IDEAS ON THINGS TO COME. Having enjoyed my Thanksgiving Day, I was going to wait ‘til tomorrow to add another post…but changed my mind when I saw Sheila McClarty Zalinsky’s post. She posted info from Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show, who in turn referenced insider info, as well as mentioning Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, & Jim Marrs. The last three have put lots of effort into exposing things, esp. Jim Marrs over the years. Sheila herself has been very active in putting out info, & has personally told me about her battles close to home, such as her son’s school having the kids “Pledge Allegiance to Mother Earth”, and promise in the class to be good global citizens. Sheila is going to have a show on this info, which you may well want to listen to; meanwhile I will weigh in on these subjects myself. By the time many of you see this, Thanksgiving 2013 will be over anyway. I certainly don’t want to upset your stomach, surely most of you are on the road to recovery from stomachs that were filled many hours ago.

Dave Hodges’ concern is that indications appear that martial law is coming this next year (2014), & that people in the know are moving & preparing. (My concise statement here may not do justice to his viewpoint.) Whether he is right about the timing, I don’t know. My feel of things is that it won’t happen that quickly. My friends, focus on prudent choices, but don’t allow fear to take over. He did bring up a number of things that I can endorse as correct. When martial law is brought in Malls & Stadiums will be used as “relocation” centers (i.e. temp. detention centers). There will be riots and power grid problems, & foreign troops (Chinese & Russian) will be brought in to bring order to America. Along with all these problems, if not enough, at some pt. there are pathogens that will weaken the population, and even kill people.

You can expect all kinds of various mind control tactics—the ability to make people crazy being just one of them. The World Order’s middle management is expendable along with the rest of this. Anyone studying history will know this is the pattern. So hopefully some of these agents for the New World Order will rebel & do the decent thing for humanity. Whether that is possible w/ the extensive amount of mind-control that is spread throughout this land is a legit question. So while I concur with so much of what Dave Hodges is warning about…I am reluctant to endorse his time frame. If you see a storm coming, then act wisely…this is a chance to begin exercising faith rather than fear.


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