt Disney. Walt may also havehad gambling debts and an abnormal sexual appetite which also helped entrap him.For those who want more evidence and facts, the following are recommended: Almendros, Mojacar, Corner of Enchantment, p. 83; Interview magazine, no. 242,””Walt Disney Was from Almeria””, and last but not leastEliot, Marc. Walt Disney, Hollywood’s Dark Prince, chapter 11.)

1890–An attractive spanish woman Isabelle Zamora Ascenslo of Mojacar leavesSpain and travels to California to a Franciscan monastery. In the same year, butlater on In 1890-Walt’s future father Elias, who fancies himself a ladies man,leaves his family to seek his fortune in the gold fields. In California, hemeets another newcomer to the state, Isabella Ascensio, and the two newcomers inCalifornia have much in common, have a sexual affair and fall in love.

1891–Elias fails to make a fortune and returns to Chicago, but he doesn’tforget Isabelle.

1893–Isabelle and Elias have a son, and Elias convinces his wife to acceptthe baby as theirs rather than have the family’s reputation, their marriage, andtheir family ruined. The son doesn’t look like the first two boys at all.

1901–Isabelle and Elias have another bastard son, who Elias brings home andnames Walter after the minister of the church he attends. The two bastard sonsdo not look like the older sons of Elias, and they never have much to do withthem, but cling to each other as brothers.

1903–The minister of the church Elias attends finds out about the bastardchildren and Elias quickly moves out of state so that the scandal will remainsecret. Elias has also run up gambling debts.

1905–After moving to Marceline, Missouri, Isabelle is hired as the Disney’smaid, so that she has an excuse to move in with them without creatingsuspicions. She probably does much of the raising and care of the two boys.

1918–J. Edgar Hoover is busy involved with the prosecution of draft dodgersin WW I, and it crosses his desk about the case of Walt Disney committing thecrime of forging his parents signature to join the army. Cases like Walt’s werewatched because people who could be blackmailed could be resources in the futurefor Hoover. That year, Walt discovered that he had no birth certificate. Waftobserves his parents strange reactions concerning his birth certificate &other questions, & begins to deeply distrust his father.

1938, Nov. –Walt’s mother dies by gas, and the Disney’s maid pulls Elias tosafety from the fumes, but Walt’s mother dies.

1939-40–Hoover offers Walt Disney to help Walt locate his real parents ifWalt will work for the FBI. Either Hoover already knows that he is a bastardchild, or he soon learns the truth from an investigation. This gives Hooverblackmail power over Walt Disney, and assures Hoover that Waft will be loyal.Hoover informs Walt Disney of the truth, and then moves to generously protectDisney & his father’s reputation. Two FBI men plant baptismal information ofa child born to Isabelle in 1890 named Jose Guirao in Mojacar, Spain. This dateis 10 years off of Walt’s birthdate, and is intended to throw people off track.They can’t plant a fake birth certificate for Waft in the records for 1901,because everyone knows from WW I that none exists. Therefore, they plant a fakebirth certificate for Walt in the Illinois State records in the year 1890. Theyhope people will think that somehow a filing error occurred. This way ifanything leaks, and worst came to worst, Waft could at least pretend he wasadopted and is not an illegitimate bastard. They pay off townspeople in Mojacarto tell a particular story. Townspeople probably receive ongoing payments.

1941–Walt confronts his father with the truth, and his father commitssuicide, and his real mother comes to live with him as his maid.

1954–In order to reinforce the myth that Walt was born in Spain, a group ofFranciscan monks goes to Mojacar and visibly inquires about the birth records ofJose Guirao and/or Walt Disney. They spend time with the mayor and make surethat everyone connects Waft Disney with Jose, who is a fictitious (nominal)character that the FBI has created records of.

1967–A year after Walt’s death, a large group of Americans (a large groupwas needed because they are not skilled like the 2 FBI men in 1940) pretend tobe on “official” business for the American government. They go toMajacar Spain to destroy all the records of Jose Guirao to insure that therewill be no spanish claimants to Walt Disney’s fortune.

Later to insure that the fictitious story is solidly in place to mislead thefew who might get by the cloud of secrecy over Walt Disney, the Spanishgovernment does a favor to certain powerful people and pays an investigator toinvestigate the spanish origins of Walt Disney. People of the village willinglytell people without any fear or without any fanfare that Walt Disney was born attheir village. Unless they have recently done so, the village has never doneanything–no monuments, no markers, or anything about the birth site of Disney.They probably didn’t do this for years, because some of the village probablyknew it was a lie. With the older people gone, the lie has probably become wellentrenched as truth and there is most likely some type of memorial to WaltDisney.


Because the Disney deception is such a major Illuminati deception worldwide,and because Walt Disney was the major catalyst behind all the Disney themeparks, movies, trinkets etc. it is of importance to examine his character. Instudying historical figures, this author has tried to get to the rock bottomtruth. One may ask, how can this be done? -especially since there have beendecades of myths spread by the establishment and their media? The followingprocedure which has worked with other historical figures was also done by thisauthor with Walt Disney.

The first part of this author’s own procedure is tostudy everything that one can find on the man, paying special attention to whatbias and vantage point another author comes from. Special attention is also paidto biographers who try to give the whole truth as they have found it, ratherthan approved biographies that repeat myths, platitudes, and flattery. Theinvestigator has to be careful because there are authors who deceptively say intheir introductions that they are “detached investigators” who are”going to be painfully honest in their reporting” when they actuallyare skillful coverup artists for the person they write about.

When your author,Fritz Springmeier, finished investigating written material about Walt Disney,then I mentally placed what I knew on the shelf temporarily, and did ahandwriting analysis based on the scientific principles of Graphoanalysis aswell as the broader field of Graphology. This author is a CertifiedGraphoanalyst who has done handwriting analysis professionally. UsingGraphoanalysis/graphology is an excellent way to get an unbiased very deep lookat a historical figure. It is a way to by-pass all the propaganda and myths.However, a close historical look and the handwriting analysis (of varioushistorical figures) have always matched each other, as they did in this casetoo.

Here is what was found. The following paragraphs are how Walt was in the1920’s. The personality profile you will read did not endure. Under thepressure of micromanaging Disney Productions as well as living with financialstresses, by the 1940’s, Walt could be found in rages giving rough treatmentto his wife, and rough spankings to his two children. He went to psychiatric counselling to cope with the stress. And unfortunately with the progression oftime, by the 1960’s Walt had become a sadistic egotistical alcoholic. Onebiographer described him as …a bully and a know-it-all” (Disney’sWorld, p. 220) Even then Walt had men working for him, such as Bill Walsh (whohad been a orphan as a child) who worshipped Walt.

But here is how he was in the1920’s: Walt was a self-motivated individual with lots of energy which wasconstantly seeking some outlet. (People have written much about this trait ofhis.) He was more the giver than the taker in relationships. (In the first fewyears, when he was responsible for making business contracts he often gave awayhis work without setting prices for profits. He even wrote letters to his bossto the effect that his first priority was good cartoons not profits, and thathe’d work without profits, but he did want some appreciation for his work.That was his sensitive nature showing.) Walt wouldn’t wait for others to comeup with an idea or someone else to make a move–he was there first.

He couldcommunicate his ideas with clarity and ease and move easily from idea to another. (He would storm intoDisney Productions and spew one idea after another into his workers’ ears.) Heenjoyed competition. He had a quick mind and keen perception. He frequentlyacted on intuition and impulse, taking chances and endangering his own security.(He frequently gambled all his life savings and everything he could scrapetogether on a project.) Long projects bored him. (Fortunately the real tediouswork of cartooning was done by a large staff of artists.) House chores andrepetitive chores bored him and he avoided them. (He was absolutely a total slobaround the house as a bachelor.) He was impatient with vague philosophies, heliked concrete realities.

He was difficult to get along with because he had botha playful side (even to the point of cruel practical jokes) to his personalityand an aggressive intolerant impatient side that wanted to achieve. Naturally,people around him were disconcerted because on a subconscious level they neverknew which side of him they would deal with. (The reference series CurrentBiography “Disney” article p. 248 gives the following Walt Disneyquote, “We don’t even let the word ‘art’ be used around the studio.If anyone begins to get arty, we knock them down.”)

He was geared foraction. He was always inventing ways to get what he needed. He could beexplosive when provoked. (The old time associates of Walt remember his explosivetemper.) He was a person of dynamic energy, sensuality and keen thinking, and adisciple of the pleasure principle. Because his father was so abusive andmisused his position of authority, Walt came to be deeply ingrained withdefiance toward authority. (The themes of his films repeatedly sympathize withthose who rebel against authority, and the police and other authority figuresare consistently shown as absurd. One way he expressed irresponsibility was withlively dance scenes, which has been a hall-mark of teenage rebellion during the20th century. “Comic anarchy reaches its fullest expression in AliceRattled by Rats, which shows what the rats do when the cats goes away!) He feltthat rules were for others to follow. (That is one reason he would step outsideof the law and commit illegal acts. This is one trait that may be responsiblefor some of the criminal activities Walt ended up participating in.)

Walt alsodidn’t like to be closely supervised. (He wanted to manage his Disney MagicKingdom as if it were his own kingdom. He wanted to be an authority figure, andindeed became the dictator of his Magic Kingdom. When his workers differed withhis own views he felt that they were infringing upon his own inalienable rightsas an individual.) He was somewhat of a melancholic temperament, that type ofperfectionist who still enjoys life. He felt a need to protect himself againstintimacy with others. He was most home in a setting which he made for himself.Walt had the traits of an executive. He was slow to reveal his innermostfeelings, and definitely set his own goals. Walt was one of those persons thatwhen the going got tough, he hung in there. Likewise he would cling to hisideas, plans, and possessions. (His stubborn refusal to allow his brother Roy tostop the creation of Disneyland led to events that split the brothers. Hisdetermination to succeed was taken advantage of by the crime syndicates toblackmail him with some debt. In order to get his dreams, he was willing to givethem what they wanted.)

A clue to Walt’s macabre sense of humor, at timesalmost a graveyard sense of humor, and his high tolerance of seeing pain inothers, is that Walt was seriously thinking of volunteering again as a medicafter the W.W. I fighting in France was over, when volunteers were needed forthe Balkan fighting. Walt loved animals more than people. The only human beingthat he had rapport with while growing up on the farm was his Uncle Ed (who hecalled Uncle Elf), who looked like a cross between a leprechaun and a prune.Uncle Elf could make animals sounds and bird whistles to Walts delight. Walt loved the charm of the farm andnature and he loved royalty, pageantry and a strict social hierarchy such asFreemasonry provides. He often wove a combination of the barnyard in with royalparades and other trappings of royalty.

For instance, in Alice the Piper, theKing Hamlin is a farmer who sleeps in a farmhouse. In Puss in Boots the localking lives in an authentic palace incongruously placed in a village. His earlyfilm Alice’s Day at Sea includes both the features of a royal court and anAmerican circus. In typical Disney disdain for authority, he pokes fun atcriminal fraternal groups with their rituals and passwords in Alice & theDog Catcher, Alice Foils the Pirates, and Alice’s Mysterious Mystery. Andwhile he was a secret FBI agent, he went against Hoover’s wishes and poked funat the FBI’s authority. Walt was loyal to what he believed and could be loyalto those individuals who he deemed worthy of his loyalty, but he didn’t wantanyone to have authority over him. (Walt was a 320 Freemason & an occultist,he was loyal to that philosophy and loyal in his early years to his olderbrother Roy O. Disney, who was a father figure to him.) If anyone at the studiosagreed with him when he was angry at his brother Roy, he or she risked losingtheir job. Both brothers were protective of each other, and felt they were theonly ones who could criticize the other one.


Roy O. Disney was born in 1893, and his brother Walt in 1901. They had threeother brothers, but Roy and Walt (1901-1966) were only close to each other andnot to their other brothers, who didn’t resemble them. Walt was named WalterElias, his middle name derived from his father’s first name. The Disney familyhad immigrated from Ireland to Canada and then to the U.S. The father of thebrothers as stated was Elias, and their mother of scottish descent, who may nothave been the biological mother, had the maiden name Flora Call. Roy died in1971, shortly after the opening ceremonies for Walt Disney World. He kept hispromises to his brother to build Walt Disney World. He reneged on his promisesconcerning the city of Epcot (which was derailed into becoming EPCOT).

Roy O.during the 1930’s lived in North Hollywood. Roy’s family later located inNapa Valley, CA, and was associated with the Illuminati kingpins in the area.Napa Valley has been nicknamed the Valley of Kings. This “Valley ofKings” plays a major role in the dirty activities revealed in this chapter.Roy 0. Disney played a bigger role at Disney Studios than people realize. Forexample, it was Roy O. who made the decision to cut 45 min. out of Fantasia, sothat Walt’s pet project could be distributed to movie theaters. Roy O.,considered by some insiders as the more evil of the two brothers, kept thefinancial books for the Disney’s down through the years. It is known thatDisney kept two books during the 1950’s, so it is hard to believe anythingexcept that Roy 0. was fully aware of how Disney brought in their money. The bigboys always kept the financial screws to Walt and Roy. The big boys oftenfigured out scams to take their money. When the Disney brothers had anarrangement with Columbia Studio (run by Harry Cohn) they were advanced $7,500for each cartoon which cost them an unprofitable $13,500 to make. Further, Cohnliked to cheat them by not sending them their money, and taking a ridiculousamount of time to pay them what he owed them. The cash flow problems of theDisney brothers also came from Walt’s desire to keep improving and upgradingthe technology they used. When Walt went to color over Roy’s objections,Disney’s profit margin was damaged and the studio was left with shortages ofcash. In 1937, Walt’s repeated gambles with cartoon production ideas causedRoy O. to say, “We’ve bought the whole damned sweepstakes.”

From1940 through 1946, Disney lost money every year. In ’46, he lost $23,000. Finally in 1947,things turned around and the Disney studio made a profit of $265,000. Cartoonsand movies were not really big money-makers for the Disney brothers, until it wasrealized that old films could be replayed on television. Overall, from the20’s through the 50’s, the Disneys may have broke even with animation. Thisis why Disney Studios at Christmas, 1931 was unable to pay its payroll.

Pinocchio cost $2.6 million to make in the late ’30’s, an amount hard toretrieve at that time from the box office, and Fantasia’s original release inthe ’40’s was a dismal financial failure. When Sleeping Beauty was releasedin 1960, it was a loser, movie goers were apathetic towards it. The real moneymade by the Disney brothers in the 1930-1950’s came from the merchandising ofDisney products, the production of underground hard porn, and the kickbacks fromvarious groups which used Disney for mind-control programming, and moneylaundering.

When Walt died, his shares in Disney were worth $18 million. Hisfamily all in all held 34% of the stock in Walt Disney Productions. Roy O.Disney’s daughter Dorothy Disney Puder & husband Episcopalian Rev. GlenPuder purchased property at 1677 Sage Canyon Rd., Napa Valley east ofRutherford. (This is close to the Rothschild’s Opus One Temple mentioned inVoL 1.) O.J. Simpson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. was in the Rothschild’shard-to-enter Opus 1 when the jury arrived at a decision in O.J. Simpson’scase.)

It is very typical for Mafia families in south Boston to have one familymember in the clergy & one full time in organized crime. (See author’s BeWise As Serpents for an expose on the Episcopalian Church, which is simply abranch of Freemasonry.) All kinds of interesting Mafia figures, Illuminati, andBohemian Grovers live up the Sage Canyon Rd. This is an area that has a largewell-kept cemetery for pets. Frank Well’s sister and Rich Frank, who will allbe discussed later in this chapter, also live on Sage Canyon Rd.


Roy Edward Disney (nephew of Walt) is the son of Roy Oliver Disney (brotherof Walt). Sometimes he has been called Junior. The 9/5/94 Newsweek story onDisney’s Magic Kingdom called him “Keeper of the Flame.” Roy is anexecutive with Walt Disney Co. at 500 5. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521. Hehas worked as an asst. producer at Walt Disney Co. from 1954 to 1977. He hasalso been the vice-pres. of Walt Disney Co. He is president of Roy E. DisneyProdns. in Burbank. He is chairman of the board for Shamrock Broadcasting Co. Asif that weren’t enough, he is on the board of directors for St. Joseph Med.Ctr., fellow U. Ky. Recipient of the Academy award nomination for Mysteries ofthe Deep. He is a director of the Guild American West, the Writers Guild, whichis important. He belongs to the 100 Club, the Confrerie des Chevaliers duTastevin, and St. Francis Yacht Club. He likes speed boat racing.

Roy E. Disneywas the cocky son of Roy O. He married a gal named Patricia. He was merelytolerated by his uncle Walt, especially after Roy E. made some snide remarksabout Walt’s plans for Disneyland, which he and his father opposed until WaltDisney personally got the project going. Walt’s son-in-law Ronald Miller isone of the Disney clan who can’t stand Roy E. The two never liked each other,and in the power struggle between them after Walt’s death, Roy E. won andended up with Disney. Although people called Roy E. “Walt’s idiotnephew”, he eventually (with the help of his father & outsiders) wonthe various power struggles at Disney after Walt died, and is now a powerfulfigure. Roy E. Disney and Stanley P. Gold work together in various ways, and areboth on the present Disney Bd. of Dir. They are friends and worked to prevent hostile takeovers of Disney in 1984. Gold is incharge of Shamrock Holdings, Inc.

The battle between the two Disney factions

In 1953, the two brothers and their respective sides of the family split whenWalt created RETHAW corporation. The two sides have fought ever since. When WaltDisney created RETLAW (his name Walter spelled backwards), this alienated hisbrother Roy O. & Roy’s side of the family. Without going into all thedetails, what RETLAW did was cut Roy O.’s side out of the money that was to bemade. But Roy’s side didn’t stand by and idly let their share of the pie belost, they fought back and held their own.

Their big break came when Michael Milken and his band of junk bond artists carried out a “greenmail” onthe Disney Corp. Only a few insiders know how greenmail works. It is a legalform of blackmail. Milken would work with his friends Saul Steinberg, Sir JamesGoldsmith, and Carl Icahn. Milken would provide them the financial clout, tomake them look financially capable of financially purchasing a corporation thatthey had selected as a target. According to insiders, Milken got 40% of theupside of any “greenmail” that went right. The targeted corporationwould learn that someone like Saul Steinberg was going to buy them out. In orderto prevent the buyout, and to keep their jobs, the officers of the targetedcorporation would get frantic, and either do suicidal refinancings, or buy thestock of the potential acquirer for much greater prices than the Milken grouppaid for them. The “greenmail” artists would then take their loot andgo on their way. The stockholders of the targeted company are the real losers of”greenmail”, because the management of the corporation in order tofinance their protection spends the stockholder’s money, takes on new debts,and deprives the stockholders of some profit-making potential of their shares.

Michael Milken’s group made feints to take over a large number ofcorporations, including Walt Disney, Phillips Petroleum and Avco. Saul Steinbergmade what looked like the beginnings of a sincere hostile takeover of WaltDisney through Reliance. At one point Reliance became Disney’s largeststockholder. Steinberg filed an amended 13D saying he intended to acquire 25% ofthe corporation. The CEO of Walt Disney, was Walt Disney’s son-in-law RonMiller. Saul Steinberg is a dear business partner with London’s Jacob deRothschild. Originally, Ron Miller (Stanford Univ. grad.) and Ray Watson (aBohemian Grove member from Stanford Unive.) of Walt Disney’s management broughtin the Bass brothers to help them deal with Saul Steinberg’s takeover and tobuy and develop land (esp. in Florida). Ray Watson was Ron Miller’s key righthand man to run things. The Bass brothers are mafia. Disney acquired the BassBrother’s Arvida, and brought the Bass brothers into Disney’s management.The Basses sold their stake in Texaco back to the oil co. & then used thismoney to bolster Disney. Sid Bass & Chuck Cobb (chief exec. Arvida) workedout a deal with Disney. Arvida (sold to Disney for $200 mil.) would profit fromdeveloping Disney land in FL & Disney would profit from the new financialstrength that getting Arvida would provide. Arvida owned oil fields, themeparks, and had helped create planned communities.

For Ron Miller, on the oneside was the Illuminati and the other side of things was the mafia. He didn’ttrust either, but Steinberg’s takeover could eliminate Disney’s managementand both he (and Roy E. Disney) wanted to save Disney from a takeover bySteinberg. At first, Roy E. wrote a letter to Ron Miller & the other boardmembers stating his concerns about the acquisition of Arvida For Disneymanagement, at least the Bass brothers would let Walt Disney continue to maketheir family movies. After the Bass brothers joined the Disney management (andbecame one of Disney’s major stockholders), they soon joined sides with Roy a management fallout over whether Disney should buy Gibson Greeting CardCompany. With enough votes on the board, they sent Ron Miller packing. With RonMiller, and those management men aligned with Walt’s side of the family gone,then CEO Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, Rich Frank, and Jeffrey Katzenberg andsome others made the modern Walt Disney Corporation.

Disney’s Touchtone studiowhich was mentioned above in connection to the movie Alive was created in 1984by Walt Disney’s son-in-law Ronald L. Miller. Ron Miller’s management stylewas lackluster. The new management has really gone gang busters. AlthoughWalt’s side of the family is out of the management end of Disney, they stillreceive financial rewards from various Disney enterprises. The Bass brothersacquired more land for Disney in Florida. But under their tutelage, Disney nowhas a management team that is skilled in land grabbing techniques. The Bassfortune began with Perry Bass, who created a company called Bass Enterprises. In1969, Perry retired and turned things over to his eldest son, Sid RichardsonBass. Sid has three younger brothers Ed, Robert and Lee. The Basses owned 27% inPrime Computer, as well as sizable real estate and oil holdings. The Bassbrothers founded a local prep school in Ft. Worth, TX. Their HQs in Ft. Worth isfull of modern art.

The Bass brothers were very clever in their deal withDisney. In exchange for their $14 investment in Arvida, they had gotten (over aperiod of time) $950 million dollars worth of Disney stock. In 1985, theyliquidated Bass Brothers Enterprises and divided the assets between the fourbrothers. Sid Bass was able to shift his interests from finances to culture andhigh society.

One of the Bass brothers is involved with wineries in Napa Valley.The Bass Brother’s financial strategist was Alfred Checchi, now of BeverlyHills, who has been a supporter of Mishpucka member Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).Roy is involved in criminal activities, and several people investigating himhave been bluntly warned that if they continue, they will see their childrenmurdered. Napa Valley’s Illuminati activity also connects in with CIAactivities as well. The Napa Valley Illuminati families all have CIAconnections. For instance, British millionaire Kenneth Armitage, who had to fleefrom England to avoid arrest on numerous charges of theft, deception and falseaccounting, had some of his good friends in the Napa Valley, such as Dr. JohnDuff, Johnny Beck, & others. Armitage has since mysteriously died in prisonin England. Armitage had intelligence connections which tie in with twilightworld of the criminal activities of the numerous intelligence acronym monsters.Also his company was authorized to provide people with Central Americangovernment documents.

There is more– much more to sordid affairs which swirlaround Roy Disney. Napa Valley, where many members of the Disney family live,has the Illuminati’s Opus One temple owned by Rothschilds, as well as tworoads lined with meticulously kept wineries owned by Illuminati kingpins andconnected via secret underground tunnels. To top off this incredible collectionof Illuminati wineries (Rothschild’s, Mondavi’s, Rutherford’s, ChristianBrother’s, Sattui’s etc), on the north end of a series of wineries onhighway 29 lays the CIA’s medieval-looking Culinary Institute of AmericaGreystone (at 2555 Main St., St. Helena, CA 94574), where numerous people havesuffered torture. The Greystone Culinary Institute of America recently had theperson who runs their campus store mentioned in House & Garden, Sept. ‘96.


Several members of the Disney family came to England with William theConqueror. They were not known as Disney then, but because they came from theFrench Norman town of Isigny, they took the name d ‘Isigny,and anglicized it into Disney. Walt had two daughters, Diane Marie (bn.12/18/33) and Sharon Mae. Diane made some revealing comments when she said, hedidn’t spoil us. Like a lot of adolescent girls, I was crazy about horses, andI got quite good at riding. I yearned for my own horse, but Dad wouldn’t buyone. And we didn’t have a lot of clothes and other things.” For being oneof the richest men in the nation, Walt can’t be accused of having spoiled hischildren. He was also famous for his ten cent tips at restaurants, which becamethe talk of the town.

Sharon Mae was adopted and arrived at the Disney home12/31/36. (She died in ’93.) The adoption was kept very secret. The newspapersaround the country announced that Lillian had given birth to Sharon, and theDisney family kept up this lie for years. The reason given for Sharon’sadoption was that Diane needed a playmate. For years, Walt Disney didn’t caremuch for Sharon and seldom acted like he even knew her name. Walt had wanted ason, but his wife wanted to adopt a girl, so it was a beautiful girl thatLillian picked out to be a companion for her first daughter. When Sharon waskindergarten age, Walt would take her to the carousels in Griffith Park onSunday afternoons. Sharon was sent to private schools. She went to WestlakeSchool for Girls, and later was shipped off to Switzerland to a girls’boarding school. She had soft blond locks and was attractive. In June of 1948,Walt took Sharon, who was then an attractive 12 yr. old to Alaska with him forabout 2 months. For most of this trip Walt and Sharon were alone together.

For afather, who had ignored Sharon for years, now Walt was totally obsessed withSharon. He bathed Sharon every night, combed her hair, washed her underwear, andcarefully dressed her each night from head to toe before taking her to nicerestaurants. He even followed her when she sleep walked. Why was Sharon a dissociative person? That summer in Alaska, Walt and his personal pilot took atrip in August to Mt. McKinley, AK. Both were drinking scotch whiskey and theybarely missed hitting a mountain, and almost ran out of fuel before finding arunway. Sharon first married a presbyterian Robert Borgfeldt Brown. Later,Sharon went on to marry William Lund. Years later, Walt’s wife Lilly evenprevented a biographer from revealing that Sharon was adopted. Sharon diedrelatively young.

It is important to look at the Disney family rather than justWalt Disney in trying to understand the Disney phenomena. For instance in 1958,the Wall Street Journal mentioned that Lillian B. Disney was beneficial owner ofover 10% of common Disney stock. Lillian, Walt’s widow, quietly purchasedproperty in Napa Valley and moved there in the late 60’s. She bought theproperty through Walt’s Retlaw Enterprises and the Lillian Disney Trust.Lillian and her 2 daughters ran Retlaw for years. Diane Miller, her daughter,also bought land and moved to the Napa area. The Lillian Disney Trust bought theSilverado Vineyards, which Diane & her husband manage as gentlemengrowers” as they call it.

This side of the Disney family is shunned by theIlluminati insiders in the Napa Valley, as well as by the Roy O. side of thefamily. Although very private, there are occasional moments of publicity fromDiane Disney Miller, when she donated wine for a fund raiser for the PlannedParenthood Shasta Diablo held at the estate Niebaum-Coppola, owned bydirector/producer Francis Ford Coppola. Francis F. Coppola comes from an oldmafia family. He owns a big winery & directed Disney’s Caption EO film.Locals in the Napa area do not trust any of the Disneys, especially the Roy O.side of the family. There are other Disney’s who tie in with the occult world.Wesley Ernest Disney, a 32° Mason & Shriner, who was a U.S. Congressman, a state official& lawyer in Kansas who had a brother Richard Lester Disney– who is a RhodesScholar and a Mason too. Wesley Ernest Disney, by the way began as a lawyer inMuskogee County (a Satanic controlled county), and was a Christian Scientist. Helived in Tulsa, a powerful city of the Illuminati hierarchy. Doris Miles Disneyhas been a writer of occult fiction, such as The Magic Grandfather the ChandlerPolicy (1972) and Trick or Treat (1972) as well as many other occult novels.


“The story of Disney’s silent film career is not so much a strugglefor artistic expression as it is a fight for commercial stability.” Duringthe 1920’s, Walt stayed safely within the confines of comic animation asdefined by others, such as the producers of Felix the Cat, Koko the Clown, andKrazy Kat. In other words, when many of the ideas were coming from just himself,Disney’s movies were not any better than others. In the 1930’s, Disney gotsome of the best talent available and he began to settle for only the bestresults from that talent. With the mob, and the Illuminati behind him, anddriven by an indebtedness to them, Disney began to achieve outstanding resultsin animation. Between 1924 and 1927, Walt Disney made a series of 56 silentAlice Comedies which used three different girls (6-year-old Virginia Davis,Margie Gay and Lois Hardwick) to act as Alice who romps around in a make-believecartoon world. These cartoons combined live action and animation. By the timethe series was done, Walt Disney wanted to try working solely with animation.

Margaret Winkler in NY (who married Charles Mintz) distributed Walt Disney’sAlice Comedies. From the beginning, children were the center of everything Waltdid. The occult world that backed Walt, as well as Walt himself, believed thatif they could bring out “the child” (that part of a person called”the child” by various psychologists), then they could appeal to thecuriosity and feelings of the “child” part of adults. If it workedwith adults, they could do the same with the child part in children. They kneweven in the 20’s & ’30’s what had to be accomplished in the secretGreat Plan for a New World Order. The Illuminati Great Plan called for familylife to be destroyed, for children to rebel against their parents, and for theworld to become more violent. Children needed to immerse in images of violenceso that a violent society could be created.

For instance, the 1925 film AliceStage Struck shows little girl Alice strapped to a log leading to a buzz saw.They also wanted to make occultism–witchcraft the common belief of the Americanpeople. The Illuminati felt they could bring in witchcraft if they appealed tothe curiosity of the child in every adult. For instance, the Donald Duck cartoonCorn Chips (1951) shows Donald harassing Chip and Dale who then get back at himby stealing a box of popcorn and spreading it all over the front yard. Now whatdoes a cartoon like this teach kids? It teaches that stealing to repay a grudgeis O.K. and that doing pranks is funny.

In Disney’s 1920 films, he shows kidscutting school, shoplifting and playing hookey. He shows Alice running away fromresponsibility to have adventure. He shows prisoners escaping and hobos escapingwork. His films are expression of misbehaviour being successful. What does thisteach children? In the 1951 cartoon, Get Rich Quick Goofy wins money at pokerand his initially angry wife who doesn’t like gambling forgives him when shesees how much he’s won. Goofy indicates that they can have a spending spree bytelling his wife, “Easy come, easy go!” The gambling spirit is a verypowerful spirit that the Illuminati want to instill in this nation. How can acartoon that promotes gambling be wholesome for children?

Lt. Col. Dave Grossmanis a military expert on how to condition people so that theywill kill. He writes in his superb book On Killing (Boston, MS: Little Brown& Co., 1996) that the same process that the government has used to conditionsoldiers to kill, is being used by the entertainment industry. The only majordifference is that in the military, men are taught to kill only on command,while our children are being taught to kill whenever they want to via TV’s”entertainment.” Grossman states on page 308, that the conditioning tokill begins with cartoons. “It begins innocently with cartoons and thengoes on to the countless acts of violence depicted on TV as the child growsup… .Then the parents, through neglect or conscious decision, begin to permitthe child to watch movies rated R due to vivid depictions of knives penetratingand protruding from bodies, long shots of blood spurting from severed limbs, andbullets ripping into bodies and exploding out the back in showers of blood andbrains.” While children see horrible deaths on T.V., they learn toassociate this suffering with entertainment, pleasure and their favorite softdrink, their favorite candybar, and close intimate contact with their date. (SeeOn Killing, p. 302)

Disney has the appearance of Wholesomeness; this appearanceis quite deceptive. A close study of Disney cartoons will reveal lots ofviolence that could not be depicted if the violence was actually real life &not animation. It’s the wholesome front which is one of the deceptions thatmakes Disney cartoons & films so dangerous. Yes, the image of Disney hasbeen that its cartoons are wholesome. No wonder Illuminati mind-controlprogrammers have laughed at how naive the American public is toward Disney. TheDisney Gargoyles cartoons are a television series that is pure demonology. Thestory line is that a race of demons protects New York City. One of the Gargoylesis even named Demona. The Illuminati programmers are amazed at how stupid themasses of people are, and how easily deceived.

How the Disney movies are used asprogramming scripts is very involved so only one detailed example is given atthe end of this chapter. The Illuminati and Mafia knew that Walt had the abilityto get the job done that the Great Plans called for. (Source: confidentialinterview.) They knew they had the “carrots and the sticks” to get himto cooperate. There is no doubt that Walt was a hard worker who in turn expectedhigh standards from his employees. One co-worker of Walt wrote, “Walt madea simple statement, that you can lick them with ‘product’ if you make yourproduct good enough, they cannot deny it.. . .In Walt’s estimation, everythingthat was done had to be executed with a great deal of thought and finesse.” Neelands, Barbara, compiler. About Ben Sharpsteen, article by David R. Smith(2nd Impress.) Calistoga, CA: A Sharpsteen Museum Reprint, pg. 2-3.

One big turnin Walt’s outlook toward quality came in April, 1927 when the head ofUniversal Studios wrote a scathing report on the quality of Disney studio work.It forced Walt to realize that up to then he had been slipshod and sloppy. Heresolved to never take the easy way, but to work with dedication toward makinghis drawings come to life with character and interesting situations. In 1922,Walt made a film Cinderella. This is not to be confused with the later animatedfilm also of the same title released in 1950. The 1950 feature was re-releasednumerous times. The Alice cartoons were made with a 6- year-old girl playingAlice. The first six Alice comedies had extensive live-action beginnings, andthen went into cartoon. A few of the 1920’s Alice silent cartoon titlesinclude:

Alice’s Wonderland (1923)
Alice Hunting in Africa (1924)
Alice’s Spooky Adventure (1924)
Alice Plays Cupid (1925)
Alice Cans the Cannibals (1925)
Alice Rattled by Rats (1925)
Alice Chops the Suey (1925)
Alice Charms the Fish (1926)
Alice the Whaler (1927)
Alice the Beach Nut (1927)

After the Alice Series, Disney began a fully animated series called Oswaldthe Lucky Rabbit. Here we see the occult concept of luck (who hasn’t heard ofa lucky Rabbit’s foot?) being subtly promoted. Disney cartoon may entertain,but they also indoctrinate while they entertain. In 1926, Walt Disney signed anagreement with Mintz and Film Booking Offices (EBO).

Film Booking Offices wereIlluminati kingpin/mob boss Joseph Kennedy’s company. For at least the nextyears, Disney worked under the control (auspices) of Illuminati kingpin Kennedy.All of the Disney pictures were registered by R-C Pictures Corp., one of theparent companies of Kennedy’s FBO. Joseph Kennedy also controlled the RKOstudio which worked together with the other big studios to insure that no smallstudio would develop as a competitor. By 1937, all the big studios–20th Cent.,Paramount, MGM, Warner Bros., Cohn’s Columbia Pictures and Kennedy’s RKOwere allowing the mob to skim money from them.

Kennedy’s RKO gave Walt aguarantee in 1937 that they’d distribute Snow White sight unseen. Walt Disneyhad their films distributed by Kennedy’s RKO from 1936 to 1956. Another littleknown detail is that in 1926, Leon Schlesinger (future producer at Warner Bros.)subcontracted animation jobs to Disney. One of these was Universal’s TheSilent Flyer. In 1928, Steamboat Willie debuted. This was an animated cartoonwith a soundtrack starring a mouse later named Mickey Mouse. It had taken lotsof hard work and determination on Walt’s part, but it was the first cartoonwith a sound track and it was successful.

In 1929, the cartoon The Haunted Housecame out. The story is, Mickey Mouse is forced by a storm into a house full ofghosts who force him to contribute to their spooky musicale. In 1930, HarryCohn, one of the most ruthless and unsavory characters controlling a studiobailed Walt Disney out of Walt’s trouble with con-artist Pat Powers who wasstealing Disney’s money. Harry Cohn was a former NY pool hustler and gamblerwho was brought in by Chicago investors to front their investments in ColumbiaPictures, and run their studio. He wore a sapphire ring that the Chicagomafia man Johnny Roselli gave him. Roselli later became a rogue asset of the CIA,and testified before Congress (the Church Committee on Assassinations in ‘74)about a CIA contract which was handed him. Roselli worked for the Mafia Councilof 9, which incl. Anthony Accardo and Sam Giancana. Harry Cohn was said by someto be the most hated man in Hollywood. His money gave him “the power of anemperor”. His money got him the best female flesh available which he usedfor his pleasure. He always seemed to arrive from Las Vegas with rolls of newgreenbacks, which had close associates wondering where all the money came fromthat he always got when he made trips to Las Vegas.

In 1931, Walt went into along suicidal depression that lasted into 1932. In the summer of 1932, he took avacation to try and recover from his nervous breakdown. By 1932, Ingersoll hadmarketed its first edition of Mickey Mouse watches. Disney products have servedas a model of consumerism for the world. Disney watches have been madecontinuously since 1932 or ’33. In 1932, eighty major U.S. corporations (suchas General Foods, RCA & National Dairy) began to market Disney products. EdSullivan began regularly running stories that bragged about Disney’s work.Freemason Dr. Rufus B. von Kleinsmid, pres. of the Univ. of So. Cal., gaveDisney an award from Parents magazine for Walt’s “work withchildren”. In 1932, several artists who had worked for William RandolphHearst came to work for Disney.

In 1932, Roy switched Disney from Columbia toUnited Artists. United Artists agreed to front Disney $15,000 for eachcartoon. In the 1930’s, the Illuminati’ Bank of America financed WaltDisney. Years before, the Bank of America had been quietly created from Bank ofItaly which was controlled by the same oligarchy that has run the Knights ofMalta and renaissance Venice. The Bank of Italy was a powerful bank inHollywood’s first years. It’s representatives A.P. and Atillo Gianninifinanced Walt during the 1920’s with petty cash to keep him going, but notenough to get him out of financial bondage. Joe Rosenberg of Bank of America wassympathetic to Walt. Joe Rosenberg, a Jewish banker, came to all of Disney’sboard meetings, sat beside Walt, and would advise Walt on what direction DisneyStudios should take. Joe wasn’t a board member, but his advice got highpriority.

Bank of America also bankrolled other Illuminati projects andorganizations. Bank of America had one of their branch offices on Disneyland’sMain St. from ’55 until ‘93. They were open on holidays and Sundays forDisneyland. Bank of America is slated to be perhaps the only bank to survive theeconomic crash, when the Illuminati kingpins will allow their own banks tocrash. Bank of America executive S. Clark Beise (who is a Scottish RiteFreemason) has been a member of Disney’s board of directors from ‘65 to’75.

One of the biggest depositors in Bank of America is Roy E. Disney. OtherDisney execs like Rich Frank have also used Bank of America as their bank ofchoice. The Bank of America bankrolled the Disney animation Snow White. Waltmanaged to sell Joseph Rosenberg on the idea, at a time when old time Hollywoodpeople were advising Rosenberg that Snow White could only be a failure. WhenSnow White was successful, Walt announced a monster party for all Disney workersat Lake Norconian, near Palm Springs, southeast of San Bernandino, CA where thecost of everything the Disney workers wanted to order–food or drink orwhatever, would be taken care of by the Disney’s.

Under the full moon, theDisney male and female workers, finally free of the tight rules at the studios,had what amounted to a Roman orgy and a large nude skinny-dip at the lake.Almost all of the Disney workers participated in the orgy and Disney had onlytwo options, 1. fire them all or 2. ignore that the party took place. Waltchoose the later option, and after that no-one ever dared mention the party inhis presence.

In 1937, Walt and Roy took a trip to Europe where Walt dined withthe British Royal family, & met privately with H.G. Wells, the masonicprophet! planner of what Wells & other masons called “the New WorldOrder”. In Paris, the League of Nations (the forerunner to the U.N.) gavehim an award.

After the success of Snow White, Disney chose Pinocchio to followit. Many have asked why Pinocchio was chosen by Walt. If you look at the script,the puppet maker’s wife is taken out of the original script, and there is anemphasis on the little wooden puppet visualizing becoming a flesh & bloodson to the man who had created him. Here we have a boy with no soul, who is toldif he works hard he will be given one. (Does this sound familiar to readers ofVoL 2?) The script was definitely changed to have a storyline far more useful tomind-control programming.

For those who think Walt simply recreated fairy taleson the screen, if one examines the changes that are made from the originalstorylines, they are changed to make them more useful for mind-control. BothSnow White and Pinocchio have occult type “deaths and resurrections”.

After W.W. II, Joseph Rosenberg persuaded A.P. Giannini, his boss, to bankrollDisney again. Although Walt was financed by the Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia), hedidn’t like the idea. Richard Rosenberg, a later Pres. of Bank of America, isalso Mishpucka. Richard Rosenberg (his mother was a Cohen) was also in charge ofNorthrop Corp. and Marin Ecumenical Housing Assn. (Other examples of Mishpuckaexecutives are R. Goldstein, v.p. of Procter & Gamble, and Marvin Koslow, v.p. of Bristol Meyers Co.)

In the1930’s, the elite promoted Disney’s new cartoons. In 1935, Walt Disneyreceived the French Legion of Honor for his Mickey Mouse cartoons. Also in 1935,the Queen of England (who readers of my previous articles will realize isIlluminati, involved in drug trade, and is involved with the leadership ofFreemasonry) and the Duchess of York (also Illuminati) selected Mickey Mousechinaware as gifts for 600 children. This was after Walt spent time with her in1934.

The League of Nations (the pre-W.W. II equivalent of the U.N.) took thetime to vote its approval of Mickey Mouse. (Finch, Christopher. The Art of WaltDisney from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom . NY: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1975,p. 53.) There is no doubt that Walt Disney had talent. There is also no doubtfrom the record that powerful people wanted to promote him. No doubt his 320Masonic membership and his DeMolay activities helped boost his support, and alsohelped Walt’s bent toward the occult.

Let’s digress just to let people in onFreemasonry’s involvement with acting and motion pictures. The famous 233 Clubwas a Masonic chapter for actors who were Freemasons. Examples of actors whowere Freemasons include John Aasen, Gene Autry, Monte Blue and Humphrey Bogart,Douglas McClean, John Wayne.

Then there is T.V. DJ Dick Clark. Examples ofMotion picture executives who were Freemasons incl. Ellis G. Arnall (Pres. ofthe Soc. of Ind. Motion Picture Producers), Will H. Hays (Czar of motionpictures 1922-45, and Pres. Motion Picture Produces & Distributors of Amer.Inc.), Benj. B. Kahane (v.p. & dir. Assoc. of Motion Picture Producers,Inc.), Carl Laemmle (Pres. Univ. Pictures Corp til ’36), Frank E. Mullen (man. dept of info. RCA, VP NBC ‘39-’46, exec. VP NBC ‘46-’48), DavidSarnoff (Chrm. of Bd. Radio Corp. of Amer. & ,,father” of Americantelevision), Jack M. Warner (v.p. of Warner Bros.) and the President & dir.of Universal Pictures since 1952. The Freemasons have made much of WaltDisney’s membership in their membership sales pitches. Because the 2 Disneybrothers’ chief contributions to the production of Disney films were thefinances and occasionally the ideas used in a film, it is rathermisrepresentative of things that Walt Disney got all the credit for the successand quality of the Disney cartoons.

He was showered with 700 awards and honorsfrom important people, including 30 oscars, and the Presidential Medal ofFreedom (in ’64). Walt Disney’s great animators never got the credit theydeserved, but no one should forget that Walt was the driving force that inspiredand guided his workers.

In 1934, Walt Disney made a cartoon about a goddess ofthe Mystery Religions named Persephone. In the cartoon entitled The Goddess ofSpring, the goddess Persephone is captured by Satan as his bride and sent to theunderworld, with the agreement she could return to earth six months of eachyear. The Illuminati have rituals around Persephone. On Dec. 21, 1937, Disneypremiered the first full-length color cartoon movie “Snow White and theSeven Dwarfs.” This cartoon had taken $1.4 in depression-time money andthree years to make. Over 750 artists worked on the film. Walt Disney had gottenthe idea from a silent movie of Snow White which he saw as a boy in 1917. Themovie has an important occult theme to it, and has been used for occultmind-control programming.

When the 1940’s got started, Disney was in financialdifficulties. At this point, Nelson Rockefeller hired his cartoon capabilitiesto make cartoons for South America, with the idea that South Americans wouldremain loyal to the American capitalist hegemony, rather than shift to risingideologies of fascism/nazism, if they saw Walt Disney cartoons.

In Rio deJaneiro, Brazil on 8/24/42, Disney did its world premiere of Saludo Amigos, a 42minute feature about Latin America. Goofy becomes a gaucho, a parrotteaches Donald Duck to dance the samba, as well as Disney art showing variouslandscapes of Brazil in the film.

However, the film The Three Caballeros, if itwas meant to encourage South American loyalty to American capitalism, completelyfailed. The Three Caballeros showed a sexually lecherous Donald Duck who in badtaste tries to make it with Latin women. The mysticism was also seen as bogus.Although the Latin Americans hated the film, the establishment media’s Lookmagazine praised it. Another reason that Rockefeller sent Walt to South Americawas to get him out of the way so that the government could settle the strike byDisney workers. Nelson Rockefeller was the government’s Coordinator ofInter-American Affairs, a good position considering how much of South Americathe Rockefeller’s controlled. Rockefeller told Disney that Disney couldn’tbeat the strikers, but that while Walt was in South America, FDR would see to itthat the strike got settled.

When Disney returned he submitted to the powersthat were, and accepted the unions and the mafia’s control. Another change forWalt Disney was that in 1940, he and Roy turned Disney into a “publiccorporation” and initially sold 755,000 shares of common stock. TheIlluminati Boston firm of Kidder, Peabody & Co. were the underwriters of thestudio’s public stock-offerings.

By 1940, the Disney Studio at Burbank hadbecome a miniature city with 1,000 men & women employees and 20 buildings ona 51 acre tract of land. After the U.S. joined W.W. II, Disney Productions weremade a part of the American military establishment. The very next day afterPearl Harbor, the military moved onto the Disney Studio, which leads this authorto suspect that Disney was already part of the power establishment prior to thewar breaking out. Disney made military movies/cartoons that taught the differentbranches of the military many things. They made propaganda movies for theallies.

One series of films was “Why we fight.” Disney made movies forthe IRS to get people to pay their taxes. Some of the Disney films were top,secret, and concerned secret military weapons or secret psychological tactics ofthe Americans. For instance, one military film was “Army PsychoTherapy” which taught army men how to instill fear, and about the basics offear. Another army film was “Prostitution & the War”. Anothershowed a carrier pigeon evading the Germans. In 1940, Disney came out with 2full length animated cartoons, Pinocchio and Fantasia, both of which were soonused for Illuminati mind-control programming. Fantasia contains Schubert’ssacred Catholic music Ave Maria, which was used in a concluding segment side toside with the profane Night on Bald Mountain song, as well as six otherclassical pieces of orchestra music.

As a feature cartoon it was a flop, but asa programming tool it was fantastic. Fantasia receives a comprehensiveexplanation of how it is used for mind-control programming at the end of thischapter. Because an explanation of the use of a Disney film for mind-control iscomplex, this explanation is placed at the end of the chapter so that it won’tinterrupt the flow of this chapter’s information. The Pinocchio film has beenredone and released 9 times over the years. Some of the next full lengthanimated films to come out were: The Three Caballeros (1945) The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad (‘49) Cinderella (1950) Treasure Island (1950) Alice InWonderland (1951) The Story of Robin Hood & His Merrie Men (1952) Peter Pan(1953) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) Sleeping Beauty (1959) Very soonafter the production of all of these movies, the Illuminati and theirintelligence agencies used them for Illuminati total mind-control programming.

To see their misuse as programming scriptsone has to understand how the fantasy worlds of a programmed multiple arecreated and how the movie scripts are adapted to be programming scripts. Vol. 2gave quite a few examples of how Alice In Wonderland and the Wizard of Ozscripts were used for programming scripts. When Disney had his animal-naturedocumentaries, he edited and used narration to give the animals human likecharacteristics–something he’d already been doing with animation. Disneyplayed an important part in the Illuminati’s plan to elevate animals anddehumanize humans.

One of the biggest Illuminati kingpins, and leader (GrandMaster) of the Prieure de Sion was Frenchman Claude Debussy (bn.1862). ClaudeDebussy, a Merovingian, was Nautonnier (Navigator-helmsman) of the Prieure deSion from 1885-1918. (See the document Dossiers secrets, planche no. 4, Ordre deSion, written about in Holy Blood, Holy Grail.) In 1891, when some secret codedparchments (Merovingian documents) were found by a French clergyman Sauniere, hewas directed by church officials to visit with Emile Hoffet, an occultacquaintance of Debussy.

Debussy was close friends with many of the top Frenchoccultists of his time. He is known to have been a close friend to both thenotorious Satanists Jules Bois and MacGregor Mathers. Mathers started the Orderof the Golden Dawn. Debussy was also a friend of the infamous Papus (aka Dr.Gerard Encausse) and W.B. Yeats.

Papus was one of the men who during hislifetime was part of the interlocking occult directorate of occult groups.Claude Debussy put some works of the previous P.d.S. Grand Master Victor Hugo tomusic. Debussy and his other powerful occult friends were influential withMonsieur Philippe, whose Russian occult circle influenced the Russian Czars andCzarinas before Rasputin came around. Debussy travelled to Russia and Rome. Someof Debussy’s works became operas. Interestingly, Walt Disney was extremelyanxious to make a cartoon using Debussy’s Clair de Lane. The work was done,but it was never shown to the public. Disney never found a place to use it. Itwas originally done with animation with flying cranes for the occultextravaganza Fantasia, but when the Fantasia ended up too long, Clair de Lanewas cut and shelved. It was again planned for the film Make Mine Music, but thenBlue Bayou was substituted in. Walt used the Le Sacre du Printemps (the Rite ofSpring) music for Fantasia. This piece of music was written AS a pagan ritualwhere a virgin sacrifices herself by dancing to death. Disney’s mobsterGunther Lessing had threatened Stravinsky if permission weren’t given forDisney to use the piece of music, it would be used anyway.

Dr. Julian Huxley gotinvolved in the production of Fantasia. Aldous and Julian Huxley are well knownby conspiracy researchers for their roles in the World Order. In the 1940’sand 1950’s, the Illuminati began using Disney’s Alice In Wonderland and theWizard of Oz films as programming bases for their total mind-controlled slaves.Alice in Wonderland had been done many years earlier by the Britisher WilliamCameron Menzies (who also did Freemason H.G. Wells’ Masonic forecast of theNew World Order entitled “Things to Come” in 1936, and the filmInvaders From Mars.). In 1944, Illuminati Kingpin William Randolph Hearst (withsome minor help from others) funded the Motion Picture Alliance, and Walt Disneybecame a co-founder and its first Vice-President. In the early 1950’s, Waltturned his attention from animated cartoons to other projects, such asTrue-Life-Adventures, television shows, and the creation of Disneyland. SealIsland was his first true life adventure which was released to the generalpublic on May 4, 1949, and soon won Walt Disney an Oscar. Alfred and ElmaMilotte had shot the film on some Alaskan Islands namedPribilof Islands. James Algar had put the movie together.

In 1952, Walter spelled his named backwards to create the name of another corporation Retlaw”.Roy and his family saw the move as an attempt to cut them out of the financialpicture. In 1954, Walt Disney and ABC made a agreement. ABC would directlyinvest half a million US dollars as well as guarantee $4.5 million in loans forthe construction of Disneyland. This made ABC 1/3 owner of Disneyland. Inreturn, Walt Disney agreed to produce a regular television series for ABC.Remember too that ABC’s president Leonard Goldenstein was a good friend ofRonald Reagan. On July 13, 1955, Walt and Lillian were attempting to celebratetheir 30th wedding anniversary at a park and restaurant. Walt got too drunk tospeak into the microphone, so he blew noisemakers into it, while Lillian rushedto pull him out of view. In 1961, Disney bought out the ABC investment (alsolabelled Paramount) for $7.5 million with cash and notes, and to bring this allup to date, later on July 31, 1995, Disney merged with Capital Cities/ABC, withDisney in nominal control. Actually Capital Cities has long been a CIA frontcompany, so the merger placed Disney squarely within the CIA ranks, although ithad been in bed with them for the CIA’s entire history.

TheIlluminati-controlled corporations of Coca-Cola and the drug firm Johnson andJohnson became sponsors for Disney’s early TV shows. On 7/3/57, the Wall St.Journal announced that Atlas Corp. got 26% interest in Walt Disney Productions.Walt Disney worked quietly with some consultants on the concepts behindDisneyland. His brother and nephew tried to prevent the project from happening.Later they requested that Walt sign over Disneyland, Inc. to Walt DisneyProductions, which Walt did. Walt kept 17.25 % of Disneyland holdings and WaltDisney Productions got the rest. Walt Disney Productions then shared theirportion with others. The man who helped Walt finance Disneyland was theexecutive vice-pres. of ABC Kintner.

Walt Disney got the Illuminati’s StanfordResearch Institute to determine what would be the best site for Disneyland. Aretired Navy admiral Joe Fowler was in charge of constructing both Disneylandand Walt Disney World. How do admirals fit into the power structure? Admiralsare briefed each day, and are given information concerning the secret powerstructure. Most men who are at that military level are Illuminati or at leastwell controlled by the system. Within the last few years there has been anintense effort to weed out any admirals who are not loyal to the Illuminati.Morgan-Evans, who lives in Malibu, and who may be of the famous Morgan clan, wasthe one who created the spectacular landscapes for Disneyland, Walt DisneyWorld, and EPCOT in FL. According to CIA informants opposed to the NWO, CIAcontractors were brought in to build the underground tunnels under Disneyworldin 1977. These contractors were sworn to secrecy, but were only informed on aneed to know basis why the CIA was involved with an amusement park. To work onthe secret tunnel project took an “Above Top Secret” clearance. Amajor programming center was constructed under Lake Holden. (Many of the lakesin Florida are named Lake So-and-so, rather than So-and-so Lake.) The tunnelsystem was built for programming trauma-based total mind-controlled slaves. Itwas built of concrete with steel reinforcement. Lake Holden lies just to thenorthwest side of the Orlando International Airport and just south of Interstate4. (It is close to Range 29E on quad maps.) It is only (as the crow flies) about12 miles from Disneyworld.

In spite of Draconian measures of secrecy, numerouslawsuits (Fed. & State) were filed over the years by victims trying to expose the Disneyworld programming tunnels, sothat finally the programming center was dismantled, cleaned up and amaintenance” tunnel level and a casting” tunnel level were openedto the public. During its heyday, the programmers (military & intelligencemen) had exotic offices underground with unusual programming equipment. Itdoesn’t take any imagination to realize that if Disney carried mind-controlprogramming above and below ground, that they would need tight security forcesto protect their secrets. Indeed, such is the case. Disney amusement parks havebeen granted draconian powers wherever they have been built! The Disney parkshave also employed armies of spies dressed like tourists to spy on Disney’semployees! If amusement park workers did anything slightly out of place, theywere (and still are) reported by the spies in the camp, and they often have losttheir jobs.

For instance, one ex-worker, who had 10 years with Disney, wascaught discussing his divorce with another worker. Since divorce doesn’t fitthe wholesome image that Disney wants, when the spy dressed as a touristreported his conversation, he lost his job. Many workers have tried to telltheir personal horror stories of Disney’s draconian rules and their draconianprivate police force, but most of the time Disney has had the power to suppressand intimidate away any bad publicity. An exception to that is the recent Nov.4, ‘96 Napa Valley Register article on page 2D entitled, “Critics ofDisneyland Say Security Abusive Inside Magic Kingdom.” UCLA law professorDavid Sklansky commented about Disney’s police, “One of the majorproblems we have is nobody really knows what they are doing- how often theystop, interrogate or search people. They are not subject to the same sort ofregulatory controls.”

It’s almost superfluous to tell readers thatDisney’s amusement park with it’s theme areas such as Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Adventureland were a great success. Everyone worldwide wascurious to visit this entertainment mecca to participate in something that had aclean, wholesome image to it. The entire world system pulled together to insurethat Disneyland got the image and publicity that the top 13 Illuminati familiesand the various syndicates wanted it to have. For 40 years they’ve done this.When something that everyone thinks is clean and wholesome is not attacked bythe world system, that should raise eyebrows among thinking people. Homeschooling, learning to read phonetically and other wholesome activities forchildren have been viciously attacked and ridiculed by the established media.Why has Disney gone untouched?

Disney Studios for years strove to have a veryclean image. Workers had dress codes, and any activity on the part of employeesthat wasn’t morally conservative was grounds for instant dismissal. Of course,the exceptions were well covered up, such as an employee who used hypnosis toget quite a few of the females employees to undress until nude. John L. Hulteng,author of The Messenger’s Motives (Englewood Cliff, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1976,p. 213) informs us, “As communication researchers have emphasized, thegreatest impact the media have on the formation or change of public opinion isin terms of impressions built up over a long period.” [bold added] Thewholesomeness of Disney is an image that has been built over a long period oftime. Disney’s occult themes of world citizenship, witchcraft, humanism andidolatry have also been long running impressions that have been craftivelyperpetrated upon this nation, so long that they began prior to this author’s–& probably the reader’s– birth. People don’t associate movie’s likeConsenting Adults with Disney, or The Corpse Had a Familiar Face with Disney. Infact as previously mentioned, when Disney wanted to put out more”adult” films, they did a slight of hand and created the labelTouchstone films so that people wouldn’t associate movies like Splash (which showed whatlooked like bared breasts) with Disney Productions.

Another label, HollywoodPictures, was created by Disney to help distribute Touchstone films. At firstthe personnel of these companies was simply Disney’s staff, but as time wenton, they got their own production personnel. On Oct. 27, 1954, Walt Disney’sWonderful World of Color debuted on television. The TV show celebratedDisney’s movie triumphs. The words Wonderful World of Color are not illchosen. According to an Illuminati mind-control programmer, when Disney workedon his cartoons, and amusement parks, colors –special colors and colorcombinations–were specifically chosen for mind-control programming purposes.Wonderful World of Color under various names such as Disneyland aired for 22years over the television networks.

