Svali Speaks Again, Other Q&A and Reddit Part 2

Svali’s New Book “It’s not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control”

Find her new book It’s Not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control  available for purchase now. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy and it’s extremely good information, of which I wish I had many years ago!

I also have Svali’s permission to continue having her content on this Wiki, along with also her new blog posts on her site Svali Speaks Again so we can expect to see these new additions very soon.

Internal Worlds Questions and Answers

.,.. continued from Part 1

Yes,i think the pace of progress is quick.I work on this all day long since two months.But i know the path will be very long.

The problem of the moment is isolation.There are many triggers that prevent me to get out, to speak, to have phone calls.
I need to be completly dissociated to do that.And it’s not funny as i look like a machine without emotions when i’m dissociated (it was also in the program to have no emotions when dissociated).

For now,i have still trouble to create strong safe place.Maybe i’m still too early in the process of remembering to do that.
What is a chance but also the contrary,it is that i have a lot of imagination.
One one hand,it’s a problem because ,when i was child, hypnosis worked very well on myself as i could imagine very intensly what i was suggested.
But i hope that when i will be able to create safe places,i will be able to use this imagination in my favor.

In the past three days,i remembered many experiences under hypnosis whose goal was to prevent me from leaving the cult.
As sometimes, i remember many thing at the same minute,i disssociate myself to know one memory as a whole.
Sometimes though,i like to stay associated to stay at the first person and i cope with the memories at the same time.

One good news,many times during the programming ,i was pretending i was under hypnosis but i was not.It made the program very unbalanced.And i think that was partly why it was harder for me than for my brother and sister for example.
But it’s also a chance for now.For example,i was not under hypnosis during the suicide programming.And it’s cooooooooooooool.

Before thanking you again,i wanted to add that when writing these lines,i’m highly dissociated.So,sorry if i said something wrong or unkind..It’s me and not me at the same time,u understand.

Thank you to exist 🙂

Zino, you are good! Happy to be of some help,

Please let me know how the CBD Oil goes for you, and in general. This website is starting to get really popular … so I think there will be many more others experiencing the same as yourself,

It took me about 5 months to even learn I could make a safe place, so maybe once the defence programmings have subsided it maybe easier. There may also be other parts trying their best to block making a safe place. It’s okay though as they are just doing their job, they are still nice. Secretly they all know the truth and what is really going on, so they will help soon also.

Your imagination is how you will survive all of this – and you are also smarter and have more imagination then these ’programmers’. : ) For myself I would set up traps inside my internal worlds and try to learn from them – so you can easily fake and out smart them.

Good luck my friend!

I’m not doing particularly well but i think it’s normal.

I’m under fire from the defense shield.
Yesterday,it was the tinnitus all day long.It was horrible.
Today,it is despair
Despair is one of my part.I have also the contrary part, hope.
But i think despair is also part of the defense shield

I found out yesterday another level of my program and i met some gatekeepers.
I met the ”master of torture” and i tried to speak to him.It stopped the tinnitus ?

There is also something that is very difficult to me.
The programm was applied to me by my syster and maybe 1/3 of the time ,i was pretending i was under hypnosis but i was not.
It led to a very unbalanced program that was impossible to live with.
So ,3 years after the programming,i did everithing to repress the program and it worked even if my life was very unstable.
For some 20 years,i almost repressed all my parts.My parts were like dead or off.
I couldn’t remimber even one before 3 months ago/

So today,i have to deal with :
-The reactivation (and maybe desactivation at the same time )of my parts which is really not easy.Actually i was not mutiple anymore in surface and now,i’m multiple again :/
-The memories of the program.
-And its consequences ( the defense shield for example)

Do you know at what point multiplicity begins to decrease?

About the CBD , thank you very much sojan for this advice.
I feel the moral pain is around 20% less when i take some oil.
Or the pain is the same but i can go 20% deeper in my memories before dissociating.

