Not only do Americans ingest them, they describe our economy. This post is a collection of my thoughts on the upcoming year’s biggest crisis, the Amer. economic crisis. The beauty of the economic collapse for the elite is that their machinations & criminal activities are largely covered up behind all the complicated aspects of it all. But look at the overall process, and you will see, like in the great depression, that they will quietly gain more economic power while the rest of us cling to life. Why have the Bush family quietly, recently bought land in Paraguay? Are we seeing the rats fleeing the sinking ship? Before an earthquake the insects go wild…why are so many of those in the know trying to create safe havens for themselves?

We should use several concepts as frames of reference for economic news. The first is that the elite want the American economy to collapse & the U.S. to lose economic power. And second, at this point, there is nothing that can save the American economy, there are not solutions, only choices that mitigate how much pain & suffering will take place. With this in mind, Karen Hudes, an ex-attorney for the World Bank & whistle blower on their irresponsible scandalous lending policies, is actually furthering this agenda. Karen was concerned about bad loans the World Bank (which has an Amer. appointed World Bank president) was making. She & later others got retaliated against by the World Bank. She went to Congress, got listened to, & Congress wrote four letters of concern to the World Bank, which got ignored. The U.S. Govt. Accountability Office w/drew when the World Bank would not cooperate. The media didn’t report on the scandal, the problems, and the retaliation against all the whistle blowers, not least of whom incl. Karen. However, in the bigger context, this scandal is part of the program to take Amer. down economically. The U.S. will lose its privilege to appoint the president to the World Bank. The scandal adds to the world’s perception that America is irresponsible financially, which will enhance their admiration for BRIC, esp. red China (in spite of their use of slave labor, environmental damaging acts, & lack of political freedom).

The U.S. is cont. a policy of spending borrowed money to buy Chinese products. China has helped us get ourselves deeper into debt. China is the world’s largest producer of gold, but not only are they keeping all they produce but are importing more. This is in preparation for the when the U.S. economy is emptied into the garbage can & no longer fuels China’s eco. growth. The world’s top 2 banks are now Chinese. Led by China, the BRICs (called by the Chinese “jinzhuan siguo” –”4 golden brick nations”) is working to undermine the World Bank, IMF, and the U.S.’s status as the world’s reserve currency. 3 of them: Russia, India & China have joint military maneuvers. China has been allowed for years to repeatedly break commitments to the WTO & IMF so that they can undercut & destroy Amer. companies.

There has been a lot talk, and wheeling & dealing worldwide concerning a global currency reset, & some viewers feel this will happen this next year. A devalued dollar will set a series of events in action that will bring the precarious U.S. economy down. While I have listened to the talk about a global currency reset, I am divided as to whether it will happen in 2014 as some predict. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume it does happen. Then, I could picture other cards that the elite have in their hands being played…power grid problems in the U.S. ….leading to nuclear plant problems….more controlled weather disasters…chaos in the streets. At some point (probably not 2014) when there is enough hunger & chaos, spew out the epidemics they have developed. And within all this is the ever present deadline by Barry’s Admin.’s law that within 36 months of 10/1/13 we will all have chips in us. Most of these events can be explained away to the common person…so the populace will be divided as many buy the lie that the problem is the crazy conspiracy theorists & Christians. Along this line is the TV series The Following which demonizes as extremely dangerous ex-military, Christians & Constitutionalists. It is a good magic trick to keep the audience’s eye off what is really being done.

To wrap it up, we sit on top of an economic volcano, rumbling & ready to explode. Many people are doing their level best to oppose the elite’s agenda, & the elite have to constantly refactor that into their equations for success. Their big act will seem irreversible…something dramatic like Pearl Harbor that forces us to go the direction planned. However, I think they will use factors that look natural—rather than contrived, like America’s poor economy, to bring in their chaos. Some think this will happen in 2014, & it could, or it could be delayed. Plus keep in mind that insiders that “reveal secrets” can be part of the plot. It’s hard to get a handle on how everything is lining up with their plans worldwide. They have to get a number of “ducks in line”. Meanwhile they continue to create a number of distracting “boogie men” to scare us, when the real dangerous people are the ones running the show.


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