In 1955, Walt Disney made his cartooncharacter Mickey Mouse real by creating a fan club–the Mickey Mouse Club, whichaired five days a week usually just as children came home from school.Twenty-four children called mouseketeers would help Mickey, and they would danceand sing and do skits. The Mickey Mouse Club adored the unique, cute littlebeanie Mickey Mouse caps with their big ears mounted to each side of the beanie.In the 1950’s, most kid viewers of the show wanted their own “MouseEars” and to become a Mouseketeer, especially children who were receivingMickey Mouse scripts in their total mind-control programming. Disney used hisMouseketeers to play all the roles in an Oz movie Rainbow Road to Oz, which wasnever shown to the public.

Adults today (both men & women) who receivedMickey Mouse programming during the 50’s through 70’s can still be seen withMickey Mouse clocks, watches, lampshades, knick-knacks, tee shirts, etc. Yearslater the kids who watched can still remember “Spin and Marty” and theMickey Mouse theme song. The image that everything was perfect including Mickeywas portrayed by the Club’s T.V. program. Still somehow the American peoplebegan to use the word “Mickey Mouse” as a synonym for a silly, pretendway of doing things. It became common for people to say, “He mickey-mousedit together.” to mean he did a poor job putting it together.

On Jan. 30,1957, Walt Disney had a television show aired entitled “All AboutMagic” where a Magic Mirror explains about magic. The Magic Mirror alsocontains a “Bibbidi-bibbidi-Boo” sequence. In 1959, Disney bought 8small submarines from Todd Shipyards for $2,150.000. When ABC wouldn’t letWalt make a TV series out of a storyline where a magic ring changes a boy into adog (a mind-control programming theme)–because ABC didn’t think the publiccould swallow the story line–Walt quit ABC for NBC. Walt then made a scaleddown version of this occult storyline entitled The Shaggy Dog.

Early in the1960’s, Walt and his brother Roy went secretly looking for an area on the eastcoast to build another Disney Park. Walt the younger of the two, died in 1966,and Roy finished the project. Beginning in 1964, 30,000 acres were secretlypurchased at $200 an acre in the Orlando, FL area just west of NASA’s CapeKennedy. Using phoney names and paying cash, Disney buyers bought the land andswore the sellers to secrecy. The Magic Kingdom has been multiplying. In 1971,Walt Disney World was opened to the public. Bob Hope and others participated ina Disney special on Oct. 29, 1971 “Grand opening of Walt DisneyWorld”. From the time of its opening until Oct. 12, 1995, Disney Worldcalculated 1/2 billion people visited DisneyWorld. This amusement park is inOrlando, FL on over 27,400 acres and includes the EPCOT Center (now also calledsimply Epcot). The EPCOT center was another dream of Walt Disney’s (albeitmore than slightly modified from Walt’s original EPCOT ideas.)

EPCOT originally stood for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Itwas to be an extension of the massive mind-control being carried out at DisneyWorld. The original EPCOT city designed by Walt was to carry on its commerce(traffic) via underground roads and tunnels like the Disney Theme parks. AfterWalt Disney died, his successors changed the proposed experimental city intoanother theme park simply called Epcot. It is not unusual to see crowds of over48,000 people descend on Walt Disney World and the EPCOT center in a single day.Some visitors arrive via a monorail. Visitors can buy 5-Day World Hopper passeswhich allow them to bounce around with admission to all the sites for a sevenday period. In other words, some families stay for a week at Disneyworld.Hardcore visitors can get Annual Passports which provide unlimited use of WaltDisneyworld for an entire year.

In reality, many visitors to Disneyworld beginthe day enthusiastic and after a day of hot sun and waiting in long lines withlarge crowds for imitations of reality, the tourists are zombie-like and lookingforward to getting back to their hotels. Many people have felt the rides werenot nearly what they expected. Some of the rides are better than others, andsome typically get comments like, “It was stupid.” Some of the spookyevents like Snow White’s Adventures, or the oversized heads of the Disneycharacters walking around can leave the little preschool children terrified anddazed for the rest of the day. In contrast, older children, who normally rarelyshow patience at home may show how much they want to go on a particular Disneyride, by waiting an hour and a half in the hot sun for a ride. Alien Encounteris a Walt Disneyland feature that invites tourists in for a “demonstrationof interplanetary teleportation.” When the “demonstration” asplanned “breaks down” an alien” with asocial traits appearsamong the audience and terrorizes the audience. A cute creature is hideouslyfried, deformed, and then vomited into space screaming. Here are some commentsfrom visitors to this Walt Disneyland attraction:

· “Alien Encounter …is one of those rides I can say I’ve seen andthat I have no intention of ever doing again. In fact, parents who take childrenunder the age of six should be brought up on child abuse.” Woman, from MI

· “Alien Encounter was the WORST experience for my 10-year-old (andalmost every child in there). It starts out cute enough during the preshow, butthe actual show is a disaster for children. My daughter screamed and cried interror throughout it. I thought the Disney warnings were vague and inaccurate.When we left, there wasn’t one child with dry eyes (even sturdy looking12-year-old boys were crying.). I think an age requirement of 13 or 14 is moreappropriate. I talked to a few adults and we even agreed that the specialeffects were extremely unpleasant even for us. This show is not a Disney familyexperience–its ATROCIOUS!!” A mother from Phillipsburg, NJ.

· “We did go to Alien Encounter…The preshow is deceiving. It kind oflulls you into thinking “this isn’t so bad.” When the main part cameup, I admit the experience gave me the absolute heebie-jeebies. . .I am neverdoing that presentation again–it was way too intense for me, and I’m now 27years of age!–from a family in Laurel, MD

Michael Eisner, the President of WaltDisney Co., initially rejected Alien Encounter for not being scary enough whenit was being considered as an addition to Disneyworld. One wonders what he wouldhave liked! Snow White’s Adventures, which was an attraction at Disneyland,was one of what the Disney people called “dark rides”. After a while asign appeared with a witch warning people that the attraction was scary. Laterin 1983, they renamed it Snow White’s Scary Adventures. It might beinteresting to point out that when the original Snow White and Seven Dwaffs filmcame out, that England forbid the film to be seen by any child under 16 unless accompanied by anadult because of the scary content of the movie. How far we have come sincethen.

Schools in the Florida and California areas also make field trips to theMagic Kingdom that are arranged with Disney. EPCOT receives tens of thousands ofchildren this way during March, September and October. High schools use theMagic Kingdom for proms or senior nights, and some couples use the facilities ofthe Magic Kingdom for weddings. Modem Bride ranked Orlando as the number-onehoneymoon destination in the world. Group discussions of people who tookhoneymoons to DisneyWorld have had a consensus that the hype is not as great asthe reality. Some weddings are done with cartoon characters. Disney offers”fairy-tale” wedding packages. A great deal for two mind-controlledslaves. They can reinforce their programming while getting married. The Disneyfairy-tale wedding typically has its ceremony on a pavilion on an island in theSeven Seas Lagoon with the Cinderella Castle as a backdrop. The fairy-talewedding can then be followed with a Fantasy reception with a choice of themessuch as Beauty & the Beast or Aladdin. The fantasy programming can continueas the bride is delivered to a “Cinderella’s Ball” by an actualglass carriage drawn by six white Disney ponies. A costumed fairy-godmother& stepsisters are also at the ball. Desert is served in a white chocolateslipper.

One of the after-dark shows is IllumiNations which consists of music,fireworks, erupting fountains, special lighting, and laser technology done atthe World Showcase Lagoon. EPCOT has a show Cranium Command at the Wonders ofLife in the Future World section where guests sit in a theater that functions asa command control room for a boy’s brain. In 1980, Disney came out with thebox office flop The Devil & Max Devlin. In 1984, Roy E. Disney brought inMichael Milken, of junk bond fame to help Disney out financially. In 1985,Disney bought MGM’s rights to Leo the Lion logo and began using the MGM Wizardof Oz material. Later a remake of Alice In Wonderland came out in the modernmotif of Honey I Shrank the Kids. In the 1990’s, Illuminati controlledcompanies continued their promotion of Disney. For instance, the Nestlefamily’s Nestle company promotes Disney movies on their chocolate bars. TheNestle family is exposed in this author’s booklet Illuminati Control OverFoods and Grains, p. 4 as one of the elite Black Nobility families. In 1996,Walt Disney World created an actual residential town named Celebration on itsproperty. This self-contained community has 20,000 and a school, a theater, afiber optic information network linking business, as well as other features.

SOME DISNEY people of interest

Over the years, the close associates of the Disneys’ is very revealing. Thepublic can get a feel for Disney’s attitude toward Illuminati bloodlines inthe Disney movie The Happiest Millionaire which is about Anthony J. DrexelBiddle and Angie Duke. Readers of this author’s previous writings willrecognize the Biddle and Duke names. In fact, the movie was based loosely on abook written by Cordelia Drexel Biddle about the Biddles.

X Atensio. His first name was Xavier, but was nicknamed and called X. Heworked on the haunted mansion of Disneyland with WED enterprises. He joinedDisney in 1938, and was an assistant animator of Fantasia.

Warren Beatty. (b. 1937 in VA) This actor is from the Illuminati Beattyfamily and starred in Disney’s Dick Tracy. The Dick Tracy film uses color in aspecial way, and this ties in with the color programming of the mind-control. Some total mind-controlled slaves have programming based onDisney’s Dick Tracy movie for them to track down and kill “targets”(people). Warren’s sister is the famous (or infamous) Shirley Maclaine.Shirley “MacClaine” is not what she appears.

Her father was aprofessor who was a CIA asset. She was used by the CIA as a sex slave. Shebecame popular with the studios because she went to bed with the correct people.Her talents were used to get her as an intelligence slave into places that anobvious intelligence agent couldn’t go. She was married to a man in the NSAfor nearly 20 years. Her adopted name Maclaine (reportedly her mother’s maidenname) is a pun on McLain, VA where the CIA programmed her. She was used by theCIA in an operation in Australia, where the CIA used her as a sex slave tocompromise Andrew Peacock, an Australian MP, so that they could establish the Nugen-Hand bank for their dirty money laundering etc.

She is friends with Satanist Stephen Nance who has provided her with some of her teachings. LowellMcGovern writes her material. The CIA has programmed many of their New Ageslaves to adore Shirley MacLaine. An example of this is Christa Tilton, one oftheir mind-controlled slaves, who revealed in an interview how she consideredherself a born-again Christian who had spent most of her life in Oklahoma, buthad mysteriously been drawn to Shirley MacLaine. During her life she has gottenrepeated “psychic urgings”–that is strong urges to do things and goplaces, which she doesn’t understand where these urgings came from. Afterhypnosis, Christa drew pictures of the doctor who programmed her. Christa hashad a federal agent monitor her constantly. Her husband has seen this agent, whohas shown up on her door step and made calls to her. She names the agent JohnWallis (most likely a cover name). This agent has a complete knowledge of herlife, and government agents have taken photos of her during her supposedly”alien abduction” experiences. Christa is just one of hundreds ofvictims who have been programmed to adore Shirley MacLaine. (Christa ismentioned here because she is one case that this author is familiar with.)Warren Beatty, who peppers his speech with four-letter words was a student atthe Stella Adler Theater Studio in NYC.

Black, Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple Black sat on the Disney board ofdirectors (74-75). Her films were used for some of the early 40’s and‘50’s programming and teaching slaves body movements/dance. She marriedsomeone in an elite Network family from San Francisco named Charles A. Black.Charles A. Black was a Lt. Col. in the Pentagon who lived at Bethesda, MD. WasShirley an early example of brain-stem scarring to get geniuses? Shirley’sbrother appears to have developed “Multiple Sclerosis” from brainstem-scarring. It was Shirley Temple who co-founded the International Federationof Multiple Sclerosis Societies, and was a member of its exec. committee.Shirley represented the U.S. at the UN General Assembly in 1969, belongs to theSierra Club, and has been decorated with the Cross of Malta. Shirley has shownclues that she may be an Illuminati mind-controlled child protege.

Stephen Bollenbach. Bollenbach was part of Walt Disney management, and was akey figure who helped engineer Disney’s $19 billion buyout of the CIA’sCapital Cities/ABC, as well as sell the idea to Eisner. He is the CEO of theNetwork’s Hilton Hotels Corp. He recently has been involved with trying to buyITT, in order to put together the world’s largest hotel-casino combination.Bollenbach has an extensive background with the gaming-gambling industry. Whenthe Justice Dept. began looking into the merger of Disney with Cap. Cities/ABC,Bollenbach resigned his Disney position. Some people feel his resignation wasneeded for Disney to get the Justice Dept. to approve the merger, because hispast was vulnerable to be exposed.

Warren Buffett. A major stockholder in Walt Disney. He also owns 40% ofBerkshire Hathaway Inc. which also owns lots of shares of Disney stock.According to S.F. Examiner, Buffett himself owns 24 million shares of Disney.Warren Buffett is part of the Ak-Sar-Ben fraternity and Monarch slave abuserswho were exposed in the Nebraska Saving & Loan scandal. He is perhaps thesecond richest man in the nation, and too powerful for anyone to touch. In thekingpin vs. kingpin battles, some people close to the inside see Buffett as agood guy. Readers need to study the Lincoln Savings & Loan scandal and thescandals connection to programmed child slaves at Boy’s Town to get moreinformation on this Disney stockholder. Robert G. Hagstrom, Jr., who is theportfolio manager of the mutual fund Focus Trust, which has shares in WaltDisney, wrote the book The Warren Buffett Way. Hagstrom has a chapter on Disneyin his The Warren Buffett Way. He quotes Buffett as extremely enthusiastic aboutDisney’s merger with Capital Cities/ABC. Because of his enthusiasm Buffettsays, The odds are extremely high that we will have a very large amount ofDisney stock.”

Salvador Dali–This strange surrealist Spanish artist was a friend of WaltDisney. After Salvador was kicked out of Spain for Franco’s belief that he wasa communist, he came to America, and worked with Disney Studios in 1946.Salvador, an eccentric who had no particular work habits, described himself,”The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not amadman.”

The Tommy Dorsey Band–This band has had a number of men in it who areMind-control slave abusers associated with the Network. Frank Sinatra, a sexualslave user, got his big break with this band. This band performed at Disneylandin 1984 at the Plaza Gardens. Tommy Dorsey was part of the Network’s in-crowd.When he was on a USO Tour with Bob Hope, he stabbed actor Joe Hall and threw himout of a window. Joe had to have 32 stitches. But Joe didn’t get justice, thejudge dismissed his case against Tommy.

Michael Dammann Eisner, Chairman at Disney is a CIA asset and connected tothe mob. Some insiders believe he is connected to elements of the CIA & mobthat are anti-NWO. Even so, these anti-NWO factions also employ mind-control.Eisner ignored a threat by Red China to boycott Disney products if he made amovie about the nation Tibet that China controls with draconian force. The U.N.,the Commerce Dept. and the State Dept. all tried unsuccessfully to get him toback down on the film. A paper trail connecting Michael Eisner and Walt DisneyCo. to mind control is their support of the Boys & Girls Club of NapaValley, which is used for a supply of children for pedophilia and mind-control.The Boy’s & Girls Club is used to supply caddies for the Silverado CountryClub, where these children are also used as mind-controlled slaves for thesexual perversions of the elite. Notice that Napa’s Silverado Country Clubinvites in celebrities (such as CIA asset Pat Boone, Joe DiMaggio, ex-husband ofsex slave Marilyn Monroe, Engelbert Humberdinck a slave handler, Digger Phelps,Notre Dame’s coach who uses slaves, and Jack Vale nti CEO of Motion PictureAssoc. & Bohemian Grover) for a golf tournament which is billed as abenefit for the Boys & Girls Club”. The benefit for child slaves isthey get to caddie & sexually service elite perverts.

Michael (bn. March 7,‘42 in NY) came from old American money of a family that has been richmerchants and lawyers. Michael grew up in luxurious Park Ave. as well as hisfamily’s “country place” in Bedford Hills near Mt. Kisco, NY. Hewent to an elite private school Allen-Stevenson, which is famous for itschildren’s orchestra. At the age of 14, he then went to Lawrenceville School,which is a prep-school for Princeton, whose tuition in ’56 was $3,000.Eisner’s class incl. NY’s governor’s son, and other sons of powerful men,such as the son of Saudi Prince Turqi al-Faisal. The school is a prep school for theestablishment’s entertainment industry. Students are only allowed to see theirparents on major holidays. Eisner was in the Periweg Club, the school’s dramasociety. His poor scholastic performance meant that he had to go to a smallliberal arts college, rather than Princeton or Harvard such as was familytradition. For instance, his grandfather had attended Phillips Exerter Academyand Harvard. His grandfather has serve in many govt. commissions and belonged tothe Harvard Club, the American Club in London as well as some yacht clubs.Between his junior & senior year in high school, Eisner was a page atNBC’s HQ in the Rockefeller Center.

In 1966, he landed a job in theprogramming department of ABC. He had an influential position. Eisner had onegood break for deciding TV programming. He was 21 when the target audience was21 years old, and when he was 35, the target age of the film industry was then35. He has been described as having “supernatural enthusiasm” coupledto a lifetime quest for untested ideas.

Rich H. Frank, was Executive Vice-President with Walt Disney until his suddenresignation about a year before this was written. He worked side by side withKatzenberg and left after Katzenberg resigned in a dispute with Disney’schairman Eisner. Rich Frank was President of Walt Disney’s TV-Media Division.He acquired the estate of VanHoffenwiggen, when VanHoffenwiggen fled the countryand vanished when Lendvest began to be exposed. VanHoffenwiggen was a majorfigure involved with Lendvest Mortgage Inc., a drug-laundering operation anddrug smuggling operation operating out of Napa Valley. It was also the fastestgrowing real estate mortgage company in northern California until its drugsmuggling began to be exposed. Lendvest did some tricks ala Nugen Hand Bank.Millions of dollars of investors and creditors have disappeared leaving lots ofhurting people, and the mortgage company filed for protection from creditors inU.S. Bankruptcy court, and is still in operation.

International financier Edmond Safra’s private bank, the Republic National Bank of NY, launders money fromthe Medellin drug cartel. Safra’s bank sent Lendvest lots of crisp new $100bills. The Safras are tied in with the Rothschilds. (The Safras are reportedlyrecent property owners in St. Helena near Napa (through Good Wine Co. which isthe Spring Mountain Wineries), near where Lendvest was HQed. Edmond’s nephew,Jacob Safra, has a partnership in Napa Valley’s Good Wine Co.

TheRothschild’s Citicorp gave Republic National Bank the transaction ability toissue international (world) bearer bonds (“bank notes”) TheLuxembourg/Belgium branch of Bank Nacional de Paris issued a bearer bond thatwas connected the Lendvest drug running operation. In Britain, a U.S. citizenMike Spire ran the British operation of Lendvest and InVest. LandVest’s parentwas InVest which has operated in the U.K., Switz., Saudi Arabia & Paraguay.Long story made short, Lendvest has been an international CIA-Mafia drug runningoperation, with Illuminati overtones and connections to it.

With all this inmind, it is strange, that Walt Disney’s President of its TV-Media Division,Rich Frank, bought the palatial mansion of John O. Van Hoffenwiggen after VanHoffenwiggen disappeared from the country when indictments and arrests began tobe made of people connected to Lendvest. According to insiders, Rich Frank isalso one of a number of Napa Valley people involved in illegal labelling ofwines. Rich Frank was a key figure in Disney’s programming venture with threeregional Bell Telephone companies (Ameritech, Bell South, & SBC Commun.)coming together. Bell Telephone wanted to get into cable TV. Michael Ovitzformed a rival group of 3 other Bell Telephone co.s. Calvin Robinson, who tiedin with Land Vest, worked with Boyce, who in turn worked for TRW Co., in RedondoBeach, CA. Boyce was sentenced to 40 years for selling US surveillance secrets to the soviets.

Daniel Hillis, the co-founder of a supercomputer producer Thinking Machinesfrom MIT, is in charge of the Walt Disney Imagineering unit. Hillis helpedDisney develop a virtual-reality ride at Disneyland based on the Aladdincartoon.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, has been the chairman of Disney’s movie studio, is anaggressive worker, a model Type A person. Ask 50 people to describe JeffreyKatzenberg, and most will say tenacious. ‘If Jeffrey were any more aggressive,he’d be in jail.” says the producer Dan Melnick.” ( Harmetz, Aljean,”Who Makes Disney Run?”, NY Times. Feb. 7, ‘88, p. 29.) Katzenbergis the father of twins, which people joke was typical of his efficiency.Katzenberg supervised the production of Star Trek. Most of his movies have beenbox office successes. In the ‘70’s, Katzenberg worked for NY Mayor JohnLindsay.

Sanford Martin Litvack. Sanford is the Executive Vice Pres. of Disney and incharge of “Human Resources” for the corporation. He is a Jewish lawyerwho was educated at the Jesuits’ Georgetown Univer. He is on the bd of dir, ofBet Tzedek.

Vincent Price. Price has been one of the major influential occultists who hasprovided the world with many occult horror books and scripts. He worked forDisney some, and was the voice for Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective. VincentPrice’s good friend John Hay Whitney is an Illuminati kingpin and vice-pres.of the Pilgrim Society and was raised into the Illuminati through the YaleScroll & Key fraternity. His friend Whitney likes horror movies.

The Osmond Brothers. Merrill Osmond’s boys were “discovered” atDisneyland when they were visiting the site in 1962. The Disney people on MainSt. just “happened” to recognize the talent of the five boys andsigned them up soon for their first professional singing contract. The OsmondBoys did some television appearances for Disneyland such as Meet Me atDisneyland, and Disneyland after Dark. (Considering the mind-control programmingdone to these Osmund children, these TV shows were a cruel joke.) Of the singingOsmond kids, Donny is the next to the youngest, and his sister Marie is theyoungest. Both Donny and his sister Marie are programmed multiples who areslaves, who have been subjected to a lot of abuse. They have good front alters.Their father has made millions from drugs, porn and white slavery and is part ofthe Mormon Illuminati front. The Mormon front of the Illuminati has gotten a lotof good publicity off of the Osmonds. They sang for Andy Williams whose Frenchwife was once arraigned on murder charges. Later they sang for the satanicNetwork’s Lawrence Welk show. Swedish accented Lawrence Welk has been part ofthe Network. Marie Osmond has grown up, and she has adopted 3 of her 5 childrenin spite of her busy singing schedule which includes approx. 200 singing shows ayear at places like Mafia controlled Atlantic City. In terms of occult families,adopted children are often programmed children, so this is a clue that herchildren have been programmed too.

Michael Ovitz. Ovitz was the no. 2 man at Walt Disney for a while until nearthe end of ’96. Michael Ovitz was a high school classmate in VanNuys, CA withMichael Milken (later the junk-bond wizard), & there are many of the samepeople connected to both men. When Michael Ovitz’s National Mercantile Bancorp(a saving & loan) began getting into the quicksand of several lawsuits &scandals, attorney Robert Strauss represented him. Illuminati member RobertStrauss has been a lawyer connected with drug running & the mafia. He wasalso an FBI agent from ’41 to ’45 with Hoover. He is admitted to the Wash.D.C. bar.

Pres. Bush appointed him U.S. Ambassador to Russia. He has been onthe board of dir, of the Illuminati’s PepsiCo, Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM),and General Instruments (which have been exposed in other writings by thisauthor.) He was also a board member of the Illuminati-mafia run MCA. Strauss isseen in Wash. D.C. as a behind the scenes power broker. Strauss representedMichael Milken associate Ronald 0. Perelman, Chrmn. of Revlon, who made a $600mil. killing off of the 1st Gibraltar S&L. Strauss represented MCA, whichthe Bronfmans took over in 1995. The book Knoedelsder, William. Stiffed-The TrueStory of MCA, The Music Business, and the Mafia. NY: HarperCollins Pub., 1993,does an good job of connecting MCA to the mob, the Network, and Iran Contra. Seeespecially page 442. Time magazine 2/24/97 carried a page long story aboutMichael Ovitz being out of a job. In the article, they reported that he wasspending time on his new yacht The Illusion, visiting Joe Silver’s estate inSo. Carolina, visiting his property in Aspen, CO, and eating lunch withinvestment adviser Richard Salomon of Spears, Benzak, Salomon & Farrell.Gordon Crawford of the Capital Group is quoted in the article praising Ovitz,and saying he would invest in an Ovitz venture.

Ovitz is believed to be mafia bypeople in a place to know. He has also been known to threaten people using mafiaterms, for instance, Vanity Fair (12/’96, p. 272) reports Ovitz threateningBernie Brillstein, a producer, with his “foot solders”. The SanFrancisco Chronicle (Fri., 1/26/’96, p. D20) quotes the latest issue ofColumbia Journalism Review about an incident where a reporter Anita Busch whowas investigating Ovitz got violently sick from the MSG in her food as sheinterviewed him. To top off it all off, Ovitz followed up her story whichquestioned his actions, by sending her a gift wrapped package of MSG with aone-word note: “Enjoy.”. Michael Ovitz has had the clout to deal withIlluminati kingpin Edgar Bronfman head to head. He requested & got Bronfmanto keep his dad employed, which was dutifully done. Edgar Bronfman Jr. hadseriously considered having Ovitz head Seagram’s MCA/Universal conglomerate.

Frank G. Wells. Frank was the President & the Chief Operating Officer ofThe Walt Disney Co. Wells was also on Disney’s board of directors. He was aRhodes Scholar, and a lawyer in 1955. Those who have read previous books (suchas Vol. 1) by this author know how the Rhodes Scholars fit into things & arepart of the Illuminati. He worked closely with Eisner & Katzenberg. Frankdied in a helicopter crash in the spring of 1994 while heli-skiing in Nevada.His surviving sister is Molly Wells Chappellet who runs around in Illuminaticircles. Molly Wells Chappellet has been featured several times in Betty KnightScripp’s magazine Appellation. Betty Knight Scripp was married to a BohemianGrove member. Betty has been good friends with: the late Pamela Harriman (whowas a recent U.S. ambassador to France & connected to the Rothschilds), aswell as good friends with Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess of Vladmir ofRussia, who owns the Chateau Margaux in Bordeaux. Betty Scripps personallymonitors with care what is put into her incredible magazine Appellation. She hasa column “Who’s Who in the Wine Country” where the Chappellets haveappeared in print numerous times.

Nearly all of Disney’s 1920 movies had a black cat in them. Many had occultslants to the scripts. The occult slant never departed from Disney themes.

Some of DISNEY’S blatantly OCCULT MOVIES.

Aladdin. A wisecracking allpowerful genie is shown.

Bednobs & Broomsticks (1971) A witch finds a magic formula from a lionking. The magic formula raises a ghostly army of armor in a museum which stops aband of German commandos.

Beyond Witch Mountain (1982) A pair of twins leave Witch’s Mountain andhave to use their special occult powers to outwit a character named Deranian.

The Black Cauldron (1985), A Horned King uses his magic to fight aclairvoyant pig and the pig’s keeper. This animation cost $25 million, but wasa box office failure.

Bride of Boogedy (1987) An evil spirit visits the Davis family and puts thefather under a spell. Directed by Oz Scott.

Child of Glass (1978) A glass doll must be found to set a ghost free in ahaunted house.

The Gnome-Mobi1e (1967). A multimillionaire and his grandchildren encountergnomes. In the end the multimillionaire deeds the forest to the gnomes foreternity.

Halloween Hall of Fame (1977). Jack-o-lanterns come to life.

Halloween Treat (1982). Cartoons about Halloween. This was followed the nextyear with a film Haunted Halloween which talked about the origins of Halloween.

Misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964) A genius tries to help other students.He tries to also use hypnotism & ESP which backfire on him.

Richest Cat in the World (1986) A wealthy man leaves his fortune to his cat,who the relatives later discover can talk.

H. DISNEY & its MOB connections

When this author spoke to the co-author’s deeper Illuminati alters aboutDisney, their reaction was that Disney had been described to them when they werein the Illuminati as “a syndicate within a syndicate.” They said thatwhile in the Illuminati, they were aware that Disneyland had their owngovernment, their own rules and their own police force. They were a crimesyndicate within a syndicate. What these Illuminati alters casually mentioned,was verified by this author the hard way through research. One DisneylandSecurity Supervisor said, “There is no Constitution at Disneyland. We haveour own laws.” Once, when Walt Disney got miffed at a Hollywood policeman,Walt said, “I’ll have your badge.” If Disney guards decide to, theywill get very rough physically with people, and assault them in any fashion theysee fit. The people they detain are often thrown into tiny cells at Disneylandwhere they are kept without benefit of a phone call, without benefit of a toiletor water.

The judicial system turns a blind eye to whatever Disney police do.Many people pay Disney to get their children out of a Disney cell, and never getdue process of any law. This type of treatment has gone on for decades, and isalmost a daily occurrence at Disneyland. The Anaheim Police force is very chummywith the Disney private police force. Also at one point, the Burbank Chief ofPolice was the brother-in-law to Disney’s Chief of Security. Recently, when acouple filed a wrongful death suit against the Magic Kingdom of Disney inFlorida, the state of Florida surprisingly has appeared to have backed off fromtheir traditional behavior of protecting Disney’s sovereignty. An article onthe suit said, “”there is evidence of some nervousness with Disney’srelative autonomy.”” (San Francisco Chronicle, article”Mickey’s Dark Side” Oct. 1, ’96, p. C6) An attorney in the casesaid, “Disney World’s security people aren’t just cops, they are badones. I don’t think there is any corporation that has ever had the perceivedpower that Disney has.”

Richard Foglesong, a professor of politics at Rollins College in Winter Park stated, “Because Disney Worldcontrols so much of its corporate and municipal universe, it can’t help butact in a heavy-handed manner in order to ferociously protect its self-interest.They have immunity from state and local land use law. They can build a nuclearplant, distribute alcohol. They have powers local communities don’t have. Dothey abuse it? In my opinion, yes.”

In line with Disney’s previousdictatorial policies on their properties, Disney’s new city called Celebrationwill not have any elected government. Since the city is unincorporated (a neatDisney trick) the mayor is appointed by Disney. Several Disney”quasi-government’” bodies control citizens of the city. Forinstance, the Celebration Residential Owners Association, which participates inbinding all residents to a Declaration of Covenants, a legal binder of rulesthat residents must live by. Of course the Declaration of Covenants was writtenby Disney. These rules include such nit picky things as, no more than two peoplecan sleep in the same bedroom, no pickup trucks can be parked in front of homes,and if Disney officials don’t like your cat or dog they can forcibly removethe animal from your home. Disney Corp. has perpetrated numerous deceptions onthe residents, incl. shoddy work on their homes, and operating their””public”” school with Disney cronies. Still, the residentsthat have moved into Celebration are glowing with praise for the town in spiteof the fact that the city is totally run by Big Brother Disney Corp. Of coursethose who don’t love it, soon leave. So much for the American tradition ofself-government.


Traditionally, the mob crime bosses have had a yearly summit. In 1928, theyhad their yearly conclave at Cleveland. In 1929, they had their secret yearlyconclave at Atlantic City. In 1931, they held their secret annual conclave atWappingers Falls, NY. At the Wappingers Falls meeting, attended by about 300overlords and soldiers, the heads of the family clans discussed their crimefamily agendas. They decided where the first national Mafia convention was to beheld. Once the Mafia was able to hold their yearly private national meetings,they were able to coordinate their activities, as well as decide such things as:

a. the direction of national & internal operations, and long range plans

b. the promotion of new bosses

c. decisions on turf & rank, commodities & cash

d. hashing out alliances or disputes with the Mishpucka, Triads, FBI,Illuminati, etc. and working with others in a concerted manner. The mafia clanswould then leave the annual summit meetings and follow through in their area ofoperations, until they would meet the next year, review their successes &failures, get new assignments, and decide upon new short & long term goals.In 1927, the Mishpucka worked with Mafia to highjack a bootleg shipment ofwhiskey travelling from Ireland to Boston for the Kennedy Illuminati family.Most of Kennedy’s guards were killed in the shootout, and J.P. Kennedy had thewidows of the guards besieging him for financial assistance. Billy Graham’sgood friend Mafia Chief Joseph Bonanno was one of the chiefs who attended theyearly conclaves. He also met with J.F. Kennedy in the Winter of 1959. JohnKennedy was known to have said that mobster Sam Giancana worked for his Kennedyfamily. The mob/Illuminati alliances and infighting are too complex to deal within this book, but both groups had to put plans into action to deal with therepeal of Prohibition, which would end their lucrative bootlegging. The shortterm plan for the Mafia was to control the film industry in Hollywood, and topenetrate the unions better. The long term plans called for sending their nextfew generations of children off to the top schools and getting them intolegitimate respectable corporate positions. By learning the ins andouts of honest, legal operations, they could then mix in the illegaloperations with their legal ones & look legal.

They planned to extend theirpower base into politics, the Harvard-Stanford business schools, as well as thefinest corporate board rooms. They intended (and have succeeded) in getting someof their offspring to produce/direct T.V./films. They would have an increasingpresence within the Bohemian Grove membership, as well as some of the othergreat social & business clubs. Their plan to take over the film industryhinged on their union control over unions and theaters. The Chicago mobcontrolled the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Union. Themob controlled the projectionist’s union, and if the film makers had thetheaters where their movies were shown shut down, what good would it be to makemovies? The film makers and the mafia both had power & money. Rather thanfight a protracted war, they made a deal. The major studios would give about$50,000 a year to the mafia, and the small ones $25,000, to be allowed tofunction. Other agreements were also reached. Mob henchmen Willie Bioff andGeorge E. Browne were mob lieutenants who orchestrated the mob’s”Hollywood takeover”.

Time Magazine, Nov. 1, 1943, wrote, “In the witness chair in Manhattan’s Federal Court sat bland, wilyWillie Bioft (pronounced Buy-off), blackmailer, panderer, labor leader, and nowstar witness against eight ex-pals, who are charged with shaking down $1 millionfrom the movie industry…Question: Was it true that Bioft once had a five-yearplan for taking over 20% of Hollywood’s profits-and eventually 50% interest Inthe studios themselves? Bioff (wistfully): “If we’d lasted that long, wewould have. Question: “Did you ever say you were boss of Hollywood andcould make producers do whatever you wanted?” Bioff: “Yes-and I couldmake them dance to my tune.”

Although Bioff rolled over on his pals andended up getting car bombed, that didn’t stop the mob/Mishpucka infiltration& control of Hollywood. (Bioff had tried to save his public image by helpingWalt Disney settle his labor dispute with the mob-led unions, but Walt wiselyrejected his offer of help, and made sure he didn’t offend the Chicago mobleaders who were disgruntled with Bioff.) Hundreds of millions of dollars werepoured by the Mafia & Mishpucka into real estate in southern California, byusing legitimate local businessmen to launder the money. Hollywood was declareda “free zone” where all the Mafia/Mishpucka families could operatewithout a fear of a turf war.”

Let us backtrack slightly to 1930. Columbia distributed Disney cartoons from1930 until 1932, when Disney switched to United Artists, because Columbiawasn’t bothering to pay Disney the money they owed. In 1930, Cohn, Pres. ofColumbia Pictures, got Disney off the financial hook with Powers by intimidatingPowers with some street toughs carrying a legal suit. If Disney wasn’tindebted to the mafia before, he was at that point.

Biographers have beenpuzzled why Disney went into such a traumatic depression after Henry Cohn”helped” him. Tough guy Henry Cohn made sure Walt knew who was boss.His attitude was that Walt should be happy to be paid at all by him for thecartoons Walt supplied Columbia. After this, Walt would lock himself in his roomand weep uncontrollably for hours. He was impossible for anyone to get alongwith. He was unable to focus on anything, and would stare for long periods outthe window. Biographers blame Walt’s behavior on the fact that his wife waspregnant. They also blame it on his friend Iwerks defection to another company.Frankly, Walt had treated Iwerk like a dog, and deep down must have known whyIwerk left such an abusive relationship. To claim that he wept for hours dayafter day because he realized he might become a father is too much to swallow.When Walt was asked years later about why he was so depressed he said it was thestress of the financial situation. Walt said, I had a nervous breakdown …Costs were going up; each new picture we finished cost more to make than we hadfigured it would earn when we first began to plan it…I cracked up.”

This author submits to the reader that part of his breakdown may have indeedbeen the financial stress from having come under the heel of the mafia. They hadall the means to make or break him, and he had no choice but to surrender totheir overwhelming power to blackmail & destroy him OR to get out of thebusiness. What this did was place Walt in a position where his two strongesttraits had to clash–his overwhelming obsession to be his own boss, and hiscreative obsession to create animation which was wrapped up with his ego &his deep phobias and psychological needs. His mind couldn’t give up itsindependence nor its creativity without great mental anguish, and therefore Waltwas very saddened, knowing that he would have to admit defeat, and buckle underthe heels of the big boys. Just when he needed emotional support his wife wasgoing to have a child, and his best animator left. Walt had abandoned Iwerksyears before, and Walt’s wife had wanted a child for some time. Iwerk’sdeparture and his arriving child do not in themselves account for the longintense nervous breakdown that Walt experienced. Biographers point out that Waltwas very reluctant to have children, and that he was impotent with womenincluding his wife much of the time. His impotency to carry out normal sex mayhelp explain his secret sexual habits.

Walt’s Masonic brother Carl Laemmleoffered Walt a good deal to help him recover from Henry Cohn’s abusive controlof Walt, but Carl wanted the copyright to Mickey Mouse in return for the help,and Walt wouldn’t part with Mickey Mouse. Instead, Walt signed a contractoffered by Joseph Schenck of UA (United Artists), who was one of the Mafia’sillegal drug kingpins. In 1935, the mob’s illegal drug dealer Joseph Schenckwent on to found 20th Century, Inc. which later merged with Fox in ‘38 to formTwentieth Century-Fox, whose board of directors would include two Illuminatikingpins William Randolph Hearst and Malcolm MacIntyre. Joseph Schenck’sbrother Nicholas Schenck and Marcus Loew merged Metro Pictures and GoldwynPictures and named Louis B. Mayer as its head.

Meanwhile over the years, MCA,headed up by Illuminati Kingpin Lew Wasserman gained a monopoly over theAmerican film industry with the secret backroom deals that they made with RonaldReagan’s Screen Actor’s Guild and Petrillo’s American Fed, of Musicians.(By the way, Lew Wasserman would try to revive Reagan’s acting career in theearly ‘60’s. Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney were both friends of RonaldReagan, and all three believed in mind-control.)

Ronald Reagan and Petrillo inturn worked with the Mafia’s NCS Council of 9 (which incl. Anthony Accardo andSam Giancana), which at one point divided the U.S. into 24 mob territories.After J. Schenck went to jail (very briefly), he was replaced as Pres. of20th-Cent. Fox by Spyros Skouras. Before his arrest, while Schenck was still incharge of 20th-Cent. Fox, he made numerous offers to Disney for Disney toincorporate his studio as a subdivision of 20th-Cent. Fox. Disney worked for afew years with them distributing his films, but he would not let go of trying tobe independent. The FBI and American Intelligence turned to the mob to help themas the U.S. entered WW II. Perhaps Walt’s mob connection added impetus for hisrecruitment. Walt went to a number of American Nazi meetings prior to PearlHarbor. This author believes from knowing Walt’s personality that Walt mayhave been on assignment, rather than a Nazi sympathizer. Still, why does one ofDisney’s pre-Pearl harbor cartoons display a swastika? Disney’s EpcotResorts is close to the mob’s Atlantic City Board Walk with its nightclubs.The resort was designed by Robert A.M. Stern. (This author doesn’t know aboutRobert Stern, but there are programmed multiples and Illuminati members withinthe Stern family.)

At Walt Disney World, the nightclub there was named “Cage”, and then later ’8 TRAX”. ComedyWarehouse, which is a nightclub at Pleasure Island in Walt Disney World openedon May 1, 1989 and has used slave comedians as well having people who aremind-control abusers. On Feb. 11, 1987, Walt Disney Co. was reincorporated inDelaware. Delaware is the only state that allows total corporate secrecy. No onecan find out who really is running a Delaware corporation, and many othersecrets can be hidden under Delaware’s corporation laws. Capital Group hasconsiderable shares in Disney, as well as 29% of the shares of the RobertMondavi winery at 7801 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville, CA. Wellington Group and Mellonbank also have shares. Behind Capital Group are mob controlled groups likeDebartolo Reality Corp. and La Quinta Inns (a Bass bro. operation.) Sam Bronfmanoperates Sterling & Monterey Vineyards. There are countless people walkingaround that have felt the ruthless, impersonal, controlling, money-grabbing sideof the Disney Corp. Also, there are a number of journalists who have experiencedfirst hand the secrecy and paranoia that the Disney corporation has. Mostjournalists are not used to the secrecy that pervades Disney. Because Disney hasshaped the myths of America for several generations, the public takes moreconcern over who is running Disney, than they would other institutions. Becausemost of America believe in the image that the Illuminati have built for Disney,they are rooting for it to succeed.

How the Disney Executives have figured out how to steal land all across theU.S.

Over the years Walt Disney has developed several very sneaky reliabletechniques to acquire land. They acquire land through their executives and largestockholders and family members of the execs and stockholders. After all thedeals are made in an area, and when everything is in place over a period oftime, these people then turn their land over to Disney. Disney works withgovernment officials and local bankers to line up special deals so they cansucceed in their plans. After everything is lined up, the corporation announcestheir plans and goes forward. This methodology has been used repeatedly, forinstance the American History Theme Park in the Manassas Civil War battlefieldarea of Virginia for which Disney has acquired 1,800 acres and has access to atleast 1,200 more. In Nov. ‘94, after a new Virginia governor was elected, theVirginia “Disney’s America” project was announced, and Virginiavoted almost instantly for the money for transportation and infrastructureimprovements to the area so that Disney’s theme park would be viable. Disneyset up 3 banks in Napa, CA. Their banks made loans to old families in thevalley. The trusts and the wills for these families were made up by StanfordUniv. grads. These people set on the boards of these banks or connect with theboards of these banks. They charge large fees, and know every trick in the bookto rob people of their estates and their living trusts. The Stanford grads, whoconnect in with intelligence agencies & the mob use certain code words whenthey set up their businesses, such as RESOURCE, EVERGREEN and PACIFIC. There area number of scared landholders who are being intimidated to sell their land inthe Napa Valley region.


Just prior to W.W. II, the FBI recruited Walt Disney. His job was to spy onHollywood or anything else that looked suspicious. Documents obtained from theFreedom of Information Act, in spite of heavy censoring, clearly show that WaltDisney became a paid Special Correspondent asset of the FBI. He reported to FBIagent E.E. Conroy. In 1954, Walt was promoted to Special Agent in Charge (SAC)which means others reported to him.

After “leaving” the CIA, ex-DCI (ex-head) of the CIA WilliamHedgcock Webster became a lawyer for the Wash. D.C. based firm of Milbank,Tweed, Hadley and McCloy. In 1993, when news broke about Walt Disney’s FBImembership, ex-CIA head Webster worked with the Disney family to cover up to thepublic that Walt Disney was an FBI agent. Webster went on TV and had interviewsto spread the fabrication that Walt was not connected to the FBI. Why? One ofthe countless items that Disney was involved in was the investigation into thedisappearance/rape of a six-year old child Rose Marie Riddle on 1/12/61.

According to documents gotten from the Freedom of Information Act, W.G. Simonwas the FBI agent who met with SAC Walt Disney in L.A. about the case. W.G.Simon has been one of those people who has been publicly lying by claiming thatWalt Disney never was an FBI agent. The paper trail proves otherwise. Why is itso important to the FBI and CIA to cover up that Walt was an FBI agent? Waltalso worked for the CIA, even though documentation of that is not available.This author theorizes that the reason the FBI and CIA are so touchy aboutletting people know that Walt worked for the government is that the Networkknows how the FBI and CIA worked together to procure children for mind-controlprogramming purposes. Because Disney and Disneyland played such as enormous rolein Mind-control, Disney’s connection to them, although on the surface aseemingly minor fact, is in reality a minor fact setting on top of an enormousghastly secret.

When W.W. II started, the government incorporated the Disneystudios into the war machine. The military paid Disney $80,000 for 20 trainingcartoon, which cost Disney $72,000 to make. Disney studios also made some secretfilms for the military. Mickey Mouse and Goofy cartoons were slanted to have warthemes, for instance, the Goofy cartoon of 1941 “The Art of Self Defense” and “How to be a Sailor” in 1944. Perhaps in honor ofthe contribution Disney had made to the war effort, “Mickey Mouse” wasthe password of the Allies for millions of men on the big D-Day invasion on June6,1944.

Walt Disney produced a cartoon showing Donald Duck paying his taxesfaithfully. The film was entitled The New Spirit. It was very successful ingetting Americans to comply with the IRS. In 1946, Disney made a film for thepublic schools for sex education entitled The Story of Menstruation. For theUnited Nations, Walt Disney created “It’s a Small World” attractionfor UNICEF for the ‘64-65 World’s Fair. This attraction was moved to thetheme parks & has been a major feature for mind-control. After learning ofthe enormous amount of mind-control programming going on during after hours insecret tunnels at Disney as well as in the public facilities, it makes moresense why the Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev would be denied a visit toDisneyland by the U.S. government “due to security considerations”when he was visiting the U.S. in Sept. 1959. Khrushchev obviously had his ownsecurity working in tandem with American security and the intelligence peoplefor whatever reason(s) didn’t want the complication of these Russians going toa major programming site.

Some powerful military men have been connected toDisney films. Two former commanding officers of the USS Alabama nuclear sub weretechnical advisors for the Disney film Crimson Tide. Walt Disney was tied to theU.S. government, and recent disclosures show that he was tied to the FBI. Waltused his FBI connection to destroy the life of Art Babbitt, who had led thestrike against Disney in 1940. Babbitt found that everything he attempted inlife after the strike was ruined by some hidden power. Was Walt part of navalintelligence attached to the FBI? Was he part of the FBIthat is involved with child procurement and mind-control?

In the 1950’s theIlluminati began organizing covens on the West coast and began solidifying theirpower. (This comes from several independent sources.) Likewise, it’s clearthat Disney didn’t have the clout in 1953 with local governments, that it doestoday. Walt Disney was unsuccessful when he tried to get permission from thecity of Los Angeles and the Burbank City Council for the construction ofDisneyland (called Disneylandia at that time), in the Burbank area. One Burbankcouncilman told Walt, “We don’t want the carny atmosphere inBurbank.”” Inconsistently, within a few years they gave permission toUniversal to build an amusement park in Burbank, which opened in 1964. Disneythen ask the Stanford Research Institute to locate a spot for Disneylandia(Disneyland), which they found at Anaheim.

In recent years, Disney decided theywanted to build another amusement park (called California Adventure) across fromDisneyland. In order to do so, the Interstate highway will have to have changes,and the Anaheim city council needed to approve the large 55 acre expansion. Incontrast to the Burbank City Council in 1953, Anaheim’s City Council wasenthusiastic about the expansion in spite of lots of local opposition. Thelocals complained at council meetings to the City Council that the city had nobusiness going hundreds of millions of dollars into debt to help a corporategiant. (Anaheim will issue $400 million in bonds.) Locals also raised concernsthat the public school system in Anaheim is stressed to the breaking point wherethey are considering going to half days, and that Disney Corporation should giveas much consideration for the school children of Anaheim as they do to theirAmusement park. Disneyland’s Pres.

Paul Pressler bragged about Disney’s newCalifornia Adventure amusement park, “Disney’s California Adventure isreally a celebration of the fun, the beauty, the people and the accomplishmentsof this magical state. We really have set out to try to capture a bit of whatthe California dream is all about.” (Sounds like the dream is to be wealthyand control people. The elite would rather give us BREAD & CIRCUS than aneducation.) The Dragnet films were done in part at the Disney studios. In anOffice Memo from the 66-new LA SAC FBI agent to Hoover (12/16/54), which wasobtained via the Freedom of Information Act, the typed memo states, Mr. Disneyhas volunteered representatives of this office complete access to the facilitiesof Disneyland for use in connection with official matters…” Historically,we now know that Disney’s use for “official matters” includedmind-control.


Once the reader is familiar with the programming scripts, the reader merelyneeds to watch the Disney “Adventures in Wonderland” that come on TVin the morning to see Disney mind-control at work. Within a few minutes onemorning, this author had seen a white rabbit create “a world in yourmind” (the quote is what the show said!) with a ring, watched Alice gothrough the mirrors, watched a White Rabbit [the programmer] read a book to alittle girl, and the TV listener be told by the show “The White Rabbit isour only hope!” The deeper alters of Illuminati slaves who are programmedfor espionage, for spying & blackmail, & seduction & assassination,are given programming to live in a fantasy world. They never touch base withreality.

Much of this type of programming has gone on at Disneyland. Disneylandvisitors are taken in a boat where dolls sing an around-the-world theme song”It’s a small small world”. These doll world parts of the amusementparks are used for programming assassination & espionage alters. The song& dolls play important roles in these alter’s mind-control programming.Some slaves at around age 19, have this type of programming tested to make sure it is solidly in place. Thesong It’s a Small World” was composed by the Sherman brothers forDisney originally as a theme song for a ride at the ’63-’65 NY World’sFair.

The Sherman brothers were talent that Disney discovered. They were born in NYC, and both graduated from Beverly Hills High School. They wrote Disney songsfor at least 29 films. Mind-controlled slaves, who repeatedly bump into eachother, but don’t know why, will be found saying, “It’s a small, smallworld.” Both rituals & programming go on at Disney amusement parksduring both the day & night.

Steven Rockefeller and Walt Disney travelledand spent time together with Dr. Hadley Cantril, an establishment expert onhuman behavior. (See There Was Once A Time of Islands, Illusions &Rockefellers. NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975.) When Walt Disney began WaltDisney World he sent Card Walker to the Florida capital to request quid pro quo,and the governor gave it to Disney. What that meant is that Disney’s propertyin Florida was totally controlled under Disney’s jurisdiction, they had theirown laws, their own police force, their own hospitals, and their own tax rate.No outside authority would interfere with Disney’s jurisdiction.DisneyWorld’s finances would be untouchable and out of sight by the state ofFlorida. Never had so much power been given away. DisneyWorld became its owncrime syndicate within the syndicate. Disney amusement parks are like a citywithin a city. They have there own security forces, and the local police allowthe Disney security forces to take care of their turf. Disney has their ownpolicies (laws). Some of the security forces can be identified in plain clotheswith clean-cut hair styles and have communication devices. The security forceshave a headquarters room where TV monitors display-live the exit points atDisney as well as other locations.

America ‘s Most Wanted has a fairly largefile on children who have been kidnapped at Disney Amusement Parks. One mother,who got separated from her child when getting off a train, frantically told aguard her child was missing. The guard took her to the monitor room, where theysaw the kidnapper carrying the child out of the park with the boy slumped overhis shoulder. In that short of a time, the kidnapper had drugged the child, cuthis hair different, and put a different shirt on him. (This anecdote was mentionin Inside the Mouse, pg. 52)

As written before, white slavery is part of whatDisney is all about. This mother was one of the fortunate few who did manage tofind their kidnapped children. An insider states that the Disney police aredefinitely part of those moving and abusing innocent children brought in foroccult rituals. In addition, the Disney security forces spy on their ownemployees. Employees do not enter the theme parks like the visitors, nor do theymove around like the visitors. They have underground tunnels and undergroundentrances and facilities for that. One victim of total mind-control mentionedthat a tunnel entrance was at the Matterhorn mountain at Disneyland. (TheMatterhorn was opened by Walt and his good-friend Richard Nixon, who rode in thefirst car down the mountain.)

The Disney productions has given the Illuminatithe cover to bring together Illusionists, magicians, and special effects artistswithout anyone being suspicious. Some of these men were able to apply theirtalents toward programming children. As an example of their talents, Disneyspecial effects artists were able to create 16 realistic-looking cadavers forthe 1989 film Gross Anatomy. Walt Disney, Inc. has teamed up with Los Alamos and Sandia Labs, two other groups which are heavily involved in mind-control andpeople control to develop body scans, branding and access codes for the visitorsto Disney’s theme parks.

Each of the Disney Theme parks, such as Disneyland, DisneyWorld, EuroDisney etc.have vast underground facilities. These underground facilities allow many ofthe workers to get to the ride areas via underground passages. Each themefacility also has a vast infrastructure underground in order to maintain it. Theunderground areas contain wardrobe design and repair units, fitting rooms,restrooms, cafeterias, security units, computers, freight ramps, utilityencasements, and large connecting tunnels. The underground areas also haveprogramming rooms. They have their own power plants and water systems and theirown police force. Disney company employs 71,000 people at several locations,tone recent TV show used the figure 40,000 Disney employees.] People are comingand going 24 hours at the Disney theme parks. Three shifts keep up the 24 hourbusiness. The night crews maintain and repair the parks for the thousands ofpeople that will soon arrive in the morning.

Disneyland makes a natural prop forcarrying out mind-control. The items they sell are also natural props–such asthe Goofy watch ($19.95) which has hands that move backward to confuse a slaveas to what time it is. Was Walt Disney aware of how Disneyland was used forprogramming? There is no doubt. Disney lived much of nights at Disneyland, andhad an apartment at the firehouse near the train station on Main St. At night,if he was not doing anything else, he’d roam the grounds of Disneylandscribbling notes on his own distinctive blue paper, which he’d leave forworkers to follow the next day. The notes would say such things as “Replacethese flowers,” or “Move that bench”. (Prince of the MagicKingdom, p. 25) Walt Disney knew everything that went on in his Magic Kingdom.

The Epcot Center and the Disney amusement parks market all kinds of occulttriggers, including crystals, rainbows, wizards etc. that reinforce theprogramming. The Epcot Center has two glass pyramids along with its”Journey into Imagination”. Disneyworld has the Island of Atlantis onits sub tour. Fantasyland is one of the most used tours of Disneyland formind-control purposes. It has carousels, merry music, an incredible castle, boatrides, story book characters etc. Sleeping Beauty Castle with its blue turretsand gold spires is the central visual object of Disneyland. You cross adrawbridge to get into it. Inside Fantasyland are Illuminati programming sitessuch as the Mad Hatter teacups, the King Arthur carousel horses, and SnowWhite’s forest.

In the far corner of Disneyland’s New Orlean’s Square isthe Haunted Mansion. This mansion is designed to frighten and scare, it has aningenious design and many special effects and illusions. Realistic ghosts, ascreeching raven, howling voices, and other scary things welcome the visitor.Life size holograms are created at the Haunted Mansion, and dance in sync withthe music and then fade out at certain points. There is a hologram of awoman’s head in a crystal ball who chatters non-stop. A real good laugh forthe programmers of a little child. When you are toward the end, you will have achance to look into a mirror where a hologram ghost will nestle up beside you.

Star Speeder is another great programming location at Disneyland. It was thecreation of George Lucas and the Disney Imagineers. The technology is borrowedfrom Star Wars, and is similar to flight simulators used by the military totrain pilots. Disneyland Hotel offers Character Breakfasts, where children eatbreakfast with Disney characters, to people who make special arrangements. U.S.Special Forces, which carries out mind-control, owns two hotels near DisneyWorld, and the Mormons have one also. Knott’s Berry Farm with its Ghost Town,Amusement Park, & its Charlie Brown themes and characters is nearDisneyland.

One of the Disney executives began one of the most horribletrauma-based mind-control programming centers in Los Angeles called Magic Castlea comedy warehouse. This trauma center had horrible torture chambers. Children were brought in fromSouth and Central America to be programmed at the Magic Castle. A brave L.A.policeman exposed the place–for which he lost his job, and eventually was ableto get the site closed.

One of Disney’s recent ventures in their DisneyInstitute, which Newsweek labeled “the Disneyland of the Mind”.(Newsweek, Mar. 4, 1996, p. 61) A private club called Club 33 at Disneylandlocated upstairs in the New Orleans Square is believed to be involved inmind-control. Cub’s Den supervises children’s activities at the WildernessLodge Resort at Walt Disney World. At Disney-MGM studios the major attraction isthe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Guests take a strange scary trip through thehotel, where guests are finally sent into an elevator that drops out of control13 stories. The ride has been advertized on TV. Disneyland now has a Temple to the Forbidden Eye–which is simply a Temple to the All Seeing Eye, the Illuminati symbol. Visitors, who have the patience to wait in line, can strap themselves in for a ride that is like a jack hammer that jars the rider through a temple filled with snakes, rats, and mummies. One aerobics teacher couldn’t walk for three days after the jarring ride, which comes across ashokey”.The experience is more traumatizing than fun, but then maybe that is what wasintended.


Years ago this author’s newsletters exposed Hilton Head Island, SC as awatering hole of the powerful elite incl. retired generals and admirals, and thesite for the elite’s Renaissance Weekend “meat market”. Remember,that at one time Hilton Head Island was private, with imported alligators in thewater around it. A person was only allowed on the island by going throughsecurity gates with a clearance. In a later newsletter, Disney’s Hilton HeadIsland Resort was mentioned. This resort, built by Disney Vacation Development,Inc., is located on a 15-acre private island linked to Hilton Head island by anarrow bridge. Members to the Disney Vacation Club can exchange time forvacations at Disney and other resorts around the world. Memberships cost minimum$9,412.

Right smack across from the entrance to Disneyland is the Assembly of God’sMelodyland Christian Center, the birthplace of TEN (Trinity BroadcastingNetwork). The Assembly of God denomination has been heavily infiltrated by theIlluminati, and has been heavily used as a front for programmed slaves.

PaulCrouch, president of Trinity Broadcasting Systems, Inc., was affiliated with Melodyland in 1973 when TBS was getting started. At that time, Melodyland was arich heavily infiltrated charismatic church, with its share of programmedmultiples. In 1973, closet homosexual minister Jim Bakker, and his wife TammyFaye, a programmed multiple were with Paul Crouch in Anaheim at Melodyland. PaulCrouch had been the assistant pastor of Bakker’s home church in Muskegon, MI.Crouch’s right hand man was Alexander Valderrama, a charismatic RomanCatholic. TBS used an abandoned military base as their TV complex, using hangersas studios. In the early 70’s, ABC put Bakker & Crouch’s early shows ontheir affiliate stations on Sunday morning. Bakker had already gotten his careerkicked off with Illuminatus Pat Robertson and his 700 Club. Jim Bakker split andwent to the east coast. To help Bakker with his money, Bill Perkins, who hadbeen a financial analyst for the World Order’s mind-control research at SandiaNational Labs in Livermore came to help Bakker run his ministry’s finances.Later, televangelist Bakker began building Heritage USA, which was to be abig-money resort. Bakker hired people who had worked for Disney to constructHeritage USA. Bakker studied Disneyland, Disneyworld, and other Disney places asa model for Heritage USA.

