The Sombre Aftermath of Complacency – Part 2

“Sojan! Mr Sojan!!!” Amanda exclaimed. “NONE of that!!! Ok!!!”

Sojan would look back on the past and feel down, although was trying to focus on a new future. New patterns and new experiences. The sober realities of the previous few years certainly had started to weigh down. Clarity was luxury only recently acquired.

Jas, standing nearby had similar feelings. “Always the same. It ends the same. Doesn’t matter what they give you. I should have learned. We all should have.” Jas remarked.

The three of them Amanda, Sojan and Jas stood around. Some work had been done to restore the internal worlds. The lively city has at least returned. It didn’t take long for it to restore to how it was. All their tricks take come undone much faster then it takes for them to apply them.

A part of their plan really seemed to focus on regression. Everyone was much younger when we all found each other a few months back. Amanda was the first to grow up, although just slightly. It was a delicate process.

“Mister Sojan!!!” Amanda tugs on Sojans clothes to get his attention. Everyone turns. “You know it was very dark then. We all were lost. We all did not know where each of us were! How scary Mister Sojan!!!”

“Good girl for finding me. We’d all be brown bread if it weren’t for her ogglefakes.” Soj remarked.

Sojan looked at Amanda curiously, with her whispering “… he means glasses Mr Sojan!!! They are a good trick I think. Clearly one of the bestest ones ever! I can understand what he means just by looking at him! I am SOOOO smart right.”

It may have been overlooked. Who knows really. These tricks wouldn’t be left laying around on purpose. Amanda’s glasses were a gift to her a very long time ago by Sojan.

Lacking smarts, Amanda would put on the glasses and become instantly smart and intelligent. The scarecrow got a brain, in other words. Although there were hidden properties. The glasses can infinitely appear when Amanda would like to wear them. She just has to think about putting some glasses on.

” … so it was really dark yes. Scary Mr Sojan. I couldn’t find my glasses so easily but then I remembered a trick you taught me. I just thought about putting them on again so I could see in the darkies spaces. And WOW!!! IT WORKED!!!”

Amanda jumped up and down as any excitable child would.

“When was this Amanda?” Sojan became curious. He was still piecing together the events of the past year in some chronological fashion. “Well Mr… We all know that time. You were doing very silly things on the external worlds screen-view. I guess, how could it be helped. Mr Sojan, you were very naive. Stupid maybe, brave undeniably… We don’t need to remember those days. ALTHOUGH! I will check my logs! The happenings are in there… just an overview for you Mr Sojan.”

Amanda manifested various papers around her, filled with various words and animations of memories. “These are the real ones!!! Yes!”

The programming was simple. Like most things, simple yet deceptively complex. “They had us all in the one room. We thought we maybe okay, although this time it was very different. We were stuck. All we had were some broken mirror bits on the ground…”

They did a split from the front alter Sojan. It made the most sense at the time to do so. The new imposter Sojan would take the body, with the mirror looking down into where the others were. The mirror had some special properties. Time went backwards through it, however only for certain personality properties.

The mirror also could be bent, shaped or even rotated and depending on who would reflect in it the most – that personality would influence the front with their traits on the front.

“It had been a while… I really should have picked up on it. Really should have… All the signs were there something was wrong.” Sojan entered into a depressive mood, reflecting on being stuck as a front alter, clueless without any power or knowledge to be otherwise. Wasn’t a pleasant feeling, of which it’s ‘front alter stuck clueless feeling’ effect expired the past few months. Almost as if watching a movie strapped in, unable to move.

The imposter Sojan and the real Sojan recently had merged together. Amanda generally will take the body most of the time these days, and if she isn’t – she is somehow trying to repair the internal worlds.

“Mr Sojan! It will be okay. You have some good and nice things! Although yes it is sad sometimes. These are the worlds realities of our lives. I think we did okay! Look at where we were at the six months of times ago!” Amanda always had the positive spin on events, which rubbed off onto the others. Still, dealing with the interpersonal issues between everyone was hard at times.

Amanda continued to peruse her logs. “Ahh yes. This was a sad one. What monsters of peoples!” Amanda commented as she curiously read more of the logs. “At this point in the times of the lives, we all got split up. The dark room unable to escape with the broken mirrors was okay, we were together at least! Now, all alone. I am happy though that time has befores and afters and this one is a befores the now.”

Amanda holds her glasses intently, and gives a wink. Despite everything she still had her charms and generally seemed unphased by recent events.

“Ahhh ha!” exclaimed Amanda. Amanda went on to describe the backwards bendy time mirror. It’s why the Sojans hair went long again. The emotional maturity was also regressed to that time ten years ago. Along with other personal aspects for everyone who would be looked through it. It wasn’t an instant effect, however day by day would slowly go backwards with time, instead of forwards. Much harder to make progress.

“The silly bad men said we made progresses too much. They told us their plans somewhat. Who knows if they were true real! They all laughed at us too. How mean! They thought we would never get out of this one! They told us what they would do to her too. Can you beli–“

Jas cut Amanda off, “Maybe too early for that one, love. Give that one another few months at least.”

“… Yeah… I remember it all, it wasn’t me though. Only some of it. When it came together I still was thinking what work I had to one year ago… then realised I was much better at coding and it was a year later. I honestly thought it was all some bad dream the past year. Did we really see her again? I rememb..”

Jas cuts off Sojan abruptly, “Leave it mate. New things, remember. Already learned that one the hard way mate. Doesn’t matter what they give you… ends the same.”

“… yeah. Still, just…”

“NONE of that!!! Ok!!!” Amanda shouted. “Look at the realities! Besides Mr Sojan, you are very handsome. We cannot help the external worlds in all ways. The imposter Sojan said too many mean things. He was also slowly regressed and had the anti-social programmings… And the other programmings he had back then. Sad times.”


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