Power corrupts, & it has just as the anti-Federalists warned in their debates at the beginning of this nation over 200 years ago. This post is about an example of a state reform school for boys which for years raped, tortured & murdered the boys in its custody w/ impunity. The corrupt political & judicial systems covered up the school’s crimes for at least a century. This is only one example of a systemic problem, but at least the story is seeing the light of day, now that the school was closed in 2011.

The school under discussion was the Florida Reform School for boys located in Florida’s panhandle. Now it is known as Arthur Dozier School. A book “The White House” by Roger Kiser & a soon to be released documentary have exposed the crimes of this state school, plus 120 men who were inmates at the school have also come forward as witnesses to the school’s crimes. Teams of searchers are exhuming body parts from 31 spots that appear to hold unmarked graves of boys on the school property. The bodies will be exhumed & attempts will be made to identify them; some families providing DNA samples to help w/ identification of missing boys.

The White House was where sadistic employees competed to see who could draw blood first from the boys. Some were beaten to death & secretly buried. Others who survived would be placed in 8×8 cells w/ no lights or windows until they healed…their visitation rights cancelled ‘til they healed. There are hundreds of unmarked graves on the school’s property. Many were also repeatedly raped by the state’s pedophiles. One of the worst sadistic beaters Troy Tidwell and the school psychologist Robert Curry, who raped many of the boys, are now named in a pending lawsuit. Many of the abusers have died. (By the way, I got to experience a day in an 8×4 cell w/ another person, had the good fortune to miss the 2×2 cell!)

Having met various boys that were in state juvenile schools, I have yet to meet one who benefited. Many of them end up in prison, as the schools make them angry & feeling like society owes them for all the abuse they have suffered. These kind of systemic problems have happened for decades because of high level cover-ups & the willingness of citizens to turn a blind eye. Many high level politicians enjoy boys for sex. As an example of how high some of these things go, remember that in Nov. ’08 Dick Cheney was indicted by a Texas Grand Jury because of unlawful assaults on inmates at private prisons…Dick Cheney via Vanguard Group has invested big into private prisons. The Bush family is also invested big into Federal prisons, & it was common for federal inmates (while I was there) to joke how our commissary items, etc. came from Bush companies. With such a conflict of interest by people in high govt., you can see why prisons can operate w/ no accountability. The original concept was to be a balance of power, where no one had all the power, so that total power would not totally corrupt. While it was not a written cause for secession, many fought the Civil War (what they called the “Second American Revolution”) for state’s rights & limited govt. They lost, & the issue was resolved, & it didn’t take long for the corruption to get rampant, as is evidenced by Grant’s administration. The problem cont. to get worse!


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