YHWH, “You shall speak my words to them… 24 JUL 2013

YHWH, “You shall speak my words to them…” EZEK 2:7…Does the Word of God benefit us? Let us discuss how it might help you, and note that the Word of God has authenticated itself in the hearts & lives of many people willing to give it a try.
I notice that my grandparents’ generation knew what was right & wrong and why they knew things were right & wrong. Along came social engineering, higher criticism of the Bible, and the elevation of science as the source of truth, and my parents continued to believe right & wrong as their parents did, but they no longer seemed to know why. They were too sophisticated for something ancient like the Bible; now they were unable to convey reasons for their moral code for they had given up the belief of their parents in the Bible. My generation still seemed to realize that there was right & wrong, but didn’t seem to care; however, I went back to my grandparent’s “old fashioned” notion of Biblical rights & wrongs. Now I notice the present generation does not even believe that right & wrong exist. Of course I speak in generalities. During my lifetime there has been an active govt. campaign to remove Christ, God, the Word of God & their values from schools. I have seen the schools push the notion that absolute truth does not exist, which is handy for corrupt dictators who constantly lie to the people, and scare them into not resisting tyranny.
I don’t think we need to maroon ourselves on the island of despair and wait for the destruction of planet earth. And I see God-inspired answers, and plenty of reason to have joy in life. I also see the trend in America to quit using the Word of God for answers for one’s daily choices. Trends do not equal Truth. There is a trendy proclivity to reject the idea of absolute truth as well as the idea God can help us.
In speaking to people under 30, I find some are really oblivious that the Word of God could have any personal meaning, any personal benefit. They see it as fairy tales and a museum of old rules. It doesn’t occur to them that it might be God’s loving guidance to help us…a gift from YHWH to us to understand life. The Word of God literally has given life to those who discover it. It answers such questions as: Is there hope for me and humanity in general?? Who am I? What’s the point of it all? How do I make choices—esp. moral ones? Does truth exist & is it knowable? Is reality only what we can visually see or do other things exist beyond the tangible visible world? Does love exist & can it be found? Why do we suffer & how do we deal w/ it? What is death, & is there something beyond death? I have personally seen the Word of God rescue people from all kinds of problems. Sometimes its advice acts as a safety precaution.
I know personally that YHWH can speak directly in words…in fact the written Word records numerous occasions of just this: to Adam & Eve (GEN 1, GEN 3), to Abram(ham) (GEN 15,17, 18), to Moses (EX 3-4), and to Samuel, Elijah, Job, Isaiah, Jonah and others. And the reactions? “All the words which the Lord has spoken we will do.” EX 24:3…And “he believed the Lord…” GEN 15:6 In certain conditions, you may also experience something direct. But many times, He uses dreams, thoughts, and other ways to speak to us…including His written word. Whether directly or indirectly, my experience is that His Words bring life. His Words teach contentment, they teach health principles & how to unite with our fellowman by love. My prayer is that the churches & individuals would rediscover the life-giving Words of God, which is why I have shared these thoughts. In the Word we are told “fear not for I am with thee”…and in another place, “Fear not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee, yes, I will help thee; yes, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” IS 41:10. These words still apply today. Be blessed my friend.


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