This post is to help researchers of the PTSNB by calling attention to the Sun Valley Meetings funded by Allen & Co. In the past, I (& others) have written about Renaissance Week at Hilton Head, the annual Bohemian Grove encampment, the Tiffany Lamp meetings in CO & other gatherings org. by the elite. The Sun Valley meetings occur annually in July in the mountains of central Idaho; attendees often fly into Hailey, ID’s small Friedman Mem. Airport using their private/corporate jets en route to Sun Valley, (although 4 airlines also fly into the town). About 300 rich & famous adults attend for a week. Meetings of the rich & famous like Sun Valley are called “elephant bumping”.

Before discussing these meetings, let’s discuss some people connected to it. George Tenet is w/in the elite’s inner circle. His career incl. Nat. Security Council (’93-’95) which is the small group that filters intelligence that is given to the President. The NSC was deep into the Iran-Contra scandal. Next, Tenet was dir. of the CIA (’97-2004) during which he oversaw the employment of drones & torture of suspects in custody. He also helped support Bush’s blatant lie of WMD being in Iraq to justify his aggressive attack. Tennet knew better; it was not the first or last time he’s been caught lying. (Well, what would one expect, after all he is CIA.) After he resigned as DCI of the CIA, he became managing director of Allen & Co. in Feb. ’08. Allen & Co. has been described by people who know it as a “secret society”. Allen & Co., started in 1922 by the Allen family, has no website, & doesn’t return reporter’s phone calls. Allen & Co., a secretive banking company (Del. corp.), is located in Manhattan, NY & cont. to be run by the Allen family. People with the Allen surname kept repeatedly popping up during my research into the Illuminati, for instance: I mention 7 Allens in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, there were 13 Allen members of the Illuminati’s branch Order of Skull & Bones (incl. Charles E. Allen, a lawyer/loan banker), James Allen was the v.p. of Northrup found guilty on 5/1/74 of bribing politicians, & at least 4 Allens have been Bohemian Grove members. Jerry Clark Allen, a Freemason & Insur. Exec., & Robert E. Allen, dir. of CFR & Pepsico, Inc. also caught my attention. And the last one I will mention was James H. Van Alen, who was heir to the Astor Illum. fortune & pres. of Newport Casino. I could mention many other Allens. I don’t know how all these people relate or don’t relate, but it is obvious that at least some Allen’s are Illuminati members. Allen & Co. has gone thru 3 generations of Allens running it, and has another generation of descendants up & coming. Herbert A. Allen (bn. 1908) was said by one source to be worth $1.8 billion, but who knows what the real figures are for the various heads of this family.

1982 was a watershed yr. for Allen & Co. They hooked up with Coke (Coca Cola) which bought Columbia pictures. Herbert Anthony Allen III, head of Allen & Co., began sitting on Coke’s bd. of dir., (& Donald Keough of Coke’s bd. came over to Allen & Co.), plus Allen & Co. started the Sun Valley meetings. Allen & Co. has 12 bankers incl. former Sen. Bill Bradley, Stanley Shumen, Nancy Peretsman, Enrique Senior & Steve Greenberg. Directors incl. Grace Allen, Mary Schuyler, Orin F. Devereux, & others. Ex-Senator Bradley says the company gives “honest, direct, discreet advice” on investing. It is obvious that they are the go-between to link up elite controlled businesses, & also function as a CIA cutout (intermediary) as well as a CIA commercial organizational cover (i.e. a legit business). Considering the types of deals/customers they broker, it seems obvious that Allen & Co. is Illuminati. For instance, Herb Allen III (hd. of Allen & Co.) was given $2 million for getting Disney’s Eisner together w/ Capital Cities/ABC at the Sun Valley event, so that Eisner (Disney) could buy Capital Cities/ABC. I write about these kind of things & Eisner in my expose of Disney in my Deeper Insights book p.71-136, esp. pgs. 104-05 on Eisner; although I went too easy on Eisner, who has been actively promoting Satanism in music & film (no matter what the cost) ever since he took control of Disney.

So who attends the Sun Valley Meetings? Major philanthropists, business leaders, politicians, media, & entertainment celebrities. Here are some of the names: Tony Blair, famous Phil. Sen. Roxas, Columbia’s Pres. Alvaro Uribe, Bill Gates & wife, Warren Buffett & wife, Rupert Murdoch, the founders of Google, Yahoo!, Linkedin, & Facebook, Time Warner chrmn. (& CFR mmbr) Richard Parsons, Katherine Graham & husb. (Katherine is a Bildrbrgr, CFR, & Tril. Comm. Illum. heavyweight who controls the Wash. Post). Also Oprah Winfrey, Robert Johnson, Richard Parsons, Diane Sawyer and others have joined the fun/networking of the Sun Valley Meetings.

Final thoughts. Allen & Co. privately pays for a gathering of the rich & famous in Sun Valley, Idaho where significant deals, networking, & panel discussions are held. The participants as well as directors of Allen & Co. have both Illuminati & intelligence connections. Therefore the Sun Valley Meetings have to be considered to be one more chance for the elite to forge connections & network.


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