PART 3 (19 DEC 2012)

The police had done a mock training drill of a shooting at Clackamas Town Center a month before; and according to eyewitnesses, arrived in about one to three minutes after the shooting began. (Some say 1 min. and others put it at 3 minutes.) Some of the arriving police were in full combat gear, camo uniforms, and in the photos released are impossible to distinguish from army troops, and arrived in what they called “hunter cells”. (Interestingly, nothing is said of the armed Clackamas County Sheriff who is posted in that area of the mall around the clock. He could have ducked behind some obstruction and shot the shooter. There is plenty of cover to have fought back with impunity. The armed sheriff was right there…or normally is! Another security guard, in this case mall security, named Nick Meli, says he drew his Glock 22, and also doesn’t fire it at the shooter…but Nick implies in his story that he scared the shooter away. On a day like this, at least 50 mall security guards are on shift according to a mall worker. There are several watching videos of all areas including all the parking lots, and there are 10 vehicles driving around outside, as well as visible and undercover cops in all areas of the mall. How did the shooter get into the mall without being observed? Also interesting, an ex-Israeli soldier working near the area of the shooting, said that rather than run, he hung around while the shooter did his thing.)

Before shooting in the food area, Jacob runs up and says several times, “I am the shooter!” Then he proceeds to spray bullets, killing two people outright with his .223 bullets and wounding one. The wounded lady manages to flee and is life-flighted out. (The numbers of people hit do not make sense. If Jacob were trying to kill people, more should have been hit. The AR-15 bullet, a .22 bullet essentially, was designed to wound not kill. Kill to wound ratios in AR-15 combat type situations typically have many more wounded than killed. Any way one looks at it, 2 killed to 1 wounded…actually 3 killed to one wounded… because Jacob is said to have soon killed himself with one lucky shot…is a strange number and strange ratio for a mall shooting.)

People fled the area, many of them locking themselves into back store rooms. Next the police tell us 100 people in the first 5 minutes call 9-11. (How the figure of 100 calls in 5 minutes beginning at 3:29 p.m. is arrived at is questionable. The first few calls would have tied things up. While it is believable that that many tried to call from cell phones, how the figure of 100 is arrived at is an interesting question.)


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