This is going to be very brief because I am so short timewise. My previous update did not really go into the issues of the armed ranchers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. There are a number of important issues and as things have gone on, I have understood what the ranchers want better, but they are not being given any media platform to air their grievances. Instead, what we see is the FBI preparing for a bloodbath while talking peace. The FBI has taken over a wing of the hospital at Burns, has brought in blood & supplies preparing for casualties. Meanwhile, the people involved with the ranchers have been pushing their luck so to speak. Two drove into Burns in U.S. Fish & Wildlife cars, and one (Kenneth Medenbach of LaPine, OR) was arrested as he went to the Safeway store to get supplies for driving a stolen vehicle. Another armed patriot was arrested as an ex-felon illegally having a gun. Again having talked with people in the loop (in communication w/ the ranchers), the people in the standoff again had all their telephones taken down. It is rather interesting the FBI/govt. have the ability to totally take out their communication. (In my opinion, not a good sign.)


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