The Sombre Aftermath of Complacency

The sombre aftermath of complacency. Looking back on the past year, what the hell just happened?

“Well gee Mister Sojan! Much hard work this is…” Amanda commented. During some events of the 2015 year, we all had to hide in various secret places. Amanda had been keeping logs of all proceedings in secret. It was only just over one month ago their work started to come undone again and I met the others within the internal worlds again.

“It’s good we are at least all back together, yes? That was a scary one years of times Mister Sojan!” Amanda puts on her black framed glasses. The lenses although magnifying the eyes slightly give Amanda a boost in all areas of personality and intelligence. The glasses were kept most secret, for if they were discovered properly it’d make things much harder.

“Mister Sojan! Look look!!!” Amanda places the glasses on her head, and jumps up with a hand and finger in the air pointing excitability. “I have concluded with the sciences of all things! Things are not good Mister Sojan!” The news was received with a sigh from the others.

“Yeah, no shit love. We all had the mickey done to us, and I really thought that was it. Done.” commented Jas. It was good to see at least Jas opening up and speaking a bit more the past month. The complacency that was instilled halted most deprogramming attempts or efforts.

Sojan, Jas and Amanda. The three original alters from the early days had been reunited. Falling victim yet again to the social engineering of the colour coded doctors, much work was done to separate these three. It worked and stuck for some time. Now coming undone. However still waking up to the realities of the previous few years.

Crawling around on the ground around the, the baby Maxx is still very active. Amanda picks up baby Maxx. “He is a very good baby!!! Although he never really did grow up at all. It was all a trick.” Jas and Sojan were hesitant of the baby Maxx due to the power he possessed. Amanda however was mostly blind to such things and wasn’t affected by power or other attributes. She mainly just knew what was right for people, and helped people to get along.

The glasses she possessed were imbued with magic potency. Just one glance at anyone or anything, and instant and full understanding is received. This makes it very easy to create balance within the internal worlds. “Just all big tricks…” Amanda comments again as she puts the agitated baby Maxx down to the ground to crawl about again.

“Fwwraahh! I am THE MAXX!!!” The baby Maxx continues to make strange comments while seemingly stuck in his own world. No amount of reason or talk seemed to snap him out of the spell he was under.

“He is still stuck on those days. It isn’t safe for him to grow up yet. Of all things there is sadness, and of sadness the Maxx I think is the most sad. The things done to him…” Amanda said to the others. Everyone knew they had it bad, however the cause of this all related to The Maxx so he got the most hurt.

“Mister Sojan! I will maintain things in here. You have to focus on the external worlds, we need the monies… No one will help us but ourselves. No one in the world. I am really sorry for this Mister Sojan!” Amanda was always the balancing voice of reason within the internal worlds. Her absence the past year certainly spun out of control the intricate web of internal world matters. However, the past two months order has mostly been restored and balance achieved.

The internal worlds safe place, once a lively city of various activities was now just a white space. It had been removed completely.

“How did I become so complacent? How did things get so bad?” Sojan thought as he focused more on the external worlds.

Time for another coffee.


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