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Here, I would like to introduce a guest author. I read this chapter that is offered free on her web site at… and was very impressed with her compassion, her knowledge, and her willingness to share with others what she is learning. The author is Patricia Baird Clark, and she is a counselor who works with ritual abuse survivors. She is also a strong Christian, and much of what she has found out correlates exactly with things that I have found out internally on how things were done. My hope is that this chapter will be helpful to you as well.svali

Chapter 9

Magic Surgery and the Formation of the Inner World

by Patricia Baird Clark
In this chapter we will be addressing that which we can expect to encounter in a person who has been satanically ritually abused to a state of high complexity. These individuals will most likely have been born into a family practicing Satanism for generations with abuse beginning in the womb. Not all satanically ritually abused persons will have the structures and complexity we will be discussing here; however, we should expect to find these things in highly complex multiples and these individuals are not at all rare. Persons called to minister in satanic ritual abuse will encounter these individuals and will need a working knowledge of the things discussed in this chapter. Most, if not all, persons with this much complexity will be women; therefore, I will use the feminine gender throughout this chapter.

Satanic ritual abuse and the resulting formation of multiple personalities create an inner state of incredible complexity. The following concepts will seem bizarre or surreal to those of us who are learning about this for the first time; however, we must remember the extraordinary concepts outlined in this chapter represent these persons’ only perception of life and reality. Everything they say must be treated with respect and with serious concern no matter how illusory it may seem to us.

As stated previously the Old Testament Hebrew word for evil is ra’ from the root word ra’a meaning to spoil by breaking into pieces. Through many torturous rituals the soul is split into numerous parts which we call alters (alternate personalities.) Demons are summoned and placed inside to keep the parts separated and alone, inaccessible to the victim. Negative emotions and specific cult jobs are assigned to each alter. These alters work against the individual and for the cult keeping her totally under the cult’s control. This becomes a living death…a living hell.

The individual is forced by means of ceaseless abuse and demonic programming to form an inner world of darkness. The Hebrew word for darkness is cho-shek’ meaning figuratively misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow and wickedness. The cultists’ aim is to imprison their victim in a web of misery, destruction and living death from which there is no escape. The person’s soul is shattered and each piece enmeshed in a maze of dungeons, prisons, booby traps, demons, etc. in their inner world.
The Inner World

The ritually abused are extremely wounded, broken and confused. Most of them don’t understand what has happened to them. All they know is they are hurting and need help. Our only understanding about what the cult does and why, we learn from these dear, hurting, confused people. It is difficult to piece together an accurate picture of their inner world, how it functions, and why it was created in the first place. By combining what I’ve heard and seen from the ritually abused with my knowledge of Scripture, I have formed my own theory to explain the dynamics with which we are dealing.
We know from Scripture that we have a spirit, a soul and a body. (1 Thes. 5:23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.) In Genesis 2:7 we are shown how we were created in our three parts. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. The breath of God became man’s spirit. When the breath of God came into contact with man’s body, a soul was formed. These three components are joined within us.

In Hebrews 4:12 we read that Jesus (Himself being the Word of God) does at some point separate the soul from the spirit. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. I believe that as long as our spirit is joined to our soul and body, we are not able to see into the spiritual realm. This is as God intended us to be since Satan and demons could appear as “angels of light” and deceive us. God wants us to be innocent concerning evil. Romans 16:19b says, I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.

This concept of separation of soul and spirit is difficult to explain because there is a separation of soul and spirit which is done by Jesus which is good. As we mature in our Christian faith and die to our selfish motives we become aware of a separation of soul and spirit. This means that our good works which originate from our spirit are not tied to the carnal motives of our soul. This separation is not total because there is still a connection that keeps our spirit contained within our body. We do become more aware of the Holy Spirit and we have greater spiritual discernment but we remain somewhat connected. However, through satanic rituals there is a seemingly sudden and complete separation of soul and spirit which then enables a person to see and hear demons.

