HOW WORDS WAR AGAINST OR FOR YOUR LIBERTY: A look at how our thinking can poison our talk & terminology, and likewise how our terminology & talk can poison our thinking.

What do words do when they get inside our brains?? Our brains develop layers & multitudes of networks of associations. A single word may activate many networks of associations. Mind manipulators will manipulate those associations, & if skilled can make it difficult to see the truth, to ask the right questions, and spot illogic & lack of evidence. Orwell called these manipulative words Newspeak & Doublespeak; and from his writings “1984” & “Politics & the English Language” came the word Orwellian to describe Totalitarian manipulative language. Let’s look at an example of subtle manipulation by the elite’s mass media, the term “suicide by cop”.

How the words “suicide by cop” manipulate our view of reality. In objective reality, an overzealous brutal psychopathic cop (they seem to be on the increase) may have sadistically executed an innocent person who looked out of the normal; or perhaps he executed someone sad & despondent (a situation that seems to be quite widespread today)…. Neither scenario in a moral society would be grounds to execute the person w/out a trial, understanding, or compassion. But the words “suicide by cop” conjure up associations of a mad person who has personally chosen and asked to be executed. It conjures up the idea that the policeman was manipulated to do it, and thereby not accountable for his actions. Is suicide by cop used in situations where the person wasn’t wanting to die? Of course, I personally know 2 innocent people who were executed —no genuine reason, no understanding; and their families were left devastated…. The policemen both got awards for blatant murder after pretend investigations. The widespread popularity of the term by the media helps exonerate a growing brutal police state. And this brings up an important point. When language/words are not grounded in objective moral truth they tend towards enslaving us. Tyranny has its own perverse linguistics.

During the Amer. Civil War, to keep slaves on the plantations, it was common for slave holders to tell their slaves that the Yankees would whip the slaves, & force the men to fight for the North, & leave the women & children to starve. Words of manipulation often pull our mental chains w/ both deception & fear. After 9/11, Bush declared a War on Terror with a vaguely defined enemy “enemies of freedom”. After 9/11, we lived supposedly in “a world where freedom itself is under attack.” While the word freedom evokes countless associations in our brain, just what is it, and who is an enemy of freedom?? In Bush’s Orwellian world where fake “realities” are created by spin doctors, the answer is whoever Bush wanted to call the enemy of the day. Here we see an abstraction like the word “democracy” being used to justify preplanned prepared wars. Now Iraq is the “shining example of democracy in the Middle East.” The tool to convey these manipulative words was T.V.; on 9/11, TV was one of the elite’s powerful weapons to create reality with images and words. Admin. spokesperson Karl Rove bluntly said, “When we [the Bush admin.] act, we create our own reality.” The shock is not so much they do it, but that they are so confident of their control as to simply state what they do. For these Machiavellian controllers, reality, truth & such concepts have no genuine meaning tied to objective reality. It’s all a verbal game of deceptive control.

With convincing seductive words they have made nail clippers into weapons & aspirins on school children to be dangerous drugs. The state has quietly replaced God, & as all Totalitarian govt.s must….they can’t function unless they are seen to be faultless. Whether the person is serving under Red China, or the WT Society, because the infallible organization can’t be at fault, he concludes “I must be at fault, & any charge against me must be right, even though at first I thought I was innocent.”

GROWING SOUND THOUGHTS. “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, & health to the bones.” Let’s discuss growing a garden…what works is good seed, a good seedbed (like tilled rich black soil), light, life giving water (for germination & growth), the proper depth, keeping weeds from attacking & killing it, & at times support for it to lean on while it grows if it is too weak to stand on its own. Grow a good garden. Or to borrow a computer phrase: Garbage in, Garbage out. Likewise, Noble thoughts in, Noble thoughts out.

The final words will come from Word of God, which uses adjectives like malicious, insincere, and flattering to describe the manipulative words of the World Order. It also describes their words as “enticing”: “That [the saint’s]…hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding…of Christ, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom & knowledge, and this I say lest any man should beguile you with enticing words.” COL 2:2-4


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