PLAYING GOD: Watching the elite’s genetically modified dance of death. It is important we don’t give into fear, for just as in Noah’s day, God can preserve His creation from genetic destruction, even if it looks like we are confronted w/ the abolition of man as a species. Will their genetic re-engineering of homo sapiens upset the incredibly profound interdependent biological balances that make things function?? Based on previous disasters they’ve created, it’s very possible.

WHEN GOD’S IMAGE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Current biomedical “advances” have brought us to where Huxley’s Brave New World is here. In his 1931 novel, babies are factory-made & genetically preprogrammed for their future roles. Mental anguish is eliminated by drugs; while the core & spirit of life are gone in this artificially-happy, controlled New World [Order]. I have spoken to several military- produced human chimeras. Research cont. on an artificial womb to eliminate the need for mothers, although I believe they have operational ones already. The elite’s ability to reduce us to manufactured transhumans that they design as a quality-controlled product will be their final conquest/control of humanity. Sadly, due to media brainwashing potential parents already view children as a curse & not a blessing.

REINVENTING NATURE. They are genetically creating sterile salmon-why?—to break the spawning cycle of salmon, so that they will remain at sea & be commercially harvested while 70 lbs. rather than perhaps 18 lbs. after swimming upstream. In ’84, they created a sheep-goat chimera. Antifreeze flounder protein genes are now in tomatoes to protect from frost. Tobacco has hamster genes to increase Sterol production, & firefly genes so the tobacco glows. Mice have received: human HGH genes to double their size into “supermice”, muscle-bldg. genes to make them bulging w/ muscles like Mighty Mouse, smart genes to make them smart, and human skin genes to change their skin. They are working at growing women’s breasts in labs. Genes have been spliced into all the domestic animals to raise production of meat, eggs, milk & wool. The only limits as they play with the genetic instructions of life are their imaginations.

RISKS. The risks are being kept from the public. Transgenic plants, bacteria, fish, etc. have been released into our eco-system. From GM plants, crossovers are taking place worldwide creating new kinds of weeds: for instance, in Mexico, GM corn mixed genes w/ teosinte weeds creating a weed that looks identical to corn which escapes weeding. Demands for safeguards have been totally ineffective to control genetic engineering. Once something is loose, for instance, the killer African bees headed each year closer to North America…do you think we can recall those deadly bees that kill off the good bees and are so mean?

FILTHY RICH FROM BIO-PATENTS. Sacred life is being patented. For instance, Biocyte got a free umbilical cord, extracted blood cells, froze them, patented them, and now markets them for a high price—and they never altered the blood cells in any way. That is like finding a piece of copper & patenting it…it is conceptually outrageous…but our Supr. Ct. ruled for the corporations yrs. ago that they could do it. And the elite’s corporations (DuPont, Monsanto, Merck, Pfizer, Bristol Meyers, et. al.) quietly formed the “IPC” and this IPC committee wrote GATT, which is the inter. treaty protecting their genetic patents. The Fed. Govt. spends billions of dollars on biotech research each year & thanks to the 1986 CRADA cooperative agreement, govt. research gets transferred to the big corporations, & govt. scientists get private funds to steer their research towards corporate interests. They are not doing bona fide risk analyses on their creations, only God knows the ominous neg. consequences.

NAZIS WOULD BE PROUD OF GENETIC ENGINEER’S GOAL TO PRODUCE PERFECT HUMANS. The most famous bioethicist in the U.S., Princetown prof. Peter Singer believes useless eaters like old people should be eliminated, and children w/ genetic defects should be killed. (He also thinks bestiality is good.) The elderly do not lose their dignity as humans because they are old. Nor do humans as a whole lose their dignity because they can’t perform up to a certain standard. Unfortunately, we went thru this battle before when our Supreme Ct. in 1927 ruled (in line w/ the Amer. Eugenics Movement) that states could sterilize people who carried hereditary defects. In 8 years, 20,000 Americans were sterilized. When it was discovered that the dau. of one of these sterilized moms was intelligent, it disproved their silly “science” of eugenics. So they quit sterilizing, at least on a wide-scale. When we think of Cain & Abel (GEN 4), and Esau & Jacob (GEN 25), we see that brothers had totally different personalities and descendants. Free will, curses, spirits, & the consequences of sin will change a person. It is interesting to track how an evil man will be followed by mostly evil descendants…yet there are Biblical examples of people in bad lineages turning to God. The point is that genetics only play a partial role, yet the corporations will have people convinced that genetics is everything. They are already working on making that lie believable. We fought against that lie when we fought Germany & Japan in WW 2, & that lie still needs to be fought. Plus the last people I want controlling the design of the human race are the psychopathic elite. But the elite have the power & they have made a Faustian bargain w/ the devil w/ genetics, so it will take the Creator Himself to protect creation.


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