After Disneyworld opened in Florida, Jim Bakker was a REGULAR visitor toit. Heritage USA’s Ft. Heritage was modelled after Disney’s Ft. Wilderness,Main St. was modelled after the Magic Kingdom’s Main St., and Disney’swrought-iron fencing was also copied. Most people are aware of Jim Bakker’s$265,000 payoff to Jessica Hahn to keep her sexual services to him a secret, hislongtime homosexual relationship with his right hand man David Taggart, and hisprison sentence.

James Orson (named after Orson Welles) Bakker was fromMuskegon, the same place that Cathy O’Brien, a freed Mind-controlled slavecame from. He was born pre-mature, and had some interesting family situationsthat make his family suspect. While Cathy O’Brien got programmed via theCatholics, Jim was part of another denomination which also was into programming,the charismatic Assemblies of God. His grandfather, who lived next door to Jim,and where Jim spent much childhood time with was popularly known in town as a”huckster”, and nicknamed Kingfish after the manipulative character onAmos & Andy. Tammy his wife grew up in International Falls, MN in poverty inthe home of her stepfather and mother. Besides having a “shoppingdemon,” she has had her share of phobias and mental problems, as can beexpected from someone who has had to suffer through programming.

It would beworth pointing out who has come to Jim Bakker’s rescue when he was underattack. For instance, on Thursday, Oct. 4, 1984 when Jim was under attack, JimBakker’s show had six people give endorsements and praise of Jim Bakker. Thosewere Ronald Reagan, Dale Evans, Robert Schuller, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham andRex Hubbard. Of those, this author knows for sure that all are masons, exceptfor Rex, who may or may not be. Robert Schuller, Billy Graham and Oral Robertsare “Christian ministers” who participate in using and handlingmind-control slaves. These three ministers all participate in secret Satanicrituals. The last few paragraphs have given only a sketchy picture of theintimate relationship between Disney Mind-control and the charismatic movementand its use of trauma-based total mind-control.


For people who have been programmed with Disney programming and who areobsessed with Mickey Mouse and everything else about Disney, and for otherpeople who just have the collecting spirit for Disney memorabilia, there is agroup called Disneyana.

Disneyana, was organized in the 1980’s, and consistsof people who are cult-like in their devotion to anything true Disney. Some ofthem to express their devotion outwardly tatoo their bodies with Disneycharacters. This group holds their annual convention at the Contemporary Resortin FL. One Disneyana at the annual convention said, “We collect to keep thegood feeling inside.” Another when interviewed said, “This is whyit’s all about love.” The author knows as a fact some of the men who areobsessed with Mickey Mouse & Disney items are programmed multiples.

One ofKenneth Anger’s occult friends has had the world’s largest Mickey Mousecollection. Who is Kenneth Anger? Kenneth Anger, a member of LaVey’s MagickCircle & later his Church of Satan, is an occultist and an underground filmmaker. Kenneth Anger (he choose the last name Anger) was raised on the Wizard ofOz books. His biographer Bill Landis writes that the Oz books “laid thegroundwork for Ken’s attraction to Crowley, the occultist who would reworkRosicrucian thought into his own magical system.” Ken was obsessed withCrowley’s life & magic. As a child, Ken had danced with Shirley Temple incompetition after she became a child star. Ken Anger loved the OTO’s solarphallic religion, and was also obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He spent part of histime studying his friend’s Mickey Mouse collection. Ken Anger did hiscasting for his film Lucifer Rising” by telling occult friends &acquaintances that they could live out their goddess or god power-trip fantasiesby acting for him. The British government’s National Film Finance Corp.fronted 15,000£ for Lucifer Rising’s production. Famous occult musician JimmyPage did the sound track gratis. Ken Anger acted as the film’s Magus and madehis Magus role resemble Mickey Mouse in the film Fantasia. (The role Fantasiaplays in mind-control programming will follow as the last part of this chapter.)”Lucifer Rising” also starts with Fantasia-type volcanoes. Another ofhis well-known films was “Invocation of My Demon Brother.”

Mind-control features in Disney movies

The elements within Disney movies that are intentionally put in formind-control would take volumes to describe. A detailed description of how justone Disney movie is used as a programming script soon follows. Fantasia wasselected as the example. A random sampling of features in Disney movies formind-control programming could include:

  • Cogworth the enchanted mantle clock in Beauty and the Beast.
  • The character Door Knob, which is a doorknob portrayed as a person in theDisney cartoon Alice In Wonderland, is useful for programming door knob alters.
  • The Blue Yonder is a Disney movie on time travel of a young boy. Timetravel movies are used for programming to mess up the victim’s sense of time.
  • Disney film “Animated Alphabet” has letters which come alive,which is useful for programming. And what about the ‘82 Disney movie”Computers are People, Too!” ?
  • All the Illuminati members this author is aware of who have receivedtrauma-based total mind-control were taught to astrally project and study on theastral plane what they needed to learn. A Disney movie that portrays this isGoofy over Dental Health. This is an educational film released by Disney in‘91 and again in ‘93, where Goofy places a magical toothbrush under achild’s pillow, so that the child astrally projects to a dentist office andwhile on the astral plane studies how to have healthy teeth.
  • Illuminati alters believe that trees and flowers are alive. The 1932Disney film Flowers and Trees is a story about two trees who fall in love. Thefilm portrays the occult belief that trees can talk and sing. Internally, altersystems will be constructed with singing trees and flowers that represent peopleand which are alters. The singing trees give out internal codes to move altersinternally where they need to go.

Return to Oz. (1985) This Disney film beginsits story line about a girl who is thought to have psychological problemsbecause of her tales of Oz. She is warned not to talk about Oz by her relatives.She is taken to a psychologist who wears a big ruby ring, who tells Dorothy thatelectroshocks won’t hurt her, and that we are at the “dawn of a NewAge.” Dorothy is told that her memories are just dreams” that stemfrom excess electrical current in the brain. She is sent to a mental institutionto receive shock treatments for talking about Oz. A lightening storm allows herto escape the shock treatments and when she sleeps, she awakes in Oz.

In Oz shegoes through many mind-control scenarios, ruby slippers, mirrors, etc., andtoward the end visits with evil Mombi, Princess of Oz who keeps Ozma(Dorothy’s twin) as a slave. Mombi eventually casts a spell and enchants Ozmainto a mirror. Sci-Fi author J.D. Vinge in her Return to Oz based on the screenplay writes on pg. 211-212, “Dorothy gazed at herself in the mirror, seeingher own reflection, and remembering the moment when she had looked at herselfand seen someone else there, someone so like her that it could have been hersister.” Parts of this film were filmed near Stonehenge, Eng. Disney hasput out several films on the Wizard of Oz theme, all of which were used forprogramming. The original series of Oz books were by Baum.

In ’39, MGM did the famous Wizard of Oz film. In the Disney movie Tron (1982),a young computer genius goes into an altered state where he ends up becoming acomputer program. After defeating the MCP, he returns to the real world. This issimply a programming script. A special effects team created a 3-D world, showinghow talented Disney special effects people can be in making something seem real.This movie should show people their mind-control capabilities.

MathematicalApplications Group, Inc. (MAGI) were one of the groups that created thegraphics. Disney came out with 3 videos of new adventures in Wonderland whichare mind-control programming. In the mornings here 9-9:30, on channel 21, Disneyhas a Wonderland Show every morning which is mind-control programming forchildren. Within a few minutes, this author had seen a girl walk through amirror, the 3 lives of Thomasina mentioned, and a little ditty “I’m alittle tea-pot” where a person becomes a tea pot. They also had an”under the umbella” scene. This was all pure programming, right on TV.Of course, they show the White Rabbit as a central figure.

ABC under theauspices of Disney produced a lengthy 140 min. film Wild Palms which depictsIlluminati mind-control and life. One reader of Vol. 2 stated that the WildPalms movie would have made no sense except that having read the Vol. 2 book,the movie made lots of sense in the light of Vol. 2’s revelations. The filmdepicts how children are kidnapped, switched at birth, programmed via TVcartoons, programmed to kill and use stun guns etc. The film depicts Illuminatibloodlines and arranged marriages. Although the name Illuminati” is notused, if viewers substitute in the name “the Fathers” for Illuminatifathers, they will get an insider’s view of life at the top. The maincontrollers are addressed by their slaves as “Papa” or”Daddy” or “Mother”. This is true to life.

A person opposedto the Fathers states, “One day we will wake up and discover we don’t ownthis country and no one will care.” The movie states that events are nothappening randomly. The movie shows an underground tunnel system which has anentrance hidden by a swimming pool. Quite a few actual programming codes weresaid during the film, for instance, “down, down, down through the pool oftears…” and “we’re going to go down the yellow brick roadnow.” The movie was created by Bruce Wagner, who obviously is an insiderconcerning trauma-based total mind-control. The fact the movie was made showsthe arrogance of the programmers’ beliefs that their criminal acts inprogramming thousands of little children will not be exposed, and that peoplewill be too stupid to realize that what is put out as fiction is actuallymirroring what is happening. It’s like they believe their own script that IFpeople did find out “no one will care.” Because so much of theIlluminati programming involves the creation and programming of 3 alters linkedinto trinities, it is not surprising that Disney has helped such triadprogramming with a series of movies about threesomes, including:

3 Blind Mouseketeers

Three Caballeros

3 little pigs

Three Little Wolves

3 Lives of Thomasina

The Three Musketeers

3 Ninjas

Three Orphan Kittens

For Mickey Mouse programming they came out with Thru the Mirror, where MickeyMouse steps through his bedroom mirror and ends up in another world (alteredstate). Not all of the Disney movies that have mind-control programming themesgot released to the public. One unreleased cartoon had Penelope fleeing from asinister looking Grandfather Clock which is carrying her to another world, andhas another scene where Penelope tries to hold onto someone who personifies theWind.

George Lucas, who directed the movie Star Wars, which was a movie planned by the Illuminati & used forIlluminati programming, also directed Disney’s movie “Captain EO”.Captain EO (who looks like a demonic entity) goes to rescue the Queen (who lookslike the harlot describes as Mystery Babylon in the Bible). The Queen is incaptivity simply because she and her people believe in black and white (whichrepresent good and evil). When they renounce such a belief, they are saved byMichael Jackson (in actual life a mind-controlled slave) playing Captain EO.It’s a New Age witchcraft film through & through.

By the way, MichaelJackson has gone to Disney amusement parks many times, sometimes in disguise. Itis public knowledge that his Jehovah’s Witness family has been very abusivementally and physically to their children.

Disney has put out several movies onhow the mind works, such as the educational film The Brain & Nervous Systemin 1990. Their film Runaway Brain is a cartoon where Dr. Frankenollietransplants Mickey’s brain into a monster’s body & vice-versa. A 1994film, Puppet Masters shows the govt.’s secret Office of ScientificIntelligence trying to save the U.S. from aliens who live in human bodies.

Inrecent years, Bette Midler has been Disney’s main actress. In the Vol. 2, itwas exposed that she is possibly a Monarch Mind-controlled slave. She is famousfor her “mood swings” (switches in personality), and she had a”mental breakdown” in 1985. Her eyes and body gestures are those of aprogrammed multiple. She has gone out on tour for Disney without making money,and she is best of friends with Jeffrey Katzenberg (second in command atDisney). Jeffrey Katzenberg by the way is extremely disliked by his counterpartSid Sheinberg. Bette Midler plays Stella in the movie Stella. Stella is anoccult name. In the movie, the script seems tailored for Bette Midler and forsomeone who is a programmed slave, rather than the actress fitting the role. Atthe movie’s end, Stella (Bette Midler) attends her own daughter’s marriageby peeking in a window and watching from the outside.

This is the script theygive so many of the parts of a slave, so that they feel unworthy and feel likethey are always on the outside looking in at life. Many parts (personalities) ofslaves find it hard to connect with real life, because they feel they are on theoutside looking in. And then in true Disney fashion, Disney had Bette Midlerplay the role of the lead witch in Hocus Pocus. The movie Hocus Pocus does somehocus pocus of its own. While pretending to make fun of witchcraft, theyactually teach witchcraft. They do make the 3 witches look comical. By the way,the 3 witches stand for the maiden, mother, crone combo that the Illuminatireverence.

Disney subtly works in deep occult things, such as the all-seeing eyeon the cover of the book, the little girl promising the cat (who is a familiarspirit) that her descendants would always care for it (true, because the cat wasa generational spirit). The cat is killed in the movie but can’t die. AndBette Midler as lead witch in her costume, which has some Mother-of-Darkness symbology on it, states as she gets ready to take the life force from aninnocent girl, “We want to live forever, so we take children’slives.” This is wholesome entertainment for children?

The Disney capacityfor deception extends to its own workers. PR men recruit young people for itsDisney College program. They tell the young people what a great stepping stoneit will be for their careers. They have been known to make it sound like thegreatest thing in your life. Kids come from all over the country due to theslick recruiting tactics to work for Disney. They are then housed in Disneyhousing, given menial jobs, and paid low wages. Most people in the CollegeProgram leave disillusioned. If the worker happens to think of a great idea,Disney officials have been known to steal the idea, and because the worker wasworking for Disney the worker will find that they are unable to get any creditor money for the idea that Disney steals and makes millions off of. One uncredited creator of a Disney sale item said, “literally, they’re usingeverybody for everything.” (Inside the Mouse, p. 239.)

>>> Next,will be the script for how the Disney film Fantasia has been used as a standardprogramming tool since the 1940’s by the Illuminati.


During the 1950’s, ‘60’s, and ‘70’s at least 90% of theIlluminati’s trauma-based mind-controlled slaves were subjected to watchingDisney’s Fantasia film in order for them to build the foundational imagery ofthe mind-control. Child mind-control victims had their eyes taped open, and thensat one-on-one with their primary programmers so that the programmers could givethe scripts as the child watched Disney’s Fantasia over and over. What madeFantasia unique as a programming tool is that it had almost everything theprogrammers needed to create the foundational imagery for their trauma-basedmind-control. To build a dependable alter system means that the worlds need asolid foundation. Fantasia has provided the means to get a solid foundation forthe internal worlds that the Illuminati slaves build in their mind. It is also amasterpiece in coordinating color and music.

The Disney film Fantasia which premiered on Nov. 13, 1940 (at BroadwayTheater in NYC) was a financial disaster as a movie, but was an Illuminatiprogramming masterpiece. The film was released to theaters in ‘40, ‘46,‘56, ‘63, ‘69, ‘77, ‘82, ‘85, ‘90 in order to catch everygeneration of children. The video was released in 1991.

During programming muchof the child slave’s mind will watch the film. One particular part (alter)will be forced to memorize everything in the film. This small part (small alter)is well hidden in each victim’s mind. This small alter, who has a vivid andtotal recall of the film Fantasia, is locked carefully away so that ONLY anaccess code will pull him/her up. Watching the videotape Fantasia is not goingto pull this alter up. The programmers pull this alter up when they have a cleanslate alter. When they are taking a clean slate of the mind, they will pull theclean part up and have the alter who has memorized Fantasia throw its memoryonto an internal big screen.

The internal Outer space (aka Rubicon) is shapedlike an amphitheater, and functions as a big vast screen for replay. There is aninternal ball or sun created via the lighting effect of the movie Fantasia, sothat the movie appears projected in the mind as on a globe. And the Fantasiafilm images hit this internal globe and go circular in the mind and spin throughthe system. The programmer will then say to the new part “THIS IS WHAT IWANT YOU TO CREATE. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED.” In this fashion, Fantasia hasprovided the programmers with their primary tool for taking a dissociated cleanslate part of the mind, and manipulating it to become a new workable part withinthe system. The young part that holds the entire Fantasia memory isstrategically placed in the system so that it can be called up from anyplace inthe system. No matter where the programmer is working in the system, he canaccess this small alter whose function is to remember the movie. Most of thesystem will go into a trance sleep if shown the movie. The front (as well asmost of the system’s alters) will be totally amnesic to having ever seen themovie. Since the programming put in with Fantasia is so fundamental it shouldcome as no surprise that the programmers have done an excellent job inprotecting this programming from everyone, including the slave. Abreacting thefilm for many alters could rip the system apart, because after the film ismemorized severe trauma begins to be overlaid and attached to the film. Theremay be some small alters that still carry tiny bits and pieces of memory of themovie, but only one will really remember it.

The following script will be a running account of how Fantasia has been usedas an important preparatory film for Illuminati trauma-based mind-control totrain the mind-control victim’s mind to be able to visualize the programmingthat will be layered in.

The time clock will begin when the feature film’s action begins, and then willrun its entire 116 minutes. This will give the researcher of mind-control ablow-by-blow description of how a Disney movie is used for programming. The filmwas often shown to child victims around 3 to 4 years of age with a wide screenwhile the child was under a guided LSD trip. (Prior to the use of LSD some otherdrugs were used.)

A Grande Dame or Mother-of-Darkness often worked with theIlluminati programmer as an Assistant Programmer. The scripts & theprogramming have already been discussed prior to showing the child the film, sothe programmers know the direction they want to take the child, & willtailor some of what is said to the child victim to individualize theprogramming.

When a three or four year old is shown Fantasia on ahypnotically-prepared and controlled LSD trip, the colors & effects ofFantasia are increased about 1,000 times. The film is realer than real to thechild. The movie will not be shown just once, but over and over so that thescripts are ingrained into the mind. The imagery for the child’s internalworld will be well established, because the big screen movie enhanced by boththe drugs and the bright colors of the art work will seem more real that lifeitself. At this time, the child is a multiple, but the walls between the variousparts of the mind are not solid, but similar to the walls between ego states inan adult non-multiple. A large part of the 3 or 4 year-old child’s system willbe allowed to view the system, including the Christian parts. Then the entiresystem (with the single exception of the alter carrying the entire memory of thefilm) will be hypnotically told to forget having seen the film.

Years later, thefront alters will not remember having seen the movie, but they may have astrange dislike for the film. They may find that they can’t identify wheretheir feelings of dislike of the film stem from. The child victim will watch themovie with its programmer and assistant programmer one-on-one, with no otherchildren in the room. The child will watch the film repeatedly and be grilledabout what is in the movie. The child will see the movie so many times in such avivid form and will be tested to the point that the movie will be memorized. Butit will be hypnotically locked up in the subconscious by the programmers, sothat it forms a base for the mind to begin building programming, but will remainhidden from the conscious.

At the time the Fantasia film was made, theIlluminati had been creating trained multiples for years, but they knew theywanted to program the different personalities in accordance with the bestmind-control techniques of the day. For this reason, the Fantasia film wasplanned ahead of time, so that it could possibly serve as a programming aid. Thefilm is silent (almost no words) except for music so that it can be used forhypnotic visualization, so that the Mother of Darkness & the programmer canfill in the programming script with the child victim as they watch the movie. Asit turned out, their plans were successful.

The New Age author David Tame statesin his book The Secret Power of Music (Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 1984, p.292), that Fantasia is. . . “A superb marriage between the visual andmusical arts. Most of the sequences.. .are what New Age cinema was intended tobe!” The power of the movie to influence the mind stands out. In order tomake the film, Disney used some strong arm tactics on a few people. The moviewas a box office flop when first released in the 1940’s, but then it was madefor the occult world anyway. By the 1960’s, the Illuminati had create a drugculture and had lots of undetectable mind-controlled slaves running around thathad been programmed with Fantasia. In the 1960’s, Fantasia became a hit withthe drug culture which had its share of Illuminati slaves deeply involved in it.One more reminder, the sentences that are “ALL CAPS” in the script arethings that the programmers are saying to the child victim as the child watchesthe film. (Bear in mind, that the child watches the film over & over, so not everything indicatedin this script by caps that the programmer says will necessarily be said in oneshowing.)

00 minutes. Curtains open. Action begins with an orchestra. The Conductorupon a step pyramid is the center of the scene, and is shown to be the center ofauthority. Master Programmer Dr. Joseph Mengele liked Fantasia because he was amusician and a violinist. Mengele (Dr. Green) liked Bach, Beethoven, andSchubert and orchestra music. He enjoyed taking what he liked & using thismusic to make slaves. He would portray himself during programming as being theconductor, & all the orchestra were his children. The film will allow for arepetition of this theme.

00.5 minutes. The instruments begin playing. The musicians are silhouetteswhich cast shadows upon the wall. Alters will often see themselves in thisfashion too, as merely a shadow or merely a silhouette.

01.5 minutes. The MC (named Taylor) begins talking. He begins grooming theviewer. He says that the film may suggest to your imagination “geometricfigures floating in space.”

02. minutes. The M.C. says there are 3 kinds of music. He says some music isto create definite stories, some to create definite pictures, and some musicexists for its own sake.

02.5 minutes. The M.C. introduces us to the “Absolute music.”

03. minutes. He states that ,,Abstract images that might pass through yourmind…music will suggest other things to your imagination…” ThePhiladelphia Orchestra begins playing “Toccata and Fuge” by Bach inthe background. As a cartoon for children (or adults) the film has already lostthe normal audience at this point. (There is no way that Disney could haveescaped realizing that the film starts out losing the normal audience.)

03.5 minutes. The conductor is standing out and everyone else is a silhouettewith shadow mirror images (like so many of the alters become). Leopald Stokowskiis now standing as the rising sun rises. This is an allusion to sun worship andthe sun rising in the east. The music is going up and down, and this music atthis point is used to train the child to go up and down the trance ladder (thatis to go deeper or lighter in trance).

04. minutes. The conductor opens his hands and waves them in an Illuminatihand signal. The music begins.

06 minutes. A row of violinists play, they are merely silhouettes withshadows.

06.5 minutes. A harp scale is played in the backgroundthat is used in the programming. Triggers are attached to this harp scale, orthe harp scale is used as a foundation identifier for a piano scale. Morechildren can be taught the piano than the harp, so this scale is usuallytransferred to a piano scale.

07 minutes. A series of 3 musicians is shown.

07.5 minutes. The conductor (the programmer) becomes invisible. The Prog.Assistant will ask the child, WHO IS GREEN? GREEN BECOMES INVISIBLE.”

08 minutes. First lines representing bows are shown (the violinists areinvisible), then the Golden Gate Bridge. “REMEMBER THE BOW, NOT THEVIOLINIST.” The bow lines flashing on the screen represent energy. 08.5minutes. Colored disks are flashed onto the screen. The lights are representedto the child victim ‘THAT’S DR. GREEN’S ORCHESTRA.” Geometric shapesand flashes of lines explode onto the screen. Concentric rings that will patternthe concentric worlds appear. (See Vol. 2 p. 196 for an illustration of this.)

10. minutes. Asst. Prog. will say, ,,YOU ARE HIS STAR.” as stars flashon the screen. Many hidden alters (parts) are stars. Swirling lines arrive, andthen colors and then more concentric lines.

11 minutes. Worlds within worlds are shown. Water is shown. Concentriccircles that are the pattern for the worlds are presented. A varying number (5or 7) of Castle-like structures materialize and then disappear. (These will formthe pattern for some of the internal castles.) A quick flowing yellow line comesdown the center of the screen, ‘THAT’S THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.”

11.5 min. Lots of stars emerge.

12 minutes. Various worlds are shown, and an illusionary castle. Lots ofstars are shown, which will be how the victim will model many of their alterparts after. Lots of purple stars appear, representing royal star alters.

12.5 minutes. Spiral splotches of cloud-like colors appear and disappear indissociative colors. This is the Kingdom of the Gods during programming. TheAsst. Programmer takes the opportunity to ask, “WHOSE ORCHESTRA?” Thisscene is used for the internal heaven where the kings are. Then the camera showsthe conductor finishing.

13 minutes. The programmer has finished building his basic worlds.

13.5 minutes. The MC talks about Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.

14 minutes. 13 circling lights come into view circling around and around.(The 13 lights are something like 4 yellow lights, 3 white lights, 4 orange, 2blue-something like this. They don’t have to be all the different programmingcolors at this point, because that programming will come in its own time.) Starsturn into fairies. A fairy with lots of fairy dust whirls around. (“Make awish” the slave will be told later on, create what you want.) Flowers growinto butterflies. Hypnotic music plays as the fairy throws fairy dust. Soon, theFairy spins a web.

15 minutes. The cabalistic tree of life is made with lights, and then themany colors of the ribbons are flashed up on the screen quickly. A compass imageis very quickly flashed on the screen.

16 minutes. Lights multiply on the screen, and a spider web appears in thebackground. There are lots of stars which shine as lights in a spider web.(Stars will serve as alters in programming, the spider web serves as a systemwithin the system, see Vol. 2.) There are several shots of multitudes of starson a spider web. 16.5 minutes. There is an explosion of light which has asplintering effect (which will fit in well with an electroshock later on tocreate alters.) Around and around go 6 big mushrooms dancing, with a little onetrying to participate. The programmer will point out that the mushrooms are”A FAMILY”. When the splintering effect is done with real electricityin the future, the mind will splinter into a family.

17.6 minutes. Concentric circles appear in water. Flashing pedals emerge asif they were dissociation spreading through the water. The flowers are the topspinners (see the pages in Deeper Insights on spin tortures to create spinnerfamilies), they dance, & then they float away in the bubbles (ofdissociation). “A FAMILY OF SPINNERS” the programmer will say.”SEE THEY SPIN YOU INTO BUBBLES INTO NOTHINGNESS.” There is lots ofdancing shown by the spinners. Everyone is dancing to the top. The childvictim’s head will be wobbling back and forth from the influence of the drugsand dissociation at this point.

19.5 minutes. When the family of fish make a star, the Asst. Programmer says,”SEE HOW SAD THEY ARE.” The fish dance in circles and they also hidebehind veils. “THE FISH MADE ITS OWN BUBBLES AND YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWNBUBBLES TOO.”

21.5 min. The child is trained to trance at the hypnotic 8’s that appear inthe water. This type of scene will put the deeper alters to sleep of a slavestill actively being used. The movie here is being used to teach symbols, whichwill be important in the programming. Asst. Programmer, “LOOK YOU’RE JUSTFLOATING.. ..FLOAT, FLOAT, FLOAT, SLEEP…SEE SHE WENT RIGHT INTO THE CENTER OFTHE TRANCE STATE.. .YOU DANCE ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND AND WHERE WE END UPYOU’LL NEVER KNOW.”

22 minutes. Lots of bubbles begin appearing. They will be used in theprogramming to assist the child to protect its mind from the traumas. The asst.programmer may have a bubble toy to make bubbles in her hand as a game to playwith the child. The child will be trained and programmed to put its memoriesinto bubbles and let them disappear. ,,WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GO INTO THE BUBBLETO GET AWAY FROM THE DARKNESS? 1,2,3…NOW THERE ARE MANY BUBBLES, THIS IS WHATWE WANT YOU TO DO.” At this point the film is showing different colors ofbubbles, for instance gold bubbles. This trains the child’s mind to identifydifferent colors of bubbles. The bubble-fish-flower scene is going on. “DON’TYOU FEEL LIKE THAT FISH, ROUND AND ROUND YOU GO” (dissociation encouraged).The fish continues going in a dissociative spin. The fish swim in gracefulperfect figure 8’s which have a subconscious hypnotic induction message to thevictim. “SLEEPY LITTLE FISH” is said when the music gets hypnotic.”YOU’RE SLEEPY & YOU’RE TIRED, THIS IS NOTHING BUT A DREAM.””ALL THE DIAMONDS ARE ALL AROUND, NOT YOU” In other words, this isteaching the child that their entire internal world can be around them, but”you don’t know that it’s you.” The child begins to lose theability to realize that other parts of itself belong to itself, they are onlystars, etc. The fish changes into anot her character. flowers are appearing indifferent colors of the color coding, red, green, orange, blue, white. . .All ofa sudden it get’s still. “SHH, LISTEN CLOSELY.”

22.5 minutes. Eyes shine in the darkness. “EVERYTHING IS FINE, YOU JUSTRELAX.”

Silhouettes appear, which represent fish (alters, and people) who are therebut you don’t see them, they are behind the veil like the silhouettes. ‘THEYAREN’T THERE, IF YOU SEE THEM THEY AREN’T REAL THEY LOOK LIKE A FLOWER, WHENYOU SEE THEM, YOU WON’T SEE A CHILD- YOU WILL SEE A FLOWER.” Thesilhouette veil gives the sense to the child that he can sense something butit’s not there. 23 min. Different plants appear and dance. (This part of movieis very important in structuring.) The plants separate into many plants andflowers, and they multiply on the screen, but at the end they solidity into asolid plant. This is teaching the ,,you-are-one-but-you-are-many” concept.”FAMILIES ALWAYS WORK TOGETHER. WHETHER YOU ARE BLUE OR YELLOW OR GREEN,FAMILIES ALWAYS WORK TOGETHER IN HARMONY.”

24 minutes. “BUBBLES ALL HAVE A LIFE SOURCE…THERE, LOOK, WHAT’S INTHAT BUBBLE?” 24.5 minutes. ,,YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN ORCHESTRA”. Fruitthat hangs on the tree is shown, which will be the basis for how they hang theprograms (the fruit) in the internal world. Note the colors, orange, white,yellow, purple, blue, green,…

24.5 minutes. Fairyland appears on the screen. The Fairies awake and flythrough leaves. ‘THERE’S YOUR FAIRIES. SHE IS VERY MAGICAL. SHE CAN CREATE ANYTHING AND SO CAN YOU.””THE FAIRIES ARE SO MAGICAL.”

When the core is being first split, the parts of the mind that are creativeare taken and used to create the fairies. The programmers will only take theseoriginal creative splits, they will not try to get fairies from any moretorture. The fairies are the creative parts of the child, how ever many creativeparts that the child has splintered will be the number of fairies created. Theseparts of the mind receive very heavy programming. They are core splits. (Ifreaders remember on page 87 of Vol. 2, it refers to a Core Protector coded”Creation”. That alter was a fairy, a core split. Not only does thiscreative part make things “magically” for the system, it protects thecore. Does that help people to understand how the Core can be so creativelyprotected?! (For more understanding about the Core see Cisco’s very deeparticle on the Core.) Fairies are assigned to every part of an alter system. Thechild of 3 or 4, who watches Fantasia has had their core locked away at 2 1/2.The core’s stars have not been locked away yet, & have access to herenergy. When the system is built, the stars are locked away & become thecore’s guardians. They will act like the core to protect her. The real valueof the fairies comes when the core’s stars are locked away & theProgrammers have to depend upon the creative power of the fairies.

24 minutes. A vine (which represents a system’s double helix) lights up oneleaf after another. The leaves are staggered (alternated) and they light up insequence, which teaches the child the foundation of how they will create the DNAhelix and its staggered exit permissions.

25.5 min. The leaves are now floating up and down, like the alters will learnto do. “SOME FALL TO THE GROUND AND DIE.” This is the point where thestory of the Oak Tree will be added in for programming. When the Illuminatiprogrammers want “to destroy” an alter they can use the chandelier-MT6:22-23 torture mentioned on page 310 of the Vol. 2 Formula book, and then havethe splintered alters become leaves that fall to the ground and die. After this,these disobedient and now “dead” alters can be taken & bedissociated from their memories. The memories are locked up someplace permanentwithin the mind.

26. min. Out of a leaf like “box” come a series of fairies. Thechild is taught to put things (such as alters) in boxes of various shapes.

26.5 min. Leaves blow in the wind. Fairies cover things and keep them safe.

27. min. Fairies continue flying around. The seasons are passing in sequence.An internal green-skirted fairy will be connected to the internal hourglassduring the programming.

27.5 min. The fairies quit flying and skate on ice. The season has turned towinter.

28 min. A winter scene. The four seasons have come to an end.

28.5 min. A sorcerer is introduced by the MC (emcee). The sorcerer is shownand then his assistant or trainee who is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse wants to becreative and magical like the great wizard. Mickey Mouse sees the power that thesorcerer has, and wants that power. What is really being subtly portrayed hereis the programmer (the wizard) and the core & the core’s creative splits(Mickey Mouse). Showing the programmer as a great wizard is actually right onthe money. The top programmers are all Grand Masters in the Illuminati and arevery much into witchcraft.

29 min. The sorcerer (wizard) is shown again. This time the wizard,, with hisskull beside him, creates from his witch’s cauldron a big colorful butterflywhich is forever changing. (Is this big yellow, purple, white, and bluebutterfly meant to be a Monarch butterfly? The programmers will use it that wayfor this Monarch programming.) The great wizard magically creates the bigcolorful butterfly and then he shatters it into countless splinters!

Disney often portrays Mickey Mouse as a Sorcerer.

30 min. Mickey sneaks around and grabs the magic hat. (The magic hat is oneof the few things in the film that doesn’t mean anything for the programming.It merely has witchcraft symbols.) Then a magic broom appears.

30.5 min. The broomstick comes alive. The broomstick imagery will be used tohelp create the pancake people (ribbon alters who will haul the internalcomputer messages). The broomstick person in the film hauls buckets of water.The child is having story after story layered in over a period of time, whichare being skillfully constructed toward a programming end. Parts of thechild’s mind that see the movie Fantasia will be dissociated clean slates.They will need to have some imagery given to them so that they have something tobuild mentally upon. In Cisco’s section of the book, in the Truth article itis discussed how the mind looks at sensory inputs and tries to make sense of a pattern bycomparing it to previous patterns that it has identified. Learning is astep-by-step building process, and so is programming.

31. min. Mickey as the apprentice sorcerer (in a sense the victim who theprogrammer is training) manipulates the broomstick person. “THE CHILD(Mickey) CAN DO WHAT THE GREAT MAGICIAN DID. YOU CAN TELL YOUR MIND WHAT TO DO.YOU GET POWER BY LEARNING TO BE CREATIVE.” Mickey (and the victim) becomemirror images of the Wizard over them.

32 min. Then the sorcerer sits on his throne, and while on the throne actslike the conductor. Here is a subtle mental tie-in that Mickey is playing therole of programmer (conductor) and is sitting on an Illuminati throne (like somany of the Illuminati Grand Master programmers have actually done.) MichaelAquino is just one of several mind-control programmers who have gone by the nameof Mickey. Because Mickey Mouse is substituted for being the programmer atdifferent points in programming, this scene will tie in well with other standardprogramming sessions.

32.5 min. Mickey in the film clearly is shown leaving his physical body andastrally projecting himself. This is such a vivid portrayal of occult astralprojection, that it is mind-boggling that many Christians consider Walt Disneymovies to be christian. (See Vol. 2, p. 319, for a discussion of the scientificmethods to understand and induce astral projection.) This again is laying themental foundation for the child to leave its body mentally and either hover overits body in dissociation or to travel somewhere via astral projection. MickeyMouse then begins conducting lights.


These lights represent the alters that the victim will make for theconductor. The lights (aka stars) are the conductor’s orchestra. Lightning(such as flashes that come from electroshock) and stormy weather are beingcontrolled by Mickey. Notice that the things Mickey is controlling arefear-based. After the child has viewed the film many times and memorized it,when the electro-shock is applied during this time of the film, the child willcontrol it like Mickey by ‘magically’ creating splits.

33.5 min. Mickey begins conducting waves. Then, for those who understand theveiled scenes, Mickey begins going through the different magic spheresconquering the different spirits. This is Enochian Magic. 34 min. Mickey wakesup back in his body, and he is in trouble with rising water i.e. a water trauma.Mickey is thrown into the water. The child victim will identify this with thedrowning tortures that are given to instill “no talk-no tell”messages. After Mickey (or in child himself) has done something, and returns tohis body, then the “‘no-talk”’ message will kick in. Victims ofmind-control often get the feeling of drowning when they trigger a no-talkmessage.

34.5 min. More water continues to flow.

35 min. All of a sudden without any continuity of action, Mickey gets an axand kills the broom by splitting it. The broom dies and then multiplies when itcomes back to life. This is such a clear picture of what the programmers wantthe child’s mind to do. They will traumatize the child essentially unto death,and then they want the tortured alter to multiply itself into many moreduplicate alters. Armies of brooms are formed from the broom. This scene here isa clear red flag that the Illuminati asked Walt Disney to produce this film.This scene with the trauma death of the broom, with it splitting in half, andthen coming back to life in a multiplied form, is evidence that this film wasmeant to be used for training children in multiplicity. The assistant programmerwill say “IT’S O.K. TO SPLINTER.” “YOU ARE TIRED, YOU CANESCAPE THAT BY RESTING AND LET A PART OF YOURSELF COME OUT.” At this point,it is necessary to explain what is going to be done when they begin to splinterthe child’s mind. After the splitting trauma, the programmer needs to be ableto see what the child has created, so he wants the child to look at what’sbeen made. “‘CAN YOU LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE CREATED?” However, thepart of the child that looks back at the trauma will then see that thedissociated trauma was real and that will make the child angry. The programmerswant the child to dissociate what he built, and when the child looks back atwhat he has created he goes into a vortex of dissociation. The child is told ifhe ever looks back at the memory he will go into the vortex.

35.5 min. Water is being thrown in by the brooms, while Mickey throws waterout.

36 min. All of a sudden a hypnotic vortex sucks things in during the film.

36.5 min. The brooms all march in an army, while Mickey reads his magic book.Mickey then uses his magic book as a lifeboat when he gets whirled into avortex. A vortex is often created from that part of the mind that is holding thehigh energy that accumulates in the mind just before the mind splits. It holdsthe highest energy of the mind. One way a vortex is created is to place thechild on a traumatic Disney ride–like a rollar coaster. Special electricalboxes or electrical shoes are outfitted onto the child so that during the ride,at a particular timed moment when fear is increasing, that fear has pain of theelectrical shock added to it. A cattle prod of course would be too dangerous totake up on some type of ride like that with all the motion. Also bear in mind, asmall child doesn,,t take need the electrical power that an adult needs to takeit down.

37 min. At the bottom of vortices in the Illuminati programming, theprogrammers place Guardian demons. In Fantasia, when Mickey gets to the bottomof the vortex, sure enough, there is a Guardian there to meet him. The Guardianspirit parts the water as if he were Moses with the Red Sea.

38. min. The Conductor and Mickey Mouse shake hands. The conductor doessomething very significant. Mickey congratulates the conductor and then theconductor (programmer) in turn says, “Mickey, you’ve done a goodjob.” (Yes, the core/core splits have done a good job at this point, theyhave just created their inner world!) The MC tells us about the next song theoccult Rite of Spring. Spring rituals are creation rituals and so this music isritually connected to what the programmers are going to do in this segment. TheMC states that instead of the viewer seeing tribal dances (which are by the waywitchcraft dances), that instead Disney has decided to show us scenes of whatwent on billions of years ago. (This next part is also a subtle push forDarwin’s theory of evolution. But because it is child’s entertainment,people don’t have their guard up. The theory of evolution is important,because it allows people including the victim to not take moral responsibilityfor their actions, and it is also the basis of some of the Hinduism andwitchcraft teachings that will be given the deeper alters. This is a backdoorapproach to destroy godliness that is carried out on children in general.)

39.5 min. The MC says, “Imagine a lonely tormented little planetspinning in a sea of nothingness.” This is exactly what the programmer willsay to the child as they work together at building an internal world. The”sea of nothingness” is what the reader will see described in ourbooks as “Outer Space” or ,,the Rubicon.” Also that “sea ofnothingness” is used much later to reinforce the secrecy of theprogrammers. Much later as the programmer and torture has progressed theprogrammers will say to alters, “LOOK DOWN ON THE EMPTY SEA OF NOTHINGNESS.THERE IS NO DR. GREEN. THERE IS NO DADDY THERE.”

40 minutes. A swirl of stars in a galaxy appears. Swirls of comet-like lightsflash by. “MANY WORLDS THERE.” This will set the base for the child tobuild galaxies and worlds within their mind. “BE LIKE GOD, CREATE YOURWORLD. BE YOUR OWN GOD AND CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD” the child is told at thispoint.

42 minutes. The face of the planet emerges.

42.5 min. Lots of volcanoes erupt on the screen, setting the foundation tobuild realistic internal volcanoes.

45 min. Oceans, and water and fire are coming into being. The child victimneeds to know how a world is created in order to create their own internalworld. Lava begins flowing as the flute plays the background music. Lighteningflashes. The violence of the fierce weather portrayed will be enhanced by thechild on drugs to a thousand times its magnitude. This is important because itwill take a great deal of mental energy and external torture to create theinternal worlds. Having such super-vivid pictures will help when the victim goesto build their internal worlds. There will be special purpose fragments thatwill be made into the elements of fire and water. That’s all these specialpurpose fragments will know. Breaking through the layers in the alter systemswill trigger internal earthquakes. This and a later earthquake scene are used tobuild the foundation for the internal violent weather. If an internal earthquakeshakes a slave’s mind, it has the same effect as if a real earthquake weregoing off. Everything internally shakes and shifts. An alter system will alsohave fire children, who start internal fires, and will give internal alters theabreaction or sense that they are burning. The mind gets very survival mindedwhen it thinks it is burning, and goes right back into the programming that islinked with the victim’s compliance for survival during programming. 46minutes. The oceans continue to form.

47 min. A calm occurs in the action.

47.5 min. The screen gets dark except for an amoeba, which becomes twoamoebas. As the little amoebas multiply, the asst. programmer encourages thechild, “IT’S O.K. TO MULTIPLY. GOD WANTED YOU TO MULTIPLY” Remember,the programmers are working with a pre-schooler with clean slate alters. Theprogrammers must show images that the child can relate to. The concept of thebroom being split in half and then multiplying and now the concept of theamoebas splitting are portrayed in a way that the child’s mind can grasp the concept.


49 minutes. Dinosaurs appear. The programmers will reframe the concept ofdinosaurs into monsters and demons. The sea-going dinosaurs will be refrained asguardian demons which guard the internal rivers. These guardian demons tie inwith Armageddon end-time programming. They also guard the various worlds.

50 min. Dinosaur-birds swoop down and grab prey. This imagery will berefrained to lay the basis for the winged-monkey watchers of the Oz stories. Thewinged-monkey watchers are the child alters who are assigned to watch and guardthe system.

51.5 min. Fierce dinosaurs (later ref rained as Dragons) protect the swamps.Swamps are built into the internal worlds, so this is very helpful. Demons andalters like Dameon are set up as guards.

52 minutes- More swamps appear. The swamp scenes will form the base in thechild’s mind for the internal river Styx. (See more about this in thisbook’s article “Programming, foundations, destruction of”). Somedinosaurs that have long necks that look like snakes begin appearing. The asst.programmer will reframe these to the child, “LOOK, THE SEED OF SATAN.””THAT IS A DEMON.” While the child watches, they reframe the hughdinosaurs as being demons. Pictures of reptilian looking demons will be shown tothe child too. At that age, the child is not going to see the difference. (Anote for therapists: Some “”demons’” may actually be importantparts to an alter system, and are being used to protect unauthorized users fromentering important areas of the system.)

54 min.- Fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex chases dinosaurs. This chase scene isespecially frightening to a young child on a LSD trip. Long-necked snake-likedinosaurs appear. They may be refrained as a python snake. T Rex is also knownas Leviathan, a demon that inhabits the kundalini spinal column and causes painin the victim, he is written about on page 302 in our Vol. 2 book. In the film along fierce struggle between T Rex and other dinosaurs ensues.

55 min. The dinosaurs begin dying and soon dies. “THE LORD DOESN’T LIKETHEM.”’ This will later be refrained that if parts integrate they are todie. If someone tries to get into the system, the alters are to bury themselvesdeep like these dinosaurs do on the film.

56 min. Dead bones appear

59 min. Mountains soar out of the ground into eminence.

59.5 min. It gets stormy on the screen, winds & floods appear.

60. min. Stillness comes as the sun rises.

61 min. The sun sets. (During the programming, this may be refrained as themoon setting. It can be both or either or. Remember, the programmer is workingwith the child’s creativity.) Various scenes during the film show the moon indifferent phases which is important for bringing in programming concepts likeMr. Moon.

61.3 min. The orchestra is now playing. Music is an important part ofmind-control programming. The affect of music on the mind and body has beenstudied. Music can double the heart beat, accelerate the respiratory rate, makethat rate irregular, enhance perception, lower the threshold for various sensorystimuli, change blood pressure & circulation, and alter the muscles in thebody. Dance music and “march” music done by orchestras change muscleresponse. Music is also a great way to cause dissociation.

62.5 min. The MC introduces the “‘Sound Track’ who he says is animportant person for Fantasia who can be seen around the Disney studio. When Mr.Sound Track appears, he is simply a vertical line. The MC says he is “animportant screen personality.” The ground work is being laid for a personbeing anything, even a line. The MC states that each sound creates a picture.

63 minutes. The MC encourages the personified Sound Track “”don’tbe nervous.”” Then a sound is made like an electrical shock and theline develops a splotch of color in it. During the programming at this point anelectrical shock would be applied to the child.

63.5 minutes. The harp is ask to sound. The harp begins playing a scale andthe line becomes double 8’s and snake-like spirals. The child will be taughtto dissociate when seeing such double 8’s.

64 min. The violin begins going up and down. Each of these instruments isgoing up and down the scale, like do-ray-me-fa-so-la-tee-do. The music is usedto teach the alters to go up and down the helix, which is figured in this partof the film. As the music goes down, an alter is taught to go down in trance,and as it climbs higher, the alter will trance higher. All these instruments(violin, flute, bass, bassoon) are being used to teach alters how to work in thesystem. The MC describes the flute as “very pretty”.

64.3 min. A trumpet begins playing and the colors, yellow, orange, etc. beginshowing.

64.5 min. When the bassoon plays, the MC says, “Go on. Drop the othershoe”– “Go to the shoe” which translates “‘go to theground”” –the deepest trance level. The following is thedouble-pyramid, with a helix up the middle that appears when the bassoon plays:-(This configuration is very important to all these Illuminati alters systems.)-


65 min. The drum plays and some other percussion instruments play. These aretaught to the child as the cult’s “HEARTBEAT”. They will hear thissound internally for many years to come. Then some sounds that have a shatteringeffect (cymbals) like broken mirrors are made in the film.

65.5 min. As the sounds take place a line is made with a pyramid at the top.This is laying the groundwork for the system’s structuring.

66 min. The MC laughs and talks about Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony(Beethoven’s 6th) which is next.

66.5 minutes. The screen comes alive with magical Unicorns of differentcolors. Then Pan (a satan-like figure) appears playing his pipes, and soon lotsof little Pans (little demons) are playing their pipes. The little Pans (demons)play and dance with the unicorns. The orchestra plays again. (This author,Fritz, remembers when I said that Pan was an evil demon, I was rebuked by aChristian minister. He then said Pan a benevolent cheery creature”. Anumber of books which may be obtained from Satanic bookstores document that Panis indeed considered a powerful demon by occultists.)

67 min. Pegasus (the mythical greek winged horse) flies in. As a Mother horseshe takes care of little ones on the screen. She is a protector in theprogramming.

68 min. “FANTASY IS FUN. FANTASY IS A GAME YOU PLAY. MOTHER TEACHES YOU.SEE HOW MOTHER IS A TEACHER. SEE THE BLACK AND WHITE HORSE. THEY ALWAYS FLYTOGETHER, BUT ARE SEPARATE. THEY ARE FLYING OVER THE CLOUDS.” “OVERTHE CLOUDS, INTO THE BLUE YONDER.” The child is rewarded for what it has todo with the game of fantasy. “THAT’S YOUR REWARD FOR DOING WHAT YOU ARETO DO. YOU CAN LEARN TO FLY OVER THE CLOUDS.” The child feels rewarded bythe game of fantasy. The fantasy scenes in Walt Disney’s Fantasia are like theWizard of Oz scenes in Oz, fantasy-land is more colorful and fun than real life.Vivid colors will be splashed about during the fantasy-land scenes.

68.5 min. A castle appears as Pegasus flies around. This and other castlescenes will help the child develop the imagery for the spiritual castles thatthe child will build internally. Then they swim in the water. “SEE THEMIRROR IMAGES, WATER CAN BE GLASS.” During the programming mirrors are putinto the internal system. A mirror can be a piece of glass, the surface of apond, or an asphalt runway. When the programming is complete, underneath thewater &/or the runway lurk demons.

70 min. Waterfalls emerge and issue forth. The waterfalls are used by theprogrammers to erase all the slave’s memory of what was done to them. Thechild will be told at the end of watching Fantasia (and this will be said atother programming events too), “JUST REMEMBER THE GOOD, JUST REMEMBER THEFANTASY”. The fantasy is given so that the subconscious can rest in peaceafter the programming. The child is told “WASH YOURSELF CLEAN.”

70.5 min. The little girls appear as girl centaurs (half girl-half horse).”SEE THE LITTLE GIRLS ARE HORSES.”

71 minutes. Then a scene appears where one girl centaur braids another girlcentaur’s long hair. The Illuminati teach their slaves to braid theirmemories. They braid their memories up and then lock them in. All the Daddymemories will be locked up & braided and then locked for good.

72 min. Male centaurs appear. They are near water and make mirror images inthe water.

72.5 min. A crown is placed on a female centaur and 2 doves. During theIlluminati death, burial and resurrection ceremonies lilies are used for crowns,and doves are used. These are significant programming/ritual symbols. The femalecentaurs look at the male centaurs. This will be refrained as a system can haveboth male and female parts.

73 min. Starting with one female centaur, the females act seductive to themales, who then respond. For bras the females have bras of daisies. The Vol. 2book explained how the daisy programming is a life-or-death type program. Vividcolors are used for each centaur. For instance, one may be purple and anotherone another color, which sets the groundwork for alters to have different accesscolor codes. Alters do not usually see themselves as being in different colors,although it does happen on occasion.

73.8 min. A marriage takes place between the centaurs. The programmers catchthese nuances of the film and use them. The marriage here teaches the child tobe acquainted with the arm-and-arm marriage ceremonies. Remember, theprogrammers are dealing with clean slates that must be taught from the groundup. In the next few minutes, the cherub children will watch sexual bodylanguage, and the child victim is also picking up on enticing sexual bodymotions.

74.2 min. The centaurs go swimming. “I FEEL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL WITH AHORSE’S BODY.”

75 min. Little cherubs are dancing and flying around. When pictured theartists at times single out 3 cherubs who blow flutes together. The femalecentaur appears, who is fair haired (blond) and blue-eyed, which is what the Illuminati like.When she hears the tone (of the flutes) she goes into a trance state and walkswith her eyes closed. This imagery is used to teach alters that when they hearcertain tones, they are to go into a trance state and do certain things. Thelittle cherub turns into a heart, and when no one is watching goes into thetree. In programming, this part is the Keeper of the Tree. Notice how everythingis veiled. The assistant programmer will point the cherub out to the childvictim, “LOOK AT WHAT HE DID.”

76.5 min. A curtain then shrouds the scene. The curtain appears to betree-like. More bubbles appear, and more water. All the mythical creatures onthe screen begin to dance and be merry and have a feast.


78 min. “THE LEAVES ARE FALLING.” Blood-like wine is drank at thefeast. “SEE THE BLOOD.”

“SEE THE LITTLE DEVILS POP UP.” The only human in this Disney sceneis honored. This is done to teach the alters that humans and animals can mix.That they can be accepted for what they are, even if they think they are ananimal or something else they will be accepted at the cult’s feasts. Thesescenes are all for internal programming. By the way, one of the pretty femalecentaurs makes a sexual pass at the fat human, who then chases her. “MUSTPLEASE THE MASTER.”

80 min. A scary storm comes up, and Zeus, and the greek gods appear. ,,BETTERFEAR IT. HE’S A GOD YOU’D BETTER FEAR HIM. HE THROWS LIGHTNING.” Thisdemon who throws lightening is named Furfur. He also makes thunder & strongwinds in the system (alter system’s worlds). Readers can learn more about thisdemon, named Furfur, in Cisco’s second part of Deeper Insights in the articleon “Programming, foundations, destruction of”.

81 minutes. Lightening bolts are thrown from heaven.

81.5 min. All the little cherubs run for cover in fear.

82 min. Pegasus the protector flies in to protect everyone, especially a newborn Pegasus. The wind is personified as a two-headed blowing person. Thistwo-headed Janus wind comes storming through the heavens. The programmer willoften place his own voice “IN THE WIND.” The greek god (internaldemon) throws a lightening bolt.

83 min. “SEE THE GODS”. The child is learning what to makeinternally. Zeus then relaxes & goes to sleep.

84 min. More vivid colors form. “FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH ALL THECOLORS.” The film at this point is teaching the child to stay in theframework of the programming for safety. To go outside of the programming isterror. The child is learning to fear the godlike demonic guardians.

84.5 min. The fantasy world is coming alive. It is a happy fantasy world. Agoddess in the sky makes a rainbow emerge. This is the rainbow goddess of theprogramming.

85 min. All the happy unicorns and cherubs fly ‘”over therainbow.” (Refer back to the Vol. 2 book p.94 to understand thesignificance of going over the rainbow.) The unicorn is derived from old Britishpaganism where the lion represented sun worship, and the unicorn representedmoon worship. This is why the Royal Arms of the British Royal Family have aunicorn on one side, & a lion on the other. Sexually the unicorn representsandrogeny. During programming, the horses, pegasi, unicorns and centaurs shownin the Fantasia movie become the foundation upon which the Illuminatiprogrammers build the Night Mare alters who are beasts of burden who carry analter system’s memories. These are logical no-emotion alters who are earlysplits & who are programmed after the child is verbal. See Cisco’s articleon Dream Work for more understanding about the horse alters, as well as chapter7 on Structuring.

86 minutes. More rainbows and lots of bubbles come into view. The film hasdone an excellent lob of showing how the Furfur God of thunder protects theRainbow. Once an alter has gone over the rainbow, they can not come back becausea demon protects the Rainbow. The rainbow is also protected by alters who fearthe gods. After seeing Fantasia, the therapist can understand why the littlechild protector alters have fear about these gods. The master (who representsFurfur) in the movie swallows the rainbow. If an alter looks internally for therainbow, he or she will only find stars, because the protector will come up andsay, “I swallowed the rainbow.” The rainbow is kept well hiddeninternally. This scene is used to teach alters how to go over the rainbow.””BEFORE YOU GO OVER THE RAINBOW, YOU HAVE TO PUT ALL YOUR MEMORIES INTHE BUBBLE. YOU CAN’T TAKE ANYTHING OVER THE RAINBOW INTO FANTASY LAND.”

86.5 minutes. Apollo, the sun god comes out.

87 min. A big mother spirit who fills the whole sky is now shown by Disney.She hangs over the rainbow. When a system is built this is indeed what they putin. All go to sleep in the film.

87.5 minutes. Arrows shoot the stars into the heavens. This is moreprogramming imagery. When you look for the rainbow, you see stars.

88 min. The conductor finishes again.

88.5 min. The next setting is a Venetian nobleman’s (a duke’s) palace.Curtains open. The use of curtains is spoken about in our previous books.

89 min. Curtains open. An Ostrich begins dancing, and gets others to balletdance.

90 min. The Ostriches begin dancing in a circle, this islaying the groundwork for what the cult family does. The Assistant programmermay tell the child, “SEE IT’S O.K. TO DANCE TOGETHER. DANCING ISACCEPTABLE.” The programmers will not directly tell the child that thisrepresents the cult family.

91.5 min. The Ostriches are eating grapes. They are playing, looking in thepool & they are seeing bubbles.

92 min. Hippos emerge out of the pool. “IT’S O.K. TO BE DIFFERENT.IT’S O.K. TO BE STRANGE. USE YOUR CREATIVITY.” The hippos begin to danceand dance.

94 min. Elephants appear and are having fun and blowing bubbles out of theirtrunks. The programmers may be having fun blowing bubbles with the child. Theprogrammers like to mix love and hate, kindness and sadistic behavior. That waythe victim has a hard time separating love from hate. If you ask many slavesabout “Daddy” they will tell you that they had fun with Daddy. Theyare right–they had fun intermixed with sadistic torture. Bubbles continue tolift off. One of the bubbles has a fish in it. This is imagery for the bubbleprogramming. The child victim is trained to dump their bad memories into bubblesand let them float away. The therapist will notice that many victims feel likethey are floating. They have an unreal feeling. The bubbles are floating theirbad memories away.

98.5 minutes. A new setting and the hippos are hypnotically sleeping. 3sinister alligators that remind one of the 3 primary programmers appear. The 3alligators have robes that hide them, and shadow images of themselves lurkingbehind them. The alligators are trying to get the hippos. The 3 alligators areportrayed like the programmer is, he is someone to fear, love, & respect allat once. The hippo is running away and dancing. The alligator dances with thehippo, but makes menacing attempts to eat him. A flying hippo lands on analligator. Elephants, hippos, alligators are shown. The elephants, ostriches,hippos and alligators all dance in fantasyland.

100 min. The orchestra is dancing. ‘”DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD AND WE WILLHAVE FUN.”

101 min. The MC announces the next part as “”the struggle betweenthe profane and the sacred.”’ The conductor stands in a silhouette thatsuggests the same pose that the upcoming Satan takes.

102 min. A high dark mountain with a castle looms in front of the viewer. Awinged fiercesome Satan figure raises his wings. His wings are sectioned likefingers with claws, and will form the imagery of the demon Malebrinche, whosesatanic claws hang over the alters and terrorize them. In the IllustratedGuidebook, the reader will find lots of these claws in the pictures lurking inthe background. A child victim will be taught to fear the hands of theprogrammer, Satan and Malebrinche. The wings (hands with claws) open. And Satanis portrayed as an awe-inspiring figure. (By the way,, the word maleficia meansevil misfortune caused by witches. The witch in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty hasthe demonic name of Maleficent.)

102.5 min. Satan begins raising the dead skeletons. This provides afoundation to layer in the Valley of the Dry bones coming alive with armies ofskeletons.

104 min. The film also has some images at this point that will help with thefoundation for the Armageddon programming. Satan calls everything to himself.


104.5 min. The hell pit is shown. This is laying a foundation for the hellpit with all its demons. All kinds of vivid colors are shown in hell, to makethe scene more real than real for the child victim. Satan smiles as demons burnin hell. “NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE, IF YOU ARE NOT GOOD YOU’LL END UPTHERE.’”

Fantasia portrays Satan as a terrible powerful being.


