My kindred co-workers, is Honda going to brag about Chrysler? Based on my experience, I’d be surprised if 1% of our victories get reported. Were those soldiers at the cross while they were busy dividing up his garments even aware that Christ had just won a great victory? This post is to be a ray of encouragement to my friends. It gets better the further you read.

Using military history as an example, one notices that military history has been consistently twisted for 1,000s of yrs., & enemy victories often go unreported. For example in modern times, the Japanese Navy did not report their Midway defeat, the American army didn’t announce their initial Battle of the Bulge defeat—they said the Germans were lying about an offensive, & the Army Airforce covered up their defeat on Jan. 1, ’45 claiming it was a victory!! (That defeat is still not properly exposed.) Japanese Midway casualties were sneaked into hospitals thru back doors, & all survivors of the battle sworn to secrecy. Their commanding army generals at Guadalcanal (’42) & Iwo Jima (’45) made decisions on the false belief that the Navy’s large combined fleet (sunk at Midway) still existed! In order to pull their elite panzer divisions out of the Bulge unmolested, a 1,000 plane Luftwaffe raid caught the U.S. Airforce hungover on New Years Day, & put all their airfields out of service (except 2 minor ones), & they extracted their panzers. The allies claimed the attack was unsuccessful because they lost a mere 700 planes. The attack was not meant to destroy planes but airfields. Amer. naval loses at Okinawa were under-reported as it was feared the war weary public could not handle the truth; destroyers placed on picket duty had a life expectancy of about a day. By extention, the World System protects itself w/ selective reporting, destroyed or ignored evidence, fake positive evidence, dubious debunkings, suicided whistleblowers, deceptions of all kinds, & silence. For instance, when criminals in govt. “thoroughly” investigate themselves…what a pleasant surprise, they don’t find any criminal activity. That should make us officially cheerful. We’ve spent trillions of dollars on the U.N. Has the World taken it to task as a failure?…its mission was peace…in its first 45 yrs. 80 large wars occurred…and we continue to donate to the cause. How would the Christphobic liberal media have reported it, if it had been Christian? (92% of the media never or rarely attend church. They see their own views as the norm. The mass media is owned by the elite, & the mass media functions as an arm of totalitarian power.) No un-biased reporting there!

The Research Science Bureau, a Christian apologetics org. offered $100 to anyone who would est. a scientific mistake in the Bible. The offer was published around the world in 27 countries in newspapers & magazines & on radio. Thousands of challenges were sent in…all failed. Some were by educated people, others were challenges by those ignorant of what the Bible says, or ignorant of the science involved in their claims. For 15 yrs. everyone was satisfied that their challenge had been answered. But in 1929, a U.S. Army Colonel Nichols sued in court for the $100 reward. The legal question concerned, “Had the plaintiff proved an error in the Bible?” If so, there had been a breach of contract. Twice the colonel sued & twice he lost.
In 1939, the Research Science Bureau upped the pot to a $1000 reward to the person &/or persons who shall discover & prove an error of science in the Bible. This time it was the atheist William Floyd & the case was heard in the 4th Dist. NYC Municipal Court (William Floyd v. Harry Rimmer). It was hatred of the Bible v. the Inspired Word of God’s Inerrancy. The Assoc. Press picked up on the story & soon the world’s press were telling the story of how the Bible would be crushed in court once & for all. Newsweek & the NY Herald Tribune were covering the story, as well as others. The Court gave the plaintiff’s collection of Bible haters every advantage. Even so, the Plaintiff’s multipronged case totally collapsed in court. The judge told the plaintiff, “You have wasted the time of this court for a day & a half & have failed to prove one single item!” This legal victory, my friend, means that it’s alright for us to cont. reading & believing our Bibles. (Smile.) This short post doesn’t have space to go into the debated issues, here is a snippet of just one item pointed out by the Defense, “We date a rock system by the kind of fossil found in that rock; we date the fossils by the kind of rock in which we find them!”

OBSERVATIONS. When I have tried to use the kind of scientific facts like Kent Hovind was successfully using, I find scientists don’t want to debate facts, only stubbornly insist on their beliefs. I’m glad that some scientists are Christians, but of course you won’t hear about how the scientific facts of intelligent design win debates. Now the courts have unfairly upheld removing it from public schools & only allowing the evolution theory to be taught. The evolution theory has only remained halfway believable by itself evolving & discarding Darwin’s ideas of evolution. This unfairness to intelligent design (which is tagged as “Christian belief”) seems fair to commoner Bill & Jill who watch a steady diet of Hollywood… 5 Dysfunctional Priests (Disney’s movie Priest)…a hair-lipped minister (Princess Bride)…the Amish mafia series…a nun who murders a child (Agnes of God)…and you name it. The beat goes on. Whether courts would be impartial enough today, like in 1939, to be honest, I don’t know. From my own experience, I would say no…I have repeatedly witnessed extreme corruption. And I still hear Americans say, at least we have the best justice system in the World. That’s the way the World reports it, while representing God as a tyrant! While the churches are drifting here in the U.S., in many countries in Africa & Asia the churches are strong. We just don’t hear about it!

Our side has had many victories for truth, justice, & righteousness, the World is just not reporting them. Since God is in control of history, & pride goes before the fall, they are welcome to all the self-deception they want, for in the long run, it will backfire. And pride will back fire on us too—we need to stay humble & learn from others, incl. science. Let’s be noble like the Bereans in the Bible, who responsibly double checked things. Let’s also not be dependent on the Kingdom of Darkness to provide news of our victories.


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