For now,the most scary thing is not to know when things will go better.
I have to be honest,things are worse and worse.
My external world is very sad.
It’s very complicated to go out and communicate with the outside world.
I really know i make huge and quick progresses but at an heavy price.

Thank you for your help sojan.I hope i will find a way to thank you when i am better.


Hi again ?

I forgot one question.

What does mean ”the levels of the system” and how can i know at which level am i?

I am glad to read that the oil has given some relief, it was always good for me here and seems to help others. Things will get better, however for this it is better to approach it as one day at a time. Some days will be better then others. That is how I got through that stage.

I think better to make huge and quick progress, it is what I also did. That way it is done in a few years. Also try to avoid the mental health or telling the wrong persons, never tell your family these things. I made that mistake here and was taken away to psychiatric health ward and drugged / electric shock therapy all against my will. Then they given me drugs to forget it even happened! – is my notes on it.

The levels of the system is how each of the ’worlds’ I guess exist. It depends how it is numbered, but the external worlds and Zino life would be ’level 1’ in this example. Then Wizard of Oz worlds would be your level 2, and your level 3 maybe ’Neverlands’ from Peter Pan worlds.

Level’s 3, 6 and 9 are generally fake and have useless information.

The gatekeeper you met would be guarding the entrance to level 2. So to make any progress with that you will need to work with him.

How is the safe place? You can maybe try to teleport to a new and random safe location and make it there. It can be anything you like and what feels cosy and nice. It is better if each of the others you meet and who live their have their own room or at least their own house.

Hi Sojan.

Hope,u’re doing well.

I met in the last two days many other gatekeepers.
I also remembered that my handler asked me to learn by heart many codes and signals.And then told me to forget everything and to give the responsability for the codes and signals to the command keeper and the signal keeper;
Almost the same process for my memory.My handler asked me to have a brand new brain,to forget all my memories and that from now,the master of the memories would be in charge for my memories.
I don’t know if it is for real or if it is a trap yet.It seems to me early to remember some codes ans signals.
For example,i was asked to touch the tip of my noise everytime i would like to leave the cult and it seems for real as it’s something i did all my life.
I don’t know.I will see in the future,if it was a trap,fake memories or the truth.

I begun to make a safe place but it’s the beguinning of the beguinning.
And there is only one inhabitant for now.
I don’t know if i need to put all my parts in the safe place or only human or animal parts.For example ,i have some functions such as hope/despair,courageaous/fearfull and many others.
They are ”just” functions that are handled by the keepers.I don’t know if i have to give them a room in the safe place.No ,in my opinion.

Hope things will go better.

Have a nice day

There maybe some fake gatekeepers. At this point though it doesn’t really matter as you can speak to each of them and eventually learn the truth of them.

It also sounds like you are recovering the memories (codes) and that sounds totally normal what you are experiencing. If you know the codes that gives you some power to change things. So even remembering the codes is a sign the programming is breaking fast.

The touching the tip of the nose! That’s a good one. I never realised this but I also had been doing the same thing remembering the first years. This also has a simple explanation and is called ’Anchoring’ in NLP. With hypnosis they can invoke feelings or moods and then anchor them to a touch. So in this one a subtle nose touch may bring some memories of why to stay in the cult.

The easiest way to defeat these is to be aware of them. If you know them and what they do, then they lose a lot of power.

Happy for your safe place! The internal worlds can be very strange places. The best thing to remember is whoever you meet it is very important to treat them with most respect and also a person, even if they are an animal alter. Talking to them nicely and being nice, polite and patient with them is important. All these other parts were at one time you, but just split off. So you need to work with each, and when you learn more of them they may change.

There is one important aspect of the safe place. The persons or animals you meet you must try talk to them nicely and explain to them that we need to work together to try help the internal worlds. Everyone has been lied to, and at this stage for you I’d say that there are others that know this. So any parts you meet ask them to go to the safe place and to stay there, even if they are just parts or animals. Have to treat them all as a persons.