105.5 min. Three beautiful lady demons begin to dance in a circle, all of asudden these demons take on their luciferian form, one becomes a goat.

106 min. The demons continue to dance with powerful Satan watching over them.The hell pit and the demons are portrayed in vivid scary graphic depictions. Thehellish fire and the ghoulish dancing of its occupants continues for what seemsa long time. “WHEN GOD FINDS OUT HOW BAD YOU ARE, LOOKAT WHAT HE’LL DO TO YOU.”

107 min. Satan is portrayed by Disney in all his evil dark majesty.

107.5 min. Bells begin to ring, and the demons slink away, & the deadreturn to the earth to their graveyards.

108 min. Ghosts return to the graves. Soft music begins to play. Ave Maria bySchubert, which was written for the Catholic church, begins playing.

109 min. Satan folds himself into a mountain. ‘”DO YOU SEE LUCIFERANYWHERE? NO. YOU ONLY SEE A MOUNTAIN.”

110 min. Lights shine as if they are a column of moving people who arewalking with lights, and then some walls appear.

110.5 min. An arched bridge appears with its mirror image. The column ofsilhouetted people who continue walking have mirror images in the river. Theasst. programmer will be telling the system (which the front parts will hear)”TIME FOR ALL THE GOOD CHILDREN TO GO TO CHURCH. IT’S O.K. TO GO TOCHURCH. GO SERVE GOD.”

113. min. An opening, a vertical sliver of light comes from what appears tobe doors opening up. There is a mirror effect in the way the doors open, whichwill facilitate making mirror image front worlds. A whole new world opens up,which will be the front system’s world. Both the front alters and the deeperones will be told to forget the movie. Later when a system is better programmed,the programmers will pull up the front alters and have them walk through thesedoors into the light. When they are hypnotically taken through these doors intothe light and away from the fear and darkness of the Kingdom of Satan, they arehypnotically told to close those doors and never look back. The Kingdom of Satanhas been shown in detail and in great length. The Kingdom of Satan has beenshown as powerful and fearful. Satan is shown as a mighty power that is to befeared. The Kingdom of Light is only shown as a peace, as a refuge from evil. Itis not shown to be good. It is not shown to have power or intelligence. It issimply a place to go to escape the fear of Satan’s power. This is all theprogrammers really want the church to be. It will be a stabilizing balance tolet the mind recuperate from the hell of the programming, but it is not intendedto be seen as greater than Satan and his Kingdom.

115 min. The film ends with a peaceful gaze at heaven. The child is beingtold in the last few minutes “THAT WORLD BELONGS TO YOU. IT’S A BEAUTIFULWORLD. IT’S THE WORLD WE WANT YOU TO LIVE IN. IT’S BEAUTIFUL.” Afterall the hell that is eventually dumped on the child, and the scare that Satangives them in this Fantasia film, the child is only too happy to create abeautiful world to live in.

The effectiveness of Disney’s Fantasia is that it is used to communicate to& build the unconscious structures within the child’s mind. Theunconscious mind is the seat of our creative abilities. Then the conscious mindmakes adaptations upon this unconscious thinking.


Now that the reader has covered so much, the following quotes (with boldemphasis’s added) take on even deeper meaning: Joe Flower in Prince of theMagic Kingdom, Walt Disney was obsessed with creation, driven to buildmagical worlds not, as many artists are, out of paint and canvas, or words, oreven film, but physically, out of concrete, wires, smoke, electricity, andhighly programmed employees.” (p. 23) Julian Halevy in Nation decriesDisney taking this nation into a “drift to fantasy.” He adds,”…one feels our whole culture heading up the dark river to thesource–that heart of darkness where Mr. Disney traffics in pastel trinketedevil for gold and ivory.” For those who understand programming Aubrey Menencomments about Disney’s success are profoundly appropriate, “thestrongest desire an artist knows…to create a world of his own where everythingis just as he imagines it.” John Ciardi was not so nice, he termed WaltDisney as “the shyster in the backroom of illusion.” Eliot said,”While his filmed fairy tales may have appeared at first glance to be lightand dreamlike, upon closer examination they seemed more nightmares ofdeconstructed reality in league with the era’s leading neo-FreudianModernists.”

  • You have now finished reading a never-before-heard, unprecedented Warningabout the Dark Reality of the Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and how it fits in withMind-Control. Most Americans when surveyed say they believe in God, most go tochurch, and many believe they are born-again.

Because of the Illuminati’s deceptioncampaign over several generations, the American public, and the world in generalhas been led to believe that Disney was good, and that Walt Disney was a goodman. Because of his image, people suspended judgement about Disney and Disneymovies. They entrusted their children to him. People had been manipulated into aframe of mind, a predisposition that whatever comes out of Disney is good. Theyentrusted their children to take in what Disney fed their children’s littleminds week after week. The public’s predisposition of trust was used tointroduce Illuminati beliefs and their political agenda, and to carry out a vastprogram of trauma-based mind-control on hundreds of thousands of tiny littlechildren, whose minds and souls were stolen from them. Because many of the childslaves, who are programmed with Disney-themes, are programmed with roles inbringing in the Anti-Christ, Walt Disney and his family have played a major rolefor the Anti-Christ. And now you can see how accurate the Word of God is when itsays, What is highly esteemed among men, is an abomination to God. First, therewill be an Overview of the types of sources used, and then will follow a partialBibliography on this Disney Section.


People who have worked for Disney and who are getting pensions and medicalinsurance have talked about Disney under the condition of anonymity. This isbecause the Disney hierarchy will not permit exposure without retaliation.Several non-Disney people who helped with discovering facts for this sectionwere threatened that their children lives would be taken if they continued toinvestigate Disney. What I (Fritz Springmeier) finally have put in this, issolely my responsibility.

  • One type of source for this was books on the Hollywood Film Industry andbooks on Disney Films. There were about 20 books of this category which wereperused for a better understanding of who the Disney brothers were and whatDisney Co. was about. One of the best in this type of source was The Art of WaltDisney from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom by Christopher Finch (NY: Harry N.Abrams, Inc., 1975.)
  • Another type of source were the standard biographical reference books,,such as Who’s Who, Who’s Who in the West (1951), World Biography, Who WasWho,, Current Biography 1952, etc.
  • Another type of source was critics of Disney’s movies such as severalarticles exposing the Lion King, Media Spotlight’s article Fantasia, RushLimbaugh’s comments and statements concerning how Disney had betrayed itsviewers’ trust, the Spotlight’s Feb. 26, ‘96 p. 31 article “DisneyTurns Back on Family Values.”’
  • Another type of source was magazine and newspaper articles about Disneysuch as the Oregonian’s art. on a Disney director being a convicted childmolester. NY Times, Newsweek and other magazine and newspaper sources. Animportant series of extremely good investigative reports which were written byHarry V. Martin for the Napa Sentinel in 1989 were very important in learning ofsome of the Illuminati/CIA/Contra/Drug Running activities in Napa Valley, CAthat Roy Disney is associated with. Harry V. Martin went into all kinds ofrecords and did an excellent job of investigative reporting. The magazine Monde2000, no.12, had an article on non-lethal weapons that the NWO is developing.This article was reprinted in Encounter Chronicles Journal of ScientificIntelligence, and discussed how Disney has been working with Sandia Labs and LosAlamos.
  • Another type of source were victims of Illuminati mind-control, who haverecovered memories of being programmed at Disneyland and Disneyworld.
  • Another type of source has been to watch Disney movies as an investigativetool to understand how Disney is programming, how they are skillfullyindoctrinating the American people into witchcraft, etc. This author has alsopersonally been to both Disneyland, near Anaheim, CA and Disneyworld, nearOrlando, FL.
  • Another source was the Walt Disney Co.’s Annual Reports, and also thereference book Directory of Corporate Affiliations (1986) published by theNational Register Pub. Co.
  • Another type of source were books which specialized in covering detailsabout Disneyland such as Disneyland And Beyond the Ultimate Family Guidebook(edited by Ray Riegert, and printed by Ulysses Press of Berkeley, CA); and WaltDisney’s Disneyland (by Martin A. Sklar and introduced by Walt Disney.) AAAhad a 27 page booklet “Disneyland Park and Southern California”, whichcame out in 1996, which provides information on what is being offered atDisneyland and vicinity. The book refers repeatedly to “Disney Magic”. One has to wonder how Christians and non-occulticpersons can’t see how occult Disney is.



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SOME OF OTHER SOURCES (used & not used).

· Various Disney brochures.//· Rush Limbaugh’s comments concerning howDisney had betrayed its viewers’ trust.//· Interviews w/ Napa Valleyresidents.

· Interviews with disgruntled insiders to the NWO.

· Interviews with various types of Disney victims.

[Disney has used mafia-type tactics, i.e. death threats, to intimidatenumerous people into selling their property. Roy E. Disney has been reportedinvolved in these land thefts. Victims of this type of intimidation are in manystates, but several prominent regions are Napa Valley, CA; Shenandoah Valley;Virginia, & FL Disney’s land-grabbing operations could be a book initself. This author has lots more research which I HAVE NO PLANS to reveal,which has been left w/ key others, such as the connections of VaVin, nearLeon,VA, who produce Prince Michel de Virginia, whose chef & others connectto Belgium. The background of several key people, like Robert Podesta. Financialrecords, such as Fed. Judge Fern M. Smith (Burrows). ETC. This para. is notindexed.]


Developments in fiber optics, computers, electronic communications, nano-technology,bio-chips & neuro-electrical research have combined to bring mankind to thepoint where mankind can be controlled by one centralized monolithic Beastcomputer. The ultimate mind-controlled slavery is now possible. We are in thefirst stages of its implementation.

The chapter will be organized in the following sections & subsections:

Section A.An Overview of the subject.

A1. Where thisarticle is headed

This chapter is designed to cover the complexities of hi-tech mind-control insimple-to-understand language. To accommodate those who are more technicallyliterate and who want more, some clues to more technical sources are given, buttime & space limitations mean that much has gone unsaid. My deep thanks tothe many victims, who placed their trust in me to get their stories out to theworld. I hope that I have vindicated their trust. There are a number ofdisinformation agents that appear to be putting out good information onimplants, but are actually disinformation agents. We can error by undershootingor overshooting the truth. The principle topics that these pretend “whistleblowers” have been discussing are the tracking implants and remote viewing.(For RV info, see Theta Programming material in Vol. 2.) Neither topic is anyrevelation, nor are they the most dangerous items in the elite’s electronicmind-control arsenal. If the reader has not skipped chapter 5 on disinformation,then he will be aware how factual information can be used in deception, such asin chicken feed & building bona fides. Why is it that the TV program”The Real X-Files” shown on channel 4 was created by a CIA operative,Jim Schnabel? And why are all the “private” Remote Viewingorganizations run by what appear to be entirely all intelligence operatives(such as Ed Dames, et. al.)? And why do we see mind-control specialists, like”ex”-Intelligence officer C.B. Scott Jones who gets involved withseveral UFO research organizations & disseminating disinformation? One”researcher”, who is publicly exposing” the NWO, tried toconvince this author, “The government has no secrets.” (Aword-for-word quote by the way.) He needs to read a supplement to the NationalIndustry Security Pro grain manual (Mar. 92 release) where the Air Force teachestheir DoD contractors how to construct cover stories to lie about the nature oftheir work for the government. I will not take cheap shots at the World Order,& I will not intentionally mislead the reader. You will get the whole truthand nothing but the truth, as well a single chapter can present it. Vol. 2’schapter 6 which was on this same subject was not the final word and neither isthis chapter. Before I start passing on lots of information, I should clarifyone point. Human brain cells communicate by superconductivity, not electricity.Electricity travels near the speed of light, while superconductivity is in therange of the speed of sound. Government researchers have a device called a SQUID(Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) which actually monitors the lightflowing from brain cell to brain cell. This is why over 5% of the brain’s drymatter weight is iridium and rhodium. However, this does not subtract from thefact that electromagnetic waves have the ability to change what the brainexperiences and thinks. I must also provide a small glossary for electronicmind-control terms that most people are not familiar with.


Bio-medical telemetry–Transmitter-receiversthat are often located at the base of the skull which record body functions& brain wave activity. Their data is sent to remote computers formonitoring. A bio-medical telemetry implant may also function as the primarycontrol implant on body suits of implants. Early versions were used onastronauts.

EMF weapons–Electromagnetic Frequency weapons.These basically are machines that can modulate and beam electromagnetic waves insuch a fashion that they control biological/mental functions within the victim.Portals to the central nervous system can be manipulated to create visualimages, project voices into the mind, and create pain, moods and emotions.

Psychotronics–This word was originated fromSoviet research. The American public have mistakingly thought that the word isequivalent to psychic activity. A more precise translation of the Russian termwould have been “applied psychoenergetics”. American psychotronicsresearch was initially done at Stanford Research Institute. This is the ThetaProgramming that Vol. 2 described.

Remote Viewing (RV for short)–Thismeans psychic viewing of something.

Syntel–This is short for synthetic telepathy, which isthe remote sending of voices and thoughts into a victim of electronicmind-control. The military and intelligence agencies have successfully achievedthis capability and have carried out countless meetings over their possible usesof syntel.

A2. Where the NWO isheaded

Since 1991, this author has been in contact with various victims of implants.The natural first reaction of many initial listeners would be skepticism to thesubject. The psychological profession has had articles in their professionaljournals ridiculing these poor victims. If a fair-minded person will match theexperiences of what one can witness happening to these implant victims (as wellas their evidence) to the cutting edge of what science is researching andcapable of doing, then there is no doubt that implants are being used on an everincreasing mass scale. The World Order is using amplifiers, generators,electronics, listening devices, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, asnapping type sound energy that hits and burns the body, closed-circuit videosto monitor implant victims, nanotechnology, and tracking devices that scanners(incl. mobile hand-held scanners) can pick up– JUST to name a few. This chapterwill provide an indepth overview of many of these electronic mind-controlgadgets. Unfortunately, the twilight zone of Big Brother is upon us. People(such as limousine drivers) that have been around the movers and shakers reportthat they brag about these technological controls. The technology described inthis chapter, such as nanobots, and holographic implants are in the”R&D stage” of use. What is meant by “R&D stage”means that the World Order is using a large variety of experimental items, butthe reader should be forewarned that this does not mean that these items are anyindication of where the World Order’s actual secret R&D is at. This authorhas worked with enough mind-control victims to have established several facts:

  • Society is getting only the crumbs of what is known by the World Order’shierarchy.

The World Order is releasing technology at a control rate, much of itthrough mind-controlled slaves who are programmed to “discover” aparticular “discovery”. They are in reality only disclosing what hasbeen known in secret, and their discoveries are actually helping cover up wherethe World Order’s secret research is at. However, it’s not difficult to seethe direction the World Order is headed. They are working at making virtualreality (aka cyperspace) the “in” thing. They are fusing the humanmind to computers. Computers/robots are taking over human jobs, and humans arebecoming more like computers/robots. Sci-fi gurus, cyberpunks, and establishmentscientists are selling and advertising this technological direction as”freedom”, and the crowds of sheep are accepting things like brainimplants as “survival equipment” and “freedom”. Thecool” technological pied pipers of our time are teaching our children thatgadgets that remove their minds from reality are giving them new freedoms. Butthis chapter is written because there are still a few people with theneural-receptors and the computing capacity left in their craniums to comprehendthe dangers that these mind-controlling devices have for humanity. Witnesseshave told me that the creation of “robocop” type cybergs (the fusionof man & other equipment) has already been experimented on in secret.Indeed, the government gave out research contracts for cyberg research back inthe 1960’s. And the use of electro-magnetic waves (esp. Tesla waves),implants, and other electronic devices by the Illuminati for mind-control is onthe increase. How much of a genuine threat do these things pose humanity?[I’ll spell it out for the reader, but we must remain calm, a fear-basedresponse only makes things worse.] Yes, it is true that the NSA can remotelytrack people if they know the specific EMF waves (evoked potentials from EEGs inthe 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range) of a person’s bioelectric field. Eachperson’s emissions are unique, just like their fingerprint, palmprint, andtheir voiceprint. This means that the NSA can remotely track anyone in public.And yes, it is true that the NSA’s RNM system can remotely send EMF Brainstimulation signals which create visual images, subliminal audios, what appearto be audible sounds, and thoughts into people’s minds. Yes, it is true thatbody suits of implants are used to control people’s minds and bodies, as wellas track them. Yes, it is true they have voice prints of hundreds of thousandsof Americans and can identify & track via their computers all electroniccommunications in this nation. Most phone calls go through about 30 computersbefore they reach their destination. The phone companies computers, according tosomeone who worked for AT&T and witnessed it, record ALL phone calls usingcomputers. However, to weed out the worthless from the worthwhile, theIlluminati’s fronts use a list of key words, such as names or phrases calledTHE WATCH LIST which the computer uses to identify conversations worthwhile tolisten to. Even though the NSA uses supercomputers, it is monitoring mostcommunication on the entire planet so they have to squeeze the WATCH LIST astight as possible. According to Bamford, James. The Puzzle Palace. NY: ThePuzzle Palace, 1983, p. 459, “…according to Raven, programmers wouldsimply reduce Malcolm X to the last two letters in his first name (lm) followedby a space and then the letter X. Then any time an intercepted datacommunications containing that particular combination of letters and spacing (lmX) streamed past the computer’s reading head, it would automatically be kickedOut for further analysis. Part of the reason that the computers are swamped withWatch list submissions is that many items require numerous entries. Whensearching for derogatory references to President Richard M. Nixon, for example,technicians would have to program a variety of possible key words, such as”Tricky Dicky”. This, according to the former G Group Chief would beconverted to The new technology which is being implemented in stages includescomputer imaging of a person which makes a “whole body map” of theperson’s body which is stored in the computer. Something that has been onlydeveloped for a narrow use by the NWO is the downloading of the holographicimage of a person’s thoughts so they can be transmitted to another. (SeeAppendix 3 on cloning for more on this.) The majority of the few people who knowthis is going on wouldn’t waste time reporting it, because the publicwouldn’t believe it anyway. However, some prominent scientists are predictingthat it is just around the corner. The three top research institutes in thisfield, Stanford Research Institute, MIT, and the Carnegie-Mellon Univ. all havepeople saying that this capability is “almost here”. Austrian bornHans Moravec, dir, of the Robotics Inst. at Carnegie Mellon Univ., is quoted inThe Indianapolis Star, 6/14/1987, in an article entitled”Immortality”, “In an astonishingly short amount of time,scientists will be able to transfer the contents of a person’s mind into apowerful computer, and in the process, make him–or at least his livingessence–virtually immortal.” MIT artificial intelligence researcher GeraldJ. Sussman states, “I’m afraid, unfortunately that I’m the lastgeneration to die. Some of my students may manage to survive a littlelonger.’’ But as fantastic as all these powerful capabilities sound, thereare gliches in their electronic control of humans.

As an outsider looking inside for a number of years, this author has beenable to take note of some of the success and failures of the New World Order’selectronic mind-control. First, the NSA picks up so much intelligenceinformation, they are drowning in their own information. Only so many people canmake decisions, and they can only digest so much information. They may try tomanipulate people and events, but Christians (who are free of the mind-control)can step through those manipulations by having the mind of Christ. Next, if aperson understands who they are & believes in following Christ, outsidevisions & outside or strange voices or thoughts do not alter the course thata person will take. Most of the people this author has met who have beensubjected to remote electronic control over their mind–HAVE REJECTED theinstructions & harassment of their electronic handlers. Not only is it clearthat the voices are being transmitted from an external source to the victim,others can also detect that something is amiss. The element of secrecy ismissing. One man spent an afternoon talking to this author about the World Orderhad tried to electronically control his mind, and turn him into a drug pusher.He had successfully foiled them for several years. Although he has had to flee& try to go into hiding to keep his own mind. The most powerful mind-controlis still trauma-based mind control built on a foundation of multiplepersonalities (dissociated personalities and dissociated parts of the mind). Itappears that electronic mind-control is being overlaid on top the mind-controlbased on dissociation. When this is done, the electronic mind-control isfrightening, because the victim’s consciousness is not able to think passedthe electronic mind-control which catches their undivided attention. They aretoo distracted to deal with the deeper issues of trauma-based mind-control.

Imagine being a programmed multiple, and your handler doesn’t have to evenbe near you to relay complicated codes and instructions. He can use yourimplant. But again, how serious is electronic mind-control? Let me relate to youabout a guided tour that a civilian friend of mine took through a NWO’s majorbeast computer center in Alaska back in the 1970’s. The engineer, who was incharge of building and getting the center operational, gave him a tour of thesite’s capabilities. At that point, the NWO had built a massive computercenter in Alaska, one in So. Africa (believed to be located at the U.S. embassyin Johannesburg), and one in Pine Gap, Australia. These three sites were veryspecific, because they formed a triangle on the globe, and couldn’t be locatedanywhere else, due to the naturally occuring lines of force of the planet. TheseBeast Computer Centers consist of aisles and aisles of big state of the artcomputers. They each have several dozen people to run them. Even in the’70’s, an operator could speak into the computer and it would answer. Forinstance, if you asked the computer about anyone on the planet, it could usuallypull up all kinds of information about that person. If you asked the computerhow could you get that person to kill someone? or how can I isolate this person?The computer would spill out a plan almost instantly, telling you all the peoplearound that subject who could be manipulated and in what fashion those peopleneed to be manipulated to cause the end result. This is the end result of yearsof “BLACK PSYCHIATRY–which means applying psychiatric techniques tomanipulate people and nations. These computers electronically connect to some ofthose people who are electronically controlled, so that the controllers canactually control the world from a computer. These computers also store vastamounts of personal information about people’s thought processes and thinking.It is possible that electronic surveillance is being done to read the thoughtsof people and that the computers are actually able to store this information insome usable fashion. Because this is so secret, they can’t give any hints oftheir vast ability to monitor thoughts, as well as organize and store thosethoughts. This sounds like science fiction, but from people who invent &work at state of the art technology, this is actually said to be old technology.They are limited in how they use this technology because they want it to remainsecret.

Meanwhile on the surface, the public system has automated fingerprintidentification with the AFIS system, and has automated birth certificateselectronically too. This all ties in with the intense desire of the World Systemto use the potential of their computers’ memories. Large Neural computers thathave artificial intelligence using neural processing which is a type of learningsimilar to learning done by the human brain are being used. Recently, the worldchampion chess player was beat by a computer. This author’s friend, who touredthe Alaskan computer center, was shown how a war could be created between anytwo nations. The operator merely asked the computer what it knew about a certaincountry and then ask it how could a war be created with a neighboring country.This is the end result of countless studies such as the U.S. military referencebook Basic Psychological Operations Study (BPS) which outlines country bycountry, specifying where each country is vulnerable for PSYOP operations(psychological warfare).

This kind of thing has a long history. For instance in W.W. II, the Office ofWar Information and the 0SS cooperated in psychological warfare projects. Whatthis author’s friend saw was a network of Cray-type computers, perhaps similarto the EMASS system of Cray computers that E-Systems developed. Such a systemcan store 5 trillion pages of text and work with that data base with lighteningspeed.

The reason this author’s friend was allowed to see this technology, wasthat he happened to be at the right place at the right time, and the Engineeroperator of the Beast Computer said that this system was obsolete. Which istrue, today’s 9 Beast computers are much better at speech than the computersat these three control sites were in ’73. The Beast computers can (accordingto another eye witness who used it) hear human voices and determine whatlanguage is being spoken and then can listen and answer in that language. Thesecomputers link directly to thousands of mind-controlled slaves and can– viavarious methods– almost instantly control the behavior of numerous people.This, along with good old fashioned phone calls, allows the elite to manipulateevents very fast.

Anchorage is the site of a National Security Agency NSAlistening post(LP). The Beast computer was located northeast of Anchorage, andso is the HAARP project. The HAARP facility is near Gakona, a hamlet about 140miles north of Prince William Sound and its signals travel on a field line toAustralia. The Beast Computer is also linked to Australia as well as satellitesystems. The HAARP site took a 4-wheeled truck to reach, and the Beast Computersite in 1973 was even more remote. The University of Alaska Fairbanks (which hasits own super computer) and the Alaskan Poker Flat Rocket Range also wereinvolved with the HAARP project. 30% of the U of A’s supercomputer’s use wasfor DoD projects.

HAARP uses 3 powerful transmitter sites in Alaska. Somewhat onthe flip side, the human brain which they control can, IF it has a memeximplant, interface with the Beast computer which acts as a vast repository ofhuman knowledge as well as answering questions to essentially all previouslyanswered questions instantaneously. If the human brain has some type of virtualreality holodeck attachment, the computer can even walk the slave through arealistic setting indistinguishable from the real world. Robocop or robo-soldierhas an incredible advantage with such extended memex/remote viewingcapabilities.

The World Order has experimented in memex/remote viewing alongseveral divergent paths. One method has been psychic (demonic) method, where the”natural” mental facilities of the human are trained. The other routehas been high-tech. According to eye-witnesses both methods have yieldedpositive results, although it sounds like they are still refining theircapabilities. The word telematics has come into use to denote theinterconnection between computers and telecommunications. France has a NationalTelecommunications Research Center, which works with groups such as CII-HoneywellBull (Jean-Pierre Brule, Pres., & Emmanuel de Robien, Sec.-Gen.). CII-HoneywellBull did telematics and implant research, and so has IBM France. IBM’ssubsidiary SBS developed satellite-based communications. In Britain, theirNational Physical Laboratory NPL has been active in telecommunications research.Professional computer groups have umbrella groups such as the British ComputerSociety, which help determine policies.

In the U.S. the National Center forSupercomputer applications works on virtual reality interface with humans.Meanwhile SCAN (Swinburne Centre for Applied Neurosciences, Hawthorn, Australia3122) has been working on how to monitor human thoughts. These are just a few ofa vast network of research groups applying their efforts to the types of thingsyou will read about in this chapter.

Around 1973, TRW began designing asatellite that would allow the CIA to communicate with its assets/agents in”denied areas”. This was code-named Pyramider, and used frequencyhopping. The signals can be hidden among random urban radio transmissions. (SeeRobert Lindsey, The Falcon and the Snowman. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1979, p.218)

Some people who are related (in some fashion) to the CIA have beenreceiving Syntel implants that are communicating to them using signals thatfrequency-hop. So the proof is in the pudding, the CIA used Pyramider to contactimplant victims. The World Order does not use every technological gadget theyhave in every situation. Use of secret weaponry is restricted so that theweaponry remains secret. This is one reason why victims of mind-control displaysuch a wide variety of symptoms and control mechanisms. But what is scary isthat any bozo can already purchase on the public market a frightening array ofelectronic mind-control devices.

Information Unlimited puts Out a catalog thatany bozo on the street can order from which advertises 200,000 volt stun guns,laser ray gun, compressed air guns (Air Tasers) that knock people down withprobes that attach instantly to the human target and jam their nervous systemwith T-waves, laser listening devices to listen at long range via their windows,implants along with the tracking system to keep track of people, animals orobjects. They also sell other novel devices. While this author has that catalogthat advertises for sale computer chips to implant people with, the psychiatricprofession is helping cover-up Big Brother’s implant technology.

For instancethe Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Sept. 1995, Vol. 183 (9), pp.603-604, has a story about two males (aged 33 and 53 years old) who were labeleddelusional because they complained of implants hidden in their fillings in theirteeth. The article is entitled, “Delusional electronic dental inplants:Case reports and literature review.” The shrinks concluded the two men wereobviously mentally ill and needed treatment with drugs because they are claimingthat they have electronic dental implants. The psychiatrists wrote,”neither had any insight into the implausibility of the delusion.” Thedoctors gave antipsychotic drugs, and physically intervened to “prevent aninappropriate dental extraction.” According to the article, for someunknown reason, the two men “responded poorly” to anti-psychoticdrugs. It never occurs to the psychiatrists that the reason the anti-psychoticdrugs didn’t work is possibly because the men’s complaints were legitimate.The two shrinks were E. Sherwood Brown and Michael T. Lambert.

There are othercases too, where people complaining of implants have been labelled”delusional” by psychiatrists. The Amer. Psychiatric Assoc. is guiltyof refusing to seriously review evidence that harassment & mind-control maybe impacting people mentally. DSM-IV reflects this continuing refusal to accordvictims of electronic mind-control any official recognition by the therapeuticcommunity. Based on research by Drs. W. Fry & R. Meyers, the Network haslearned how to make brain lesions of a minute controlled size with ultrasonics,rather than doing a lobotomy. In 1963, Dr. Peter Lindstrom at the Univ. ofPittsburgh was able to use a single unfocused sonic beam to destroy fiber tractsin the brain without damaging the nerve cells near them. Sonic beams (soundwaves) can be used to control human thought. (We’ll discuss sonic beams somemore later, now let’s delve into a key part of their electroniccontrol–implants.)


B1. Three typical implant victims

Let’s look at three victims who suffer from of mind-control implants &body-control implants, who are known by this author. We can refer to them as”Amy”, Victim No. 1001…, “Betty”, Victim No. 1002…, and”Cathy”, Victim No. 1003… –“Amy” determined by using aspectrum analyzer that she had waves of 750 mhz targeted on her.”Betty” determined that she had the entire spectrum ofradio-microwaves hitting her in a Morse code pattern. The transceiver(transmitter/receiver) for the signals was a fiber optic receiver made to looklike a pubic hair that repeatedly burned holes in her underwear. Apparently,this side effect is a “bug” they haven’t gotten out of thetechnology. “Cathy” has ELF & VLF waves of 435 & 1080 Mhzsignals targeted on her. When she’s active both types of waves come, and whenshe remains still the 1080 signal fades. (435 is in the 400-450 Mhz band whichis the window to the human consciousness, and 1080 is in the 1000 to 1200 Mhzband.) They are also using a Nitrogen particle beam, which produces”nitrogen narcosis” (like the bends) in targeted victims. Xenon lampscan affect the mind and body, too. 435 Mhz is converted to 1080 by interactionwith the high-atmosphere HAARP project. The 1100 (1000-1200) Mhz frequency canaffect genetics. Implant RF frequencies have been damaging the eyes of implantvictims. Although this gives us a starting point in our discussion, these arenot the only frequencies that threaten mind-control victims. (See Section Dl fordirect monitoring /manipulating frequencies.) Author W.H. Bowart in his Vol.1,No. 1, pg. 1 Freedom of Thought newsletter quotes Brian Bard of Glendale, CA whowrote, “I failed to discuss the utilization of power in modern mind controlimplants. Like Delgrado’s stimoceiver, no internal power source is necessary.The same electro-magnetic energy which is collected through induction by suchrelays produces an internal electrical charge of equal energy. Utilizing acapacitance circuitry design, the charge is stored as a mechanical distortion ofthe crystalline lattice and discharged as a focused pulse of electro-magneticenergy at a lower frequency. Higher frequency E-M has a higher energy state thanlower frequency. Thus, the effective output of photons may be twice or thricethe potential of the relays. “A more advanced design in use utilizes 50 ormore distinct channels for various functions. Not only the encrypted primaryinput signal utilized for signal output, but several channels are reserved forsupplementary energy induction. With integrated switching, both passive andactive surveillance of brainwave activity may be enhanced. Contrawise, signaloutput may be boosted and focused on specific neural pathways. The devicesremain active, programmable signal relays with multiple selectable channels solong as electro-magnetic induction continues to occur.”

Modern microchip implants will have 250,000 components. Certain electricalfreks will trigger certain neurochemicals. The frek 7.83, which is the elec.field resonating between the planet & its ionosphere, makes the subject feelin one with all creation. But it isn’t quite that simple, because a 7.83 frekcan be sent in numerous different wave shapes, such as the rolling sinusoidalpattern, jagged sawtooth waves, rectangular (flat on top, flat on bottom) waves,and they all have a different effect on the brain. (Mega brain, pp. 108-109) Onecan imagine the potential power an implant that could create the properfrequencies could have over an individual.

B2. Documentation of implants

On the following pages, are the startling anechoic chamber results when twovictims of syntel implants were examined. (Synthetic telepathy implants givethoughts & voices.) These two pages document that they were receivingsignals, in fact, the anechoic chamber results helped to pin point what buildingthose signals were coming from!


The best way for people to understand electromagnetic waves is to think ofthe ocean’s waves. Some waves in the ocean are big, and some are small, sizeis amplitude.

Some beaches have waves that come quickly and some have waves thatcome slowly, this is called the frequency that the waves comes.

Researcherfigured out how they could change the amplitude or the frequency ofelectromagnetic waves in a controlled way, and this is called amplitude modulation or frequency modulation.

Because all electromagnetic energy beamstravel the same speed 3 x 10¹º cm/sec, an energy beam with a short wave musthave many more of those short waves pass in a given time such as a day than along wave. The shorter the wave the greater the frequency that a wave willarrive. While our image of an ocean is that it moves up and down in relation tothe surface.

In other words, the ocean wave moves (vibrates) up and down inrelation to the surface (a mathematical plane). Electromagnetic waves vibrate in3 dimensions (relative to 3 planes), generally they are only drawn asone-dimensional waves. Our brains operate on waves that are very low frequency(from one cycle per second) to about 50 cycles per second. A cycle per second iscalled a Hertz (Hz). Due to the wide range of different amplitudes andfrequencies it has been more practical to induce various measuring units. Itwould be nice if all the measuring units could be done in feet or meters orwhatever, but the range in size from the very tiny to the very large means thatthey use different measuring units. Just like you use different measuring unitsto get a quart of milk and 3 gallons of gas. The milk could be called aquarter-gallon but it isn’t. In measuring frequency they use the followingmeasuring terms:

1,000,000 cycles per second = Megahertz (MHz)
1,000 cycles per second = Kilohertz (KHz)
1 cycle per second = Hertz (Hz)

In measuring amplitude they measure the length of the waves with kilometers,meters, and centimeters. The very small waves are measured in angstroms,microns, and nanometers. What is an angstrom. A nanometer is one billionth of ameter. That is a very tiny fraction written as 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter or forshort an nanometer. A micron is one millionth (1/1,000,000) of a meter. Tennanometers are said to make up an angstrom. (In other words an angstrom is 1ten-billionth of a meter.)

After they measure radio frequencies, the waves of different lengths aregiven other names. They could just say ‘waves from 30,000 to 300,000MHz”, but instead they shorten things by having a special name for thesewaves EHF (Extremely High Frequency waves.)

This names are as follows:

Extremely High Frequency EHF: 30,000 to 300,000 MHz
Superhigh Frequency SHF: 3,000 to 30,000 MHz
Ultrahigh Frequency UHF: 300 to 3,000 MHz
High Frequency VHF: 30 to 300 MHz
Medium Frequency MF: 300 to 3,000 KI-Iz
Low Frequency LF: 30 to 300 KHz
Very Low Frequency VLF: 3 to30KHz
Extremely Low Frequency ELF: Below 3 KHz to 1 Hz or less


The lower brain frequencies pertain to sleep and dream states. The middlebrain frequencies pertain to normal wakeful activity. The higher brainfrequencies pertain to aroused, or concerned or states of anxiety. No brainwaves means a person is “brain dead”, even though some body functionsmay continue. Naturally occurring phenomena, such as lightning in athunderstorms, sunny days that soak a person with extra positive ions, can allaffect the thinking of brain.


These frequency no’s are in Hertz which is cycles per sec. (However the firstpart of the scale are non-linear, asymmetrical waves, which are mistakenlycalled Hertzian by many people.)

1 Approx. beginning of brain waves

6.66 Theta brain waves
7.85 Alpha brain waves
15.7 Beta brain waves
30-30.56 Government VLF stations
32-33 Government VLF stations
34-42 Government VLF stations
50 Approx. Upper limit of brain wave frequencies
60 Produces an audible sound

62-254.1 CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch Systems). These tones CTCSStones are broadcast continually interspersed on a frequency, which allowsseveral different users to broadcast separately on the same frequency and onlypick up the message that has their CTCSS tone.

Post Office Tones are 82.5, 91.5,97.4. & 100.9. U.S.
Customs & border patrol is 100 Hz. U.S.
Secretservice is 103.5 Hz. EPA is 114.8. IRS & BATF is 123.0.
Veterans Affairs,GSA, & Dept. of Energy is 127.3.
Fed. Aviation Admin. & U.S. Marshallservice is 136.5.
Coast Guard Intell. is 141.3 Hz.
Dept. of State & BorderPatrol is 151.4 Hz.
Drug Enforcement Agency, Fed. Aviation Admin., & Nat.Marine Fisheries is 156.7.
Justice Dept., FBI is 167.9.

10² (10 x 10) Ultrasonic

10³ Lower range of true Hertzian waves, waves in cycles per sec lower thanthis such as the human heart beat or Brain alpha waves are not Hertzian.

104 (10,000)

16,000-32,000 Range of Frequencies used in European implants to signal theimplant.

54,900,000 Hz (54.9 MHz) Cellular phones (Also 435 MHz, 750 MHz, & 1080MHz have been discovered being targeted on victims of implant mind-control.)

10¹¹ to 10¹² Far infra-red

10¹³ “Raman” I.R.

10¹4 Near Infra-red

10¹4 to 10¹5 Visible light spectrum

For picture #15 p_6-15.jpg

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B3. GWEN Towers

The GWEN towers can be used for several purposes, including ELF waves used for direct mind control which will be covered toward the back of this chapter. Because they also are part of the implants system the are included before the chapter discusses implants. Unfortunately for us humans, ELF waves can penetrate almost anything. The U.S. Military has built a Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) all over the U.S. with several hundred 300-500′ GWEN towers that broadcast a very-low-frequency wave (VLF) for mind-control of the American public. A single GWEN tower can broadcast up to 300 miles in a 3600 circle. Plus 8 secret powerful ELF transmitters have been established and 3 of them operate on the west coast. It also needs to be pointed out that many items that are receivers can also function in the role of transmitters. Televisions, cellular phones, even air conditioners can be used to bounce signals to somewhere. Many strange towers and transmitting devices have been installed all over the U.S. in recent years.

B4. Body suits

Victims of mind-control who receive implants often are given a body suit of implants. The location of these implant sites used on the human body have been mapped 10.00 out on the following charts. The mapped sites on these charts are verified by a. an insider, who learned from the inside what is going on, EM (H) & b. this author’s experience in working with a sizable number of implant victims. Implants can be placed anywhere, but there are certain key sites that tend to be used. The location used also depends upon the type of implant. Implants over the body create the ability to trigger moods, pain, and other phenomena. Implants for auditory sounds are in the ear. Nasal implants are used for mind-control. Tracking implants are also placed into people.

Section C. Specific Implants

Cl. Audio implants (a. public. b. secret)
C2. Body manipulation implants
C3. Visual holographic implants
C4. Memex/Brain Link implants
C5. Torture/Nerve & Muscle Stimulation Implants
C6. Tracking & I.D. Implants.



The concepts used in audio implants had been discovered in the first half ofthe 20th century, but the refinement of technology to take advantage of what hadbeen discovered waited until the second half of the century. The development ofaudio implants ran on two tracks, one was the public medical research and theother was the secret Illuminati/Intelligence Agencies’ research. Audioimplants began to be publicly placed into people in the 1960s. The Illuminatiwas experimenting on some victims at this stage, and the military in the Vietnamwar used auditory implant devices to aid communicating to their men who weresent into tunnels and who were placed into forest situations where audible noisewould compromise their locations to the enemy. The Illuminati/Intelligence/&Military consortium was keeping the experimentation secret. It appears fromlooking at the worldwide research on audio implants that the Illuminati realizedthat the field was so ambiguous, and open to so many different approaches, thatrather than straightjacket the research community by a specific strategy, theyencouraged a wide variety of approaches in the research. Consequently, researchby one group would overlap or duplicate research by another. Much to theircredit, a few researchers rejected offers to get involved because they saw thesinister ramifications. By the 1970s, the intelligence agencies were willing tostart using hundreds of people to experiment operationally with the implants.People in every state of the U.S. were selected as victims. Many of theseimplant victims had programmed multiple personalities already. The controllerswere very heavy handed with the people they implanted, and they used the fullforce of the Illuminati/Intelligence agencies power to keep these people undertheir control at all times. These innocent victims have had their lives totallydestroyed. Some tried to fight back, spending thousands of dollars to get outfrom underneath the incessant audio messages that the implants sent, but thesystem was too big and too powerful to fight. Police, congressmen, psychologistsand many other people turned their backs on these victims. Some victims whoinitially fought back gave up resisting, some committed suicide, and somecontinued to fight. Meanwhile, on the public track during the 1970s & 1980s,medical researchers kept putting more and more audio implants into deaf andhard-to-hear persons. Hundreds of people in the U.S. and many hundreds in othernations such as the U.K., Germany, Austria, Israel, Australia, France and othercountries began to receive the cochlear implants. Australia was so proud oftheir audio implant research/development they issued a postage stamp showing animplant device (“bionic ear”) developed in Australia. The questionbegs asking, if thousands of people have publicly received audio implants,isn’t obvious that the secret societies and secret intelligence agencies havedone at least as much if not far more?


1790–first known attempt by Volta to electrically stimulate the ears. Heshot approximately 50 volts of electricity into his auditory system, andexperienced the sensation of a blow to the head followed by a sound like theboiling of viscous liquid.

1850–Electro-otiatrics was begun by otologists who hoped electricity couldhelp ear diseases in various ways.

1925–Sounds were created in people by radio engineers by placing electrodesnear the ear with a modulated alternating current.

1930–Weaver & Bray discovered the principles used later in the cochlearmicrophonic implants.

1937–By passing an alternating electrical current in the audible frequencyrange from an electrode to the skin, Steven, Jones, Lurie and Flottorp foundthey could have people hear sounds. For a number of years these men studied thisphenomena.

1957–Djourno and Eyries in France woke the world up concerning the abilityto electrical stimulate the auditory nerves and produce sound with theirreports. A patient from France reportedly gets William F. House, MD interestedin developing an implant device.

1961–William House implants two patients with short-term audio implants. Onepatient receives a multiple electrode implant.

1960s–intense research for audio implants is conducted in California inplaces like Sanford, the Univ. of Calif., in L.A. etc. The military uses audioimplants operationally to be able to talk to soldiers in situations whereexternal noise would compromise the location of the American soldiers, such asexploring tunnel system.

1970s–Various researchers around the world begin publicly implanting audioimplants into people. The Illuminati and intelligence agencies begin to secretlyimplant people, this is known because many of the early victims can pin point attime in the 1970s when they got their audio implants.

1980–The FDA establishes Federal regulations regarding cochlear audioimplants.

1984–By this year, 369 people have publicly received the House CochlearAudio Implants, which have been implanted by 36 different clinics. The 3MCochlear Implant System! House Design for use in adults, which is already inhundreds of adults, receives FDA approval in Nov.

1990s–Audio implants along with other implants begin to be used moreaggressively by the mind-control programmers. Successful intelligence operationsare carried out with the aid of audio implants.


Thousands have publicly received audio implants, and thousands have receivedaudio implants without their permission by the New World Order. The implants(whether secret or public) basically have to contain A. a receiver(s), B. aprocessor, C. a transmitter, D. electrodes or electrical stimulating device.When sound waves arrive to the human ear, the sound causes biological reactionsall along the auditory pathway–from the cochlea, the auditory nerve, the brainstem nuclei and the primary cortical projection areas. Each of these areas arefair game for machinations of the mind-control researchers. There are brain stempotentials which originate in the auditory brain stem nuclei–primarily in theinferior colliculi. The public auditory implants produce a small electricalstimulus that bypasses damaged hair cells and directly stimulates the remainingauditory neural elements. This means that for the secret implants, theelectrical impulse that is generated to stimulate the person to hear a sound orsentence is totally unnoticed by everyone but the victim. As mentioned before,psychologists are being used to shut victims up, by declaring that they arecrazy for claiming to hear voices. How do these psychologists know that theperson isn’t hearing voices from an implant? Some psychologists are declaringthe implant victims are “crazy”, “delusional”, &”insane”, because audio implants supposedly don’t exist–thereforeit is useless to give any credence to the complaints of victims. In other words,psychologists are being used as the establishment’s witch doctors to cover upthe mind-control activities of the New World Order. What’s new? Establishmentshrinks helped cover up the programmed multiplicity for decades by labelling theprogrammed-multiple slaves “paranoid schizophrenics”. Duringexperiments, it was discovered that the skin of a person can pick up auditoryvibrations, so tests were run to see if implants in other parts of the humanbody could be used for auditory implants. The vibrotacticle system of the skinhas an upper limit of sensitivity to 400 to 500 Hz. In contrast the auditorysystem had a frequency range between 20 to 20,000 Hz and an optimum range of 300to 3,000 Hz. The auditory system had a dynamic range of 130 dB (decibels) whichthe vibrotactile had only a 30-35 dB range. In other words, using the skin likeon the chest to send auditory vibrations to the brain was a very limited way tocreate sound. For most purposes it isn’t a viable approach, even though someexperimental auditory implants were placed in places like the chest. The onesthat were tested only reconfirmed the suspicions that the best results are byusing the inner cochlea and the auditory canal area. Dr. Begich’s and laterothers showed that a nonlinear function will translate one frequency to anotherfrequency, but although it does jump, this method is inadequate for the currentmind control signals, and a linear function is used which operates simply on theenergy that the implants have.

Originally single channel devises were used, but then multichannel deviceswere soon found superior. The processing units of a device, had to have anextraction method to determine the pitch of the signal and then would present asquare wave at the rate of that frequency. Soon the miniature computers thatmade up part of the audio implant were made so that they were programmable. Someof the publicly implanted people (for instance some who got a 4 mm. cochlearauditory implant), who thought they were getting medical help, were laterfollowed up a decade later by the intelligence agencies for their own agenda,and instead of just hearing the world, they got to hear mind-control drivel fromsome handler communicating via the implant. As sound waves come into the publicimplants, they are fast Fourier transformed into many channels lying between say100 and 4000 Hz. Each channel may be assigned to a specific electrode located onan array of electrodes. The electrodes are stimulated for instance at 300 pulsesper minute. The transmissions go to receiver/stimulators that then stimulate thesubject to hear something. (Fourier transforms have also been identified beingused by human brains to encode memory.)

In order to keep their signals to their implanted victims secret, the Networkemploys a tactic called piggybacking where they piggyback their own audiotransmission onto standard FM frequencies.

CANAL is the acronym for an system that is used simultaneously fortransmission and reception via the use of a double-frequency shift keying (DFS).Radio transmitters that send quick signals are variously called BURST, SQUIRT,SQUASH, or high-speed transmitters.


a. by themselves, b. with other implants, and c. in conjunction with othermind-control devices.


Part A. Publicly admitted audio implants

The entire world has gotteninvolved in audio implant research. The British Cochlear Implant Group has beensetting up “implanting centres” for the UK. Not all the publicly knownimplants will be listed here, for instance, some of those I chose not to listinclude some developed in Spain by Bosch & Colomina, the ones created inThailand by upgrading american made implants, and several made in East and WestGermany before the wall went down, and the Swiss implant which was simply theAustrian audio implant used with their own processor.


BANFAI, EMG –Several models developed by Banfai in Cologne-Dueren, WestGermany. It is digital, with a pulsatile signal and a programmable memory. Theimplant can be communicated with using an interface device hooked to a computer.The patient has a keyboard. It was first implanted in 1977 and has 8/14 and 16channels. It has been implanted into hundreds of people.

BRITISH, for instance UCH– Developed by Douek, Fourcin and Moore in Londonand implanted with a single electrode in 1978 and multiple electrodes in 1990.The implant has bioglass, and promontory grooves for the electrode, and neuralnetwork programming in its computer memory.

CHEN AUDIO IMPLANT–developed in Guangzhoi, mainland China and firstimplanted in 1984. It was said by the chinese that 20 people received thisimplant.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN–Implants were created by Volvoda and Tichy in Prague andimplanted in the 1980s into a few people.

FRASER–Developed in London, and first implanted in 1983. It was notablebecause it had a round window in the implant. In the first few years it wasimplanted into 56 people. The encapsulated the implant in a high-grade Silasticrather than an epoxy, as some other European researchers had done

FRAYASE–Developed in Toulouse, France, this audio implant was implanted withits receiver in the chest. It was first implanted in

1981, and 22 people were said to have received it.

GOA–developed in Shanghai, China by Lee and Lin.

INERAID- (fka Symbion) produced by the Richards Company, USA. In the Journalof the Acoustical Society of America, Mar. 1994, vol. 95, pp. 1677-1678, theyhave an article about a woman who had an implant in one ear and not the other.She was asked to compare the pitch signals from natural sources versus the rightear audio implant. The most apical implanted electrode was not as accurate asthe more basal located electrodes using an Ineraid implant.

IMPLEX COM 12–Comes with an interfacing computer and a Syncom patientself-tester

LAURA--Developed at Antwerp, Belgium. These were first implanted in1986, and had an internal canal antenna, a microphone entirely internal in theauditory canal, a pre-amp, an antenna, and a data control circuit. Only a fewsubjects got this implant. It comes with a computer, and an interface unit. Itdoes have a programmable memory.

MED-EL –Developed in Austria at Vienna and Innsbruck by Hochmair, and firstimplanted in 1977. Hundreds of people were implanted with this audio implant.Some were implanted externally with it and some internally inside the ear canal.It has one channel and a multitude of electrodes stimulating the audio channel.It is analogue, and sends an analogue signal. It does not have a programmablememory.

MXM- -Developed by Chouard in Paris and first implanted in 1974. It hadbeen implanted by 1990 into 179 people.
NUCLEUS 22, NUCLEUS MINISYSTEM 22, and other NUCLEUS AUDIO IMPLANTS (aka CLARK’s Implants)--At least twomodels developed in Australia at Melbourne. This audio implant was firstimplanted in 1978. The implant is programmable from the outside. It has beenimplanted into many hundreds of people. It has a multitude of electrodes thatstimulate the audio system. It is digital, sends a pulsatile signal, and has aprogrammable memory. The implant comes with a diagnostic and programminginterface computer. The Australian government heavily subsidized with millionsof dollars research into audio implants and got the Cochlear Corporation(Nucleus) going. Nucleus uses what is called MULTIPEAK which provideshigh-frequency information from 2000 to 7000 Hz. With this 4 electrodes arestimulated in rapid succession, and special algorithms are used which change therelationship between the pulse amplitude and the pulse duration in order toallow 4 pulses to occur within a single frame. The Nucleus Minisystem 22 wasapproved by the FDA for implantation in both adults and children.

Storz Instrument Co.’s Implant–developed at Univ. of Calif, San Francisco.

Part. B. Secretly implanted audio implants

There were several profiles ofpeople that were used in the World Order’s selection of secret victims toimplant. The following were criteria that they liked in the selection process,a. vulnerable, such as single women, b. people who were already programmed withtrauma-based mind-control, c. psychics, who had already told people they heardor saw things ordinary people don’t, d. people, not highly regarded by societysuch as minorities, criminals, street people, mentally insane, who would not beable to find a support system to help them fight the experimentation. They alsodid the audio implants into some of their own intelligence agents, apparently tosome who were getting somewhat difficult to their superiors. Because of thistype of profile, and some other things this author learned, it appears that theinitial two decades were used more for experimentation and development than theywere for actual operations. However, with more than 2 decades of experience,they are now fully operational. From watching their interaction (messages) withvictims of audio implants, it is clear that they are not in the testing stage,but are fully operational, and have a full cadre of trained operatives (men& women) to staff the secret bases from which the monitor and broadcastsignals to their slaves. The staff their bases with 3 shifts and the graveyardshift leaves approx. 6 a.m. In other words, from what we can tell they are usingstandard shift times for the audio implant control staffs.


There are Cochlear implants for auditory control secretlyimplanted without permission. A rubber molding skin color covers the outerlining of the ear canal. There are tiny slits in this lining, which when pushedto the side would show the presence of coils and a plastic rod/wire embedded inthe area. Sometimes burn marks occur on sides of face due to intense heatgenerated by implants, which is painful.


At least a dozen victims have complained that aftertheir teeth were capped they began hearing voices. Other sources indicate thatduring the filing process implants are being put into people. This is the typeof implant placed into J. Z. Knight and left dormant for many years until theydecided to activate her as New Age guru.


These implants can produce Theta waves and even voices. Theyare designed to suppress a particular type of thinking. The body may be sentinto paralysis or given various stimulus-response stimuli in order to suppresscertain thought patterns. If the slave begins to have certain thought patternsthat threaten the programming and programming structures, these implants kick into divert the person’s mental activity to something else.


The subject of body manipulating implants could have been placed in chapter8, however the desire was to keep all the information on implants together.Mankind has placed objects into the human body for thousands of years in thehope that it would produce some type of change. So the history of this type ofimplants is volumous. Reader’s Digest had an article about how to give toparaplegics the use of their arms and legs with implants. Implants are beingplaced into the human body to effect growth changes, to change hormone levels(such as to stop estrogen), to change DNA growth, to carry out behaviormodification, etc. Several papers have recommended that sex offenders getimplants. The Rambo chips that have been put into many men have been linked tosome big crimes. In recent times, the following body manipulating implants havebeen written about:


These implants affect thehypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) activity when there is stress or basalactivity. It was placed into the medial prefrontal cortex (MpFC) to regulate theresponse to certain types of stress. Journal of Neuroscience, Sept. 1993, Vol.13, pp. 3839-3847.


a contraceptive implant placed into hispanic and black teenagersusing the Mantel-Haenszel procedure. Written about in Journal of AdolescentHealth, May 1995, Vol. 16(5), pp 389-395 by Nancy Campbell-Heider, John Glantz,Sandra Glantz, Eric Schaff, et al.


These implants are ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymermatrix disks and are used to release into the brain dopamine for a period of anumber of weeks. The testing of this has been done at Yale Univ. School ofMedicine. Written about in the Annals of Neurology, Apr. 1989, Vol. 25, pp. 351-356. Written by Matthew During, Andrew Freese, and Bernhard Sabel, and MarkSaltzman, et. al.


Designed by Dr. McDaniels and a Dr. Paul Hod. This implantwith a 32-bit microchip memory affects DNA growth within a person. The twodoctors who developed the device are claimed to have died after they created thechip. The FDA has approved the use of the implant in the brain. It’s believedthat there is a patent on the chip.


Used to alter the speed ofresynchronization of the circadian rhythm in birds, and implanted by theMax-Plank Institute fur Verhaltensphysiologie, Andechs, Germany. Although thiswas for birds, mention of it is done here to point out the type of research doneat the Max-Plank Institute. It was written about in the Physiology and Behaviormagazine, July 1995, Vol. 58, p. 89-90 by Michaela Hau and Eberhard Gwinner.


used to release testosterone into the subject.



Hollywood has given us movies where visual and holographic implants areshown, but what about the real world? Yes, it does happen in more than themovies. Publicly, the establishment has only experimentally placed visualimplants into a few volunteers. On the real life side of the NWO, there havebeen a number of victims who have been subjected to visual implants withouttheir consent. One victim in Massachusetts labels her visual implants”visual prosthetics’, but mentions “I use this term loosely becausethey are more so attachments than replacements of my own vision.

Every now andthen the public is made aware of where the World Order wants people to thinkresearch is at. In the Jan. 13, 1997 issue of U.S. News & World Report (p.52), the unveiling by researchers of the retinal chip that could potentiallygive sight to the blind was reported. It was interesting the article’s choiceof words “retinal chip unveiled” (bold added).

After it was realizedthat sounds could be artificially made via electromagnetic waves in deaf people,researchers naturally thought of giving sight to the blind. In the 1960’s and1970’s researchers struggled to produce implants that could restore sight tothe blind. This research was hijacked by the NWO types and has been developedinto another component for their mind-control.

In the 60’s Giles Brindley andothers at Cambridge Univ. and in the 70’s William Dobelle and others at theUniv. of Utah, both were able to show that individual phosphenes could be evokedby electrical currents, thus showing the feasibility of visual implants. (See GSBrindley’s paper “The sensations produced by electrical stimulation ofthe visual cortex” in J. Physiology, Vol. 196, 1968, pp. 479-493. and W.H.Dobelle’s article in 1974 “Phosphenes produced by electrical stimulationof human occipital cortex, and their application to the development of aprosthesis for the blind.” in J. Physiol, 243: 553-576.) The publicdevelopment went forward with the blind. Since most blind people still have theneurons (which are like a natural computer) in the higher visual regions of thebrain fully intact, the implants are designed to take advantage of this unusedpotential.

The body has sensory pathways, that were discovered to be maps. Increating a visual image, the brain actually takes an image through several mapsbefore getting the final image. There is a map for motion, along with at least 5others maps such as one for form. The photoreceptors of the retina react to thethree primary colors and have 3 primary color maps created by the electricalimage made from the photoreceptors of the retina. (One’s genetics contributeto how each person perceives a primary color, we don’t all see colorsuniformly.) The retina’s output (called optic nerves or retinal output) mapthe electrical image again onto the retinal ganglion cells. Then the opticnerves project the electrical image to a relay image (the lateral geniculatenucleus) where the brain begins combining the maps of the two eyes. Anothernetwork of neurons (called the optic radiations) then transfers the image backto the rear of the brain to the primary visual cortex. Then the brain takes theimage through several higher level maps to its final finished product–theviewer’s perceived picture. The microelectrode array that creates a map forthe blind person may be hooked up to the primary visual cortex, or other pointsin the process. The microelectrode arrays that were initially tested were muchcruder than the human eye. They pixelized (turned into pixels, that is points)what the video camera saw. The implant compared to the human eye’s naturalabilities something like what the old dot matrix printers created in comparisonto a computer laser printer. The blind person’s perception via the implants issomewhat cruder than actual sight. Experiments have found that the brain has agreat deal of power in choosing how it interprets images, so that it is hopedthat the plasticity of the visual system will allow blind people’s brain toadapt to what they are being shown over a period of time to get the maximumvisual advantage. This also implies that victims of visual implants–which areof a more sophisticated technology will also have a natural tendency to rewiretheir brains to accommodate the new sensory inputs.

One of several groups of public researchers into Visual Neuroprosthetics(visual implants) is Richard A. Normann, with the Dept. of Bioengineering, JohnMoran Lab for Applied Vision and Neural Sciences, at the Univ. of Utah. In 1990,he spoke to people at the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, andCybernetics about visual implants. At that conference on cybernetics, there werealready well thought out methods for creating silicon based electrode arrays.The John Hopkins University in Massachusetts is another research center intovisual implants. MIT and Harvard have also been researching in the subject ofvisual implants. Advances in material available and micro-fabrication techniqueshas permitted the semiconductor manufacturer to create electrode arrays with 3-Darchitectures, which can then be implanted into the visual parts of a person.