In 1 Cor. 15:44 we read, It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. We know from this that we have a natural body and a spiritual body. It is through the natural body that we contact the physical world around us. We are not aware of having a spiritual body until we die and discard the natural body. This is as God intended. Somehow through rituals the Satanists use demons to separate the spiritual body from the natural body. When the soul and spirit have been separated and the natural body is separated from the spiritual body, then a person is fully aware of and enters into an entirely different dimension. This is the dimension I am calling the inner world. This world is vast and just as real to the individual as the physical world is to us. We think of spirits as being wispy, vapor-like beings but those who are in this dimension tell me the demons have weight and substance.

The inner world is a world of demon spirits and alters and is accessed through the mind…more specifically through the imagination. Persons who get involved in Transcendental Meditation or seek spirit guides, for example, are using their imagination to contact the realm of evil spirits. God gave us an imagination. An imagination in itself is not an evil thing. We can use our imagination to envision a fabulous new invention which will be of great benefit to mankind. We can use our imagination to picture Jesus as he teaches his disciples and tells them to cast their nets down on the right side of the boat. An imagination can be used for good or it can be used for evil.

When ministering to the highly complex multiple there should come a time early in the sequence of memories where the person will become greatly distressed saying her right side seems to be separated from her left side. At this point a demon needs to be cast out. This will be helpful to the individual but will not deliver her from the spiritual dimension she experiences. This divided feeling may occur with a memory about the ceremony where the dividing was done. One woman described this ritual where the Satanists used the Hebrews 4:12 scripture in some twisted way while holding an actual sword over her and calling up demons to divide her.

Magic Surgery

Through magic surgery this spiritual world is furnished with various structures and objects. During magic surgery a child is hypnotized and/or drugged and told she is going to be operated on and a certain object is to be placed within her. The child knows what the object is and its purpose. The cultists cause the child to feel extreme pain in the area of the surgery, plenty of blood is spread around, the “incision” is made, the object “inserted”, the incision “sewed up” and a bandage applied. For the rest of this person’s life she believes this object is within her. Because of the spiritual dimension she is in, she is able to see and experience this object as though it were a real thing in our three dimensional world. The Satanists use it for purposes of control.

For example a child may be taken to Germany and shown a castle. She not only sees the outside of the castle but she is taken on a tour of the inside. She spends several days in the castle going through painful, terrifying rituals in many of the rooms. She is forced to memorize the castle’s entire layout. There will be a small replica of the castle much like an architectural model or a small doll house…something three dimensional which the child thoroughly learns. Once this has been memorized, she is subjected to magic surgery. A tiny replica of the castle is shown to the child and she is told that it is being placed inside. The castle is now “within” and has become a structure in the spiritual inner world. In this person’s inner world she can now walk through the rooms and this castle has become as real to her in the spiritual dimension as it had been in the physical world.

In subsequent rituals this person will dissociate many times and the alters formed will be assigned to live in various rooms. These rooms are guarded by demons and booby traps are placed in strategic places so there is no escape for the alters locked in the rooms. These castles have cold, dark dungeons filled with rats and snakes along with torture rooms complete with all the medieval torture devices seen in our Hollywood movies.

This becomes an enormous scheme for control. If alters don’t do exactly as told, they will be taken by demons to a torture chamber and tortured. This is extremely painful for the individual because the spiritual senses of her spiritual body are heightened. Spiritual senses are stronger than physical senses, I have been told. The pain even spreads to the physical body. When a Christian counselor has been willing to exchange his life for Christ’s there is tremendous authority given by the Lord over this whole scheme. Jesus knows how to protect the alters when they begin talking. He gives us power to lock up all the demons and He hides the alters where they cannot be found.

Through magic surgery the cultists have placed booby traps throughout the person’s inner world. Of course, these things are not actually inside but because the person believes they are there, demons can use them for control. Satanists anticipate the possibility that alters may begin talking to a counselor. To keep them silent in their rooms or to punish them for talking, the booby traps are in place to be triggered whenever any of the scheme is threatened. These booby traps can be anything a perverted, demon-filled mind can imagine. Think of any of the movies featuring Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones series…these are the kinds of booby traps that can be in this inner world.
A very common booby trap device is a bomb. One particular afternoon I discovered that a woman who had just started having abuse memories had not had anything to drink that entire day. Upon inquiry the Lord revealed there was a bomb inside set to explode should she drink anything. She was absolutely terrified. I asked Him to remove it, which He did, and then she was able to drink two large glasses of water. In this inner world “what you believe is what you get.” Demons can simulate the detonation of a bomb complete with sound effects and pain. Many of these devices are planned to destroy the life or sanity of the individual who begins talking. This is just one example of why this kind of counseling can only be successfully done by a Christian who lets Jesus Christ do the work. If a secular counselor tried to remove this bomb, it would have “exploded” and the woman would have needed medication and possibly hospitalization.