Reddit Q&A Part 2

The questions from users are in italics and indented,

I am the creator of ‘DeprogramWiki’ and also the author of ‘Deprogramming Modalities’ –

I am a survivor myself of trauma mind control and since then have helped others. Happy to answer any questions,

Hey I will check out your website. Have you seen these videos? From everything I can gather, MK style conditioning is must more intensive than just these kinds of videos. Could these videos be people playing at mind control to test and see if it works? Could it be used for kids already conditioned in the program? What do you think?

I personally try to avoid ‘those’ types of videos as they obviously bring up unpleasant memories from the past. It is beyond the humans imagination of how intense this conditioning is, to the point where no one would believe it even if the truth was spoken.

Even normal and mundane movie and TV shows contain MK triggers, which can be spotted with the learned eye. For example I heard MKULTRA mind control assassination activation codes in the TV show ‘American Dad’.

There are much easier and subtle ways then videos to detect the mind control and they are described here –

Are the experiences Cathy O’Brien describes consistent with what you know about mind control programs?

Yes, 100%.

I honestly could not read more then 20 pages of her book due to how triggering it is. It was also some codes in her book ‘Thanks for the Memories’ which really spun me out good.

“Thanks for the Memories” is by Brice Taylor, isn’t it? You believe that is also a legitimate account? I have not read that book, could you elaborate on what you mean by “codes in her book”? Does she describe codes that were used to trigger her?

Yes, there is a serious warning at the start of her book that indicates if someone has had this conditioning, the book will trigger them badly. So yes, there are some straight legit MK codes in there – which made me remember some things.

The book is very intense, and I still cannot read it to this day.

If you would like to learn more about the codes and how they work, I have given an example of real sex slave codes here –

Thank you for all the information. What percentage of mind control victims would you say become conscious that they were mind control victims? How did you become aware?

The percentage would be easily less then 0.5%. The history of this mind control is thousands of years old. It is only in the last 30 or so years some rare few realised and may have been able to keep out. Maybe due to the increase of mind controlled persons tenfold.

‘The Illuminati’ (in this case I use this term to describe those with power to do this) kept their mind control ‘in house’ previous to WW2. As the years went on, the art of trauma mind control spread fast – that it gradually became out of control for even ‘The Illuminati’ to handle.

I only became aware by reading about it online at the age of 25. It was Fritz Springmeiers work which woke me up to it. Previous to then I was 100% completely clueless about it all and thought I had a somewhat normal life.

This may be too personal a question but have you or do you see a psychiatrist? How did you “deprogram” and how were you able to remember anything about what you experienced if it is buried so effectively by the programmers?

Who is creating the infrastructure and facilitating all of these programs, is it still CIA run?

Very intriguing and very disturbing that this is reality. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through.

Sure thing. It’s a good question. I have been through mental health services against my will a few times. I have open sourced my notes and also have audio recordings here –

It hurts just to type, so I will keep it minimal. Worst timing for an injury right!

Mental health and psychiatric services are used in an MK sense as an ’emergency repair’ and damage control situation. For example, end of last year Kanye West was rushed into psychiatric services for this reason.

I had to learn myself how to deprogram, however with a twist. Everyone in this thing has to do some programming anyway. I was regarded as ‘rather good’ at trauma programming to the point where they wanted me to be a Green doctor (equivalent of Josef Mengele).

So I used this knowledge to deprogram, and everything I learned I published. It is what makes ‘Deprogramming Modalities’ somewhat unique, as you simply cannot just get this deprogramming knowledge anywhere. The work there is what worked best for me and others, and what was most helpful.

Intelligence agencies and military industries seem to be fronts for more higher level types of mind control activities. The problem is extremely widespread, extending to Hollywood, all major religions…

As I keep trying to hint, despite it’s front or its ‘content’, it can be very easy to detect from the patterns it leaves behind regardless of where/when/how/who.

