PART 5 (19 DEC 2012)

Now this incident is just one of a series of similar incidents. Allow me to remind people that my Illuminati sources said back in 1991 that schools, malls, and public buildings would be shot up in the coming years; and my 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book warned about this agenda. One of the purposes is to traumatize us. Another was to disarm us. If a group were to plot a mass killing (a psyop operation) to make Americans hate guns, Clackamas Town Center full of Christmas shoppers would be the ideal place for a psyop operation. For an expendable patsy, it makes sense to use a local who had only a small circle of close friends, who was familiar with the mall. And it is even more terrifying to the public when a nice happy guy that everyone likes is thought to have gone crazy and instantly become a mass murderer. Who can you trust with a gun?? (As I said before, the alleged gunman was a local who very likely could have had numerous casual friends in the mall when he entered, so if he were upset with people, it makes sense that he might have targeted one of the many other alternative places in NW America that have lots of people, but less friends. In fact, his close friend who I interviewed had been at the mall earlier that day. It is an established fact that it is far easier to kill strangers than good friends.)
So what is an alternative scenario that fits with the details that are known?? The following is a possibility:

Jake was sleeper, like the lady in the Charles Bronson movie Telephon. He was recruited to participate in what he thought was a training drill. Through deception and hypnotic commands, he was unwittingly prepared to carry out the role of patsy. He was saved a parking spot outside of Macy’s, and moments later, when he got to his assigned spot inside the food area, he yelled several times, “I am the shooter” to warn people that he was assigned the role of shooter in what he thought was a drill. He fired his AR-15 into the ceiling. He then ran off towards the security area as instructed, perhaps thinking that he would be paid for his performance in the drill, where he was executed to hide the evidence of a wider conspiracy. Several of his handlers who gave him the hypnotic script were on hand watching the episode go down. The police got some good training in, especially their hunter killer cells. It is very possible that the actual shooter was not the young happy-go-lucky 22 year old, but a trained professional killer who also left via the security halls and exited the mall by a security exit or mixed with the Mall Security. The Powers-that-Should-Not-Be got another excuse to take guns away from the public. The people who pulled this off are studying it for all the lessons they can learn, and may even be interested in finding out that you can’t fool all of the people all the time. They are also keeping a close grip on the evidence of what happened so that they can manage the public’s perception of what happened.


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