What is “programming”? What is “breaking programming?” (Svali Blog Post 2017)

What is “programming”? What is “breaking programming?”

Mind control involves the installation of programs into a person. “Programming” is convincing a person (a part/personality/alter) that he or she have no choice but to perform a particular action, or hold to a particular belief. This programming is accomplished via (1) clear, detailed and rigorous instruction of the prescribed action or belief, (2) punishments for any departure from the instructions, (3) reward for compliance with instructions, (4) agreement of the person to always unfailingly and perfectly obey the instructions at all times, typically sealed with a ritual.

For instance, when a child is being “programmed” to always get into the car of a person who says “pink chocolate bars” while scratching his left ear, during the “programming” session, that child is told what is expected of her, then horribly punished if she does not perform the action perfectly, and rewarded if she does, over and over and over and over again. This happens till that part is absolutely, absolutely convinced that she must do that.

In general, a mind-controlled person will have parts that are programmed to believe they are perfectly ordinary, with no memory at all of any cult activity, and parts who are programmed to do cult-related jobs. The list below very briefly summarizes these broad categories of programming with a few examples:

(1) “day time” or “host” parts

Parts responsible for convincing therapist and non-cult people in survivor’s life that there is no current cult activity; Parts who are not aware they are members of a cult and believe they are “ordinary” people. Usually programmed to be horrified/overwhelmed etc by any emerging cult memory. Jobs include:

  • Denial and amnesia to cult activity
  • Enables survivor interact with non-cult people without raising any suspicion

(2) “external” cult parts

Parts responsible for carrying out cult-related duties that enable the cult to achieve its agenda. Usually programmed to be proud or stoic over cult jobs.  Jobs include:

  • Participating in rituals
  • Assignments like research and assassinations
  • Training of younger cult members
  • Reporting to the cult
  • Disseminating misinformation
  • Discrediting other survivors and therapists
  • Active physical agendas against Christians and those helping survivors break free
  • Sabotaging other survivors’ safety or healing

(3) “internal” cult parts

Parts responsible for maintaining belief systems and demonic interactions that ensures person will never leave the cult. Usually programmed to be proud or stoic over cult jobs. Jobs include:

  • Making sure that the person’s dissociation/amnesia is intact
  • Protecting/guarding classified information or parts inside
  • Blocking the person’s healing
  • Undoing the person’s work in therapy
  • Participating in rituals internally and calling on the demonic

“Breaking” programming is not complex. It is not easy, but it is not complex either. “Breaking” programming happens when a person (a part) realizes that he or she has the choice to NOT perform a particular action, or the freedom to choose a new belief, AND does so. As in the example above, if the survivor stops following people who say “pink chocolate bars” while scratching their left ears, then that survivor has broken their programming. Breaking programing can be a terrifying, painful and difficult process for the survivor due the terror of disobedience instilled by the programmer when the survivor was young, and the anguish of realizing how controlled and manipulated she or he has been all these years. But it is possible, as this site and many other survivor and therapist websites and writings attest. It is totally worth it to get free.


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