PART 4 (19 DEC 2012)

The shooter, who no one has seen in the face, runs off in a bizarre direction and goes into a security hallway. A witness in the hall says simply “Don’t” and the shooter runs past him and ends up down a set of security guard stairs where he allegedly shoots himself dead with one shot.

The police find a full clip of ammo in the mall, according to the media. (O.K. They also found an intact undamaged passport of an alleged hijacker on the street of the twin towers on 9-11.) At 3:51 p.m. (22 minutes after the first 9-11 call) the police find Jacob’s dead body on the stairs in the security area. (That the gunman runs into a security guard area is really strange. This is not the path a normal person would take. The security guards have a network of private hallways and locked doors that can take them to all the locations in the mall. The shooter ran into this labyrinth. A shooter who knew the labyrinth of passages could, if he had a key, come out anywhere in the mall or to any security exit to the outside. However, a normal person would be lost. Even finding his way to the not so obvious stairs where he was found would have been a challenge for Jacob, and one must assume he had to have been agitated if he actually had been trying to be a mass murderer.)

The officer upon arrival on the scene of Jacob’s alleged suicide in the maze of security hallways immediately radios in that his death is “self-inflicted”.

Later, on the local news at 11 p.m. we are given an animated version of the shooting. And it is stated that it portrays the route the shooter “is thought to have taken”. (There are security cameras everywhere according to a mall worker that can be collectively used to get a comprehensive movie of the shooter moving, so what is this “thought to have taken” verbage? Why has the public never seen any footage, while security films of mall shootings by gangsters are shown to the public?)


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