This last month has provided some important divine lessons that can be learned from a series of excruciating difficulties that dogged me for the past few weeks. If we take a quote from the book of James, it is obvious that I have received countless joys (“count it all joy when you when you go thru diverse trials”!). The lessons God showed me have vital prophetic significance in these last days for the Bride of Christ, especially so as the Body must move into certain places spiritually,which will be mentioned later. So let’s get started…

THE PEACE OF GOD v. THE CHAOTIC RUSH OF THE WORLD. The World repeatedly placed me under extreme time duress, stress & pressure of events;…this rat race rush was counterproductive to both me & others, revealing how easily we create our own problems by not remaining centered on the peace of God. The World is designed to operate this way, and unrealistic pressures are quite common in the way the system operates. A lack of inner peace in the World is connected to the sin nature of the World; & one manifestation of demonic-inspired rebellion to God is its lack of peace (of all kinds). On the other hand, I distinctly remember how during my entire life as an Amish church member in their communities, I never saw anyone, incl. myself, caught up in the rat race rush & unrealistic pressures. The Amish worked steady and peaceful. In like fashion, the Body of Christ wants to remain centered on Christ and unrushed. To rush a ministry is to allow the World to destabilize our abiding. End time overcomers must first be abiding to gain understanding–without that spiritual understanding from abiding, the enemy comes and steals one’s understanding of spiritual things. This is why we see people reading scripture…even having vast portions memorized…but the meaning is not entering their hearts. Part of the abiding is to enter the rest of Christ. Its authority comes from the head, and Christ’s Body must push into the secret place to abide with His Spirit.

PEACE v. FALSE PEACE. Because of the chaos,violence and tensions, the Anti Christ can offer peace and security to pacify the dialectic of controlled conflict, which they themselves create. Readers may be well aware of how the Satanic World Order works off of the dialectic of controlled conflict, the yin & yang, the hills & valleys–the bipolar environment of modern life. A manufactured peace can be created by controlling commerce. Those who are out of line (those labeled “terrorists”, or other troublemaker label) can be weeded out by removing their ability to operate in the Beast commerce system. This pseudo-peace will lack the true spiritual ingredients of real peace.

FALSE USE OF SCRIPTURE. While discussing end times prophetic concepts…let’s discuss Ezekiel’s dreams of a new temple based in Jerusalem recorded at Ezekiel 43,45, & 46. As readers will likely not have an in-depth understanding of these chapters, let’s go over some introductory thoughts about these chapters. First, these chapters record the dreams of Ezekiel describing a new temple in Jerusalem…which has never been fulfilled in the approx. 2,500 years since. The new temple was seen filled with the Shekinah glory of God and reinstituting blood sacrifices to atone for sin. Now the trad Protestant view is that the sacrifices will be only a memorial, however, this does not square with the text. So it appears to me that the primary meaning of these chapters was not to serve as a guide to some future event, but rather was to focus the spiritual attention of Israel back to what is spiritually important. At any rate, Bible scholars have been stumped how to work Ezekiel’s vision into the doctrines the Bible has already given…and this is likely because they are misunderstanding its purpose. God has been typically giving us muppet shows to explain complex spiritual ideas. He provides earthly types and shadows as frames of reference for us to understand heavenly things. Frames of reference are also important for understanding other things such as physics and space-time etc. so there are other deep concepts besides spiritual that depend upon frames of reference.
The dream of a restored temple with restored blood sacrifices is a high level muppet show–just as Christ said we would all receive mansions in heaven–which are most likely spiritual dimensions within the spirit realm…as I doubt that real delux toilets and marble bathrooms will be needed any more than Christ pointed out that marriage will not exist in heaven. So the 2 millenia plus that Bible scholars have wrestled with Ezekiel’s vision is because they think it must be literal because it has so many details. They are missing that it is a spiritual muppet show. But the Anti Christ will find the misuse of these verses handy to legitimize his false religious wonders! The true temple is built by YHWH God, not by man.

THE SPIRIT OF UNDERSTANDING v. THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION. There is a great deal of religiousity that passes as Christianity that is merely rebellion to God. Don’t forget that this day and age…where God promises to raise up prophets…will also have its Jezebels and weak minded Ahab males. But we must walk our lives in faith…what is not of faith is sin…and by faith we connect to God and the infinite. We can only connect to the future and eternity through the divine…so the enemy harasses us with troubles to pin us down to being locked into this time frame. Our faith gives us the substance of things not seen–such as eternity. When we view God’s throne, we notice that the fifth angel is magnifying His glory & majesty. This is also one of our spiritual tasks. Meanwhile in the Beast system we can feel the chaos, stress, anger and grinding of teeth building up in the storms of the sea of people. Like Christ said, “Peace be still”, to the storm, likewise, the church needs to be still while the storms of the ocean of people rage. Also to point out, that the Word teaches us that God will send us divine dreams…however, like Ezekiel’s visions, the actual meaning may remain rather obscure. This is why it remains critical for us to have the Spirit’s guidance by abiding in Him.

May the good Lord continue to bless you, and may you be one of His overcomers. Peace be with you my friend.


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