This post reviews the little known sequence of events in FDR’s illegal conspiracy to get us into WW 2; the purpose of the post is for us to learn how these schemes are carried out because similar things are being done today.

DEC. 7, 1941. Soon it will be Pearl Harbor Day. On 12/7/41, Japanese naval forces smashed the Amer. Pacific fleet which was collected & docked like sitting ducks at Pearl Harbor (which I’ll call Pearl). Just prior to the attack our modern ships, incl. 3 aircraft carriers had been sent out of harm’s way by order of FDR. Before the attack 88% of Americans wanted to stay out of WW 2, after the bloody surprise attack Americans were outraged & wanted revenge. War was on. Savvy Americans knew FDR had manipulated us into war, & referred to WW 2 as “Roosevelt’s war”. FDR’s opponent in the 1944 presidential elections, Dewey, had info that proved Roosevelt had foreknowledge of the attack before it happened, & wanted to use it to win, but since we were still at war, he was persuaded not to reveal it. Even though many Amer. have known the scheme’s bottom line, many specific details of how FDR’s scheme was carried out have remained hidden ‘til recent times. Even history buffs may learn things from this post. A recent encyclopedia still says FDR “tried to keep us out of war”.

LONG RANGE PREPS. A book could detail all the little steps from WW 1 onwards that in hindsight show the hidden hand maneuvering & structuring things, for instance, Japan was allowed to take over Germany’s Pacific island colonies during WW 1, which helped set the stage for WW 2. Japan’s WW 2 strategy, as well as the specific tactical details of the Pearl attack were given to her by Americans many years before the attack. In 1933, when FDR first became president, long before WW 2 loomed on the horizon, it was determined that Pearl H. was vulnerable to attack, & FDR was discussing w/ his cabinet members that some day we’d be at war w/ Japan. This foreknowledge appears in a public talk he gave in TN in 1940 when he said that we must prepare beforehand for the “greatest attack”…”that has ever been launched against the freedom of the individual”. In Sept. 1940, FDR signed law to create a 2-ocean navy w/ 100 aircraft carriers—that many carriers obviously was not for war w/ Germany. On 8/10/1936, long before trouble, FDR circulated a secret memo ordering surveillance of any person connected w/ meeting Jap. ships on Oahu, & they were to be put on a list “to be placed in a concentration camp in the event of trouble.”! Prior to the “surprise” attack the FBI drew up 3 lists: list 1. important Jap.-Amer. community leaders for arrests begun hours before the Pearl H. attack or in the immediate time period, List 2– Potential leadership, arrested w/in weeks, List 3. Everybody else w/ some Japanese background arrested w/in the next year.

SPECIFIC 8 STEP PLOT TO PROVOKE JAPAN TO ATTACK. (Note: there are countless detailed plots today on how to get various wars started. They work because of how people can be predicted to act. Here we look at one that was historically implemented.) FDR’s trusted Jap. expert who was the clearinghouse for all intel on Japan, Lt. Commander Arthur H. McCollum (ONI), created the 8 step program to provoke Jap. to attack the USA. It was submitted on Oct. 7, ’40 to FDR, accepted the next day, & implemented in the coming months. It had features designed to entice them to attack Pearl. At least a dozen, incl. the Sec. of War, were in on the plot. Like the predictive programming for false flags in recent yrs., the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper 7/25/41 featured a story of a Jap. naval attack on Pearl!

