Some Interesting History, Genealogy & Clues 23 JUL 2013

Some Interesting History, Genealogy & Clues. Insiders have repeatedly said that Hitler survived WW 2, & that he had descendants. Evidence from many sources supports this more than the story we have been handed. The facts of the history I am sharing today are alarming as well as interesting.
Type in “Hitler’s British Girl” into your Google search engine for a 5 part series on Unity Vallkyrie Mitford (1914-48) who was born to a British aristocratic family, was Hitler’s girlfriend in competition w/ Eva Braun, and may have returned to England after WW 2 broke out w/ Hitler’s baby in her womb.
Unity’s father The Hon David Freeman-Mitford, the 2nd Baron Redesdale (in other words Baron Redesdale) was an uneducated aristocrat who regularly travelled to a Canadian town Swastika, Ontario. (Yes, the town’s logo is also indeed a swastika.) Supposedly, he was repeatedly travelling there because he had a gold claim nearby but no gold was ever found there, but his dau. Unity was conceived there & given the middle name Valkyrie (which of course later appealed to Hitler). I find it strange that the Baron who is said to have been financially strapped for money would make these long trips to Swastika. By the way, his wife, Sydney Bowles was the dau. of the founder of the magazine Vanity Fair. Lord Baron gave speeches in the House of Lords in support of Hitler’s actions, such as the Anschluss w/ Austria.
The Baron had 6 daughters who became famous as the Mitford sisters. Diana left her husband, became the mistress of Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the pro-Hitler English Fascists, and then in 1936 married Mosley. Diana & her husband spent WW 2 in prison in England. Mosley is quite famous for his support of Hitler before war broke out.
Diana’s sister, Unity, became Hitler’s girlfriend and was in the Nazi inner circle for 5 years, even being seen in key places at Nazi events. Because of so many special things about Unity, like her middle name Vallkyrie, Hitler felt that destiny decreed he be with Unity. Hitler said that Diana & Unity were “The perfect examples of Aryan women.” (Wow.) In 1940, by way of Switz. Unity was brought back to England. Her arrival was guarded by soldiers & secrecy. Some testimony says that she went to Hillview Cottage and that Betty Norton, an Oxfordshire midwife delivered her baby which had been conceived by Hitler. Even though she had been a mistress of Hitler, Unity was never interrogated or looked at by British intelligence when she returned in 1940. MI-6’s chief during the war, Guy Little, had his diaries recently released. His diary reveals that he felt she should have been questioned, but he was prevented from interrogating her by higher powers. (They blame her father’s influence, but come on, there had to be more involved that just his influence during the middle of WW 2! to prevent Unity from being questioned, not to mention imprisoned like her sister Diana who had done less.)
Without having to speculate, just the facts around Unity Vallkyrie Mitford are interesting & reveal that there is certainly much more to the story than we have learned.
Chancellor Merkel, of Germany who was considered the defacto leader of the European Union, was said to be a descendent of Hitler. The child born to Unity in 1940 was said to be a boy, and Angela Merkel was not born until 1954. Merkel herself has a strange history. Right after she was born in Hamburg, West Germany, her father became a pastor in communist East Germany and was in good with the harsh East German govt. Her family was allowed to freely travel between East & West Germany during the cold war, and as she grew up in East Germany she was a leader in communist youth groups.
Some thoughts. I have a book “The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler”, which was part of the cult in Germany that worshipped him. Considering the idolization of Hitler and the Nazi preoccupation with genetics & race, it seems to me to be senseless to think that the Nazis would not have perpetuated his seed!! If we assume they acted in character & did preserve his bloodline, where would they hide it? It seems to me to be reasonable they would spread it in a number of directions! And we have reports of his descendants in South & North America, and several places in Europe. In the early 90’s, I reported on a man in the NW whose family had told him he was a descendant of Hitler.
For those who have seen my research, you are aware that Hitler was from an Illuminati bloodline, was a programmed multiple personality, and was programmed after WW I to carry out his role in leading Germany’s Nazi party, which he did not create but took over,… and then afterwards received financing by Illuminati sources, incl. members of America’s Order of Skull & Bones…such as Prescott Bush. Hitler received outside help from the Illuminati, even during the war thru the Bank of Int. Settlements in Switz. & Illum. kingpins like Onassis & Rockefeller. Knowing they gave him financial help during the war, it is not hard to picture them helping conceal his identity & progeny after the war.


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