In a true visual prosthetic, a video encoder (camera) transforms the visualworld in front of a blind individual into electrical signals that are used toexcite neurons at some point of the visual pathway. The video camera encoderwill be a silicon retina that replaces some of the functions that the humanretina performs, and then it makes what it sees into signal compatible with theneurons the encoder must stimulate. The signals from the encoder excite neuronseither via a hard-wired percutaneous connection, or a telemetry link. “Thestimulating electrodes must be implanted into visual pathway such that eachelectrode is able to excite only a small population of neurons in the vicinityof the electrode.” (Normann, Richard. “Visual NeuroprostheticsFunctional Vision for the Blind”, in IEEE Engineering in Medicine andBiology, Jan-Feb. ’95, pg. 77) To improve the picture sent by the implants tothe brain, electrodes the size of the neurons they intend to stimulate in theeye were developed. Kensall Wise at the University of Michigan created smallhigh density electrode arrays out of silicon. In one model, the electrodes are.08 mm at their base, and taper to a sharpened tip. An array of hundreds of suchelectrodes can be implanted into cortical tissue about 1.5-2.0 mm below thecortical surface. This is not all of the design considerations involved, but itgives an idea of the direction that public research has gone in. A specialpneumatic inserter that can shoot the arrays at high velocities to insert theminto the cortical tissue was created by Patrick Rousche. This method providedlimited cortical-based-map images. To further improve the picture, implants arebeing created that create a retinal map, rather than a cortical map. This cantake advantage of the image forming properties of the human eye, and may givesatisfactory images. At the current pace of public development, visual implantsthat restore sight are only a few years away from mass production. Meanwhile,the Network continues to create and use visual implants that are moresophisticated than what the public sector has been allowed to create. Bear inmind that these researchers use either foundation grant money or governmentgrant money to operate. The Network is very careful about what technology isdeveloped. Some excessively ambitious implant researchers (not visual, butother) have seen their work have a national security gag order thrown over them,and the research ends up muzzled from getting out to the public.



Fiber optics permits theNetwork to use a fiber optic that looks like a hair as a television camera. In abody suit, several fiber optic cameras that look like hairs will be installed inkey places to provide the handlers remote viewing. Fiber optics can also bemounted in the victim, to provide a means to receive remote pictures. Fiberoptic implants can be placed by needle into any site on the body. One victim ofelectronic mind-control, who has repeatedly pulled out Fiber Optic hairs, had atiny fiber optic hair shot into her chest above her tank top while she was in arestaurant. Some other implants that carry out the same function look likewarts, moles, or blisters.


One victimdescribes his eye implants: “They are oblong objects with a square openingin the middle of them. They appear to be located on my corneas or rapped aroundthem to be more accurate. They are connected to rods or wires that are spreadout over my facial area and under the skin like a mask. The implants also appearto be connected to cochlear implants which are the cause of the repeated voicetransmissions that I hear.” Via a camera, she was able to pick up thepresence of a reddish orange smear or stain covering my eye lens. The colorblends with her own eye coloring so it is extremely difficult to see anything inher eyes. The lenses of the implants are not lined up evenly with her cornea.The victim with the visual implants states, “Whenever I close my eyes, Isee the presence of constant red orange haze centered with a tint of whitishblue. I also see a small area of fluorescent green color. When I sleep, I amsubjected to virtual reality type pictures like programs being run through acomputer with a 3-D effect. There is a constant whirring and clicking effectthat comes from other implants such as the ears.” In review. Visualimplants are at time called visual prosthetus, but are actually attachmentsrather than replacements. They are oblong with a square opening in the middle ofthem. They are located on the cornea (rapped around them) and are connected torods/wires that are spread out over the facial area and under the skin like amask. The coloring of the implant is blended with natural eye colors tocamouflage it. When the victim closes his or her eyes there is a constantpresence of a red-orange haze centered around a small screen. There are also twoorbs with a tint of whitish blue, and a small area of fluorescent green. Visualreality pictures are run like programs from a computer, that have a three-Deffect. The left forehead scalp area has a whirring noise.


That “talk” to nervecells. Some of the readers will have already heard of the bio-chips that talk tonerve cells. Stanford Research Inst. has been working on such bio-chips. Bear inmind, public research is generally a cover for what has already been discovered.


Thereis one type which has been called a Holographic Insert or H-Implant. Aholographic memory is created by this implant. This may or may not be theNanobots which are capable of creating holographic images in the mind. Let’sdiscuss the nanobots.


Nanotechnology is technology pertaining to very tiny robots and tinycomputers that are in the range of nanometer-size (10 to 1,000 billionth of ameter). Nano means “one-billioneth”. In other words, extremelymicroscopic, we are talking about robots & machines one-billionth of a meterlarge. The Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) makes it possible to seesomething the size of a single atom. The STM will also pick up atoms and movethem. People who are interested in nano-technology have regular meetings in theSilicon Valley. A Johannesburg, South African company Nanoteq (recently takenover by the Amer. company Microchip Technology) was the company that creatednanotechnology encoders (based on a non-linear logarithm that mixes transmissionlines and changes codes frequently). Microchip Technology is putting theseencoders into their series of microcontrollers which are EEPROM-based.

The encoders are called Keeloq hopping-code technology. They are good inprotecting micro-wave, ELF, infrared and radio-wave transmissions. MicrochipCorp. is creating a sub-company group called Secure Data Products to work withthis type of technology. In other words, the ALEX system reported on in Vol. 2is being miniaturized. Another Nanotechnology company is Nanosystems, which isworking with the Jansen Pharmaceutica N.y. unit of Illuminati-controlled Johnsonand Johnson. We know numerous companies like the two mentioned above, who areworking on Nanotechnology. We also know that they are not going to tell us theirtrade secrets and what they have really developed. For instance, this author hada hearty laugh when he read The New York Times (11/19/96 pg. Cl) article”Feat of the minuscule: scientists make abacus with carbon molecules:invention at Swiss research laboratory may be a step toward building fastercomputers”, because the article is patently disinformation! According tothe article a Dr. James M. Gimzewski and colleagues discovered how to make tinyballs of 60 carbon-atoms each. They call these balls “Buckyballs”.They can move these balls via what they call a “scanning tunnelingdevice”. A picture of the teeny-tiny 60-atom balls was shown in thearticle. So what did they do with this ability? They built an abacus (yeah sure!Come on guys!). If the reader understands computers–a computer at the mostbasic level is simply a base 2 number system. Anything that can consistentlymove or switch can be the basis for a computer. A computer is simply an enormousamount of on-off switches, where 0 can stand for off and 1 for on, etc. Thearticle states, “Scientists at Switzerland have invented an ultraminiatureabacus in which spherical carbon molecules sliding along the microscopic coppergroves act as the counting beads for performing arithmetic calculations.”(So they are using it for arithmetic, yeah sure!) IBM reported that itsscientists used the STM to move individual atoms so that they spelled”I-B-M” in atoms. If you believe that the ability to arrangeindividual atoms and tailor-build molecules was so that IBM scientists couldspell IBM, then this book isn’t for you. A more recent NY Times article(2/2/97, p. E6) discusses how Xerox Corporation has created sensors thethickness of peach fuzz. These are called MEMS (micro-electomechanical systems).The article states, “MEMS are all about doing more with less, about beinglean, mean, and next to invisible.” The article is lean on facts. It doesgive a hint of the incredible power these little gadgets have when the writerlaunches into his propaganda tirade at the end of the article,”Paradoxically the fear that accompanies the fantasy of nanotechnology isnot that the culture will be as stratified and fragmented as Victorian England,but that the new culture will be one that is unrecognizable to everyone alivetoday.” That is true, this nano technology is taking us to the place thatsociety will not be recognizable. The age of the future is planned to be the ageof robots–humans if they are to survive are to be robotic slaves for theilluminated elite. However, this is not paranoid fear as the NY Times writerimplies, but it is the unfortunate reality humanity faces. Some peopleapparently are already experiencing it. One victim of mind-control, whose fatheris Military Intelligence and whose family is part of the Illuminati, claims thathe has been subjected to tiny robots called nanobots. These nanobots have beenfeatured on TV, where they have been billed as an asset for surgeons.Reportedly, these tiny robots can work off of 10-100 kilohertz of beamed power.They have coil-shaped antennas, 2 little six-pointed “wings” to attachand move themselves with. These tiny boron-carbon nanobots have all kinds ofpurposes. One use is for multitudes of these Nanobots to be placed into a singlevictim’s head, where they are programmed to migrate to certain programmedpositions where they can suppress the optical signals to the brain and replacethese signals with their own holographic images that can be externallytransmitted to the nanobots or preprogrammed in. They are trying or havesucceeded, depending upon who is talking about nanobots, in makingself-replicating assemblers. In other words, they have built miniature robotsthat build other robots. (Sounds like something the Japanese would do.)

Nanobot researchers talk about how great it will be to have tiny robots thatare smaller than a red blood cell circulating in our blood removing fat,bacteria, and viruses.

SOME SOURCES. Recent articles on nanotechnolgy include: Electronic Times(12/7/95), Electronics Weekly (11/29/95), Electronic Engineering Times(11/27/95), the L.A. Times (11/11/94, 12/21/94, 2/7/96, 2/20/96), the NY Times(4/30/94, 11/19/96, 2/2/97), the Wall St. Journal (5/12/94, 1/9/96, 2/26/96).Eric Drexler wrote Engines of Creation (Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1986), a bookabout nanotechnology.

Books that will provide more information on nanotechnology:

Drexler, K. Eric and Peterson, Chris and Pergamit, Gayle. Unbounding theFuture: The Nanotechnology Revolution. Morrow, 1991.

Hameroff, Stuart R. Ultimate Computing: Biomolecular Consciousness andNanotechnology. Elsevier Science Pub., 1987.

Whitehouse, D.J. and Kawata, K., eds. Nanotechnology: Proceedings of theJoint Forum/ERATO Symposium held at Warwick Univ., 21-22 August 1990. AdamHilger, 1991.

The public doesn’t understand that programs showing research are typicallyrmation to hide what’s already in use. On “Cyberlife,” 12/17/96, aTV story was done on Dr. Ted Berger, a biological engineer, at U.S.CA, who isworking on a microchip that will be a substitute for the hippocampus’ memory.The story stated that in two years a brain chip can be made that mimics thepattern of brain neurons so that it can be plugged in. The New World Order’scomputer-satellite system allows

a. communication devices to be embedded withina victim, as well as b. memex devices that are linked to the natural brain toboast the brain’s memory

In the Vol. 2 book, the ALEX (Amalgamated Logrythmic Encrypted Transmissions) system was described which allows the NWO to pulsecodes on different frequencies in an erratic fashion that makes thetransmissions hard to even spot. The ALEX system is one component of theirability to secretly transmit orders and information to their slaves. When aslave receives a body-suit of implants, one implant will be a central controlimplant that controls the body suit of implants and receives information from anexternal transmitting source. Some of the slaves have had their centralcontrolling implant at the base of their skull. The concepts that Hollywoodportrayed in the sci-fi movie “Johnny Mnemonic” where an oligarchy (inleague with big business and the crime syndicates) controls the world, and usesa human who has an implant that stores tremendous amounts of information is–sad to say– not so far removed from what is already happening in secret.


The biocybernetic researchers for the New World Order have working on anumber of interface devices to interface (link) the human brain with computers.A number of devices have been created. There is even a biochip the size of alarge organic molecule that works as a memex implant. The idea of implants isdifficult for some people to accept. I am in the possession of x-rays showingimplants, of anechoic chamber readings showing that victims were receivingconstant synthetic telemetry signals from outside transmitting sites, and avariety of other items showing evidence that this activity is going on. Forinstance, Professor Ingmar Wickbom, M.D. of the University Hospital, Universityof Calif. Medical Ctr., San Diego on 10/6/’83 wrote a letter “To Whom ItMay Concern” that skull x-rays of Robert Naslund indicated implants at thebase of the skull that are “possibly some form of brain transmitters”.Some of the victims I personally know have managed to extract fiber optic fibersfrom their bodies.


One direction that the New World Order took was todevelop biochips and bioprocessors, that is three-dimensional organic circuitrythat functions as computers. The conductive velocities of these miniatureorganic computers (protein lattices) are at least one million times faster thannerve cells. The circuit power of a given size of miniature organic computers isat least a million times greater than the same size of brain matter. Molecularcomputers made of living matter can be grown from DNA templates of geneticallyengineered bacteria. Synthetic proteins have been developed which match whatthey want to make into mini-computers. The end product is a bioprocessor (tinycomputer) within a cell. These mini-computers are specifically linked withviruses which migrate to specific parts of the body. Viruses are primarilynucleoproteins, some of the small ones are not even alive, and they don’t evenhave metabolism. They do not have a metabolism to kill with an antibiotic. TheNeurotropic viruses migrate to the central nervous system (nerves), theDermotropic viruses migrate to the skin, the Pneumotropic viruses go to thelungs, the Viscerotropic go to the abdomen, and other viruses go to other sitesin the body. Because many viruses will select what area of the body they willreside in, the New World Order can tailor (in tissue-culture) their bio-implants(which consist of a virus plus a bioprocessor) so they can target where theywill end up in the mind-controlled slave. Such an virus implant is also called asymbiote, because it lives off of the host, the mind-controlled slave’s ownbody. These virus implants have life-expectancies that are a number of yearslong. A number of these implants within the victim serve as spies-in-the-camp,reporting detailed records of what the host’s body is doing. Research into howto splice and dice genetic material and then recombine it has been going on fora number of decades, and is very sophisticated. There are a number of verytechnical books on how to do it, but only a reader familiar with the language ofgenetic research could decipher their techniques & abilities with miniatureRNA and DNA pieces. Several genetic books/papers describe how viruses can gethost genetic material or other genetic material, thus giving us a window on howthey transfer the miniature computers made from DNA templates to the viruses. Inthe book Mechanics of DNA Replication & Recombination, Proceedings of a UCLASymposium held in Keystone, CO April 3-9, 1983,(edited by Nicholas R. Cozzarelli,of the Dept. of Molecular Biology Univ. of CA, Berkeley, published in NY by AlanK. Liss, Inc.) one of the leaders in this field said on page 12, “I remainfaithful to the conviction that anything a cell can do, a biochemist should beable to do.” And yes they have been replicating strands of RNA & DNA,creating whatever they want. The Illuminati have been using thesecomputers-in-viruses implants at least since the 1990s. The implants are easy toinsert into the victim’s body, and the specific virus transport themselves andattach themselves where they are to go. The Illuminati then build body suits ofthese implants. The size of these tiny implants vary from tens of millicrons tohundreds of millimicrons. Just their tiny size makes them difficult to destroy.From research on victims, it appears that a central computer is implantedto control or interact with the body suit of implants.


One of the Illuminati’s researchprojects was to discover the psi gene–the genetic gene that would permit themto breed a master race with psychic abilities. One of the groups that theIlluminati has controlled which did research in this area was Nazi Germany.Mengele, in fact, was interested in the co-relation of blood types to psychicabilities. Blood type B apparently has more psychics than other blood types.People who have true psychic abilities have a more complex molecular latticestructure than those who don’t. They also have energy fields of 500 cps orhigher. This is in contrast with most brain activity which lies in the 0 cps to100 cps range. The heart operates at up to about 250 cps, and the resonantfrequency for a nerve is 360 cps. In other words, the high cps. energy field isa tip off that the person is psychic. A secret program has been carried out bythe Illuminati to identify every person on the planet who is capable of beingpsychic. They are identified and then assigned to people (a male and female) tomonitor the person. Psychics are often recruited into intelligence agencies tobring them under the power of the Illuminati’s establishment. In other cases,they are simply watched and monitored, some who are threats to them are killed,and others receive mind-control. They have been identifying people with psychicabilities and then trying to track and/or control them. They also will try torecruit or place these people under mind-control or both.


When a body suit is placed into a slave, implants are strategically placed intheir body so that if they do not comply or if the Network wants to make theperson dissociative they can direct the control implant to trigger theseimplants to activate. For instance two implants will be place on opposite sidenear the uterus and one in the lower back in order to give the handlers theability to cause lots of lower back pain. Prior to electronically puttingsomeone into an altered & controlled dissociative state, they will wear aperson down with pain to make them dissociative. For instance, if an implant inthe middle (square in the heel) of the foot goes off, a ball of electricity likea sparkler is activated causing pain, anxiety and discomfort. Some describe itas a hot pin prick in the foot. One victim and her mother both received thesetorture implants, and she was able to locate and remove some of them from hermother. I would like to paraphrase her description of finding these tortureimplants, “I discovered fiberoptic type implants on the lower back and alsoon the line where the leg and buttock join. The fiberoptic sites on the lowerback was 1″ to the left of the spine, and consisted of two holes where theimplants had been inserted which were one above the other, and at a distance of5/8’ from each other. I was able to partially remove both of these fiberimplants, but knots remained under the holes where tiny parts of the implantstenaciously remained. These two back implants seemed to connect signal-wise tothe implant at the junction of the buttock and leg. This latter implant couldcreate pain in the left leg and foot.” Sometimes a crackling sound likecrickets accompanies the signal to create pain. A vibrating electrical field isoften used on victims of electronic control. (Unconfirmed but possible:) Onevictim described a device that could have a dial rotated to allow the sender tochose different types of signals to be sent. This would be pointed at a victim.As this sounds like a good possibility, it has been included here, althoughthere is nothing to confirm such a piece of equipment which is probably if itexists


Nothing available to report.


Some claim that an implanted chip has been created that willrelease a poison upon a signal which will kill its host. This author has seenabsolutely no evidence that such an implant exists. It’s use is likelydisinformation.


This type of implant has gotten most of the public’s attention. For severalyears now the public has been aware that animals, military personnel as well ascivilians have been given tracking implants. Objects also have received trackingimplants. DCI of the CIA Bob Gates is reported to have said, “If youcan’t identify people, you can’t control them.” The Wall St. Journal,3/30/1992 reported that the FDA proposed that tracking devices onto 35 classesof medical devices such as heart valves and breast implants. The excuse was thatthey needed to track life-sustaining medical devices better. The list of devicesto be tracked includes cardiovascular filters, defibrillators, pacemakerelectrodes, heart valves, tracheal protheses, breathing monitors, portableoxygen generators, ventilators, infusion oxygen generators, ventilators,infusion pumps and various silicone gel-filled devices such as testicularimplants and breast implants, and spinal implants. The Hughs IdentificationDevice has been placed onto such objects as breast implants. These trackingimplants are reported to have a life of 250 years. Their tracking I.D. numberconsists of #, letter, #, letter, # etc. The U.S. Navy has employed RF/ID”waterproof bracelets” for tracking individuals underwater. The U.S.military has required its personnel to take tracking implants under the pretenseof being able to find them if they get lost, and millions of men and women inthe military have already gotten these tracking implants. A book published bythe U.S. Army War College in 1994 (entitled The Revolution in Military Affairsand Conflict Short of War) shows the Army’s interest in tracking implants.Many tracking implants were placed into military personnel during DesertShield/Desert Storm operations. Some tracking implants are programmable and canrecord vital data about a person. They could also be used as a debit card forfinancial transactions, which is why they have gotten so much attention as themuch feared Mark of the Beast. Texe Marr’s popular book Project the L.U.C.I.D. System which will be a central clearing house for keepingtrack of everyone. He reproduced a diagram from an issue of Narc Officermagazine showing how the system would connect an individual’s universalbiometrics card with the justice, data communications, and telecommunicationssystems of the World Order. Texe Marrs and others are fascinated at the choiceof words & acronyms that the establishment keeps picking. Dr. Creusat, amedical doctor with Interpol is the official designer of L.U.C.I.D. He and hisco-designer initially refused to reveal what the acronym L.U.C.I.D. stands for.Some speculate that it stands for the obvious: “Lucifer’s I.D.”system. It’s also strange that AT&T called their new company derived fromBell Labs (which has been involved in mind-control for the Illuminati)”Lucent Technologies”. Again some people speculate that Lucent meansLucifer’s Enterprises. And what did Lucent come out with? They came out with anew computer network called “Inferno” (another name for Hell), writtenin a language called “Limbo” (a place in Hell) with computer protocolscalled “Styx” (a river in Hell). And then on the other side of theAtlantic, a world-wide net called Demon Internet is being offered to people inEurope. (To have Demon Internet installed for you by Demon Internet, Ltd. at 322Regents Park Rd., Finchley, London N3 2QQ costs initially £1,762.50 for thefirst month according to recent company literature.) Again the obvious ques tion,why are these companies using occult–even satanic terms for their products?Illuminati member and chairman of IBM Thomas Watson, Jr. set up a cryptologyresearch group at IBM’s research lab in Yorktown Heights in NY. This group wasled by Horst Feistel, and it developed a cipher code called “Lucifer”.Lucifer was then sold to Lloyd’s of London. Lucifer was created under theauspices of the NSA. Lucifer worked off of an algorithm. The NSA had set thingsup via IBM so that it has had a back door to anything encrypted with Lucifer.(By the way NSA’s partner in the U.K. is the brit’s GCHQ.) The paper trailindicates that L.U.C.I.D. intends to keep track of people by using biometrics(iris scan, fingerprint, voiceprint, photos, and other bio identificationfeatures) that will be encoded on cards (or implants.) DNA databanks are alreadygiving computers an enormous ability to identify millions of americans via theirDNA. Texe Marrs also calls our attention in his book about L.U.C.I.D. to theimportant mandatory ISO 9000 program, which makes it mandatory for all productsto have an ISO 9000 I.D. number and their approval and certification. Over 100countries have adopted the ISO 9000 standards. In 1999, use of the system, whichwas voluntary, will become mandatory. The government is also setting up TPN(Trading Partner Numbers). While obtaining all these numbers to do business isnot directly mind-control; if a person can’t buy or sell without the approvednumbers, it does tend to place a person or company under the World Order’scontrol. The NACCB in England and the ASQC and the ANSI have been given power toaccredit people with the ISO 9000 numbers. IOS is also in some type ofoverseeing role in the accreditation process. Here we go, more acronym monstersto control our lives! But while attention has been focused on this, many otherimplants have been implanted for mind-control. It all works together. Thetracking implants certainly are an external means of controlling people thatwill work along side of the mind-control to lock people into their EstablishedSystem. The tracking implants have broader application than just to keep trackof an individual’s location, or his financial records. Tracking implants canbe used to send bio information on the heart beat, the BEG, EKG and other biotracking methods. Researchers who are following the field of tracking implantswill remember the article “An Eight Channel Micropowered PAM/FM BiomedicalTelemetry System” in the NTC ’71 Record, p. 309. The Air Force Office ofScientific Research, NASA financed that study which involved an 8-channelmicropowered telemetry system designed to sense and transmit physiological data.The system was actually successfully used. They will also remember an earlierarticle in the IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineering, Vol. BME-14, Oct.1967 entitled, “The Design and Use of an FM/AM Radiotelemetry System forMultichannel Recording of Biological Data.” And then they will remember aneven earlier report from the Biophysics Lab, of the Aerospace Medical Labs ofthe Aerospace Medical Div. at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio dated 1965 entitled,”Personal telemetry transmitter system.” The point is that trackingimplant research has been with us for several decades, and is being utilized tocontrol slaves who have body suits of implants. They have been publiclymonitoring animals with bio-telemetry for several decades, it doesn’t take anystretch of the imagination to comprehend that they are also doing it with theirslaves. While these articles were from the ’60s, soon afterwards a bookappeared Mackay, R.S.

Biomedical Telemetry, Sensing and Transmitting Biological Information fromAnimals and Man. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: NY, 1970. Faceprints are a newmethod which uses a math algorithm that establishes distances between eyepupils, nasal base, lip center and other facial points. The algorithm produces a50-bit number that is person-specific. The plans are to code this along withother unique I.D. features onto the magnetic strips of I.D. cards. The AmericanCIA developed in conjunction with the Thai police a smart identity card for usein Thailand. The Computerworld Smithsonian Award was given to the Thai Ministryof Interior for this “innovative technology” in 1990. In other words,one part of Big Brother patted another on the back. Was the CIA protecting us,Mr. & Mrs. Citizens by doing this so-called “intelligence” work,or was it working on another agenda by developing this high tech ID card? Laterthe military adopted the MARC ID card based on similar ideas.

Bell Communications (in NJ) developed voice activated credit cards. Reportsare that colds can throw one’s voice off so that it’s rejected by the flatmicrochip in the voice card. When this author calls the World Order’smind-control “total”, he means just that–it is designed to controlthe body, mind and spirit of a person. By taking bio information via implants,DNA codes, blood types, retina scans, hand geometry and face prints, without ourreal consent the World Order has effectively stolen our Fifth Amendment rights.John Adams wrote, “Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.”(The Works of John Adams, Vol. 6:9, p. 280.) The purpose of the Americangovernment was to protect property. But they have stolen our privacy. They haveput into law (contrary to the Constitution & Bill of -Rights) several lawsthat will force us to provide information to computer data banks that will beused to determine if we can buy or sell, if we can get employment or not, &if we are deemed politically correct or not. And those on the wrong side of theNWO may be incarcerated and programmed. While tracking implants are notmind-control per se, they will work hand in glove with actual mind-control tomake sure no one under mind-control can effectively get away. Therefore alltracking devices must be seen in the broader context as being devices to assistin the implementation of total mind-control. One genius scientist who worked onthe bio-chip and who still works as a civilian for the government personallytold this author that he is excused for his help on the project becausetechnology is neutral. Technology is neither good nor bad, so he claims. Idisagree, and so did another scientist who did repent of helping with thisinfernal project, and apologized to this author. These bio-chips are going to beused for the enslavement of mankind, and for total mind-control. There is nojustification, no excuse great enough to allow people to side-step theirresponsibility in the creation of such technology intended for evil. We have aresponsibility to know how our inventions will be used before we create them. Itdoesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what these inventions are going to beused for. Unfortunately, this man who assisted with the bio-chip is a rocketscientist.

Section D. Direct monitoring & manipulation of the brain/mind

D1. Direct monitoring ofthought waves

For many years, the basic waves have told us basic things about the mind.Rapid Beta waves come from normal mental activity like you are doing now, alphawaves indicate relaxation, theta waves mean meditation & memories, &ultraslow deltas mean deep sleep. Cognitive demands cause the gamma waves tosynchronize. Alpha (as well as Theta) oscillations both encode and accesscortical codes–what we describe as K-lines in this Deeper Insights book. Thethalamus & the cortex are involved in memory. People with good memories havehigher alpha freks than persons with poor memories. EEGs are used to watch thesewaves & their oscillations. PET scans are even more revealing. Thoughts canbe analyzed in terms of the various parts of the mind that they require toproduce them. In word-reading the mind activates specific posterior visualareas, and when the mind must identify a noun specific frontal & temporo-parietalareas are active. (See Posner, “Seeing the Mind”, Science magazine,10/29/93, p. 673). PET scans & BEGs are interesting, but evoked potentialstell it all. The National Security Agency has a monopoly on monitoring theevoked potentials emitted by people’s brain’s electrical flux which areelectromagnetic emissions in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range. When a personthinks, or moves their body, or sees something, the brain creates an evokedpotential or set of evoked potentials. These emissions can be decoded to seewhat the person is thinking or doing. This is called RNM (Remote NeuralMonitoring). It is reported that the Kinnecome group at the NSA is involved withthis type of monitoring round-the-clock of victims of electronic mind-controlusing EMF equipment that is scattered across the nation. A Signals IntelligenceEMF scanning network allows the NSA’s computers to pinpoint and track anyindividual in the United States by watching for their specific bioelectricalfield. In many ways, the tracking implants and the national I.D. cards areredundant, but the World Order wants to increase their control, while keepingtheir best technology secret. The NSA information is not randomly passed on toany individual, but they do have their ways to filter down information tomind-control handlers if they need to. They have exhibited an amazing ability totrack the two co-authors, but that doesn’t mean that they are all powerful,just because their computers can remotely detect and keep track of people. Thisbook is evidence that there is still some elbow room for independent thought inthis world. What’s more frightening is the apathy in the world to stand up tothe control. But the question may arise, how can they get any good reading onthe brain’s evoked potentials from a distance? The equipment is a combined useof ELF-modulated masers along with Doppler-shifted interrogative RMCT masers.This technique allows them to send syntel directly through walls. A Maser is amicrowave equivalent to a laser.


According to reports, the Soviets were the first to discover in the 1960’sthat the human brain had 23 BEG band wave lengths, of which 11 of these weretotally independent. By knowing those 11 band wave lengths, and then sendingsignals based upon those wave lengths, the human mind could be manipulated. Theperson’s PRIME FREK, that is their biological frequency needs to beidentified, and then it is possible to remotely implant thoughts and voices intotheir minds.

In the early 1970’s, the U.S. Documentation Center as well as theWhite House’s spokesman had both reported that electromagnetic waves could beused to communicate with “a target biosystem.” (This was brought outin the U.S. District Court of the State of Utah where inmates who had beensubjected to mind-control in prison tried unsuccessfully to fight back incourt.)

The University of Utah was just one of several dirty research facilitieswhich researched on human guinea pigs how Tesla waves could be used tomanipulate the mind into hearing voices. They discovered how simple it is to usethese waves to override and implant thoughts into the mind, and to read thethoughts of the mind. Then they subjected hundreds of inmates at the GunnisonFacility of the Utah State Prison, the State Hospital and perhaps other UtahState Prison facilities to this brand of mind-control in order to test it.

Itcertainly works. Numerous inmates tried to fight the system, and the obviousmind-control that so many of them were being subjected to. Hundreds of theinmates were subjected to heavy drugs and other severe punishment when theyprotested. Still they continued to protest. This was in the 1970’s, now thetechnology is being used over the entire United States.

The Tesla waves are sentto a victim in the following sequence of events.

Computers programmed withartificial intelligence handle most electronic controlled slaves. When the slavedoes something the computer can’t handle then human handlers step in to help.Men and women staff consoles attached to CRAY computers where they monitor thevictims that need special attention. The full fledged electronic monitoringinvolves an entire body suit of various implant devices in the victim’s body.From the body suit, the controllers are able to track the victim, hear what thevictim hears, and see via tiny fiberoptics some of what is going on around andwith the victim. The staff have pre-recorded sound bites that they usually liketo select, as well as occasion actual live messages. They transmit thesemessages, which are picked up by satellite and relayed to whatever large TVbroadcasting antenna or GWEN tower or other antenna is near the victim. Thesignal is then relayed to some object near the victim, which serves as a relayantenna to pass the signal on to the victim. It’s believed that some type ofimplant picks up the signal and broadcasts the correct Tesla wave pattern tocreate voices within the victim. Meanwhile, the tracking implant keeps the staffand the satellite system informed every few minutes as to exactly where to sendthe voice signals. The Master computer and central HQ for electronic mindcontrol is reported to be Boulder, CO. Several places have been identified bythis author as key points. One report came in that transponders are being madein Boulder, CO. The central cellular computer is in the Boulder, CO NationalBureau of Standards building. AT & T is cooperating with electronicmind-control also. NORAD tracks both space and earthbound objects. They have aCheyenne Mtn. Air Station. Although it is clear from reports from mind-controlvictims that NORAD is actively involved in mind-control, exactly how thedifferent tracking responsibilities are delegated is not known to this author atthis time. It appears that there is duplication of efforts, and several NWObranches maintain the same capability.


Brain waves are connected to thought. When thought occurs there is a greatdeal of brain wave activity. The brain carries out what some people call”parallel processors”–that is it breaks a thinking process down intocomponents and works on all simultaneously. When the World Order’s researchershave attempted to tamper with the mind they can place thoughts into the mind bytampering with the processes that create thoughts, without actually having toreplicate the thought they want. In other words, they are deflecting the naturalprocess into the synthetic process they want to get their desired result.

For group mind control, or isolated individuals, ELF waves can be sent thatinteract with the brain’s natural waves. The human brain synchronizes with theincoming waves and the end result can be panic, sleep, or a hypnotic trance. Thewrong kinds of ELF waves can even damage the brain. In 1961, Allen Frey, afree-lance biophysicist and engineering psychologist reported that humans canhear microwaves. This had been known by the military since W.W.II. To formcomplex words and sentences, Frey realized he’d have to approach the level of10 -mW/(cm)², but the bottom line is microwave-created movement of cochlearhair cells can be done. In the late 1950’s, Dr. Patrick Flanagan developed anelectronic telepathy machine which was called the Neurophone. He writes aboutthe Neurophone and its capabilities to transmit acoustic (sounds, voices)directly into the brain of an individual using the electromagnetic fields in hisforward to the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP by Jeane Manning and Dr. NickBegich. The patent office held up his patent on the machine for 12 years. Dr.Flanagan writes, “Certain types of electromagnetic signals can inducevisual and auditory effects when the field around the head or body is at theright frequency, intensity and modulation levels. We are not accusing thedevelopers of HAARP of amoral intentions for the use of this technology but thepotential for abuse is there.” (Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, p. 6)First, this author highly recommends the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP;and second, this author is going to flat outright say that the developers ofHAARP do not deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore–because some of them havea clear track record of developing and using mind-control techniques. HAARP isnothing less than a mind-control project. One of the persons that people tryingto investigate HAARP kept running into was Col. John Alexander. Col. JohnAlexander was involved with the development of -HAARP. (Angels Don’t Play ThisHAARP, p. 19) Trauma-based mind-control victims have identified Col. JohnAlexander as being one of the primary mind-control programmers. He has been akey player in a number of mind-control projects for the government.Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH also play-ed a role in research for HAARP. Anumber of trauma-based mind-control victims have identified Wright-Patterson asa mind-control programming center. Apparently, the Air Force used some of thebrain-stem scarred whiz kids at the base to try and develop Tesla technology.ARCO (via their ARCO Power Technologies, Inc. subsidiary) was the Air Force’sprime contractor on the first phase of HAARP’s development. ARCO has companydoctors who are helping program mind-control victims. One of ARCO’s boardmembers was Dr. Simon Ramo, who is a big player with the military and the secretgovernment. The awarding of ARCO’s subsidiary APTI for the contract smelledlike a rat, because other companies were obviously better suited than this tinysubsidiary with a staff of 25 in Washington, D.C. Besides the mind-controlaspect of things, the World Order set things up so that APTI has the patent(#4,686,605, Method & Apparatus for Altering a Region in the -Earth’sAtmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere) for the HAARP project, so they area natural shoe-in for the project. There were other patents involved too, andabout dozen of these patents assigned to APTI have now ended up with the largeRaytheon Corp. (APTI was bought by B-Systems, and B-Systems was bought byRaytheon. All 3 are working fast and furiously developing technology for the NWO.)The NWO’s Stanford Research Institute developed many of HAARP’s high-fre-quencytransmitting programs with money from the Defense Nuclear Agency. (This was fromAngels Don’t Play This HAARP, p.47, which cites an NTIA memo, “NTIAPreliminary Assessment of Air Force Ionospheric Research Instrument”,10/1/1993.) Mitre Corp. was also involved with HAARP. This author has exposedthe Mitre Corp. in the past as being both Illuminati-run, & a co-partnerwith the NSA.

When a HAARP researcher pestered the Air Force for info, he was referred toKirk-land AFB, NM another site deeply involved in mind-control and blackprojects. (Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, p.63) Los Alamos Nat. Labs also isinvolved with both mind-control & I-IAARP. Their Blackbeard Team isconnected to the Alexis Satellite, which may or may not be connected to the ALEXsystem which this author has been warning about. Supposedly this is a gamma rayre-search satellite, but this author doesn’t know if this is the truth or acover story. The Air Command & Staff College’s Airpower Journal lets the”cat out of the bag” so to speak when they reveal that weapons likeHAARP will be used against civilians. The military wants to use weapons likeHAARP to disorient people’s mental facilities. Newt Gingerich wrote theforward to an official US Air Force book entitled Low-Intensity Conflict andModern Technology which described how electromagnetic weapons could be used tosubjugate U.S. citizens who opposed their government. Cpt. Paul Tyler wrote thechapter on electromagnetic and psychotronic weapons. A paper trail does exist ofthe intentions to use HAARP for mind-control by our government. For the sake ofcompleteness, and to provide the readers with a paper trail, I’ll quotedirectly from this official Air Force book from the part written by Cpt. Tyler,‘The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields arewide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations…Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups…crowdcontrol,…and anti-personnel techniques in tactical warfare. In all cases, theelectro-magnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiologicaldisruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the abilityof individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would becombat ineffective. Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that theyprovide coverage over large areas with a single system [this is an obviousreference to HAARP] . . . . Recently, pulsed electromagnetic fields have beenreported to induce cellular transcription related to reproduction of DNA….Knowledge of mechanisms of actions of Radio-Frequency Radiation (RFR) withliving systems and the assessment of pulsed RFR effects, will demonstrate thevulnerability of humans to complex pulsed electromagnetic radiation fields…Experiments with elec-troshock, RFR experiments and the increasing understandingof the brain as an electrically-mediated-organ, suggest the serious probabilitythat impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive of purposeful behaviorand may be capable of directing and/or interrogating such behavior.” THEREYOU HAVE IT, a PAPER TRAIL that the MILITARY WANTS HAARP’S MIND-CONTROLcapabilities. Dr. Abraham Liboff of Oakland Univ. has demonstrated howlow-energy circularly polarized electromagnetic waves can change the brain’sability to keep out certain ions, minerals, and chemicals. HAARP can also beused with genetic manipulating ionized radiation and chemicals to specificallycontrol the mind. (See Chapter 8, section 2 for a complete discussion of this.)


Naval Intelligence and other groups have conducted research into ELF wavesupon the human body and mind. Some of the many things that can be done to thehuman body and mind with ELF waves include:

a. put a person to sleep
b. make a person tired or depressed c. create a feeling of fear in a person d.create a zombie state
e. create a violent state
f. create a state of being sexually aggressive g. change cellular chemistry
h. change hormone levels
i. inhibit or enhance M(RNA) synthe-sis/processes
j. control the DNA transaction process
k. control biological spin and proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA & RNAtransferases.

But electronic control of the brain comes in many forms. Perhaps thecontrollers only want to carry out mood shifts. ELF waves which will penetratewalls, and even go through the earth will create mood shifts according to howmany cycles per minute they are sent at. Studies have proven that the time forELF waves to cause a shift in mood is between 6 to 10 seconds (not a long time).

ELF waves below 6 cycles per second cause subjects to become emotionallyupset and this rate may also disrupt bodily functions. At 8.2 cycles/sec. theperson gets an elevated high such as would be accomplished by a master ofmeditation. 11 to 11.3 cycles per second cause the brain to become agitated andto begin riotous behavior. ELF waves could be directed at a population to helpincite riots. Research has been carried out to determine how the brain’ssensory inputs are coded. It has been determined that visual input is relayedand built into a series of changing maps. The olfactory sense has thousands ofspecific codes to determine smells, and combinations of these are triggered byan object. One clue that gave researchers initially the idea that differentindividual human brains have a common internal electronic type coding forspecific thoughts is that drugs will have such common effects on the humanrace–even -though one obtains individuals from widely different genetic pools.The best research is of course kept secret. We primarily have to report on whatis released. E.R. John in Mecha-nisms of Memory (NY: Academic Press, 1967, pp.348-349) announced his discovery that central neuro-electrical codes are indeedused by the human brain. Information transfers in the brain have been shown tobe related to neuro-electrical frequency codes, and that a brain can bemanipulated by beaming those codes from an external sources. For instance,Hippocampal neurons will have burst-firing frequencies between 100-200 Hz. Hereare some of the resonance frequencies for manipulating these senses:

Visual centers of mind–25 Hz
Sense of touch center–9 Hz
Auditory (hearing) ctr– 15 Hz
Motor control– 10 Hz
Subconscious thoughts–20 Hz.

If the World Order wants to cause a person to make a gesture, they useELF-modulated microwaves that are “KEYED” to distinctive brainwavepatterns that are called “PREPARATION SETS.” If the controllers wantto create an emotion they use specific “EXCITATION POTENTIALS” bycreating the correct resonance frek which in turn creates a specific emotionalstate. Victims of electronic mind-control often complain of electronic fieldsplaced -around their bodies. Recently, when an electrical storm blew a majormetro power grid, one victim of electronic mind-control lost the force fieldthat had been encircling her body. The brain is also attenuated to the earthmagnetic field. By manipulating the magnetic field around a person, themagnitude of the beamed codes needed to elicit a change in the brain can bereduced. For example J.I. Jacobson changed melatonin levels in subjects bymanipulating the magnetic field in conjunction with beamed “signals”.See Jacobson, J.I. “Pineal-hypothalamic tract meditation of pico Teslamagnetic fields in the treatment of neurological disorders.” FASEB Journal,1994, 8, p. A656. Sandyk also successfully used manipulation of the magneticfields and reported this in Sandyk, R. Successful treatment of mul-tiplesclerosis with magnetic fields. International Journal of Neuroscience, 1992, pp.237-250. It was discovered that if an alternating magnetic field at a distance(resonance) frequency is superimposed upon a steady-state magnetic field,calcium and other ions within the brain can be moved with little energy. Whenthis was discovered, researchers began to watch to see if variations in the-earth’s magnetic field during geomagnetic storms and in other situations,would affect the thinking of masses of people. They discovered that there wereindeed changes to the human brain as a result of magnetic fluctuations.Cognitive thinking and conscious -thought occurs between the temperatures of 308º- 312º K (or 35º – 39º C) and the fundamental wave length associated withthese thoughts are approximately 10 micrometers (which is an infraredwavelength.) Signals that blend with Background Radiation can be manipulated tocontrol the brain. The temperature of the brain directly relates to how certainsignals will affect it. It is believed that structures within the thalamus areinvolved with modulating the temperature sensitivity of biochemical oscillators.Heterodyne Principle Used. This principle is that multiple frequencies whenapplied to a nonlinear device produce new frequencies which are the sums anddifferences of the applied frequencies and their harmonics. In other words alocal oscillator (also called a strong sinusoidal carrier wave) can multiply aweak signal. A microwave signal at a frequency A is mixed with a microwave localoscillator at frequency B in a nonlinear mixer. The mixer output signal which isA minus B is a faithful amplitude and phase reproduction of the originalmicrowave signal but at a low, fixed frequency so that it can be measured simplywith low-frek measuring devices. Heterodyne signals cost more to produce butcost is no problem for the government. Multiport network analysers, which useseveral simple power detectors and a computer analysis approach provide a lessexpensive way to measure both the relative voltage amplitude & the phase.Cell phone freks used. The controllers use the UHF cellular telephonefrequencies, which are installed everywhere because the human cranium operateson the same frequencies that cellular phones operate on. This was not byaccident.


Pulsed audiograms use extremely low average powerdensities of electromagnetic energy acoustic amplifier driven by the rftransmitter’s modulator, the peak power density is a critical factor which isapprox. 275 mw/rf for carrier frequencies 125 mc and 1,310 mc. Acoustic noise isapprox. 80 decibels. Another source, the electrical sine wave analogs of eachword is processed so that each time a sine wave crosses zero reference in thenegative direction, & a brief pulse of microwave energy is triggered. Thesevoice modulated microwaves transmit words to the brain. Sounds are generatedwhen pulsed microwaves are aimed at absorbers made of carbon-impregnatedpolyurethane. An Acoustical Energy Wavefront (AEW) is created by modifiedtransducement of sound waves, which are in the ultrasound spec-trum (USS). Inother words scalar energy is being employed. When people are asleep they are themost vulnerable. TV antenna can serve both as transmitters and well asreceivers. It can be made to oscillate a suitable resonant frequency. Bytransmitting signals in the TV/FM range and then modulating them in the ELF/ULFrange, they can send signals. The Nexus magazine of Oct.-Nov. ’96 p. 16reported on Dr. Ross Adley’s research. Dr. Adley did some work for the CIA ontheir Pandora project (an electronic mind-control project). He recently workedat the Loma Linda Univ. Med. School, CA. His research showed that the brain willreact to EM radiation. To get a reaction the frequency, amplitude, and dose ofthe microwave radiation has to meet certain criteria. In the 1980’s, hisexperiments showed that microwave carrier-waves modulated with ELF waves willmodify brain tissue. Weak EM fields will affect the binding of calcium ions toneuronal sites. This type of information is the type of information thatpertains to the genetic mind-control covered in Chapter 8. Dr. Adley was able toprove that a 147 MHz (megahertz) field, which at a tissue level had an intensityof 0.8 milliwatts per square centimeters, caused an efflux or release of calciumions from the irradiated brain tissue. “This response only occurred whenthe ELF modulation of the microwave carrier-wave had an amplitude modulated at6-20 hertz (Hz). The maximum stimulation of the neurones took place at 16 Hz,but to either side of this frequency-range parameter there was no effect.”(Nexus, 10-11/’96, p. 16 citing Adey, Ross W. “Neurophysiologic Effectsof Radiofrequency and Microwave Radiation” Bulletin of the New York Academyof Medicine, vol. 55, no. 11, Dec., ’79) Also microwaves as they enter thebrain tissue, cause thermal expansion as -things heat up at the microscopiclevel, which produces strains in tissue. The strains produce acoustic stresswaves that are conducted through the bone to the cochle-a, and the cochlea’sstimulation by the wave gives the brain its perception of hearing a sound justas the cochlea’s stimulation produces the normal sensation of hearing. Formicrowaves to do this they must be at 1310 MHz and 2982 MHz at the average powerdensities of .4 to 2 mW/cm². The peak power densities can be 200 to 300 mW/cm2and the pulse repetition frequency was from 200 to 400 Hz. This makes an RFauditory sound. The sound appears to the victim as coming from within or nearthe back of the head. 2 criteria needed to hear microwaves are the ability tohear above 5 kHz, and good bone conduction.

Section E. Auxiliary uses of electronics & electromagnetic waves


In a normal resting state the alpha waves of a person are between 6 -12 persecond, and their breathing rate is about 20-40 breaths per mm. and their heartbeat about 70 to 90 per minute. External stimuli will affect these rates. If aperson fixes their attention on flashes and tones, such as what happens at someconcerts, the body functions will tend to synchronize around the external tonesand pulsing lights. It takes about ten minutes for the human mind/body toreconfigure itself in line with the external stimuli, then that rate of theflashing lights and tones and be lowered with a resulting lowering of thebody’s alpha wave rate, their breathing, and their heart beat. Electronics canbe an aid to hypnotizing people. If vibrations that vibrate at the rate of sixto seven cycles per second are created in a room of people, the vibrations willinduce alpha waves in the minds of the people. The increased alpha wave activitymakes the listening subjects more susceptible to suggestion. This is similar tothe effect Vibrato has on the mind. Vibrato is a tremulous pulsating effectproduced by a minute and rapid variation in pitch either by a cappella orinstrumental music. Years ago, public performances of vibrato music was outlawedin England because so many listeners went into altered states. A 6- to7-cycle/sec vibration can be mask behind other sounds. Hypnosis with headphonesrepeating “You do not know this” are used simultaneously along withsonics as well as electrical patterns that scramble the brain.


Tyson II Corporate Offices, McLean, VA furnishes polygraph operators for theintelligence agencies, esp. Office of Security which is responsible for CIApolygraph examinations.


A victim of electronic mind-control in VA in a letter describing her tormentwrites, “I no longer have the stabbing pain in my back when I go in my backyard, as I did in Richmond; however, the pain from some type of directed energyweapon(s) is just as severe here as it was in Richmond. These electrical rayscoming through the airways of my home cause me all kinds of physical pain andillnesses. They kill my house-plants; they kill my shrubs; they kill myvegetables and flowers in my garden; and most of all, they cause me tremendousamount of discomfort, as well as harassment. “Can you imagine havingelectrical rays directed at your bottom day and night, 365 days of the year. Canyou imagine what it must be like to live around oversexed SCUM?…Thistechnology is based on Scalar Technology and the Schumann Resonances orFrequencies. It is my understanding that the Schu-mann Frequencies from 0 to 30hertz can affect every nerve, every gland, every muscle and every emotion of ahuman being. In other words, a person in my neighborhood can beam these raysinto my home and control my body and I am having to suffer from their stupidappetites…” (letter in author’s files) Oscilloscopes have confirmedthat some Direct ELF/VLF attacks have come from only a few feet. Electromagneticattacks sometimes hit the victims entire body, like defibrillator paddles.Masers (microwave equivalents to a laser are used for electromagnetic attacksthat cause burns that look like “cigarette burns”, favorite targetareas are genitals, face and nose. The average power density can be at an rfsuch as 400_u_w/cm². Let’s quote another victim, whose letter is also in myfiles. At first years ago, they began using waves that were in the infraredspectrum that were barely discernable. The waves would target her and then latchon. Over the years they have gotten more sophisticated and more sadistic. Shewrites, “From time to time the field broadcast from my own head was in a‘field’ about me, but, with the added feature of ‘harrassment’ voicesalso being broad-cast. These ‘harassment’ voices had taken a downrightfilthy tone, being blasphemous words, and venally oriented…. Before I was hitwith the full-blown sadistic torture program I was awakened one night by afeeling of my head being raped. A light went on in my brain and I heard voicesdiscussing me and cruelly laughing saying, “There, got her.”.. .Thefirst added torture (accompanied by filty langauge, the language is all filth,obscenities, threats and intimidation) was a genital-urinary prod, pulsing abouttwice per second, and causing nearly incessant urination…, new added features… are body bangs and head bangs.. .The arrogance with which they announce whattorture will be next is unbelievable… .Other sleep deprivation techniques areloud noises, and the interposing of visual phenomena. They seem to have deviseda computer imaging which taps the visual nerves–these are like bad dreams. Ihave had almost no normal dreaming since this system was locked onto me. Overthe years she got to understand her harassers better. They have calledthemselves “social workers” and referred to her as “thepackage.” They have enjoyed talking about her in front of her, andharassing her by talking to each other in public about the things she thoughtabout the previous night. Finally, one more account of a victim who isconstantly harassed. “I am being tortured with synthetic telepathy ofemotive and voice bytes played over and over again in my brain to positively ornegatively reinforce and ultimately con-trol my behavior. I get the sound on myleft temporal lobe and in the right and left ear canals. I also get microwavedwhen I sleep and have vibratory pulsating fields on my lower spine, genitals,stomach, brain, feet or wherever. It is always in combination with the lowerspine and something else. This seems to create an amnesiacal deep sleep with nofeeling of pain. If I wake up suddenly (and this is the only chance I have offinding out what they are doing to me) I sometimes feel pain when the vibrationsstop.”

Other attacks/problems:

  • Infra-sound attack
  • magnets repelled from the cranium
  • They use a “Gun” which sends an electromagnetic field whichstops a car.

The Russians have been noted to have created a “wood-pecker”signal, the American version of this is the American Buzzsaw. These signals aredesigned to interface with the mind. And systems are designed to be carried inhelicopters, or to be placed on the ground. These signals are broadcast bymultiple carriers which hop from frequency to frequency anywhere from 4 MHz to30 MHz. With the switching of these frequencies, they are creating what is knowas a Levinson Transform, named after Norman Levinson. VLF (Very low frequencywaves) will cause bizarre behavior in people. (They use 0 to 400 Khz formind-control operations. The signals are apparently broken up into pieces andtriangulated upon a target. Morse codes are used on some slaves to trigger them,which is sent via a number of methods. Victims often have the myelin sheathingof the brain disappearing, which is diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. MS hasincreased 100 fold over the past few years. Pre-conditioning is done bychemicals to the neuro-receptors in the brain and spine. When moving in a car orinside a store it is harder for a victim to be targeted. Also, as readers canimagine, signals being beamed from some tower or satellite will be blocked bylarge thicknesses of concrete, lead and -steel. In other words, there are somesituations that provide limited shelter to the victims of implant body suits andsyntel.


There is a complex symbiosis between mankind and the attributes of thisplanet. We are a life-form whose life is attuned to our environment. The humanbody at the cellular level has its physiological rhythms which are very attunedto the earth’s electric and magnetic fields. When cosmic radiation cyclesundergo unusual modifications, including cycle inversions, the metabolism incrabs and the oxygen consumption cycles in carrots, potatoes -shellfish and ratschanges. The geomagnetic field helps protect us from cosmic rays. It has beenshown that solar flares influence human behavior, and psych wards have anincrease in problem behavior during solar flares. The human body is a complexset of rhythms. Permit me to recall some of these rhythms for the reader: Alpharhythms, Blood Hormone rhythms, Body temperature rhythms (which fluctuate 3º on24 hour cycle), Cell mitosis rhythms, Cellular DNA & RNA synthesizingrhythms, Cerebral-spinal fluid rhythms, Circadian rhythms, Enzyme rhythms, Foodutilization rhythms, Menstrual & Sexual -rhythms, Pulse rates, Seasonalrhythms, and Urine Electrolyte Disposal rhythms. The 60-pulse-per-second powergrids (of AC) that are spread over the earth, as well as numerous other man-madeactivities are disrupting the 7-8 hertz frequency of the earth. There are someside-effects to our tampering with the magnetic and electrical fields of thisplanet, and some of these side effects may be the disruption or change of thecircadian -rhythms (as well as some of the other rhythms of the human body andmind.) In fact, two researchers have research that shows how human nerve cellsare affected by ELF fields. (See Becker, Dr. Robert O. Cross-Currents: ThePerils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicene. LA: Jeremy Tarcher,1990, p. 233.) It was discovered by CIT researchers that the human brain hasmagnetite. Salmon, homing pigeons, whales, and honeybees also have magnetite, atype crystalline iron, which allows them to sense the earth’s magnetic fieldfor finding their way around. The CIT researchers published their finding aboutmag-netite in human brains in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy ofSciences.


For about 6 years this author has heard about liquid crystal implants. Onemilitary magazine should its use, and one person who was in militaryintelligence claims liquid crystals are used. Others claim that liquid crystalswere tried and failed. It has also been reported that radio transmittingcrystals, that fasten themselves to the brain have been the object of research.



Another topic that for sure was tried by the NWO was serpentine skin. This isa type of specialized fungus that coats the skin and is used for some of itsspecialized features. Whether this concept actually flies outside of the lab,this author doesn’t know.

“ALIEN” implants

This author’s take on the alien phenomena is that it is the Illuminati’sGrand Deception for introducing the AntiChrist. The aliens are materializeddemons, and manufactured “soul less” bodies. It’s not the purposehere to put forth evidence concerning this Grand Deception, that would takeanother book, if not several books. (In fact, this author started to write it in1993, but never got finished.) But no book discussing implants &mind-control could be complete without -touching on alien implants. There is agreat overlap between “alien abductions” and mind-control. WhitleyStrieber (UFO abductee and famous author) gave two workshops at the UFO ExpoWest LA. He was very interested in finding out about the implants that Dr. Learand Derrell Sims had extracted and turned over to traditional medicalinstitutions for study. While Whitley was talking about implants and ourgovernment’s connection to them, his own implant in his ear turned on and theside of his face turned red like a bad sunburn. Other UFO buffs in attendancealso had their implants burn them at this point, causing great excitement at theWyndham Hotel that day. (This information came from the internet [email protected])

There are an increasing number of “alien abductees” who areremembering seeing U.S. military personnel during their so-called alienabductions. The abductees are being taken to U.S. Military bases. (An unusualplace for aliens to work, but within the realm of possibility.) The reason thatthe number of people who are connecting the government with the aliens isincreasing is a. more people are receiving mind-control programming, thereforethere are more people for which the cover stories and electroshock fail tototally hide what has happened, b. better therapeutic methods are helpingmind-control victims recover their memories better, c. there have been a risingnumber of people like this author exposing it. Karla Turner, who was a victim ofmind-control and abductions, began catching on that the abductions were beingdone by our government. Vol. 2 quoted her on page 184. When she began topublicly expose what the government was doing, the government murdered her. (Shejoins a growing num-ber of people this author has seen die pre-maturely becausethey were publicly exposing the truth.) Alien abduction victims have beenreporting human black-or dark helicopter activity and black-or dark helicopterharassment since the 1970’s. (Perhaps as the Vietnam War wound down &ended, the U.S. government had a surplus of helicopters and delegated some totask forces that picked up mind-control victims in remote sites.) An examplefrom this time period of an alien abduction also involving helicopters is theBetty Andreasson/Luca abduction. A number of victims have remembered thehelicopters coming -around the time of their abduction. When bright lights areshined into their houses or into their cars these victims of trauma-basedmind-control are programmed to see the helicopter’s spotlight as a UFO.(Helicopters also carry spoofer transmitters.) Beth Collins of Oregon reports inher book Connections – Solving our Alien Abduction Mystery. Newberg, OR: WildFlower Press, 1966, about how helicopters were involved with her abductionexperiences. She lives in an area that is a hot-bed for covert CIA activities.In her book, she provides a transcript of memories of military personnel beingthe guilty party in an abduction. Some victims of these abduction experiencesare implanted during their abduction. Researcher Helmut Lammer reports that”alien” abductees Debby Jordan and Leah Haley had implants removedfrom their ears. What is significant about this, is that the bio-chip implantdesigned for humans which is credited to Dr. Man, best works behind the ears.(Sources: The Kansas City Star, 7/19/87 carried an article about how Dr. Man’simplants work best behind the ear. On Oct., ’87, an article by Kathy Hart wasrun in several papers promoting Dr. Man’s implants for protecting children. H.Lammer reported on implants & military involvement in abductions in hisarticle “Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB: Evidence for militarykidnappings of alleged UFO abductees.” The Unopened Files, No. 2, ’97, pp64-67.) From this author’s interviews with “alien abductees” it wasclear that 100% of them were victims of U.S. government trauma-basedmind-control and that many of them had been taken to underground pro-grammingfacilities and made to believe they were at another planet. This is happening inforeign countries too. However, this doesn’t mean that flying saucers craft donot exist, they do. And according to eye-witnesses some of the undergroundfacilities in NM, AZ, and CO have personnel from all over the -world, Germans,Russians, British & Americans as well as aliens working side by side. (TheAmerican government denies this. Supposedly NORAD only has Canadians.) Some ofthese witnesses come across as credible. If their reports are true, then someimplants may also have a true alien connection. Alien abductees are actuallyextracting implants from their noses and their feet. It is strange that-“alien” implants have gotten more technologically sophisticated overthe years.