TYING THE HANDS OF THE MILITARY. Not everyone was in on it nor wanted war. Right after the 8 pt. plot was adopted, the current fleet commander Richardson quickly began smelling something fishy. When FDR ordered the West Coast fleet to stay at vulnerable Pearl, he flew to FDR w/ solid reasons not to. Because he kept trying to derail the plot, he was removed on FEB ’41, & Kimmel replaced him. Admiral Kimmel was set up to be the patsy, the fall guy for the Pearl attack, meanwhile all during 1941, Kimmel was intentionally left out of the intel loop on key details about Japan’s navy, & when he asked for intel that he knew was there, he was ignored. My former father-in-law was Navy, & connected to Kimmel. He & many navy brass saw how Kimmel was set up, & how Kimmel was prevented from stopping the attack. Even being given the mushroom treatment, Kimmel astutely discerned the Jap. were close to attacking & how & where they would attack. On his own, 2 weeks before Dec. 7th, he ordered the U.S. fleet to Prokofiev Seamount (where he correctly predicted the Jap. fleet would launch their planes). He was about to wreck FDR’s plot to have Japan surprise attack us. FDR via the Navy ordered “Cease Present Exercises”. Kimmel canceled Exer. 191 deployment & returned the fleet to Pearl to be a sitting duck. He was also ordered to clear the entire North Pacific of any Amer. or allied ship, civilian or military!! (Don’t want anyone to accidently see the Jap. coming!) FDR ordered Amer. warplanes in Hawaii to be put in circles w/ their noses inward. Note these planes had no reverse gear, so they would be sitting ducks in an attack. I keep emphasizing FDR ordered these things, because when all these crazy orders came thru, commanders balked at doing them, & they had to be repeatedly told that these orders came from the highest level. Jap. Kido Butai’s (strike force’s) path became a “vacant sea”.

So what did U.S. intelligence (ONI mostly) know?? Nearly everything! This is where the biggest cover-up has been. The U.S. had 14 Navy, 4 army, 4 British listening stations, as well as a Dutch one in Dutch East Indies listening full time to Japanese radio communications. The Oahu station alone pulled in 1,000 military intercepts/day keeping 3 shifts of listeners busy. RDF (radio direction finding) could pinpoint on a map the origin of a radio signal. The Jap. used many naval codes (Kaigun Ango), in fact 29, of which 4 were used for the Pearl Kido Butai. The U.S. had easily broken all of them, even though the Jap. mistakenly believed thru the war that their codes were unbreakable. We had duplicate working models of their encryption machines, that got set to the same setting every day that they used. Our navy got many of their messages about as quick as theirs did. 34 of the 36 final messages of their Pearl H. spy Morimura, who sent detailed info on Pearl incl. good maps of all the ships, were intercepted incl. the one sent the day before the attack telling the attacking fleet that “considerable opportunity is left for a surprise attack.” Of course Kimmel never got any of this intel; & the FBI had been prevented by FDR himself for months from arresting Morimura. Hoover & his Special agent Shivers were fit to be tied.

The entire Jap. military (army & navy) had to totally reorganize, re-outfit, retrain for the attack, because not only would Japan attack Pearl, but many other locations in the Pacific & Asia at the same time. Their ships were called in from all over the world. Their army had massive troop movements, esp. from the China theater to assault training/staging areas. This enormous re-structuring, training for numerous amphibious attacks, etc. was watched in detail by Amer. Intell. They knew the forces, their destinations, etc. There was no need for surprise when they attacked Malaya, Phil., Quam, Wake, & numerous other locations, for the plans were known in detail, incl. the simultaneous Pearl attack. Not only did our Intel. know, but several countries like USSR, the Dutch, & Peru gave us definite info about the Pearl attack from their intel. For instance, Dutch naval attaché Capt. Rannefto’s diary from Dec. 2-6 (confirmed by naval records) shows he was warning the Amer. of the exact location of the Pearl Kido Butai as they sortied to attack. FDR had placed intelligence gatekeepers, like Capt. Walter Anderson, dir. of Naval Intel., who was made a Rear Admiral & given the Pearl battleships, to prevent any intelligence leaks that might derail FDR’s plot to get the Jap. to attack Pearl. By the way, Anderson was totally incompetent for the battleship command, which was again another red flag in all these machinations by FDR. The Naval hierarchy had tried to stop Anderson’s command of the battleships, but FDR overrode them because Anderson was one of the people who knew about & supported the 8 point provocation plan. Pearl Harbor was indeed a “day that will live in infamy”; it was a day our president secretly sacrificed Americans to get us into war.

These kind of detailed provocative schemes work because the behavior of individuals, groups, & nations can be predicted. Suffering all their assets frozen, & a total trade embargo by the U.S. & U.K., Japan felt in ’41 that they had no option but to fight for survival. Their supplies of oil/gas for the civilian economy were soon to run out. On a personal level, let me warn all of us, similar detailed plots are also created for individuals. We truly need to have the kind of faith that can step over these traps.


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