Want to jump into the rabbit hole again? 23 JUL 2013

Want to jump into the rabbit hole again? Shall we go into it again? The man responsible for Swastika, Ontario catching the attention of David Freeman-Mitford (Baron Redesdale) to go look for gold in northern Ontario was Sir Harry Oakes (1874-July 7, 1943). The mining company that came into Swastika was Tavistock Mining Partnership. Sir Harry Oakes is reported to have hit gold in 1912 in northern Ontario, and by the 1930’s it was the most productive gold mine in the Western Hemisphere, overall (in time) second only to Hearst’s Homestake Mine, which was what gave Hearst his fortune. In the 30’s, Oakes moved to the Bahamas. There he became good friends with the Duke of Windsor (the former King Edward VIII). The Duke was pro-Nazi, met Hitler in ’37, and was reported by a German diplomat to have given the Nazis the plans for the Allied defense of Belgium!! The Nazis protected the Duke’s estates at Paris & the Riviera during their occupation of France during the war. Because of his marriage to Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee, and other things, the King gave up his throne, and was placed by the British as Governor of the then poor British colony of the Bahamas. Oakes’ money helped jump start the Bahamas, and one of his occupations is listed as philanthropist. Some believe that Meyer Lansky & the mob executed Oakes because he stood in their way to develop casinos in the Bahamas. Even during the war, the Duke of Windsor cont. pro-Nazi activities, incl. spending time w/ Axel Wenner-Gren, a friend of Hermann Goering. There appears to be a shadow in the background of connections back to Germany and the rise of Hitler. The Duke took steps to insure that the murderer of Oakes would not be discovered by the way he directed the investigation. Many books & movies give their theories about the murder.


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