This is a notice to give Americans a warning. There is a psyop going on by some people in the U.S. government to get Americans to think about Civil War. This psyop has been going on for several years, and the people doing it are not patriots who want to preserve our beautiful nation with its Constitution, but satanic-minded people whose goal is to take us into a global new world order. This warning is posted to get real patriots to use discernment. Many Americans are disenchanted with the tyranny of the present-day American govt. But people need to be alert that their patriotism may be manipulated to run agendas for the enemies of the people.

Examples of this include agent provocateurs embedded in patriot groups, t.b. mind controlled slaves getting prophecies from “God” that civil war is going to break out (& America will split up) and Hollywood movies. Here is some nonsense someone put on the Internet……/general-mattis-crosses-potomac…/

HOLLYWIERD SHOWS USA’S DEMISE. On a somewhat similar vein is the TV show Jericho (2006-2008), which shows the results of terrorist nukes. The show centers on a Kansas town of Jericho in a post-EMP, post-apocalyptic setting. Jericho gets into a civil war with its surviving neighbor town of New Bern. At the end of the first season, army troops are arriving to break up the civil war between the two towns. The next season begins with western U.S. becoming the Allied States of America ASS (except for Texas—bless their hearts they finally got their own country back). The ASS’s capital is Cheyenne, Wyoming.

NOVEL PATRIOT DAWN. This recent novel is similar to Jericho, showing America descending into Civil War. Now I am not specifically targeting the motives of its author…at this pt. who in America hasn’t realized America could descend into Civil War?…I am simply warning that the natural inclination of freedom loving Americans to resist tyranny is being pushed into civil disorder, civil chaos, and civil war by the very people that Americans don’t want to serve!!! In 1996, a book “Civil War II” by Thomas W. Chittum came out. I was gifted a copy soon afterwards. It was this book & similar ones that the FBI seized when they raided my home, and then they used books like this in my library to try to paint me as a terrorist.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Some very evil people are trying to outsmart freedom loving people & use the natural way our minds think to entrap us. These same kind of double-binds are so characteristic of the programming of the t.b.m.c. Remember the book “1984”, when he tries to escape the tyranny of Big Brother he runs into arms of the opposition, which Big Brother has set up to catch its opposition! Think about it people, the people who want to enslave us are not stupid.


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