One lady described to me what happened inside when well meaning church people tried to cast demons out of her. A bomb exploded and she felt as though shrapnel had been propelled into every part of her body. The shrapnel was actually powerful demons catapulted into her arms, legs, head…every part of her body…with the message to kill those trying to help her and then run outside and jump in front of traffic. She was aware of what was happening but totally out of control. Two men had been working with her but at that point two more people were required to hold her down.
Anything in the physical world can be placed into a person’s inner world through magic surgery. The following are some of the things commonly found in the inner world for purposes of control. These can only be removed as the Lord leads. Most of them are connected in some way to painful abuse memories and will be removed at the time of the memory; however, this is not always the case. It is important to let the Lord lead. It would not be good for a counselor to randomly try to look for these devices.

1. Computers – The computer will be used by demons and/or cult alters to control anything or anybody in the system.

2. Receivers, walkie-talkies, etc. – The person may actually hear a perpetrator’s voice giving her instructions. This is, of course, done by demons. If the perpetrator wants the person to come to a specific place at a certain time, he calls a demon to go activate the walkie-talkie and give the instructions to the individual. A demon has the ability to sound like and look like any human being.

3. Tape recorders – These may play demeaning, hurtful remarks said by other persons or they may play repeated instructions for certain behaviors, etc. These may be programmed to activate in any given circumstance. For example, if the person receives a compliment, a tape recorded voice says demeaning things to negate anything kind that was said. Again, this is demonic trickery.

4. Video tapes – Horrific scenes of human torture, etc. can be repeatedly projected into the person’s mind.

5. Alarm clocks – These can be set to sound off at different times during the night and also during the day to make sure the person never has restful sleep.

6. A furnace – This may be used to suck all the energy out of a person or suck alters into it for destruction. It may keep the person overheated. All of these are to keep the individual traumatized.

7. Mazes – Alters are often trapped behind mazes. Jesus is able to bring them out and destroy the maze.
These are only a few of the things that are commonly found in the inner world of the SRA. The possibilities are endless because anything in the physical world can be transferred into the inner world through trickery and magic surgery.
The Origin of Alters
For those persons born into families embroiled in generational Satanism the abuse begins in their mother’s womb. A fetus can be abused in many ways e.g. electric shock, needle jabs, bricks dropped on the mother’s belly, raping the mother, etc. We assume a fetal monitor is used to measure the baby’s heartbeat. When the heartbeat accelerates and then suddenly drops significantly, the baby has dissociated within the womb. The cultists try to get six, thirteen, or even eighteen splits in the womb since these are satanic numbers of power but they are not always successful in getting these desired numbers. Each split in the womb then becomes a “seed” which will be further split to populate a layer of personalities within the inner structure of the person’s psyche.
The Structure of the Inner World

The alters and furnishings of the inner world are not randomly placed. There is a basic structure into which each person or object is directed. This structure will have as many levels as there were splits in the womb. If a person split thirteen times in her mother’s womb then her inner structure will have 13 levels. There are some instances where the number of splits in utero where not as many as desired so immediately after birth the newborn baby was made to split once or twice adding to the number of levels.

These levels or layers should have a geometric shape which often is the same for each level. For example, if squares were used, each level may be a square. Others will have combinations of geometric figures such as squares combined with triangles or circles, for example. Each level is divided into sections or rooms where alters are assigned to live. Demon guards are stationed in strategic places on all the levels. Underneath all these layers will be a pit. Sometimes this pit will have as many levels as the basic structure itself.

The different levels are connected by staircases (often circular) which intersect the gates on each level. It is similar to a high-rise apartment building but the design may be more modernistic because the levels are not necessarily the same size and they may turn at different angles from one another. Often the levels are designed to rotate or spin.

