The sheriff of Harney Co. (Dave Ward) put out a news release on Tuesday calling the ranchers occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge “armed and unlawful.” So you can see the tone that is being set for another Waco. The article giving this has his picture in front of a wall of law books…I am sorry to say this, but time & again I have seen law enforcement spit on the law and on the Constitution. I have heard them arrogantly proclaim “I am the law.” (It used to be that they were law enforcement.) I honestly don’t think most of them care at all what the law really is. In fact, recently someone here in Portland quoted the law to a policeman, and the policeman said, “I don’t care what the law says, nor am I ever going to read it.” Case closed. So it makes me want to puke to see the propaganda spin of taking the sheriff’s picture in front of law books.

Today I was on the radio again. I mentioned how the FBI was recently exposed putting child porn on the Internet. I mentioned how the FBI has had its Finders group actively involved in the child trafficking and mind control. The FBI does not have American’s best interest at heart either. They are one of the groups involved with the trauma-based mind control. Their sniper at Waco was a West Point grad—and he is a m.c. slave—he was also at Ruby Ridge…and this kind of programmed killer does not care about anything…people like him just mindlessly do their job. And the FBI is pouring into Harney Co. in a big way. Lots of vehicles. That is the report I am getting. Sounds like they are thinking they are going to have another Waco. And from what I have seen firsthand, some of these people are going to enjoy it. You may be surprised that some of these FBI agents don’t know the Constitution. And some of them are mind controlled slaves—the kind of people who are programmed with the m.c. I have been exposing in radio shows this month. They have a military attitude—it is them against us. We will see how this all plays out. When I watch the mass media, I have yet to see a fair unbiased report telling the ranchers side of things. But this time, Americans & the World have the Internet, an alternative to the Matrix’s spin. Will Harney Co. become another Tiananmen Square???


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