Metal coil springs were standardized in size, are made of steel and areplaced in a grid pattern in a common mattress. Standards were introduced thatspecify how many coils, and what tension were to be used in their manufacture.Their shape is an open ended hyperbolic which is the best suited to create asimilar induced magnetic field. When one lays down the springs are compressedand have between 5 to 7 coils compressed. This makes a field of influence aroundthe human body which is enfolded within the field of coils, which are naturalantennas to incoming electromagnetic waves. Evidence suggests that the standardizingof bed springs was a carefully planned event designed to assist electronicmind-control.


Since 1989, Virtual Reality conferences-exhibitions have been held. On May11-13, 1994, the largest conference-exhibition to date on virtual reality washeld at the San Jose Civic Center and the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA. Notesome of the mind-control aspects of the different sessions:

Session C7–“Tactile Feedback” given by Paul Cutt. Xtensory SessionC8–“The Immersion Probe” given by Louis Rosenberg, Pres. of ImmersionCorporation.

Session D2–“Biomedical Technology and Biomedical Education” givenby John Flynn

Session D9–“Biocybernetics and VR” given by Dave Warner, MedicalScientist at Loma Linda Univ. Med. Center During lunch Kenny Meyer discussed howsimulated being in a virtual world are called various names incl. syntheticactors, situated agents, creatures and denizens. At another meal break Lt. Col.Martin Stytz, USAF, spoke on how the military was developing Virtual Reality totrain men.

Session C17–AFIT Projects, that is Alr Force Institute of Technology atWright Patterson AFB given by Elizabeth Block. (Wright Patterson happens to be amajor hub for the mind-control and criminal activities of the secretgovernment.)

Session C19–“ARPA/ASTO” given by Lt. Col. David Neyland.

The military is not the only group interested in virtual reality. A plethoraof virtual reality companies has -sprung up, for instance Sense8 (which sellingready-to-use virtual reality systems), the Vivid Group which creates Mandala(which are virtual reality authoring systems), and Xtensory Inc., which createsvirtual reality tactile feedback systems. The government also works through labslocated on American universities working with government grant money, such asthe state of the art Virtual Reality lab at the Univer. of Illinois Circlecampus, which calls its virtual reality machine “the Cave.” Virtualtouch has been created. This means that with a special machine for theperson’s hand (for shape perception) & special glove (for texture sensing)the computer users can feel the shape and texture of an object on the screen.

Hollywood has given us movies showing the mind-control potential of virtualreality in Lawnmower man & Brainstorm. For more information on virtualreality the reader might try consulting:

  • Aukastakalnis, Steve and Blatner, David. Silicon Mirage: The Art andScience of Virtual Reality. Peachpit Press, 1992.
  • Laurel, Brenda. The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design.Addison-Wesley, 1990.

This author has a catalog advertizing the EMCS-X-3000-Plus Electronic MindCon-trol System, which was invented by Cabalistic Hermetic magician Karl Welz.The ad states, “If your intentions are to take control of others and toincrease your own mental powers of direct action, then the EMCS-X-3000-Plus isyour system of choice!” The article has an endorsement for the BMCS systemon page 19 by a charismatic minister, “…I am a preacher of a charismaticchurch. for reasons you may understand, I was extremely skeptical initially [ofthe EMCS system]. However, I gave the new tech-nology a chance to help me servethe Lord better, and I do not regret that decision! The membership of my churchhas more than doubled within one year … Thank you very much.” —We livein some perilous times! Maranatha!

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Weinstein’s Psychiatry & the CIA: Victims of Mind Cntl The Americanmilitary establishment lumped syntel and a number of other outrageous”weapons of torture and control” under the official heading of”non-lethal”. Then the establishment media (TV & newspapers) suchas the Wall St. Journal, Aug. 2, ‘94, had an article about non-lethal weaponswhere they wrote about the sticky-goo gun”, which uses goo to stop people.Do you see how they create a cover? When the public hears of non-lethal weaponsthey think sticky-goo guns, not implants that are torturing and controllingpeople.

Herman Kahn of the Hudson Institute stated that total mind-control would bein place by 2000 and could be “imposed under the rubic of mentalhygiene.”


The programmers are experts in knowing how to mold the “clay” ofblank dissociated parts of the mind into whatever piece they need. The followingis a true account. The Chinese arrested a foreigner skilled in martial arts.They abused the man, but instead of becoming apathetic, he kept himself mentally& physically fit in spite of the horrible conditions of his solitary cell.The superstitious guards believed he was a magician. When the identity of theman was discovered, and the Chinese realized that he was one of the world’sgreatest martial arts experts, they decided to try everything possible todestroy him. He was tortured, starved, and humiliated. The man simply went intodissociative states of trance and endured the tortures without sign of pain oremotion. The hardened guards were awed. The Chinese decided to kill the man.They figured that they could place him in a cage with a starved tiger, he’d gointo trance and the starved tiger would eat him, and then they could claim thatthe man had been a coward. They not only wanted the man’s life but hisreputation. When they threw the much-tortured prisoner into the hungry tiger’scage, the martial arts expert took on the appearance of a demonized man. With ademonic roar, he attacked the tiger, and instantly kicked the tiger’s nose.The animal was stunned and disoriented. The man leaped upon the animal frombehind, let out a terrifying scream and strangled the animal. In 20 seconds thewhole affair was over.

The man looked like an incarnation of a tiger himself. Infact, the tiger had instantly feared the man the split second the master hadlanded in the cage. When the programmers ARE SUCCESSFUL with theirSTRUCTURING–they are able to create alters that match what you have just readabout. Our Chinese prison story illustrates the type of end results theIlluminati want from hours of torture & training given to slaves, but HOW dothey achieve such fantastic results? That is what this chapter is about.

Some ofthe programmed skills of the ninjitsu people (the ninja) are now beingstructured into Illuminati mind-controlled slaves. A disciple of the aboveprisoner in China wrote, [the Ninja]…”were the original practitioners ofthe ‘art of [mind-control] programming’. They were taught from the cradlethat nothing was impossible. Not knowing that a thing could not be done, theyproceeded to do it.” (The Karate Dojo, p. 101)


The purpose of the mind-control is to build a System within the mind that isa human robot. It would do no good to torture the slave and get thousands ofpieces (fragments of the mind, alter personalities) if these were notstructured. Very few Multiples have ever really gotten to see the deeper partsof their Systems.


For many people who are unfamiliar with MPD, it can be expected that theywould find it strange to watch how the programmers or the therapists work withparts of the mind. Most people mis-perceive the mind as a monolithic entity. Inreality the normal mind is made up of hundreds of independent parts working incooperation and competition with each other.

The top brain researchers (at leastmany of them) have come to realize that the brain is composed of manyindependent parts that at times work against each other. For the normal person,some of these parts can be called ego states and some small processes are calledby Minsky “agents” of the mind. For the multiple personality they are called alters, splits, and purpose fragments. Anormal person has a society of agents and ego states which are entities or partsof the mind which combine to make the whole thinking mind. A multiplepersonality does not have a society, but rather a system of parts. Whether aperson has a society of agents or a system of alters, everyone experiences hisor her mind as a combination of processes, conflicting motives, and internaltensions.

In order to bring some cohesion and unity to one’s actions, so thata person didn’t spend their life going in fifty different directions at once,the mind creates the illusion of self, the self image. The self-image bynecessity must not change rapidly. One of the main reasons the mind creates aself-image is so it can have a single purpose to its actions. One of thefunctions of a self-image (of anyone) IS TO PREVENT RAPID CHANGES. Long rangeplans could not be pulled off if my personality were like Jane today and Tarzantomorrow and Cheetah the next day. The mind refuses to change its self-image,even in the face of conflicting data, because self-preservation of a directedlife demands continuity from day to day in our personality. Our self-image is amental construct that stabilizes the mind’s numerous processes. It is a globalattitude registered in the mind that globally affects thinking in many of themind’s spheres. This is just one reason why the self-images constructed by theprogrammer for alters are so tenacious, and so difficult to change. Self-imagesdo not want change, they are the restraints (the ball and chain) wesubconsciously create so that we can’t wreck all of our plans by skipping fromone idealistic goal to another without continuity. (How convenient it is to beable to construct a single brain with many different alter personalities eachhaving its own unchanging self-image!)

Pain and Pleasure are two agents whichcause the mind to simplify its focus upon either the pleasure or the pain. Thebrain does not want to focus on anything that is not an immediate issue. Thisfocus on the immediate pain or pleasure by the victim of mind-control diminishesthe victim from focusing on more complex mental issues.

An example of one ofworld’s top experts who realizes how the mind is naturally made up of parts isMarvin Minsky, co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT, author ofThe Society of Mind, and who has been an advisor to NASA & the L-5 Society.Minsky’s research was financed by the government (the Office of the AdvancedResearch Projects Agency). And he and other researchers in his field got theircontracts by the Office of Naval Research. (See Society of the Mind, p. 324.)His incredible book The Society of Mind has an interesting format where thenumerous parts (agents) of the mind are each given their own page in the book.Minsky shows in the book that the mind is a “society” that arises outof ever-smaller agents that are themselves mindless. He does an incredibly goodjob of explaining how the mind works. Minsky states, “In general, we’releast aware of what our minds do best.”

The Illuminati structuring of the MPD’s fragmented mind is to create flawlessly working systems that canfunction without the conscious mind getting involved. In fact, Minsky describeshow our conscious minds only get involved in simple mental processes thatdon’t work well, the complex ones that work well usually work without theconscious mind being aware of them. “Some readers may be horrified atpicturing a baby’s mind as made up of nearly separate agencies. But we’llnever understand how human natures grow without some theories of how they start.

One evidence for separateness is how suddenly infants switch from smiles ofcontentment to shrieks of hunger-rage. In contrast to the complex mixtures ofexpressions that adults show, young children seem usually to be in one oranother well-defined state of activity…” (Society of the Mind, p. 171)

TheIlluminati has long realized that they need to split the mind of the childbefore its various agencies connect and the ego-states form and develop theirsense of self-hood and personal identity. Although adults can be programmed, thereal Illuminati multiple systems are developed from the womb up.

How does themind make decisions? The various parts of the mind compete with each other. Allthe parts are in a sense equal, none sits at the top of some hierarchy. The minddoes not allow any natural part, such as ANGER, or SLOTH to be permanentlyenthroned and to direct the other parts. Too many chiefs and no Indianswouldn’t work out. Natural parts can not order another part around. They mustinfluence that part indirectly. That is why the following examples happen.

Ayoung married man decides that he and his wife can not successfully work outtheir problems, because she is a programmed multiple in denial, who wants tomanipulate his life and destroy it, while he on the other hand wants to besuccessful in life. One part of him is the LOYAL TO VOWS part, which refuses toquit the marriage because of the marriage vows. Another part is the GOAL SETTINGpart, which sees the marriage as an abusive dead end. How does the GOAL SETTINGpart convince the LOYAL TO VOWS part to give up (throw in the towel) and move onwith life? It must indirectly trick LOYAL TO VOWS into feeling that its job hasbeen done as well as possible, and that further concern over the vows areexcused.

Another young man, a student, has his STUDY part of the mind reallywanting to focus on some problems, but the BORED and SLEEPY part of him want togo to sleep. His STUDY part of the mind tricks his BORED part into allowingSTUDY to go to work. He mentally creates a fictitious scare that another studentwill do better than he, and BORED and SLEEPY are tricked into thinking theproblem is much more weighty than it really is.

A young woman bribes her eatingprocesses of her mind, that if she follows through with her diet, she’llreward herself with a nice meal, and that other parts of her will be rewardedwith other benefits. Rather than simply diet, she must bribe different parts ofherself. Of course if parts of us, lie to other parts when they try to bribeourselves into doing something, if we are not honest with ourselves in givingthe reward, then it is harder next time to bribe the part that was lied to.

Inorder for the non-multiple’s parts to trust each other, they subscribe to asingle agreed upon character-an imaginary ideal self-image. Other wise wecouldn’t trust ourselves to carry out plans. If an ordinary person hasamnesia, they could create a different self-image, which again would be anenduring character. By introducing MPD, the programmers create a hidden elementof distrust within a person’s mind. They no longer can trust themselves, nowthey must depend upon the stability of the programmer or owner. Now imagine thateach of the “agents” or parts has been manipulated to think that it isa person with a personality and a history in its own little world. Because themind is such a tremendous computer it can easily handle such mental processes.

The programmer and the de-programmer/therapist must work at “tricking”these parts into allowing the mind to do constructive things. I use the wordtricking, because what is actually happening is that the therapist or programmeris using language that relates to the language of that part, but it is notlanguage that has much external reality beyond that part. Structuring is the artof using special “languages” combined with other programming sciencesto manipulate these internal worlds of the various parts. Our minds areinstruments to solve practical problems. If an alter sees no practical use for aparticular knowledge they will not want to learn it. This natural selectingprocess by the mind, helps isolate an MPD’s system of alters, because many alters do not see a need to learn anything outside oftheir programming.


Within the system of alters, certain altersare selected to be PROCESSORS. As a system is used certain alters are destroyed,disconnected, or regulated. Certain codes are used or changed. A SYSTEM PARAGUARD is what is used to decipher codes and to distinguish what is currentlyhappening in a system.


Most Illuminati systems are configured with a Universe or Star base system.In other words, the model for all that is put in uses clusters of stars,galaxies, etc. This is used in conjunction with grids that are shaped in variousconfigurations. The ultimate master of the slave, some Illuminati kingpin who isa programmer or working closely with programmers, will design the system so thatthe entire structure of the system points to himself and Satan. The alters willbe geographically set up in their internal world to worship the master to whomthey must give their body, soul and spirit.

A cube or double-cube system is aclosed system. The programmers who use cubes love to build boxes within boxes.The smallest middle box of the system may contain the Life force of the system.Those who love paper trails, will see the occult basis for the standardIlluminati cube shape of a system portrayed on page 83 of Clausen Commentarieson Morals & Dogma, which was put out by the Supreme Council of the World of33º of Freemasonry in 1974. This Masonic book explains that the cube representman and the pyramid is divinity. Divinity within a man would be constructed byplacing a pyramid within a cube, which is shown in a picture on page 83. Youwill also notice in this Masonic book that the 2 Grand Masters on page 83 arewearing crowns that have 13 jewels. The crowns serve the same purpose thatrings patterned on a similar pattern represent. Crowns and rings representauthority, and it is common within the mystery religions to place 12 or 13 gemswithin crowns and rings. The reason that this is important, is that someimportant Masonic/Illuminati secrets are here, and these secrets also pertain tohow the Mystery Religions (the Illum. & Freemasonry) construct an altersystem.


Within the Illuminati (which is the continuation of the mystery religions ofBabylon) the ring has for many centuries represented divinity. The mysteryreligions’ higher understanding was that God had a ring with his name on itthat showed His authority and exercised power over the earth, and that Satanimitated this many-fold in all the mystery religions that he created. Forthousands of years, within the various mystery religions, hierophants have beenwearing rings with particular secret symbols. The zodiac signs were assigneddifferent stones, gems. For instance, the 12 gems of Rev. 21:18-20, which arethe usual gems placed within an Illuminati alter system would correspond to theastrological signs as follows:

Jasper «»Pisces Sapphire «»Aquarius Chalcedony «» Cancer Emerald «» TaurusSardonyx «» Scorpio Chrysolyte Saggittarius Beryl «» LeoTopaz «» Gemini Chrysoprasus «» Capricorn Jacinth «»Amethyst «» Aries

The creation of a Monarch system’s gems is in imitation of the rings ofLucifer and God (as the Illuminati understand it). This ring of gems is able tocontrol the fruit of the trees (programs) and change the internal weather. It isbased upon the story that is told the alter system that is being made about howGod had a ring. Until His hand swept the heaven of air (1st heaven) fruitcould not fall and die, because nothing could die.

Satan and his followers likerings because they want to be godlike. (That doesn’t mean all Satanistsunderstand their own history.) When an alter is concerned about “Don’tlose the ring”, the alter may be referring to the ring of the gems thatsurrounds the pyramid at the base of the mind. This ring of gem alters may bereferred to as the ETERNAL RING, and the RING OF FIRE. The achievement ofdivinity by a human was what constituted the hermetic marriage of the mysteries.This was the ultimate achievement by mankind. This was symbolized by a goldring.

Within the Illuminati (which is a continuation of the Mystery Religions)rings are used for bonding (marriage commitments) and a sign of majesty or rank(such as your Masonic rings, and the ring Pharaoh gave Joseph, & KingSaul’s ring, & special papal rings allowed cardinals & abbots.) ThePope has 3 significant rings, one of which is for ceremonies, and another theimportant Fisherman’s Ring, which is still used as the Pope’s seal.

Withinthe Illuminati alter systems the 7 seals of Babylon are placed into a system.The cube with a pyramid was portrayed at the 14th Masonic Degree (the Perfect Elu degree). The 4 horsemen & the seals of Babylon are talked about at the17th Masonic degree (Knight of the East & West). Also deep within a systemmay be the Ring of Fire.

Within the pyramid, which is within the ring of those12 gems mentioned in Rev. 21, is the ETERNAL LIFE FORCE, a green light comingfrom Lucifer. In other words, the secret heart of the system is based upon theoriginal lie, that man could become an eternal god. The Illuminati alterstructure has at its heart the original lie. An example of how rings anddemonology and authority intersect, can be seen in the Grimoire of the Testamentof Solomon where a ring is said to have been given to Solomon which enabled himto learn the names of demons.

Rings and chains around the neck are also worn forthe extremely secret reason that the wearer is identifying himself with Luciferwho was bound by God by a ring of fire and was chained in the abyss. This iswhat is really behind high ranking Illuminati Freemason & clergyman RobertSchuler’s chain around his neck. The highest levels of the Illuminati have theunderstanding that Lucifer lost his power when Christ bound him, and that inidentification with him, they wear gold chains around their neck, etc. Don’texpect to read this in the material that occult world is permitted to read,these are high level secrets. Remember, there are many different levels ofoccultism, and Satanism. (In the early middle ages, Christians borrowed the ideaof having marriage rings from the pagan Germans & Romans. The determinationof what finger to wear it on (what has become known as the ring finger), waschosen by the ancient witches because that was considered the only healingfinger. Christians of course, by and large, know nothing of the pagan originsand symbology of the rings they wear.) This author has noted that many of thehandlers, programmers, & Illuminati adepts wear rings. Some of the rings arequite big.

The Ferris-wheel subsystem. A ferris-wheel configuration whichcreates compartments shaped like a piece of pie is often a small part of alarger system, and is used to house alters, or it may have some other internalpurpose with its rotation. As was brought out in Vol. 2, the Illuminati like touse configurations that appear endless such as circles within circles, boxeswithin boxes, triangles within triangles. Star configurations are popularIlluminati power sources within their alter systems. The position of a star, thenumber of points it has, and the relationship it has to other objects in the skysuch as a rainbow will be significant. Some stars are placed into the system torepresent a point in time when the system is programmed to do something.

When a slave is programmed with multiple functioning sub-systems (aka”systems”), the Illuminati call it MULTIPLEX. In such as case, typesand names of alters may be duplicated in systems that are mirror images of eachother or of a similar design. Traver reports that one MULTIPLEX system had 55Daves per sub-system with 7 subsystems, making a total of 385 Dave alters forthe 7 subsystems in just one particular slave. (see Traver, Dan. DissociativeDisorders & Mind Control, p. 84)

The construction of an Illuminati systemcan not be divorced from the demonology and rituals that are performedthroughout the life of the system. The Illuminati use mystical terms whenprogramming, which reframes psychological processes in the language of magic.Programming and hypnosis are referred during programming as “SPELLS”.The programmers will use fictional magical names for items, for instance, thesubconscious mind may be referred to as the “HYPNOGOURD, A VINE THAT GROWSGOURDS.” Creativity and imagination will be termed “MAGIC”, andthe programmer “A MAGICIAN”. The programmer would instruct hisassistant in language like this, “WOULD YOU PUT THIS GAP FORGET SPELLIN?”

The Generational Spirit (or Spirits from each occult bloodline) islaid into the child in the womb. It stays hidden deeply in the system, and playsa fundamental role in the system’s creation empowering other demonic forces.In order to construct the trees that provide the structure for the internalworlds-programming, the Illuminati programmer will tell the victim the followinghypnotic ritual:


The part of the system that will function within the Illuminati hierarchywill all be intimately part of either the SPIRIT TREE (that is the CaballisticTree of Life) or the TREE OF EVIL (which is the evil mirrorimage of the Tree of Life). Both trees were discussed in the Vol. 2 Formulabook. These trees are both totally connected to the Spirit of the AntiChrist androoted in Lilith and Tubal-cain. The Moon child ritual is not only performedwhen the child is still a foetus, but also at age 3, 4, 5, 6, and 16.

When theIlluminati child is in their teens they do the Caballistic Tree of Lifepathworking. The pathworking rituals are severe, and many splits of the mindwill occur due to these rituals. All the alters created during this work will bearranged at the GATEWAYS that pertain to that particular ritual. Therapists whodo not realize how the pathworking of the 22 paths develops entire sections ofdeeper alters, may incorrectly think they can simply toss out the caballisticTree of Life from the victim. Countless deeper alters are part of this tree. Ithas been said in the Illuminati that in general an Illuminati system consists of”the father (core), the son (the programming), the holy spirit (the spiritTree also called the Tree of Life).”


The programmers have designed their systems so that one can only get into theSystems via a SEQUENCE. However, sometimes they themselves want to quickly download information into the computer-like mind of their slaves, and they don’twant to have to go through a sequencing procedure. For quick and sloppydownloading of information to their slave or quick deletions to the programming(there is only limited access to quick deletions), programmers put DATA ENTRYPOINTS into most systems. This allows for an emergency entry and/or downloading.General codes most often open these points, rather than long specific codes. Thetrick is being able to know where those DATA ENTRY POINTS are on the person’salter grid or as the programmers say the slave’s SCREEN. (With the advent oflap-top computers, what the master of the slave sees if he has to refer to hisown reference notes is just that a screen with the system’s layout. (Vol.2 pg.88 gave a sample of how a page on the lap top computer or in a master’s blackor grey 3-ring binder would look like.) An example of a data-entry point wouldbe a gatekeeper which has learned the entire system via trained LSD trips andthen has been programmed to keep this understanding on a subconscious level.


When a trauma is carried out upon a child, the child is then debriefed andall the splits from the trauma identified. Generally only the first 10 splitswill be used to create alters, and the rest of the splits will become specialpurpose fragments. The programmers begin with the first split and identify howstrong the split is. The programmers test for four things:

a. how well can this split take a hypnotic suggestion?

b. how creative is this split?

c. Can this split hold memory?

d. Can this split hold the structuring that will given it?

If the split passes positive on these four criteria, then it will be used tomake a full blown alter. The programmers move down the line, testing the splitsin the sequence that they were created. If no. 4 split is unable to pass the 4criteria, then they know that the rest of the top splits will also have to be”thrown away” and used as special purpose fragments. If they need 12splits from an alter, and they only get 5 usable splits from the first torture,they will retorture the alter to get more first splits. They will continue theprocess until they get the splits they need. Usually they can use the first 10splits. Seldom do they use anything beyond the first 10 splits for alters, theyare just to weak mentally. If an alter shows extra promise the programmer maysay, “This part was going to be a bit part, but we’ll make her into areal character.” If a special purpose fragment leans in a needed directionmentally, they may take what was to be a minor part, and develop it into aninteresting alter. Alters that are waiting to be used are stored as gems thatthe dwarfs mine, and then the programmers program them. An Illuminati system hasthousands of these clean slates. Diamonds are pre-programmed alters that arestored to be used in the end-times during the reign of the Anti-Christ.


Each master programmer is responsible for the scripts that he uses. He willinvoke the leading geographic spirits, and even Lucifer to gain up-to-datewisdom on what is best for that time at that location. A master programmer willget assistance from his Mother of Darkness or Grande Dame. The master programmermay use a written script of his own such as Michael Aquino uses his own versionof Star Wars, or he may borrow from established sources, for instance, Dr. Starof Corpus Christi, TX, who uses the The Goetia The Lesser Key of Solomon theKing (Clavicula Salomonis Regis). Dr. Star especially uses the Shemhamphorash,which is the first part of that ancient magical book.

Recently Avon books (which has been owned byHearst Illuminati family, and which has published over 30 editions of theSatanic Bible) published a book by Piers Anthony entitled Visual Guide to Xanth.This amazing book Visual Guide to Xanth is based on Anthony’s Xanth series. Itcontains so many programming scripts, that it is hard to imagine that Anthony isnot a programmer. The scripts are too intact for it to be coincidence. The titlepage has a hoofed tailed Satan on his throne. It is popular among satanists touse X words, like Michael Aquino signs off his personal letters “Xeper”,rather than “sincerely”.

Anthony was born in Britian but now lives inFlorida. He has had over 60 fiction books published, many of the early ones werevery well promoted by the Illuminati, and became top best sellers. The backcover advertises this Visual Guide to Xanth this way, “Learn about theastonishing hierarchy–and lowerarchy–of sorcerers and shape-changers, ofgoblins, harpies and half-humans who inhabit this extraordinary universe![[[Internal Worlds|internal worlds]]] Explore the perilous Ogre-fen-ogre-Fen and the inner chambersof the mysterious Castle Roogna! Revel in the history and culture of the mostremarkable civilization this side of Ozz!”

The co-authors would have to agree that Piers Anthony’s story tellingability rivals, if not surpasses Baum’s Oz series. In fact Anthony has put outnumerous series of books, not just one series like Baum. The Xanth series is theone that contains more of the programming scripts. For instance, a script wouldbe used to get suicide alters to want to take drugs & champagne on an emptystomach, or to get into a bathtub of water & throw in an electric blow drierwhich is on.

Assassination Models (Delta Models)

A great deal was explained in the Vol. 2 book about Delta alters, Deltamodels, Delta teams, and Delta Forces. All of these are involved with killinghumans. It is not the purpose of this section to cover what has already beenwritten in the Vol. 2 Formula book on these various Deltas. Mind-controlledAmphibious men, (genetically altered Navy Seals–see Vol. 2 p. 26 1-262, thelatter no. is a significant no. for these programmed men) are the Navy’sattempt to get something similar to what is depicted on the film UniversalSolders. These Navy Seals are not allowed to be touched by other sailors whenthey are on a ship.

There is still a number of deeper insights that can beprovided to understand how assassin personalities are conditioned to be able tokill. Researchers in how the brain functions have found that our forebrains (thethinking part that makes us humans) shut down when we are angry or frightenedand the midbrain (which resembles the brain of animals) takes over. The onlyprogramming that works for the midbrain is the same type of training that worksfor dogs, which is classical and operant conditioning. This type of conditioningis simply stimulus-response, such as IF fire bell–THEN walk the fire escapeexit plan.

When it comes to killing, the forebrain will listen to manysuggestions such as orders from a gang leaders, an officer, or the pressures oflife when they demand that a person kill, but the midbrain has the instinct thatis born into 98% of the population NOT to kill another human. This innate humanresistance to killing is far stronger than has popularly been realized, and hashistorically stopped most people from killing. This may surprise most readers,because Hollywood movies would lead us to think otherwise. A number of topresearchers, including Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of the excellent book OnKilling, have uncovered irrefutable (albeit still controversial) proof thathistorically most soldiers have secretly refused to kill in battle.

Grossman wasa Military Psychology professor at West Point, as well ashaving a long list of other military credentials. His superb book On Killinggives numerous reasons (proofs and evidences) that numerous soldiers havetypically only pretended to try to kill the enemy. Many fired over the heads oronly pretended to fire their weapons, if even that. During W.W. II, Brig. Gen.S.L.A. Marshall discovered that only 15 to 20 % of men on the front line wouldactually use their weapons against the Germans even during action over severaldays. 75% of the American soldiers would not even fire at the enemy to savetheir own lives. He made some suggestions on how to improve this dismal firingrate. By operant conditioning the U.S. military took those dismal firing ratesto 55% in the Korean War and to a 95% firing rate in the Vietnam War.

What are behaviour modification techniques that turn teenagers into reliable killingmachines? These conditioning and psychological tricks are the same methods thatare used on the Delta alters and the Delta systems of Total Mind-controlledslaves, and we will discuss those next. The factors that are weighed as anequation in the human mind to determine whether a human will kill another humanare as follows:

  • What is the benefit of the kill?
  • How do recent experiences relate to the victim?
  • How much physical, cultural, moral, social and mechanical DISTANCE isbetween the killer and the target.? The more distance the easier it gets.
  • How intense is the demand from some authority to kill, and legitimate isthis authority? If the killer respects the authority that is asking for him tokill, and is in close proximity of that authority he will likely obey thatauthority.
  • Are there a group dynamic working, and if so what is the power andlegitimacy of this group to absolve the killer from guilt?
  • Are there any stumbling blocks from unresolved guilt from previouskillings?
  • What is the temperament of the potential killer?


In the programming, the programmer can set himself up as God, or a god. Theprogrammer may also be a satanic cult leader which further increases thevictim’s regard for his power and authority. The programmers of totalmind-controlled slaves have tremendous potential to cause their assassin altersto overcome any resistance to kill.


A Delta Model with many multiple alters incorporates a built in ability toremove personal accountability. If need be, the person can split off a newpersonality to perform a particularly odious job. The alters form a peer groupwhich works just like a military unit to inhibit the natural reluctance to kill.This is because the closer a group of persons is, and the closer bonded, themore powerful the enabling. When military units lose 50% or more, the men oftenlose the will to continue killing, because the group dynamic fizzles out.

Theprogrammers who program in the programming, and then later the programmers whoprogram in specific killing missions, have worked long hours insuring that theassassin alters feel morally distant (superior), and socially distant. Thevictim is made out to be an inferior being who deserves to be punished andkilled. The killer will be doing a great service to his fellow man and countryto kill the “target”. It may be refrained as if it is a holy mission,almost a crusade. Often times the “target” is not even spoken about inhuman terms. Perhaps the target is hypnotically portrayed as an ant, a bug, orsome wild beast, or simply a target.

Hitler helped his military to kill bylabelling non-Germans as Untermensch (subhumans). The Americans called thecommunist Vietnamese “gooks”, and they in turn called Americans”monkeys”. Because the mind-controlled assassin will not see the faceof their victim due to hypnotic programming, they are also limited in seeingthe humanness of their victims. Most of the missions for Delta slaves allow themto kill without the threat of being killed. But the Programmer may put the fearof being killed into the slave. They may hypnotically see some object of victimas a threat. One killer (due to programming) saw the men she killed as having abig penis that would hurt her, so her instinct to survive would kick in to helpher assassinate these men.

Practice is given to assassins with situationssimilar to actual hand-to-hand killings to desensitize them to close rangekilling. With mind-controlled slaves usually actual live victims are used to getthe slaves totally desensitized to killing. Because assassin parts are strippedof conscious thinking and empathy they are handicapped to really think aboutwhat they are doing to another human when they kill.

Still the intelligenceagencies and the Illuminati know that somehow the brain still can latch ontoguilt–somehow the brain still can perceive in some dim way that it is guilty ofkilling another human, so they cover their tracks by warrior cleansing rituals.Warriors and soldiers have traditionally done cleansing rituals when they finisha war. An example of a cleansing ritual would be a parade at the end of the war,where the country turns out to tell the soldiers what a great job they did. Aprogrammed assassin in many cases can not receive a parade, but he can be givenlots of praise for having done a great job for humanity, or his country, orwhatever ideal the Programmer uses as a rationale.

Clock-Time Programming. The victim may see their head as a clock and may betortured in such a fashion. Twelve o’clock is straight up between the eyes.Six o’clock is straight below the chin.

Monkey Alters

The creation of animal alters has been covered in previous locations in thisbook and Vol. 2. However, I felt Lynne Moss-Sharmon’s description of Monkeyprogramming was worth including here. Lynne is a victim of mind control livingat Halifax, Nova Scotia. In her description of the memory that goes to herdrawing no. 29 she quotes what was said during the cages, “You stupidmonkey. Into your cage. Hit her and put her back in her cage. Lights on. Monkeytime. Monkey business.”

Plant alters

In the older models, they used plants and fruit, but in some of the newermodels it appears that they are using samphires (combination beast-plantcreatures) and hamadryads (man-plant creatures). Magic from underground springsis the cover story for how these plant-animal hybreds are made.

Presidential Models

Include both children and adults. They carry NWO messages to world leaders.They often have passports with accordion additions stapled in, because they doso much travelling overseas. Presidential models are kept in numerous locations.If high level individuals need to slip away for nefarious use of slaves, theyemploy look-alikes to stand in for them, while they do their dirty activities.This is why Presidents such as Clinton and Bush got away with sexually using farmore slaves than their schedule seems to indicate. Bush was a pedophile, whilehis double (who has recently lived in France) was a womanizer.

Prostitute Models

Slaves designed to function as prostitutes must receive training to protectthemselves. One possible problem might be a female prostitute who is accosted byan aggressive male, when she is not to allow herself to be used by him. She canbe trained to jump up slap the man on the face, warn him that she kick histesticles next time, and then kiss the man in a submissive makeup fashion to smooth his bruised ego. Aprostitute slave will also receive code words to let people, say people in acasino, know who she is. Deeper prostitute parts which need to perform sex forlong periods of time accomplish this for their masters by switching alters andby ingesting speed. The mechanical nature that sexual alters have is illustratedby the “I CAN WALK, I CAN TALK” phrases of alters with dollprogramming.

Psychic models

Both men and women slaves were created to carry out various psychicfunctions. For instance, the AntiChrist needs to be able to look at people andtotally understand them psychologically and their systems of mind-control (altersystems, programming etc.). The abilities to successfully perform psychicfunctions have been tested for years before they were created within theAntiChrist.

Reporting Alters

The construction of reporting alters is very straightforward behaviormodification. For programming reporting alters, they use purpose fragmentsplits. In other words, these reporting alters are not given the full range andexposure to life, but they experience life from the vantage of their singlepurpose. Some therapists are reporting that they are converting reporting altersover by giving them ice cream. They are most likely only dealing with fronts.Since most therapists only deal with front alters, and front systems, thesefront reporting alters may even be set up so that these therapists think theyhave converted the reporting alters. The truth is that most of these reportingalters are fragments that don’t know what hunger is. All the ice cream in theworld is going to mean anything to them. (Cisco will deal with these issues inher part of this book.) The point is simply, these are special purpose fragmentswho only see life from the vantage point of their little job.

Now we willexplain what first and second stage reporting alters are, and then how they arecreated. Some of the first stage reporting alters are trained to respond to3-taps, some to telephone calls, lights, and some to codes. The first stagealters are children from 6 to 10. In an Illuminati system there will be familiesof reporting alters. Every level (“section”) will have at least onegroup (family) of reporting alters. The second stage reporting alters are alsochildren from 6 to 10, and they are taught to want Daddy’s or Mommy’s love.Girl systems seek “Daddy” (the Master) and boy systems often seek”Mommy” (the Master). They are taught to talk about therapy issues,programming issues, and movements by the system. They are linked to thecomputers, and the eye of the computer. Just to hear “Daddy’s voice”is gratification to them.

At stage 1 of the creation of reporting alters, theyare the result of the sensory deprivation tank, and are taken from thedissociated part of the mind that feels like it doesn’t have a body, or thatit is nothing. Stage 1 Reporting-special-purpose fragments of the mind arepainfully shocked in some sensory deprivation environment when the hear 3 taps.The pain ceases when they open the door. They continue to be locked in place inthe mind and painfully shocked until they learn the lesson, which is that thepain stops when the door is opened. Over and over they are taught, THE PAINSTOPS WHEN THE DOOR IS OPENED. When they hear tapping they want the pain to stop(probably they abreact their previous tortures) and they open the door to stopthe pain. They have only one job, stop the pain by opening the door when threetaps (or whatever other trigger/code/signal they are programmed for.)

Stage 2Reporting-special-purpose alters are given a fuller view of life. They are thewatchers in the system. They were created under such horrible torture that theyleft the body and hover over the body. These are Out-of-Body alters. They are also placed in a fogged room, where they are taughtto become one with the fog. They are also told ghost stories like Casper theGhost. Through the combination of all these programming tactics and techniques,they learn to be invisible. They hover over their assigned position in thesystem, invisible to all the other alters of that section. These alters haveexcellent rapid recall. They have none of the Straw Man programming thatGatekeeper receive to make them think they are stupid.

To reinforce theprogramming, the reporting alters are always treated kindly when they obey. (Ifyou get one that hasn’t been, suspect a plant, a setup.) Internal protectoralters are given the job to insure that reporting alters never miss a call, ornever miss responding to a cue. They will go to work and punish lax Stage 1alters. Again, several therapists claim to have gotten reporting alters todefect from their jobs, but haven’t dealt with their protector alters who aretaskmasters. If the taskmasters haven’t been dealt with, then suspect a ruseto get the therapist to think all is well. The reason this subject is dealt withhere, is that some of the top well known therapists have spread informationcontrary to what is actually happening. That doesn’t mean that there may notbe an exception to the rule, but the Illuminati is not so stupid as to makereporting alters that defect because someone offered them an ice-cream cone.

Reporting alters are very hard to convert, because during their lifetime theyare treated nicely. They experience a nice life if they behave (its the otheralters that suffer.) The Stage 1 reporting alter merely saysHELLO and waits for the response HELLO PRINCESS. This is a standard format.If the HELLO PRINCESS occurs, the mind automatically in a flash switches to theStage 2 reporting alter.

To reinforce the original programming, which would loseits effect over time, the programmer hypnotically command the reporting altersto think of their programming when they see certain objects, for instance,certain types of men’s clothing, animals, certain cigarettes or lighters,certain trees etc. Everyday life is used then to reinforce their programming.The Stage 1 alters are also trained to have back-up amnesia, where they forgetwhat they have done after they have responded to the cue. Once the job is done,the job is forgotten. Like the Vol. 2 book reported, reporting alters canperceive themselves in various shapes and figures, and they can be locked up ineggs or other containers also. The Stage 2 alters look forward to Daddy or Mommycoming.

Cisco’s system, which helped at the programming level, verifies thatduring the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s none of the slaves got free. TheIlluminati was not the least bit concerned about losing a slave. They had notlost a mind-controlled slave in centuries, so the recent victories in a fewslaves getting their freedom in recent years are a historical first. Manytherapist who make great therapeutic claims are not freeing their slaves at all,but these slaves continue to be used by their masters. The masters just laugh atthe deceptions they have pulled over legitimate but naive therapists. Theirreporting alters are a key to their control and they have numerous reportingalters in families spread throughout a standard reporting system. If onerealizes that the same mentality that created Stalin’s USSR, or that createdBig Brother is at work here, you will realize that they need a spy-in-the-campon every block so to speak. Everybody watches everyone. They make many spieswithin a system of alters. The reporting alters are given some script such as”You can diffuse from supersolidity to insubstance, you can grow big orsmall, and can change shape to any for you wish.” This makes it easier forthem to go through the internal system.

Repunzel alter

In the internal Mother’s of Darkness castle there is often a Repunzel altercreated by the Repunzel story, who has magical hair and can change her size atwill. She is not an Illuminati alter, even though she resides at their castle.

Transformation alters

In Chapter 5, in the section on how Fantasia was used as a programmingscript, the fairy alters (creative parts of the child’s mind) were discussed.The Illuminati also create magical alters that can transform other alters intoobjects. The script for this is Alice In Wonderland, although some newer scriptsare also being used (like Xanth’s sorceress Vadne). When an alter is changedinto an object, it does so without losing its character. This is where cartoonshave been helpful to lay the foundation for visualizing this. When one entersparticular internal rooms one needs to pick up certain objects in the room toget through portals to the next world. What makes the internal world difficultis that it is set up to change its appearance. An alter may think they see onething internally and then the scene totally shifts. An alter may look into amirror and turn into a leaf.

Internal Wall alters

Some alters will be made into walls. This is why is can be difficult to goaround internal walls. These alters shift so that no one can get around them.

Structuring Internal Programmer Alters

The procedure for the creation of Internal Programmer Alters is severalsteps. After the child victim has been traumatized they are sorely in need oflove. Using a drug that gives a sense of peace and ectasy, along with hypnosis,certain parts of the system are bonded to the programmer. The child alters aretold to forget the trauma and merge with the programmer. It’s instinct to wantto be loved, touched and comforted. This is repeated so that they feel the”peace of God” with their three primary abusers. Scriptures about thepeace of God are used to reinforce this programming. These alters who feel onewith the master programmer will form a cover group which will pacify any frontalters who think negatively about the external programmer. These alters are inturn used to build the actual programmers. The actual programmers will beprogrammed to take on the characteristics of the master programmers and theGrand Dame working with them. These alters will be formed via split brainprogramming so they have only logic, no emotion. They can interact for yearswith the rest of the system and will feel no emotion for the hell and abuse thatthey put hundreds of other alters through. These controllers will stand behindthe Grand Druid Council to insure that they carry out their function correctly.


In Illuminati mind-controlled slaves it is typical to place at the bottom ofthe system a pyramid shaped table with a crystal prism life force within thepyramid’s center. Around this pyramid table are the Grand Druid Council andSatan hovers over the entire thing. Mirrors on both sides surround the pyramid.The Grand Druid Council can astrally project and attend rituals. There are coverCouncils to throw the unapproved seeker off. In fact, every section within theslave may have a Grand Druid Council. These are not the computers, but functionclosely with the computers. When the life force dies it becomes black. The slavewill told that the life force of the system is within the pyramid which isinside the Grand Druid Council’s table. The pyramid will spin constantly fromthe energy of Lucifer, and the Grand Druid Council may well spin on their tablein the opposite direction. Each position on the Grand Druid Council (GDC) issignificant, because if determines what that Council person is allowed to do.(This is a mirror of real life.)

The type of programming and commands that a particular council person cancarry out are determined by their position around the table. The no. 3 positionhas access to the center pyramid. Within the spinning pyramid are 3 programmerpositions, one for each corner of the triangle. If only one programmer occupiesall three positions you are dealing with a master programmer. Very often asystem is programmed by lesser programmers, and the inner pyramid has more thanone programmer inside the pyramid. If a group/ series of cult programmers isused, one may see them represented somewhere in the system by their cult names.

Growing through the Grand Druid Council’s table will be the generationaldemonic roots of a tree. Tied up at the base of the tree entwined in the rootsis the life force of a foetus that has been sacrificed to empower the slave’smind-control system, as well as connect the slave to people that he or she isteamed with. During occult ritual the foetus is eaten as a seed. The dead childis connected to the roots. Another child, the child who is connected to thememory of these rituals will also be connected to the root of the tree. Thischild alter will not be able to talk or scream because it is locked in thehorrible memories of some humiliating ritual. This child alter may have thingsin its penis or rectum, it may be covered with filth, it’s skin is bruised andtender. This may be the “core”–the birth child.

In male slaves,sometimes the birth child or a first core split called “the core” isplaced in the tree roots rather than the carousel. Egg shaped demonic powerbases will also be set in at the root of the tree. The core of some slaves willbe removed to the astral plane. The Grand Druid Council will astral project todifferent spheres and different ceremonies. This gets into black magic such asthe 777 book of Aleister Crowley touches on, where there are colors for eachplanet for astral projection.

While we are discussing the deeper parts to asystem, let’s discuss the compass. Each system has a compass built into it,that is incredibly important. The 4-demons (goddesses) which control the 4directions are called Quarter-Regents. The Eastern one controls Wind & Air.The Northern one controls the elemental Earth. The Western one controls waterrealms. And the Southern one controls fire.


Alters which are created in the sensory deprivation tanks which have no senseof being attached to a body are used in clusters on each level (section orworld) of an Illuminati system of alters. These alters are the ones who no oneelse can see because they have no body, and yet they are the shadows that knowwhat’s going on in the outside world. Every level has access to what is goingon in the outside world through the eyes of these shadow alters, but many altersdo not care. Nor will the shadow alters tell everyone on the level. Theseclusters of shadows are also chained together, so that a link exists betweenthem. They have no sense of self. They sometimes serve as directors to guide thechild slave. They may protect the child by telling it to get home, to call home,or to not be frightened it will be OK. They are also willing to mislead therapists.


One of the movies which was developed to help program in the internal mirrorswas the movie “The Hungry Glass” made in the early ’50s. Let’sreview The Hungry Glass movie so that those who aren’t familiar with it, cansee the programming elements of the movie. The movie is about a fictitioushaunted mansion that was built near the sea by a rich man named Bellman. Themansion lays dormant for decades until a couple buy the mansion. The mansion andits window is described as “a jewel box to pull the silver off thesea.”

When they move in they experience many strange things connected withmirrors and glass. In the Monarch programming, glass and mirrors are similar. Many ofthe mirrors in a system are really one-way windows. The following are somequotes from the movie:

  • “mirrors bring a house to life”
  • “I’m great at turning nightmares into daydreams.”
  • “don’t know if I saw it.. .it’s imagination playingtricks…never get it out of your system.”
  • “we’re both suggestible to suggestion…
  • “…saw something and imagined the rest.. .just plain fear. ..did Isee something supernatural?”
  • “If you want anything just scream.”
  • “Miracles can be done with concentration.”
  • I got the house in order with “spell, book and candle” which isa phrase referring to witchcraft.
  • you “never grow old in the mirrors”. When alters of a slave lookin a mirror it happens just like in the movie, they see themselves as young,which is a strong hypnotic image they have been programmed to see.

What the movie shows is that it is lethal to break mirrors. And if you gothrough mirrors you fall to your death. The one woman as well as a little girlare curious about the mirrors and they are pulled into the mirrors and die. Inother words, the programming message is don’t be curious about the mirrors norgo into the mirrors. There are demons in the mirrors.

In the movie they use theword “bogeyman”. The room of mirrors is locked, and the message of themovie is, don’t open locked doors in your internal system. In the movie, whenGil looks in the mirror, he sees a protector of the mirrors. This in theprogramming is called the KEEPER OF THE MIRROR, and is a demonic entity ordemons placed to protect the mirror. Things are layered and hidden in a systembehind mirrors. It also gives the idea that if you look into a mirror, even ifyou are physically old, the mirror can lie and give you a youthful appearance.

Young actor William Shatner, of later Star Trek fame plays the leading role inthe movie. He tries to rationally explain things but gives up, when explanationsfail. This is encouraging the small slave who would see the movie to think, ifan adult can’t figure these things out rationally, then the explanations forwhat I am seeing during programming are supernatural. William Shatner was raisedin Catholic Montreal, Quebec and went to McGill Univ. when Dr. White (EwenCameroon) was carrying out programming there. He graduated in 1952 and marriedGloria Rand. He has acted in a number of strange movies designed forprogramming, and it appears they have used him repeatedly over the years as atie in to familiarize the slave to him. He also acted in The World of Suzie Wong(1958), The Brothers Karamazov (1958), The Devil’s Rain (1978), Teklords(1991). The Hungry Glass was produced by William Freye, who also did some othermovies for the Network. In some areas of a system, the script is that only the”dead”–alters who are so disconnected to their bodies they seethemselves as spirits are allowed to cross between different internal worlds byusing passwords such as “ELIADE”. At other times, alters are givenwords to return to their “own time period” such as NICRO NECTRUM NECTO.


A script is given for all standard Illuminati systems for an internalSorceress to be assigned the making of tapestries. The tapestries enable altersto go into other worlds, in other words they are mirror gateways. For instancethe sorceress may weave a door into the tapestry. Going into the mirror, goingover the rainbow, going through walls or picture tapestries are ways that altersgo from one world into another state.


Spinning is used in a variety of programming purposes. We will review thesetogether, so that a comparison can be made of the different purposes. Spinning tortures (which the victim endures while indrugged hypnotic states) are used extensively by the programmers as theyconstruct alter systems. Programmed multiples will frequently complain of”spinning”. All at once, whole sections of alters will begin spinningand getting dizzy. During such an abreaction, you will notice that the eyeschange, the victim will appear disoriented and stare, or even grimace as ifbeing rotated at a high speed. The head and/or body will rotate slightly duringthe abreaction.

During the programming of such a spin program, the programmerwill lay in the experience for an entire section of alters, and attach thevisual image of falling into an abyss, a cyclone, a tornado, a vortex, or awhirlwind to the memory of being spun. When a system goes into spinning thepower of numerous memories, and the power of the dizzy spinning makes itdifficult for much of anything. Certain alters trigger the spinning and certainalters maintain the spinning. In fact some spinning alters take pride in theirspinning abilities. Obviously, their programmers commended them when they didtheir job correctly.

Another use of spin tortures is to create spin families.The spin torture creates spin alters which have been spun off a”parent” alter. The parent alter may later be age progressedhypnotically and given care over her children alters who she or he spun offduring the torture. Spinning is a way of creating dissociation, and the spinmemory dissociates the spin children alters from their original source alter.This creates alters which are close together internally, but dissociated. Thespin training and memories are then used to teach these alters to spin away thepain. Spin alters are used for some of the worst abuse and the spinningsensation is used internally by these alters to dissociate the severe abuse theyreceive.

The actual mechanisms to do the spinning torture vary. Some arerotating tables, some are more upright like a Wheel of Fortune type wheel, or”Space trainer” type machine where the victim is inside the rotatingmechanism. Flashing lights are used along with the spinning, so that flashinglights can be used in the future to cause the alter(s) to abreact the spinningsensation. Verbal triggers are also placed in. The spin kittens will actuallyphysically go around when commanded. Certain alters will be trained to re-creatementally the sensations of spinning via enhance imagery and memory training.This is so that the system will be self-governing and self-propelled. The spintraumas may be used to help create the ring within ring, circle within a circleeffect that is structured into so many systems.

Programs that are put in viaSpin-based traumas or attached to spin-based traumas often affect wide areas ofa system, rather than individual alters. For instance, if an area of the systemis mis-behaving, a tornado program, or a tumbleweed program may be set off bythe internal governing mechanisms and an entire world of alters will feel theprogram. Victims of mind-control often speak about walls full of differentfaces. The walls of faces are people who are in need of help. They are shownrepeatedly to the victim, to solicit the emotion of wanting to run & rescue.This then is used as the cover program for alters for them to want to run backto the cult to “rescue” their “friends”. Generally, all thatwill be experienced is the memory of walls of faces and the urge to run. Anotherelement of programming, often seen in military programming, is where the victimis left in a totally dark room, and then for men, a hypnotic motherly voice isplayed repeatedly to them in the dark. For women, they may get their primaryhandler’s hypnotic voice.

More structures used to build a system

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Implants that manipulate the body and its functions have been discussed inChapter 6. The body manipulating implants were placed there to keep all of theimplant information intact in one chapter, even though some body manipulatingimplants are not electrically activated. When our previous book The IlluminatiFormula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (1996)covered the 12 Sciences of mind-control, its chapter 8 on the manipulation ofthe human body did not cover the ancient secrets of cranial manipulation, northe modern secrets of genetic mind manipulation via applications of radiationwith chemicals.

CRANIAL MANIPULATION–Important Top Secrets of Illuminati Mind-controldisguised as Muggings & other events


The information in this section exposes a previously unknown type ofmind-control.

  • The woman ran tripping through the woods, slipping on the wet leavesattacked by an unknown assailant for an unknown reason. The report of hermugging the next day never gets beyond the policeman who hears her story.
  • A wife cries softly to herself as her husband beats her. The crime goesunnoticed in a busy world.

What do these acts of violence have in common with orthodontics, orthopedics,rolfing and other structural treatments? The shocking fact is that some of thesekind of events happen for purposes of mind control. Any trauma to the head, beit an accidental fall, a fight, a bullet wound, or a motorcycle or car accidentcan cause permanent structural brain injury. But what passes for accidents areat times carefully designed & brilliantly executed cranial manipulationsdesigned by the Illuminati to create specific mental and personality changes.

Inorder to get closer to the bottom of this type of mind-control, the author,Fritz, obtained the same books that cranial osteopaths study, and the same booksthat disclose the modern scientific studies of head shape/facial features inrelation to personality, and then studied them. This author has tried to get asclose as an outsider can get to understanding what a cranial-manipulatingprogrammer has going on in his head. Until this chapter was published, the Illuminati’s ability to perpetrate this mind control has been a completesecret. This is the first time that this secret has ever reached the publiclight of day. It is a secret known only to a handful of people in the world. Itis a secret that various parts of Satan’s realm have carefully guarded forcenturies. How I got this secret is a long story. It is the confluence of manystreams of research coming together. The people, who carry out this type ofprogramming hate the God of the Holy Bible.

This art’s academy’s ownliterature speaks about “the Force”. “The Mysterious Vital Forceis a Universal Power of Intelligence present in all things.” (Direct quotefrom the Cranial Academy’s official newsletter). This is a Force similar toJung’s “Collective unconsciousness” and Star War’s The Force. TheGod of the Universe, who loves each and every person in spite of theirhatefulness & rejection, has also warned that all things will be revealed.

If I didn’t write this, God would simply seek some other avenue to expose these hideous secrets. Who would have imagined thatthe Illuminati and a particular aspect of their mind control would end up to beconnected to Transcendental Meditation, Kung Fu, modern Osteopathy, Theosophyand the Rosicrucians? None of us who research these groups are surprised thatthey are all tied together in the occult via the SPIN principle. However, youmay be surprised by how they are also all affiliated to this form of mindcontrol, which can be disguised as a typical mugging!

Even the Mafia are able toproduce heartless criminal alters using cranial manipulation, and they don’thave the best skills at doing it either. How do victims of cranial mind-controlrespond? Most victims follow the subtle guidance of their mind, completelyignorant of why their mind wants to go a particular direction. Some evenattribute their mental drives to the metaphysical world. This author’s hope isthat the truth of this chapter will help restore free will to numerous victimsof this secret mind-control technique. In spite of the extreme lack ofinformation on this type of mind-control, it appears to have been more widelyused than one might have guessed.

The benefit of this type of mind-control tothe programmers is that a change in the body and head structure of a victim ispermanent and undetectable, in contrast to hypnotic or drug induced states. Afurther benefit, is that a skilled person could be tampered with without theirrealization. Some of the procedures reduce the alertness of the subject,separate him from his memories and make the person more receptive to other formsof mind-control even if the subject has had no prior programming.

One example ofa technique that causes a rapid adaption of the cranial bones with anaccompanying neurological effect would be to flick the occiput posteriorly andinferiorly on exhalation (extension), then lift the vault (parietal) bones upfrom the temporal area on inhalation (flexion), then rapidly draw the vaultposteriorly and inferiorly, then dislocate the sphenoid into a vertical orlateral strain position. These procedures will also speed up the appearance ofaging. This is just one example of a quick procedure to control the mind ofanother. And as Cisco’s section will bring out, power (including power overother humans) is the goal of the occult underworld.

A lot of research has goneinto producing this finished report. At first glance, the polished nature ofthis chapter’s report, which is replete with so many sources, may tend tomislead some people into thinking that this type of mind-control hasn’t beensecret. Quite to the contrary, the pieces of the puzzle were well hidden. Thistype of mind-control has been very secret and it is only the result of long hardresearch that the many divergent pieces of the puzzle have been assembled andplaced into a coherent picture for the reader. Although the possibility existsthat some may misapply the intent of this chapter and use this for evil, like somuch of this book’s material the really bad guys already have it. On the flipside, the potential for good, if medical science will use this secret knowledgefor good is tremendous.

For instance, compare the improved appearance of IvanaTrump after her cranial work was done. This chapter has the potential positiveby-product that others will be inspired to explore how cranial manipulation canbe used to benefit humankind. God is in the business of turning evil into good.But perhaps in our fallen corrupted world, this secret knowledge which is beingexposed in this chapter will no longer find good men worthy of this informationwho are also capable enough to put it to good practice. If so, then so be it. Atthe very least, some people will gain strength of heart to realize once againthat when one know’s how God’s creation operates–it is easy to see how aparadise without problems could be created. Man’s worst enemy is man. TheIlluminati are sitting on technology and knowledge that could bring about almosta virtual paradise, but they are hoarding this technology and knowledge, and suppressing it. Further, rather than helpingmankind, they are using this cranial knowledge to reward those who are friendlyto their Luciferian hierarchy, and to abuse those who dare to seriously impedetheir agenda. After you read this chapter and are aware that the secrets ofcranial manipulation could rescue children with cerebral palsy, and some of thechildren with Down syndrome, you too will cry with this author at the needlesssuffering that the Illuminati have perpetrated upon mankind in their quest fortotal domination of this globe.


Recently, a Dr. Yoshiaki Omura in New York, discovered that the bloodpressure in the brain is vastly different than the rest of the body. The bloodpressure in the brain has major consequences on one’s thinking (such asirritability, & insomnia) and also affects other things in the body, such asmuscle tightness in the neck. High brain blood pressure is called cephalichypotension syndrome. Yet, when this doctor went to see what the medicalbooks/research institutions said about brain blood pressure, he found nothing.He has been making his discoveries known in speaking engagements. He recentlyaddressed a large audience of Chinese doctors. When this author met YoshiakiOmura, I unsuccessfully attempted to tell Yoshiaki the reason that thisknowledge was suppressed was in the interest of mind-control; Dr. Omura has beentreating various illnesses by working with patients’ brain blood-pressure. Thediagnosis of other problems, such as the early stages of cancer, has been doneearlier by Omura by monitoring brain blood pressure levels than MRI testsresults.


Another important fluid in the brain, discovered by others is Cerebral spinalfluid. There are many technical details about this CS fluid that are extremelyimportant to the way the mind-body functions. In this chapter, we will discuss anumber of areas of medical science, acupuncture, personology etc. concerning thebrain, which when known and used by skilled practitioners can give thepractitioner control over another person.

The Mystery Schools and particularbloodlines have kept much of this knowledge to themselves and continue to keepthe best secrets. Daniel Whiteside, a pioneer in behavior genetics andunderstanding the relationship of the shape of the skull to personality,provides some important confirmations of how the Mystery Schools transmittedthis secret cranial knowledge.