Ok, I’m curious about the Kanye West thing. What is his deal? He recently went on a rant, saying the powerful Jews were not allowing his ideas to succeed in the free market. The interview was posted on this sub several times.

That doesn’t sound like something a person who is being mind-controlled would be able to vocalize. Is that really the reason he was sent into psychiatric treatment? What evidence is there that he is mind controlled and didn’t just have a breakdown, which I would imagine is more frequent in people so largely in the public eye as celebrities like Kanye? Or, alternatively, simply that the powerful Jews that he was referencing didn’t like what he was saying and had him punished for it?

With the mind control, you have to understand that trauma mind control is total and absolute 100% control. This means there is no such thing as ‘just having a breakdown’. Anything that they are experiencing is planned by their handler / programmer. So there is no room for even freedom to decide to have a bad day, as that is already decided for you.

Not all MK systems are perfect. Generally they can break down for many reasons. Kanye may have been rushed off for showing signs of this, or more likely indications that there maybe issues with the MK system without immediate intervention.

In mental health services a lot of drugging and torture goes down. The more trauma the better, as the system is based on trauma – and that’s what keeps the system together – more trauma.

It can actually start to also break down if the survivor remains free from the trauma.

How do you know they aren’t legit?

Very, very easy to tell. The MK programming leaves behind a very distinct pattern, of which every person regardless of location or how they were programmed will have these traits as a pattern.

It’s very easy to tell a genuine case as I have associated with multiple others who have had this conditioning, and you simply cannot make it up. The depth, multiple people and stories – and being consistent over months and months is just one aspect.

For everyone else it is actually easy to detect the mind control and I have described the subtle patterns here –

They are simple things like not being able to tell left from right without a visual aid, and questions which give subtle programmed answers.

Q and A About Programming Scripts

I honestly avoid those types of videos as they bring up unpleasant memories of the past, if you could get a screenshot or an example of the coded comments I could translate it from ‘MK-ish’ to English,

Here’s is a screenshot I took of one of them. The visuals are mixed up maps in colors, green, blue, red, and pink (if I remember correctly), and there is a British woman’s voice speaking a phrase for each color for example “blue: your trigger is power rangers” or something to that effect, assigning an object or character trigger to each color. Spliced between each are some disturbing images like dolls around a tic tac toe board and blood on a wall. The text is some kind of standard cipher, anons were easily able to decipher in some of the 4chan threads.

Does this seem legit to you, and what is the purpose if so, in your opinion?

Anyway this one is interesting and to answer I have to give some insight to programming scripts and how they work.

The above material can be legit used for mind control programming. The disturbing images would be anchored to previous traumas. So generally after a suggestion there is the reminder of a specific trauma to more so bound the suggestion. The above script also would be used more so for social engineering type situations.

The cipher text maybe giberish anyway and a coded message or trigger. Some alter(nate personalities) or alters, will know how to decipher this and some wont have that knowledge. It’s a good way to get a message to just one alter if you wanted others to not know about it.

With all of these programming scripts, the content generally has nothing to do with actually what is going on. The above could be used to program people for drug deals, assassinations or anything the programmer wants to engineer. The content is irrelevant.

The old classic scripts are still known and in use to this day. This is Fantasia for Dr Green (Mengele and down), and Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz for others. Everyone survivor I have talked with so far about the mind control has this as a base.

The above script also would be used more so for social engineering type situations.

What do you mean “social engineering type situations”?

The old classic scripts are still known and in use to this day. This is Fantasia for Dr Green (Mengele and down), and Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz for others. Everyone survivor I have talked with so far about the mind control has this as a base.

Do you mean those specific movies are used regularly for programming?

Social Engineering – most basic example would be those school shootings that take up the news. These types of scripts above would suite those situations.

And yes. The ‘classics’ are still used today, mostly to create worlds within the minds of survivors.


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