This structure is “placed inside” the child at a very young age. A model of the structure is built and the child is required to thoroughly memorize it. She memorizes the structure including the location of demon guards on each level and the placement of the seed alter on each level. Then through magic surgery the structure is placed inside and the child is told it will grow with her. During this “surgery” the child believes that she has been cut from her throat down to her lower abdomen and this structure then fills the entire trunk of her body.

Each alter formed through splits in the womb is assigned to a particular level. This alter on each level becomes the seed which populates through splitting that particular level of the structure. The top level of the structure is called the presenting level. This is where alters that perform the tasks of daily living are housed. They are the ones who clean the house, go to work, take care of the children, communicate with the outside world, etc. These alters are often unaware of each other until it is revealed to them through counseling. They know nothing about the alters on lower levels or that lower levels even exist. Upper level alters were formed by the victim for the purpose of coping with the challenges of everyday life and are sometimes called the “home system.”

The presenting level will most likely have a small number of alters…perhaps as few as seven or eight. The area of this level will be the smallest of all levels. Progressing down through the structure we should expect to find increasingly larger and more densely populated levels. It is common for lower levels to have hundreds of alters. The lower the level the more committed to darkness the alters will probably be.
Cult alters living on the lower levels know all about the upper layers and are able to take control of the entire system. Those alters who are the most powerful and committed to darkness are on the lowest level. When lower level cult alters want to take over the body, they come up through the gates, give a password to each demon guarding the gates, and proceed to the top presenting level. The home system alters have no ability to resist the cult alters and are forced to do whatever they are told. Cult alters may take a home system alter down to a place of torture as punishment for talking or any other infringement. After a time of ministry it may be helpful to pray and ask the Lord to seal the gates so the lower level alters and demons cannot come up to the presenting level and cause trouble. This is not a formula…God has led me to do this with some persons but with others He has instructed me differently. We must be open to the Lord’s guidance.
Kinds of Alters

Alters can be anyone or anything according to the desires of the programmers or according to the needs of the person. Someone who has been abused to this complexity knows only one coping mechanism…dissociation. By this means the cult purposely creates alters for their evil designs and the survivor on her own creates alters for coping with life. Therefore some alters will be cult alters with specific cult designated jobs and some alters will be helpers with jobs assigned by the abused person. There will also be alters who do not fall into either category which we will discuss later.

Cult alters were formed by the cult through rituals and torture to carry out the purposes of the cult. They have various duties such as teaching, storing information, performing rituals, taking her out to rituals, calling demons to her, storing satanic power, blocking Christian counseling, managing programs, etc. In a highly complex multiple there will be numerous alters assigned to kill the survivor should she find effective Christian counseling that begins setting her free.

Cult alters are given an identity by the cult complete with their own assigned physical characteristics. The survivor may be middle aged and overweight but an alter living within the same body may believe she is a teenager with a svelte figure. Cult alters work against the well being of the individual even to the point of trying to kill her so it is often necessary to tell them they inhabit the same body. This they often vehemently deny even saying demeaning things about the person’s physical appearance and personality. At this point it is helpful to have them look into a mirror to prove to them they were deceived by the cult. It is common for them to proclaim that the mirror is a trick which they had been warned about. I tell them to stick out their tongue while looking in the mirror. This will often convince them they were deceived. Many of these will gladly relinquish their assignment of murder when they realize they would be committing suicide.

Satanists access the cult alters through the use of triggers such as code names, flashing lights, beeps, numbers, etc. Through abuse and programming the survivor actually becomes much like a human computer accessible to anyone who knows the program and the access codes. These alters can also be activated by other means. Some alters are activated by demons which the cult sends forth from their rituals. Other alters were formed and programmed years ago to become active on a certain date. For example, if the cult decided the person was to die at age 50, alters with the assignment to kill her would become active when she turned 50. Cult astrologers have known for eons when certain heavenly phenomena would occur. For example a full moon on the same day as a lunar eclipse occurring on Friday the 13th (which happened in March of 1998) was anticipated by the cults for many years. Certain alters may have been assigned to come forth on that day and take the person out to a ritual where these alters were to perform certain functions.
Each cult alter must be delivered of demons and converted to Jesus Christ. This is usually accomplished within fifteen to thirty minutes, more or less. Jesus gives them a new job and they become helpers working for the well being of the individual. Many of these cult alters have information which will be beneficial for reaching other alters. For example, a cult alter named Bobby attempted, in my presence, to kill the host person but after conversion was assigned by Jesus the job of telling me whenever booby traps were nearby. Bobby had been forced by the cult to memorize the location of every booby trap on the first seven levels of the person’s thirteen tiered inner structure. Now that he was on our side he became a valuable asset to the ministry.