In his important work “The Background ofStructure/Function” (pp.2-3) he outlines that Structure/Function wasstudied and taught by the Greek Mystery Schools, and was the basis of the RomanEmpire’s psychology. The Catholic church suppressed this knowledge. Thisknowledge was kept alive by the Cabalistic philosophers and the Arabs, until theKnights Templars brought it back. If we build upon the information that Danielhas provided we discover that from the Knights Templars, this knowledge went tothe leadership of the Prieure de Sion, who in turn disseminated low forms of itto the occult groups that they controlled. For instance, the Rosicrucian Orderfor North & South America in their Vol. 8 of their Rosicrucian Manual (SanJose, CA: Supreme Grand Lodge AMORC) pp. 91-108 deals with the spinal column,nerves, & the influence of color & music on the nervous system, etc.Grand Master Lewis writes on pg. 103, “The Rosicrucians were the first tohave a complete outline of this system [nervous system] and to know exactly whatpart of the human body was connected with every other part.”

One witnessreported to this author that he watched an acupuncture specialist repeatedlywork on clients’ brains by inserting 3 long skinny needles through the skull. The acupuncture specialist braggedto this man that he could completely control a human via his skill with theneedles. He showed this witness how he could kill pain, and how he could killself-will by touching minute areas within the brain. He was also skilled inmanipulating the mind of the client in other ways too with the needles.

Therehas been a great deal of research into determining what the different purposesof the different areas of the brain are. Several researchers have independentlyidentified that the ability to make choices, that is what we call “freewill”, is located near the Broadman Area 24 in the Anterior CingulateSulcus. Tampering with this area can disturb a person’s ability to have freewill. (For more information on this one could begin with Crick, Francis. TheAstonishing Hypothesis The Scientific Search for the Soul.)

Acupuncture wasvirtually unknown to mainstream Americans until a NY Times journalist in Chinareported that he was successfully treated with acupuncture in 1971. Pressurepoints can also be manipulated by Acupressure, which is similar to acupunctureexcept fingers rather than needles are used. This is just one example of arelated technique which went unnoticed for decades (actually centuries by theWestern World.)

The mugging-mind control information in this article has goneunnoticed by mainstream America too. Time Magazine, Nov. 4, 1991, reported thatthere are four types of alternative medicine, which they classified asLife-Style (such as Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic medicine, and holistic medicine),Botanical (such as Homeopathy, Herbalism, and Aromatherapy), Mental healings(such as with Crystals, Guided imagery, biofeedback and Hypnotherapy) andManipulative/Hands-on (such as Reflexology, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Alexander tech.,Chiropractic, and Acupressure & Acupuncture).

Reflexology dates back to atleast 2330 B.C. in Egypt. Shiatsu is a Japanese finger pressure deep massage ofpressure points is over 1,000 years old. The skull & head bone manipulationsthat are being exposed for the first time in this report, were used in ancientEgypt and other parts of the ancient world. That Nov., 91 Time Magazine articledid not mention that acupressure/acupuncture has been knowledge that the secretsocieties in China studied and often kept hidden for centuries, as a part ofWushu (martial arts) in China.

For instance, in a recent Chinese book 72Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple, (pub. by Fujian Science &Technology Pub. Co. Ltd., Fujian, China, 1990) by Wu Jiaming and translated byRou Gang, diagrams and explanations are given of the important head/body points(for acupressure/ acupuncture/& kung fu.) What is important for ourdiscussion on mind control are the Kung Fu (Wushu) points in the head. This bookgives 4 points on the front of the head, seven on the side of the head, and fouron the back side of the head. The Shaolin Buddhist monks have kept their martialarts (which is called “Kung-fu” in the U.S. and “Wushu” inChina) a secret hidden within their temple on Song Mountain, Henan Province.This Buddhist monastery has a long history of teaching kung-fu and is exerting abig influence in the world as its type of kung fu spreads. The Japanese tookkung-fu from the Chinese many years ago and then developed from it specializedforms of kung-fu, such as Karate, Judo, etc.


The important item that this paragraph will emphasize is that the Chinesesecret societies studied the pressure points on the skull completely. Theylearned how the skull could be manipulated and what it would do to a person. Ofcourse this information was only revealed to the best Chinese kung-fu experts.It is sometimes referred to as the skill of bone setting. In China, bone-settersare a type of Chinese doctor which are popular to some Chinese. These bone-setters havekept their secrets within many generations of families who specialize inbone-setting and also within the secret Triad societies.

The Communistgovernment admitted that it has failed to pry family bone-setting secrets fromthe families that have passed these secrets down generationally. This is due inpart to the strong Chinese belief in ancestor worship and strong families. Afamily’s secrets are considered one source of its strength. One communistChinese tactic to pry the secrets loose was their “folkart barefootdoctor” system which they hoped the bone-setters would join.

Junxie Liwrote in 1990 that a Chinese Kung Fu document shows that bone manipulation waspracticed as early as 2700 B.C. The secrets have been passed down for manyyears. An American writer stated in 1983, “Traditional Chinese medicine andchiropractic are remarkably alike in their underlying theories…Through deepmassage at the occiput [head bone], for example, (contemporary) Chinesepractitioners find that they can bring down high blood pressure, a practiceanalogous to that of chiropractors.”

A Buddhist monk Bodhidharma iscredited to having brought the martial arts and healing arts associated withmartial arts to China. He must have been a very strong individual to have madethe 2,500 miles journey which back before there were paths or maps must havebeen more like an 8,000 miles of perilous journey on foot from India over theHimalayas to the Chinese interior. Bodhidharma had studied big cats, dogs,bears, insects and other animals to learn how they defend and attack. Hisphysical, mental and spiritual teachings became known later as Zen Buddhism. Hismonastery became the famous Shaolin Monastery. A master of the Shaolin Monasterywould have two dragons deeply branded into his flesh. It is said that the RedDragon represented knowledge in ancient China.

In the Tang Dynasty (6 18-907A.D.) some of the Kung Fu experts at that time were Li Bai and Twelfth Sister Liof the Li family. Madame Gong Sun and Twelfth Sister Li composed a famous XiheSword Dance combining martial arts and choreographic arts. The Li family keptsome of their secret martial arts skills (including bone setting) secret forhundreds of years, and as a top Illuminati family are secretly proud of theiroccult knowledge and history.

To illustrate how the head has been studied are some quotes from 72Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple,


Located on both sides of the forehead, the left being Tai Yang and the rightTai Yin. Nowadays it is generally called Taiyang Acupoint being a vital part ofthe head. It is ‘Dead Acupoint’ among the twenty-four Acupoints. One will befaint or even die if it is slightly seized.


Located on the back of ears and is in parallel with the ear. It lies on theouter-side of Fen Yi Acupoint, and is above the Tian Chuang acupoint. It is avital acupoint of the back of one’s head. It is also a ‘Dead Acupoint’among the twenty-four acupoints.


Located in the centre of the low part of one’s back head and is below theNaohu Acupoint but above the Yamen Acupoint. It’s in parallel with the leftand right FenYi Acupoint. It is a single Acupoint. It is a vital part of one’sback brain. It is a ‘Dead Acupoint’, too. If this acupoint is seized, onemay faint or die immediately.”

Washu (Chinese Martial Arts) went underground into the Chinese occult secretsocieties, because the rulers feared that it would make the common people toopowerful, so they frequently banned the teaching of martial arts. The teachers of Kungfu teach their pupils that Kung-Fu has both an external work with the hands,feet and body and an internal work which refers to the occult spiritual workthat provides the energy and spirit to do the martial arts that Kung fu mastersdo.

The Shaolin Temple masters have studied the human skeleton very closely forcenturies. The books Shaolin Long Fist Kung-Fu by Yang Jwing-Ming & JeffBolt and The Way of the Sun Dragon Chinese Martial Art of Tai-Yang Lung Tao areother examples of books in English which also show points to hit on the head.The art of manipulating the skull and other bones has travelled from the secretsocieties to about 20% of China’s doctors. As mentioned, this skill is called”bone setting.”

Some Kung Fu experts and Chinese doctors learn bonesetting, including how to work with the skull bones. In 1974, the U.S. Dept. ofHealth, Education and Welfare (which has been full of New Agers) along with theFogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health which workswith WHO of the U.N. set up a conference in Seattle, WA which focused on HealthCare in China. The U.S. Government Printing Office then printed up in 1975edited versions of the papers presented at the conference. The resulting book onMedicine in Chinese Cultures has some very pertinent information to the ancientsecret Chinese art of manipulating skull bones. After W.W. II, Chinese bonesetters began to use X-rays. (p. 261)

  • The Chinese bone setters had their own professional associations. (p.261-262)
  • Bone-setters’ societies have been interwoven with secret societies, thelink being Chinese kung-fu (martial arts) which the secret societies control.”Bone-setters get their knowledge of anatomy from practicing kung-fu, forpart of the instruction is in how the bones and muscles work.” (p. 262.)
  • Bone-setters, in order to practice in Hong Kong, generally find itadvantageous to get (buy) protection from the Triads (Chinese Secret Societiescontrolled by the Li Illuminati family, as well as other powerful Chinesefamilies.) Doctors are licensed in Hong Kong according to British standards andbone-setters have not received much recognition from the British government. Butsomeone connected with the CIA verbally let out that they have been veryinterested in studying Chinese bone setting.

T’ai Chi, is the philosophy associated in China with the yin-yang. It isincorporated into the name T’ai Chi Chuan (Great Origin Fist) which are thecalisthenics which many chinese practice on a daily basis. The advanced studentlearns 128 movements. Practitioners of the exercises can be seen exercising atdusk, especially in Kuala Lumpur. “Instruction in Chinese medicine isconsidered a normal part of the training to become a T’ai Chi instructor, andmany instructors are said to be skilled in bone setting and the treatment ofsprains and strains.

One of the most famous T’ai Chi instructors in KualaLumpur, an elderly man who received his training in China many years ago, isindeed famous locally as a bone-setter. It is clear that it is difficult to drawa line between T’ai Chi Chuan and preventive or even curative medicine.”(Medicine In Chinese Cultures…, p.310 Bruce Lee, who came from a very wealthybranch of the Li family, was half Chinese and half American by blood. He grew upin Hong Kong, and was taught Chinese martial arts beginning at the age of 14.Bruce Lee came to America, and was very American in his thinking. Due to hisAmerican thinking, he thought radically different from the traditional Chinesemartial arts mentality, and there is strong evidence to suggest it cost him hislife. He not only exposed to the western world secrets of Chinese martial arts,but he mixed various types of moves from the various oriental schools of martialarts. For doing this, he made many of the Zen martial arts mastersfurious.

When Bruce Lee died at 32 in 1972, his body was like a teenager’sand it was in great shape. Bruce Lee had no equal in the martial arts. TheChinese/Hong Kong press felt that he was killed by the Zen martial arts mastersof China. In fact, his student Abdul described Bruce Lee as a “renegadeTaoist Priest.” Whether or not Bruce and his son Brandon were killed by theTriads and/or the Secret Martial Arts Societies of China, doesn’t change thefact that Bruce Lee angered them for exposing their martial arts to the westernworld.

From research in this area, it is clear that there are still secrets keptby Chinese martial arts which only a few carefully chosen members of secretsocieties know. Bruce Lee did not make it to this inner circle. The inner groupsof the secret societies trade favors. This is a standard method of payoff. Welltrained martial arts cults that know some of the secrets of cranial manipulationcan be asked to assault a human target. What happens if the head injury is notfine-tuned?

Laurence Miller Ph.d. in the article “Unusual Head Injury Syndromes… (The Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation 11-12/’94, p. 13)states, “Memory disorders are virtually universal in head injury andtypically top the list of symptoms reported by patients. The ‘standard’pattern of posttraumatic memory disorder – and indeed, for organic memorydisorders generally – consists of well-preserved old memories, patchy orimpaired memory for events immediately preceding the injury (retrograde amnesia)and following the injury (anterograde amnesia), and subsequent difficultylearning and retaining new information.”

This is exactly opposite of whatthe handlers want. They want the victim to forget the past abuse, but be able toremember a series of new commands for a new operation precisely. Thisunderscores the reason WHY the person doing the assault needs to be skilled.There is no doubt that Chinese martial arts are being used to mug people inorder to alter their thinking. The secret potential of Chinese Martial Arts toalter a person’s skull bones and thinking has been one secret worth killing topreserve. Miller also points out that frontal lobe injuries can weaken thesubject’s hold over reality. Although Miller writes about accidental injuries,his article is extremely well researched about the wide variety of mentalproblems that develop from different injuries. The medical world have named manyof these specific problems such as the Ganser Syndrome, the Capgras Syndrome,& Cotard’s Syndrome. While this kind of research is helpful to establishthat different specific injuries to the head can create specific symptoms, thewritten material is not specific about how to intentionally create a symptom.


Skull manipulation was used by the ancient Egyptian priesthood, as well astrauma-based mind-control, astral projection, and hypnosis. At least some ofthese secrets got passed on to later secret societies.


One religious black magic group are the Tibetan monks. Their man-god DalaiLama, is coveted as a guest of many of the top Illuminati, Mishpucka, and otheroccult figures around the world. In 1966, the Dalai Lama wrote the book Openingof the Wisdom-Eye, which is typically referred to as the third-eye area which isslated by the NWO to be the initiation site for the mark of the Beast. Manyleading European occultists have gone to Tibet to learn from the black magiciansof Tibet. Hitler imported hundreds of Tibetan monks for his Third Reich. Naziexpeditions were sent to Tibet; and in 1942, Hitler, because of his occult ideasabout Asia & Tibet, was excited to plant a Nazi flag on the highest peak ofthe Caucasian mountains, Mt. Elbrus, at the specific time of 11 a.m.

For thosewho didn’t realize how dark were the secrets of the Tibetan monks, just asmall sampling of books on their black magic secrets include: David-Neels’ Magic & Mystery in Tibet (1958),Bromage’s Tibetan Yoga, Beyer’s The Cult of Tara- -Magic & Ritual inTibet (1978), the Tibetan Book of the Dead (and commentaries about it),Suzuki’s The Zen Doctrine of No Mind (1973), and Thomas’ Out of This Worldto Forbidden Tibet (1954).

Qigong is the Chinese word for the healing artstaught within the secret schools of Martial Arts. Tibetans go to the S.W.National University in China to learn Qigong. Dapang Qigong is a derivative ofQigong where both martial arts and healing are taught together. One of thesecrets of the Tibetan monks, is the physical manipulation of the third eye. T.Lobsang Rampa, a Tibetan from one of the 10 elite families of Tibet, at the ageof seven entered the Chakpori Lamasery, the Temple of Tibetan Medicine, wherethe Tibetan masters taught healing arts including astral projection,clairvoyance and levitation.

Their mystic arts are similar to what theIlluminati believe in and practice. For instance, they learn about the silvercord that connects people. Upper-class boys such as Lobsang received extremelysevere treatment from the time they were born to insure that they were toughenough to survive the harsh Tibetan life. Lobsang described the traumas of earlyboyhood as “brutal”, but then adds on page 18 of his book The ThirdEye, “Under this system weaklings did not survive, but those who did couldsurvive almost anything.” Children were kept awake eighteen hours a day,and worked hard during that time. Even very small babies are kept awake, so thataccording to Tibetan belief “they shall not become demon invested.”

On Lobsang’s eighteenth birthday, the Lama of his monastery opened his third eye.Lobsang records the brutal ceremony in his book The Third Eye (Ballantine Books,1956). Ballantine Books advertises on the cover of this book, “Learn thesecrets of the most controversial power of the new age…The ThirdEye”.” Before this author relates what Lobsang “reveals”about this great secret of new age power, let me interject an informedopinion–this story may be a cover memory to hide what this author has found outis the REAL THIRD EYE manipulation. But first, let’s see what Lobsangdescribes, and then we’ll discuss it.

On the evening of his 18th birthday, Lobsang went to a little room in the monastery. Three lamas of high degrees cameand bound his head tightly with an herbal compress to produce some kind of drugeffect upon him. They came back and removed the herbal compress, and wiped hisforehead clean. Then Lobsang describes, ‘A strong-looking lama sat behind meand took my head between his knees. The second lama opened a box and removed aninstrument made of shining steel. It resembled a bradawi except that instead ofhaving a round shaft this one was U-shaped, and in place of a point there werelittle teeth around the edge of the “U.” For some moments the lamalooked at the instrument, and then passed it through the flame of the lamp tosterilize it.

The Lama…took my hands and said, ‘This is quite painful, Lobsang, and it can only be done while you are fully conscious. It will not takevery long, so try to keep as still as you can.” I could see variousinstruments laid out, and a collection of herbal lotions, and I thought tomyself: “Well, Lobsang, my boy, they will finish you one way or the otherand there is nothing you can do about it–except keep quiet!” The lama withthe instrument looked around to the others, and said, “All ready? Let usstart now, the sun has just set.”

He pressed the instrument to the centreof my forehead and rotated the handle. For a moment there was a sensation as ifsomeone was pricking me with thorns. To me it seemed that time stood still.There was no particular pain as it penetrated the skin and flesh, but there wasa little jolt as the end hit the bone. The pain was not sharp at all, just apressure and a dull ache. I did not move with the Lama Mingyar Dondup lookingon; I would rather have died than make a move or outcry. He had faith in me, asI in him, and I knew that what he did or said was right. He was watching mostclosely, with a little pucker of muscles in tension at the corners of his mouth.Suddenly there was a little scrunch and the instrument penetrated the bone.Instantly its motion was arrested by the very alert operator. He held the handleof the instrument firmly while the Lama …passed him a very hard, very cleansliver of wood which had been treated by tire and herbs to make it as hard as steel. This sliver wasinserted in the “U’ of the instrument and slid down so that it justentered the hole in my head. The lama operating moved slightly to one side sothat the Lama Mingyar Dondup could also stand in front of me. Then, at a nodfrom the latter, the operator, with infinite caution, slid the sliver fartherand farther. Suddenly I felt a stinging, tickling sensation apparently in thebridge of my nose. It subsided, and I became apparently aware of subtle scentswhich I could not identify. That, too, passed away and was replaced by a feelingas if I was pushing, or being pushed, against a resilient veil.

Suddenly therewas a blinding flash, and at that instant the Lama Mingyar Dondup said”Stop!”. For a moment the pain was intense, like a searing whiteflame. It diminished, died and was replaced by spirals of colour, and globulesof incandescent smoke. The metal instrument was carefully removed. The sliver ofwood remained, it would stay in place for two or three weeks and until it wasremoved I would have to stay in this little room almost in darkness. No onewould see me except these three lamas, who would continue my instruction day byday. Until the sliver was removed I would have only the barest necessities toeat and drink.” As the projecting sliver was being bound in place so thatit could not move, the Lama Mingyar Dondup turned to me and said, “You arenow one of us, Lobsang. For the rest of your life you will see people as theyare and not as they pretend to be.”


Bill Schnoebelen, who has publicly been exposing Satanism, writes about hisexperiences as a vampire and Satanist in several books. In his book, LuciferDethroned, he describes a third eye experience that he had during an”astral projection.” “It seemed my eyeballs were turning tomolten steel. My forehead was about to explode. I felt a claw tear into my brow,right between but slightly above my eyebrows and insert itself into my brainlike a white-hot poker. I tried to scream, but could not. My entire body feltlike it was going to burst from being filled with roaring, flaming hotlight….I felt like a fish on the end of a hook being hauled out of the waterby my very brain. I screamed in pain, but it came out: ‘Glory and Love forLucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! to God be accursed!…’

In order to interprethis third eye experience, it needs to be asked where is Bill Schnoebolen comingfrom? This author’s best evidence to answer that comes from personaltestimony. People familiar with this author (Fritz) have contacted Schnoebolenabout Fritz for years. Why has Bill Schnoebelen taken a very cold attitude tothis chapter’s author (Fritz) and his work? Why has he opposed and slanderedthis author, and this author’s work like the Vol. 2 book, and otherinformation that this author has been putting out to expose Illuminatimind-control since 1991. One would expect a genuine ex-Satanist to be supportiveof someone who risks his life to rescue Satanists from bondage. The reason Iintroduce personal testimony is that I know what side of things I am on, whichis God’s side, and when people like Bill Schnoebolen oppose me from theget-go, without even meeting me, it is solid evidence to me where they arecoming from. From what Schnoebolen writes about his third eye experience, andfrom what this author has learned of third eye cranial manipulation, it appearsthat Bill is still under some cult deception and is very likely still under themind-control that placed his cover memory of his third-eye experience into him.

It is very likely that both Lobsang and Bill were in a trance state induced bydrugs, hypnosis and dissociation from pain, and that a screen memory was laid inon top of their sensory experience to hide the manipulation of certain midlinebones such as the ethmoid, vomer, sphenoid, etc. The sensation produced by the”third eye” cranial manipulation is unforgettable, it feels likesomething is moving straight into your skull through the frontal bone of theforehead, and then penetrating deeply into the center of the head. In order topreserve their cranial secrets, the occult world has cleverly fabricated thesekind of dramatic cover stories. What they are doing is improving the alignmentof the ethmoid bone, which makes a person more sensitive to the environment,which will be perceived by some as improving one’s psychic abilities. (As afinal note, when this author met with Bill, Bill’s view towards helping MPDwas that it was demons that needed to be delivered. One of his supposeddeliverance success stories, an Illuminati victim of mind-control, is still amultiple and still a double agent, and also actively working against thisauthor’s work. Bill personally told this author, that while he was a Satanist& vampire he was offered to have a mind-controlled slave, but that he turnedthe opportunity down. Bill is not the only person publicly exposing the occult/NWOwho has over the years tried to prevent this author’s information from gettingto you.)

The third eye area, called the ethmoid, is physically manipulated bythe monks for mind-control purposes. In the occult world, the third eye areaactually extends to include the entire midline area, not just the ethmoid, butalso the midline bones, and the related brain structures, especially the pinealgland. Midline bones are interesting to occultists, because the main endocrineand neurologic structures in the brain are placed around the central 3rd and 4thventricular areas. (The first two ventricles, known as the lateral ventricles, repose on either side of thethird.) The bones are one way to access these midline structures. the ethmoid isthe front-most midline bone (behind the frontal, which is considered to be twobones; since in many people the metopic suture does not close). The ethmoidinterfaces with other midline bones.

In the course of this book, the reader isintroduced to the concept that the human brain is actually 7 brains. The 4th ormid brain that lies between the upper 3 brains and the lower three and functionsas a crossroads, joins with the optic thalamus, which forms the floor of the 3rdventricle. The ceiling of the 4th brain is the floor of the 3rd ventricle. The3rd ventricle and the Cave of Brahma make up the 5th brain. The 5th brain isconnected to the cerebral hemispheres of the Cerebrum and is critical tocreating concepts and storing abstract concepts. It feeds on ideas, andreflects. (Marijuana activates this brain, and it is common knowledge amongmind-control handlers that marijuana is forbidden to slaves.)

The roof the 5thbrain is formed by the choroid plexus. At the front is the pituitary and at therear the pineal gland, both exceptionally important to perception. The peptides(called enkephalins) that trigger intuitive awareness of what the 6th brain isperceiving, come from the pituitary into the Cave of Brahma. Can the reader nowsee why cranial manipulation that influences this area will affect our intuitiveawareness?

Cranial Osteopath Ronald R. McCatty’s book Craniosacral Osteopathydiscusses the pineal body and pituitary gland from pp. 78 to 86. A discussion ofthe techniques to influence these bodies is beyond the scope of this chapter,but there are procedures. McCatty is very skilled, but he still has a ways to goto match the skills of the inner group that does mind-control. His page 25 alsodiscusses a direct adjustment on the Pineal body via arm rotations andbreathing. The occult world’s physical manipulation of this third eye area canenhance a person’s sensitivity. (It works off of straightforward body/brainmechanics, not the spirit world). It makes the subject feel that he is moretelepathic. This is one of their big secrets. This secret was passed on theGurdjieff, who went to Tibet to learn their secrets. Gurdjieffs communities,which this author has been investigating have a very good appearance to them,but there are lots of dark secrets within these communities, which indicate thatdrug use and mind-control are going on amongst them.

One of the mind-controltechniques used is physical manipulation of the third-eye area of the skull. Infact, a number of cranial osteopaths (such as Cranial Osteopath and RosicrucianRobert Fulford) have thanked Gurdjieff for enlightening them about how to docranial manipulation. Some of what the occult says about the third eye is simplycover stories to hide some of the bigger secrets. It is not known to this authorif Fulford can do a third eye manipulation. (In this exposure of cranialmanipulation, R.C. Fulford is of interest to us due to his impact upon thecourse Cranial Osteopathy took, rather than his skill. W.G. Sutherland, theleader in Cranial Osteopathy had several Rosicrucians and other occultists asearly students. After his death, three of these took Cranial Osteopathy in amore occult direction than Sutherland was going. Anne Wales, as Sutherland’seditor & compiler, the person who took over his papers, also reviewed thepapers of other cranial doctors, making sure she gave them all as much of amystical twist as she could add to them. Olive Stretch was the second of thethree and she and her husband ran the Cranial Academy from their living room.Upon Olive’s death, her husband married Fulford’s secretary of sixteenyears, who in turn continued to run things when he died. Fulford, who is now inhis ’90s, did occult philosophizing, and some believe programming, butdidn’t develop the skill needed for entrance into the inner core of high levelcranial knowledge.)

Rosicrucian Cranial Osteopath Robert Fulford also met Tibetans to learn whathe could from the Tibetans. He became the President of the Osteopathy CranialAssociation. He gives interesting talks, and writes about the Odic Force and theVril (the light that the Nazis believed in), but it is not clear that Fulford,who is retired in Ohio, learned any deep secrets of manipulation.

However, Gurdjieff is not the only one who learned from the Orient. Cranial OsteopathRonald Kurylowicz, of 754 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA who is single andlives with his mother who serves as his secretary, made a special effort tolearn what he could from the Chinese over a period of years, with what appearsas a clear intent to use it for mind-control and malevolent purposes. Thecranial group has long had an international effort to teach and proselytizeworldwide. Much of this seems to be a sincere effort to spread the benefits ofcranial knowledge allowed to the public. (This knowledge is often released onlyfor substantial fees.)

When the inner core of cranial manipulation has travelledto learn from other cultures, China has been the primary focus. While in China,the inner core of cranial manipulation, who use it for mind-control, have metwith their Chinese counterparts to negotiate occult relationships. Top levelTheosophists have accompanied the inner core on their trips to China. In 1950,Gurdjieff came out with Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson Vol. 1-3. IDHHB Inc.published in 1978 some of the secret talks that Gurdjieff had with a specialgroup of disciples. The point is simply that Gurdjieff was willing to go to theoccult world of black magicians to get some of his enlightenment, and one of thetechniques he learned was the manipulation of the mind via physical manipulationof the “third eye area”. One of Gurdjieff’s big disciples in NewEngland passed on to the cranial osteopaths manipulation secrets that Gurdjiefflearned in Tibet. Gurdjieff is even more mysterious, when one realizes that hean asset of Russian and British intelligence.

This raises the obvious question,what were the Nazi’s able to learn about skull manipulation from the Tibetans,the Japanese secret societies, and European occultism? It is known that theNazi’s carried out experimentation on skull manipulation. (Some of the recordspertaining to Nazi human experiments are stored in the U.S. National Archives,incl. National Archives Record Group 238, the Collection of W.W.II War CrimesRecords, the OSS’s reports in Record Group 226, the Dept. of State records inNational Archives Record Group 59, and Group 242. But it must be borne in mindthat much of the records of Nazi experiments were confiscated and remainedsecret so that our government could continue the research. We see only glimpsesof this research in such things as the SS skeleton collection, written about inSS letters used as Nuernberg Trial Doc. No.s 87, 88, 91. Prof. Hirt at theStrassburg Anatomical Institute received 150 Jewish skeletons for researchaccording to a secret SS document, marked Exhibit no. 086. One thing is clear,there was no limitation for Nazi researchers as to what they could experiment onwith human beings. Could the idea/chance to research in skull manipulation forpurposes of mind-control have escaped those Nazi researchers who were steeped inphrenology and horse breeding?)

What did the Nazi’s learn, and what did theirmind-control experts such as Joseph Mengele pass on to American mind-controlprogrammers, or is it possible the subtleties of cranial bone manipulationsomehow escaped them? The practice of bone-setting in Germany had been known as Knochenartz, Knocheneinrichter, and Wundart. In recent history, Germany has alarge number of cranial osteopaths who purchase lots of American books on thecranial osteopathy. It’s this author’s opinion, that the total mind-controlof NWO slaves being implemented in the Black Forest castles, Strasburg,Frankfurt, Berlin, and hundreds of other German sites includes cranial manipulation.However, in terms of Germany, this remains to be proven. In America, there is nodoubt, for we have the victims (and photographic proof) to prove it.

Osteopathyis not “politically correct” within Germany’s medical establishment.Most Germans, who purchase cranial books, are occultists (usually variations onTheosophy) and not people with medical or manipulative training. Europeans tendto be much more specialists in their professions than Americans. They don’ttend to have as many people/per population practice a particular skill asAmerica, but the ones who do are often very skilled. (This is an observationthis author has heard frequently during his world-wide travels, and has alsoobserved for himself.) For instance, in visiting Switzerland, this authorlearned that if a person wants to build a house he will have no option but tobring in specialists for the different tasks, while in America, it’s notunusual for people to attempt building their own. This European approach ofencouraging only very skilled specialists would also apply to cranialmanipulation. We would expect a few very highly technical, skilled skullmanipulators, and many curious entry-level folks.


The ninjitsu people (popularly known as “the ninja” in America)were historically black magicians who hired out as assassins, and were fearedand hated by all the Japanese people. They are now being held out as role modelsfor our American children. The ninja learned how to dissociate pain. Theylearned martial arts and the art of stealth. According to the book The KarateDojo by Peter Urban, “They were the original practitioners of the ‘art of[mind-control] programming.’ They were taught from the cradle that nothing wasimpossible. Not knowing that a thing could not be done, they proceeded to doit.” It is possible that the Green Dragon Society of Japan passed on someof this mind-control training techniques to the German secret societies thatwere in cooperation with them prior to and during W.W. II. In other words, Dr.Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death who carried out mind-control experiments forthe Nazi’s (& the Illuminati) during W.W. II may have attempted toincorporate Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Ancient Egyptian and Hindu mind-controltechniques into their mind-control programming/research.


Information pertaining to this has been floating around Europe in certaincircles for years. We will touch on some of the various times and places that weknow parts of cranial manipulation to alter the mind was being done. Over thecenturies skilled horsemen learned that they could tell the temperament of ahorse from the shape of its head. The best books on horse training would havesections on determining what your horse’s temperament was based on skullshape.

The Celts were big on bone-setting. Wales has continued to preserve someof this Celtic enthusiasm. A rare book The Art of The Bone-Setter by GeorgeMatthews Bennett (London, Tho Murby publ., 1884) gives an excellent history ofbone-setters in England, Wales and Scotland. It is likely that some of these menunderstood some things about how personality could be affected via bonemanipulation in the skull.

George Matthews Bennett was a Freemason and a Druid.He was also a leading bone-setter in London, Stratford and other places. He wasa descendent of the famous occult Matthews family, which had practicedbone-setting for two hundred years. His son, who also did bone-setting, was thelast of that line to practice bone-setting. The skill (professional art) ofbone-setting passed down in families for generations was not the equivalent ofmodern osteopathy.

Osteopathy had many different ideas and approaches, even though the two aresimilar. One of the early English books on bone-setting was The CompleatBone-setter by Friar Moulton. In 1665, the book was enlarged by Robert Turner(an occultist/astrologer) and printed in England. In 1871, Dr. Wharton Hoodwrote another publication on bone-setting in England entitled A Treatise on BoneSetting. But most of the skill of bone-setting in England was passed down asfamily secrets within a few bloodlines that practiced it for generations, suchas the Thomases, the Taylors of Lancashire, the Maltby’s of Nottingham, theMasons of Lincolnshire, the Huttons of Westmorland (& later of London), theCrowthers of Yorkshire, and the Matthews of the Midlands. (This list occurs inthe book Medical Fringe & Medical Orthodoxy 1750-1850 edited by Bynum andPorter, pub. London: Croom Helm Ltd., 1987, p. 170, note 10.) Much aboutbone-setting in Europe, will remain secret, because so much was taught orallyand shrouded in mystery. About a dozen British bloodlines passed their tradesecrets down, a number of them were Welch. However, there were also manyitinerant quacks who travelled around billing themselves as bone-setters.


Bone-setter Richard Hutton gained notoriety in London in the 1800’s when herelieved the long-standing suffering of the Hon. Spencer Ponsonby. Hugh OwenThomas, (1848-?) who was a qualified doctor, used what he knew from coming froma long traditional line of bone-setters to create modern fracture theory. Hisnephew, Sir Robert Jones (1857-1933) who was his apprentice, was the majorambassador for modern orthopaedic medical practices. In other words, some of theknowledge of the bone-setters contributed to modern established medicalknowledge.

Charles Waterton, an English naturalist in old England, wrote in hisWanderings and Essays on Natural History that every nation in Europe hadbone-setters, who were independent of the surgeons. Throughout Europe, the menand women who practiced bone-setting learned the skill from others and as aresult of experience. The skill was not a text-book-learned skill, but an artthat was taught via hands-on training. Many of the bone-setters never formallystudied anatomy, pathology, or surgery. (See The Art of the Bone-Setter, p. 96.)Hand-in-hand with bone setting came ideas on the importance of the shape of theskull. In 1695, Balthazar Bekkar of London wrote, “Physiognomy, thatis…the Observation of a Man’s Shape, must be comprehended under this sort[occult arts], for this Art foretells things by the Looks, the Features andLineaments of the Face, by which the Genius and Humour of Men are to bediscovered.” (This comes from book one of a four book series The WorldBewitched; An Examination of the Common Opinions Concerning Spirits. London: R.Baldwin, 1695, vol. 1, p.30.)


Throughout the world, people have practiced bone manipulation. The names forfolk bone-setting throughout the world of course vary from language to language.In Tahiti it was called “romy” or “rumi”. In South America,it was called “abrazo del ranchero”. In Bohemia it was called “napravit.”In Mexico, it’s been called “arreglador de huesos”, and in France”reboutage.” The Amish call it “Brauche”, and some of theirbone-setters practice folk witchcraft. (This is known from the author’s ownexperience as an Amishman.) Bone-setting has often been associated with folkhealing and the occult.

Contrary to what is politically correct today,witchcraft was not a group of poor innocent women chased by a maliciousChristian society, but was a well-organized body which was a repository for theoccult knowledge of Babylon, Egypt and Rome. Ex-Illuminati members have described (to this author) the ancient manuscripts ofknowledge preserved in secrecy by the Illuminati down through the ages. Thepermission of the Grand Druid Council is needed for some Illuminati books.Illuminati members are only allowed to see certain manuscripts, if they areachieving a mastery in that field of secret knowledge.

In the middle ages,knowledge was dispensed through secret trade guilds, fraternities andbloodlines. The ancient healing/and harming secrets of the human body weresecrets of the fraternal secret societies, i.e. what is known today as theIlluminati. Witches could accomplish either a healing or a harmful manipulationof the body without anyone knowing what had happened, because their arts weresecret techniques that outsiders couldn’t recognize.

Secret medical andpsychological knowledge was hidden by lots of cover mystical claptrap, whichmade the real secrets elusive to outsiders. Witches were accused of witchcraftwhen the harmful results of what they did were noticed, but the people hadlittle idea of the mechanics of what hit them. Some of the trials of witchesduring the late middle ages were legitimate grievances, even though the ancienttrial records (by today’s standards) contain no legitimate evidence of modusoperandi. We are not in a position to judge their trials by our standards ofevidence.

Throughout most history, the doctor-priest or the medicine man-shamankept his health secrets to himself as occult/arcane /esoteric knowledge to passto his chosen successors. Even today, our modern day equivalents for themedicine man & shaman –our doctors & priests are still popular careersfor transgenerational pagans. And as this chapter is pointing out, there arestill secrets.

The Mystery Religions of Europe studied the human head and body.One of Jacob Boehme’s disciples portrayed the Hindu chakra points back in 1736in his Theosophia Practica. The results of tortures during ancient and medievaltimes upon the bodies & skulls of people was also known to a few. Arelationship appears to exist between bone-setting and witchcraft, in thatwherever witchcraft was strongest in England, one also discovers an abundance ofbonesetters. An advance knowledge of anatomy was needed to devise the torturesused in Europe by those who were in power. It was not uncommon historically fordoctors & bonesetters to provide advice for torture devices. For instance,Dr. Guillotin, a French doctor & Freemason, invented the guillotine.

Thereare plenty of evidences of occult involvement in the torture of people over thecenturies, (even though it is politically correct to blame it on Christians). Atthis point it is safe to say that there was some overlap between bone-setting,witchcraft, and those who made an occupation as torturers for the state, but thecomplete details are not available. Some families have traditionally beeninvolved in torture, perhaps at some point those family secrets will surface.Hands of Glory of hanged men were used as health charms. Corpses & moss fromskulls, were also thought to have healing powers.

Freemason/Druid/ Bone-setterGeorge Matthews Bennett writes, “In the North of England, the origin ofnearly all the men who are fairly good at Bone-setting can be traced to theWhitworth surgery, and while, so far as I know, the Taylors, in their varioussettlements at Whitworth, Todmorden, Stockwood, and Oldfield-lane, were the onlyqualified surgeons who practiced Bone-setting; amongst the hills and dales ofLancashire, Yorkshire, and the Lake district, there were many who did so withoutbeing qualified.” (The Art of the Bone-setter, p. 106) Whether theseTaylors were any relation to those Taylors today within the Illuminati, is notknown.

Phrenology was very respected during the 19th century. Queen Victoriaconsulted the top phrenologist. Interest in Phrenology led Europeans to researchwhat the functions of the brain are, & how the brain functions.Phrenologists Johann Gaspar Spurzheim and Scotsman George Combe “realizedthe potentiality to manipulate and control human behaviour” via theirknowledge of the skull and brain. (Cooter, Cultural Meaning of Popular Science,p. 6) The writings of these men resulted in phrenological societies andpublications springing up all over the U.S. and Great Britain.

Franz JosephGall, was an expert on the anatomy of the brain, having spent his life studyingit. Encyclopedia Britannica says F.J. Gall was a “brain anatomist ofconsiderable ability”. (Ency. Brit., 15th ed., vol.26, p. 327) In 1800,Franz Joseph Gall, advocated to medical science that the shape of the skull wasa guide to an individual’s mental faculties and character traits. Based uponthis, other researchers such as Pierre Flourens undertook experiments on animalsto determine more exactly the functions of the various parts of the brain.Various men contributed ideas.

Leopold Auenbrugger discovered percussion todetermine a fluid level. He applied his discovery of tapping his father’scasks to gauge the level of fluid content to the body.

Fire In The Minds of Men,by James H. Billington a leading historian, is an excellent survey of how theFrench Revolution and subsequent revolutions were created by a small group ofleading occultists. Utopian socialists, who embraced the occult ideal of a”revolving back to the Golden Age” helped promote the idea ofphrenology at the important Paris Athenee, where debates were organizedconcerning the psychology of personality, physiognomy, and phrenology. (Forthose readers who haven’t kept up with other written works of this author, theIlluminati when America was discovered believed that they historically had camefrom Atlantis, and that a new Atlantis could be constructed in the new world.The revolution of the United States was the first war in history called a”revolution”, and it was called a revolution because it and subsequentrevolutions were to revolve us back to the Golden Age of Atlantis. They namedthe ocean to reach their new Atlantis, the Atlantic Ocean.)

Charleston, S.C. wasa major hub for the Scottish Rite and for Reformed Judaism, both which wereinterlocked and used the Cabala. The main goal of the Cabala is to create amind-controlled slave called a golem. The main principle behind Freemasonryaccording to Albert Pike, who was the Supreme Commander of Freemasonry inCharleston, S.C. has been the cabala. This makes it easier to understand whyFreemasonry has been involved in the creation of mind-controlled slaves.

It alsomakes it more understandable why hypnotism (called mesmerism) along withphrenology was introduced into Charleston, SC about 1830. After the occult worldintroduced phrenology coupled with hypnotism to Charleston, it was alsointroduced by the Frenchman Charles Poyen to Rhode Is. Brown University. Theentire faculty was so astonished at the power of hypnotism, that they concludedthat mesmerism was a more important science than phrenology.

Initially, theelite in Charleston were interested in hypnotism (called mesmerism) combinedwith phrenology. The craze spread to the common people, and hypnotism was thesubject of a famous intellectual debate in Charleston in 1843. Phrenology, whichwas a science tied to Rosicrucianism, lost favor in the south, due to the largeparticipation of phrenologists (Rosicrucians) in the abolition movement. TheAbolitionist movement was created in the U.S. by the Illuminati via theRosicrucian groups, as well as Unitarians and Socialists who were also tied tothem. For instance, Rosicrucian/ Phrenologist William Lloyd Garrison started theAnti-slavery Society in 1832. Three other notable Rosicrucian abolitionists areJohn Brown, George Lippard, and Abraham Lincoln. John Brown, besides being aRosicrucian, revolutionist and abolitionist, was a practicing phrenologist. Hehad been trained by Fowler and Wells, who promoted the Vegetarian City that A.Still visited.

Many of the Illuminati and leading European occultists, incl. men such asCharles Taze Russell (founder of the WT Society) and Joseph Smith, Jr. (founderof the LDS Mormon church) were students of phrenology. Interestingly, JosephSmith, Jr. on Jan. 5, 1841 had a revelation that phrenology was an occultscience from “the Devil”. (Smith’s words are recorded in The Wordsof Joseph Smith: The Contemporary Accounts of the Nauvoo discourses of theProphet Joseph. Provo, UT: Brigham Young Univ. Religious Studies Center, 1980,p. 61.) And yet he continued studying phrenology, and endorsing phrenology tothe “Latter-day Saints” (Mormons).

Quite a number of the Mormonprophets (the top leader) such as Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff, and George A.Smith got phrenological readings done of their skulls. The Mormon church soldphrenology books and even printed a phrenology magazine in Salt Lake City for awhile, which was entitled The Character Builder from the 1870’s until into the1940’s. George Reynolds, First Presidency secretary and later President of theLDS Seventies (a group of men like the catholic cardinals) consideredphrenological readings as valid as the patriarchal blessings that the LDS churchgives to its members.

Since the Mormon church is one of the Illuminati frontscarrying out mind-control, it should come as no surprise that attempts tocontrol the human mind by manipulation of the shape of the skull have beenattempted. Interestingly, official church interest in phrenology by the Mormonhierarchy died out during the time period (1940’s) that mind-control began tobe scientifically carried out by the Illuminati in cooperation with differentgovernment front. Could it be that there was a grain of powerful truth inphrenology that these people wanted quietly buried?

Swendenborg, the founder ofa mystical Masonic Rite, spent a great deal of time and some of his writingdiscussing the skull bones. This author has encountered victims of trauma-basedtotal mind-control within the modern Swendenborg Church of New Jerusalem. Occultstudents of Swendenborg, including some of the Illuminati, such as some in theDuPont family, studied his ideas with fervour. (The DuPonts appear to beconnected to at least one cranial osteopath.) (Because the Church of NewJerusalem does not tell the public nor its members about Swedenborg being aFreemason, etc. it would be advantageous to briefly identify to the reader whohe was. Swedenborg wrote, “I live, besides, on terms of familiarity andfriendship with all the bishops of my country, who are ten in number; as alsowith the sixteen senators, and the rest of nobility. The king and queen also,and the three princes, their sons, show me much favor.” Swedenborg, born toa well-connected elite Swedish family, was a genius who wrote an incredibleamount of spiritual writings that he believed came from alien encounters. His”alien” material in his Earths in the Universe is blatantly baloney,but at that time, people had no concept of what they’d find in outer space.The “aliens” even gave him the wrong number of planets in our solarsystem, 9. Swedenborg wrote that Saturn is “the farthest [planet] from thesun”. He was certain of this and other ideas because of what the aliens hadtold him.

He also communicated with spirits. Masonic encyclopedias state thatmany of his ideas were Masonic. In Masonry Defined (publ. by National MasonicPress, a book based on 33º Freemason / Masonic historian Mackey’s notes),their article on Emanuel Swedenborg states, “enlightened Masons will findmany Masonic ideas in Swedenborg’s writings.” In the Be Wise As Serpentsbook, this author documents the interlocking directorates that control the toplevel secret societies. The Masonic Rite of Swedenborg with its 8 degrees andtwo “temples”-which means “sub-rites”- has had some of theworst Satanists as its leadership.)

In spite of the ridicule of the variousideas about determining personality from the shape of the body and head, Ency. Brit. 15th ed. Vol. 25, p. 497 admits,”Nevertheless, structural differences in the body do seem to have somesignificance in pointing to such aspects of personality as intelligence andemotion.” The 18th and 19th century researchers were onto something, theydidn’t manage to finish the job. The Nazi government, and other governmentshave secretly tried to finish that job. Unfortunately, it may be a long timebefore we learn exactly how they finished this line of research. So far, theonly recipients of the 20th century research findings have been a few selectpeople within the occult world.

An interesting story involving personalitychange due to changes in the skull and brain was the landmark patient PhineasGage, who died in 1861, after an accident caused him to damage the brain’sability to make rational decisions and to process emotions. Recently, newresearch was performed on Phineas Gage’s skull to understand better how hisbrain had been affected by an accident. (See Science, May 20, 1994, p. 1102)

Another example of how the shape of the skull and the movement of skull bonesdetermines how the brain functions are the craniectomies that are now beingcarried out to relieve infants from mental imbecility due to premature skullsutural closure and microcephalus. (See The Journal of the American MedicalAssociation JAMA, Jan. 8, 1992, p. 226.) Further, researchers into how the braincreates thoughts, who desire to remain confidential, have come to believe thatthe ionic crystalline structure within the cranium’s 5 cranial bone plates:the occipital bone, the two Parietal bones and the two frontal skull bones whichconnect at fontanellas (fissures) called sutures play an important role in thecreation of thoughts. They believe that the ionic crystalline structures of theskull bones interact with incoming theta waves from the brain, and a resonanceis created that causes electrons to be generated, which are then translated viaa Fourier-type translation into a thought.

You are probably aware that it is thegrey matter that lies next to the skull that carries out the higher levelthinking that distinguishes humans from animals. These researchers have statedthat they believe that the fontanellas (connections between the skull plates)allow subtle lateral motions and non-linear complex vibrations to occur. Thesevibrations are part of the higher thinking process. If this is true, it couldhave far ranging ramifications.

These researchers believe the natural resonant vibrational frequency of the skull bones (the cranium) ranges from 840 to 890MHz in non-herzian waves. This range was reserved for VHF television, but hasnow been reserved for the national cellular telephone network. When the 840 to890 range was used for television, various neurologists noted that certainsignals related to particular pitches and sounds would trigger reactions inpeople. For instance, the NY Times 7/11/91 reported that according to aneurologist an epileptic seizure was triggered via certain television signals.Cellular phones are now being used to transmit faxes, computer information suchas modems transmit, and other signals. Illuminati connected companies of IBM,Motorola, and GE are some of the companies working with cellular phonetechnology. The creation of vibrations via cellular phone signals in the 840 to890 MHz non-herzian wave range could conceivably implant thoughts into a victimnear the cellular phone. This raises two questions. First, IS theestablishment’s big push to popularize cellular phone use, even to the pointof giving out free cellular phones, part of Big Brother’s mind-control?Second, since it appears the brains ability to creatively think is related tothe vibrations that are subtly made in the skull, the question naturally posesitself–can cranial osteopathy disrupt or alter the natural abilities of thecranium’s plates to vibrate?


In the United States, as in England, there were certain families who passedtheir bone-setting skills down as family trade secrets. The most famousbone-setting families were the Reece family (in west. Penn., and east. Ohio),the Sweet family (in Rhode Is., Mass., Conn., & NY), and the Tieszen andOrton families in South Dakota. The Sweets became orthopedists, the Tieszen andOrton families went into Chiropractic. The Irish Quain family were famousanatomists, surgeons, and physicians.

Osteopathy and chiropractic stemmed fromthe same occult philosophical roots, but went in different directions. Bothshared the idea that the body has the ability to maintain good health if allowedto do so, and both emphasized the manipulation of bones and joints. Both werestarted about the same time period in America in about the same geographic area,by men who had Scottish ancestry.

A.T. Still (the founder of osteopathy) and D.D.Palmer both studied magic and metaphysics. Both attended many of the samespiritist meetings, for instance both attended the spiritualist meetings atClinton, Iowa on a number of occasions. (Gibbons, 1980, p. 13)

The osteopath’sgoal was to move bones to improve circulation. The chiropractor’s primary goalwas to move bones to reduce pressure or the irritation of nerves, with thefurther goal of positively helping organs and tissue. A.T. Still & otherosteopaths claimed Daniel D. Palmer visited Still at his house, but Palmer’sdescendants say it’s not true.

Early on Still’s two best assistants were twodoctors from Scotland, William Smith & James Littlejohn. Daniel David Palmer(1845-1913), founder of chiropractic, was a Freemason & an occultist. Hisoriginal practice was to heal people with what he called “magnetichealing” which was a combination of laying on of hands, hypnotism and whitemagic. Of course it was not called white magic, it was called “magnetichealing” by Palmer.

Part of the magnetism was his own magnetic (hypnotic)personality. Palmer also knew phrenology and had a keen sense of touchconcerning a person’s head. D.D. Palmer taught phrenology. D.D. Palmer was amixture of good and bad traits. He was an excellent scholar and had goodorganizational skills for what he learned. One of his difficult traits was hismegalomania. In 1905, at a coroner’s inquiry, Palmer refused to take an oathto swear the truth “so help me God”, because he said that “Idon’t want any help from God.” It must have been hard on his pride, whenhis own son B.J. Palmer, who had been cruelly raised by cruel step-mothers,turned Judas and stole from his father both the honor & money that was duehis father.

His son Bartlett Joshua Palmer (1882-1961) worked in a circus as anassistant to professional circus hypnotists known as Professor Hunt, and laterProfessor Herbert L. Flint. Later, with mysterious connections to the rightpeople, B.J. Palmer, got the money and the political clout to get started inbuilding a school for chiropractic. His powerful Davenport radio station, WOC,said to be the second largest in the U.S., had Ronald Reagan (our futurepresident) as one of its sports announcers.

B.J. Palmer was connected to theoccult world. He liked to encourage the idea that he was a Christ figure. NewAger Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich (1937) considered Palmer hismentor. B.J. had prominent Masons and other elite as his personal guests. ElbertHubbard, a friend of B.J.’s, was the person who persuaded John D.Rockefeller’s personal physician, to get Rockefeller to use chiropractic care.Later in 1963, Nelson Rockefeller would be the important person to getchiropractic accepted as legal in NY, and then appointed chiropractor AlbertCera to his Medical Advisory Committee.

Illuminati kingpin California Gov.Edmund Brown appointed 12 chiropractors to regional committeesassociated with the California Board of Medical Assurance. Hollywood got intothe promotion of chiropractic, with the 1990 film Jacob’s Ladder which was afilm exposing the U.S. military’s use of BZ (a derivative of LSD) in Vietnamto experimentally try to create aggression via drugs in American soldiers.

Itappears that chiropractic occult ties have been beneficial in its fight foracceptance. The occult world has worked hard to keep chiropractic within itsdomain. This is why you will find Christians exposing the occult connections tochiropractic such as T.M. Clement’s book A Warning to Christians About theOrigins of Chiropractic. (Moses Lake:WA, date of printing not known).

As thereader will discover other sciences involving the relationship of the mind,brain, the body and personality have also been kept in the domain of the secretsocieties. Like Palmer, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, who founded osteopathy, wasinterested in phrenology, hypnotism, spiritism, magic. The reference book 10,000Famous Freemasons (Vol. 4) outlines his Masonic career in Freemasonry. Hiswritings include such Masonic phrases as “Great architect of theUniverse.” His grandfather had been Scotch-Irish. His father was aMethodist Episcopal minister, who was an abolitionist who fought with John Brownand the free-state forces in Kansas.

Andrew Taylor Still ran for the legislatureof Kansas Territory as a free-state candidate and won in the Oct. 1857elections. Later, he married Mary Elvira Turner, who was from the”burned-over” district in New York. She had been exposed toabolitionist ideas, phrenology, and hypnotism (called mesmerism) which were allpopular in the area she grew. Her area of NY was where Spiritism began in 1848.Horace Greeley of the NY Tribune then made these seances with spirits famous. In1867, after his children died, Andrew Taylor Still embraced spiritistism.Still’s beliefs in spiritism included ideas from Freemason Swendenborg’swritings. (For details of Andrew Taylor Still’s life refer to the bookTrowbridge, Carol. Andrew Taylor Still. Kirksville, MO: The Thomas JeffersonPress, 1990.)

A.T. Still built osteopathy on the foundation of teachings of mensuch as phrenologist/hypnotists such as Joseph Rodes Buchanan. Buchanan usedhypnosis and manipulation of the head to radiate the cerebral fluid from thebrain to the body, which was coming close to the basics of cranial osteopathy.How did A.T. Still come up with these new ideas? A.T. Still was able to studyand conduct experiments on bodies by raiding Indian graves for bodies, which hesays in his “Circumstances and Personal Experiences” he did thousandsof experiments on.

Certainly, he was unusual in having had a boyhood interest indigging up skeletons. He also read every book on anatomy he could find. In spiteof his preoccupation with digging up skulls of people, Still seems to have beena decent person. Today, the occult world dislikes him. Why? In view of thehistorical facts, and the historical occult campaign to denigrate who Still was,it appears Still revealed secrets. Still was interested in scientificinvestigation. He proved things as he went along. He was a true researcher, andcontrary to many researchers he was willing to openly share his knowledge withmankind.

Andrew’s two brothers, Ed and James, were M.D.s. They may well havebeen loyal to the occult world, and it is speculated that this may account forpart of their attempts to destroy the work of Andrew Still. It appears that inspite of Andrew’s own occult connections, Andrew Still wanted to give theworld cranial osteopathic knowledge that the occult world deemed to be secrets.

Andrew Still joined Freemasonry in Baldwin, KS’s Palmyra Lodge No. 23. (10,000Famous Freemasons, Vol. 4, p. 194). He came from a transgeneration occultbackground. He did speak and write with the type of terminology that the occultworld uses, although today some of his “occult” writingsonly appear so because they are taken out of context. Recently, the Internethas a website with the “Sage Sayings of Still” with excerpts from a”spiritual diary” he kept. On the other side of the coin, the supposedsage occult sayings of Still were renounced by Still himself after he wrotethem. He not only exposed occult secrets that the bonesetters had kept in theoccult families for centuries, he made a point of tossing occultists out of hisschool.

I believe Andrew Still was one of those people that the generationaloccultists could say, “He grew up and dwellt among us, but he wasn’t oneof us.” No wonder the occult world has had a campaign against him after hedied. After Andrew died, his son Charles an excellent compassionate skillfuldoctor was to have taken over A.T. Still’s Kirksville Osteopathic College.Instead, a rich financial backer, Warren Hamilton, who owned pivotal shares ofstock placed James Still’s grandson into the Osteopathic College’spresident’s chair. The knowledge that Still tried to get to the world was nowstifled. As an example of where things have progressed the Cranial Academy (theAmerican Academy of Osteopathy) is now situated in three buildings inIndianapolis that are identical copies of the Great Pyramid, & use pyramidsfor their logo. (By the way one of Dr. A.T. Still’s great-grandnephews isWilliam Still who wrote the book New World Order. William Still is descendedfrom the doctor’s brother Thomas, who was an M.D. William’s father was aU.S. general who was part of World Order, and although William’s book wasgreat, when one considers how the NWO order creates their own opposition and howdouble-agents are created, this author has some personal reservations on what ishappening with William. For those who haven’t obtained a copy of the book,this author recommends it.)

Back to discussing Still’s ideas. Eventually, A.T.Still developed his own ideas for healing the body without using drugs, or thedangerous medical practices of his day. In 1874, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still,devised osteopathy, a medical practice that seeks to help the body viamanipulated of the bones. 16 Osteopathic Schools have successfully sprung up inthe U.S. over the years to serve the need for osteopath doctors. A few othersfailed. A small specialty within the Osteopathic medicine is Cranial Osteopathywhich has the Cranial Academy (formed in 1946), which is a component of theAmerican Academy of Osteopathy. The Cranial Academy is headquartered at 1020Market Tower, Ten West Market St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 in a building thatlooks like 3 Egyptian pyramids.

Osteopathic students who have taken a BasicCranial Course approved by the Academy are eligible to apply to the CranialAcademy to learn about osteopathy as it applies to the skull. Just recently, inJune 20-23, 1996, they had their annual conference at Walt Disney World Village,Lake Buena Vista, FL. Walt Disney World happens to be a major mind-controlprogramming center and the significance of this was brought out in Chapter 5.

The Cranial Academy, founded by occultist Sutherland in 1946, is affiliated withthe Applied Academy of Osteopathy (this AAO is a group that is concerned withmanipulative work, & also based in IN). WG Sutherland developed CranialOsteopathic concepts. It appears that the occult world were upset enough withAndrew Still’s revelations, that they planted WG Sutherland into the newscience to bring the science back into the realm of the occult world. Sutherland(and those that followed him) was not above spewing out disinformation. Anotherleader following Sutherland in the field was another occultist Fulford, whohelped insure that the Theosophists and Rosicrucians took over the science thatA.T. Still had tried to give the world in a scientific form. Fulford, almost agod to some of the doctors interested in cranial osteopathy, functions as abulwark to prevent most doctors from learning the deeper arts of manipulation.

Only a small inner group are taught the most advanced manipulative methods and anatomical details. Thecrucial cranial research work is being done privately by doctors affiliated withthe Rosicrucians and this research is reported only in their literature forRosicrucians only. The American Osteopathy Association helps to keep things lowkey by making no reference to the Cranial Academy in their materials, and onlyreferring to the AAO once.

