A discussion of recent events that continue a pattern of promoting paganism in public schools. Some of you may remember that in 1990, I went public with documentation that in a Portland high school they had replaced Christmas with celebrating the return of Lucifer on the winter solstice. Christmas was outlawed in the Portland Public School district, & students were even forbidden to mention the word on school grounds. Notice that Halloween, which is promoting Wicca & Druidism is celebrated in schools nationwide, but Christmas has in general been outlawed. The curriculums began pushing the Harry Potter books promoting the occult. They also began using sorcery books in various class exercises in Amer. schools, as well as doing vision quests and dream catcher exercises, under such disguises as “cultural studies”. They forget the western civilization & science was based upon Christianity. It was the Christian concept of absolute truth that provided the foundation for scientific investigation. The ancient mystery schools did not have that concept. Now we are returning to teaching these occult mystery religions in Amer.’s public schools. The latest literature in public schools, that outdoes the Harry Potter books, are a series of occult books by Rick Riordan that teach Egyptian mythology.

Rick Riordan wrote a 5 book series on Egyptian Mythology (Red Pyramid, Throne of Fire, Serpent’s Shadow, & 2 others) which are now being used in public schools… it is more convenient for the schools to say mythology than Egyptian religion, because the public schools still pretend that they don’t teach witchcraft/occultism. In working w/ those who had been in the Illum., I learned how Egyptian “mythology” rituals play a big part in their secret religious life. Some of these rituals, like burying someone in a dead cow, match what one would define as satanic. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of magic spells. Isis worship, promoted by the anc. Egyptian govt., incl. building expensive temples at Philae, & in the delta, etc., incl. sex way outside the norms of our society. Isis was expert in magic. Cleopatra thought she was a reincarnation of Isis, which is how she justified marrying her brothers such as Ptolemy XIII.

Let’s take a brief exam. of just one Egyptian myth…The Contending of Horus & Seth, which is told by a c. 1160 B.C. (20th Dynasty) hieratic text (but also found on pyramid texts up to when the Greeks took over). The myth has weird disgusting sex thru out. The story is that Horus (son of Osiris) & Seth (son of Nut) are contending for the deceased Osiris’s throne of Egypt. Sun God Pre (Re) backs Seth, while Horus’s mother Isis backs Horus. After Osiris has been murdered by Seth, Isis aggressively sexually mounts the dead Osiris to conceive an heir, & somehow revives his dead phallus. Baba (the baboon god) insults Pre which causes him to become impotent & to quit his duty as a leader of the Ennead council. To restore Pre’s morale, his mother Hathor (the goddess of motherhood, w/ cowlike physical looks) lifts her skirt & puts her crouch in his face, which makes him laugh & restores him. This is not out of character, as she not only represents fertility but wild drunkenness, etc. Seth tries to seduce Isis, but she casts magic spells on him. In turn he makes himself into a bull to chase her, & she then turns into a dog w/ a knife on its tail. Horus ends up castrating Seth, & taking his mother as his wife. While this is not the entire story, you get the idea of how the storyline is not fit for anyone not to mention our young students. There is a reason why Egyptian “mythology” was replaced by monotheistic religions w/ standards of morality.

Rick Riodin’s books were published by Disney. The School Library Journal & Children’s Choice gave awards to his books. He taught high school at Presideo High, San Francisco for 8 yrs. Those familiar w/ my mind control books will remember the Presideo base was a mind control programming center. After teaching high school, he taught public school grades 6-8 for another 6 years. Riodin says, “I taught mythology almost every year that I was a teacher.” As a child, Riodin read Lord of the Rings ten times, & spent his time immersed in fantasy & sci-fi books.

A related concern— which relates to the ritual at the public school solstice celebration in 1990 (mentioned in the 1st para.) where the kids did a solstice play in which there were approved bar codes on their foreheads & unapproved barcodes—is the latest tech. development for the mark of the beast. Developed by Dr. Rogers of the Univ. of IL, they now have accordion-patterned silicon that stretches like the body that can be patterned into tattoos—the device has an antenna & serves as an ID authentication device. They can be placed in the lower arm as a tattoo & will function to buy & sell, and turn & turn off remote devices…I expect they will entice the students by saying that it will access the Internet for music, etc. It is called “Superpower”.


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