Other cult alters know they live in the host’s body but still work against her. Some of these alters, which I call kamikaze alters, are so committed to darkness they will gladly sacrifice their own life to kill the survivor. Some of these will be won to Jesus Christ but others will not even though they see and hear Him. These Jesus removes.

A woman with highly complex MPD will have many male alters. They may appear early in the ministry or they may not manifest until several months of counseling have been completed but they will definitely be there.

It is common to meet an alter who believes she is a dog. She may not be able to speak but can only bark. Asking another alter who may be watching to speak for her is helpful. How, one may ask, does someone come to believe she is dog? Satanists like to make their victims feel inhuman. The less human they feel the more willing they will be to welcome the demons and adopt their behavior (demons can be very animalistic.)This kind of programming is very brutal. They make a child or teenager strip naked and put her in a pen with dogs for perhaps as long as a week. She is not allowed to display any human behavior during that entire week. She is forbidden to stand up on two feet, speak, sleep on a bed, drink or eat with her hands. She must crawl on her hands and knees and lap water and food from a dish as the dogs do. Male dogs repeatedly rape her.

Some alters may be kittens. I have found these alters to have been formed by the survivor in her attempts to cope with her abuse. One little girl alter told me she noticed that the kittens on her family’s farm were left alone. She reasoned that perhaps if she could become a kitten her abusers would leave her alone. Some of these alters will speak as well as meow but others will require someone else to speak for them. Once I was ministering to a kitten alter who would gently meow and rub her head against my shoulder. Then she would suddenly act like an angry cat hissing and clawing at her face. It took a minute before I realized she had demons that were also acting like a cat.

Some alters, due to abusive programming, may believe they are space aliens or robots. One woman remembered being subjected to a week of dog programming, followed by a week of alien programming, followed by another week of robot programming. By the end of those three weeks she had no idea what she was but she was sure she was not human.

One of the most memorable alters I’ve known was Rubber Man. He, as part of the home system, was created by the survivor to fulfill the incredible work demands forced on her by her wicked stepmother. Being made of rubber he could stretch his arms and legs to reach into unreachable places and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. As he was sharing about himself he kept stretching out his arms and legs to show how he could reach things. He was particularly good at washing windows and cleaning out gutters. Rubber Man never talked…he only sang in a loud voice making everything rhyme. He liked to cheer her when she felt sad.
Many alters, especially baby and child alters, will have no particular job. They may be locked away in dark dungeons, pits, prisons, nurseries, etc. where they are frightened and miserable. These alters are often the “cast offs” formed as the person was subjected to increasing degrees of pain and terror during programming or rituals. In order to produce the desired cult alter, the Satanists will subject a person to excruciating horror and pain necessitating several dissociations, each subsequent alter being stronger and more committed to darkness than the previous one. For example if the person switches five times before the desired alter is formed, the first four alters are not wanted by the cult. These are then assigned a living death in some type of prison.

Sometimes an alter who is perceptively very little will manifest but won’t answer any questions. Chances are this is a preverbal alter. Ask if someone else can speak for her. Yesterday I met a preverbal alter in a 53-year-old woman. With her hair pulled down over her face, she peeked out at me while sucking her thumb and rubbing the top of her nose with her forefinger. She was obviously frightened but curious. When she wouldn’t answer any questions I asked if someone could speak for her. At that point I met 11-year-old Lisa who told me all about “Rini’s” abuse. Rini then returned and I asked Jesus to minister to her. As I had anticipated she was afraid of Jesus but as He often does, He sent a little lamb to her. I watched as she petted the lamb and giggled when he nuzzled against her neck. After a short time with the lamb, she looked up into Jesus’s face with total awe and then lifted her arms for Him to pick her up. She seemed to relax and rest her head upon His shoulder as He carried her away to a safe place.

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