In 1953, one of the leading Cranial Osteopaths,William G. Sutherland, an American of Scottish descent, formed a foundationcalled the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation in Denver, CO to promote theteaching of Cranial (head or skull) Osteopathy as developed by Sutherland. Thecranial osteopathic work is taught by the Cranial Academy, but the innerknowledge, the inner secrets that are needed to successfully use cranialmanipulation for mind-control are not taught by the Cranial Academy. This istaught privately by doctors who keep their relationships to each other secret.The inner core leaders (the top 3) of this small highly proficient group wereall based in the south, and have all died since 1990. They have been replaced bycarefully recruited handpicked successors.

There are occasion groups in otherplaces that do cranial work. Some research on bioenergy and bone motion was doneat the Univ. of Michigan School of Osteopathy and the Upledger Institute basedin Florida has taught a very mechanical and rudimentary version of cranial work.These are just side activities. The U.S. Air Force and Navy provide scholarshipswhich cover full tuition, books and living expenses for certain applicants to goto osteopathic college for four years. This has been carried out via theDirector, Washington Office, American Osteopathic Association, Cafritz BuildingSuite 1009, 1625 Eye Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006.

One of the militaryCranial Osteopaths is a Maj. Beverly I. Maliner, and another is David R. Lemmeat the Naples, It. Naval Hospital. There are reports that this hospital alongwith other American military sites in Europe are being used for mind-control.However, that does not necessarily connect Lemme or Maj. Maliner with governmentmind-control. This author knows of no evidence that would connect them. Themilitary has used civilians to carry out some of the mind-control on their basesfor decades, so they wouldn’t have to use their own people if they didn’twant to. The military has conducted secret research into the effects of skullbone movement, and traumatic skull injuries which are still classified.

Oneexample of many of the type of modern research done is Susan Ann Bloomfield’s Ph.d. dissertation “Site-specific changes in bone mass and Alterations inCalciotrophic Hormones with Electrical Stimulation Exercise in Individuals withChronic Spinal Cord Injury.” Her research showed that electricalstimulation of the muscles around spinal injuries helped the bones grow.

Thecasual researcher will soon find out that Cranial Osteopathy is a hiddensubject. One of the better books discussing the potential of Cranial Osteopathyand how it works is a hard-to-get out-of-print book Craniosacral Osteopathy byRonald R. McCatty. As this subject is so important to mind-control, this authoravailed himself to find a copy of the book and to study it. Some of thetechniques described in the book will be hard for regular doctors to verify. Ifthe curious were to use standard medical tests such as X-rays or MRI (which aretoo big), they will not get anywhere in discovering the details of how tomanipulate the skull. The science is much more minute than these tests. An M.D.who asked the Cranial Academy about cranial literature was told that theirliterature is copyrighted to the writers and not available to other professions.This is an example of how protective the Cranial Academy is of their knowledge and they aren’t even teaching the hard coreinner secrets!

The secret cults continue their iron grip over the deep secretsof cranial manipulation. They continue their monopoly over who gets benefitedby cranial work, as well as who is destroyed by cranial work.

In review, anumber of sincere men have tried to develop Cranial Osteopathy including Dr.Andrew Still in 1874. Interestingly, as soon as each one of these men begandiscovering new techniques informed members of the occult world would take overtheir work, and insure that the work was kept within the confines of the occultworld. For instance, Dr. Sutherland’s experiments revealed to him that CranialOsteopathy could influence the way a person thought and their personality. Inthe book, With Thinking Fingers The Story of William Gamer Sutherland by hiswife Adah Strand Sutherland, she writes, “It was Dr. Sutherland’scherished dream that a day would come when the benefits to the mentally illthrough the cranial component in osteopathy would be investigated to thesatisfaction of scientific insistence; that it would be approved and madeavailable institutionally, in the curriculum’s of osteopathic colleges as well asin the majority of private practices.” (Sutherland, Adah S. With ThinkingFingers. The Cranial Academy: Indianapolis, IN., p. 62).

However, clever peoplein the occult world saw that Cranial Osteopathy could not only be used to helpthe mentally ill, but to control the minds of people. They realized that thisvaluable information could not be shared with the world but should confined tothe occult world where its full evil potential could be exploited.

Part of whyit was so easy to hi-jack Sutherland’s research is that he wrote very little.He wrote only two short articles. He didn’t like to write, he liked to doresearch and work with people. Strangely, his wife divorced him, and aRosicrucian lady married him. The details of it all have the feel of the occultworld moving in and micromanaging Sutherland’s life in order to control hisresearch. Two years after Sutherland died in ‘54, his Osteopathy CranialAssociation was already starting to praise a new age type of “Christ”in its literature. Anne L. Wales, a Rosicrucian, archived his work, and it isthrough her that we have received some of his work. She makes sure that whenSutherland’s ideas see the light of day, they are steeped in occultRosicrucian ideas. This helps insure that sincere non-occult scientistsdisregard what appears to be Rosicrucianism, rather than the research of adoctor.

Anne L. Wales has been more than a Rosicrucian. She was a member of theChurch of Scientology, which is practicing trauma-based mind-control and whichis a recruiting organization for the OTO and the Process Church which are alsoboth practicing total mind-control in coordination with the Illuminati. Thisauthor is aware of two separate victims of trauma-based total mind-control whocame out of different Rosicrucian groups. As their are several groups claimingRosicrucian philosophy, this author hasn’t sorted out if there are anyRosicrucian groups which AREN’T being used as repositories for mind-controlledslaves. In other words, it appears that all Rosicrucian groups containmind-controlled slaves.

Rosicrucianism (its various forms) has long attractedmembership from the medical community, and there is evidence that it evenrecruits in the medical, chiropractic and osteopathic schools. The Rosicrucians,who like to track their history back to the alchemists, brag about their largenumbers of medical members. AMORC indicates that at least 11% of its members aredoctors. The Rosicrucians also hint about their secret medical experiments andsecret medical knowledge. One Rosicrucian claim to fame is their mysticaltheories about the connections between the mind and the body (particularly theskull & nervous system).

The luxurious Clymer Health Clinic near Philadelphia offers cranial treatments at very modest prices by theirstaff of Rosicrucian chiropractors. Rosicrucian (& high ranking Mason)Swinbourne Clymer, MD, donated the land and funds for that clinic early thiscentury. Clymer was a millionaire with eccentric health ideas. He financed theentire Rosicrucian Philadelphia-based group, too. His writings have tidbits thatshow he was an insider. Their headquarters has pyramids with capstones. Theirbooks mention the Illuminati with great frequency. It is beyond the scope ofthis chapter, but there are connections between theosophy and Rosicrucianism andthe Illuminati.

Theosophical groups tie in to the Nazi’s religious beliefs,and today theosophical-minded young people are showing an interest in cranialmanipulation. In other words, the interconnections between the occult worldbegin popping up when one investigates cranial work. One outspoken Doctor ofCranial Osteopathy (DO) Donald E. Woods, recently spoke out in the journal ofCranial Osteopathy entitled The Cranial Letter against the occultism thatclearly controlled his specialty. He wrote in protest, “Yet, in the past we[cranial osteopaths] have bordered both on being a cult and on being occult. Wemust be neither to be effectively acceptable in health care, and it can be donesince osteopathy, including Cranial Osteopathy, is based on valid humanphysiological and anatomical truths. Where do cult and occult fitin?”….Occultism says you do not have to pay attention to any of the oldrules. Everything goes. Kick the walls out. Be tolerant of everyone’s behaviour….Both the cult and the occult have the tendency to think that thingsoutside their sphere of influence are unreasonable. They might say, “It isnecessary that you belong to our group.” (The Cranial Letter, Aug., ‘94,Vol. 47, No. 3, p.9)

While this letter printed in The Cranial Letter helpsestablish to the reader the occult world’s influence in cranial osteopathy,the Cranial Academy may have printed this because the doctor in question is amultiple and they are possibly helping him separate himself publicly from theoccult. And while the secrecy of cranial manipulation has been well kept, theCranial Academy is considering disbanding itself, and letting the 16 osteopathicschools teach a more basic form or cranial work, which would further isolate thesecrets for occult’s elect.

Osteopathy itself has been accepted intomainstream medicine and one medical reference book states, “It is importantto note that the osteopathic system of diagnosis and therapy is used inconjunction with the standard medical procedures of drug and surgicaltherapy.” The curriculum at an osteopathic college or school is almostidentical with that offered at the standard schools. The most popular school isthe Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. There are approx. 150 osteopathichospitals in the U.S. Most osteopaths are general practitioners and only 20% ofthe osteopaths specialize. Of these only a tiny percentage do Cranial Osteopathyfull time. Of the small clique of DOs (Dr.s of Osteopathy) who do CranialOsteopathy full time (Note: there are about 150 DOs nationwide that spendapprox. 100% of their time doing Cranial Osteopathy–which no. was determined bythis author using info provided in the Member Information Directory of theCranial Academy.), and then based upon observations at programming sites andother criteria there is an inner circle of about 9 doctors who understandCranial Osteopathy well enough to use their skills for the Illuminati in mindcontrol.

Recently, there have been a number of magazine articles, for instance,American Medical News, June 26, 1995, p. 3 which discusses how osteopathicmedical techniques of manipulation are becoming more acceptable to mainstreamphysicians and to the public. The article mentions that the American OsteopathicAssn. is getting $6 million for research. Obviously, the American OsteopathicAssn. is politically correct and moving with the stream of today’s generaltrend toward new age ideas, and a global government.

Many osteopath doctorsspecialize. A Canadian government survey of chiropractors, osteopaths, andnaturopaths in Canada revealed that 66% of the Canadian osteopaths specialized(See Royal Commission on Health Services Study of Chiropractors, Osteopaths andNaturopaths in Canada. Ottawa, Can: The Queen’s Printer, 1966, p. 166), afigure much higher than revealed in a study of American Osteopaths in AStatistical Study of the Osteopathic Profession, Dec. 31, 1960, Dept. ofInformation and Statistics, American Osteopathic Association, May 1961, p. 2Table 7.

In the Canadian study, osteopaths reported specializing in headaches,neurology, cranial work and cranial osteopathy. Their naturopaths reportedspecializing in fields including psycho-therapy, radio wave, electrotherapy, andcranial correction in mongoloids, spastics and body reconstruction. In exploringmind-control, it must be born in mind, that the American CIA was quick torecruit Canadians to help. Some of the cranial osteopaths themselves appear tobe in controlled trance states, so they may well be under total mind-controlthemselves. These people are obviously of Celtic (probably Illuminati)bloodlines.


Bones are alive and changing. It might be helpful to review what bones aremade of, and how they change and grow, just in case the reader had somemisconceptions such as that bones are fixed solids that don’t change. Boneswithin the human body, esp. the skull give support and protection. Bone iscomprised of “an organic matrix synthesized and deposited by osteoblasticactivity, calcium-phosphate precipitates, and a mineralized phase ofhydroxyapatite, which is primarily composed of calcium and inorganic phosphate (Robey,1989). The primary ingredient of the organic matrix is a collagen in the form offibers that are extensively cross-linked. applies to 90% of the matrix. Thereseveral types of collagen, Type 1 predominant. This are is Numerousnoncollagenous proteins have also been discovered in bone, including some whichhave been identified as growth factors. Bone development and turnover isregulated by various bone cells (see Teltelbaum, 1990)

The exact method thebody uses to recreate new bone is too complex to describe here, but let itsuffice that researchers are studying all the minute complexities of theabilities of the body to produce bone. Old bone is constantly being absorbed andreproduced new. BMUs are important to development of new bone. (see studies likeFrost, 1965, & Parfit, 1987). According to the Wall Street Journal, Feb. 23,1996, p. Al (in both Eastern & Western editions) some physicians areremolding lopsided skulls of infants with unnecessary surgery when the onlyproblem is the child’s sleep position, and the lopsided skull can be correctedwith a head band rather than surgery.

In terms of head shapes, which can becreated by skilled manipulation of the skull bones, a Vertical Strain Superioris associated with passiveness and dissociation. This is why some of the cultsare either manipulating people’s heads or recruiting people that have longfaces in their cults. The vertical Strain Inferior is said to be connected tocriminals. The programmers for the NWO have been intentionally manipulatingpeople’s skull to get passiveness and dissociativeness.

Daniel Whiteside andJohn Wesley Grossman did extremely valuable work in statistically validating theclear connections between 60 behavior traits and physical structures. Thephysical shape of the brain is related to how the brain’s cells areproportioned. This science is called Structure/ Function.

Daniel’s fatherRobert L. Whiteside was one of the founders of 3-In-One. Robert wrotean amazing book Face Language. The Air Force academy used it in three oftheir courses. Prior to encountering Robert’s book, this author has noticedthat the Japanese and Chinese have done a great deal of research and writing inthis area. Our own language has come to reflect some of our intuitive ideasabout Structure/ Function such as: “He is level-headed.” “She isnosey.” “He’s a real high-brow.” and “He leads with hischin.” (cf. Face Language, p. xi-xii)

Whiteside takes 40 pages to identifytraits that are shown by the eyes. Then he explains traits that are shown by themouth area. Then he deals with overall facial traits and finally profile traits.For instance, a large difference between one side of the face and the otherindicates how much the individual changes with their mood change. If the headsteadily gets wider as it runs from the mouth to the ears, then the person hasthe trait of acquisitiveness. A person who loves to be precise with words willdevelop little lines that fan out from the inner corner of the eye toward thecheekbone. The 3-In-1 college doesn’t teach that the face reveals all behavior, but they teach their students what to expect from people, so that theycan communicate better.

Another 3-In-1 publication Advanced ONE BRAIN by GordonStokes and Daniel Whiteside reveals eye modes. NLP has also been teaching someof these eye modes to detect what a person is thinking. Another publicationprovides charts (designed by William Mariboe) which explain different traits andhow they exhibit themselves physically. For instance if the eyes are extremelywide apart, the person will either see an open viewpoint as valuable or feelinadequate. The chart then charts out how the trait (of emotional tolerance)will exhibit itself under different circumstances. For instance, in doing a jobthey tend to loose track of time. Perhaps the value of all this in not clear inthe reader’s mind. In terms of mind-control, if you know what physicalstructures will give you a particular trait, you can enhance what you want byskilful manipulation of the skull bones.

The key to manipulating the skull liesin the fact that the skull bones actually float on the Cerebrospinal fluid,while the brain floats in the fluid. In the booklet The Cranial Bowl by WilliamG. Sutherland (1984), he writes about what he calls “the moulding technic”.The moulding technic is the reshaping of the skull. He writes on page 28,”The moulding technic is especially adaptable to children, and even to theadult well along in the later period of life.” In the booklet, he goes intodetails about the cerebrospinal fluid.


The Cerebrum (brain) and the spine float in a fluid that surrounds them. Thisfluid is called cerebrospinal fluid and is referred to on page 1050 of themassive anatomical reference book Gray’s Anatomy 36th Brit. ed. (edited byWilliams & Warwick, printed by W.B. Saunder Co., for Churchill Livingstone).In 1920 and 1938, Weed published research on the circulation of thecerebrospinal fluid. As just one example of many of the roles that the CS Fluidplays within the brain, that has been discovered is that the carotid artery hasa branch that passes upward through a water bed of cerebro-spinal fluid. The CSFluid follows that internal carotid artery to the choroid plexus, so that it canperform the function of interchange with the arterial blood. The CS Fluid is”in command” of this exchange. (I mention this because see how thisties in with the 5th brain?)

In fact, a Fourth Ventricle Compression is the mostvaluable and powerful CSF technique for helping people. (It is mentioned simplyto show people the effect that CSF has on some very important brain areas.) Because the brain and spinal cord floatin a fluid, a brain weighing 1,500 grams in the air, only weighs 50 gr. incerebrospinal fluid which distributes the brain weight more evenly. The fluiditself is clear, slightly alkaline with a specific gravity of 1007. About l00mls of CS Fluid will exist to float the brain and spinal cord. The spine restsin this cerebrospinal fluid, which has waves that approximate the breathingrhythm of the body. 50% of the cerebrospinal fluid is manufactured in one partof the head (choroid plexuses), and spends its time fluxuating. It is absorbedand replenished, as other body elements are. The plexuses which are located inthe lateral recesses of the fourth ventricle also put cerebrospinal fluid intothe subarachnoid space, and this supplies the cerebello-medullary cistern andthe pontine cistern with fluid. The cerebrospinal fluid makes up a singlefluxuating system of fluid within which the central nervous system/brainoperate. As the brain coils and uncoils, waves of motion (energy) fluctuate in aspiral pattern through the cerebrospinal fluid in the skull, down the spinalcolumn and up again, so that there is motion from front to back in the head andalso laterally.

As the human brain develops the CSF seems to appear at theearliest stages. The brain goes through stages of development as thebrain-spinal cord divide. The forebrain develops into several items, themidbrain into two parts, and the hindbrain into the first three brains. Thecerebrospinal fluid is manufactured by the body, fluctuates in a singleHead-spinal cord system and then is absorbed and replenished by the body. Thefluid does not circulate like blood. The fluid and the skull bones continue tofluctuate even if a person holds his breath. As long as the CSF oscillates likeit should, things are fine, but if something occurs to pervert the rhythms, thehealth of the person goes down. Loss of sleep can influence the rhythmsadversely. If the occipital motion is restricted schizophrenia can result. Whensevere spheno-basilar symphysis locking occurs, there is frequentlymanic-depression. Most people are totally unaware that these mental problems maybe resulting from a CSF problem.

Very little information is let out about thecerebrospinal fluid. Very little is released to the public about how over aperiod of time Cranial Osteopaths can develop the manipulative skill to controland change the fluctuations of these fluids. Only a few top people are allowedin on the secrets, and those people are handpicked members of the occult world.Some of the top Cranial Doctors are under Monarch-type mind control themselves.The osteopathic libraries are staffed with people loyal to keeping cranialosteopathic secrets within the occult world. Could other doctors teachthemselves? The ability to manipulate the cerebral-spinal fluid is an art thathas taken years to develop, and for practitioners to learn. As stated, the teststhat doctors rely on such as x-rays and MRIs are too big and clumsy to be of anyvalue in this area. The doctors would have to ‘‘reinvent the wheel and thenthe automobile’’ if they wanted to self-teach themselves. It often takes twoto three years of study in this area, before a doctor is able to feel themovement of the fluid.

The cranial bones have sutures between them, that allow askilled person to move them. The sutures have been proven to move as much as1/20 of an inch. The trained finger can perceive the natural motion of thesesutures even if the natural motions are only 1/40 of an inch. In McCatty’sexcellent book Essentials of Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy, (Bath, Eng.: AshgrovePress) p. 3 he states, “Contrary to some schools of thought, allcircumstances being normal, the cranial sutures (or joints of the head) do notfuse–regardless of age, race, sex, or geographic location. They are perpetuallymotile, influencing the dynamics of fluid exchange and mebraneous tension withinthe cramo-sacral mechanism.”

When early cranial osteopaths like Sutherland looked at the skull and itsmembranes and cartilage they realized that the 18 human bones that make up thehead were actually designed to articulate (move slightly). In fact, researchershave discovered the cranium has 3 distinct oscillations. (Magoun, Harold Ives,D.O. Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, p.322).

Maud Nerman, D.O. presented theoutline of an interesting lecture and lab class that she gave in 1992, entitled”Visualizing the brain under our hands” in which she taught thetechniques for feeling the bones of the brain move with CS Fluid fluxuations, aswell as sensing what it was doing internally. Coordinating the movement of theskull bones with the movement of the CS Fluid was called “directing thetide” by W.G. Sutherland. His Journal of the Osteopathic Cranial Assoc.reported successes doing this. Ronald McCatty teaches that “some heads areless pliant than other”. The practitioner will rest his trained hands onthe head, wait, and allow the cranial motion to teach the cranial osteopath whatis happening or needs to happen. The client will usually be laying down, and thedoctor will be relaxed and focused. The motion of the CS Fluid is called theCranial Rhythmic Impulse (CR1). It will pulse about 10-14 times/mm. in normaladults and 12-16 times/mm. in children. When a person is frightened the CR1 canstop for up to 20 seconds. (The mind is literally frozen.) Tranquilizers willslow the CR1 rate down, as well as poor health.

For someone who has beentraumatized, such as with electroshock, the very mention of the traumatic event,will cause the CR1 to temporarily stop. The cranial osteopath does not reallyforce any bones, but rather gently encourages a skull bone in the direction itshould go. Lightness of touch is a necessity. An example of the health benefitsof the trained osteopath is given by McCatty, “That kink in the straightsinus can be, and often is, one of the primary causes of epilepsy and internalhydrocephalus…” By treating the kink the osteopath takes care of theproblem, where the standard method is often to give the subject strong drugs.

Togive an example of how the CS Fluid (CSF) can relate to our state of mind,consider the following by McCatty, “And again, change of direction of C.S.F.from anterior-posterior to lateral is of paramount importance in the sleep-wakephenomenon. When you are standing there is parallel action of C.S.F. flow. Whenyou lie down with your head on a pillow this alters, you impinge on one or othertemporal bone, you decelerate C.S.F. activity. You, as it were, slow down thependulum. You inhibit parallel action. By inhibiting this pendulum youautomatically produce an anteroposterior swing which is parasympathetic; that isto say, the parts of the automatic nervous system that slow down the action ofthe heart when the body is not under stress, in order to conserve bodilyenergy.” This author thought it was exciting to understand better how themind/body relaxes and slows down when we lay our heads down.


Years ago, back in 1974, this author was a West Point cadet who was watchingthe U.S. Army introduce TM into the academy. It was presented as a scientifictechnique, and many officers, some friends and other cadets availed themselvesof the chance to train themselves in TM’s mystical method of training. Afellow cadet who was already trained in martial arts quickly learned thetechniques. After initially maintaining a safe distance, this author decided toinvestigate TM after I got out of the military. The U.S. government gavesubstantial grants to get TM introduced into this country. Fortunately,Christians didn’t sleep long, and exposed that TM is Hinduism. Everyone thatis taught TM is initiated into it by the TM instructor singing a puja (worship)song in Sanskrit which is a Hindu devotional song while incense and candles burn.

Until the Christians exposed this, ournational government went blithely along in promoting Hinduism into our publicschools. For instance, the Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare gave a$21,540 grant for 150 high school teachers to learn TM. TM has grown to be apowerful organization, with many organizations set up attached to it. It has itsinternational headquarters at Hotel Sonnenberg in the Swiss village ofSeelisberg.

When I investigated TM back in 1975, this TM instructor who wasfriends of mine, talked about her experience at Seelisberg. From theconversation with her it was obvious that people had had to surrender their willto the organization to go to Seelisberg, and some mind altering experiences hadtaken place there. She participated in the Siddhi program to be able todematerialize, walk through walls and levitate. But the program clearly hademotionally disturbed her and others who had been in it. Once a person isinvolved in the higher levels of TM, you don’t just walk away from this cult.From my personal observations, I discovered that TM is involved in some types ofmind-manipulation, and that the organization is not above using deceit onunsuspecting people.

What then becomes doubly interesting is that afterobserving these things, I learned that TM have a large interest in the cranialosteopathic techniques which can alter the mind and personality of a person. Forinstance, this author has obtained a list of TM instructors in Santa Monica, CAarea who are also Doctors of Cranial Osteopathy. (But bear in mind, this wholething is bigger than labels, when people are interested in the occult they studyeclectically.) These TM Cranial Osteopaths are concentrated where TM has asecret MUM Mountain, CA training site. There are cranial doctors in the nearbytowns of Aptos, Capitola, Cupertino, Hollister, Los Gatos, Salinas, Santa Cruz,Saratoga and Watsonville. It’s boggles the mind that 12 cranial doctors areneeded for the rural area near MUM Mountain, while L.A. only has 10.Concentrations of cranial doctors occur in close proximity to TM centers,particularly around the Maharishi University in Fairfield, 10 as well as thesecret MUM Mountain training center. Other cranial DOs who are part of TM arescattered about the United States.

Another observation which I made, was that some of the people that got reallybig into TM are still searching for something to fill the voids and needs oftheir life. TM didn’t turn out to be as big of an answer as they expected. TMis not the final answer. However, the Maharishi who brought TM to America has acollege in Fairfield, Iowa (the Maharishi International University) and 20 NorthAmerican “heavenly communities” operating in the quest to create aheaven on earth. The Maharishi International University has been used formedical experimentation on people. The close connections between the leadershipof TM and the Illuminati leadership suggests that TM is being used as anotherhaven for the NWO’s mind-control to be perpetrated on unsuspecting victims.There are bone-setters in India also. Perhaps the Maharishi got his originalinterest in the potential for mind-control via skull manipulation in India.Wherever the interest came from, it is evident that TM in America is involved inskull manipulation for its mind-control results.

The 3-in-One school Connection

If one wants to surrender oneself to a cult, and allow one’s mind to becontrol, in order to learn, the 3-in-1 school will be happy to teach you aboutwhat others would call phrenology and manipulation of the skull to controlthinking. The school has a number of courses. They do not call their principlesphrenology. Nor do they call their instruction mind-control. They identify tothe student areas of the head and what type of thinkingthat area of the head is involved with. They also provide information so thattheir students can evaluate how people will act based on the shape of theirheads and how that shape will interact with other shapes. The school is locatedat 2001 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506, ph. no. 818-841-4786. They teachEricksonian Hypnosis (good for programmers to know), Bodywork (incl. cranialosteopathy, which is good for programmers to know), and they teach NLP,Mind-controlled relationships (along with scripts), Mind-controlled adolescentproblems, and a pantheistic religious philosophy/religion.

When the 3-in-1school got started they were teaching muscle-testing and other important skillsto their students (who can become “facilitators” in teaching others).The muscle-manipulation they have taught is extremely gentle and way beyond whatthe chiropractors knew. The school in California began about 10 years ago andthen a few years later they began to tighten their hold on all their graduatesand their students. The school has been drawing students from Europe, Japan,China, Russia, and South America (incl. Brazil). They have moved more and moretoward being an occult cult or perhaps an Illuminati front.

When giveninformation that their muscle techniques could be used to help multiples, theyhave made it clear (according to one school administrator) that they are notinterested in helping multiple personalities. One school administrator namedGordon Stokes said, “We’re off in another direction.” In fact,Gordon Stokes is the founder of 3-In-1. (Technically, a co-founder, DanielWhiteside and Candace Callaway helped. Some speculate that the Three-in-One namerefers to this triumvirate, and perhaps to their relationship together.)

GordonStokes has been reported to be a member of the BOTA which is an internationalMystery School of the Hierarchy. BOTA stands for Builders of the Adytum. It is aQabalistic-Hermetic Order of adepts founded in the 1920s by Dr. Paul Foster Casereportedly on direction by the hierarchy. The BOTA teaches higher states ofconsciousness to its adepts. It is located at 5105 No. Figueroa St., LosAngeles, CA 90042. Daniel Whiteside’s parents are deeply involved inpersonology. And Candace Calloway’s mother, their book keeper, has also been amajor figure at the 3-in-1 school. This 3-in-1 school in Burbank seems to be afinishing school for Illuminati programmers. The school ridicules people whowant to examine their life or have a conscience. Christianity is considered tobe an obnoxious tyrannical religion by the school. The information that theyteach would be very helpful for mind-control programmers, and their occultphilosophy would scare off moral people from participating.

The 3-In-1 researchhas been geared into how the brain works. Their research shows that if a personhas more brain cells in a particular region of the brain, they are moredeveloped in that intellectual area. For instance, if theAction-based-on-feeling area (the parietal lobe) has lots of cells, the personwill be more active than thoughtful. If the person has more cells in thebrain’s Conscious-associational thinking area (frontal lobes) they will thinkmore than act. They call their system based upon this research comparative cellproportion. There were many ancient works that noticed personality traits inrelationship to head shapes.

Three-In-One article “The Background ofStructure/Function” states, “You can read about the basis ofStructure/Function in the Hebrew CABALA’S book of ZOHAR (which is literallyAristotle’s PHYSIOGNOMONICA) as well as in the writings of Maimonides andthose of almost every famous Arabian philosopher during Medieval times.”(Stokes, Daniel. The Background of Structure/Function, 1991, p. 2) The CranialAcademy’s The Cranial Letter also picked up on the connection between theCabala and cranial manipulation.

A class on the “Cabala and Osteopathy” is advertized in the May’95 issue, p. 9. Until Freud captured the interest of students of the mind,phrenology was psychology. Phrenology studied what could be measured, Freud gotpeople looking for the hidden. In 1938, Dr. Edward Vincent Jones improved uponPhrenology and classic Physiognomy and developed Personology. His system was aninstant hit and he was given the go ahead and conduct research on inmates at SanQuentin Prison, and what is now LA’s giant USC County Hospital.

Interestingly,it was not long after Jones’ research there, that Cisco Wheeler’s father(trained as a programmer) was assigned by the Illuminati to organize covens inthe San Quentin Prison. The Whitesides became disciples of Jones research andwent on to statistically validate his system. One of their best students thenwas Gordon Stokes of Sacramento, who then moved to San Francisco to be bettertrained by the Whitesides. As mentioned, sixty traits have been validatedstatistically. By looking at the skull and head, the skin, the body tone, theeyes, and other areas, the practitioners of Structure/Function can accuratelytell a person’s personality. Because this type of information has been in thepossession of caballists, it is not surprising that the average person isignorant of all this. However, the potential for good or evil with thisknowledge is tremendous.

They also used Applied Kinesiology to defuse emotionalstress. For this work they divide the brain into the dominant side (the left),and the alternate side (the right). Then each of these hemispheres is againdivided between the fore and back brains for defusion. Applied Kinesiology isused to gain information about a trauma, and the defusion is used to release anynegative emotional stress around an incident. (This also possibly could be usedto dilute the emotional impact of some assignment done by a slave.)

In the first3-In-1 newsletter of 1995, pg. 1, they write, “Self-image is the key togood learning performance. What ‘magic’ do we use to help slow learners andpeople labeled as ‘learning disabled’ change for the better sodramatically.” This is just one minor example, of how these groups like toreframe what they do in occult terms. The mind-control programmers need onlyhave someone skilled in the manipulation of the cranial bones and the skullbones and they can with repeated delicate precision reshape a person’s skulland also his brain’s shape, thus manipulating the personality & looks.Photos of Marilyn Monroe (Erma Jean) during her life strongly suggest that typeof cranial manipulation was done to her for mind-control purposes.

The occultworld has maintained a dogged resolve to keep the deeper cranial knowledge andskills secret. Dr. Sutherland’s wife wrote his story With Thinking Fingers.She states on pg. 62, “It was Dr. Sutherland’s cherished dream that a daywould come when the benefits to the mentally ill through the cranial componentin osteopathy would be investigated…” If that was his dream, it is beinghijacked today by those who see it as a tool for power over their fellow men.


A great deal of secret experimentation has gone on in undergroundinstallations with genetics. This author has had the privilege of debriefingsomeone who worked at the Area 51 underground installation. He was murderedafter having had several long interviews with this author. Truth is strangerthan fiction. It goes without saying that the Illuminati has gathered up everyhair-brained idea for controlling and manipulating the human race. Thatdoesn’t mean everyone of them has been attempted, but they have the means tocarry out very bizarre experiments in their underground facilities, such as theones at Area 51.

There is no question that they have tried to augmentnatural human features and replace natural human parts. Who knows what weirdtransgenetic or cybernetic beings have been created? This author knows that theyhave been successful in some of their work at reshaping humans. This author hasaccumulated a great deal of information on the underground installations fromeyewitnesses, but there is no way of knowing what is accurate and what isdisinformation. However, a few details are definite. These undergroundinstallations are massive and they involve genetic manipulation to create newspecies or breed special types of people. In the Vol. 2 book, we discussed theAquaman subspecies that the NWO has created with gills and special skin. Thesepeople look like normal people unless observed closely. They had extra geneticmaterial inserted in the genetic material that created them. They are calledTransgenic humans because they still closely resemble other people.

In order for transgenetic humans to pass their new added features to the next generation theyneed to mate with other similar transgenetic humans. However, the NWO has beensecretly creating Chimeras. Chimeras is the widely used name for beast-men. Thisresearch is generally not for the public to see but is done in some of theunderground facilities listed in Appendix 2. An example would be a creature thatwas half human and half some other beast.

On a BBC TV show on Oct. and Nov.1988, the British showed the result of a gorilla being artificially inseminatedwith a human sperm. The experiment was done by British researchers working forthe government and the result ended in a child looking remarkably like a normalperson. However, the common people who viewed it were outraged. Most people arenot really excited about scientists playing God and destroying the human race bygenetic tampering. Of course the scientists who do these genetic games have lotsof excuses and rationales, many of which have been put into print, to justifytheir research.

People are being bred for specific purposes by the Illuminati,just like this author bred dairy cows. Parents with certain desired features areobtained. (In fact, the Nazi’s secret superdog Lowenhertz Dogo Argentino -which looks like a race of weight-lifting dogs, and the secret 100 yr. oldParaguayan Nueva Germania colony of special bred Aryans are still in existence.)

The NY Times had an article on 9/17/92 where a Washington psychiatrist Dr. PeterBreggin accused the federal government of a genetic “violenceinitiative” in which the government was involved with genetic research asit relates to crime and violence. Dr. Susan Solomon, is one of thegovernment’s leaders involved in researching violence. However, from what thisauthor can gather, the government’s research is far more reaching that the NYTimes’ article even begins to imply. By genetic breeding and manipulation, theIlluminati are trying to strengthen certain mental features. Considering thatthis has already been done for centuries by mankind to other species, forinstance, when mankind domesticated the horse, the dog, the cat, the lama, thechicken, then it is no secret that a docile servile slave class of humans can becreated. The primary goal of this Illuminati breeding is to create a class ofpeople who can work together with others (herd instinct), and who will takeorders willingly. Independent thinking and intelligence are not wanted.Educational goals and a world-wide educational system that can accommodate thesetypes of workers is being created world-wide to deal with the eventualworking-class- drones that the Illuminati want to create. The creation of thiseducational system at this present time has four goals, 1. to develop a groupmindset, 2. to have education carried out by the multinational corporations, have students educated on the premise that truth is relative, 4. to teachcompliance.

Already the public schools in America are gearing up for the government to dictate what occupations young students canstudy for. In other words, our educational system is being set up formind-control, and this is to eventually work hand-in-hand with worker slavesthat have the genetics needed to be good compliant stupid slaves.

There havealso been studies of intelligence such as the five volume Genetic Studies ofGenius started by L.M. Terman in 1925, (pub. by Univ. of Stanford Press). TheWorld Order has specific and successful methods to create a class of technicalpeople. At this point, people whose thinking abilities have been created by themonitoring/ manipulating of their genetics is a small but increasing number.Genetic control of breeding is unfortunately where the programmers are headed.This is not happening for the genetic betterment of the human species, this isfor the perverted lusts of these demon-possessed megalomaniacs who think theydeserve to rule with a sadistic iron fist. Those who mistakenly think the mind-control programmers are trying to improve the human race, need to get to knowthe programmers better. (See Appendix A for biographical information on some ofthe programmers.) Those poor gullible naive people who think that when theglobal masters visibly introduce the New World Order that the NWO will betolerable if they can simply keep their noses clean, not fight back, and dotheir jobs, are sadly mistaken. They do not know the dark – sinister side tothese global masters. As one man very close to the center of power said to acommon man about the men who rule the world, “If you stepped on an ant, youwould have more conscience than the global elite have in manufacturing wars andkilling millions of people. They want power and they intend to amass total powerno matter what the cost.”


Ionizing radiation used in conjunction with chemicals to manipulate thegenetics of the mind; or say this another way: USING RADIATION & CHEMICALSTO CHANGE GENETICS associated WITH THINKING.

When a retired high-ranking military man first told this author thatradiation research had to do with mind-control, my reaction was probably likemost people’s, puzzlement. I thought that radiation was quite lethal and thatgenetic research with radiation was to protect us from some kind of atomicattack. Wrong. That is a nice cover story.

Since that retired colonel (who may not have long to live) talked to me,others have said similar things. Like many things that the World Order does, ifwe don’t have a frame of reference of what is going on, we can live aroundwhat they are doing day in and day out and never see all the clues as to what isgoing on under our noses.

One trauma-based mind-controlled slave (Chris DeNicola) spied on the files ofthe doctor who did radiation experiments on her. She saw the following radiationfile headings, & their codes: Canker Sore (D-7040), Laser Documentation(D-7000), Nautical Science (D-1015), Pediatric Radionthology (L-6542) [One ideais that this file might pertain to child alters.], Penetrating Wave Activity,Radiation Experimentation (L-6540), Radioactive Distortions, RadioactiveMaterial Contamination, Radioactive verification, Radioactive Waves,Radionthology, Electrolite Prodigies Experiments (654-011), Laser LightDistortions experiments (654-012), & Laserlight Technology experiments(101-015). One reason, that this author is providing the code numbers of thesefiles, is that memories of slaves who are involved in these experiments orprojects often are internally coded with these file codes. The date theexperiment was done will also be added as part of the code.

When this author researched their genetic research, I was utterly amazed athow many institutions world-wide are carrying out deep research intogenetics–much of which will contribute to the enslavement and mind-control ofthe human race.

Just a sampling of countless labs working hard on this mind- control related genetic researchinclude Brookhaven National Labs. Upton, NY; John Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD;Institut fur Genetik, the Free University of Berlin, Germany; Institute ofHygiene & Epidemiology, Czech.; Radiation Genetic Lab & ChemicalMutagenesis, State Univ. Of Leiden, Sylvius Labs, Leiden, The Netherlands; MIT,Cambridge, MA; Gesellschaft für Strahlen und Umweltforschung, Munich, Germany;National Inst. of Environmental Health Sciences Research Triangle Park, NC;Sandoz Labs in Basle, Switzerland; Biology Division, Oak Ridge National Lab, OakRidge, TN; Roswell Underground Labs, NM; Stanford Research Institute, MenloPark, CA; Shell Labs, Kent, England; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; theZentrallabor für Mutagenitätsprüfung der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinshaft,Freiburg, Germany.

This is just a tiny sampling of the enormous world wideresearch devoted to genetics that pertain to mind-control. While there arenumerous surnames among the genetic researchers, because this author knows as afact that some of these researchers are Illuminati, it doesn’t quiet one’scuriosity to see the better known Illuminati surnames such as Dupont, Hersey,Fox, Frey, Jung, Li, Paterson, Stuart, Sinclair, Sutherland, and Russellappearing among the genetic researchers doing research that pertains tomind-control.

Obviously, this author can’t give all the ways they havefigured out to use radiation, along with chemicals and genetics to control thehuman race. I will try to give you a peek in the window. The real deep &dangerous information is of course highly classified material and protected bytheir mind-control of those scientists who work for them.

When I saymind-control, that includes such methods as blackmail and threats ofassassination.

There is a type of radiation called ionizing radiation-that meansit is radiation that gives off electrons (thus producing ions). There are manydifferent types of ionizing radiation. Some go right through the body, somedamage the cells, but the body repairs itself, some causes genetic changes, andsome simply hits your cells like a sledge hammer & kills them.

The ionizingradiation that changes genetics has been the focus of an incredibly enormousamount of (mostly secret) research. Genes are instructions that tell non-lifematerial how to organize itself into something living. A gene consists ofgenetic material called DNA and RNA. Genes also provide instructions for howsomething is to develop. As a person or animal develops, the genes interact withthe environment to create what the person or animal is like. For instance,different breeds of dogs when born are more similar, than after they grow up.Different breeds of dogs have been bred for different genetic traits, and asdifferent breeds grow up, their genes continually interact with the environmentto create the adult dog.

So full genetic expression can take a life-time. Thelink between genetics and behaviour can be seen in this quote from the QuarterlyReview of Biology (art. by T.C. Schneirla, 1966, p. 283), “Behaviouralontogenesis is the backbone of comparative psychology. Shortcomings in its studyinevitably handicap other lines of investigation from behavioural evolution andpsychogenetics to the study of individual and group behavior.”

Geneticpsychology has revealed that the genes program in methods for an organism toadjust to their environment. So genetic instruction is, for instance, more thanjust the instruction “be smart, be aggressive, be tall” but it istailoring the way a person’s develops to deal with its environment. In otherwords, behaviours are programmed into a person via their genes (geneticinstructions) to provide mechanisms for quick, dynamic adaptions to changingcircumstances. These mechanisms (created by genetic codes) may even have theperson (or animal) reverse their behaviour for purposes of survival.

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Within the human brain (also all mammal brains) all the neurons are believedto be generated before birth with the exception of the following cells: granulecells of the olfactory bulb, fascia dentala granule cells in the hippocampus,the granule cells of the cerebellar cortex, and the granule cells of rhombic lipin the brainstem.

Its the brainstem cells that the Illuminati manipulate throughbrain stem scarring to produce photographic memories for their scientists andcomputer programmers. The germinal cells create neurons in the germinal zone.Brain cells with a common function develop from a common lineage although fromdifferent sites. After a new neuron develops in the germinal zone, they migrateto whatever location they are to live in. The complicated process of how aneuron discovers where to go (migrate to in the brain) has been not beendiscovered according to what this author has read. When neurons establishthemselves they deal with certain neurotransmitters, that establishcommunication between them and other neurons.

Researchers have discovered thatneurons can change their own make up to take different neurotransmitters if theydecide their “environment” in the brain needs it. They also grow their dentrite connections depending on what type of connections are needed for thatparticular brain to function. For instance, a piano player will develop dentriteconnections to be able to play well.

These discoveries show once again that evenon the cellular level, genetic instructions are complex and designed to giveflexibility and adaptability of the cell to the situation for the cell. Geneticprogramming begins at the cellular level. There is a cellular consciousnessbesides the consciousness that we think about. DNA structures which areinherited affect the cellular consciousness. Body memories are contained withinthe physiological structure. The first brain and the body work off astimulus-response recording mechanism. Body memory and programming are stored atthis level. This is an area of the brain that is always on. However, its view orperception of events is not an exact copy of what other higher brains arethinking. Your conscious mind doesn’t remember how the stairs and the room arearranged, but in the dark, you primal part of your mind helps guide your steps.

Various drugs and chemicals have been identified that influence particularlearning sequences in the mind, such as imprinting. For instance, hexamethoniumchloride antagomzes the nicotinic actions of acetylcholine on the ganglia, or inother words, acetylcholine will depolarize the ganglia but is prevented by thehexamethonium. The overall result is that impulses that the sympathetic gangliawould transmit are blocked. This is just one example of countless examples ofhow a specific chemical can affect a specific brain action.

There is a branch ofgenetic research called “developmental social behaviour genetics” whichdeals with how genetics program in social behaviours of animals and people. Forinstance, these geneticists study how genes create aggression, courtship,territorial behaviours, behaviours involving mothers andfathers, dominance (peeking order) behaviors, sexual behaviors, attractionbehaviors, recognition behaviors, etc.

Men are very much controlled by thesexual lusts, power lusts, and aggressive behaviors. Can the reader see howgenetic manipulation of these genetic based behaviors could radically change thepotential behavior of a person. A fox’s genes cause him to react differentlythan a rabbit’s genes. Having a rabbit grow up in a fox home is not going tochange the genetic instructions. (The Bible even says, Can a leopard changeit’s spots?) But the World Order has figured out how to change thoseinstructions.

Genetic researchers had to begin sorting out behaviours, andsorting out genes that affected them. For instance, genes create a person’s(or animal) reproductive “instincts”. These instructions includeinstructions on fighting, nest building, mating, and care of their offspring.These genetic instructions are different for different people and differentanimals. Researchers into imprinting have discovered that IF a set of animals(or people) is prevented from learning a particular imprint, and IF that set ofanimals breed, THEN they pass on a lack of ability to receive that imprint. Inother words, genetically we learn from generation to generation.

Let’s saythat we prevent men from naturally imprinting a sexual desire for women as theygrow up. If we mate those men to women, the offspring will show a reducedability to be heterosexual. Males seem to develop their sexuality, but femalesseem to react more on the basis of genetically present “releasers”.Genetic researchers have gone in and identified what people’s behaviouralinstructions specifically are, and how to change them. The instructions arewritten in DNA, and manipulation of DNA can change those instructions.

When Iresearched their genetic research, I found that they have developed maps for howto change genetic material to change those instructions concerning behaviour. Themaps for changing human genes related to behaviour are classified, but an exampleof one that isn’t is found in the book The Genetics of Behaviour (ed. Ehrman& Parsons. Sinauer Assoc., Inc. publ.: Sunderland, Mass, 1976, chapter 8figure 4.). This map shows 3 sites in a HK gene that are intentionally mutatedby the scientists in order to change the way a particular fly sings its matingcall. The specific changes in how the fly sings its new mating call (after thegenetic code is changed by geneticists) are even graphed out in a recordinggraph in another book Developmental Behavior Genetics: Neural, Biometrical, andEvolutionary Approaches (ed. by Hahn et. al., Oxford, Eng.: Oxford Univ. Press,1990, Fig. 6-1.)

Again bear in mind that we only get the crumbs of what theyknow. We get a map of how they can change the way a fly sings a song–while theysecretly keep the genetic maps to change human behaviour! An easy example of howgenetics play a role in human behaviour can be seen in how infants behave towardtheir mothers and toward strangers. By using twins and adopted children, etc. itcould be clearly demonstrated that the behaviour of a child in how it touches itsmother was genetically inherited. But remember that the genetic instructions asa child grow older are designed to give it flexibility in relationship to itsenvironment, so the environment is going to interact with the genetics to formthe final behaviours. The study of these reactions of genes to the environment iscalled the study of epigenesis.

Another easy example of the genetic role inhuman behaviour is that intelligence has been linked to brain to body size. Genesultimately determine that ratio of brain to body size. The factors involved arelargely prenatal maternal influences. A great deal has been learned in thisarea. Brain size relates less to body size than it is a function of bodymetabolism. (See Research by Lande & Martin) To give a tiny sample of thetypes of genetic studies done in this area:

  • Hahn, M.E., & Haber, S.B. “Dominance for large brains inlaboratory mice…” Behavior Genetics, 1979, 9, pp. 243-244.
  • Fuller, J.L. & Geils, H. “Brain growth in mice selected for highand low brain weight.” Developmental Psychobiology, 1972, 5, pp. 307-318.
  • Riska, B., & Atchley, W.R. “Genetics of growth predict patternsof brain-size evolution.” Science, 1985, 229, pp. 668-671.

Research into how to control humans genetically proceeded in severaldirections. First, scientists realized that radiation was the key to changinggenetics. Radiation causes breaks and changes in the DNA instructions. If onlyone little bit of genetic DNA instruction is changed in 1 million bits ofinformation, that change could radically change the life of the person oranimal. We see that everyday cleft lips… But how does radiation affectgenetics? DNA has been studied from every angle. DNA has been looked at, probed,tested with all kinds of chemicals and countless other manipulations. Thescientists figured exactly how the different DNA is constructed, what makes ittick, how it joins, holds together, reproduces, etc. They can disassemble andrebuild DNA however they want. DNA is the genetic instructions.

Since radiationwill affect DNA they tested a long list of ionizing radiation substances on DNA.Different radiations will break the DNA in different ways. Chemicals will jointo DNA in certain ways. Long story short, there are millions of ways tomanipulate genetic material, and the World Order set out to discover how toprecisely manipulate certain kinds of genetic material in certain ways.

Anexample of how skilled they are in understanding most everything about toconstruct and take apart the molecules of genetic material, at Cold Spring Harbor Labs one of the 1997 courses offered students is Molecular Cloning ofNeural Genes. They understand what makes a nerve cell and how to create one.This science is called molecular neurobiology. (This course at Cold Springs H.L.happens to be taught by instructors from Rockefeller Univ., Harvard, JohnHopkins, and UC of Berkeley.)

One area of intense study for many years was along-term scramble to find chemicals that would cause different types ofmutations in DNA. This research was called Comparative Chemical Mutagenesis. Infact one of the books this author studied was entitled just that ComparativeChemical Mutagenesis (ed. by DeSerres & Shelby). This book’s Chapters16-18, 22-25 are about chemical-genetic research concerning how to creategenetic changes in mammals using chemicals!

When it comes to genetics, much ofwhat is learned from studying one mammal will apply to humans. The chemicalprinciples are the same, the DNA is written in the same code, only the geneticinstructions written in that code is different. To make an analogy, this book iswritten in English. Once someone understands how English works, they can takeapart a sentence and rewrite it. Top level Genetic scientists know how to takeapart genetic instructions and rewrite them. Radiation used in conjunction withchemicals presents them a tool for the mass editing of human geneticinstructions. No wonder the Chernobyl nuclear accident happened. (Insiders inthe know say that it was caused on purpose.) What a great way to carry out moremind-control research.

According to public research, genetic mutations werecreated by scientists in mammal cells first in 1968. It is likely that this hadalready been accomplished in secrecy before this. Labs all over the world wentabout testing genetic material with specialized chemicals to see what wouldhappen to various genetic material when it came in contact with specificchemicals. Some of the commonly- tested mutagent chemicals that were widelytested to discover their “mutagenicity” (mutagenicity is the wordgeneticists use to describe the power of a chemical to cause a mutation)include:

Aflatoxin B1 (AFT)(This is a mold metabolite and is not always effectivewithout another agent.)
Cadmium chloride
Cadmium salts
Cyclophosphamide (CP)
Dimethylnitrosamine (DMN)
Ethyl Methanesulfonate (EMS)
Methyl methanesulfonate (MMS)
Mitomycin C (a strong mutagenic at low doses)
Myleran (aka Busulfan)
N.Methyl-N,-Nitro – N – Nitrosoguanidine (MNNG)

Natulan (aka procarbazine, this chemical was strongly mutagenic in the labwith the presence of S-9, but weak without the presence of S-9)

Vinyl chloride

When these chemicals (and others) were tested on genetic material, themutations they caused in the genetic material were observed, and then thespecific type of mutation each caused was charted. Some caused chromosome-typechanges, others caused chromatid-type changes, and some caused sub- or half-chromatid changes (these sub-changes usually were in the mitotic portion of thecell cycle.) When the chemicals broke chromosomes they were called clastogens.Others cause chromosomes to lose genetic material by damaging the mitoticapparatus. Many of the chemicals that were first tested only produced chemicalchanges in the chromatid-type of change. They discovered that the protectivemechanisms of animals, plants and humans were protecting against many of theirinduced mutations, but they also learned what mutations they could create thatthe body would not fix or recover from.

Along with finding out what certainchemicals would do, the World Order wanted to find out what would happen at themolecular level of DNA when subjected to different types of radiation. The keyto using radiative material is that there are many different types of radiativesubstances, not just uranium. For instance, cadmium is radioactive and can beused in genetic manipulation. In researching radiation, the first stage is whenfree radicals are created. This takes only a very small fraction of a second.The next is the chemical transformation of those radicals into stable radiationsubstances, and finally the last stage are the effects of these substances whenthe body incorporates them. The effects of the radiation substances on a personmay last several years. The effects of radiation take place on the molecularlevel of DNA.

When you and I went to school we were taught that DNA occurs as adouble-helix around an invisible common axis. The core of the helix is a seriesof purine and pyrimidine bases stacked in a parallel array and are arrangedalmost perpendicular to the invisible axis of the helix. However, the reality isthat DNA can also exist in three (triple) double-stranded helix structures whichare called the A-DNA, the B-DNA, and the C-DNA. At high humidities the A-DNAwill transform into a B- DNA if excess salt is in the area. In A-DNA the normalof the base pairs is tilted by 200 to the helix axis. In contrast, in the B-DNAthe base pairs are perpendicular. In some viruses and bacteria single strandedDNA is found. DNA also comes in supercoiled in some situations.

The point issimply that DNA occurs in ways other than we learned in school. They discoveredthat the energy of the sugar-phosphate backbone of the DNA allows for the DNAbases to be stacked, and is the key to the stability of the DNA. The verticlestacking of the bases gives stability of the DNA helix. They discovered that thehelical structure of DNA is strongly influenced by its base composition andmolecular weight. I mention these only to point out, that they know all aboutwhat DNA is and how it is built and holds itself together.

The genetic-radiation researchers had to learn how the bases of the DNA heldtogether electronically. They needed to learn how well these molecules of thesedifferent bases would accept electrons or donate electrons, because ionizedradiation is substances that give off electrons or otherionizing particles. Directly ionizing particles are atomic particles that arecharged such as electrons, protons, alpha (a) particles, “heavy” ions,etc.).

An example of something the researchers found is that the cytosine basewas the best acceptor of all the DNA bases. They began the process of testingdifferent radioactive substances on DNA to see how they would cause mutations.To study this type of research, this author read several books such as Effectsof Ionizing Radiation on DNA (Springer-Verlag Publ.: Berlin, Germany, 1978). Anexample of a chapter in this book is “Radiation-Induced Degradation of theBase Component in DNA and Related Substances”. This chapter shows charts ofwhat happens to DNA components (such as thymine, cytosine, & uracil) whenthey are exposed to radiation. This author wants to cover some details of thetype of discoveries these researchers made to make a point that specificchemicals and specific types of ionizing radiation will produce differenteffects upon DNA. Although these are very specific minute details, the reasonthey are mentioned here, is that the bottom line is that SOME CHEMICALS WORKWITH SOME TYPES OF RADIATION TO PRODUCE SPECIFIC MUTATIONS.

They discovered thatif a mutagenic such as aminoacridine dye is absorbed by cells, this dye whichbinds to the nucleic acids, absorbs light to such a degree that the cells aredestroyed. Different variations of dyes bind to the DNA in different strong andweak binding processes. Lambda radiation was tested on DNA. They observed thatpositive and negative ions were randomly produced throughout the DNA and thatthese are chemically unstable and undergo free radical reactions to form stableradiation products. They discovered that there was a consistent “oxygeneffect” which was made into a radiobiological law which described how thepresence of oxygen enhances radiation damage in all forms of cell life.

Anotherinteresting discovery was that 5-bromouracil (BU) enhanced the rate ofradiation-induced free radicals forming within gamma-irradiated DNA. Researchersdiscovered that an naturally occurring substance in cells, the sulthydryls,would bind with iodoacetic acid and N-ethylmaleimide, which made themradiosensitive, and would result in certain mutations. Still one more example ofa compound that works with radiation to cause changes in the DNA istriacetoneamine-N-oxyl (or TAN for short). This is a stable free radical thatcombines with DNA. TAN comes from a group of nitroxide free radicals which allhave the same influence on DNA. Metronidazole (aka Flagyl) was also found to beanother of the nitroimidazoles and nitrofuranes that are oxygen mimics thatworked in the lab as radiosensitizers of DNA.

Chemical-Biological Weapons arereferred to as CB Weapons. In a transcript attached to the Dept. of Defenseappropriations for 1970 (part 6) that I have of CB Weapons researchers talking,they indicate that the United States has BZ which “brings about completemental disorientation as well as sedation which induces sleep. First of all theindividual is completely confused as to what he is doing or what he is supposedto do and in addition he has hallucinations. He cannot carry out his assignedduties nor can he remember what his assigned duties were.” The affect of BZlasts for about 3 days and then the person will begin to recover. It can begiven via the air or the water. If it is drank or inhaled it will work. It takesaffect about 1 to 1 ½ hours after it is ingested. There are a number ofcorporations that can produce BZ in the U.S. At the time of the transcript, itwas stated that BZ is $20/lb. and a lead time of six months for production.

Chemical incapacitants have been developed that affect the mental functions ofthe mind in various ways. Today, research and deployment continues of chemicaland radioactive substances that can control people. One of the methods thatchemical and radioactive materials work is to change genetic structures. Some ofthe genetic changes that can be created chemically, are chemical changes thataffect the way the mind thinks. In a nutshell, we are looking at a situationwhere the thinking of an entire race could be altered via chemicals dropped intotheir air and water. How long would these genetic changes last? It isconceivable that some of the changes might have long range consequences. Again,the bottom line is that the World Order has at its disposal radioactivesubstances that can distributed in conjunction with chemicals to mind-controllarge geographic regions by genetic manipulation. These radioactive substancesand chemicals can be distributed over vast areas by the air and water of ageographic region. It is conceivable that within a short time, the United Stateswill experience chemicals administered via the air, or the drinking water usedin conjunction with specific external stimuli to reinforce certain types ofmind-control programming on a mass of people. A chemical that makes peoplesusceptible to suggestion could be used over a geographic area while hypnotictelevision messages and ELF waves, etc. contribute to the mind-controloperation.

Therapists are going to begin encountering victims of mind-controlborn in the 1960’s or later that have been subjected to chemical-radiationchanges to the genetics that control human behaviour. There are already dozens ofvery vocal victims of both radiation experiments & mind-control that arespeaking up. Unfortunately, the ones that this author knows do not have a longlife-expectancy, and speaking up usually has the effect of shortening awhistle-blower’s life.

In this Deeper Insights book, the movie Jacob’sLadder was mentioned. This movie shows a unit in Vietnam which was given a drugto make them aggressive, but the drug backfired because they killed each other.However, the reason the movie was allowed to be produced is that it was a goodcover for the fact that the military did not give up, but that they actuallysucceeded in producing their “magic chemical potion” to turn soldiersinto killing machines. The biology of aggression has been figured out. Militarystudies on the relationship between drugs and the ability to kill have beennumerous, one example is Gabriel, R.A. Military Psychiatry: A ComparativePerspective. NY: Greenport Press, 1986. The World Order has the ability tocreate the warrior spirit, actually its worse than that, they have the abilityto turn men into killing machines.


As horrible as the physical manipulation of the brain and its fluids is, andas monstrous as the genetic manipulation of the growth of the brain as outlinedin this chapter are, they are only a few methods of mind-control of many thatthe Illuminati have at their disposal. These techniques seriously raise thequestion how much longer will humanity as we know it survive? The nextgeneration of children will have to face mind-control in the form of genetictampering and the use of chemicals already stockpiled by the NWO.

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A person’s “selfhood” is hard to define, but one could view it asthe central important center of consciousness to which the person has placedboth trust and purpose. A professor of Pastoral Counselling defined the self as”the purposive core I have learned to trust in myself and others.”Although this author prefers his own wording as written above, the definition of”selfhood” by this professor of pastors is in agreement with thisauthor’s. A mature person is a person who has developed a”selfhood”, a sense of self, that is able to make creative choices inline with values and plans for his or her life. By the destruction of the”selfhood” of many of the alters, the programmers derail the abilityof the slave to make creative choices in line with values and plans. Not only dothey destroy the sense of identity but they also destroy the development ofvalues.

When a normal person grows up, the values, that an individual adopts,will enable that person to integrate hi